Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Multiversal cosmic being, unique throughout the multiverse

Occupation: Keeper of the Cosmic Balance;
    Safeguards the multiverse from mystical imbalance;

    guardian and final arbiter of justice for the entire Multiverse;
Rom I#41 "One who stands in judgment over all! One who is the final arbiter of fate! One whose verdict binds the cosmos!"

Group Membership: None, although he often rules over an assemblage of cosmic beings;

AffiliationsThe BrothersAbove-All-Others/One-Above-All (see comments), Spectre(s) of DC's Megaverse;
    (Generally most other beings referenced include those beings' various dimensional counterparts):
Celestials (including Ziran, their One Above All, and at least Reality-691's Scathan the Approver), Death, Elders of the Universe (specifically including Collector/Taneleer Tivan and Gardener/Ord Zyonz), Eon, Epoch, Eternity, Faltine, "Four Muses" (Gideon, Prester John, Stranger, Tim), Galactus (Galan), Godheads (specifically including Thor & Zeus), In-Betweener, Infinity, Kronos the Eternal, Magistrati (including She-Hulk/Jen Walters), Master HateMistress Love, Oblivion, Phoenix Force, Recorder Zeta 9 (aka RT-Z9 and Artie Zix), Seraphim, Shaper of Worlds, Silver Surfer, Stranger, Uatu the Watcher, Vishanti (Agamotto, Hoggoth, Oshtur);
    presumably engages in some sort of agreement with Anthropomorpho and the living fractals of the Dimension of Manifestations;
    Mephisto serves a specific role, though they are not allies;
    Death and  are subject to his will, but are not necessarily allies;
    they have used a large group of the universe's heroes as agents;
Lord Chaos, Master Order;

Enemies: Beyonders, Dr. Doom (Victor von Doom), Dormammu-9411, Ereshkigal, Galactus-982, Hawk God-691, Korvac-82432Lord Chaos, Master Order, Mephisto (plots against him), Nebulos, Prodigy-691, Reed Richards-982, Rune-93060, Slorioth, Thanos
    formerly the Brothers, Dweller-in-Darkness from the previous multiverse
, Adam Warlock

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Living Trinity, Tri-Judge, We Who Are, the Living Tribunal of the Eighth Cosmos

Base of Operations: A realm beyond all that is (beyond time and space. A 16-dimensional domain at the juncture of multiversal space; a cosmic meeting place for the cosmic entities; possibly associated with the Dimension of Manifestations);
    Star Chamber (in a realm associated with and/or accessing the Cosmic Claims Court);
    Infinite Embassy (
sitting at the top of Earth's cluster of dimensions, overlooking them all);
    frequently accessing the Dimension of Manifestations, presumably at least some of the time by utilizing an M-Body

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#157 (June, 1967)

Powers/Abilities: The Living Tribunal's true nature is unconfirmed; at least under some circumstances, they have formed Manifestation Bodies (M-Bodies) via the living fractals of the Dimension of Manifestations.  living_tribunal-multiversal_judge-ult2-2-full

    The Living Tribunal appears as a giant yellow humanoid (see comments) with three faces, each representing a different personality. The Living Tribunal has three aspects, with a different face to go with each aspect: their uncloaked (fully visible) face represents equity; their half-cloaked face represents vengeance; and their fully cloaked face represents necessity. As a triple-being, the Tribunal typically uses the first person as a group ("we"), and typically all aspects of the Tribunal must be in agreement to make a judgment.
On one occasion, the hooded face was revealed to displayed the face of the person the Living Tribunal was addressing, demonstrating the necessity of actions he was insisting upon.
    It has a blank space where a fourth face could be exhibited. The Tribunal has suggested that this fourth face became the enigmatic cosmic entity known as the Stranger.

    The Living Tribunal often interacts with other conceptual beings, serving as their arbiter and judge. Even abstract/cosmic beings as great as Eternity, Infinity, Death and Oblivion are subject to the Tribunal’s authority. The Tribunal also has authority over the twin cosmic entities the Brothers, each of whom became the guardian of a different Megaverse, within the larger omniverse but encompassing more than a single Multiverse; however, on one occasion, they seemed to dwarf even the Tribunal's power.
    According to the Beyonder, the Tribunal is "the
very bond that inextricably held together the other cosmic/abstract beings."living_tribunal-multiversal_judge-ult2-2-reach

    "Man's cluster" (of universes whose number of spatial dimensions range between 2.7268409 and 6.2985923) is one of the responsibilities of the Living Tribunal, although the Living Tribunal is also responsible for other "lower" or "higher" universes; the Tribunal takes other shapes to administer to other clusters.

    The Living Tribunal’s only superior is Above-All-Others, aka the One-Above-All (not to be confused with the Celestial known as the One Above All, or the god formerly worshipped by the Deonists), the entity which is apparently responsible for the existence of all life in the multiverse, and possibly beyond.

    Unlike the other conceptual beings, the Living Tribunal does not possess counterparts in other realities; only one Living Tribunal exists in the multiverse and is responsible for all judgments. 

    The Living Tribunal’s apparent base of operations is a dimension known as the Star Chamber, where they are served by lesser beings called the Magistrati, who assist in judging matters where the Living Tribunal cannot intervene. 

    The Living Tribunal is not guided by any personal motivation or desires, but is entirely impartial, acting only in what they determine to be the greater interests of the universe (or multiverse). The Living Tribunal is more than willing to sacrifice millions of lives for the sake of billions more, or even billions for the sake of trillions, and will not deign to address the concerns of any lesser being without first establishing a plaintiff’s importance.

