Earth-Path of Righteousness

Type: Alternate/extra-temporal (potential future) Earth, @ 2159
Core Continuum Designation: Earth-9413

Environment: Earthlike

Usual means of access: Vibrational Attunement/Time Discs

Dominant Life Form: Humanity

Representatives: Maxwell & Olivia De Diamond, Senator Mick Harty, the Path of Righteousness, the Path of Righteousness Patrol, the West Hills Minion Appreciation Society

First Appearance: Death Wreck#3 (March, 1994)

(Death Wreck#3) - In the future world of 2159, Washington DC was governed by the ultra-conservative Path of Righteousness, led by Senator Mick Harty. In response to their oppressive parents, many of the kids began to look to records from the past of the adventurous, time-traveling, Minion series cyborgs: Death Wreck, Death's Head, and Death Metal. As the rebellious youths became increasingly violent and unruly, Harty formed the Path of Righteousness Patrols: groups or armored warriors to stamp out the rebellion and save the kids from themselves.

    Around that same time, the recently created Death Wreck accidentally traveled though time and space, ending up in the room of Olivia De Diamond, the leader of the West Hills Minion Appreciation Society. Olivia was ecstatic, until a Path of Righteousness Patrol showed up, having apparently tracked the energies of one of the hated Minion series. She tried to sneak Death Wreck out the back, but Death Wreck screamed from his fear of heights as he fell, made a large crunch on hitting the sidewalk, and then headed straight for her dad's bar--failing to catch her as she jumped towards him. All of the commotion attracted the Path of Righteousness Patrol, and Minion and Olivia took off, making it all the way to one of Harty's election rallies. Death Wreck pounded his way through the Patrol there and grabbed Harty, taking him hostage. As the patrol fired on him, Olivia activated Death Wreck's time disc, and they vanished, leaving Harty to be showered with a hail of energy blasts.




Comments: Created by Craig Houston and Stewart Johnson.

Not to be confused with

Maxwell De Diamond

The father of Olivia, he was affiliated with the Path of Righteousness and made no effort to protect her when the PoRP showed up for her. Instead, he feigned ignorance of her affiliations

--Death Wreck#3





Olivia De Diamond

Known as "Twinkle" to her friends, she was the head of the West Hills Minion Appreciation Society. She was ecstatic when Death Wreck appeared in her bedroom. A lot of girls like Death Metal...but I think he's just a bit too commercial. And as for Death's Head--well he sold out ages ago! But you--strong, brave, rugged, wild--you're just everything a girl dreams of. She helped him escape the Path of Righteousness Patrol, then led him to take Harty hostage, and then to use the time disc to escape. The two were sent back in time to 2085, where they encountered Burgen in his fortress. While Burgen's men knocked out and imprisoned Death Wreck, Burgen took Olivia on a tour of his facility, and even tried to show her the presidential clock. When Death Wreck broke free (with the aid of his creator, Dr. Necker), Burgen tried to take Olivia hostage, but she instead elbowed him in the gut and drop kicked him into his Gene Pool, which Dr. Necker then destroyed, transforming Burgen into a hideous form.

    Olivia went back to Dr. Necker's lab in 2020, but when Necker decided to dismantle Death Wreck, Olivia punched her from behind, revived Death Wreck, and told him that he still had lots of adventures to have--which she had read about in her history books: he would battle the Blood-Beasts of Barnion...Duel with the Undead Warriors of Eternal Darkness...and rescue the planet of Luscious Space Vixens from their terrible fate.
Death Wreck was very interested in getting started on those adventures--or at least the last one--and he and Olivia teleported away to do just that.

--Death Wreck#3 (4






Senator Mick Harty

The Head of the ultra-conservative Path of Righteousness, he was a senator in Washington, DC, and he organized the Path of Righteousness Patrols to crush the youthful opposition. He was taken hostage by Death Wreck when the PoRP was after him, and he was inadvertently killed by them when Death Wreck teleported away.

The Path of Righteousness Patrols wore heavy body armor and used energy weapons.

--Death Wreck#3




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Other appearances:
Death Wreck#4 (April, 1994) - Craig Houston (writer), Stewart Johnson (pencils), Martin Griffiths (inks)

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