Real Name: Minion

Identity/Class: Cyborg (created on Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD)

Occupation: Assassin, adventurer

Group Membership: Reserve member of MI13;
    former member of A.I.M. of Earth-8410, Dark Guard (Albion, Stacy Arnheim, Dark Angel
Killpower, Tigon Liger, Motormouth, Ultra-Marine Major Nasca), the Merry Men of Lionheart (Much, O'Nary, Shallowfoot, Took, and others)

Affiliations: Partner of Tuck;
   Dr. Evelyn Necker of Earth-8410 (creator);
    Lady Anula of Lionheart, Avengers of Earth-9939,
Death Metal, Death Wreck, Die-Cut, Digitek, the Doctor, Dr. Stephen Strange, Hercules (Alcaeus/Heracles), Heron, Hydra (employed by them to protect Dr Mendel), Pilgrim Kadagar golem and the Kadagar Gang of Reality-49327's Mars Colony circa 2026 AD (initially enemies), Knights of Pendragon, Light Brigade (initially enemies), Lords of the Splinter Realms, Dr. Noon, people of Numeropolis (employed him), Phaedra, Professor X (Charles Xavier), Psyphon, Punisher (Frank Castle), Reed Richards, Requiem Sharks, Sabretooth (Victor Creed), S.A.S., Spitfire (Jacqueline Falsworth), Super-Conductor, Tangerine, Tasker, the Temploids, Time Guardian, the Time Keepers/Time Twisters, Ultra-Marine Captain Jeanet Hutch of Mars Colony 2026, Wyrd Sisters, X-Men, Yorick of Lionheart, unidentified exo-skeleton wearing thief;
    All of his 106
assimilated personalities;
    formerly the Lemurians of Earth-313 and Magpie

Enemies: Alkemist, AIM of Earth-616, Archenemy, Audit, Anti-Being, Barb, Battletide, Bezial, Black Curator, Burgen, Charnel, Charnel and his Spawn of Earth-9939, Chronozone of Earth-94316, Cicatrice, Collapsar, cyborgs of the Black Museum, Dracula, Hob, Kite, Lemurians of Earth-313, Tigon Liger golem, Lord High Protector of Lionheart, Ludites, Magpie, Major Oak and his Huscarls, Megaira, , Mephisto, Mercenaries, Metamorph, Methinx, Mister Lorson, Mys-Tech, Raptors, Red Lord, the Sisters of the Holy Hassock on Lionheart, SunnyTermagent, Termagaira, the Un-Earth demons and Death's Head Antibody, vampires, Wrathchilde;
    formerly Pilgrim Kadagar and the Kadagar gang/family, the Knights of Pendragon and Warheads Kether Troop;
    see comments on Affiliations and Enemies

Antagonists (Neither friends or enemies, just those he's bumped into and never resolved a relationship):
    Avengers of Earth-616, Fantastic Four of Earth-616,


Known Relatives: None;
    Dr. Evelyn Necker (creator, aggravator and general trouble magnet);
    Death Wreck (precursor), Death Metal (sequellae) - "brothers"

Aliases: Blue, D.H., Hood, Minion, Outlaw; unidentified host body's real name;
    also known incorrectly as Death's Head II (see comments/clarifications);
    "Borgy" (from Pilgrim Kadagar)

Base of Operations: Mobile across time and space, has been known to operate from a Tibetan monastery in the modern era on Earth-616, Clinton City, Mars @ 2026, the forests of Lionheart @ 3442;
    formerly (as Minion) operating from A.I.M. Central (apparently a former shopping mall in Manhattan's trade area, New York, USA), Earth-8410 and the
Refuge (as a member of Dark Guard)

First Appearance: Death's Head II I#1 (March 1992)




Powers/Abilities: The Minion cyborg has a control center with 7000 mega-K capacity and artificial intelligence. It is programmed with timeline predictions for every planet known to A.I.M. The auditory/olfactory/optical sensory array provides superhuman senses. There are multiple personalities stored in its memory, and while Death's Head is the dominant personality he has access to the skills of the others. He can use his sensory array and vast accumulated knowledge to analyze and countermeasure enemy attacks in various ways (updating tactics, overriding force fields etc). He can communicate with other cyborgs via radio waves.

    The cyborg's agility and reaction times are superhuman, and under the right conditions can run at superhuman speeds. Its armored exterior is a layered composite shell of augmented molybdenum, averaging three centimeters in thickness, capable of withstanding a forty second focused burst from a 6KW meson cutter with minimal effect. The skull armor face plate, however is composed of 5 mil machined duralinium with a chrome veneer. At optimum levels, it has approximately class 100 strength, with musculature fabricated from a synthetic muscle/malleable steel mix, and secured to all anchor points by cold laser surgery. An equivalent level of superhuman endurance is provided by a non-standard fusion reactor mounted in the thorax cavity. It is composed of organic components laser woven into an armature frame of military grade titanium alloy. All internal jointing, replicated and replacement organs have been fully shielded against corrosion, remote influencing, electromagnetic flux and gravitational inconsistency, and temporal displacement trauma. It is indefinitely self-sufficient, and is fitted with a self-repair system capable of full automatic refit for all but the most sensitive sections of cortex circuitry.

    His body is able to regenerate from penetrating wounds and even from amputation or being completely cut in half. In some cases, his whole body takes on a liquid metal sort of effect when healing, and he has even extruded tendrils of a healing limb at an opponent.

    Death's Head's main weapon is the multifunctional appliance fitted to his right arm. Constructed from fluid-suspension ductile molybdenum (see comments), it has limited shape shifting abilities controlled by mental commands and based on technical templates encoded in the control center. There are four main options; the Cranial Disruption System, which nullifies and downloads the biochemical program of a selected target, allowing the cyborg to use the victims skills; a two megawatt high-yield plasma-fusion weapon; a variable-dimension blade weapon; and a conventional human pattern hand. On occasion Death's Head appears to able to have developed other options; blunt weapons instead of bladed weapons, and a photon weapon instead of the plasma-fusion weapon.

    Minion was equipped with an A.I.M. time belt, though this has been lost.

Height: 7'        
: 400 pounds       
: Blue       
: Red (this isn't really hair, its wiring with the appearance of hair)
see comments

Death's Head II I (fb) - BTS) - In the alternate Earth-8410, A.I.M.'s pre-cognitive division informed their executive division of their prophecy that an unknown threat would obliterate them in the near future. To prevent this they agreed to fund Dr. Evelyn Necker's Minion project for their defense.

(Death Wreck#1 / Death3 #1 - BTS) - Circa 2018, Dr. Necker's first Minion cyborg (who would become known as Death Wreck) broke programming and escaped through time, though she did copy his operating systems for future projects.

(Death's Head II I (fb)) - Necker created her next Minion cyborg circa 2020 AD. He was sent out to acquire the instincts of 106 of the most deadly individuals in the galaxy, using A.I.M central as his base of operations.