    Possessing virtually limitless power, the Living Tribunal can survey the entire multiverse at once, obliterate planets (through various means, such as "expand the polar icecaps to blanket Earth, shrinking and then splintering Earth's crust until only floating cosmic dust was left")or suns at will (and allegedly vaporize whole galaxies), and form impenetrable barriers around worlds or even whole universes. In direct combat, the Tribunal has used the "Talons of Cosmic Fire." The Tribunal has also halted battles between beings of cosmic power, such as Eternity and the Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Adam Warlock, and reversing the effects of that conflict.
    In at least one circumstance, the Tribunal described using the "Incantation of Oblivion," which may imply some mystic ties to his power. They have additionally used the "Sign of the Seraphim" and the "Flames of the Faltine," as well as directly tapping the Amulet of Agamotto, further indications that they can draw power from other sources, such as the mystic principalities. T
    There are definite limitations to the Tribunal's power, as they struggled against Nebulos and could not strike him directly as the Staff of Polar Power could absorb their power.
    On multiple occasions, the Tribunal has withheld from conflict with other beings of cosmic power, as such a conflict might lay waste to "all reality." In some cases, the Tribunal has reasoned with such beings, and in other cases the Tribunal has allowed the choosing of champions to battle in their stead, with agreements of concession to the possessor of the losing champion.

    However, the Living Tribunal has limitations and can be injured or apparently even slain under certain circumstances. He will consistently
    The Heart of Infinity-empowered Thanos once apparently destroyed the Tribunal only to subsequently re-create him.
    The Beyonders apparently slew the Tribunal, and he was later replaced by the virtually omnipotent Adam Warlock of Reality-
19141; whether the Tribunal was reborn via Warlock or whether Warlock instead adopted his form and power is unclear, and may or may not be clarified in the future.
    The combined power of Lord Chaos and Master Order was also sufficient to destroy the Living Tribunal.

    The Tribunal has utilized the Eternal Hourglass, aka the Glass of Doom and Sands of Death, an immense hourglass-type device, with which he may measure the time allotted for a being to accomplish a certain goal.

    "Before all was, I am. After all ends, I am. I live, I die, I live again."

Height: Variable (usually giant in form, from 15' to hundreds of feet tall)
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Generally glowing white (variable)
Hair: None (although they can transform one of their faces to mimic the form of another, taking on that being's features, including his or her hair)

(Ultimates 2#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Living Tribunal may have existed before the multiverse existed.

(Adventures of the X-Men#12) - In the previous Multiverse, the Tribunal sat at the center of all things, feeling the ebb and flow of countless realities, as -- in the palm of their right hand -- the incalculably powerful Brothers played out the endless conflict of existence; the Tribunal had a place for these siblings in his great scheme of things, though they first planned to transdimensionally consult with his hooded, spectral ally, after which the play could proceed if all was in proper alignment.
    The Tribunal was apparently unaware he was being observed by the Dweller-in-Darkness.

brothers_in_hand-close(Adventures of the X-Men#12 (fb) - BTS) - When the Dweller corrupted and destroyed the M'Kraan Crystal, the Phoenix Force filled the universe's inhabitants with hope; the the Crystal was destroyed -- and along with it the entire Multiverse -- but the Dweller's plot was thwarted and all life was saved from eternal damnation.
    Eternity, the sentience of the universe, spared the humanoid Galan of Taa, ensuring his existence as Galactus/

(Adventures of the X-Men#12) - With the previous Multiverse's end, the Tribunal released the two Brothers to assume their pre-destined roles as archtects of the new realities...and only "the ageless judge of all things will know why."

(Adventures of the X-Men#12 (fb) - BTS) - The new Multiverse(s) was/were born, among them Reality-616.

(What If? I#32 (fb) - BTS) - Since the "Prime Divergence," it was the Living Tribunal's function to uphold the laws of the multiverse in order to safeguard the sanctity of life throughout the continuum of universes.

(Mephisto vs...#4 (fb) - BTS) - When time was infant, the Living Tribunal decreed that Mephisto and his Hell-realm would be as one, with Mephisto as the bond that held it together. 

(Journey into Mystery#627 (fb) - BTS) - The Living Tribunal created the Infinite Embassy -- sitting at the top of Earth's cluster of dimensions, overlooking them all -- as an interdimensional nexus meeting place for gods, demons, fairies, ghosts, the better class of magicians, anyone who is "unearthly-yet-of-Earth," and "things beyond your puny mortal knowledge" (per Mephisto).

(She-Hulk I#7 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Living Tribunal began utilizing the Magistrati, who acting as the Tribunal's voice, arbitrating cases across time and space. 

(Fantastic Four I Annual#27/2 (fb) - BTS) - Eons ago, the Living Tribunal, Eternity, Lord Chaos, and Master Order permitted an experiment which placed the powers of the infinite in the hands of mortals by allowing minute bits of energy from the universe of the Beyonders to slip through.
    This resulted in the creation of the Cosmic Containment Units (commonly known as Cosmic Cubes), and of the neo-omnipotent beings of power which grew from them.

confronts Dr. Strange(Strange Tales I#157/2) - Guided by the Ancient One, Dr. Strange had freed the mystically powerful Zom in order to defeat Umar, and then severed Zom's mystic forelock. Performing the latter awakened the sense of evil that had slumbered within the bosom of humanity's mystics. The threat to other worlds drew the Living Tribunal, who threatened to destroy Earth to protect the rest of the universe.

(Strange Tales I#158/2) - Reiterating that Strange's unleashing upon the cosmos a menace that threatened "the worlds beyond worlds," the Living Tribunal prepared to pronounce the Incantation of Oblivion. When Strange demanded a trial and/or an explanation, the Tribunal explained only that the laws of Earth did not govern those who rule the dimensions; nonetheless, the Tribunal's will was that the punished should know the cause of his dire fate, and they instructed Strange to gaze deep into his sear orbs and learn. 

    After reviewing the events that led to his decision, the Tribunal explained how all three of their aspects had already decided against Earth. They then further elaborated how all of the dimensions were under their dominion, and how each of them had been in mystic equilibrium with a single sorcerer supreme per realm, until the release of Zom had upset the balance. As a result, the practitioners of black magic were granted enhanced power, and those previously unsuccessful would-be sorcerers suddenly gained great powers; soon these beings would unite, and their combined power would be that which would threaten the universe. 

