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Membership: 3, 4B, 7, at least three others

Purpose: To serve as high-tech assassins for the Foreigner

Affiliations: Foreigner, New Enforcers;
   formerly Blood Rose (Richard Fisk)

Enemies: Blood Rose, Joe Robertson, Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man I#97 (February, 1993)

History: (Web of Spider-Man I#97/Web of Spider-Man I#98 - BTS) - Hoping to destroy the remnants of the Kingpin's criminal empire, Richard Fisk (in the guise of the Blood Rose) hired the Foreigner to help him assault Fisk Tower. The Foreigner dispatched three of his Cyber-Hunters, three of his agents clad in flight-capable armored suits armed with energy blasters and electrified net-launchers, to aid him; the Foreigner secretly ordered them to kill the Blood Rose once they were finished, in order to aid his allies in the New Enforcers. During the raid, however, Spider-Man turned up.

(Web of Spider-Man I#98) - The Blood Rose ordered the Cyber-Hunters to kill Spider-Man; the wall-crawler kicked one in the face, then redirected the Blood Rose's mini-stinger missile into 7. 3, the remaining Cyber-Hunter, briefly trapped him in an electrified net. Although he soon broke free, he was weakened; Richard prepared to shoot him, but Joe Robertson (reporting on the fire at Fisk Tower) knocked Spider-Man away at the last minute. After blasting an escape hole in the wall, 3 tried to kill both Robertson and Spider-Man, but the Blood Rose shot her in the back, unwilling to see the civilian Robertson killed, and fled. Having heard nothing from the squad assigned to help the Blood Rose, the Foreigner sent three additional Cyber-Hunters (including 4B) to kill the Blood Rose.

(Web of Spider-Man I#98 - BTS) - The Blood Rose defeated all three Cyber-Hunters, and stole 4B's armor to infiltrate the Foreigner's offices.

Comments: Created by Terry Kavanagh, Alex Saviuk, and Joe Rubinstein.

There were at least six Cyber-Hunters; 3 is the female Cyber-Hunter on the left (although she's male on Web #98's cover), 7 is the one on the right. 4B was one of the three Cyber-Hunters the Foreigner sent to kill Blood Rose after the Fisk Tower thing.

So I think we can assume 4B and his two buddies are dead, killed off-panel by Blood Rose; 7 and the other male Cyber-Hunter from the Fisk Tower team were incapacitated by Spider-Man, so they probably just were hauled off to jail. Not sure if the shot in the back killed 3; there's no obvious wound, but the Blood Rose doesn't mess around.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

The Cyber-Hunters have no known connections to

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Web of Spider-Man I#98, p3, pan1 (main image)

Web of Spider-Man I#97 (February, 1993) - Terry Kavanagh (writer), Alex Saviuk (pencils), Joe Rubinstein (inker), Rob Tokar (editor)
Web of Spider-Man I#98 (March, 1993) - Terry Kavanagh (writer), Alex Saviuk (pencils), Don Hudson (inker), Rob Tokar (editor)

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