MEMBERSHIP: Smart, Stealth (Eliza Clare Necker), Switchblade (Deceased)

PURPOSE: Freelance Corporate Security Specialists.

AFFILIATIONS: A.I.M., Death's Head (Minion), Tuck

ENEMIES: Charnel

BASE of OPERATIONS: Secret Headquarters in an unspecified location in the USA.

FIRST APPEARANCE: Death's Head II#10 (September 1993)

POWERS: All the Requiem Sharks are equipped with a mechanical exoskeleton. While each is a specialist in their own field and has slightly personalised equipment and weaponry, each exoskeleton provides the wearer with flight, scanning systems, superhuman strength (class 10), durability, life support systems and stealth capabilities.

HISTORY: (Death's Head II#10, 11, 12) - The Requiem Sharks took a job to protect an A.I.M. Data Complex. They encountered Death's Head and Tuck and attacked, but were defeated. Death's Head realised that Stealth would become the mother of Dr Necker and convinced the Requiem Sharks to help find her. They bought a car so that Tuck could smuggle Death's Head into Pacific Vista Laboratories in the boot while the infiltrated the lab with their stealth armour. A.I.M.'s security responded to their presence. While the Requiem Sharks were battling the guards, Dr. Necker's new Minion cyborg went rogue. It had been based upon Kite, who summoned his future self and merged with him to become Charnel. The Requiem Sharks, Death's Head and Tuck attacked Charnel, who responded by blasting Smart, seriously injuring him. With both their helmets off, Dr Necker recognised Stealth and Smart as her mother and father. While they were seeing to Smarts wounds, Charnel attacked Switchblade and killed him. Dr Necker used a synapse disrupter in Kite's brain-stem to disable Charnel while they attempted to destroy him with a temporal overload. Charnel attempted to absorb the energy, but was stopped by Death's Head and overloaded. In the aftermath of the resultant explosion it appeared that Dr. Necker had vanished.

COMMENTS: Created by Dan Abnett and Dougie Braithwaite

Presumably from that point the remaining two Requiem Sharks lived happily ever after. Aah! But if there ever was another Death's Head series they'd have to bring these two back with a replacement for Switchblade.

Once the Requiem Sharks had bought the car for Tuck she drove up the dirt track to the lab listening to the Cars song "My best friends girlfriend". I've had that song in my head the whole time I was doing this profile as my record players broke and I only have it on vinyl!

Profile by Changeling


The Requiem Sharks have no known connection to:

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Smart is the computer specialist. He has advanced communications technology and tactical sensors capable of analysing the composition of both energy and matter, far beyond the capabilities of the other Requiem Sharks. In combat he uses two double barrelled rapid fire guns with variable projectiles (fragmentation rounds, hesh rounds etc). He is romantically involved with Eliza Necker, AKA Stealth, and in one future will they will become Dr Necker's parents.

-- Death's Head II#10, 11, 12

Stealth (Eliza Clare Necker)

Eliza was born in London. She attended St. Ansell's School, Westminster, before enrolling at Peeble College, Cambridge. She then moved to Royal Navy Training college, Dartmoor before transferring again to the USAF proving ground, Miramar. It would appear she started her mercenary career around age twenty-two as that's when A.I.M records lost track of her. She has an Avionics Scholarship and extensive knowledge of guidance/military engineering. At the age of twenty-four, as the Requiem Shark known as Stealth, she encountered Death's Head and learnt of her future daughter, Dr Necker. The thought that her daughter's actions would one day lead to the destruction of A.I.M. was enough for her to forget her mission and aid Death's Head. When confronting her daughter she also learned that Smart was Dr Necker's father. After the confrontation was over, and Dr Necker gone, Eliza kissed Smart and stated that she wasn't ready for children just yet. As the leader of the Requiem Shark's, Stealth, she uses a particle accelerator rifle capable of piercing Death's Heads armour.

-- Death's Head II#10, 11, 12



Switchblade was the hand-to-hand combat expert and was armed with titanium switchblade attachments to both arms of his exoskeleton. Little else is known about him. During combat with Charnel he was caught in an explosion. His visual receptors clouded, he allowed Charnel to get near him. He was surrounded by necromantic energy. The intense heat overloaded his suit and scorched his skin and he made the fatal mistake of removing his helmet so he could breath. With his armour compromised he exploded.

-- Death's Head II#10, 11, 12 (d)

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