Real Name: Julius Mullarkey

Identity/Class: Human mutate/variant (genetically engineered human/animal hybrid)

Occupation: Adventurer; former Assassin

Group Membership: MI13;
former member of Dark Guard (Albion, Stacy Arnheim, Dark Angel, Death's Head, Tigon Liger, Motormouth, Ultra-Marine); former leader of the Huns;
possibly: Resistance Co-ordination Executive, Avengers

Affiliations: Motormouth (partner);
Captain America, CARE, Dr. Strange,
Genetix, Hulk, Sabra of the Seven Isles, Samira, SHIELD II, Temploids (esp. Gabriel), Zachary Sorrow, Tuck, Wolverine, an unnamed primitive tribe in the distant past;
semi-friendly rivalry with Death's Head-Minion.
allied with the rest of the Marvel UK heroes on a few occasions;
worshipped by the people of Fautor IV;
Oonagh Mullarkey (mother figure and commander); Time Guardian (used him as a pawn) and his agent the Superconductor; Gena-Sys, and Mys-Tech (supervised by Ormond Wychwood)

Enemies: Battletide, Bezial, Dracula, Electro-Vampires (Rakulon), Sidney Fishburne, Kipple , Madman, Megaira, Metamorph, Oonagh Mullarkey, Mys-Tech, Punisher (Frank Castle), Pygmies and Robots of Tekron, Psycho-Warriors, Qaar Ghoth, Rama-Tut, Rathcoole's mutate, Sabretooth, Mr. Skyler, Street Amazons, the Technarchy of Eopia, Termagent, Termagaira, vampires, Were-Men of Sabra's Hyrkania, Wolverine, mutates from the distant future;
formerly SHIELD II and the people of Fautor IV

Known Relatives: None; Oonagh Mullarkey (mother/creator)

Aliases: None

Place of Birth: Gena-Sys Laboratories, England, U.K.

Base of Operations: mobile throughout Earth and other planets and dimensions;
Kamuni Atoll, an island in the South Pacific;
formerly Gena-Sys Labs and Mys-Tech Central (below the Museum of Pagan Antiquities), London, England

Education: Extensive combat training; no other formal education

First Appearance: Motormouth#1 (June, 1992)

Powers: Julius possesses enhanced human strength, reflexes, speed, agility, and healing. His DNA has been spliced with several animals--the source of most of these abilities: Orangutan (agility & coloring), Lemur (gullibility; short, semi-prehensile tail), Bat (sonar; vestigial wings), Gorilla (strength and body shape), Rhinoceros (body bulk).

Julius has been trained in numerous forms of armed and unarmed combat, and definitely enjoys what he does. However, he only has the intelligence level and emotional capacity of a ten year old boy (although he is actually one five years old). As a result, he often lacks the understanding of the significance of a situation, and thinks of many things as games.
However, he also possesses an affinity for all things mechanical, a mecha-psychometry, which allows him to work out a machine's function without prior knowledge of it, and to build and repair or modify extremely complex machinery.

He has, on occasion, demonstrated limited magical abilities (as when he broke Samira's mystic bonds).

Julius wears an anti-gravity pack, which can also be packed with a number of weapons, dictated by the mission. Julius has a particular fascination for great big hand-held ballistic weapons. He also fondly remembers a "Turkey shoot" game of target practice, and he loves to start yelling "Turkey shoot" while blowing people away.

Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 325 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Orange

History: (Motormouth#4/2) - At Gena-Sys labs, under the supervision of Ormond Wychwood, Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey began work in "transgenics." After successful work in animals, she began work on her first human subject. One of her assistants, Sullivan, botched up the cell implant instructions, and used a few different subjects than she had intended. However, the child was successfully created. Acting as mother to the infant, she named it Julius Mullarkey--Julius because it was born in vitro, and thus not delivered via the birth canal--which she reasoned as a form of Caesarian section (Julius Caesar). Under her care, Julius grew to become the assassin known as Killpower in about 18 months.
Julius' killer instinct (or more appropriately, his lack of appreciation for human life) soon became apparent. When he showed interest in a big gun obtained by the Warheads, Mys-Tech agent Mr. Skyler scolded him. Julius picked up the gun and blew Skyler's head off.


