Real Name: Death Metal

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (Earth-8410) artificial creation/cyborg; hybrid of science and magic

Occupation: Warrior; death seeker

Affiliations: Argon (assimilated personality);
Brassknuckles, Spirit (allies);
Charnel; Dr. Evelyn Necker (creator); Death's Head and Death Wreck

Enemies: Alpha Flight, Charnel, Genetix, Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards and Psycho-Warriors; Krista Marwan;
Earth-9939 counterparts of Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, Ghost Rider/Noble Kale, Kingpin

Formerly the X-Saviours of Earth-9939;
Argon and his

Known Relatives: Unidentified child by Krista Marwan.
You could consider Dr. Evelyn Necker his mother, Charnel his father, and Death Wreck and Death's Head his older brothers

Aliases: Deathbringer, Minion

Base of Operations: mobile across time, space, and dimensions; formerly Earth 2020; Earth-Charnel

First Appearance: Death3#1 (Marvel UK)(September, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Death Metal is immensely strong and powerful--his power source is a combination of magical energy and the nuclear power produced by his cold fusion cardiac device. Composed of a magical metal, "Promethium," he is able to reshape his form as will, forming any number and type of bladed and ballistic weapons. He is possessed of at least Class 75-90 strength, and while he is resistant to most forms of injury, he is able to reform his body from almost any injury he does incur. Short of total vaporization, he seems able to recover within seconds to minutes.
Like his precursor, Death's Head, Death Metal possesses a "psiphon" device, enabling him to drain and absorb the memories and personalities of others, to add to his own.
Death Metal's origins cause him to be "evil" by nature, and his natural state is a berserk fury, prone to destruction and slaughter. However, the assimilation of Argon's personality into his own has given him a conscience. Realizing the danger that he is, Death Metal seeks his own death. However, he is unable to physically destroy himself, and escalation of a struggle with others may submerge Argon's influence, causing him to return to his murderous rage.

Height: 6'11" (variable)
Weight: 385 lbs.
Eyes: Silver
Hair: None

(Death3#1-4) - Death Metal is the third in the Minion series of robot/cyborg/etc., created by Dr. Evenlyn Necker, in an alternate future. His first creation, Death Wreck, vanished shortly after its creation in 2019, and his second creation, Death's Head, rebelled and went off on its own.
<6/11/2021> - Death Wreck returned to Necker, and she tried out her time travel device on it, sending it to an alternate timeline of Earth-Charnel. It was immediately attacked by the Spawn of Charnel, and when its time jump returned it to Necker's lab, the arm of one of the Spawn of Charnel was brought back as well. Intrigued by this new metal, which she dubbed "Promethium" (my grubby Prometheus must have stolen it from some cybernetic heaven), she decided to make a third attempt to form a successful Minion.
<6/15/2021> - She succeeded in replicating the Promethium (which she determined to be sentient).
<6/22/2021> - Necker articulated the Minion mainframe and assembled the low-light intensifier optics.
<7/03/2021> - With the bodyverse systemics at optimal, Necker introduced a cold-fusion cardiac reactor.
<7/09/2021> - Necker completed and activated Death Metal, who promptly abandoned his programming and sought to follow the call of his "father," Charnel. He then stole one of Necker's time-displacement units and traveled to Earth-Charnel.

Death Metal, initially incapacitated by the time travel, was found by that world's Octopus (Dr. Octopus) , who had his body brought to his master, Doom (Dr. Doom), hoping to win his approval and become his chief lieutenant. This generated a dispute with one of Doom's other agents, Fisk (Kingpin), who sought that position for himself. However, Death Metal revived and killed all three of them, effectively ending the dispute. As Death Metal destroyed the base and left, he was confronted by Ghost Rider, who recognized the scent of Charnel on him and attacked. Death Metal shattered the Spirit of Vengeance, temporarily destroying him/it.
He then sought out and joined forces with Charnel. Meanwhile, his two "older brothers," Death's Head and Death Wreck, had both arrived on Earth-Charnel by different means. Death's Head had recently (you know how it goes, with two stories in different era running in a parallel too bad!) destoyed Charnel in the modern era, which had created a temporal wave, which would wipe out the future incarnation of Charnel, and the timeline of Earth-Charnel, in which he had conquered Earth. The first two "Minions" joined forces with the last surviving super-heroes of that era, the X-Saviours, to destroy Charnel before he could travel back in time and prevent his past defeat, and thus insure his continued existence (take the advice from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged ME: Don't try to think about it too much, just sit back, and enjoy).
Anyway, Death Metal joined the fight, alongside the Spawn of Charnel, and took out the most powerful X-Saviour, the Hulk. He then fought it out with his two older brothers, and defeated them both. However, the reformed Ghost Rider then again confronted him, and subjected him to his penance stare, which made him see the evil of Charnel. Death Metal then joined forces with his two brothers and attacked Charnel, and defeated him.
Death Metal: We found his weakness! He wasn't immune to three indestructible cyborgs tearing the living crud out of him.
The temporal loop then caught up with them, seemingly erased the timeline of Earth-Charnel, and sent the three brothers to different dates and places.