(Death's Head & Die-Cut#2 (fb)) - Death's Head assimilated subject 37: Czorn Yson, aka Die-Cut.

(Death's Head II#1) - The Minion cyborg had infiltrated Tyler's fortress and assimilated his instincts when he encountered the freelance peacekeeping agent Death's Head. Claiming Death's Head would be next, Minion teleported back to A.I.M. central, but not before Death's Head had managed to place a tracking beacon upon him. While being checked over, Minion displayed a talent for flippancy that dismayed Dr. Necker. When asked if there had been any trouble, he briefly mentioned Death's Head's presence before teleporting after his next subject, Lehdrox.
    Minion traveled to the future world of Altima Four, @ 2456 A.D., and found the barbarian. He rescued Phaedra from Lehdrox's clutches, losing part of his face plate in the scuffle. Phaedra thanked him and, foreseeing his future, called him Death's Head. Having gotten Lehdrox's instincts, Minion returned to A.I.M. central thinking nothing of Phaedras remark. However, before the surly cyborg could be checked over for his next mission, Death's Head came crashing in through the window. As Death's Head was the cyborg's next subject, Minion simply bested the robot and proceeded to assimilate its instincts. The process overloaded Minions systems, and the confused cyborg disappeared on the trail of subject 106... Reed Richards!

(Death's Head II I#2) - Minion arrived in New York, having traveled into Earth-616's relative past, followed by Doctor Necker. He tracked Reed Richards to the restaurant La Maison St Jacques, but Necker helped Richards get away. The destruction of the restaurant made the local news and caught the attention of the Thing, who delayed the cyborg while Richards took Necker to Four Freedoms Plaza. By the time Minion had took Johnny Storms remote access and reached the lab, Richards had set up a device that scrambled the cyborg's neurons. Death's Head's personality was the first to re-group and it began to take control of the cyborg. Death's Head realized that he could absorb the knowledge he needed from Richards computer mainframe without killing the man himself. Thanking Richards for his help, Death's Head disappeared into time and space.

(Death's Head II I#3) - Death's Head found himself on the future world of Lionheart, @ 3442 A.D. After twelve months on the planet, he had gathered a band of cybernetic outlaws. His adventures became almost legendary, and attracted the attention of the replicated organic known as Tuck. After a fierce battle in which most of his associates where killed by Major Oak and his huscarls, Doctor Necker appeared and convinced him to return and protect A.I.M. Meanwhile, back in 2020, Baron Strucker the 5th had merged his body with that of the previous Death's Head robot and become Charnel, after which it killed Spratt. By the time that Death's Head, Necker and Tuck arrived at A.I.M. Central, it had already been attacked. Charnel had stolen a time belt and traveled back to the modern era in to destroy A.I.M.'s past.

(Death's Head II I#4) - Death's Head, Necker and Tuck traveled back 28 years in time, arriving at a Manhattan shopping mall (within the former World Trade Center), which would one day be the site of A.I.M. central. They encountered a group of Avengers from an alternate future (Earth-9939). Together they fought Charnel, but during the conflict the villain absorbed energy from the alternate Scarlet Witch and became even more powerful, turning into the creature that would devastate the future she had come from. Death's Head placed a second time belt on Charnel and, using what was left of her hex power, the Scarlet Witch activated them both. Charnel was torn in two, one half flung into prehistory, the other into the thirtieth century. Her timeline apparently negated, and fellow Avengers dead at Charnels hands, the Scarlet Witch vanished. Death's Head and Tuck stole a truck and drove off to explore Manhattan, followed by a good portion of that city's superhuman population, who had come to investigate the powerful energies recently unleashed.

(Shadow Riders#1) - Death's Head attacked Rick Jones, thinking him to be a Mick Jones, whom he wanted dead. Vorin, leader of the Shadow Riders, arrived on the scene, intending to recruit Rick at the moment of his death to become one of the Shadow Riders. However, the Hulk arrived and came between Rick and Death's Head. The cyborg responded, "The Hulk! This should be fun..."

(Black Axe#1, 2 (fb), 3) - In order to meet Black Axe, Death's Head took a job protecting Dr. Mendel, a Hydra scientist. Black Axe was in turn hired by MyS-TECH to destroy the scientist who was reportedly researching an immortality gene on the island of Moreau Atoll. Inevitably Black Axe came into contact with Death's Head, who bested him. Black Axe was forced to flee in order to recuperate. Unbeknownst to them, Mephisto had planted the idea of the immortality gene in the scientists mind in order to amuse himself with the antics of MyS-TECH, and when Black Axe returned he was transported to Mephisto's realm. Death's Head followed him through the dimensional portal, but when Black Axe resisted Mephisto's power they were both teleported back to earth. Death's Head rather embarrassingly found himself in a child's toy buggy.

(Death3 #2) - In the timeline of Earth-9939--still intact as the temporal wave from the destruction of Charnel in the past had not yet caught up to them, a group known as the X-Saviours gained the alliance of Death Wreck, and sought to gather more beings of a similar ilk to aid them against the Charnel of their timeline. That world's Tony Stark's machine did just that, summoning Death's Head to their side.

(Death3 #3) - Death's Head revealed that he had already destroyed Charnel in the past, and that the timeline of Earth-9939 would destroyed as soon as the temporal wave caught up to it. However, Death Wreck then revealed the existence of Death Metal, the newest minion unit, programmed with the memories of its predecessors. Death Metal joined forces with Charnel, revealing how it had been defeated in the past. Charnel and Death Metal attacked the X-Saviours, Death's Head, and Death Wreck, and told them how he planned to go back into the past and prevent that defeat, and ensure his future.

(Death3 #4) - Death's Head and Death Wreck tried and failed to stop Death Metal, but then the Ghost Rider of that era subjected Death Metal to its penance stare, forcing him to see Charnel's evil. The three Minions teamed up against Charnel, destroying him.
Death Metal: We found his weakness! He wasn't immune to three indestructible cyborgs tearing the living crud out of him.
    The temporal loop then caught up with them, seemingly erased the timeline of Earth-9939, and sent the three brothers to different dates and places.
    Death's Wreck was sent back to Earth, in the modern era. 

(Death Metal#1) - Mys-Tech Techno-Wizard Rathcoole manipulated Death's Head into a taking a contract from the Secret Empire to recover a stolen Exo-Harness, which led to a conflict with the thief who was wearing the harness. Though Rathcoole had been testing Death's Head for his suitability as personal bodyguard, Death's Head's mention of Charnel reminded him of the existence of the even more powerful Death Metal, and Rathcoole altered his search to him instead. Death's Head defeated the armored thief nonetheless.

(Warheads#8/2 (fb)) - The people of Numeropolis hired Death's Head to retrieve the intelligent gun stolen by Tigon Liger of the Warheads Kether Troop.