(Killpower: The Early Years#1) - Killpower continued his training under the supervision of Oonagh and Wychwood. The Time Guardian observed his knack for machinery, and lured him into a "game," which was actually a mission to obtain the missing parts of the Chronifact. The Time Guardian sent him back to @ 2950 BC, where he encountered Rama-Tut and his soldiers. Rama-Tut told Killpower that the device was held by his enemy Samira, and tricked Julius into believing that Samira had made an attempt on his life. Samira, however, calmed Julius, and revealed the truth to him--Rama-Tut had the device all along. Julius then went back to Rama-Tut and tried to take the device by force, at which point the Genetix--sent into the past by Oonagh to rescue Julius--arrived.

(Kp:tEY#2) - Julius initially mistook the Genetix for allies of Rama-Tut and attacked them, but he eventually tracked down the device anyway. Once he grasped the half of the Chronifact, the Time Guardian pulled him back to the distant past. There Julius befriended a primitive tribe. "Meanwhile," Samira sent the Genetix to the same time period, to assist Julius. The Genetix found the other half of the Chronifact, and Julius attempted to connect them (as the Time Guardian wished) . Before he could do so, Chronifact's creator, Sidney Fishburne, pulled the one half of the Chronifact (and Julius with it) to about five years after Julius was sent back from in the first place (note: this would thus be the more recent end of the modern era, around the same time as the books published in 1993).

(Kp:tEY#3) - Killpower ran afoul of the Punisher, a group of criminals led by Mr.Carbine, and two gangs: the Huns and the Street Amazons. Killpower tried to partner up with the Punisher, who ditched him, and instead ended up becoming the leader (or Warlord) of the Huns. Fishburne, still seeking to regain the Chronifact, sent six armored battlesuits to the Street Amazons, to help them overpower the Huns and claim the device for him. The Time Guardian sent Genetix to that era, too. A massive battle between all of the above characters ensued, until Fishburne and the Time Guardian both tried to claim the Time Guardian at the same time. A massive backlash occurred, and Fishburne gained the Chronifact, while Killpower, the Genetix, and the Time Guardian were all sent forward in time to the distant future, where they encountered a violent race of mutates.

(Kp:tEY#4) - Killpower and the others struggled to survive in the hostile environment while Fishburne and the Time Guardian vied for control of the Chronifact. Meanwhile, Samira sent forward an elixir that enabled Killpower to master his technological affinity, and he designed a device that rendered the mutated immaterial. This allowed the Time Guardian sufficient time to regain his strength and overcome Fishburne. After this, the Time Guardian returned Killpower and the Genetix to their era, and Samira sent Julius a psychic message, telling him she hoped they would meet again.

(Motormouth#1) - Mys-Tech sought the return of the M.O.P.E.D., Mind Operated PErsonal Dematerialization, technology, which Harley Davidson had somehow obtained. They sent agent Killpower to get it, and he slew two SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate) agents who were dispatched to London to investigate the energies released by the MOPED units. The deaths of two of his agents attracted the attention of Nick Fury, who headed to London himself to investigate.

(Motormouth#2) - Agents of SHIELD arrived in London, and Fury sent a squad out to find out whom had killed their other agents. Mullarkey dispatched Julius to engage them and he mowed them down, until Oonagh told him "Play time's over, it's team time." Julius grabbed one of the SHIELD agents to take her back for tea time and took off with his jet pack. As he approached the rendezvous helicopter, Oonagh told Julius to drop her, which he did--to her death.

(Motormouth#3) - Killpower first bumped into Harley Davidson, while walking through the halls of Mys-Tech Central. He thought she looked too young and pretty to know such words as she spoke to him. On his next mission, he again engaged SHIELD agents (including Network Nina, Kate Neville, and Alexander Pierce), this time joined by Frank Castle, the Punisher. Julius was VERY disappointed when he was called back by Oonagh and had to abort the mission. Mys-Tech Techno-Wizard Tyburn outfitted Julius with the last MOPED unit and sent him retrieve Harley--against Oonagh's wishes.

