Membership: Big One (former), Cybertooth (Yen Hsieh), Irezumi (Kayama Inoue), Jawbreaker (Tung Rapongan), Kain (Morgan Kain), Kuroko (Aya Komatsu), Living Lightning (former), Pele (former), Sunfire (former), Taifu/Typhoon (former)

Purpose: To serve Doctor Demonicus

Affiliations: Doctor Demonicus, Raksasa, the Japanese Yakuza crime syndicate
    formerly Klaw, Zvezda Dennitsa/Morning Star

Enemies: Avengers (Darkhawk, Doctor Pym, Hawkeye/Goliath, Iron Man, Living Lightning, Mockingbird/H'rpra, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), Tigra, War Machine, Wasp), Namor the Sub-Mariner, Panther Posse, Pele, Sunfire, Taifu/Typhoon, Zvezda Dennitsa

Base of Operations: Formerly the island of Demonica, many miles north of the Hawaiian Islands;
    formerly an ocean floor base in the Pacific, at 33 degrees, 15 minutes North and 166 degrees, 27 minutes West.
    formerly the Filmland in Wax building in Los Angeles, California

First Appearance:
(Jawbreaker, Kuroko, and Taifu; and the first mention of the group's name): Avengers West Coast#69 (April, 1991);
(The Big One): Avengers West Coast#70 (May, 1991);
(Kain and Pele): Avengers West Coast#71 (June, 1991);
(Irezumi and Cybertooth): Avengers West Coast#72 (July, 1991);
(all of them together as a group): Avengers West Coast#73 (August, 1991)

(Avengers West Coast#72 (fb) - BTS) - After escaping prison, Dr. Demonicus retrieved some of his Lifestone fragments.

(Avengers West Coast#70 (fb) - BTS) - Demonicus set up base beneath Costa Mesa's Filmland in Wax museum.

(Avengers West Coast#73 (fb) - BTS) - Demonicus set up his primary base at the ocean floor in the Pacific, at 33 degrees, 15 minutes North and 166 degrees, 27 minutes West. From there he began operations to drill a hole through the Pacific tectonic plate, allowing volcanic magma to break through, shooting upwards towards the surface and forming an island that he could claim as his own nation: Demonica.

(Avengers West Coast#73 (fb) - BTS) - Demonicus set up contracts with Australia's Everard Electronics and Tokyo's Hasanuma Electronics to construct an advanced apparatus built to his specifications. For months the device ultra-sonically cut through the Earth's crust beneath his base.

(Avengers West Coast#72 (fb)) - Demonicus concentrated the radiation from the Lifestones on humans. His first subject, a "weakling loser," became Jawbreaker.

(Avengers West Coast#72 (fb) - BTS) - Other subjects followed, and Demonicus soon assembled an army of agents, his Pacific Overlords--Big One, Cybertooth, Irezumi, Kain, and Kuroko--intended to enable him to conquer the lands of the Pacific Rim.

(Avengers West Coast#72 (fb)) - When a yacht near Demonicus' base capsized, his agents captured the young couple and their baby, transforming them into Pele, Taifu, and the Big One.

(Avengers West Coast#72 (fb)) - Dr. Demonicus and Kuroko became close, but he refused to share his true appearance even with her.

(Avengers West Coast#74 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Demonicus genetically altered one of his lackeys to be identical to his original form as Douglas Birely, right down to the finger prints.

(Avengers West Coast#63 - BTS / Avengers West Coast#70 - BTS) - The newly-empowered Living Lightning and the android Human Torch battled in the skies not far from Demonicus' new base. When Dr. Pym grounded and seemingly destroyed Living Lightning, Demonicus used his own machines to drain off the last bits of energy and siphon it into his base. He re-formed Living Lightning and made him his prisoner.

(Avengers West Coast#71 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Demonicus somehow captured and hypnotized Sunfire into serving in his Pacific Overlords.

(Avengers West Coast#69) - After retrieving a piece of the Lifestone for Doctor Demonicus, the Pacific Overlord known as Jawbreaker was to bring the fragment back to the Doctor. Almost as soon as Jawbreaker jumped ship onto Los Angeles harbor, he was confronted by another Overlord, Taifu, who announced that he was going to stop Jawbreaker from delivering the Lifestone fragment. Taifu then used his abilities to generate a gust of wind that blew Jawbreaker into the wall behind him. Before he could check on Jawbreaker, Taifu heard the creak of a board and turned to find no one. What Taifu did not realize was that he had heard the invisible footsteps of yet another Pacific Overlord, Kuroko, who used her bo staff to knock Taifu unconscious. As Jawbreaker came to, Kuroko revealed that she was sent to meet him by Doctor Demonicus himself. The two then left for Doctor Demonicus's hideout, with Taifu and the Lifestone fragment in tow.