(Warheads#6-7) - On an unidentified planet, Death's Head and Tuck caught up to Kether Troop after they had located the city's power source: the Sapphire Lotus. Death's Head demanded the gun, and Liger gave it to him--in the face. Death's Head prepared to take it by force, when an army of the city's soldiers showed up to reclaim the Lotus.
    The Warheads managed to channel the energy of the Sapphire Lotus, blasting away both the army and Death's Head, who recovered, and reinforcements of the alien army continued to pile in. When the powerful being known as Audit showed up to attack them, Death's Head pretended to offer up Tuck as a sacrifice to Audit, distracting him while the Warheads blasted him with the power of the Lotus. However, Liger than used his gun, Clementine, to stun Death's Head and Tuck, and, after recovering, decided to cut their losses, stealing the Sapphire Lotus, but leaving behind the gun Clementine.

(Death's Head II II#1-4) - Back on Earth, in Paxton, Oregon, the energies of the Sapphire Lotus continued to draw others to Death's Head and Tuck, including a large number of superhumans, such as Kite, Sunny and Barb, Wrathchilde, and the X-Men. While Death's Head fought the X-Men in ye olde case of mistaken identity, both Tuck and Wrathchilde began to be changed by the Sapphire Lotus, and they teleported away.
  After further battle, Death's Head and the XMen finally reached an understanding (Rogue had briefly absorbed part of his composite mind, which was WAY too much for her), and teamed up to recover the Lotus. They tracked it to Wrathchilde's home in Chicago, where they were attacked by Wrathchilde, a power-mad Tuck, and the Raptor's--creatures sent to retrieve the Lotus.
      The XMen and Death's Head fought the Raptors, which also went after Tuck and Wrathchilde, injuring them. However, Wrathchilde recovered and took the Sapphire Lotus back to its realm of origin, leaving Tuck behind, suffering from a severe case of withdrawal.
    Death's Head, the wounded Tuck and the X-Men arrived in an antimatter bubble, teleported there by  it's creator, Phaedra. The power of the Sapphire Lotus had enabled Wrathchilde to wrest control from its creator, and he sent Phaedra's own Raptors after her, the X-Men and Death's Head, but their combined power defeated them easily. They distracted Wrathchilde so that Jubilee could boost her powers with the Sapphire Lotus. Jubilee attacked Wrathchilde who began absorbing the energy. Death's Head attacked him and the energy exploded out of control. Phaedra sent Tuck to her home world of Lionheart to recover, and Death's Head asked to be sent Death's Head after her.

(Mys-Tech Wars#1-3 / Death's Head II II#5, Warheads#11) - However, Death's Head transportation energy was instead drawn to another source. He arrived in what appeared to be Trafalgar Square. Unbeknownst to him he was on the Un-Earth, which had been infested with demons. Death's Head fought one demon and then an antibody created by the Un-Earth to destroy him. Mys-Tech sent the Warheads onto the Unearth to find Death's Head and deal with him, as he was causing an anomalous energy disruption there.
    After their usual battle, Death's Head and the Warheads teamed up against some of the more nasty demons on the Unearth. DH then convinced them that Mys-Tech had sent the demons to Un-Earth as the lead in to a demon invasion on the real Earth, and they all headed back to Mys-Tech HQ to kick their miserable butts!
    Back on Earth, Death's Head, the Warheads, and Wolverine (one of many heroes gathered to oppose Mys-Tech's plans) slaughtered the Techno-Wizards. However, as their life forces were tied into the fabric of the universe, all reality began to split apart.

(Mys-Tech Wars#4) - Dark Angel proved able to hold together reality temporarily. Death's Head  joined the others in fighting a horde of Mys-Tech's Psycho-Warriors and making their way to the Un-Earth. At the Un-Earth, six of the heroes served as surrogate members for the Techno-Wizards to repair the rift: Dark Angel held them together, Professor X provided psychic power, Albion provided Earth magic, Dr. Strange provided sorcery, Death's Head provided cybernetic influence, and Motormouth...well, they needed six of them. The six surrogates successfully repaired the rift and reformed the Techno-Wizards, set back time so that the many deaths and the activation of Un-Earth never occurred, and put a force field up around the Un-Earth to prevent Mys-Tech from accessing it again. Due to the reversal of time, only Death's Head and the other five who served as surrogates remembered that the struggle had ever happened.

(Dark Angel#13-16) - Death's Head somehow warped into the realm known as Inner Space, where he encountered Romeo of the Power House. Learning that Romeo was highly sought by Mys-Tech, Dark Angel, and the Encoders, Death's Head assimilated Romeo, in the process absorbing the fragment of the fabric of the universe that Romeo had been transporting. As a result, Death's Head gained virtually unlimited power to manipulate reality, which addled his mind. He transported to another time and place, in search of a good burger joint.
    Death's Head eventually slipped into a state of bliss, until he was ambushed by the Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards. They trapped him within a cage of force, but he drove them off by enlarging their bodies' natural parasites to giant size to attack them, and Dark Angel showed him how to break out of the cage. However, he was then transported across the dimensions again, into the presence of the Anti-Being.
    The Anti-Being attacked Death's Head, seeking to force him to grant him transport to the Earth dimension. Death's Head new power allowed him to fight back, and he stunned the Anti-Being and then assimilated him. However, this was just what the Anti-Being wanted, and he soon began to seek a way to control the other hundred plus personalities Death's Head had assimilated. As the battle raged on in his mind, Death's Head's body was left paralyzed. The Dark Angel and her ally, the Guide, extracted Romeo's personality from Death's Head. The Anti-Being and Death's Head continued their struggle for control, until the maddened Death's Head gained the upper hand and headed off to terrorize a few galaxies.
    A group known as the Mercenaries tried to capture Death's Head, but were blown away. Dark Angel gained the help of the Wyrd Sisters and managed to exorcise the Anti-Being from Death's Head, and in the process removed the fragment of the fabric of the universe. Regaining his mind, Death's Head teleported away again.

(Death's Head II II#6-8) - While searching for Tuck on Lionheart, Death's Head attracted the attention of Major Oak. As he was visiting his old friend Yorrick, Death's Head was captured by Oak, with a little help from Methinx. Major Oak took Death's Head prisoner, but Methinx wouldn't allow him to be executed. Tuck infiltrated the Lord High Protector's castle as part of a traveling theatre, and freed Death's Head. Major Oak attempted to stop her, but she cracked him in the head with a candle holder. As Death's Head and Tuck made their way though the castle, Major Oak caught up with them again. Death's Head gave him a slash with his blade configuration for good measure, and they made their escape through the castle wall. Whilst swimming through the moat, Death's Head lost his time belt in a tussle with a plesiosaur.

    Whilst they recuperated in a nearby forest, Yorrick appeared to warn Death's Head that Methinx was after him. It was then that Death's head realized the time belt was missing. Yorrick's communications with the undead had revealed nothing but death for Death's Head and, during his battle with Methinx, Death's Head appeared to die. But as Death's Head's cyborg was never truly alive to begin, Yorrick's predictions were inaccurate. Death's Head realized that Doctor Necker must have killed someone in order to create his cybernetic body. He threatened to expose Methinx as a technology user to the Lord Protector if he didn't help them leave Lionheart. Death's Head and Tuck left via Methinx's dimension gate on a quest to discover his true identity.

