Real Name: Dr.Evelyn Clarice Sarah Necker

Identity/Class: Human, unconventional technology user (Earth-8410)

Occupation: Scientist, cybernetics expert and weapons designer

Group Membership: A.I.M.

Affiliations: A.I.M. (in particular the staff of Pacific Vista Laboratories, and her assistants; Wadlow and Serene);
    A.I.M. of Earth-8410
(Duffy (assistant), Gaffney, Sebble, unnamed members of the Executive Committee);
  Avengers of Earth-9939, Reed Richards of Earth-616 (loose affiliation) 

Enemies: Burgen, Charnel (also as Kite), Dredge, Lord High Protector of Lionheart, Major Oak
occasionally Death's Head (Minion) & Death Wreck

Known Relatives: Smart (father), Eliza Clare Necker (Stealth, mother);
    Her cybernetic creations could be considered "children":
Death's Head (Minion), Death Metal, Death Wreck

Aliases: Lady Evelyn Clarice Necker of Aym (used while on Lionheart)

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout time and space;
    formerly A.I.M. Central, Earth-8410;
Pacific Vista Laboratories (another A.I.M. installation in the modern day)

First Appearance: Death's Head II#1 (March 1992)

Powers/Abilities: While Dr Necker doesn't have any superhuman physical attributes or powers, she has extraordinary genius in multiple intellectual areas; Biology, Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics (her speciality), Weapons Engineering and she is also a capable surgeon. She has access to various unconventional technology; that which she has created and that belonging to A.I.M. She has been seen to use a variety of advanced body armours, big guns, bombs, breathing equipment, and time travel technology. She seems more than comfortable handling such weaponry, and presumably has had some formal combat training.

History: (Death Wreck#1 / Death3 #1)
<October 1, 2018> - In the timeline of Earth-8410, A.I.M.'s pre-cognitive division informed their executive division of their prophecy that an unknown threat would obliterate them in the near future.  To prevent this they directed Dr. Evelyn Necker to perfect a weapon that could protect them from said threat. They told Necker that she needed to light a fire under Project: Minion and get a cyborg up and running ASAP or she would lose her funding. While she had estimated five years until expected completion, she was forced to cut a few corners to get it completed within the month. Rather than using a cold fusion or other nuclear power device as she might have wanted, she went an internal combustion engine, taken from a 1992 model automobile.

(Death Wreck#1 / Death3 #1)
<October 12, 2018> - Dr. Necker and Duffy completed the Minion cyborg, but as her project hinged on the successful use of Bio-Organics, she needed a human brain. Controlling Minion under voice command, she took him out into an alley where they found a homeless alcoholic man. In an effort to catch the man, Minion nearly crushed him. Necker stopped him in time and instead shot and killed the man. She then rushed both Minion and the "donor" back to A.I.M., where she transplanted the donor brain into her cyborg.

(Death Wreck#1)
<October 13, 2018> - Dr. Necker loaded Minion up with fuel and activated him. Surprisingly enough, Minion awoke with the mind of a drunkard and began swinging wildly, breaking Duffy's nose, before Evelyn could calm him down.  While she began figuring he'd be ok after he had a few days to dry up, Minion began searching around for something to drink. He stumbled across Dr. Necker's time disc, which he activated, sending him to the future of 2093 (Earth-Burgen).

(Death Wreck#3) - Dr Necker, having managed to trace Death Wreck's time disk, travelled to New York 2053 (Earth-Dredge), in time to save Death Wreck from "Dredge," a futuristic cop who tried to bring him in. She then prepared to take DW back to 2020 with her, but he again activated his own disk, heading forward to 2159. Before she could follow him, Dredge attacked her from behind and gave her the beating of her life.

(Death Wreck#4 (fb) - BTS) - Dredge nearly strangled Necker, but she managed to nail him with "a copious supply of tranquilizing darts" escape back to her lab in 2018.

