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For any character that is otherwise unnamed, the Marvel component character will be named first

Amalgamated refers to a merger carried out outside of the Amalgam universe, such as those formed by Dr. Strangefate in the All Access series.

Nearly all Amalgam profiles were done by Skullogeist.
Other contributors will be listed next to the links.


Al Forbush (Irving Forbush/Al)

Al Forbush's Subterranean Diner

All-Star Winners Squadron (All-Winners Squad/All-Star Squadron)

Amalgam Universe

Amazon (Amalgamated Storm/Wonder Woman)

Ambush the Lunatik (Lunatik/Ambush Bug)

American Belle (Miss America/Liberty Belle)

Angelhawk (Angel/Hawkman)


Apollo (Apollo/Apollo)

Aqua-Mariner (Namor/Aquaman)

Arkham Tower


The "Artsy-Trendy Section of New Gotham City

Athena (Athena/Athena)


Baron Zero (Baron von Strucker/Mr. Freeze)

The Barrow

Baxter Building

Bernadeth (Female Furies)

Bevarlene (Beverly Switzler/Darlene)

Big Gorgon (Gorgon/Big Bear)

Billie the Millie (Millie the Model/Billy the Girl)

Big Question (Kingpin/Riddler)

Big Titania (Titania/Big Barda)

Bishop-Superman (Amalgamated)

Bizarnage (Carnage/Bizarro)

Black Bat (Black Cat/Batgirl)

Black Brand (Firebrand/Black Hand)

Black Vulture (Vulture/Black Condor)

Blob (Blob/Chunk)

Bronze Tiger (Black Panther/Bronze Tiger)

Brood Pit (Brother Brood's Brood nest)

"Brooklyn" Barnes ("Bucky" Barnes/Dan "Brooklyn" Turpin)

Brother Brood (Brother Blood/Brood) - by Darc_Light

Brothers (DC vs Marvel) - by Stunner --not really Amalgam per se, but close enough...

Canary (Mockingbird/Black Canary) (JLA)

Cannonball-Flash (Amalgamated)

Captain Marvel (JLA) (Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) / Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) )

Captain Sam Makoa (New York Special Crimes Unit)

Castle (Punisher/Colonel Steve Trevor)

Catsai (Elektra/Catwoman)

Challenger Haters of Evil (Masters of Evil/League of Challenger Haters)

Chaos (Havok/Spitfire)

Chemodam (Modam/Chemo)

Circe (Sersi/Circe)


Coast City

Comrade Grodd (Super-Apes/Gorilla Grodd)

Congo-Red (Super-Apes/Congo Bill/Congorilla)

Connors, Dr. Curt

Cult of Brood (Brother Brood's cult)

Cyclops-Green Lantern (Amalgamated)

Cyber-Ninja Assassins (Lady Talia’s agents)

Daily Bugle

Dare (Daredevil/Deathstroke)

Daryl Rutabaga (Space Turnip/Jonas Glim)

Deadeye (Bullseye/Deadshot)

Deathborg (Deathlok/Cyborg)

Deathlok (Midnight/Deathlok/Robin)

Diablo the Volcano Man (Diablo/ Volcano Man)

Doctor Bongface (Doctor Bong/Scarface)

Doctor Strangefate (Dr.Strange/Professor X/Dr.Fate)

Doctor Whiplash (Whiplash/Doctor Polaris)

Drabny the Fixer (The Fixer/ Drabny)

Dream Crystal (Crystal/Beautiful Dreamer)

Fantastic Mountain

Female Furies

Ferris, Harrington (Senator Harrington Byrd/Carl Ferris)

The Flash

"Flash" Thompson (New York Special Crimes Unit)

"Flying Gambonnos"

53 Bridwell Street

Janice Doremus (Janice Cord/Eve Doremus)

Gaea (Gaea/Gaea)

Galactiac (Galactus/Brainiac) - by Zerostar

Gamorola (Gamora/Princess Shao-La)


Generation Hex  (Generation X/DC's Old West)


Giganta (Gargantua/Giganta)

Godthing (Chair Thing/Gawd)

Gold Kidney-Lady (Kidney Lady/Goldstar)

Goliath (JLA) (Goliath (Barton) /Green Arrow)

Gorillagrad (Red Ghost/Gorilla City)

The Gotham Bugle

The Gotham Gazette

Gotham International Airport

Great White (Ultimo/Shark)

