Real Name: Minion

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (Earth-8410) artificial creation/cyborg;

Occupation: Adventurer; alcoholic

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Evelyn Necker and Duffy--and indirectly A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) of Earth-8410 (@ 2020) (creators);
Death's Head and
Death Metal;
Olivia De Diamond of Earth-9413;
Avengers and X-Saviors of Earth-9939;
possibly the planet of the Luscious Space Vixens
formerly Mr. Carmenio and his mobsters of Earth-616 (@ 1934)

Enemies: Burgen of Earth-928,
Mr. Carmenio and his mobsters of Earth-616 (@ 1934),
Charnel and the Spawn of Charnel of Earth-9939;
Dredge of Earth-93122
The Path of Righteousness; of Earth-9413
possibly the Blood-Beasts of Barnion and the Undead Warriors of Eternal Darkness



Known Relatives: None.
You could consider Dr. Evelyn Necker his mother, the unnamed alcoholic to be his father,
and Death's Head and Death Metal his younger brothers

Aliases: Minion, Minion prototype

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout time (and likely space);
formerly Dr. Necker's laboratory, Los Angles, Earth 2020

First Appearance: Death3#1 (Marvel UK) (September, 1993)


Powers/Abilities: Death Wreck has superhuman strength, perhaps Class 25, and durability. He is not particularly quick, nor coordinated, nor intelligent. He is an alcoholic and he is most often either searching for or consuming hooch of some kind. When drunk, his coordination, reflexes, and thinking capacity are even further diminished. He possesses a time disk, which allows him to travel through time, seemingly to random destinations, at will.
His onboard equipment include an automatic weapon on his left arm, and a photocopier in his torso.
He is powered by unleaded gasoline, and he makes a lot of noise (clicking, whirring, grinding, scraping, and, of course, smashing) when he moves.



(Death Wreck#1 / Death3 #1)
<October 1, 2018> - The AIM's pre-cognitive division informed their executive division of their prophecy that an unknown threat would obliterate them in the near future.  To prevent this they directed Dr. Evelyn Necker to perfect a weapon that could protect them from said threat. They told Necker that she needed to light a fire under Project: Minion and get a cyborg up and running ASAP or she would lose her funding. While she had estimated five years until expected completion, she was forced to cut a few corners to get it completed within the month. Rather than using a cold fusion or other nuclear power device as she might have wanted, she went an internal combustion engine, taken from a 1992 model automobile.

(Death Wreck#1 / Death3 #1)
<October 12, 2018> - Dr. Necker and Duffy completed the Minion cyborg, but as her project hinged on the successful use of Bio-Organics, she needed a human brain. Controlling Minion under voice command, she took him out into an alley where they found a homeless alcoholic man. In an effort to catch the man, Minion nearly crushed him. Necker stopped him in time and instead shot and killed the man. She then rushed both Minion and the "donor" back to AIM, where she transplanted the donor brain into her cyborg.



(Death Wreck#1)
<October 13, 2018> - Dr. Necker loaded Minion up with fuel and activated him. Surprisingly enough, Minion awoke with the mind of a drunkard and began swinging wildly, breaking Duffy's nose, before Evelyn could calm him down.  While she began figuring he'd be ok after he had a few days to dry up, Minion began searching around for something to drink. He stumbled across Dr. Necker's time disc, which he activated, sending him to the future of 2099. There, in South America,  he encountered a man, Burgen, who identified the Minion cyborg as his old enemy, Death Wreck. Duffy, who had been pulled forward with Death Wreck was instantly killed when Burgen's men unleashed a hail of gunfire upon them. Death Wreck retaliated and slaughtered Burgen's men, until one of them managed to electrocute him, which briefly incapacitated him. Burgen then hooked a bomb onto Death Wreck and sent him back into the past, planning to blow up both he and Necker.
Death Wreck, however, was sent to 1934.

(Death Wreck#2) - In Los Angeles, 1934, Death Wreck ended up in the middle of a shootout, which turned out to be part of a Western movie that was being filmed. One of the security men aimed a gun at Death Wreck and told him to freeze, but Death Wreck shattered the gun and took off, leaving behind Burgen's bomb, which then blew up and destroyed the set--and everyone on it. Confused, Death Wreck continued to flee from the destruction and wound up jumping into the car of a mobster, Mr. Carmenio. Initially terrified, Carmenio quickly realized that he had found a powerful ally, and brought him back to his hideout. While getting acquainted, Carmenio offered Death Wreck a drink...and he had several...bottles...of whiskey.
The cops arrived to bring Carmenio's mob in, and the mob opened fire on them. Death Wreck stumbled to his feet and then swung and missed a cop, falling to the ground. When he stood up, he was facing the wrong way, and he opened fire on the mobsters. Furious, Carmenio started shooting at Death Wreck, and a stray bullet struck his time disk, sending him forward to 2053.