(Death Wreck#4) - In 2085 (Earth-Burgen), Dr. Necker traced Death Wreck again and found him in Burgen's holding cell. She instructed DW to come with her, but he refused to leave without his new friend Olivia de Diamond,and threatened to activate his time disk and escape from her once again if she tried to force him. Evelyn conceded to him, and DW broke out of his cell and located Olivia. Burgen tried to hold Olivia hostage, but she kicked him into his Gene Pool, which was a device that kept him eternally young and healthy. Evelyn blew up the Gene Pool's generators as they teleported away, and Burgen was mutated into a hideous mockery of his once-perfect form. He swore vengeance on Death Wreck if he ever met him again.
Evelyn brought DW and Olivia back to 2018, where she downloaded his memory banks and made copies of his operating system for the next Minion. She then prepared to dismantle DW, whom she considered a failure, but Olivia cold-cocked her and knocked her out. She then revived DW and they teleported away together.

(Death's Head II#1(fb)) - Dr Necker created the Minion cyborg in the alternate/potential future of the year 2020 to prevent an unknown threat to A.I.M. that had been foreseen by their Precognitive Data Collection. She sent Minion out to acquire the instincts of 106 of the most deadly individuals in the galaxy.

(Death's Head II#1, Death's Head III#9(fb)) - Minion returned to from a mission and displayed a flippancy that worried Dr Necker. He mentioned that he had encountered the mechanoid Freelance Peacekeeping Agent known as Death's Head's on his last mission, before vanishing off on his next one without her consent. Dr Necker had Gaffney get a fix on him with the continuum tracker while Sebble called a virtual reality conference of A.I.M.'s executive committee. She gave them a progress report and asked for more backup facilities and a higher budget. The conference tied her up longer than she would have liked, and on her return to the project lab she asked after Minion's progress. The cyborg was mid-jump on a time-loop through to Zeta Reticula @2456 AD whilst hunting Lehdrox. The fact that the length of the mission had been estimated at seventeen minutes, and he was overdue by nine minutes, concerned Dr Necker. When Minion returned, he was followed by Death's Head. Minion assimilated the mechanoids instincts, but they began to overload his systems. He teleported after his next target, Reed Richards, AKA Mr Fantastic. Dr Necker prepared to follow him.

(Death's Head II#2) - Dr Necker found Reed Richards at Le Maison St Jaques, a french restaurant in Manhattan, only shortly before Minion arrived. As Necker and Reed fled, she explained about the Minion project and how the cyborg had assimilated Death's Head's instincts. Reed remembered Death's Head from their many previous encounters see comments. Dr Necker slowed Minion down briefly with a bomb, which attracted the attention of Ben Grimm, AKA the Thing. While Ben attempted to slow down Minion's progress, Necker and Richards went to Four Freedoms Plaza. Reed theorised that the reason the assimilation process had gone wrong with Death's Head was because as a mechanoid his instincts were part of his self, and so the Minion cyborg had not only absorbed his skills but his personality too. He set up a machine to bring Death's Heads personality to the fore. As Minion approached, Dr Necker gave Richards a kiss on the cheek, saying what a privilege it was to have met him in the flesh. The machine worked, and Death's Head's personality started to gain control of the Minion cyborg. He assimilated all data known to Richards from the computer mainframe and time jumped away before Necker could stop him. She time-jumped after him, asking Reed to remember her fondly. As the remaining members of the Fantastic Four entered the laboratory, Mrs Richards noticed Dr Necker's lipstick on Reed's cheek...

(Death's Head II#3) - Dr Necker travelled to Lionheart to find Death's Head. She met with the Lord High Protector in order to gain information on the outlaw, Hood, who she suspected was Death's Head. She watched as Major Oak and his men ambushed Hood (who was indeed Death's Head). Knocking the Lord High Protector out with a sword, she blasted Major Oak from behind with a big gun in order to save Death's Head. She convinced him to return to A.I.M. central with her. However, by the time Death's Head, Necker and Tuck had reached the installation Charnel had already devastated it and time jumped into the modern era to destroy A.I.M.'s past.

