Real Name: Herbert Isaacs

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Caretaker of Freestate Technology; former scientist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Plasmer, Silver Surfer, Jack Smithers (allies); Ambassador
British Sleepers, Tommy (first British Sleeper), second British Sleeper, Aftermath (third British Sleeper)--creations

Enemies: Oonagh Mullarkey, Mys-Tech (esp. Algernon Crowe)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Currently unknown; formerly a laboratory beneath the "Closed University" in London, England

First Appearance: Plasmer#3 (Marvel UK) (January, 1994)





Powers: The Doorman is a light-energy form. When encountered, he masquerades as a hologram, some sort of tutorial computer program, but in actuality he is a transformed Herbert Isaacs, possessing his full memories and personality. He can disappear and reappear at locations of his choosing, and can teleport others as well. He can form powerful energy shields. He has some control over his creations when activated, but if they become powerful enough they can exceed his grasp. He can also apparently erase and/or destroy data and equipment of the Freestate Technology, but it is unknown how exactly he accomplishes this.
Isaacs created Freestate Technology--"constructs exist in a never-ending flow from crystal to stone to light--as entities they are never truly resolved, and what is not fully created cannot be properly destroyed." In addition, the constructs possess the potential to integrate any new force or energy they encounter into their own form. Using this ability, they have the potential to increase geometrically in power.




History: Herbert Isaacs created Freestate Technology during World War I. From this technology was created the first British Sleeper, codenamed: Tommy. Tommy was stored in a dormant state as a statue, to be activated in the event of England's defeat in war. Isaacs did not survive World War I, but his information, the Isaac Code, was stored in a secret place. His work could be accessed upon a certain code in case of national emergency. Of those who knew of Tommy's existence, only Jack Smithers survived the Great War.

Before his death, Isaacs transformed his human systems into light mode. Taking the form of the Doorman, he appeared to be a computer generated image and program, allowing him to keep a watch over his work in secret.

During or shortly after World War II, agents in the British Government secretly accessed the Isaac Code and created an updated version: the second Sleeper. The third Sleeper was created in similar fashion during the Gulf War, in the early 1990s. Both were stored in a dormant state to be activated in time of need.

(Plasmer#1+2-BTS, 3, 4) - The group known as Mys-Tech tortured and drugged Jack Smithers, and from him learned of the existence of Freestate Technology. Oonagh Mullarkey led the search to find Isaacs' base and activated the first two Sleepers, which awoke and rampaged through London in succession.
When Oonagh located his base, she encountered the Doorman, who offered to facilitate the use of the Freestate Technology. Oonagh used the controls to take control of the second Sleeper, but Crowe unwittingly destroyed the controls and freed the Sleeper. This Sleeper was destroyed by the Silver Surfer. The third Sleeper, however, was much more powerful, and it evolved into the being known as Aftermath. The Doorman teleported the Ambassador to safety after his armor was destroyed. He then formed a powerful energy shield to protect the heroes from Aftermath, and he explained to Plasmer how she could destroy it. He guided Plasmer and the Silver Surfer in disrupting Aftermath.








The Doorman, deciding that Freestate Technology was too dangerous, then removed all traces of it from the world. The only exception was the first Sleeper, which had evolved into a sentient and benevolent being known as Tommy. The Doorman then restored Plasmer, who had been nearly discorporated in the process of disrupting Aftermath, bid the others farewell, and vanished.

Comments: Created by Glenn Dakin and Pascual Ferry.

Pretty impressive technology for the early twentieth century! Perhaps Isaacs encountered Victor Timely (an alias of Kang), another time-traveler, or some extra-terrestrials.

I would estimate the Isaacs physical death took place either in the pre-modern era (1960-1990+), but this is unconfirmed.

No known connections to:

The British Sleepers should be distinguished from:


Other appearances:
Plasmer#4 (February, 1994) - Glenn Dakin (writer), Paschalis Ferry (pencils), Sean Hardy (inks), Jacqui Papp (editor)

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