    Dr. Strange challenged the Tribunal to defeat him before he might threaten Earth. The Tribunal showed Strange a vision of how they would expand the polar icecaps to blanket Earth, shrinking and then splintering Earth's crust until only floating cosmic dust was left. When Strange attempted to ensnare the Tribunal in the Rings of Raggadorr, the Tribunal made the sign of the Seraphim, turning the spell back on Strange. Strange used the might he had gained from the Ancient One to shatter the bonds, and after several other feats of might and strategy, Strange impressed the Tribunal sufficiently that they agreed to give Strange a chance to save Earth by undoing the evil wrought by freeing Zom; summoning the Glass of Doom (a giant, mystical hour glass), the Tribunal gave Strange until it ran out to succeed; if he was not successful in time, Earth would be destroyed. 

    The Glass was left at Stonehenge.

arms spread - glowing colors around head(Strange Tales I#159/2 - BTS) - Via the Orb of Agamotto, Strange observed the awakening of long-dormant powers of black magic across Earth, after which he showed a vision of the Glass of Doom to Wong.

    Meanwhile, the pre-existing black magic practitioners summoned the neophytes to a gathering where they combined their powers to locate and free Baron Mordo from his mystic prison. Strange arrived to stop them too late.

(Strange Tales I#160/2 - BTS) - Strange showed Mordo the Glass of Doom (aka Sands of Death) in a futile effort to convince Mordo to halt his plot and work to help save Earth. Eventually gaining the advantage over Mordo, Strange forced him to help him perform spells of exorcism that removed the powers from the neophyte sorcerers and transferred their black magic power into Mordo. Upon the completion, however, Mordo used his amplified power to subdue Strange.

(Strange Tales I#161/2 - BTS) - Noting he would rather face the Tribunal than lose his chance to defeat Strange, Mordo banished Strange to the Planets Perilous dimension. There Strange was confronted by the realm's lord, Nebulos, who also summoned Victoria Bentley there.

(Strange Tales I#162/2 - BTS / Strange Tales I#163/2 (fb) - BTS) - Nebulos gave Strange his Staff of Polar Power and sent him back to Earth, where he used the Staff to defeat Mordo, drain his power, and banish him countless galaxies away.

(Strange Tales I#162/2 - BTS) - Strange then traveled to Stonehenge to see that while the Sands of Doom had not yet run out, they were still running despite Mordo's banishment. Using the Staff's power, Strange tried to remove the hourglass from Earth, but Nebulos then transported Strange, the staff, and the hourglass back to the Planets Perilous. After Nebulos reclaimed his staff, Strange noted the approach of the Tribunal.

(Strange Tales I#163/2) - The Tribunal told Strange he had saved Earth, but that the accumulation of pure evil still had to be destroyed. After Nebulos bragged that for eons he had used the Staff of Polar Power to gather evil power, the Tribunal told him that for too long he had overlooked his crimes and must now destroy the Staff. However, as Nebulos had hidden away Victoria Bentley, Strange fired a blast at the Tribunal's feet and bade him to halt until the innocent girl had been recovered. Caring little for a single life, the Tribunal sent Strange's bolt back at him, at which point Nebulos attacked the Tribunal with his Staff's power. As the Tribunal grabbed the Staff of Polar Power, both he and Nebulos were seared by the evil force it contained. Strange again tried to mystically distract the pair and then pleaded with the Tribunal to reason with Nebulos, as their conflict's power might rend the very framework of the universe. Retorting that there could be no truce with such as Nebulos, the Tribunal unleashed the talons of cosmic fire to teach him wisdom. afire

    The Tribunal's three faces spotted Nebulos as he tried escape, and Nebulos told them that the time was not yet ripe, but that in eons to come, his power would be...but the Tribunal cut him off, denying him time or escape and preparing to unleash his full, grim, judgment. Realizing power used against Nebulos would be absorbed by the Staff, the Tribunal instead summoned the Flames of Faltine and threatened to destroy Nebulos' world. Nebulos watched in horror as the Tribunal shattered a mountain with a single blast and then told Nebulos he might have mercy if he relinquished the Staff immediately. 

    Nebulos refused, despite the Tribunal shattering a series of mountains. Desperate, Nebulos prepared to unleash the Staff's full power, but -- as the talons of cosmic fire had faded as the Tribunal focused his concentration elsewhere -- Strange swooped in and snatched the Staff from Nebulos' hands; lacking the Staff's power, Nebulos was buried by the avalanche caused by the Tribunal's blasts. Strange then gave the Staff to the Tribunal.

    Impressed that Strange had accomplished through will and courage what the Tribunal, with all his power, could not, the Tribunal rewarded Strange by sending him to the world on which Nebulos had imprisoned Victoria Bentley.

(What If? I#32) - In Reality-82432, in which Korvac slew the Avengers and continued to accrue power and threaten the universe, the Living Tribunal attended a meeting gathered by that reality's Uatu the Watcher, which also included Galactus, the Gardener, the Grandmaster, Lord Chaos, Master Order, Shaper of Worlds, and the Stranger. Though the Tribunal had yet to render final judgment, they did decree that Korvac was a threat to that reality of such magnitude that he must be dealt with before he could amass further might. The Tribunal ordered that Galactus and the Gardener would launch the first counter-attack from Galactus' ship; meanwhile, the Grandmaster and Shaper were sent to confront Korvac directly; while the others fell to either Korvac or his Avengers pawns, the Shaper turned to support Korvac's grand designs. The Stranger and In-Betweener convinced the Tribunal to accept their strategy to strike at Korvac through his lover, Carina. With the Shaper's aid, Korvac foiled that plot and slew both the Stranger and In-Betweener. Realizing no one else could stand against Korvac, the Tribunal decreed that Earth must die to save the universe, and he -- via an interspacial portal opened to Earth's solar system -- accelerated Earth's sun's natural evoluation to cause it to go nova, but Korvac protected it with an energy shield. With his ultimate punishment thwarted, the Tribunal sealed off this universe from the rest of the multiverse and then departed, urging Lord Chaos and Master Order to flee if they had any means of escape.