(Death Wreck#3) - In New York 2053, Death Wreck encountered "Dredge," a futuristic cop who tried to bring him in. The still inebriated Death Wreck was much too slow to lay a hand on Dredge, but he did managed to stumble and fall on top of another homeless man, killing him. Not wanting the homeless man's bottle of alcohol to go to waste, Death Wreck quickly sucked it down. When Dredge shattered the bottle before he was done with it, he really ticked DW off, and the drunken cyborg got in a lucky shot, swatting Dredge across the alley. Just then, Dr. Necker, having managed to trace Death Wreck's time disk, arrived and neutralized Dredge with a stun blast. She then prepared to take DW back to 2020 with her, but he again activated his own disk, heading forward to 2159.
    In a Washington DC ruled by the Path of  Righteousness, DW ended up in the bedroom of Olivia De Diamond, AKA Twinkle. Olivia was the head of the Westside Minion Appreciation Society, which idolized the Minion series robots from their past, and rebelled against the reactionary Path of Righteousness. She was delighted to meet Death Wreck, who was her personal favorite. The Path of Righteousness (PoR) sent a patrol to bring in the fugitive Olivia, and they were more than surprised to find one of the hated Minions in her room. Well, actually he wasn't in her room anymore, he had fallen out of her window and was raiding her father's poolside bar.
DW and Olivia fled the Path of Righteousness Patrol, and ended up running into Senator Mick Hart, the head of the PoR. They took Hart hostage, but as the PoR locked onto them, Olivia managed to activate DW's time disk. The PoR Patrol fired on them, but they teleported away just in time, and they blew away Hart instead.
Olivia and DW ended up in 2085, in the South American fortress of Burgen, 14 years before DW had last encountered him.

(Death Wreck#4) - In 2085, Death Wreck attacked Burgen's men, but was eventually overwhelmed. DW and Olivia were separated, and DW was found in his cell by Evelyn, who had managed to trace him once again. She instructed DW to come with her, but he refused to leave without Olivia and threatened to activate his time disk and escape from her once again if she tried to force him. Evelyn conceded to him, and DW broke out of his cell and located Olivia. Burgen tried to hold Olivia hostage, but she kicked him into his Gene Pool, which was a device that kept him eternally young and healthy. Evelyn blew up the Gene Pool's generators as they teleported away, and Burgen was mutated into a hideous mockery of his once-perfect form. He swore vengeance on Death Wreck if he ever met him again.
Evelyn brought DW and Olivia back to 2018, where she downloaded his memory banks and made copies of his operating system for the next Minion. She then prepared to dismantle DW, whom she considered a failure, but Olivia cold-cocked her and knocked her out. She then revived DW and told him that he still had lots of adventures to have--which she had read about in her history books: he would battle the Blood-Beasts of Barnion...Duel with the Undead Warriors of Eternal Darkness...and rescue the planet of Luscious Space Vixens from their terrible fate.
DW was very interested in getting started on those adventures--or at least the last one--and he and Olivia teleported away to do just that.

(Death3 #1) - Death Wreck returned to Dr. Necker's lab in the Omni Tower in 2021: He missed his mommeeee!
Evelyn, in the meantime, had developed a second Minion prototype, which had gone one to become Death's Head, and had also abandoned her. She wanted to find out what had gone wrong with Death Wreck, and wondered if his series of time jumps might be the problem. She sent him on a random time jump, and he arrived in Earth-Charnel, where he was attacked by the Spawn of Charnel. When DW teleported back to Dr. Necker's lab, he brought the arm of one of the Spawn with him. From this metal--which she dubbed Promethium--she built the third in the Minion series, which she dubbed Death Metal.
She built Death Metal from June 12 to July 9. However, immediately upon activation, Death Metal rebelled against Necker and swatted her aside. Death Metal reached over and grabbed another of her time disks, and activated it just as Death Wreck grabbed him to punish him for hurting his mommeeee. The two were sent across time, and they were split up in 2021 of Earth-Charnel.

(Death3 #2) - In the swamps of Earth-Charnel, Death Wreck met up with Alicia Masters-Grimm, who sensed he was a warrior and brought him to Avengers Mansion. Once inside the mansion, DW set himself to polishing off Lord Anthony Stark's wine collection. Stark/Iron Man mistook him for a vagrant from the Radiation Wastes and attacked him, until the misunderstanding was resolved. When Stark offered him wine as part of an apology, DW agreed to join with these Avengers (which included only an armored Thing/Ben Grimm and an older Black Widow/Natasha) against Charnel. Thinking that DW was part of an army of warriors, Stark used his technology to summon forth others of similar origins, but brought forth only Death's Head, who was none too happy.