(Death Metal#1, 2) - Death Metal arrived in Toronto, Canada. He was initially dazed, but when a police officer fired on him, it drove him back into a killing frenzy. As Death Metal rampaged throught the city, a distant figure sent his only son, Argon, to stop Death Metal. He realized that Argon had no chance of being successful in overpowering the cyborg. Instead, his father hoped that Death Metal would defeat Argon and then assimilate his mind. His goal was for Argon's purity to somehow dampen Death Metal's murderous fury. After a short and savage battle, Argon was overpowered and assimilated.
As hoped, Argon's mind returned clarity back to Death Metal, who, now aware of the monster he had become, began to seek his own destruction. Soon enough, Alpha Flight arrived in response to the carnage caused by Death Metal and attempted to subdue him. Death Metal, with the conscience of Argon, sought to escalate the struggle so that Alpha Flight might actually destroy him.

(Death Metal#2/Death Metal vs Genetix#1(fb)) - Madison Jeffries, Box, succeeded in injuring Death Metal, but only for a brief time. Death Metal's efforts to escalate the battle succeeded, but eventually his programming overcame Argon's conscience, and he returned to his state of frenzy. Only Aurora's soothing light proved the effective, restoring Death Metal's clarity and conscience. Upon regaining his mind, Death Metal teleported off Earth to prevent a similar recurrence.

(Death Metal vs Genetix#1, 2) - One week later, Death Metal returned to Earth, this time seeking to father a child that could slay him. To do this, he took cell samples from the mutant Madison Jeffries, aka Box, who could manipulate metals, plastics, etc. Death Metal then took a similar sample from Vesper, who could mentally control machinery and computers. DM combined the genetic material of these two into a single sample of genetic material with which it planned to father a child that could eventually destroy him.
Death Metal then implanted this material into a mutant, Krista Marwan, who could successfully mother the child he sought. The group Genetix arrived too late to stop him, but rescued Krista from his clutches. Krista thought to end her own life, but Death Metal again caught up with her and prepared to lobotomize her, so that she could still mother the child, without resisting his plans. Fortunately, Argon's persona surfaced within Death Metal, long enough to stop him until Genetix could battle him once more. DM's battle frenzy quickly returned as he fought the teens of Genetix, but Krista calmed him when she decided to have the baby, to give both it and Death Metal a sense of hope.

(Death Metal#3) - While Death Metal sought the peace of solitude on a distant planet, Mys-Tech Techno-Wizard Rathcoole sought to claim him as his own personal warrior. A battle with Rathcoole's Psycho-Warriors nearly sent him into another slaughter-frenzy, but he eventually faked his defeat, hoping the Warriors' master could destroy him.
However, Spirit, a woman worshipping Death Metal, attacked and fought off the Psycho-Warriors. Annoyed, Death Metal teleported away to another planet, where he was assaulted by another man seeking his own death, Brassknuckles.

(Death Metal#4) - Spirit followed Death Metal, and a short battle followed between three beings, each of whom wanted to die. However, Rathcoole and the rest of Techno-Wizards tracked and attempted to capture Death Metal, interrupting their battle. Death Metal provoked a battle with the Techno-Wizards, again hoping that they could destroy him. They were nearly successful, and Death Metal was sufficiently injured that he could have allowed himself to permanently discorporate. However, when he learned that the Techno-Wizards planned to exterminate the innocents of that planet, Death Metal forced himself to reform and fight off the Mys-Tech lords. Having found a purpose in life--the destruction of Mys-Tech, he took Spirit and Brassknuckles as allies and teleported away.




Comments: Created by Dan Abnett and Dell Barras.

Chronology is not my strong suit. However, given that there seemed to be a pause b/t Death Metal#2 and #3; that at the end of DM#4 he wasn't actively seeking his own death any more; and that DM#1+2, and Death Metal vs Genetix#1+2 were published simultaneously, it makes more sense to have DM vs Genetix#1+2 occur during that pause. However, it's certainly possible that he got P.O.'d at his two new buddies/worshippers, Brassknuckles and Spirit, killed them both, and then felt guilty and went back to Earth to seek his own death.
Moot point. Dorcas Farkas.

Earth 2020 would appear to be the common timeline to such characters as Iron Man 2020, the Machine Man limited series, the previous Death's Head (see clarifications), and a few other Marvel UK series, such as Nikki Doyle: Wild Thing. Because it is not unique to a single, primary character, I refer to it by that time, like Earth 2099.
In addition, as yet, there's no reason to consider this part of Marvel's sliding timescale, so I would consider the dates in the history to accurate, and relevent to that timeline.

According to the story, Earth-Charnel was wiped out by the destruction of Charnel in the modern era. Typically, in the MU at least, this sort of thing creates a divergent timeline, rather than erasing one or the other. But, time travel stories always have some sort of artistic license.

All of the "liquid metal" characters seemed to pop up after the movie, "T2," and they all remind me of the T2000 Terminator. I'd guess that was their inspiration.

Death Metal received an entry in the All-New OHotMU Update#3.

Death Metal/Minion should be distinguished from:

Death3#1-2 (September-October, 1993) - Dan Abnett (writer), Dell Barras (artist)
Death3#3 (November, 1993) - Dan Abnett (writer), Dell Barras (pencils), Ewan Smith (inks)
Death3#4 (December, 1993) - Dan Abnett (writer), Dell Barras (artist)
Death Metal vs Genetix#1-2 (December, 1993 - January, 1994) - Simon Furman (writer), Paco Diaz Luque (pencils), Robin Smith (inks)
Death Metal#1-4 (January-April, 1994) - Simon Furman (writer), John Royle (pencils), Robin Riggs (inks)

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