Green Guardsman (Guardsman/Green Lantern Kyle Rayner)

Gruenwald, Jenette (Mark Gruenwald/Jenette Kahn)

Guardian Angel (The Angel/The Guardian)


Hal Jordan (Star Brand/Green Lantern Hal Jordan)

Halorama (Roma/Halo)

The Hand (assassins)

Harper, Dr Tom (director of Project Cadmus, Guardian Angel)

Hawkeye (Hawkeye/Green Arrow) (JLA)

Hawkhawk (Nighthawk/Hawkman)

H.E.C.T.O.R. (MODOK/Hector Hammond)

Hera (Hera/Hera)

Hermes (Hermes/Hermes)

Hexions (Hellions/Jonah Hex)

Hippolyta (Hippolyta/Hippoltya)


Human Lantern (Human Torch (Jim Hammond)/the Green Lantern (Alan Scott))

Huntress (Ms.Marvel/Huntress)

Iceberg (Iceman/Ice)

Iceman-Aquaman (Amalgamated)

I Ching (Big Question's Judo teacher)

Impossible Dawg (Impossible Man/Dawg)


Iriskani (Askani/Iris Allen)

Iron Lantern (Iron Man/Green Lantern)

Iron Lantern 5700 (Iron Man 2020/Green Lantern 5700)

Jade Enchantress (Enchantress/Jade)

Jade Nova (Nova/Green Lantern/Jade)

Jericha (Karma/Jericho)

Jocasta (Jocasta/Sentinels/Millie the Model/Platinum)

Jonas Turnip (Space Turnip/Jonas Glim)

Jono Hex (Chamber/Jonah Hex)

Jubilee-Batman (Amalgamated)

Kalmaku, Happy (Happy Hogan/Pieface Kalmaku)



King Lizard (Lizard/King Shark)

Kokoro (Psylocke/Katana)

Krakoa the Living Dinosaur Island

Kultron (Ultron/Kobra)

Lady Talia (Lady Deathstrike/Talia)

Lamplight Phantom (Night Phantom/Lamplighter)

Lashina (Female Furies)

Latkovia (Latveria/Markovia)

Leech, Roxy (New York Special Crimes Unit)

Lenny's Bar and Grill

Lethal (Kraven/Cheetah)

"Lockjaw" (one of the Un-People)

Mandarinestro (Mandarin/Sinestro)

Mad Harriet (Female Furies)

Madame Banshee (Banshee/Madame .44)

Madame Cat (Madame Hydra (Viper)/Catwomen)

Madame Sapphire (Madame Masque/Star Sapphire, Pepper Potts/Carol Ferris)

Magnus, Will


Medusa Moonrider (Medusa/Mark Moonrider)

Mercury (Quicksilver/Impulse)


Miss Miracle (Crystal/Mr. Miracle)

"Moon Boy"

Moonwing (Moon Knight/Nightwing/Robin)

Mount Olympus

M-Parasiteplate (Emplate/Parasite)

Multi-Master (Puppet Master/Multi-Man)

Mutant Outsiders (New Mutants/Outsiders)

Myx (Wong//Mxyzptlk)

New Asgard

New Gotham City

New Gotham Police Dept

New York City

New York Special Crimes Unit (New York Police Department/Metropolis Special Crimes Unit)

Nightgate (Gateway/Nighthawk)

Nuke (Nuke/Bane)

Oa the Living Planet (Ego the Living Planet/Oa)

Offending Society (Defenders/Justice Society of America)

The 100 (The Maggia/The 100)

Panthera (Puma/Cheetah)

El Papamondo (Mondo/el Papagayo)

Pelt Man (Jigsaw/Cheetah)

Phoenix-Martian Manhunter (Amalgamated)

The Plains of Yggdrassil

Poseidon (Neptune/Poseidon)


Poseidon's Undersea Throne Room

Pow Wow Boom Boom Smith (Boom Boom (Tabitha Smith) /Pow Wow Smith)

Prince (Elektra/Wonder Woman)

Professor Kang (Kang/Professor Zoom)

Professor Psycho (Professor Power/Doctor Psycho)

Puck (Puck/Oberon, Wolf)

Punisher (Punisher/Col. Steve Trevor)

Quasimodox (Quasimodo/Vril Dox II)

Queen Hippolyta (Hippolyta/Hippoltya)