 (Avengers West Coast#70) - As Jawbreaker and Kuroko continued their trek toward Doctor Demonicus's Los Angeles headquarters, they were secretly followed by Julia Carpenter, the Spider-Woman. Spider-Woman was soon discovered and Jawbreaker jumped head-first into battle with her. Jawbreaker managed to punch Spider-Woman far off into the distance and he then rejoined Kuroko in their journey to Demonicus's HQ. Upon entering the city of Los Angeles, Jawbreaker was surprised to find the Filmland in Wax building next to him light up as he passed by it. Kuroko then revealed that she had went ahead of him and decided to turn on the building's lights as a signal to Jawbreaker that they had reached their destination. Once inside, Jawbreaker and Kuroko entered the lower levels of the building, where they found Doctor Demonicus's laboratory. The sudden arrival of Jawbreaker caused one of Doctor Demonicus's technicians to drop what he was doing, an accident that cost him his life when Demonicus ordered Jawbreaker to kill the technician. Demonicus then revealed to the two Overlords that he had captured Miguel Santos following his recent battle with the android Human Torch. After introducing Jawbreaker and Kuroko to Santos, Demonicus had a few of his technicians place Taifu in stasis. He then had Jawbreaker open the box containing the Lifestone fragment, which he held victoriously above his head. Later that night, Spider-Woman managed to make her way to the Avengers Compound, where she explained what she had seen at the Los Angeles harbor. By the time Doctor Pym had traced Demonicus's headquarters to the Filmland in Wax building, the Avengers arrived to find the building empty. As they continued their search, Pym's device was destroyed when the Overlord known as the Big One punched through the wall and grabbed it. The Avengers battled the Big One furiously, until the Big One started crying, allowing the Avengers to deduce that the Big One was only a mutated toddler.

 (Avengers West Coast#71) - Taking the Big One into their custody, the Avengers found proof of Doctor Demonicus's involvement at the Filmland in Wax building, thanks to photos that Hawkeye had acquired at the wax museum. The team decided to split up and investigate each of the buildings seen in the photos that Hawkeye had acquired, leaving Hawkeye and Spider-Woman behind to babysit the Big One. While Doctor Demonicus spoke with one of his Overlords known as Kain, two other Pacific Overlords, Sunfire and Pele, erupted from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. The two Overlords soon made their way to Pearl Harbor, where they attacked Namor the Sub-Mariner while he was receiving a special award commemorating his service to the Allied powers of World War II. Soon after, Hawkeye and Spider-Woman arrived in Hawaii and helped the Sub-Mariner battle Pele and Sunfire. Following the defeat of the two Overlords, Namor fiercely interrogated Sunfire, who had no memory of attacking Pearl Harbor. Hawkeye then asked Sunfire what he did remember and Sunfire replied that he just remembered being struck from behind and that the date of July 18th was very significant. Realizing that Sunfire and Pele had been hypnotized and worrying about the significance of the date, Hawkeye and Spider-Woman returned to the Avengers Compound.

 (Avengers West Coast#72) - While Hawkeye and Spider-Woman dealt with Pele and Sunfire, Iron Man, Tigra, and the Wasp visited Hasanuma Electronics, one of the buildings seen in the photos that Hawkeye had acquired. While there, the three Avengers were attacked by the Yakuza, whom Doctor Demonicus had hired to halt the Avengers. As the trio defeated the Yakuza assassins, Doctor Demonicus explained the origins of the Pacific Overlords to the now-conscious Miguel Santos. During the course of the explanation, Taifu managed to break free of his stasis and attacked Doctor Demonicus, demanding to know the location of his wife and child. Taifu's attacks on Kuroko and Doctor Demonicus began to weaken the stasis field holding Miguel Santos as well, causing him to transform into the Living Lightning. Once transformed, Miguel accidentally shocked Taifu, allowing him to be placed back into his stasis. Leaving the Yakuza behind, Iron Man, Tigra, and Wasp left the main building of Hasanuma Electronics to visit one of their nearby plants. Blasting their way inside, the three Avengers came face-to-face with another previously unknown Pacific Overlord: Irezumi the Tattoo Spirit. As Iron Man and Wasp were captured, Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, and Doctor Pym visited another photo location: Everard Electronics in Sydney, Australia, where the Pacific Overlords Cybertooth and Jawbreaker watched their arrival.