    (Death's Head II II#9) - The dimension gate deposited Death's Head and Tuck in Los Angeles Conurbation, near A.I.M. Central 2020. At that point in time the Minion cyborg had yet to assimilate Death's Head's instincts, and The Light Brigade appeared to prevent Death's Head from altering his own past. Death's Head battled the Light Brigade and won, but they offered to send him after Dr. Necker who had traveled into the past after creating the Minion cyborg. The Light Brigade summoned a time flare sending Death's Head and Tuck 27 years into the past.



(Battletide I#1-4) - Death's Head had retreated to a secluded monastery high in the Himalayan's, Tibet, where he started training would be master assassins. Algernon Crowe, of the MyS-TECH board, approached him to recapture Killpower. Death's Head and Tuck found Killpower on the South Pacific island of Kamuni Atoll , where he was vacationing with Motormouth. Death's Head and Killpower were captured and taken to Colosseum to participate in the Games held their by Termagent and Megaira. The unlikely duo were forced to become partners, controlled by inhibitor collars, and sent out into the battle zone. They fought various beings to the death until they almost met their match in Sabretooth and Wolverine. The carnage attracted the Battletide to Colosseum, and Death's Head joined forces with an assortment of heroes to stop the demonic entity. Termagent and Megaira merged into Termagaira, who in turn merged with the Battletide. With the remains of a Temploid fused into his systems by Killpower, Death's Head caused the Battletide to collapse in on itself. While the implosion shattered Death's Heads body, it was later rebuilt by Killpower on the Kamuni Atoll... albeit with a few parts missing!



(Battletide II#1-4) - Returning to his quest for his true identity, Death's Head and Tuck began attacking A.I.M. Data Complexes in the modern era. Inside an Ice Borg (an immense supercomputer complex functioning in hyper-capacity due to the extreme cold), Tuck noted that the cyborgs and robots used by AIM in that era were likely his predecessors.
    Their quest was interrupted by Killpower, who burst in to join the fight, but ended up overheating and destroying the Ice Borg. They were teleported out of the resultant explosion and petitioned for aid by the Temploids, who revealed that the Battletide had reformed and was targeting Earth. In order to stop the Battletide, they first had to overcome the Hulk, whom it had enslaved. They also had to overcome a techno-virus that had been set upon Death's Head by Bezial, one of his former assimilation victims.
    In order to fend off the Battletide, they sought the aid of one of the oldest Temploids, Gabriel. They eventually confronted Bezial, only to find that Termagaira had taken possession of him. Termagaira overpowered the two and them, and then shattered Gabriel. Death's Head rallied to fight Termagaira, while Killpower rebuilt Gabriel. Death's Head succeeded in reassimilating Bezial, taking Termagaira's host form away. With Termagaira incapacitated, the Battletide turned away from Earth. Death's Head, Tuck, Killpower, and the Hulk were all returned to Earth.

(Death's Head II II#10-12) - Death's Head searched another AIM complex for info on his own identity. Instead he discovered the identity of Dr. Necker's mother and decided to look for her. The Requiem Sharks attacked and were defeated. Death's Head discovered that the Requiem Shark named Stealth was in fact the woman he was looking for. Informing her that he knew her future daughter, he convinced her and the Requiem Sharks to help him. Stealth traced Dr. Necker to Pacific Vista Laboratories. On infiltrating the lab they encountered a new Minion cyborg that had been built around Kite. Kite then revealed himself to be the past half of Charnel, transferred his future self to the lab, and joined with him to become Charnel again. The combined forces of Death's Head, Tuck, the Requiem Sharks and A.I.M's security weren't enough to stop Charnel directly, but Dr. Necker activated a synapse disrupter in his brain-stem. While Charnel was dysfunctional, they attempted to stop him with a temporal warp. Charnel attempted to absorb the temporal energies but Death's Head shot him and made him overload.

(Death's Head & Die-Cut#1 (fb)) - Back on Lionheart, Death's Head and Tuck were hired by Lady Anula to cure the plague Perfection, which was transforming organic replicants into metal and killing them.

(Death's Head & Die-Cut#1) - Following Anula's directions, they sought to find the cure from the cyborgs of Matricca Scorpio. While there, Death's Head was infected with a purging program that began allowing some of his assimilated personalities to resurface. When he and Tuck were on the verge of being overwhelmed by the cyborgs, Death's Head was convinced to allow one of the personalities, Die-Cut (who was familiar with the layout of Matricca Scorpio) to temporarily take over. Die-Cut's personality led them to the Black Museum of Cyborgs in Orgolhuin, where it recreated it's body and weapons, and then downloaded/purged itself from Death's Head.
    Restored to life, Die-Cut was temporarily overcome with madness from his cyber-phobia and his experiences and attacked Death's Head. When the Black Curator of the Museum and its cyborg armies attacked them, Die-Cut regained his sanity, and  created a weapon to destroy the cyborgs of the Black Museum. Die-Cut then led them on a quest that showed that the Black Museum could not cure Perfection or any other diseases, but rather it could just grant immortality to those who remained within a certain chamber, but only as long as they remained there.
    After revealing the failure of their mission to Lady Anula, Death's Head and Die-Cut went their separate ways.

(Motormouth/Killpower#12) - Death's Head accepted a contract from Dr. Necker to retrieve the Metamorph, an rogue creation of A.I.M. that was causing trouble for Motormouth and Killpower in London. They joined forces and the Metamorph was destroyed. Unbeknownst to them all the Time Guardian was observing their progress.

(Knights of Pendragon II#13-15) - Death's Head was hired by the Lemurians of Earth-313 to capture the Knights of Pendragon. Near their base in the Green Chapel, in Avalon, he defeated Breeze James and Crown, but was subdued by Union Jack (Chapman) with one of the stasis devices he had brought to contain the Knights.
  Death's Head was freed by Magpie, another agent of the Lemurians, and battled the assembled Knights. The Lemurians then teleported to Avalon to carry out the death sentence they had ordered for the Knights.
    Alongside the Lemurians and Magpie, Death's Head fought the Knights. However, ol' Hood soon came to see that the Knights were not the genocidal lunatics that the Lemurians had portrayed them to be. Investigating further, he found that Magpie had sneaked into Green Chapel on his own agenda, and was preparing to summon the Red Lord. Though Death's Head stopped Magpie, the process was too advanced and the Red Lord began to cross the dimensional portal that had been opened. Crown drove the Red Lord back across the portal, but only at the cost of being trapped in the Red Lord's realm with him. Death's Head tossed Magpie through the portal into the Red Lord's realm, as well.
    Death's Head then befriended the Knights and told them to call if they ever needed help...usual rates, of course.

