Real Name: Talia

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-97643) Metamutant

Occupation: unrevealed

Affiliations: Râ's A-Pocalypse, Ubuwong, unnamed cyber-ninja assassins, THX 1138 (formerly) Dark Claw (Logan Wayne)

Enemies: Dark Claw (Logan Wayne), Sparrow (Jubilation Lee)

Known Relatives: Râ's A-Pocalypse (father)

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: (currently) New Gotham

First Appearance: Dark Claw Adventures#1 (June, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Lady Talia possesses cybernetic body parts that enhance her strength to superhuman levels and indestructible adamantium limbs and claws that can slash through most substances.  She has also proven to be a skilled tactician and knowledgeable in the ways of cybernetics.  Lady Talia knows many secrets about Dark Claw (including his real name, motivations, and past) and is willing to exploit them at every opportunity.


At some point in the past, Lady Talia and Dark Claw were romantically involved.

(Dark Claw: The Animated Show) - "Legacy of Apocalypse" - Lady Talia was present when her beloved Dark Claw confronted her father, the diabolical Râ's A-Pocalypse, in a desert just as Râ's A-Pocalypse was about to take off in his plane to release a virus that would have killed the planet's entire metamutant population.  As Lady Talia watched from a distance,  Râ's and Dark Claw engaged in a sword fight.  Râ's A-Pocalypse and Dark Claw, as always, were evenly matched that day, but Râ's gained the upper hand when Dark Claw was stung by a scorpion.

With Dark Claw temporarily incapacitated, Râ's A-Pocalypse boarded his plane on his way to release the virus and "reshape a better world".  Dark Claw, who was left behind with Lady Talia, picked up a missile launcher and shot down Râ's A-Pocalypse's plane in a final attempt to prevent the villain from releasing the metamutant-killing virus.  The plane exploded in midair and the wreckage fell to the desert sands.  Lady Talia desperately searched the flaming wreckage for her father (and burned off 90% of her skin in the process), but she was unable to locate any trace of his body.  Râ's A-Pocalypse was presumed to have died in the explosion.

(Dark Claw Adventures#1 (bts)) - To replace the skin that was burned off while searching for her father in the plane's wreckage, Lady Talia was outfitted with cybernetic body parts and adamantium limbs.  She then dedicated the rest of her life to killing Dark Claw.

(Dark Claw Adventures#1 (fb)) - "Face to Face" - Two years later, Lady Talia monitored Dark Claw from her hi-tech lair as he went undercover as "Patch Malone" at Lenny's Bar and Grill in New Gotham.  Renewing her vow to kill her beloved Dark Claw for "murdering" her father two years earlier, Lady Talia had her cyber-ninja assassins implant a bio-tracker in Dark Claw's shoulder so that she could follow him back to the hidden location of the Barrow.  Her loyal cyber-ninja assassins offered to help her kill Dark Claw, but Lady Talia insisted that she accomplish her task alone.

Later, while Dark Claw was training in the Danger Cave, Lady Talia breached the Barrow's defense systems and bound and gagged Sparrow.  When Dark Claw emerged from the Danger Cave, Lady Talia attacked.  Dark Claw, who was shocked at the sight of Lady Talia's cybernetic limbs, tried to reason with her and convince her that killing her father was necessary to prevent the deaths of all of the world's metamutants -- including Lady Talia, who was also a metamutant.  But Lady Talia, blinded by her rage, would not listen and continued her assault.  Dark Claw refused to continue fighting and Lady Talia took the opportunity to stab him through his heart with her claws.

With Dark Claw finished, Lady Talia approached the bound Sparrow and used her claw to free the young metamutant from her gag.  But Lady Talia, who still had a sense of honor, would not harm Sparrow because she considered her to be "an innocent".  With her father and Dark Claw both apparently dead, Lady Talia said there was nothing left to do but remove the last part of herself that was truly human -- her heart.  As Lady Talia prepared to impale herself through the heart with her own claws, Dark Claw (whose metamutant healing factor prevented his death) let Lady Talia know that he was still alive.  Astonished that her beloved Logan was still alive, Talia lovingly embraced the fallen Dark Claw and finally felt at peace with herself for the first time since her father's alleged "death" two years ago.

Comments: created by Ty Templeton and Rick Burchett ; "Dark Claw Adventures" letter column created by Scott Peterson

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DARK CLAW ADVENTURES follows the continuity of DARK CLAW: THE ANIMATED SHOW rather than the continuity of the other "mainstream" Dark Claw comics (such as SLEUTH COMICS, DARK CLAW, and LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW).  For instance, in DARK CLAW ADVENTURES, Sparrow (Jubilation Lee) is a few years older than the Sparrow featured in the mainstream Dark Claw comics.