(Rom I#41) - In an interdimensional plane, as Dr. Strange prepared to mystically aid the Galadorian spaceknight Rom against the Dweller in the Threshold, the Tribunal ordered him not to cast his spell. The Tribunal then explained that Strange's own mastery of magic had caused black magic on Earth to be on the wane, which was an imbalance they could not support. Preferring to defend the innocent over maintaining some abstract balance, Strange attempted to intervene anyway, but the Tribunal deflected his spell with but a gesture. After noting that all three of their faces had already decided against Stange, the Tribunal explained that necessity demanded action that the balance might be restored; equity ruled that justice could only be served by such restoration; and revenge cried woe unto any who would stand in the way of its enforcement. In this case, the Tribunal dispatched the In-Betweener to enforce his verdict while preventing the In-Betweener's masters, Lord Chaos and Master Order, from intervening as they had during Strange's previous encounter with the In-Betweener. 

(Rom I#41 - BTS) - When the Dweller mystically entranced Rom and led him into his realm, Strange -- realizing that doing so would leave him open to assault by the In-Betweener -- sent a spell of awakening that freed Rom from the Dweller's ensorcelment. As a result, Rom banished the Dweller with his neutralizer.

(Rom I#41) - The Tribunal noted that the balance was still upset, but he appeared to be appeased when Rom explained that Wraithkind was infesting Earth and tipping the scales against humanity; he was trying to right the balance by eradicating the Wraiths and allowing Earth to deal with her natural enemies. Noting that the Tribunal took all into account and that there were forces there beyond any Rom could conceive, the Tribunal nonetheless instructed Rom to succeed in his mission to maintain the balance on Earth, or beware the consequence. As Rom swore to succeed, the Tribunal vanished.

(Secret Wars II#6 - BTS) - In explaining the hierarchy of the universe to his new friend and ally Dave Shooter, the Beyonder explained that the Living Tribunal was the very bond that inextricably held together the other cosmic/abstract beings, and they ruled upon disputes among them. 

(Secret Wars II#6) - The Living Tribunal was part of a delegation of cosmic beings -- including Eternity, the Gardener (presumably as a representative of the Elders of the Universe), In-Betweener, Lord Chaos, Master Order, the Celestial known as the One Above All, and Uatu the Watcher -- beseeching the Beyonder not to destroy the cosmic manifestation of Death (and thus ending death in the universe). After Dave reassured him that he must still be more powerful than all of the cosmic entities combined or they would have tried to stop him by force rather than asking, the Beyonder gave his ascent, and Death drank from a glass imbued with the Beyonder's power, and Death was instantly destroyed. Afterward, the Molecule Man asked the others to leave while he confronted the Beyonder over what he had done.

(Secret Wars II#6 (fb) - BTS) - Realizing the necessity of Death, Dave agreed to sacrifice his own life for the Beyonder to remake him as the manifestion of Death, restoring death to the universe.

(Mephisto vs...#4) - The Living Tribunal confronted Mephisto over his apparent weakening represented by the crumbling of the edge of his realm, and the danger to the balance of power that this represented. Well aware of Mephisto's rivalry with Hela and his machinations against her (though they cared not which of them held dominion over the dead), which involved acquiring souls of increasingly higher power (culminating with coveting the power of a god), the Tribunal warned him against unleashing forces beyond even his ken.

    Following Mephisto's confrontation with Hela, which restored Mephisto's power and his realm, the Tribunal returned and confirmed this restoration. After revealing how his machinations against Hela would work against her in the future, Mephisto mocked the Tribunals' many faces, noting the many faces of evil and how they were ever-changing, unlike the Tribunal's. The Tribunal noted their ire and told Mephisto his words would go unchallenged for now, but never unnoticed. 

(Mephisto vs...#4 - BTS) - After the Tribunal's depature, Mephisto considered how he might someday contend with and defeat the Tribunal, despite their omnipotence.

(What If...? II#6 - BTS) - In Reality-89112, in which the X-Men failed to prevent S'ym and the Goblin Queen from creating a permanent portal to limbo/Otherplace, S'ym sought to use a machine devised by the corrupted Reed Richards and Victor von Doom to allow Otherplace to extend to all planes of the multiverse while still maintaining the spell that kept this Earth dimension protected from outer-dimensional forces; S'ym also realized the importance of finishing and deploying the machine before the dread Tri-Judge appeared, as they could thwart them. S'ym reasoned that once he had control of all dimensions, however, not ever the Tri-Judge would have the power to oppose them. 

(What If...? II#6) - Eventually, that realilty's Rachel Summers summoned the Phoenix Force and used it to purge Earth of demons. The Living Tribunal then arrived, and the Phoenix Force flew to them, knowing they would not allow it to return to Earth or to a human host, as none could safely contain its power for long. While the Tribunal would have destroyed Earth to end the imbalance caused by the demonic overrun, they now allowed the Earth to survive; the Tribunal and the Phoenix Force then parted ways.living_tribunal-multiversal_judge-ex14

(Excalibur I#14) - The Tribunal or something that's taken his appearance seemed to be hearing complaints on the insane Impossible Man-run Earth of Reality-8910.

(Quasar#26) - The Living Tribunal attended the funeral services for Eon held by the Mourners in the Eonverse. They were not observed following the services' disruption by Thanos.