(Dark Guard#1-4) - Death's Head was among a group of heroes summoned to the Refuge by the Time Guardian (who had noticed his involvement in the Mys-Tech Wars) to prevent Mys-Tech spreading throughout the universe. Despite his dislike of the team name, Death's Head joined them on a mission to Eopia. Mys-Tech had infiltrated two opposing nations there, the Egaliterns and the Technarchy. They encountered the mutant Mys-Tech agent Collapsar who kidnapped Killpower and Tigon Liger. Death's Head and Motormouth went to rescue them and destroyed Collapsar in the process. The Dark Guard discovered that Tyburn was responsible for the situation on Eopia and the two factions restored peace negotiations.

(Death's Head II II#15(fb) - BTS) - Death's Head encountered Algernon Crowe and refused an offer of his under unspecified circumstances (see comments).

(Death's Head II II#13-15) - Death's Head and Tuck traveled to Clinton City, Mars @2026, to lay low from A.I.M. using one of their own time dish's. At some point Tuck was abducted. Shortly after Death's Head was attacked by members of the Kadagar gang. He initially assumed they were responsible for Tucks disappearance but the gangs leader, Pilgrim Kadagar, swore they were not. Death's Head was arrested by Ultra-Marine Captain Jeanet Hutch but Pilgrim paid his bail. It transpired that Pilgrim was in fact an android duplicate who wanted Death's Head's help in finding who created him and where the real Pilgrim in return for the Kadagar's aid in finding Tuck. They uncovered a Golem project run by Lorson and the Alkemist that was creating android duplicates of various heroes. Crowe and Wychwood arrived from the past, revealing that Mys-Tech were funding the Golem operation, and cancelled the contract in order to avoid confrontation with Death's Head. Death's Head killed Lorson and retrieved Tuck but unbeknownst to them the Alkemist escaped vowing revenge. Death's Head and Tuck decided to stay on Mars for a while and visit the Olympus mountains.

(Death's Head Gold#1 (fb)) - Back on Lionheart, Death's Head and Tuck found their army of cyborg's infiltrated by agents of Major Oak, who had been supplied with the technology to do so by General Cicatrice. Weakened from within, Death's Head's men were decimated. Death's Head somehow learned that a man called Noon, on Catspur was involved, and as Cicatrice was shielded, he and Tuck went after Noon.

(Death's Head II II#14/2 // Death's Head Gold#0 (fb) / Death's Head Gold#1 (fb)) - Death's Head and Tuck arrived on Catspur on a personal mission to punish Noon for the deaths of his men on Lionheart. Following a lead to the south pole @ Garrick 6, their ship flew right into an energy blast--unleashed by Cicatrice in an effort to cover up his involvement on Lionheart. This blast slew everyone on Catspur expect the two within Garrick 6--Noon and his ally, Heron.

    Tuck vanished, and Death's Head, assuming her to be dead,  was suffering from severe powers loss and damage to his cerebral input cortex, resulting in the inability to access many of his assimilated instincts. Using the remaining power in his multiple purpose arm, he downloaded the base computer and gained access to Garrick 6, where he found Noon and Heron. They blamed him for the deaths on their planet and swore to take vengeance on him as he collapsed from his injuries.

(Death's Head Gold#1) - With his power drained, many of his assimilated instincts weren't available to him and he became reliant on the help of the only other survivors, Heron and Dr Noon, for regular recharges at their underground base. While Noon blamed Death's Head for the attack on Catspur, he needed him to fetch provisions from the surface. Unbeknownst to Death's Head, Noon was in fact working for his enemy Cicatrice. Cicatrices men, disguised as Temploids, infiltrated the base killing Noon and impaling Death's Head on huge jagged piece of rock. Tuck, who had tracked him down with help from Phaedra and Professor X, fought off the fake Temploids with help from Heron. Death's Head managed to drag himself off the rock only to be blasted by Heron. Death's Head hastily convinced her he wasn't responsible for the attack on Catspur. Heron fully recharged Death's Head, and they joined forces against the remaining fake Temploids. Stealing their ship, they boarded Cicatrices craft. Death's Head mortally wounded one of Cicatrices multiple bodies, but his other bodies were put in escape pods and launched into space. Heron was shot by one of Cicatrices men and Death's Head assimilated her instincts. Death's Head and Tuck found themselves trapped in the ship, which was in a deteriorating orbit and headed to crash into Catspur.

(BTS) - In unspecified circumstances Death's Head and Tuck escaped from Cicatrices ship. see comments

(Death's Head II II#14/2 // Death's Head Gold#0) - Following the direction of Phaedra, Death's Head traveled to the Bewilderness--the Khiasmos of the Universe--where he encountered his destiny and apparent future self, Psyphonn.

(Death's Head II II#16) - Death's Head was time-jacked by Chronozone to a distant future. Chronozone claimed that mankind had laid waste to the galaxy and that he wanted Death's Head to the past and destroy the human race. Death's Head found a room full of skeletons including the remains of his future self from Chronozone's timeline. He used knowledge assimilated from that future self discover the truth: that Chronozone was the last survivor of a race that had exterminated mankind and killed the Death's Head of that timeline. Using that knowledge he defeated Chronozone and had himself sent back in time. He promised to warn mankind of the threat Chronozone's people would present and avert that future from happening.

(Incomplete Death's Head#1) - Hob, a malevolent robot who had faced the Freelance Peacekeeping Agent Death's Head, set up shop on the odd chronal planet called Maruthea, where normal time did not exist. Hob began searching normal time and space for information on the previous Death's Head. Hob managed to find information on Death's Head's creators Lupex and Pyra, and of his time on the mechanoid populated planet Scarvix. However, Hob ran into difficulties in recording Death's Head's subsequent abduction, enlargement, and displacement to Earth-120185 (Transformers UK). Negative distortions in the vortexial scan resulted in a smeary, discolored image of Death's Head battling Galvatron. Other temporal distortions also affected the process such that Hob did not acquire information about Death's Head's battle and defeat of Lupex, and temporal interference prevented Hob from learning of Death's Head's subsequent destruction and assimilation by Minion in 2020. Thus, Hob did not learn that Minion was now the current Death's Head.

Despite these problems, Hob continued his activities for at least three million years.

The Doctor discovered the activities of Hob. Deciding that Hob must be stopped, the Doctor transported Death's Head (Minion) with his partner Tuck to Hob's base. Death's Head and Tuck, unaware that the Doctor had transported them and of where they were, attacked Hob's defense robots, quickly defeating them. Death's Head then patched into Hob's databanks, eager to learn about the original Death's Head, but became trapped in virtual reality. Tuck could not revive him.

(Incomplete Death's Head#2) - Tuck watched various images from the previous Death's Head's adventures on a computer screen as the current Death's Head remained comatose.

(Incomplete Death's Head#3) - Death's Head communicated with Tuck from another computer screen. He stated that he was trapped in v.r. and informed Tuck as to their location on Maruthea. Death's Head disappeared from the screen, as Hob advanced on Tuck.

(Incomplete Death's Head#4) - Tuck watched footage of the Doctor's encounter with Keepsake, but Hob continued to advance on her.