 (Avengers West Coast#73) - As the injured Tigra crashed her Quinjet due to complications from the injuries suffered at the hands of Irezumi, Doctor Demonicus further explained his plan to raise an island from the ocean to Living Lightning, his newest Overlord. Miguel agreed to become one of Demonicus's Pacific Overlords, given that without the containment suit that Demonicus had designed, he would lose molecular cohesion and disperse in a blast of electricity. Demonicus soon left Miguel's side to ask Kain if the preparations were ready for his moment of truth. As they discussed the plan, Kuroko spoke with Living Lightning about the position that Demonicus had him in. In the meantime, Wonder Man, Doctor Pym, and Scarlet Witch were attacked by Everard Electronics security. Doctor Pym managed to shrink Wonder Man and the Scarlet Witch so that they could enter Everard Electronics undetected while he dealt with the security. Once inside the building, Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man met with the Pacific Overlord known as Cybertooth, who demonstrated his namesake by biting a stone statue into pieces. Cybertooth then asked for the two Avengers' surrender, but Wonder Man grabbed Cybertooth instead. Another Pacific Overlord, Jawbreaker, soon came from behind, knocked Scarlet Witch unconscious, and then punched Wonder Man across the room. As Wonder Man got to his feet, Cybertooth leapt at him with teeth bared. Wonder Man easily grabbed Cybertooth and flung him across the room, accidentally knocking out the newly arrived Doctor Pym. Cybertooth soon rejoined the melee, however, grabbing the Scarlet Witch and threatening to bite her head off if Wonder Man did not surrender. Wonder Man slowly tried to calm Cybertooth down, but Jawbreaker once again came from behind and knocked Wonder Man unconscious using a steel girder. The two Pacific Overlords then scooped up the unconscious Avengers and used their Quinjet to fly back to Doctor Demonicus. The captive Avengers soon awoke in Doctor Demonicus's headquarters, where Demonicus introduced each of his Overlords. When Demonicus activated the machine that would allow him to raise an island, the recently recaptured Pele protested, but was knocked out by Jawbreaker. Soon after, the Scarlet Witch managed to escape her stasis, but was also knocked out. As the rest of the Avengers watched in horror, Demonicus succeeded in raising an island from the Pacific Ocean, which he named Demonica.

 (Avengers West Coast#74) - The Pacific Overlords raised the flag over the new island country of Demonica and then got into an argument over how to best kill the newly escaped Scarlet Witch and the unconscious Pele. The Living Lightning refused to allow them to kill defenseless women and erected an electric wall around the unconscious women to protect them from execution. In order to keep the Overlords' bickering from ruining his moment of triumph, Doctor Demonicus ordered Living Lightning to take care of the women. Almost as soon as the words left the Doctor's mouth, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, U. S. Agent, and Sunfire arrived on the island to save their friends. A fierce battle broke out between the four heroes and the Pacific Overlords, which resulted in the Living Lightning switching sides and helping to free the captive Avengers. The battle was eventually halted when Doctor Demonicus pointed at a video screen nearby, which showed one of his technicians, who had been mutated to resemble Demonicus's human form, at the United Nations. On the screen, Demonica was inducted into the United Nations with the promise that it would share its mineral rights with the entire U. N. The screen then showed a cured Kenjiro Sasaki, much to the delight of his parents, Taifu and Pele. Demonicus then announced that Taifu, Pele, and their son, Kenjiro, were free to leave Demonica at will. As Demonicus continued to explain the "good" he intended to do with Demonica, he announced himself the overlord of Demonica and using his U. N. affiliation, he ordered the Avengers to leave the island. While leaving the island, the Avengers found Tigra, who had been saved by Australian aborigines, and they also invited Spider-Woman and the Living Lightning to join their ranks.