(Motormouth & Killpower#4) - Harley arrived on Tekron just seconds before Killpower. She tried to escape him initially, which was futile, but she then succeeded in reasoning with him. The simple and mentally immature Killpower was intrigued by Harley. She first explained to him that killing was bad--a foreign concept to him--causing to burst into tears over the hundreds of people he had already killed.

When they were attacked by a groups of native pygmies and then native villagers, a bullet from their attackers bounced off Killpower and struck Harley in the throat. Harley was dying, but Killpower's bio-occult conditioning had made him a prodigy with technology. Using the MOPED and Soni-Muta-500 technology, he rebuilt Harley's throat and recovered her from near death.
After reviving, Harley found that the MOPED's abilities were now part of her, and she used it to teleport herself and Killpower.

(Motormouth & Killpower#5) - Somehow, Harley and Killpower were split up, but apparently still on Tekron. Eventually they relocated each other and fought off a number of the robots that attacked them. Harley grabbed a new set of duds from a museum, and they teleported off again.


(Battletide I#1-4) - Harley and Julius took a vacation on the South Pacific Island of Kamuni Atoll. However, Death's Head was hired by Algernon Crowe (of Mys-Tech) to recapture Killpower. Death's Head and Killpower were pulled into a set of Games on the planetoid Colosseum, organized by Termagent and Megaira. Outfitted with slave collars that forced their compliance, Killpower and Death's Head were partnered (much to Death's Head's displeasure) in a tournament of increasingly more competitive life or death struggles. They were nearly slaughtered in a struggle against Wolverine and Sabretooth. The ferocity of the many fights eventually summoned the demonic Battletide to the Colosseum, threatening to destroy them all. Termagent and Megaira merged into the combined entity, Termagaira which overpowered all of the heroes, and then merged with the Battletide. Another of the combatants, a Temploid, combined with Death's Head and succeeded in causing a storm that forced the Battletide to collapse in on itself. Killpower was returned to Kamuni Atoll, where he rebuilt Death's Head's shattered form. Death's Head was grateful until he saw the big bag of his parts that Killpower had left over...

(Battletide II#1-4) - Killpower sought to make nice with Death's Head by helping out on a mission to loot data from AIM, but inadvertently destroyed the data stores. Before Death's Head could punish him, the two were teleported away by the Temploids, who revealed that the Battletide had reformed and was targeting Earth. In order to stop the Battletide, they first had to overcome their agent, the Hulk. They also had to overcome a techno-virus that had been set upon Death's Head by Bezial, one of his former victims. In order to fend off the Battletide, they sought the aid of one of the oldest Temploids, Gabriel. They eventually confronted Bezial, only to find that Termagaira had taken possession of him. Termagaira overpowered the two and them, and then shattered Gabriel. Death's Head rallied to fight Termagaira, while Killpower to rebuilt Gabriel. Death's Head succeeding in reassimilating Bezial, taking Termagaira's host form away. With Termagaira incapacitated, the Battletide turned away from Earth. Killpower was mortally wounded by the struggle, but the Temploids healed him. They were all returned to Earth.

(Motormouth & Killpower#6) - Harley and Killpower arrived on Matricca Scoppio, the legendary factory planet. Mys-Tech tracked the pair to that planet, and Tyburn had the Psycho-Warriors sent after them. The Warriors defeated and captured Julius, but Harley obtained his MOPED unit, leaving her with both, and Mys-Tech with none. The Psycho-Warriors brought Julius back to Earth, to Mys-Tech Central, to face punishment from a very annoyed Oonagh.

(Motormouth & Killpower#7) - Julius endured an interrogation from Mullarkey until he found out that she had lied about Santa Claus; then he broke free and warned her that she might not like what happened if she pressed any alarms. Using Oonagh as a hostage he tried to break out of Mys-Tech Central, but he ran into Techno-Wizard Crowe, who swatted him into unconsciousness, and he was recaptured.