(Death's Head II#4) - Death's Head, Necker and Tuck travelled back 28 years in time, arriving at a Manhattan shopping mall (within the former World Trade Center), which would one day be the site of A.I.M. central. They encountered a group of Avengers from an alternate future (Earht-9939). Together they fought Charnel, but during the conflict the villain absorbed energy from the alternate Scarlet Witch and became even more powerful, turning into the creature that would devastate the future she had come from. Death's Head placed a second time belt on Charnel and, using what was left of her hex power, the Scarlet Witch activated them both. Charnel was torn in two, one half flung into prehistory, the other into the thirtieth century. Her timeline apparently negated, and fellow Avengers dead at Charnels hands, the Scarlet Witch vanished. As Death's Head and Tuck made to leave, Dr Necker inquired where they were going. Death's Head stopped and reminder her that he was no longer subject to her programming. Furthermore he told her that if she hadn't built the Minion cyborg and allowed it to kill his original body, Charnel would never have been able to use it to cause such destruction. Shortly after Death's Head and Tuck left, the Avengers of the modern day arrived, but she time jumped away and avoided Captain America's questions.

(Death's Head III#10(fb)) - After travelling in time to the modern era of Earth 616, Dr Necker spent six weeks scouring A.I.M.'s Ice Borg archives for a potential host body for a new Minion cyborg and chose Kite from a shortlist of ninety potential candidates.

(Death's Head III#2) - As Kite wandered from Paxton, Oregon, towards Chicago, Illinois, in pursuit of the Sapphire Lotus, Dr. Necker and an assistant located and began observing him.

(Death's Head III#3) - They were still observing him when the trail of the Sapphire Lotus vanished as it was teleported into another dimension. Still, Necker just continued to watch and wait.

(Death's Head III#5-8) - Dr Necker and her assistants observed and tracked the mutant known as Kite over America. Eventually they approached him in a New York diner, where they fought and captured him.
<July 3rd> They transferred him to Pacific Vista Laboratories, California. On returning to the lab, Dr Necker unveiled her latest creation: the endo-frame of a new Minion cyborg she intended to call Death's Head.

(Death's Head III#10-12) - <July 4th 1993> Necker observed Kite in his holding tank. She began bragging to her assistant, Serene, about how she would bond Kite to the endo-frame and create the new Minion cyborg. Serene mentioned a series of attacks on A.I.M.'s Ice Borg installations and told Dr Necker the committee wanted the cyborg on line as soon as possible to counter the attacks does this plot development sound familiar? if not see comments! Dr Necker refused to authorise use of the cyborg until it had been triple-checked, and enquired who might be behind the attack. Serene's description of a mechanoid and a young girl with a crossbow sounded hauntingly familiar... like Death's Head and Tuck to be precise!

Shortly after, Kite escaped from his holding cell, only to be stopped by a synaptic disrupter Dr Necker had implanted in his brain-stem. They took Kite into surgery. Dr Necker stripped away his flesh and bone and bonded his body to the Minion combat-chassis. On leaving theatre, Serene informed her of a visitor... named Tuck! Necker rushed to meet her in a panic, and questioned her as to why she had come to the laboratory. Suddenly the light of day dawned on Dr Necker as she looked at the car Tuck had arrived in. As she stood there, Death's Head burst out of the trunk. She ordered the A.I.M. security guards to blast him, but they were stunned by the Requiem Sharks. Death's Head asked who he had been before Necker had murdered his host body and turned him into the Minion cyborg. Serene arrived with more security troops before Necker could answer, and the doctor escaped. Death's Head followed while Tuck and the Requiem Sharks fought the troops. As Death's Head approached, Dr necker attempted to activate her new creation, but Kite was gone. When Death's Head learned that the new cyborg had been based around Kite, he started to realise who Kite was. Kite reappeared, bringing his future self with him, merging with him to become Charnel and confirming Death's Head's fears. Dr Necker watched as Death's Head, Tuck and the Requiem Sharks fought Charnel. Smart was struck by one of Charnel's blasts, and his partner Stealth flew down to help him. She asked Dr Necker for help, and as she removed her helmet Dr Necker was shocked to realise Stealth was in fact her mother. Furthermore, as they took Smart to safety they removed his helmet too. Dr Necker had yet another shock when she realised Smart was actually her father. Serene reminded Dr Necker of the synaptic disrupter in Kite's brain stem, and she activated it, saving Death's Head. While Charnel was temporarily immobilised she set an A.I.M. time-dish to overload in the hope it would destroy the villain. Charnel began to absorb energy from the temporal warp, but a blast of from Death's Head made him lose control and explode. When the survivors recovered from the explosion, Dr Necker was gone, presumed caught in the time-flare.