 (Avengers West Coast#93 (fb)) - Soon after becoming a member of the United Nations, Doctor Demonicus agreed to share the mineral rights with the U. N. countries. After some of the Pacific Overlords questioned his actions concerning their payment for service, Doctor Demonicus secretly took them into a nearby cave, where he implanted them with devices that would force them to serve him without question. Days later, an increasingly crazed Doctor Demonicus ordered the Pacific Overlords to attack the U. N. for criticizing him for using slave labor to build the Demonica International Airport. While flying towards the U. N. building in one of Demonica's planes, Kain detected a nearby U. N. plane. Taking over the plane, the Overlords found that the sonic villain Klaw was being held captive aboard it. The Overlords freed Klaw and returned to Doctor Demonicus, who made Klaw his vice-president. Kuroko and Kain found it odd that the other Overlords did not protest the promotion of Klaw, who had so recently joined them on the island. After their discussion, Demonicus asked Kain to follow him into a cave, where he implanted Kain with a mind-control device. Kuroko secretly watched and when she was discovered, she stole a Demonican plane and escaped.

 (Avengers West Coast#92) - Kuroko managed to find her way to the Avengers Compound, where she explained the situation to them.

(Avengers West Coast#93) - Soon after, the Avengers were attacked by Klaw and the newest Pacific Overlord, Morning Star. The villainous duo managed to fend off the Avengers long enough to scoop up Kuroko and return to Demonica. With two of their Quinjets out of commission, the Avengers were unable to follow Klaw and Morning Star. The Avengers instead, used Doctor Pym's Rover vehicle, to get them to Stark Enterprises, which was being attacked by robots. While the Avengers fought off the robots, Doctor Demonicus had Kain and Cybertooth capture a jet liner that had flown into their air space.

 (Avengers West Coast#94) - After meeting War Machine at Stark Enterprises and defeating the robots, Tony Stark thanked the Avengers by providing them with two new Quinjets. Back on Demonica, the Pacific Overlords took the jet liner's crew and passengers hostage. He followed their kidnapping by announcing to the world that Demonica would not allow any planes or ships within a 500 mile radius of the island. Almost immediately following Doctor Demonicus's statement, the U. N. contacted the Avengers and asked them to comprise an official U. N. delegation to Demonica at once. On the way to Demonica, the team's flyers, War Machine and Darkhawk, were attacked by winged creatures. With some quick maneuvering, the Avengers managed to escape the creatures and arrive safely on Demonican soil. Goliath quickly asked Doctor Demonicus where Kuroko was, to which Demonicus responded by showing them Kuroko, who was now under the complete mental control of Demonicus. The Avengers then reminded Demonicus that he was only admitted into the United Nations due to his promises of mineral resources, but Demonicus explained that his former promises were no longer operative, as Demonica had become a theocracy dedicated to the worship of the demon Raksasa. Demonicus then ordered the Avengers to leave the island, which the Avengers declined to do. Demonicus quickly ordered the Pacific Overlords to throw them out and a grand battle ensued once again between the Avengers and the Pacific Overlords. Before the battle could continue, Doctor Demonicus revealed the hostages from the jet liner. Scarlet Witch then agreed to leave in order to save the hostages. Doctor Demonicus told them to leave Mockingbird and U. S. Agent behind, which they did, much to the protest of Goliath. With the Avengers gone, Doctor Demonicus had the Pacific Overlords escort Mockingbird and the captive U. S. Agent into the underground cave where he had implanted the mind control devices. Once inside, Doctor Demonicus summoned the demon Raksasa. Klaw and Morning Star were shocked that Doctor Demonicus really was worshipping a demon. While the Overlords were entranced by Raksasa, Mockingbird managed to hit the button that extended her battle staves, causing the staves to extend and knock Klaw unconscious. Using the distraction, Mockingbird and U. S. Agent made a break for it. The other Avengers soon returned to Hawaii, where they looked in the sky and noticed that Doctor Demonicus had unleashed a swarm of the winged demons that they had fought earlier.