(Motormouth & Killpower#8) - Harley returned to Earth and teleported into Mys-Tech Central, where she found Julius undergoing a session in the Truth Centre under Mullarkey's guidance. Harley knocked out Oonagh and freed Julius, who persuaded her not to kill Mullarkey. While fleeing, they bumped into Rathcoole, another Techno-Wizard, who warped them into an experimental research area, where they ran into a monstrous creature.

(Motormouth & Killpower#9) - Harley and Julius escaped the creature, and they located and destroyed the tracking bugs Mys-Tech had implanted on them. They decided to try to raid Mys-Tech's weapons depot before escaping. Their next jump brought them to the Crossroads of Time where they met the current Time Guardian before warping back to Rome @ 55 BC, where they appeared in the midst of Emperor Julius Caesar's games. After defeating all other combatants, Harley warped them away once again.

(Motormouth & Killpower#10) - They arrived in the world Hyrkania, where they ran into Sabra of the Seven Isles. Mistaking them as agents of her enemy, the wizard Qaar Ghoth, Sabra activated Harley's MOPED unit and teleported her away. While she was away, Killpower made nice with Sabra by helping her to defeat a pack of Ghoth's Were-Men. Upon Harley's return the three of them fought off some more Were-Men and then raised an army to take down Qaar Ghoth. The army wore down Ghoth's defenses and drained his remaining magical stores, but he made a trap for Harley and she slipped into "the Sleep of the Dead" after pricking her finger on a poisoned brooch. Following the prophecies of the land (and the plot to Sleeping Beauty) as dispensed by Sabra's ally Margreth, Julius kissed Harley and awakened her from her coma. The two teleported away for another adventure.

(Motormouth & Killpower#11) - Arriving in a potential future of 2195 AD, Harley and Julius joined forces with Zachary Sorrow and CARE (the Citizen's Assistance Resource Executive) against the Electro-Vampires. Harley herself slew Rakulon, the leader of the vampires. They picked up a few more weapons from that future world before hopping away again.

(Motormouth & Killpower#12) - Harley and Julius returned to Earth and joined forces with Death's Head against the Metamorph, a renegade creation of AIM.

(Motormouth & Killpower#12/2) - On the planet Fautor IV, Julius enraged 40, 000 dedicated worshippers by telling them that "Kipple" was a stupid name for a god. The High Priest summoned Kipple himself to punish the blasphemers. Harley was quick to point out Julius as the guilty party and watched as he defeated and slew Kipple, becoming the new object of worship of the people of Fautor IV.

(Mys-Tech Wars#2-4) - Mys-Tech activated the Un-Earth, beginning their warp of reality. A large number of American and British heroes gathered in an effort to stop them. Meanwhile, one of the demon creatures released from the Un-Earth assaulted Harley and Julius at Kamuni Atoll. Julius destroyed the demon, and Harley transported them both to Mys-Tech to tell them not to mess with them. However, when they arrived, they were mistaken for Mys-Tech agents by Captain America and Wolverine, who had just found the corpse of Nick Fury--slain by Mys-Tech. The two heroes attacked them: Harley actually got the drop on Cap, long enough to enough to explain the situation. However, Julius was not so lucky against Wolvie, who sliced and diced him and then knocked him off a ledge.
Right about that time, Death's Head slew the Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards, tearing open the fabric of reality to which they were interwoven. Dark Angel proved able to hold together reality temporarily. Harley joined the others in fighting a horde of Mys-Tech's Psycho-Warriors and making their way to the Un-Earth, with the aid of Julius, who wasn't so dead after all. At the Un-Earth, six of the heroes served as surrogate members for the Techno-Wizards to repair the rift. Dark Angel held them together, Professor X provided psychic power, Albion provided Earth magic, Dr. Strange provided sorcery, Death's Head provided cybernetic influence, and Motormouth...well, they needed six of them. The six surrogates successfully repaired the rift and reformed the Techno-Wizards, set back time so that the many deaths and the activation of Un-Earth never occurred, and put a force field up around the Un-Earth to prevent Mys-Tech from accessing it again. Due to the reversal of time, only Harley and the other five who served as surrogates remembered that the struggle had ever happened.

