Real Name: Bezial

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial magic user

Occupation: Necromancer; would-be universe conqueror

Affiliations: Battletide; Termagaira (former host); Hulk (former pawn)

Enemies: Death's Head/Minion, Killpower, the Temploids

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: trapped within Death's Head;
formerly the
Dread Citadel of the Battletide

First Appearance: Battletide II#1 (August, 1993)


Powers:Abilities: Bezial possessed unspecified magical powers, based on black magic, and involving the sacrifice of other living beings to fuel his spells.
After possessing the form of Termagaira, Belial gained superhuman (Class 100) strength and durability, as well as the ability to control the Battletide, which had the power to slaughter entire planets.

(Battletide II#1(fb)/4 (fb)) - Bezial was one of the 106 beings who had their minds drained by Minion's mind-psyphon as he assimilated a number of personalities to become Death's Head. Bezial's mind rejected the assimilation process and rebelled against Death's Head's cybernetics. Ultimately, Death's Head had to "shut him in a dead-end portion of his cortex and throw away the key."

(Death's Head/Killpower:Battletide#4-BTS//Battletide II#4(fb)) - When Death's Head was temporarily destroyed in the process of absorbing the Battletide, Bezial escaped from Death's Head's mind. He left Death's Head something to remember him by: a cybernetic virus that would cripple his operating systems if he ever checked Bezial's former cell.
Escaping into the Battletide, Bezial found and possessed the otherwise dead form of Termagaira, former demonlord of the Battletide.




(Battletide II#1-4) - Bezial took control of the Battletide, sending it on a pathway to destroy Earth. The Temploids discovered what was going on and, at the expense of one of their number, learned of Bezial's involvement. The Temploids contacted Death's Head to get his aid in recapturing Bezial. Death's Head doubted Bezial's involvement and checked his cell, unleashing the cybernetic virus. The Temploids actively helped keep the virus in check, allowing Death's Head to function.

Bezial sent one of the demons of the Battletide to Earth, where it possessed the Hulk. He then transported the Hulk to the Temploid's mothership, where he nearly destroyed them all before being incapacitated. Death's Head and Killpower traveled to the Dread Citadel of the Battletide to confront Bezial, and they recruited an older Temploid, Gabriel, in the process. However, upon confronting Bezial, they were none to happy to find that he possessed the full power of Termagaira.
Bezial shattered Gabriel, which caused the virus within Death's Head to run rampant again, neutralizing him. Bezial then easily overpowered Killpower, hurling Gabriel's frame at him and knocking them both through the wall, where they fell hundreds of feet. Bezial toyed with the weakened Death's Head, battering him about, and revealing his plans to exponentially enhance the Battletide's power by allowing it to consume Earth, and then using it to make him self the master of the universe. However, Killpower managed to survive the fall--for a few minutes anyway--and he used his last moments to rebuild Gabriel, who again placed the virus in stasis. Revitalized, Death's Head attacked Bezial/Termagaira anew. He would likely have been overcome eventually, but he managed to catch Bezial unawares and utilize his cranial psyphon again. Bezial's mind was pulled back into Death's Head cyberspace mindscape, Termagaira's inert form dropped to the ground, and the controlling influence on the Battletide was abolished, sending it off of its Earthbound course.

Bezial attempted to take control of Death's Head's systems, but Death's Head had Gabriel release the virus again. Bezial, realizing that he, too, would be destroyed by the virus, was forced to deactivate the virus. Death's Head then overcame Bezial's cybernetic form and reimprisoned him--hopefully this time for good.
Don't worry, the Temploids managed to resurrect Killpower!


Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, And Landing, and Geoff Senior

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