 (Avengers West Coast#95) - On Demonica, the Pacific Overlords easily began to overwhelm U. S. Agent and Mockingbird, with Mockingbird getting knocked unconscious by Kuroko. U. S. Agent managed to escape, but was found by Morning Star, who revealed that she wanted to join forces with U. S. Agent against Doctor Demonicus and his demonswarm. While the other Avengers dealt with the demonswarm, Morning Star returned to Doctor Demonicus with the Agent's shield, claiming that she had killed him. Before Doctor Demonicus could once again summon Raksasa, the U. S. Agent revealed himself by kicking Demonicus in the face and rescuing Mockingbird. Before the Pacific Overlords could respond, Morning Star blasted them with her heat blasts. As Doctor Demonicus began to summon Raksasa, Klaw turned the tide by blasting Raksasa with his sonic claw. Unfortunately, Kain managed to take control of Klaw's claw and redirected the blasts to destroy the temple, instead of his masters, Demonicus and Raksasa. U. S. Agent tried to ground Klaw's uncontrollable sonic vibrations by slamming the claw into the ground and hitting Kain in the head with his shield. However, the vibrations that Klaw inadvertedly sent through the ground caused a massive earthquake across Demonica, levelling many of its structures. U. S. Agent then threw his shield at Doctor Demonicus, stopping Demonicus from finishing the summoning spell and sending Raksasa back to his own world. With Raksasa gone, the demonswarm began to tear themselves apart. As Demonica began to crumble and break apart, U. S. Agent, Mockingbird, and the passengers of the captive jet liner prepared to board the liner and escape. Klaw refused to go, but was trapped in a rockslide. As the Pacific Overlords began to regain their senses due to the quakes destroying their implants, they became disoriented and unsure what to do in their current situation. Kuroko refused to leave Doctor Demonicus even though her mind was now her own and Doctor Demonicus realized that he had let the island fall apart due to his own quests for power. As Doctor Demonicus begged Kuroko to forgive him for dooming them all, the Pacific Overlords were crushed by falling debris from the crumbling island.

Comments: The art was different in almost every issue featuring the Pacific Overlords, so I decided to credit the entire team who worked on the first six-issue story featuring the Overlords, so here goes:

Seeing how Demonicus survived, I see no reason to think that some or all of the Pacific Overlords were slain.

Created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, Paul Ryan, Steve Butler, David Ross, Tom Morgan, George Freeman, Danny Bulanadi, Tim Dzon, Ivy, and Hudson.

Thanks to Loki for the group shot from the Marvel RPG update.

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Yen Hsieh was one of Doctor Demonicus's lieutenants, whom Demonicus had fitted with a cybernetic jaw and teeth that could bite through solid stone. Cybertooth was sent to capture the Avengers with Jawbreaker at Everard Electronics in Sydney, Australia. Upon completing his task, he returned to Demonicus's base, where he continued to serve Demonicus until Demonicus mentioned sharing his wealth with the United Nations. Before Cybertooth could turn on him, Doctor Demonicus implanted a device in Cybertooth's forehead that forced him to follow any orders given to him by Doctor Demonicus. He remained unquestionably loyal to Doctor Demonicus up until he was killed in a cave-in during Demonica's destruction.

--Avengers West Coast#72 (73, 74, 93 (fb), 93, 94, 95







Irezumi (Japanese for "tattoo") was one of the Pacific Overlords that had been mutated by Doctor Demonicus to give him the ability to manifest tattoos on his body of any opponent that he was battling. Once the tattoos appeared on his body, Irezumi was able to redirect any force used against him back on his opponent, only double the intensity. Doctor Demonicus sent Irezumi to halt the Avengers at the Hasanuma Electronics plant in Kyoto, Japan. During the battle, Irezumi managed to seriously injured Iron Man and the Wasp, and capture them for Doctor Demonicus. Tigra managed to escape his grasp, however, and escaped via the Avengers Quinjet. Afterwards, Irezumi returned to Doctor Demonicus with the captive Avengers, where Demonicus succeeded in raising the island of Demonica. Not long after Demonica was raised, Demonicus implanted a mind-control device in Irezumi's forehead that forced him to serve Demonicus. He remained loyal to Demonicus up until he was crushed by a cave-in as Demonica was ravaged by earthquakes.

--Avengers West Coast#72 (73, 74, 93 (fb), 94, 95






Jawbreaker was mutated by Doctor Demonicus, where he gained superhuman strength and durability that needed an armored exoskeleton to maximize. He was first sent to retrieve a fragment of the Lifestone for Doctor Demonicus and when he returned to America, he met with resistance from another Pacific Overlord, Taifu. Jawbreaker was knocked down by Taifu, who was himself knocked out by Kuroko, yet another Pacific Overlord. Jawbreaker then joined Kuroko in returning to Doctor Demonicus's Los Angeles base. He later joined Demonicus when he raised the island of Demonica from the Pacific Ocean, where he was placed under Demonicus's complete control using a small mechanical device that was placed on his forehead. He remained loyal to Demonicus up until Demonica began to break apart due to earthquakes. During the quakes, Jawbreaker's implant was destroyed and he became disoriented. He asked Kuroko what the other Overlords should do just as a cave-in crushed them all, Jawbreaker included.