(Incomplete Death's Head#5) - Death's Head talked with a v.r. representation of the previous Death's Head. From cyberspace, he observed Hob advancing on Tuck.

(Incomplete Death's Head#6) - Hob hurled Tuck across the room.

(Incomplete Death's Head#7) - Hob picked up Tuck, who exhorted Death's Head to wake up. Upon hearing her refer to her partner as Death's Head, Hob felt puzzled. Hob had no knowledge of this Death's Head's existence.

(Incomplete Death's Head#8) - Hob asked Tuck to explain why Death's Head no longer resembled his old self. Tuck demanded to know who Hob was.

(Incomplete Death's Head#9) - Hob showed Tuck footage from his past and explained his desire to find Dogbolter.

(Incomplete Death's Head#10) - Tuck confronted Hob with the possibility that Dogbolter died in the explosion of the Dogbolter Temporal Rocket, and thus that Hob's efforts to locate him were in vain. Hob could not accept that his master was dead, and lashed out at Tuck.

(Incomplete Death's Head#11) - The current Death's Head, still stuck in virtual reality, drew on the memories he had assimilated from the original Death's Head. Using them, he recalled that the original Death's Head had visited Maruthea for a party thrown by a satyr-looking being called Bonjaxx, but could not understand why Hob did not know about it and had not tried to acquire the original Death's Head then. In addition, the previous Death's Head could not remember what had happened immediately after the Bonjaxx party on Maruthea, so the current Death's Head also had a blank memory there. To his horror, the current Death's Head now saw the original Death's Head arriving on Maruthea for the party; due to the peculiar nonlinear nature of Maruthea, the event was now happening right before their eyes. Hob himself also detected the Bonjaxx party, and stopped attacking Tuck when he saw the previous Death's Head there.

(Doctor Who Magazine#173 (bts), Incomplete Death's Head#12) - Hob observed as the Doctor arrived at the Maruthea party, with the previous Death's Head present. Death's Head had a recollection of the previous Death's Head's encounter with the She-Hulk, and then Death's Head managed to escape virtual reality and return to his body. After the Doctor left the party, Hob attacked the previous Death's Head, but the current Death's Head came to his rescue. Together, the two of them destroyed Hob.

Then, the Doctor returned, and wiped the previous Death's Head's memory of meeting his future counterpart. The Doctor explained to the current Death's Head how he had sent him and Tuck to Maruthea to thwart Hob. The Doctor watched Tuck and the current Death's Head leave.

(Death Wreck#1, 4 (Time traveling)) - Death's Head traveled to South America on Earth in a future world of 2099, in search of Burgen. Unable to stop Death's Head, Burgen had tried to blow up Dr. Necker's lab in 2018, before he was ever built, but the plan failed due to the involvement of the Minion prototype, later known as Death Wreck. Unaffected, Death's Head tore his way into Burgen's fortress and executed him.

(Avengers Forever#11-12) - Death's Head was one of the many Avengers (past, present, future, and alternate reality) summoned to the Citadel at the End of Time by the Time Keepers during the Destiny War. see comments

(Magik II#4) - Death's Head fought the Archenemy along with the forces of the Splinter Realms.

(Captain Britain and MI13#15) - Digitek, Dark Angel, Death's Head (Minion), Spitfire and Tangerine arrived on the moon alongside the SAS to help defeat Dracula and the remnants of his vampire army, joining those members of the core MI13 team that were already on site.

(Revolutionary War: Alpha#1 (fb)) - The Mys-Tech board found a way out of their immortality pact. In order to do so they planned to sacrifice the entire population of Great Britain to Mephisto. Death's Head joined many others in fighting the board at the battle of London Bridge. Mys-Tech were apparently stopped and left trapped in Hell.

(Revolutionary War: Death's HeadII#1 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head was hired to capture Captain Britain and take him to Darkmoor Research Centre. Death's Head suspected something was awry, something connected to Mys-Tech, but took the job anyway so he could get to the bottom of what was going on. He charged double for the job. He also arranged for his companion, Tuck, to contact his previous freelance peacekeeping incarnation as back up in case it was needed.

(Revolutionary War: Alpha#1) - Death's Head attacked Captain Britain at Darkmoor Castle, using an image inducer to pose as a string of the Captains deadliest enemies: Slaymaster, the Fury, Saturnyne and Jaspers. This affected the Captains self-confidence (to which his powers were linked), weakening him, and Death's Head made short work of the hero. At the end, Death's Head revealed himself, confusing Captain Britain even more as he considered the cyborg a friend. Death's Head reminded him it was "always about the money, yes?".

(Revolutionary War: Death's Head II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Captain Britain fell unconscious. Death's Head injected him with a tracking device.

(Revolutionary War: Death's Head II#1) - Death's Head took Captain Britain's unconscious body to Darkmoor Research Centre. He was greeted by the Psycho-Wraith Prime. Once Captain Britain had been taken from Death's Head, Psycho-Wraith Prime had his fellow Psycho-Wraiths attack Death's Head. The cyborg initiated a failsafe signal to contact Tuck as the enemy overpowered him in their superior numbers.

(Revolutionary War: Death's Head II (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head was given to Dr. Necker for study. However, this was a young Necker at a point in her timeline prior to her creating the Minion cyborg that Death's Head currently inhabited. She had Death's Head hooked up to her machines.

(Revolutionary War: Death's Head II#1) - Psycho-Wraith Prime took Captain Britain and left Necker to her work, giving her four hours to study the cyborg. She used nano-probes to reveal Death's Head's secrets. She saw a future version of herself in the cyborg's memories. Just then, Tuck and the previous Death's Head arrived. Necker controlled Death's Head (Minion) and made him fight his predecessor.

(Revolutionary War: Death's Head II (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head put a Trojan virus in Necker's system while she had him under her control, and gave it the password Overkill.

(Revolutionary War: Death's Head II#1) - Death's Head (Minion) lost his fight with his previous incarnation, taking a spike to the head. He began to reboot, and regained self control. Teaming up with his former self, he fought a squad of Necker's Death's Head 3.0 cyborgs. Remembering the Trojan he had installed, Death's Head shut down the enemy cyborgs. Necker used a concussion cannon to stun both Death's Heads, and kidnapped the earlier model to give back to Psycho-Wraith Prime. She activated a self destruct sequence at the research centre before leaving via transmat. Death's Head and Tuck survived the resulting explosion, and went after Necker by following Captain Britain's tracking device.

(Revolutionary War: Omega#1 (fb) - BTS) - Captain Britain, the Death's Head mechanoid, Albion, Dark Angel, Colonel Liger, and Dai Thomas were used by the Psycho-Wraith Prime to open a gateway to Mephisto's Hell. Death's Head and Tuck arrived at the Shard to find it under attack. They learned that Killpower was somehow responsible.

