Classification: Artificial lifeform (presumably of terrestrial origin)

Location/Base of Operations: Mys-Tech Central, beneath the Museum of Pagan Antiquities, London, England

Known Members: None by name

Affiliations: Agents of Oonagh Mullarkey

First Appearance: Plasmer#2 (December, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: The Mothmen can fly. They are grown in egg-like coccoons and hatched as needed. They can travel short distances by breaking their legs through the coccoon and walking. Their other physical abilities are undetermined. Like moths, they have a pathological attraction to light.

Traits: They are loyal, but none too bright, and they really like light.






History: The Mothmen were genetically engineered by Oonagh Mullarkey. For unknown reasons, she left them in stasis within their coccoons.


(Plasmer#2) - Oonagh activated the Mothmen to accompany her as she investigated the source of power of the British Sleepers. She unleashed the Mothmen as she entered the subterranean portion of the Closed University. However, the Mothmen were attracted by the blazing energy of the Freestate Technology, and they flew into the energy beam. They were all instantly destroyed.





Comments: Created by Glenn Dakin and Pascual Ferry.

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