(Silver Surfer III#31) - When the Silver Surfer questioned the Stranger on his origins and was threatened in return, the Living Tribunal appeared. They explained their three faces, representing vengeance, necessity, and death, were mirrored in Death, Eternity, ang Galactus; Lord Chaos, Master Order, In-Betweener; and the "reptile mind" (see comments), the neanderthal (see comments), and the human mind (see comments). The Tribunal then explained -- to the Stranger's consternation -- how the Stranger represented a fourth face to the Tribunal, as if the Stranger was what the Tribunal was not. When the Tribunal described the Surfer as the opposite/counterpart to Galactus, the Surfer noted how he needed to be more than that, and the Tribunal suggested that the Surfer wished to be like the God who made him. Expressing that beings such as themselves must help each other, the Tribunal offered the Surfer a moment of Godhood. The Surfer readily accepted, and the Tribunal instructed him he could do so by touching the void where he had no face, he could know conntection to the infinite, which would also allow the Tribunal to know connection to the Surfer. As the Tribunal judged that the Surfer had earned this, the Surfer took the opportunity. The Surfer flew away thereafter, having relished the experience.

(Infinity Gauntlet#3) - At a cosmic meeting -- which also included Uatu the Watcher, Epoch, Kronos the Eternal, Lord Chaos, Master Order, Galactus, the Stranger, Master Hate, Mistress Love, and the Celestials Ziran the Tester and the One Above All (as well as Quasar, the Silver Surfer, and Adam Warlock) -- Eternity petitioned the Living Tribunal (the only being Eternity considered a peer) to rule against Thanos, who held the powerful Infinity Gauntlet, and who sought to unbalance that which is, throwing the nature of the universe into a maniacal entropy. The Tribunal did not concur, instead concluding that Thanos only strove to replace Eternity's importance in the universe with his (Thanos') own. Countering that natural selection was one of the universe's oldest canons, the Tribunal concluded that this challenge was appropriate and that the Living Tribunal should not become involved in this matter; and, with that, the Tribunal vanished.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#1 (fb) - BTS) - With Adam Warlock having claimed the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos, Eternity (the cosmic manifestation of the universe, especially its temporal axis) petitioned the Living Tribunal to sit in judgment of a trial over the worthiness of Warlock to maintain the near-omnipotence the gems granted.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#1) - The Tribunal presided at the hearing of Eternity against Adam Warlock, which was witnessed by Epoch, Galactus, Master Hate, Master Order, Mistress Love, the Stranger, a Watcher (it was not identified as Uatu), and Ziran the Celestial.  The Tribunal reminded Eternity of his ruling against Eternity's petition against Thanos, but Eternity asserted that this was different as Warlock was mentally incompetent to properly manage absolute power and must be stripped of it. When Warlock attacked Eternity, the Tribunal neutralized the assault, restoring order to the hearing. When the Tribunal explained that he represented forces that dwarfed even Warlock's current power, Warlock contended that this had yet to be proven, but the the Tribunal asserted that his task was to judge this reality's most pressing cosmic issues and that his authority came from on high. After Eternity presented his case, the Tribunal noted that he would also have to determine if he had the power to (Warlock finished his sentence with "wrest the Gauntlet from him," which seemed to be where the Tribunal was going). Despite Warlock's threats, the Tribunal stood up and pronounced his judgment against Warlock, adding that, which his mastery of time, this decision must be no surprise to him. The Tribunal continued that Eternity's assertions that Warlok was mentally unfit to control such power could not be denied, and that in Warlock's hands, the universe would surely come to a disastrous end.

    When Warlock argued that the Tribunal must forcibly separate the Infinity Gems from him, the Tribunal noted that such a confrontation would lay waste to this reality, and asked if that was the type of god Warlock was. Warlock admitted he had foreseen the future and was bound by it, and the Tribunal noted that with great power came great responsibility and little happiness. The Tribunal adjourned the meeting following Warlock's announcement he would see to the dispersal of the Infinity Gems, and he wished Warlock good fortune in the grave task before him.

What The line(What The--?! I#21/5) - When the Inhumans of Earth-665 ("Earth-Marble") were looking to hire a driver and guest star for Medoozy, the Living Tribunal was among the many superpowered applicants.

Seated - Infinity War#3(Infinity War#3 / Infinity War#6 (fb) - BTS) - Recognizing the threat of the Magus (Adam Warlock's evil aspect) via a collection of Cosmic Containment Units, Adam Warlock seemingly regathered the six Infinity Gems with the intent of wielding the Infinity Gauntlet against the Magus. However, presumably antipating the Magus' plot, Warlock had placed a false Reality Gem in the Gauntlet, limiting its power. 

(Infinity War#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Living Tribunal sensed the need for adjucation

(Infinity War#3) - Tribunal traveled to Eternity (who had been rendered insensate by the Magus (Adam Warlock's evil aspect) via a collection of Cosmic Containment Units) and told him he awaited his appeal.

(Infinity War#4 (fb) - BTS) - Galactus alerted the Tribunal that he was requesting a new meeting concerning the Infinity Gems.

(Infinity War#4 - BTS) - Galactus brought Gamora -- a representative of the Infinity Gems' legal possessors -- with him to the meeting with the Living Tribunal and Eternity. However, after Galactus' departure, the Magus arrived and -- shielded by the Thanos doppelganger -- abducted Warlock and the Infinity Gauntlet back to their base.

(Infinity War#4) - The Tribunal met with Galactus (with Gamora at his side), telling him to present his case, as the fate of his dimension may depend on the outcome of the hearing. 

(Infinity War#5 (fb) - BTS / Warlock and the Infinity Watch#9) - Galactus petitioned the Tribunal to rescind his edict limiting the joint use of the Infinity Gems.

(Infinity War#5 / Warlock and the Infinity Watch#9) - Acknowledging Galactus' argument, the Tribunal noted that -- despite the grave peril his reality faced (and that it might be the only means to stave off the Magus' mad ambitions) -- he stood by his ruling against the Infinity Gems being used in concert. As Eternity had first brought the matter to the Tribunal's attention, laws set forth from above the Tribunal declared that only Eternity could now reverse that decision; he added that the fact Eternity was essentially catatonic had no bearing on that ruling. 