(Revolutionary War: Omega#1) - Death's Head and Tuck began climbing up the side of the Shard to reach Killpower, followed by Pete Wisdom. As they reached the top, Captain Britain was awakening. Cap attacked the cyborg, but Death's Head explained about Psycho-Wraith Prime, Killpower, and Hell's invasion of Earth. Killpower attacked both Death's Head's, while his demonic troops attacked the other heroes present. When Motormouth arrived with reinforcements, Killpower came to his senses after being hit by her sonic scream. He begged her to kill him. Captain Britain objected, hoping for a better way, but both Death's Head's, Joseph Hauer, and Colonel Liger opened fire. Killpower seemingly died, and Dark Angel closed the wormhole by draining energy from the demons.

(Revolutionary War: Omega#1 (fb) - BTS) - Tuck and both Death's Head's stayed around for a while after the battle at the Shard until they got an offer they couldn't refuse.

(Revolutionary War: Omega#1) - Death's Head eventually left London with Tuck and his former self, who announced that they needed to talk about the future.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett and Liam Sharp for Marvel UK.

A preliminary idea on Death's Head lists his personal characteristics as follow:

HEIGHT: 6' 8"
                             13% ORGANIC
This may or may not be accurate of the character as he was actually printed.

Timelines and...Death's Head II?...NOT!

    The history above is all relative to the Earth 2020 timeline (seemingly common to such characters as Iron Man 2020, Death's Head (both the robotic Freelance Peacekeeping Agent and the Minion cyborg) and Wild Thing). For those of you who are avid Death's Head collectors we refer to the Death's Head mini-series (referred to in the indicia as Death's Head II Vol.1) as Death's Head II and the ongoing series (referred to in the indicia as Death's Head II Vol2) as Death's Head II II. While Death's Head/Minion was the second incarnation of Death's Head the mechanoid Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, there were other Death's Heads before either of them (see clarifications).
    Also, I'm not certain whether the 2099 of Burgen is the same as the more mainstream 2099 that Marvel featured in the mid to late 1990s. There is no mention of the other characters, and there's nothing else to rule it in or out--Snood.

Death's Head - the Freelance Peacekeeping Agent

    Apart from the affiliations and enemies I've listed Death's Head would presumably be able to retain contacts from his other personalities. Also those other personalities may have had enemies that could trace them to Death's Head. For example, Hob, formerly the enemy of Death's Heads previous incarnation, encountered the new Death's Head in the Incomplete Death's Head reprint series. My thanks to Per Degaton for his summary of those issues. He had some comments on that series:

The Incomplete Death's Head was a reprint series that covered Doctor Who Magazine#135, Death's Head I#1-10, Marvel Comics Presents#76, She-Hulk II#24, and a few other appearances of the original Death's Head. However, each issue had a framing sequence that included original material with the current Death's Head and Tuck, hence the series is covered here. -- Per Degaton

When the previous Deaths Head (FPA) sees Minion for the first time, he thinks "I get the picture... the guy's a bounty hunter like me, yes?". The first time I read that I groaned, remembering a time when he would have savagely attacked anyone who called him a bounty hunter and not a freelance peacekeeping agent! I worried that the new Deaths Head, while looking rather "cool", would become a boring predictable superhero. While sharing his skull with 105 distinct personalities did have an effect on his personality (his unique dialogue became more conventional, yes?), I soon came round and enjoyed the ride.

Here's an insight into what the previous Deaths Head (FPA) might have thought of his transformation taken from What If, volume 2, issue 54: What if Deaths Head I had lived...

Death's Head (Minion) certainly became something of a hero on the planet Lionheart, taking the name "Hood" and gathering a band of "Merry Men", stealing from the rich and... well keeping the proceeds, but hey nobodies perfect! To be honest the truth behind the legend of Robin Hood (which is presumably the inspiration for much of Death's Heads adventures on Lionheart... but you'd guessed that right?) is that he was probably no saint either.

Multifunction Weapon Arm

In the powers section I've stated that the multifunction weapon arm is constructed of fluid-suspension ductile molybdenum. Now while Thing (with his 85 ton strength level) can disable the blaster configuration in Deaths Head II 1#2, in#4 an alternate future Wolverine manages to break one of his adamantium claws on it. That would appear to imply that it's durable on a par with true adamantium, perhaps stronger, but I prefer to think that Charnel's magics had somehow weakened the alternate Wolverines claws. I would place the material strength of Minions augmented molybdenum body armor, and fluid-suspension ductile molybdenum weapon arm, as somewhere between Osmium Steel and Secondary Adamantium.

The Flashback in Death's Head II II#15 refers to this piece of dialogue:

The BTS after Death's Head Gold refers to events planned for the next part of the Death's Head Gold trilogy. That trilogy was never completed but here's an insight from Liam Sharp:

Check out the LIAM SHARP GALLERY for more of his work, or just look at this excellent first rough sketch, to the left! Also check out the development of Death's Head II from Liam Sharp's perspective.

The future version of Death's Head that Liam refers too would be none other than Psyphon who was featured in a back up story in Death's Head II II#14/2, aka Death's Head Gold#0. Thanks again for all your help Liam, hope you like the profile!

I must admit when I read Death's Head Gold and saw Phaedra's prediction that Death's Head would one day "rule a galaxy and there will be a thousand years of peace" I was somewhat taken aback! I can see it now...

Be sure to pick up issue 6 of Death's Head: Galactic Emperor as our hero enters open debate with Charnel on cyborg-rights as Lady Tuck begins peace negotiations on Lionheart!



Chronology of Death's Head

Some of the stories fit together nearly seemlessly.

Other stories contain almost no information in order to fit them in, such as the ones in  .

Other Comments

    In the Avengers Forever appearance there is no way of telling which personality is dominating the Minion cyborg. As he is meant to be one of the B-vengers it could be one of his more malicious personalities... or maybe the Avengers paid him well! His weapon arm appeared to be on his left and not his right, though this could be due to any number of unspecified events from his timeline.

    Remember how in the 1990s, Wolverine or the Punisher showed up in almost every book to boost sales? Well, Death's Head (Minion) was Marvel UK's flagship character, with his limited series preceding Warheads, Hell's Angel/Dark Angel, Motormouth & Killpower, and the revamped Knights of Pendragon (though the prior earth-friendly Knights of Pendragon series was around before Death's Head). Anyway, he popped up everywhere! Actually, the X-Men and the Punisher were in a LOT of MUK titles, too.
    I don't know why more time and space traveling character's haven't run into Death's Head. How about the Exiles? C'Mon!

    DH II was the name of the Freelance Peacekeeping Agent Death's Head's ship. It was based on his old ship from his days with the Transformers.

    I also found some pictures from an unpublished issue of Death's Head--in which he and Tuck team up with the Punisher (Castle) here: deaths_head_2.html and the cartoony pic from the final issue of Marvel UK's Overkill magazine (at right) which seems as good a point to end this profile on as any.

Thanks to Loki for spotting Death's Head (Minion) in Magik II#4.