(Dark Guard#1-4) - Harley and Julius were part of a group of heroes drafted into the service of the Time Guardian (who had noticed their involvement in the Mys-Tech Wars). He sent them to Eopia, where they helped defeat the forces of Mys-Tech, which had infiltrated the two opposing nations, the Egaliterns and the Technarchy. Julius was captured by the Technarchy, and Harley joined Death's Head in rescuing him. This brought them into conflict with the extremely powerful Mys-Tech agent Collapsar. Although they seemed unable to harm Collapsar, Harley's enhanced vision enabled her to identify microfractures across his torso, which Death's Head then shattered completely, destroying Collapsar.
Dark Guard eventually uncovered the mastermind behind the plot, Tyburn, and restored peace negotiations on Eopia.

(Incredible Hulk II#408-409) - Harley and Julius returned to London to take a vacation. Their plans took a slight turn when the Hulk fell out of the sky (after a fight with Madman aboard his ship) and landed on their lunch table. The Hulk quickly took out Killpower when he attacked him, but after he'd revived and the Hulk explained what had happened, Julius was more than happy to join the fight against Madman--despite the Hulk's instructions to stay out of it. Harley and Julius climbed up Big Ben and caught Prince Charles when Madman tossed him off the top of the giant clock. Madman attacked them, but Harley blasted him in mid-air and knocked him across the city. The Hulk and Madman's fight culminated with London Bridge falling down, and Harley and Julius helped the Hulk search the wreckage, but there was no sign of Madman.

(Captain Britain and MI13#11 (fb) - BTS) - Motormouth and Killpower came to the aid of Faiza Hussain's parents when her mother hit the security button. Motormouth was seriously injured by Dracula and three other vampiers while Killpower was abducted by them.

(Captain Britain and MI13#14) - Killpower pretended to be under Dracula's control and was among the vampire army on Dracula's flagship the Serpent's Crown. Spitfire told Dracula who Killpower was.

   Killpower broke Dracula's control over Faiza's father Yusuf and told him to flee while Killpower fought some of the vampires, but Yusuf instead went after Dracula. When Captain Britain ordered to fall back Killpower teleported back to Earth where a desperate Faiza asked where her father was....Killpower couldn't tell her.

Comments: Created by Graham Marks and Gary Frank.

Hyrkania is the name of the land from which Red Sonja originated or dwelled. I think the version visited by Harley was another dimension altogether, a world of swords and sorcery, named as an homage to Robert E. Howard's Sonja/Sonya.

The story of Killpower: The Early Years references the date of the main story as 1988. While this, and other relatively recent dates in the story are topical, it can be construed as taking place five years before the stories in Motormouth and Killpower, which were published in 1993.

Yet another example of an incorrect use of the prefix "Were." I think b/c of the word werewolf, it is assumed that were means transformation or even refers to wolves, when really it means man or men. So, while Werewolf means wolf-man, Were-Men, means man-men, which I doubt is what they were going for.

Killpower remains in limbo, with the rest of the Marvel UK characters. I'd much rather see these guys again than the Mangaverse or a bunch of other senseless retcons.

When they appear in Avengers Forever, I'm not sure that's 616 Harley and Julius. I think it's implied they're alternate future or past versions, like Songbird and Genis. Because they certainly haven't joined the Avengers, and let's face it, they probably won't ever will.
(Avengers Forever#11 - BTS, 12) - Motormouth and Killpower were part of the multitude of Avengers (past, present, future, and alternate reality) summoned to the Citadel at the End of Time, either by the Time Keepers, or by Rick Jones in the final battle of the Destiny War.
--Matt K

No connection to:

Death's Head (Minion)

Hyrkania-see comments- should not be confused for the Hyrkania of Earth, of the Hyborian era.

Sabra of the Seven Isles has no known connection to:

The Technarchy of Eopia have no known connection to:

The Were-Men of Sabra's Hyrkania have no known connection to:

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