Real Name: Termagaira

Identity/Class: Demon

Occupation: Warlord

Affiliations: Battletide; Termagent and Megaira (components);
former host of

Enemies: Dark Angel, Death's Head/Minion, Hercules, Killpower, Psylocke, Sabretooth, the Temploids, Wolverine

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: While split in two the masculine half was known as Termagent, and the feminine half Megaira

Base of Operations: Dread Citadel; formerly Colosseum

First Appearance:
(as Termagent + Megaira)
Battletide I#1-4 (December, 1992);
(as Termagaira)
Battletide I#4 (March, 1993)


Powers/Abilities: Termagaira had superhuman strength (Class 100), durability , and endurance. The demon had an extra pair of arms, and great bulk. It could project optic blasts and used bladed weapons.

History: (Battletide I#4 (fb)) - Termagaira, the former Warlord of the demon host, had been split into two separate beings and separated from the Battletide. As Termagent and Megaira they had manipulated events on Colosseum to bring the Battletide to them

(Battletide I#1-4) - On Colosseum, warriors from across the multiverse had come to participate in the Games, the greatest bloodsport of them all. Attendance was at record levels, as this cycle the Games were to be to the death, and live omniversal link-ups would provide trillions of viewers with coverage of the events. Termagent had collected heroes and villains from Earth and other lower worlds to participate in the Games, including Dark Angel, Death's Head, Hercules, Killpower, Psylocke, Sabretooth and Wolverine. They had been fitted with inhibitor collars and paired with a partner.

At the end of the first day of battle, the contestants all gathered in the pleasure drome of the gladiators village to recreate, where Dark Angel gathered the heroes to meet with the Temploids, who warned them of the threat of the Battletide. It appeared that the Battletide would be able to flood the omniverse with violence through the seventeen point six trillion sentient beings watching the Games via the omniversal transmitter.

The following day the heroes removed the collars and broke free. Termagent ordered for them to be killed and made to like it was part of the Games. The heroes were almost at the tower when Termagent and his troops attacked, but as the two factions faced off against each other, the Battletide arrived.

The world of Colosseum shook as the Battletide washed over it, flowing through Termagent and Megaira and breaking through into the spectator's area wreaking havoc. The crowds were driven into a mindless berserker rage as their adrenaline levels rose, but Dark Angel and Psylocke worked together to create a mystic shield in the heroes minds to protect them from the Battletide's effects. However, the Battletide had a different effect on Termagent and Megaira: their memories were restored and they became reunited as Termagaira, warlord of the demon host.

Termagaira's first action after eons of being marooned in its separate humanoid forms was to go to the omniversal transmitter tower to conduct the Battletide into itself. Climbing to the top of the tower, Termagaira basked in the demonic energies, but was cut short as Killpower shot the tower out from underneath him. Grabbing onto a section of the tower and swinging round, Termagaira attacked Killpower with optic blasts and kicked Death's Head and his Temploid companion over. Killpower attacked with a girder from the tower, but was merely swatted away. Termagaira blasted the Temploid, causing severe damage. Death's Head and Killpower carried on fighting the demon, and maneuvered him into a trap: with Killpower hunched down low and Termagaira raising his hands to attack, Death's Head pushed the demon and Killpower straightened up under him, sending Termagaira cascading down the side of the tower. Impaled on a segment of the tower, the demon entity was reabsorbed by the Battletide.

Realising the Battletide would now pull the planet apart and consume them all, the badly damaged Temploid asked Killpower to fuse its remains into Death's Heads systems, combining the Temploids techno-mystical power with Death's heads multiple wills in an attempt to turn back the Battletide. The remaining heroes made it through the crowds only to watch as Death's Head acted as a super-conductor, drawing the energies of the Battletide into himself causing a massive implosion which tore his body apart.
Killpower subsequently rebuilt Death's Head, who was extremely grateful, until he saw the large pile of leftover parts that Killpower hadn't been sure where to put.


(Death's Head and Killpower:Battletide#4-BTS//Battletide II#4(fb)) - When Death's Head was temporarily destroyed in the process of absorbing the Battletide, Bezial escaped from Death's Head's mind. Escaping into the Battletide, Bezial found and possessed the otherwise dead form of Termagaira, former demonlord of the Battletide.

(Battletide II#1-4) - Termagaira's mindless form is used by Bezial in his failed plot to use the Battletide to conquer the universe.
At the conclusion of the battle, Termagaira's inert and empty form was left lying on the floor of the Dread Citadel.



Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Geoff Senior for Marvel UK.

I've got NO idea to which group of demons Termagaira belong. I'd think most likely Class III, the extra-dimensional variety. Extra-terrestrial demons don't fit into the classification system. Class IV maybe? For more detail on the types of demons, see the notes for the Elder Gods.

Noun 1. termagant - a scolding nagging bad-tempered woman

profile by Changeling and Snood.

No known connection to:

Dark Angel, Shevaun Haldane, the MUK heroine, @ Hell's Angel#1, should be distinguished from:

Death's Head/Minion



The feminine side of Termagaira. Lover and battle partner of Termagent, she is a bloodthirsty warrior. She uses a variety of bladed weapons in combat and presumably has some measure of superhuman strength (class 10 at least). Also she wields a pair of electro-gauntlets designed by Termagent. These gauntlets proved sufficient to incapacitate Killpower, allowing her to collect him for the Games.


--Battletide I#1 (4(fb)-BTS, 1-4-->Termagaira











The masculine side of Termagaira. He and Megaira are considered the greatest warriors on Colosseum. Like his other half he uses bladed weapons, and has vast superhuman strength (class 75 or thereabouts). He also designed a pair of electro-gauntlets capable of stunning even those with superhuman endurance such as Death's Head and Killpower.


--Battletide I#1 (4(fb)-BTS, 1-4-->Termagaira







Battletide I#1-4 (December, 1992 - March, 1993) - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writers), Geoff Senior (artist), John Freeman (#1-3) & Jacqui Papp (#3-4) (editor)

Battletide II#1-4 (August-November, 1993) - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writers), Geoff Senior (artist), Jacqui Papp (editor)

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