(Death3#1,4) - Dr Necker created Death Metal, the third in the Minion series of robot/cyborg/etc., after her first creation, Death Wreck, vanished shortly after its creation in 2019, and her second creation, Death's Head, rebelled and went off on its own.
<6/11/2021> - Death Wreck returned to Necker, and she tried out her time travel device on it, sending it to an alternate timeline of Earht-9939. It was immediately attacked by the Spawn of Charnel, and when its time jump returned it to Necker's lab, the arm of one of the Spawn of Charnel was brought back as well. Intrigued by this new metal, which she dubbed "Promethium" (my grubby Prometheus must have stolen it from some cybernetic heaven), she decided to make a third attempt to form a successful Minion.
<6/15/2021> - She succeeded in replicating the Promethium (which she determined to be sentient).
<6/22/2021> - Necker articulated the Minion mainframe and assembled the low-light intensifier optics.
<7/03/2021> - With the bodyverse systemics at optimal, Necker introduced a cold-fusion cardiac reactor.
<7/09/2021> - Necker completed and activated Death Metal, who promptly abandoned his programming and sought to follow the call of his "father," Charnel. He then stole one of Necker's time-displacement units and traveled to Earht-9939.

--@ 2050, Dr. Necker was set to be dying in Time Stryke series, with her only salvation to find Badhand

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett and Liam Sharp for Marvel UK.

Dr Necker meets Reed Richards, introducing her self as: "Evelyn Necker."
Reed Richards: "My mothers name was Evelyn..."
Dr Necker meets the Lord High Protector of Lionheart and introduces herself as: "Lady Evelyn Clarice Necker of Aym."
Lord High Protector: "Clarice? That's my mothers name..."
Dr Necker meets the Avengers from Earth - Charnel and Captain America exclaims: "As for Evelyn Clarice Sarah Necker, well, Sarah was my mothers name, but that's as far as that goes..."
To which Necker replied: "Shame." Thankfully that was as far as her habit of revealing a new name (that coincidentally was that of somebody's mother) each issue went!

    Reed Richards asks Dr Necker if Death's Head is the same bounty hunter he has encountered "many times before." Many times? I'm only aware of two such meetings...

    Dr Necker seems to be something of a trouble magnet, if it wasn't for her there would be no Charnel. However, she was rushed her to create her Minion cyborgs (A.I.M. of Earth-8410 did so because of the threat they had predicted, modern day A.I.M. did so to combat the threat of Death's Head) and perhaps with a bit more preparation time she could have created cyborgs that didn't rebel against their programming, or realised that assimilating the Death's Head mechanoid would result in his personality taking over the Minion cyborg.

    When first seen in the Death's Head mini-series, A.I.M. central in the year 2020 was originally meant to have been built on the site of a Manhattan shopping mall within the former World Trade Center. In the regular series when Death's Head travelled back to the point of his own "creation" (the point at which Minion absorbed Death's Head's personality) A.I.M. central was described as being in Los Angeles conurbation. The two buildings are meant to be the same, but I've no explanation as to why the location was changed.

    I'm not 100% certain whether the creation of Death Metal was meant to come before or after the reformation of Charnel, but that's where we put it!

Profile By Changeling and Snood


A.I.M. 2020 refers to the organisation in the alternate future timeline of Earth-8410 from which Necker created Death's Head (Minion) and should not be confused with the modern day organisation or any alternate versions of said organisation.