(Death3 #3) - Death Wreck convinced Death's Head to settle down--he didn't get the hug he had also wanted, though--and to join him against Charnel and their other brother, Death Metal. Death's Head revealed that Earth-Charnel was only a shadow reflection of a timeline that was soon to be wiped out, as he had defeated Charnel some years in the past, on Earth-616. Eventually, a temporal wave would come forward and obliterate that reality. Death Wreck, however, revealed that Death Metal possessed some of their shared memories and could warn Charnel, so that he could take steps to prevent his past defeat (Charnel was a time traveler, too!).
The two Death cyborgs and the Avengers were joined by the X-Saviors (Archangel, Cable, Hulk, Storm) and they stormed Charnel's base, where they were attacked by an army of the Spawn of Charnel, led by Death Metal. Charnel appeared and revealed that Death Metal had given him the information he needed, and after defeating the current insurrection he would indeed go back in the past to insure his continued existent in the present of Earth-Charnel (take the advice from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: Don't try to think about it too much, just sit back, and enjoy).

(Death3 #4) - Death Metal proved much more powerful than either of his predecessors, and he would have destroyed them both, but the Ghost Rider of that world subjected him to his "penance stare," which somehow broke his connection with Charnel and granted him a conscience. Death Metal teamed up with his two prototypes, ambushed Charnel, and successfully defeated him.
Death Metal: "We found his weakness! He wasn't immune to three indestructible cyborgs tearing the living crud out of him."



The temporal loop then caught up with them, seemingly erased the timeline of Earth-Charnel, and sent the three brothers to different dates and places. Death Wreck ended up back in Dr. Necker's lab, where he quickly began looking for something medicinal.



Comments: Created by Dan Abnett and Dell Barras.

Earth 2020 would appear to be the common timeline to such characters as Iron Man 2020, the Machine Man limited series, the previous Death's Head (the Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, see clarifications), and a few other Marvel UK series, such as Nikki Doyle: Wild Thing. Because it is not unique to a single, primary character, I refer to it by that time, using the same terminology as for Earth 2099.
In addition, as yet, there's no reason to consider this part of Marvel's sliding timescale, so I would consider the dates in the history to be accurate, and relevant to that timeline. At minimum, the years in that time are relevant to each other, and Death Wreck was created two years before Death's Head, who was created a year before Death Metal.
I'm not certain whether the 2099 of Burgen is the same as the more mainstream 2099 that Marvel featured in the mid to late 1990s. There is no mention of the other characters, and there's nothing else to rule it in or out. The 2085 time they visited is 14 years in the past of Burgen, regardless--or as they say in Tennessee, irregardless--of whether the two 2099s are the same or not.
I'd consider the 1934 adventure as possibly Earth-616's past, since he didn't really change anything. The future era are just potential futures, which I'll call Earth-Dredge and Earth-Path of Righteousness.

According to the story, Earth-Charnel was wiped out by the destruction of Charnel in the modern era. Typically, in the MU at least, this sort of thing creates a divergent timeline, rather than erasing one or the other. But, time travel stories always have some sort of artistic license.

I chose the name "Dredge" to describe the unnamed futuristic cop, who reminded me a lot of Judge Dredd.

Per an interview with Paul Neary in Wizard#19, Death Wreck was originally going to be called Death Rattle.

Death Wreck/Minion should be distinguished from:



He was Dr. Necker's assistant in the creation of Death Wreck. He was appalled by what she was doing and disgusted by the results, but he lacked the guts to tell her his true thoughts. His nose was broken when Death Wreck was first activated and rampaged around, and then he got pulled forward in time to Burgen's fortress, where he was shot and killed by Burgen's men.


--Death Wreck#1

Death3#1-2 (September-October, 1993) - Dan Abnett (writer), Dell Barras (artist), Jacqui Papp (editor)
Death3#3 (November, 1993) - Dan Abnett (writer), Dell Barras (pencils), Ewan Smith (inks), Jacqui Papp (editor)
Death3#4 (December, 1993) - Dan Abnett (writer), Dell Barras (artist), Jacqui Papp (editor)
Death Wreck#1 (January-April, 1994) - Craig Houston (writer), Stewart Johnson (pencils), Robin Riggs (inks), Stuart Bartlett (editor)
Death Wreck#2-4 (February-April, 1994) - Craig Houston (writer), Stewart Johnson (pencils), Martin Griffiths (inks), Stuart Bartlett (editor)

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