Real Name: (British) Sleeper III

Identity/Class: Terrestrial construct

Occupation: Protection of England

Group Membership: British Sleepers

Affiliations: Herbert Isaacs/Doorman (creator)

Enemies: Ambassador, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Captain Britain, Captain Kerosene, Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey, Plasmer, Silver Surfer, Jack Smithers, Tommy

Known Relatives: None; Tommy and the second British Sleeper were predecessors

Aliases: The Third (British) Sleeper

Base of Operations: Currently unknown; London, England; formerly remained inert within an unused aviary


First Appearance: Plasmer#3 (Marvel UK), (named) Plasmer#4 (February, 1994)


Powers: Aftermath is composed of Freestate Technology--"constructs exist in a never-ending from flow from crystal to stone to light--as entities they are never truly resolved, and what is not fully created cannot be properly destroyed." Aftermath's natural state is of solid light. It can project and utilize light in various forms as weapons. In addition, Aftermath possesses the potential to integrate any new force or energy it encounters into its own form. Using this ability, it has the potential to increase geometrically in power.



History: (Plasmer#3(fb)-BTS) - During the events of the Gulf War in the early 1990s, the third in a series of British Sleepers was created using the Freestate Technology invented/discovered by Herbert Isaacs. This Sleeper was created to defend England in the event that the conflict escalated to nuclear level. The Sleeper, composed of solid light, would be unharmed by nuclear attacks, and could continue to fight for England if this occurred.
Following a series of shifts in the government, after the conclusion of that war, the third Sleeper was stored in inert form in an unused aviary.

(Plasmer#1+2-BTS, 3, 4) - Oonagh Mullarkey awakened the Sleepers, which began to activate in succession. Believing they were attacking the enemies of England who had been victorious in their past wars and overtaken the country, the Sleepers rampaged and attacked everyone they encountered. The first two Sleepers were dispatched by a group of heroes.
The Silver Surfer sensed the power contained in the third Sleeper and attempted to strike preemptively, obliterating it before it could come to life. However, the third Sleeper absorbed the Silver Surfer's energies and evolved into the powerful being known as Aftermath. Like the previous Sleepers, Aftermath believed that England had been conquered by its enemies, and set out to destroy everything in England, so that the enemies wouldn't have a single stick or stone of which to make use. Aftermath soon evolved beyond its programming, and developed the new goal of conquest of Earth. Neither the heroes opposing it, nor Tommy, the first Sleeper (who had shed its programming as well, but was now helping the heroes), could stand up to Aftermath. Oonagh Mullarkey attempted to take control of Aftermath and use it for its own purposes, but is easily threw off her attempts and decided to locate and destroy her.
Ultimately the Doorman revealed his true nature as the creator of the Sleepers, and gave the heroes instructions on how to overcome Aftermath. Plasmer reformed herself into an ultra-dense mass, which the Doorman used to contain the power of Aftermath, so that it could not release any of its energies. The Silver Surfer then poured his full power into Aftermath, causing it to overload and blow up.

Comments: Created by Glenn Dakin and Pascual Ferry.

Any energy being can always be reformed, but since Marvel UK characters are being swept under the carpet (and covered with a big rock), a return in the near future doesn't seem too likely.

The date of the Gulf War for the creation of Aftermath does not necessarily have to be topical. At the time of the Plasmer series, it was meant to indicate a recent conflict that could have possibly escalated into nuclear war. The date could be left as the early 1990s, and the phrase "a few years ago" could be stretched to ten, twenty, fifty years, as Marvel time continues its forward slide. Alternatively, the creation of Aftermath could be slid forward to represent a more recent conflict, such as the terrorist conflicts of the early 21st century, etc.
Moot point. Dorcas Farkas.

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Plasmer#3-4 (January-February, 1994) - Glenn Dakin (writer), Paschalis Ferry (pencils), Sean Hardy (inks)

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