Dr Necker is not to be confused with:

Pacific Vista Laboratories should not be confused with:

A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) 2020 (Gaffney, Sebble, unnamed members of the Executive Committee)

A.I.M.'s P.D.C. (Precognitive Data Collection) unit picked up an unknown threat which would totally demolish the organisation in their near future. The Executive Committee had Dr Necker step up Project: Minion in order to combat that threat. Her first creation was the alcoholic Death Wreck. Her second Minion cyborg killed the mechanoid Death's Head and assimilated his instincts. While Death's Heads personality eventually came to control the Minion cyborg, his original mechanoid body was taken from A.I.M. central by former partner Spratt. The body fell into the hands of Baron Strucker the Fifth, who used it to become Charnel. Charnel was the threat the P.D.C. had picked up, and he not only demolished A.I.M. central but travelled back in time to attempt to erase their past for turning their corporate back's on the Strucker family.

-- Death's Head II#1 (2, 3),





Wadlow and Serene Miami (Dr Necker's Assistants)

Wadlow and Serene were Dr Necker's Assistants while she worked at Pacific Vista Laboratories. Serene was also Security Administrator of Pacific Vista Laboratories. Wadlow monitored Kite as they flew over Illinois, using hi-tech goggles, watching as he fought and killed a gang of truckers. They followed Kite to a petrol station and Wadlow observed as he got involved in another brawl. They finally apprehended him in Henry's 24 hour diner, New York. After they had returned to Pacific Vista and put Kite in his holding cell, Serene and Dr Necker began preparing the new Minion cyborg. Serene later relayed a message to Necker from A.I.M.'s committee about a series of attacks on their Ice-Borgs. The committee wanted them to speed up the Minion project to counter the attacks. Later Serene watched as Dr Necker dealt with the escaped Kite using the synaptic disrupter in his brain-stem. Serene observed while Dr Necker performed surgery on Kite and bonded him to the Minion endo-frame. As Necker left surgery, Serene told her that her "old friend" Tuck was waiting for her in the basement garage. It soon became apparent that Tuck was not really an "old friend" at all, and that Pacific Vista had been infiltrated by Death's Head and the Requiem Sharks. Serene and her security forces attacked the intruders, but she was knocked unconscious by Tuck. Shortly after she found Tuck wounded from fighting Charnel. Serene ordered her troop to attack Charnel, who in turn incinerated them all. Tuck managed to shove Serene out of the way. They met up with Dr Necker, and her parents (Smart and Stealth of the Requiem Sharks). While discussing possible means of stopping Charnel, Serene remembered the synaptic disrupter in Kite's brain-stem. Dr Necker managed to temporarily immobilise Charnel with the disrupter, and began to set an A.I.M. time-dish to overload and destroy the villain with a temporal warp. Serene attempted to stop Dr Necker , but was held at gun point by her mother. Dr Necker set the dish to overload, and they all ran out of the building as fast as they could. After the overload destroyed Pacific Vista, Serene was left desperately attempting to contact A.I.M. central. As A.I.M. operatives both Wadlow and Serene are presumably skilled scientists. They both used A.I.M. body armour and weaponry and have some formal combat training, particularly Serene who was in charge of Pacific Vistas security troops.

-- Wadlow: Death's Head III#5 (6, 7) presumably either Wadlow died either fighting charnel or in the explosion of Pacific Vista, though it's conceivable he was actually away from the laboratory on other business

-- Serene: Death's Head III#7 (8, 10, ) Serene is presumably behind the scenes in#5 and 6 as they track Kite, though it's possible she joined them en route to the diner




Pacific Vista Laboratories, California

Pacific Vista Laboratories was listed as a Plastics Technology operation, in the Salt-tang paradise of the pacific shore. Instead it was an A.I.M. installation. Dr Necker worked there to create a Minion Cyborg. That cyborg, based around the mutant Kite, merged with Koot to become Charnel. A.I.M.'s security forces attempted to stop Charnel, but his destruction obliterated the entire complex.

-- Death's Head III#8 (10, 11, 12(destroyed))



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