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#9) - The Living Tribunal suggested that Galactus must independently find a way to free Eternity from his condition. 

(Infinity War#5) - Galactus then took Gamora within him and entered Eternity with the intent of restoring Eternity's consciousness.

(Infinity War#5 / Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#47 - BTS) - When Gamora exited Eternity's form, the Dr. Strange of Counter-Earth (later known as Necromancer) escaped undetected on her psychic coattails. 

(Infinity War#5) - The Tribunal stood witness as Eternity recovered consciousness and asked that the Infinity Gems could again work in concert. The Tribunal proclaimed, "So be it!" and it was again so.

    Ironically, this happened just as Dr. Doom had defeated the Magus, and the Magus, who was just about to surrender the Infinity Gauntlet to Doom, suddenly had access to its power. 

(Infinity War#6 - BTS) - The Magus' failure to access the Gauntlet's full power (due to the presence of a false Reality Gem) facilitated his defeat.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#11 (fb) - BTS) - Eternity requested an audience with the Living Tribunal.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#11) - Eternity met with the Tribunal to discuss the individuals to whom Warlock had dispersed the Infinity Gems. As Eternity discussed his arguments against each recipient, the Tribunal defended the recipient as being an appropriate holder and/or protector. For the Reality Gem's recipient (secretly Thanos, unrevealed at this time), the Tribunal shared Eternity's misgivings, but noted that Warlock chose him while in a state of omnipotence and that few would be foolish enough to wrest the Reality Gem from him. Ultimately, the Tribunal forced Eternity to accept that he had the motive of obtaining the gems himself, and he ruled against Eternity and left the gems with their current holders. 
    The Tribunal further offered Eternity advice and called him his friend, noting that no longer being omnipotent and having to deal with unpredictability was something that he now had in common with other creatures and that he should learn to savor. He also told Eternity to come to terms with the Infinity Watch as he sensed they would be with them for some time to come.vs_ereshkigal

(Quasar#50) - When the Starbrand-powered Ereshkigal allied with multiple Nexus guardians in a plot to liberate the guardians from multiversal domination, the Living Tribunal appeared (along with Lord Chaos and Master Order) and advised her not to try to shift the cosmic axis. She offered to leave the axis alone if the three cosmic powers abdicated their rule over the multiverse and conferred it upon her. Informing her that this was not possible, as she was mortal and they were abstract, the Tribunal then shared his knowledge of her origins. Stating that her power had come from beyond the Multiverse and thus upset the balance of power, she proved her threat by adding energy to Lord Chaos, making him grow, while simultaneously dimishing Master Order. 
    Though acknowledging her as a being of vast power and a potential peer to the abstract entities, the 
Tribunal clarified that not even she could withstand their unleashed power; they then ordered her to cease her disruption or they would enlist the highest powers in the multiverse to annihilate her. When Ereshkigal refused to back down, however, realizing the damage to the cosmos such a battle would cause (even greater than her intended rocking of the axis), the Tribunal proposed a tournament of champions -- Quasar and the Silver Surfer -- who would fight for the multiverse, although the champions would not know for which side he fought; if Ereshkigal's champion won, the Tribunal would see that her plans for multiversal modification were unopposed, while if he won, she would surrender her power to him. Ereshkigal agreed, and the Tribunal allowed her to pick, while they instilled in the champions' minds what they must do.
    Ultimately, seeing how Chaos grew when he struck the Surfer, Quasar realized he must be Ereshkigal's champion, and he convincingly allowed the Surfer to beat him. Rather than surrender the Starbrand to the Tribunal, Ereshkigal annihilated herself; nonetheless, the Tribunal recovered the Starbrand from her remains. Though they themselves could not possess the Starbrand without forfeiting their limitless authority, they could determine where best to dispose of it. They then allowed the Surfer and Quasar to depart with the knowledge that they had served the Multiverse well, after which they directed the heroes to their respective nexi.

(Quasar#57) - The Living Tribunal confronted the Stranger -- who had transported Earth-148611 (Earth-New Universe) to Earth-616's universe to study it -- on his Laboratory World -- bidding him to hold. Wishing to speak only with the Stranger, the Tribunal transported away the New Universe natives and other beings involved in the war against Skeletron and the Starblasters, apparently sending them to their native worlds. Noting that Earth-148611 was contaminated with an energy beyond this Multiverse, the Tribunal informed the Stranger that its presence upset the universal balance, and that he had no right to bring it there. After chastising a Watcher he had not given permission to watch (and who then disappeared), the Tribunal demanded that this Earth be sealed so that none of its anomalous power could leak out into the rest of the universe.

(Quasar#57 (fb) - BTS) - The Living Tribunal surrounded Earth-148611 with an impenetrable barrier, containing that world and its natives, as well as Kayla Ballantine, Quasar's girlfriend, who had been permanently contaminated by the Starbrand.

(Quasar#58) - Within the Dimension of Manifestations, a young Manifestation body (M-body) followed Quasar's request and brought him to the manifestation of the Living Tribunal. As Eon's protector, Quasar petitioned the Tribunal to free Kayla, as he considered it their fault that she was trapped there. Considering the Starbrand to be too dangerous to the universe and noting Kayla to still possessed a fraction of it, the Tribunal refused. When Quasar argued that he, too, had been bonded to the Starbrand, the Tribunal stated that the portion left within Quasar was so minute as to be undetectable by anyone with perceptions much lower than his own; the Tribunal further added that entities were more likely to covet his quantum bands than the Starbrand residue.
    Noting Quasar's good works in the universe, however, the Tribunal offered to grant Quasar the chance to pass through the barrier to join his mate; however, with the condition that he must remain trapped on that Earth as well as submit his Quantum Bands to the Tribunal so as to not adversely affect the universe's balance of power, Quasar reluctantly declined. Quasar asked the Tribunal if Kayla was going to be alright, but the Tribunal answered only that the future was not theirs to reveal.