Quentin Carnival

Johnny Random (Random/Johnny Thunder)

Ra’s A-Pocalypse (Ra’s Al Ghul/Apocalypse)

Radioactive Kra (Radioactive Man/Kra)

Razormen (Sentinels/Scissormen)

Red Ghost

Red Vision (Vision / Red Tornado)

Retribution (Penance/Firehair)


Rhodes, Stewart (Jim Rhodes/John Stewart)

River Drive


Savage, Black Tom (Black Tom Cassidy/Vandal Savage)

Scarecrow (Scarecrow/Scarecrow)

Scarlet Witch

Scott Free (Big Titania’s husband)

Senator Harrington Ferris (Senator Harrington Byrd/Carl Ferris)


Serpent Crown

Shadow Guild (Thieves' Guild/Obsidian)

Shaggynaut (Juggernaut/Shaggy Man)

Siliconman (Plastic Man/Sandman)

Silver Racer (Silver Surfer/Willie Lincoln/Black Racer)

Sinestro (Star Brand/Sinestro)

Sinister Society (Sinister Six/Secret Society of Super-Villains)


Skinhunter (Skin/Scalphunter)

Skulk (Hulk/Solomon Grundy)

Sonicorn (Unicorn/Sonar)

Soniklaw (Klaw/Sonar)

Sparrow (Jubilee/Robin)

Stane, Olivia (Obadiah Stane/Olivia Reynolds)

Starbrand Corps (Star Brand/Green Lantern Corps)

Stompa (Female Furies)

Suicide Street

Super Town

Sur, Rhomann (Rhomann Dey/Abin Sur)

Tagak the Lantern-Lord (Tagak the Leopard Lord/Green Lantern elements)


Terra-X (Terrax/Terra)

The Terrible Three (The Sinister Six/The Terrible Trio)


Thunderchick (Syrin/Hawk - Son of Tomahawk)

Thunderhawk (Thunderbird/Tomahawk)

THX-1138 (agent of Lady Talia)

Tomb of Orion

Tombstone the Ravager (Tombstone/Ravager)

Tony Stark

Trask, Bat (Bolivar Trask/Bat Lash)

Aurora Trigger (Aurora/Wayne Trigger and Cinnamon)

Northstar Trigger (Northstar/Walter Trigger)

Triserinak (Triton and Karnak/Serifan)

Two-Faced Goblin (The Green Goblin/Two-Face)

Tyrannoids of Latkovia (Tyrannoids/Markovia)

Uatu the Guardian (Uatu/Guardians of Oa)

Ubuwong (Ubu/Wong)

Ultivac, the Multi-Robot (Destroyer, Galactus’s Punisher Robot, and Machine Man/ Ultivac and Ultra, the Multi-Alien)

Ultra-Metallo (The Sleeper/Metallo)

Undersea Throne Room

Universe-Two (New Universe/Earth 2)

Un-People (Inhumans/Forever People)

Urich, Jimmy (Ben Urich/Jimmy Olsen)

Vance Cosmic (Vance Astro/Cosmic Boy)

Vane, Sunset (Sunset Bain/Iona Vane)

Vikki Valkyrie (Valkyrie/Vicki Vale)

Vykin the Black Bolt (Black Bolt/Vykin the Black)


War Monarch (War Machine/Monarch)

Weaponers of A.I.M. (A.I.M./Weaponeers of Qward)

White Whale (Kingpin/Tobias Whale)

White Whip (White Queen/Whip)

White Witch (Scarlet Witch/Zatanna)

Whiz (the Whizzer/the Flash (Jay Garrick)

Will Magnus

Winterstick (Stick/Wintergreen)

Wired (Cable/Manhunter)


Wraith (Gambit/Obsidian)


Young Commandos (Young Allies/Boy Commandos)



Zeus (Zeus/Zeus)

Earth-Amalgam does not appear to have any similarities to the universal structure and hierarchy of Earth-616 or similar worlds, and thus it would be outside of the mainstream Multiverse, but within the greater Omniverse. It has been suggested that there may be one more division present between Multiverse and Omniverse, to link asociated worlds, such as those linked to Marvel, and to keep distinct from other such groupings, such as those associated with DC or other titles. Thus worlds like the New Universe or the Shadowline, and now Amalgam too might be contained within the Marvel Megaverse. Sounds good to me!
- Snood

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