Profile by Changeling, Snood and Per Degaton

Death's Head (Minion) should be distinguished from:

Die Cut has no known connection to:

Wilson Tyler has no known connection to:

Lehdrox has no known connections to :

Assimilated Instincts (group shot)


The necromancer Bezial was one of the personalities Minion had assimilated prior to becoming Deaths Head. While he was presumably wanted for his necromantic skills, Bezial's mind rejected the assimilation process and Death's Head had to "shut him in a dead-end portion of his cortex and throw away the key."

Shame really because those necromantic skills would've been useful against Charnel

-- Battletide II#1(2-4)

Kre'al N'an

Another of the first 102 subjects, his savage personality briefly surfaced when Death's Head was affected by a purging program by the cyborgs of Matricca Scorpio.

--Death's Head & Die-Cut#1 (mentioned only)

Subject 37 - Die Cut

Die Cut (Czorn Yson)

He later purged his consciousness from Death's Head and recreated his body.

--Death's Head/Die-Cut#1 (2(fb#2+1),1,2, Die-Cut vs G-Force#1,2, Die-Cut#1-4


Subject 103 - Tyler, Wilson

An old acquaintance of Deaths Head (the original Freelance Peacekeeping Agent), he lived on Tyler's World in the Canopus System. Not only did he have the money to name a planet after himself, but he had a vast fortress built for him. He employed Kryzote mercenaries with plasteel armor and meson sidearms to protect the fortress, and the architect had described the place as "impregnable". The architect reassessed his definition on meeting Deaths Head, who had been offered three million to kill Tyler. While Deaths Head easily got inside, the Minion cyborg got there first and assimilated Tylers instincts. It was presumably his business skills that Minion was after.


-- Deaths Head II#1

Subject 104 - Lehdrox, K'vant

Lehdrox was a barbarian warrior with great size and strength (superhuman to an unrevealed degree). He had four arms, bony protective plating covering the top of his head, and protrusions similar to mandibles on a beetle. He was fast and cunning. In the year 2456 A.D. he tracked down Phaedra to Altima Four, in the Zeta Reticula quadrant, to benefit from her precognitive power. Before he could make use of her, Minion attacked. Lehrox fought well, managing to break the left hand side of Minions skull face plate, but ultimately Minion absorbed his instincts.
    His personality briefly resurfaced when Death's Head was assaulted by the cyborgs of Matricca Scorpio

interestingly Death's Head never repaired the damage to his faceplate for reasons best known to himself

-- Deaths Head II#1 (Death's Head & Die-Cut#1

Subject 105 - Death's Head (the freelance peacekeeping agent)

With his reputation as one of the best freelance peacekeeping agents in the galaxy, those skills were what Necker wanted for the Minion cyborg. His personality is currently the dominant one.

Familiar with this character, yes?

Subject 106 - Reed Richards Computer Mainframe

Subject 106 was intended, by Dr. Necker, to be Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. It was his vast scientific knowledge that was required. However, in return for bringing Death's Head's personality to the fore, the cyborg assimilated the computer mainframe instead as it contained all of Reed's knowledge.

--Death's Head II#2


A native of Inner Space, he was one of the guards of the Powerhouse, which house several fragments of the universe, with which one could manipulate reality on a cosmic scale.  Romeo fell in love with a woman from the physical plane and sought a physical body so he could join her. He learned that the Mys-Tech Board were specialists in this field, so he made contact with them, and agreed to give them one of the fragments in exchange. Dark Angel was commissioned by the Powerhouse to retrieve the fragment, but before either she or the Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards could meet up with him, Death's Head teleported aboard his ship (as part of a random jump). After finding out that Romeo was sought by several others, Death's Head assimilated him to find out why, gaining the full power of the fragment of the universe in the process.

    Later, Dark Angel and the Guide extracted Romeo from Death's Head, recreating him. He told them that Death's Head had unwisely assimilated the Anti-Being, who threatened to take over his body. Dark Angel and the Guide then sent him back to the Powerhouse, telling him to tell them that they expected better security over the fragments after they returned it.

--Dark Angel#13 (15, 16

He was incorrectly labeled as personality#104...He would be 107 at the lowest.

Anti-Being - see own entry...eventually

Tigon Liger (Golem Construct)

This duplicate of Liger from the Warheads Kether Troop was created by Alkemist. He fought Death's Head and was defeated with a shot from Pligrim Kadagar's wife. It's instincts were assimilated so that Death's Head might learn more about the Golems.

-- Death's Head II II#13, 13 (d)



Heron was the last Catspurian and she was killed by one of Cictrice's men. As she was dying she asked Death's Head to assimilate her instincts so that she would live in inside him.

-- Death's Head Gold#1(d)

here's the whole cast...or a lot of them, courtesy of a view of Death's Head mindscape:













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Dark Guard#1-4 (October, 1993 - January, 1994) - Dan Abnett (writer), Carlos Pacheco (pencils), Oscar Jimenez (inks), Stuart Bartlett (editor)
Death's Head II II#13 (December, 1993) - Dan Abnett (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils), Colin Fawcett & Paul Scott (inks), Stuart Bartlett (editor)
Death's Head II II#14 (January, 1994) - Dan Abnett (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils), Paul Scott (inks), Stuart Bartlett (editor)
   Story 2: Liam Roger McCormack-Sharp (writer/pencils), Rodney Ramos & Robin Riggs (inks), Stuart Bartlett (editor)
Death's Head II II#15 (February, 1994) - Dan Abnett (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils), Paul Scott (inks), Stuart Bartlett (editor)
Death's Head II II#16 (March, 1994) - Dan Abnett (writer), Henry Flint (artist), Stuart Bartlett (editor)
Death's Head Gold#0
Death's Head Gold#1 (January, 1994) - Liam Roger McCormack-Sharp (writer/pencils), Andy Lanning & Rodney Ramos (inks), Stuart Bartlett (editor)
Incomplete Death's Head#1 (January-December, 1993) - Dan Abnett & John Freeman (writer), Simon Coleby (artist), John Freeman (editor)
Incomplete Death's Head#2-12 (February-December, 1993) - Dan Abnett (writer), Simon Coleby (artist), John Freeman (editor)
Doctor Who Magazine#173 (June, 1991) - Gary Russell (writer), Mike Collins (pencils), Steve Pini (inks), John Freeman (editor)
Death Wreck#1 (January, 1994) - Craig Houston (writer), Stewart Johnson (pencils), Robin Riggs (inks), Stuart Bartlett (editor)
Death Wreck#4 (April, 1994) - Craig Houston (writer), Stewart Johnson (pencils), Martin Griffiths (inks), Stuart Bartlett (editor)
Avengers Forever#11-12 (November-December, 1999) - Kurt Busiek & Roger Stern (writer), Carlos Pacheco (pencils), Jesus Merino (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Magik II#4 (March, 2001) - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writers), Liam Sharp (artist), Mike Marts (editor)
Captain Britain and MI13#15 (September, 2009) - Paul Cornell (writer), Leonard Kirk (pencils), Jay Leisten (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)

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