(Quasar#58) - Seeking the Living Tribunal, Quasar passed by an M-Body of the Tribunal from the 31st century of Reality-691; the young M-Body guiding Quasar explained that this was not the manifestation he was seeking.

(Guardians of the Galaxy#49 (fb)) - In Reality-691, for the Hawk God's alleged involvement in the genocide of the Watchers, Eternity brought the Hawk God to trial before the Tribunal, with a jury consisting of the In-Betweener, Lord Chaos, Master Hate, Master Order, Mistress Love, and the Stranger. Though ruling accusations of the Hawk God's involvement with the plague-bringer Bubonicus as inadmissable rumor, the Tribunal nonetheless judged the Hawk God to be dangerous and a threat to precipitating the "War of the Cosmic Beings."
    As a result, the Hawk God was demoted and sent back in time to stand in solitary confinement as a silent deity on the planet Arcturus.

(Guardians of the Galaxy#16) - In the Dimension of Manifestations (or perhaps another realm...described as "a realm beyond all that is"), Eternity informed the Living Tribunal that the Protege had become aware of his powers, and the Tribunal responded that with awareness came great power...and they agreed that this was potentially the greatest power yet born to mortals or immortals. Departing, the Tribunal noted that if there was an imbalance in the Multiverse because of this child, they would intervene, but if not, the problem was Eternity's.

(Guardians of the Galaxy#44) - As Protege's power progressively grew following a confrontation with the Beyonder, the Tribunal met with Eternity reminding him Protege was his responsibility. Noting that there were forces at work that he could not predict, Eternity suggested they might need to contact -- "THEM! (presumably referring to the Celestials)" Agreeing that that was a distinct possibility, the Tribunal wondered how Eternity's wound was healing; honored by the concern, Eternity noted it to be closing slowly.

necessity facevengeance facefaces(Guardians of the Galaxy#45) - As Eternity accused the Hawk God, arguing that his avatars as Starhawk were poor choices, Eternity took the Tribunal's silence as agreement. Eternity pressured the Hawk God to silence his "stepchildren" to prevent them from distracting from the crisis involving Protege, and the Hawk God departed to deal with Stakar and Aleta harshly. The Tribunal acknowledged this and then turned his attentions back to Protege who was involved with a conflict involving the Beyonder, Malevolence, and Mephisto. 

    Soon thereafter, the Tribunal told Eternity that the Protege's threat to the Multiverse outweighed all else, and that they would proceed once -- HE (referring to Scathan the Approver ) arrived.

(Guardians of the Galaxy#46) - When the Hawk God appeared before the Tribunal after having fused Stakar and Aleta's hands into a single Starhawk entity, Eternity admonished him to stand down, as the Tribunal was pondering far greater matters. The Tribunal ordered silence from the annoyed Hawk God, telling him the Approver would arrive imminently, and both the Approver and the Tribunal's attention would focus solely on the Protege. 

    When the Protege and Beyonder engaged in direct battle, the Tribunal brought them both before theirselves and informed them that their disgraceful behavior had brought them before them, and that judgment was upon them both, and the Celestial known as Scathan the Approver would bear witness.

(Guardians of the Galaxy#47) - With Scathan as witness, the Tribunal ordered Eternity to introduce the accused; the Beyonder and Protege attacked and seemed to destroy Eternity, only for events to revert as they had been, after which Eternity explained how he was an abstract entity not subject to such attacks. When the Protege claimed he had the greatest power and would surpass them all, the Tribunal argued that there was only one above theirselves, and that the Protege's journey ended here. The Tribunal then clarified that Scathan the Approver had come only to observe and record the Tribunal's judgment upon both the Beyonder and Protege for daring to threaten the fundamental balance of the Multiverse. 

(Guardians of the Galaxy#48) - The Tribunal was as surprised as the Hawk God and Eternity when the Starhawks emerged from within Eternity, and all seemed to be unaware of the power levels and cosmic awareness the Protege was assimilating.

(Guardians of the Galaxy#49) - "In the realm of the cosmic beings," the Hawk God claimed that -- due to the Tribunal's presence -- he restrained himself from lashing out at Eternity for his mockery. The Tribunal had Eternity continue his review of the Hawk God's history, during which time Protege assimilated the abilities and form of the Living Tribunal .

    The Tribunal noted Protege's transformation into a Tribunal-like form with logical confirmation, after which Protege ordered the cosmic entities present -- Eternity, Hawk God, Living Tribunal, and Scathan -- on their knees, as he was now the "One Above All."

(Guardians of the Galaxy#50) - The Tribunal instructed Protege to end this blasphemous display at once, lest he lose what little remained of his immortal soul. The Hawk God wished to set aside his differences with Eternity and join forces to aid the Tribunal, and Eternity urged him to summon every iota of his cosmic power, including the energies used to contain Stakar and Aleta. When Protege summoned his own allies, Mephisto and Malevolence, he also unwittingly summoned their opponent Talon; the Tribunal noted that Talon wore the amulet of the Ancient One (the Amulet of Agamotto), and that they may have need of it. 

    After the Guardians of the Galaxy (Charlie-27, Major Victory, Nikki, Yellowjacket, Yondu) assaulted Mephisto, Malevolence, and Mephisto, Eternity noted how they risked all for preservation of a multiverse they could not hope to understand, and the Tribunal replied that mortals were notoriously unpredictable. 

    Protege eventually attempted to exert his newfound power and to destroy all others present, but Scathan showed his disapproval by encasing the Protege's head and hands within an opaque energy muzzle. With Protege unaware of the events thereafter, the Tribunal judged the Beyonder -- who had via his cross-universal tampering brought the Protege situation to a head, which had also led to the cosmic powers bringing the matter to a conclusion -- "leniently," allowing him to retain his power but trapping him within his own reality. 