--Avengers West Coast#69 (72 (fb), 69, 70, 72, 73, 74, 93 (fb), 94, 95







Morgan Kain was the chief scientist and technician serving Doctor Demonicus, who had been mutated and given the ability to transform into a 100 foot tall, synthetic being who was able to use metallic studs implanted in his head to take mental control of any mechanical object or system in his vicinity. He willing served and provided Doctor Demonicus with technology that enabled him to raise the island of Demonica from the ocean. Kain continued to serve Demonicus until he and Kuroko began to suspect that Demonicus was mentally controlling the other Overlords. At that point, Demonicus called Kain to his side and implanted a mind-control device on him, forcing him to serve Demonicus whether he liked it or not. Kain remained loyal to Doctor Demonicus up until he was killed in the cave-in that destroyed Demonica.

--Avengers West Coast#71 (73, 74, 93 (fb), 93, 94, 95




A.k.a. "The Black One"

Kuroko was another mutate of Doctor Demonicus, who was given the ability to turn her body and clothing invisible. She soon took the codename of Kuroko after the name of the character in Japanese theater that rearranges the scenery while the play is going on, thereby remaining "invisible" to the audience. Kuroko (or the "Black One" or "Dark One" as she was often called) willing served Doctor Demonicus until she discovered that he was controlling the minds of the other Pacific Overlords. Upon her discovery, Kuroko hijacked a plane and went to the Avengers for help against Demonicus. While talking to the Avengers, Kuroko was recaptured by Klaw and Morning Star, who brought her back to Doctor Demonicus. By the time the Avengers had arrived, Kuroko had also become mind-controlled by Doctor Demonicus into serving him. She remained loyal to Demonicus, even after her implant was destroyed during the earthquakes that eventually destroyed Demonica. She refused to leave Demonicus's side as she was crushed by a cave-in.

--Avengers West Coast#69 (70, 72, 73, 74, 93 (fb), 92, 93, 94, 95






Michi Sasaki was the wife of Toshio Sasaki, also known as Taifu. When the boat that she, her son Kenjiro, and Toshio wrecked, Michi was kidnapped and transformed by Doctor Demonicus into Pele, a being able to manipulate heat and flame, as well as the ability to withstand the intense heat of a volcano and fly. After her transformation, she and the mutant Sunfire were hypnotized and sent to attack Pearl Harbor. Following her defeat at the hands of Namor the Sub-Mariner, Hawkeye, and Spider-Woman, Pele regained her memories and was recaptured by the other Pacific Overlords. When Doctor Demonicus revealed that he had reversed the mutation of Pele's son, Kenjiro, he allowed Pele, Taifu, and Kenjiro to leave the island of Demonica in peace.

--Avengers West Coast#71 (72 - BTS (fb), 71, 73,





Toshio Sasaki was coerced into working for Doctor Demonicus after a boat wreck, who mutated him into Taifu (Japanese for Typhoon). As Taifu, Toshio was able to generate hurricane-force winds from his hands. After Toshio's wife and son were also mutated, Taifu turned against Doctor Demonicus and tried to stop Jawbreaker from giving a fragment of the Lifestone to Demonicus. Taifu was quickly knocked unconscious by Kuroko and taken back to Demonicus, where he was placed in a stasis tube. After getting freed from the tube by the Living Lightning, Taifu was shocked to see that Doctor Demonicus had reversed the mutation of his son. Doctor Demonicus then allowed Taifu, Pele, and their son to leave the island of Demonica in peace.

--Avengers West Coast#69 (72 - BTS (fb), 70, 72, 73,

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Avengers West Coast#69 (April, 1991) - Roy & Dann Thomas (writers), Paul Ryan (pencils), Dan Bulanadi (inks), Howard Mackie (editor)
Avengers West Coast#70 (May, 1991) - Roy & Dann Thomas (writers), Steven Butler (pencils), Dan Bulanadi (inks), Howard Mackie (editor)
Avengers West Coast#71 (June, 1991) - Roy & Dann Thomas (writers), Tom Morgan & Dave Ross (pencils), Dan Bulanadi (inks), Howard Mackie (editor)
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Avengers West Coast#74 (September, 1991) - Roy & Dann Thomas (writers), Dave Ross (pencils), Tim Dzon (inks), Nelson Yomtov (editor)
Avengers West Coast#92-95 (March-June, 1993) - Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas (#92-94) & Dave Ross (#93-95) (writers), Dave Ross (pencils), Tim Dzon & Aaron McClellan (#93) (inks), Nelson Yomtov (editor)

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