Real Name: Jubilation Lee

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-97643) metamutant

Occupation: (currently) vigilante

Affiliations: Dark Claw (Logan Wayne); Huntress (Carol Danvers)

Enemies: Hyena (Creed H. Quinn); the Pack; Lady Talia

Known Relatives: unnamed mother and father (both deceased)

Aliases: "Death-Urge Overdrive"

Base of Operations: New Gotham City, the Amalgam Universe

First Appearance: Legends of the Dark Claw #1 (April, 1996); Shadow of the Dark Claw #1 (in Amalgam continuity)

Powers/Abilities: Sparrow is a metamutant with the ability to generate "fireworks," or, more precisely, energy globules that vary in degrees of power and intensity. The globules obey her mental control, traveling where she directs them, arranging themselves in balls, streamers, and other shapes, and exploding when she wishes. These combinations may result in anything from a multitude of colorful sparkles capable of temporarily blinding a person to a fairly powerful detonation, capable of smashing tree trunks or metal objects.  From her time training with Dark Claw, Sparrow has also become an adept detective and strategist.


(Shadow of the Dark Claw #1) - Jubilation Lee's parents were killed by metamutant-hunting Sentinel robots, forcing the young metamutant to hide in New Gotham's largest shopping mall.  In the deep sub-basement caverns of the shopping mall, Jubilation tripped across a trap set for Dark Claw (Logan Wayne), who was ambushed, wounded, and facing the possibility of death if he couldn't get away from his pursuers.  Although Dark Claw eventually escaped, he was in rough shape, and Jubilation's metamutant light show helped him to get away safely.  Impressed by her attitude and abilities, Logan Wayne took the young girl under his wing.  Jubilation wanted to adopt the alias "Death Urge Overdrive," but Dark Claw insisted that she instead take the name "Sparrow."

Although Sparrow thought her powers were the solution to every problem, Dark Claw worked hard to get her to rely on her brain, information resources, and strategic planning first, actually placing herself in physical danger only as a last resort.

 (Legends of the Dark Claw #1(bts)) - The New Gotham madman known as Hyena (Creed H. Quinn) delivered a clue to Dark Claw tipping him off to where he was going to strike next: "Black and white and red all over."  Dark Claw immediately deduced that Hyena's clue pointed to the Gotham Gazette Printing Plant and headed toward the plant with Sparrow in the Claw Copter, suspecting that Hyena was going to detonate a bomb there.

 (Legends of the Dark Claw #1) - "Through a Glass Darkly" - Sparrow piloted the Claw Copter outside the Gotham Gazette Printing Plant as Dark Claw confronted Hyena within the building.  As Dark Claw traded blows with Hyena, Sparrow monitored Dark Claw's life-function readings and kept in contact with Dark Claw via a communication link.  Dark Claw noticed that Hyena was wearing a static electricity discharge wire on his wrist, suggesting that Hyena's plan was to go inside the guts of the typography computer rather than plant a bomb.  As the battle between Dark Claw and Hyena spilled out onto the roof of the printing plant, Sparrow provided cover from the safety of the Claw Copter.  But when the Pack, Hyena's gang of street thugs, began shooting at Dark Claw from an adjacent building, Sparrow flew by with the Claw Copter so that Dark Claw could hop aboard.  The overly-aggressive Sparrow prepared to turn around for a strafing run, but Dark Claw grabbed hold of the controls just in time to pilot the Claw Copter away from the Pack's heat-seeking missiles -- nearly colliding with the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier in the process.

Returning to Dark Claw's underground Barrow, Sparrow landed the Claw Copter in the roof hangar and began hacking into the Gotham Gazette typesetting computer as Dark Claw ascended to his penthouse suite.   Some time later, Dark Claw returned to the Barrow along with the former government operative known as the Huntress (Carol Danvers), who had recently uncovered Dark Claw's secret identity while snooping around Logan Wayne's penthouse.  Sparrow vehemently voiced her disapproval of Huntress' presence in the Barrow, but Dark Claw explained to his sidekick that he could not simply take Huntress "out in the woods and loose her."

Sparrow's anger subsided as she showed Dark Claw that she successfully hacked into the Gotham Gazette typesetting computer.  Accessing the headlines that Hyena altered for the next day's newspaper, Sparrow, Dark Claw, and Huntress concluded that Hyena was planning to poison the President of the United States with sodium-cyanide when Air Force 1 departed from Gotham International Airport in twenty minutes.

Twenty minutes later, Sparrow, Dark Claw, and Huntress were aboard the Claw Copter and hovering over the Gotham International Airport.  As Sparrow piloted the Claw Copter alongside Air Force 1 and matched its speed, Huntress used her crossbow to secure a grappling hook on Air Force 1's landing gear.  Dark Claw then used the grappling hook to board Air Force 1, and eventually saved the President from Hyena's evil scheme, although Hyena managed to evade capture once again.

(Dark Claw Adventures #1) - "Face to Face" - Sparrow pulled the Clawmobile up behind Lenny's Bar and Grill, where Dark Claw had just been attacked by a pair of cyber-ninja assassins while playing poker in his undercover guise of "Patch Malone."  Since the assassins recognized him out of costume, Dark Claw realized that Lady Talia was back in town.