Airing on the Fox Bros. Network in the late 1990s, DARK CLAW: THE ANIMATED SHOW was created by Bruce Dini and Paul Timm.  Classic episodes include "Legacy of Apocalypse" and "They Shall Call the Beast Omega!".  In the letter column to DARK CLAW ADVENTURES #1, editor Scott Peterson revealed that in early 1998 there would be a direct-to-video animated Dark Claw movie followed by twelve new episodes of DARK CLAW: THE ANIMATED SHOW produced by Dini and Timm with storyboards by Ty Templeton, Rick Burchett, Ronnie Del Murakami, and Kevin Riba.

The DARK CLAW: ELSEWHAT IF line of action figures by Puckett and Parobeck Toys features action figures based on the characters of DARK CLAW: THE ANIMATED SHOW, including the hard to find Spiral Harley action figure.

In case you're confused, Amalgam Comics didn't really exist beyond those seen in the few DC/Marvel cross-over. The titles you don't recognize are amalgams of similar Marvel and DC comics--Snood.

Amalgam Universe


DARK CLAW: THE ANIMATED SHOW is an amalgam of X-MEN (the cartoon series) and BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES.

Fox Bros. Network is an amalgam of the Fox Network (where X-MEN and BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES originally aired) and the Warner Bros. Network (where the BATMAN-SUPERMAN ADVENTURES originally aired).

Bruce Dini is an amalgam of Bruce Timm (creator / producer of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES) and Paul Dini (writer / producer of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES).

Paul Timm is an amalgam of Paul Dini (writer / producer of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES) and Bruce Timm (creator / producer of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES) .

Ronnie Del Murakami is an amalgam of Ronnie Del Carmen (storyboard artist for BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES) and Glen Murakami (character designer / storyboard artist for BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES).

Kevin Riba is an amalgam of Kevin Altieri (director of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES) and Dan Riba (director of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES).

DARK CLAW: ELSEWHAT IF is an amalgam of Marvel's WHAT IF? and DC's ELSEWORLDS.

Puckett and Parobeck Toys  is an amalgam of Kelley Puckett (writer of DC's BATMAN ADVENTURES) and Mike Parobeck (penciler of DC's BATMAN ADVENTURES).

• Although DARK CLAW ADVENTURES #1 was not set in the mainstream Amalgam Universe, it's extremely likely that Lady Talia also exists in some capacity in the mainstream Amalgam Universe.  It is also possible that the events which transpired in the animated continuity also occurred in the Amalgam Universe, although some minor details may have been altered (such as Sparrow being younger in the mainstream continuity).

Cyber-Ninja Assassins

Loyal agents of Lady Talia, two unnamed cyber-ninja assassins tracked Dark Claw down to Lenny's Bar and Grill in New Gotham while he was playing cards in the guise of his alter ego, "Patch Malone".  The cyber-ninja assassins confirmed "Patch Malone" as their intended target when his voice matched 99% of their sample.  One assassin attempted to electrocute Dark Claw as the other fired a laser at him, but Dark Claw quickly dispatched his cybernetic assailants and escaped in the Clawmobile with Sparrow.  But unknown to Dark Claw, the cyber-ninja assassins were able to stick a bio-tracker implant in Dark Claw's shoulder so that Lady Talia cold track him down.

The Cyber-Ninja Assassins are amalgams of Reavers elements of the Marvel Universe and League of Assassins elements of the DC Universe.
 --Dark Claw Adventures#1

THX 1138

One of Lady Talia's cyber-ninja assassins, THX 1138 monitored Dark Claw's movement once the other cyber-ninja assassins stuck the bio-tracker implant in his shoulder.  THX 1138 offered to send a squad of other cyber-ninja assassins to accompany Lady Talia on her quest to kill Dark Claw -- but Lady Talia refused any help, insisting that she finish off Dark Claw alone.

THX 1138 is most likely a reference to THX 1138, George Lucas' first feature film..

--Dark Claw Adventures#1

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Also assume that the Amalgam characters have no other connection to any others than whom they are Amalgamated, unless specifically mentioned.

Lady Talia is an amalgam of:

        • Lady Deathstrike of Earth-616, Yuriko Oyama, @ Daredevil#197

        • Talia, of the mainstream DC Universe, Talia Al Ghul (Head), @ Detective Comics#411

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