Real Name: Joshua Stragg

Identity/Class: Human technology and (briefly) magic user; British citizen

Occupation: Criminal, nuclear terrorist

Group Membership: Leader of a gang of henchmen

Affiliations: His henchmen

Enemies: Captain Britain

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: England

First Appearance: Captain Britain I#1 (October 13, 1976)

Powers: The Reaver has access to advanced weaponry, including armored suits, energy blasters, and large, mobile machines of destruction. He rode in an ambulatory tank-like vehicle, with which he could smash through solid brick walls and fire destructive bursts of energy.

He is presumably wealthy and has others construct these items. He is (or believes himself to be) a skilled planner, managing his operations down to the second. He is also very ruthless, willing to leave any of his agents behind if they fall behind his timetable.

When armed with the Sword of Might, the Reaver was given a suit of armor which granted him great strength (@ peak or enhanced human) and durability. The Sword could fire destructive energy blasts or be used as a conventional bladed weapon. The Sword was linked to the power of the Amulet of Right, and a person possessing one of these items could turn an energy attack back on the wielder if he or she possessed the greater will.

History: The history of the Reaver is unknown, but Stragg himself was known to Dr. Travis of Darkmoor prior to his assault. He was first observed when he and a group of his men stormed Darkmoor Research Centre. He sought to abduct the doctors working on its nuclear power section and force them to serve him, hoping to corner the energy market.

An intern at the project, Brian Braddock, fled the assault, hoping to contact the police. He was pursued by Stragg's men, and his motorcycle sent off a cliff. However, Braddock was summoned by Merlyn and Roma to Otherworld, where he was given the choice of the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Braddock chose the Amulet, and was transformed into Captain Britain.

Apparently, Merlyn and Roma wished to test their new subject, and so they allowed Stragg and his men to enter the portal as well. Stragg himself seized the Sword of Might and was transformed into armored form. Stragg and Captain Britain battled, but Stragg was ultimately defeated when Britain turned his own energy attack back on him by exercising greater will to control its energy.








Clarifications: Reaver I has no connection to:

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Herb Trimpe, and Fred Kida.

In a recent storyline, the Sword of Might in this story was revealed to be the sword Excalibre. It's interesting that it was portrayed as an object of evil in this storyline.

On the off chance you didn't already know, Reaver is another name for robber.










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Other appearances:
Captain Britain I#2 (October 20th, 1976) - Chris Claremont (writer), Herb Trimpe (pencils), Fred Kida (inks), Larry Lieber (editor)

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