Sparrow and Dark Claw returned to the Barrow, where Sparrow accused Dark Claw of "falling to pieces" whenever Lady Talia was around.  Sparrow wanted to go after Lady Talia and noted that it was uncharacteristic of Dark Claw to hide in the Barrow, but Dark Claw said that he had to instead train in the Danger Cave because he needed to be at his beast when facing Talia.  Sparrow reluctantly obeyed and sat up in the Danger Cave control room as Dark Claw ripped apart life-model-decoy robots patterned after his deadliest foes.  But suddenly, the lights went off and Sparrow was ambushed by Lady Talia, who bound and gagged the teenager.  With Sparrow out of action, Lady Talia attacked Dark Claw in the Barrow as a helpless Sparrow watched.  After a fierce battle, Lady Talia impaled Dark Claw through his chest with her cybernetic claw.

With Dark Claw seemingly dead, Sparrow's eyes filled with tears as Lady Talia approached her.  As Lady Talia used her claw to free the young metamutant from her gag, the tearful Sparrow asked Talia if she was going to kill her as well.  But Lady Talia responded that she would not kill Sparrow because she was an innocent.  Lady Talia, who now regretted killing her beloved Dark Claw, was about to take her own life when Dark Claw spoke.  Although severely wounded, Dark Claw's metamutant healing factor prevented him from dying.  As Dark Claw and Lady Talia made peace with each other, an impatient Sparrow asked if someone could untie her.

Comments: created by Larry Hama, Jim Balent, Brent Anderson, and Ray McCarthy

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DARK CLAW ADVENTURES follows the continuity of DARK CLAW: THE ANIMATED SHOW rather than the continuity of the other "mainstream" Dark Claw comics (such as SLEUTH COMICS, DARK CLAW, and LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW).  For instance, in DARK CLAW ADVENTURES, Sparrow (Jubilation Lee) is a few years older than the Sparrow featured in the mainstream Dark Claw comics.

Airing on the Fox Bros. Network in the late 1990s, DARK CLAW: THE ANIMATED SHOW was created by Bruce Dini and Paul Timm.  Classic episodes include "Legacy of Apocalypse" and "They Shall Call the Beast Omega!".  In the letter column to DARK CLAW ADVENTURES #1, editor Scott Peterson revealed that in early 1998 there would be a direct-to-video animated Dark Claw movie followed by twelve new episodes of DARK CLAW: THE ANIMATED SHOW produced by Dini and Timm with storyboards by Ty Templeton, Rick Burchett, Ronnie Del Murakami, and Kevin Riba.

The DARK CLAW: ELSEWHAT IF line of action figures by Puckett and Parobeck Toys features action figures based on the characters of DARK CLAW: THE ANIMATED SHOW, including the hard to find Spiral Harley action figure.

In case you're confused, Amalgam Comics didn't really exist beyond those seen in the few DC/Marvel cross-over. The titles you don't recognize are amalgams of similar Marvel and DC comics--Snood.

Amalgam Universe


DARK CLAW: THE ANIMATED SHOW is an amalgam of X-MEN (the cartoon series) and BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES.

Fox Bros. Network is an amalgam of the Fox Network (where X-MEN and BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES originally aired) and the Warner Bros. Network (where the BATMAN-SUPERMAN ADVENTURES originally aired).

Bruce Dini is an amalgam of Bruce Timm (creator / producer of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES) and Paul Dini (writer / producer of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES).

Paul Timm is an amalgam of Paul Dini (writer / producer of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES) and Bruce Timm (creator / producer of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES) .

Ronnie Del Murakami is an amalgam of Ronnie Del Carmen (storyboard artist for BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES) and Glen Murakami (character designer / storyboard artist for BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES).

Kevin Riba is an amalgam of Kevin Altieri (director of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES) and Dan Riba (director of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES).

DARK CLAW: ELSEWHAT IF is an amalgam of Marvel's WHAT IF? and DC's ELSEWORLDS.

Puckett and Parobeck Toys  is an amalgam of Kelley Puckett (writer of DC's BATMAN ADVENTURES) and Mike Parobeck (penciler of DC's BATMAN ADVENTURES).



• Although DARK CLAW ADVENTURES #1 was not set in the mainstream Amalgam Universe, it's possible that the events which transpired in the animated continuity also occurred in the Amalgam Universe, although some minor details may have been altered (such as Sparrow being younger in the mainstream continuity).

Sparrow (Jubilation Lee) and Huntress (Carol Danvers) do not get along.  While Huntress thinks Sparrow acts in a juvenile manner, Sparrow does not trust Huntress with Dark Claw's secrets and constantly refers to Huntress as a "bimbo" or a "slut".

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Also assume that the Amalgam characters have no other connection to any others than whom they are Amalgamated, unless specifically mentioned.

Sparrow is an amalgam of:

           • Jubilee of Earth-616, Jubilation Lee, @ Uncanny X-Men #244

           • Robin of the mainstream DC Universe, Timothy Drake, @ Batman #436 (as Tim Drake), Batman #457 (as

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