    Finally, the Tribunal's faces unanimously judged Protege's actions and intentions as inexcusable. Instructing Protege to make his peace and asking that the One-Above-All forgive him, the Tribunal had Scathan remove Protege's celestial muzzle. Explaining that power was meaningless at this level of existence, he stated that selfish desire would feed upon itself and be consumed, just at Protege would now be. The Tribunal then summoned the Eternal Hourglass, within which Protege was contained and buried beneath the sands of time. Scathan approved of this sentence, but he Guardians did not, appealing for mercy, with Talon specifically noting that he had felt the Tribunal drawing on the Amulet of Agamotto's power to deal with the Protege. Nonetheless, the Tribunal denied their requests and instead banished them back to their own reality, noting that mortal eyes had seen enough.

(Fantastic Four I Annual#27/2) - "Beyond time. Beyond space. A 16-dimensional domain at the juncture of multiversal space...Here, presences so far beyond mortal comprehension that they can only be perceived through a filter of human preconceptions and symbology supervise the process by which the fabric of existence is woven."
    The Tribunal summoned Eternity, Lord Chaos, and Master Order to his presence. Reminding them of how they had allowed the development of neo-omnipotent beings from Cosmic Containment Units, the Tribunal noted that at this conjunction of space and time, two of them were going to interact, and added, "Let us observe."

(Fantastic Four I Annual#27/2 - BTS) - The Tribunal and others observed in secret as the Molecule Man separated the Beyonder from Kosmos, precipitating a battle between them until Kubik convinced Reece to re-merge the Beyonder into Kosmos.

(Secret Defenders#25 - BTS) - As the Vishanti confronted Slorioth, they acknowledged that to oppose Slorioth directly might ravage the entire Earthly plane; thus, on Earth's behalf, the acceded to binding arbitration.

(Secret Defenders#25) - The Living Tribunal then appeared, noting their summons was answered: "Let all present bow before the judgment of he who is the Living Tribunal!" Joshua Pryce of the Cognoscenti argued that while the War of the Seven Spheres must inevitably be fought, the predestined schedule had been accelerated through the Slorioth's intervention; Dr. Druid (at the time corrupted by bonding to Slorioth) countered that Slorioth had fairly entered this plane. The Tribunal silenced them both, noting that the trinity had achieved epiphany: "The all of Slorioth has ever been too vast for any lone dimensionality and -- though his omnivorous nature demands a steady, continual expanse -- at this juncture he must content himself with other vistas for the nonce!" 
    And, with that, Slorioth was banished extradimensionally.

(Rune/Silver Surfer#1) - Within his realm in the Dimension of Manifestations, the Tribunal noted a disturbance in the fabric of reality centered around the Infinity Gems (Rune-93060 had taken possession of the Time Gem and had stopped time throughout the universe); sensing that the nature of this disturbance was beyond this reality, the Tribunal decided they must ask "him" for help.

(Rune/Silver Surfer#1/2) - Transcending the realm of time and space, the Tribunal confronted the Silver Surfer. Speaking through the veiled face of necessity, the Tribunal told the Surfer of Rune's actions and instructed the Surfer to prevent Rune from defying his decree that the gems never again be used as one. The Tribunal noted that they could not act personally because all three of their faces were not in agreement; they also advised the Surfer that to maintain the universal balance, an agent of Oblivion (Deathurge) was also seeking the gems. 

    As Rune -- who had already claimed the gems -- contended with the sentience within the Soul Gem, the Surfer destroyed the hand on which Rune held the Infinity Gems, causing the gems to fall through a vortex in Reality-93060 (the Ultraverse). Though the Surfer lamented this failure, the Tribunal reminded him that that was not his mission, and that he had succeeded in his efforts to keep the gems from being used in concert. The Tribunal further added that when the Surfer had stripped Rune of the Time Gem, he had allowed time to resume its normal course. Though the Tribunal thought it unlikely that Rune could scour his universe and reclaim all of the gems, they admitted that if he did, it would signal the devise of both Rune's and the Surfer's universe.

(Marvel versus DC/DC versus  Marvel#2 (fb)) - The Brothers planned a contest of champions between their respective Megaverses, with the intent of ending the Megaverse that lost.

(DC versus  Marvel/Marvel versus DC#1) - As the Brothers joined hands and thusly began linking the Marvel and DC Megaverses, the Tribunal noted a tilting of the cosmic balance that -- for the first time -- they could not right. They wondered what could be so mighty to thwart their will.

(Marvel versus DC/DC versus  Marvel#2) - As Axel Asher and his older self failed to contain a nexus between the two Megaverses, the Tribunal realized it was too late to reverse things.

(Marvel versus DC/DC versus  Marvel#3 - BTS / DC versus  Marvel/Marvel versus DC#4 ) - As the Brothers tried to destroy one of the Megaverse, the Tribunal joined forces with the Spectre to hold reality together; their last ditch effort merged their two Megaverses, forming the Amalgam universe (Reality-9602). The Brothers were not pleased with this.

(DC versus  Marvel/Marvel versus DC#4) - As the Tribunal and Spectre struggled to maintain reality, Axel Asher observed what they were doing. Asher then retrieved crystal shard fragments from the Brothers he had buried within Super-Soldier (Captain America merged with Superman) and Darkclaw (Wolverine and Batman), and then gave the Tribunal and Specter access to that power to restore the Megaverses.

    The Spectre noted how the realities remained distinct though overlapping, with several key players in the opposite reality, and the Tribunal replied that they had only delayed the inevitable: The Brothers must be reconciled and willing to co-exist...however, the Brothers rage and energies unleashed halted their discussion. absorbed by Thanos

    Axel Asher brought Captain America and Batman to the astral realm in which the Brothers battled, where the seemingly miniscule Tribunal and Spectre appeared to be futilely trying to hold them back. Ultimately, as the Brothers threatened all reality, they observed the histories of Batman and Captain America, and how they had become one of many (allies) but remained forever unique. Appreciating this, the Brothers ended their contest, and allowed the Megaverses to remain as they had been.

(Avataars: Covenant of the Shield#1) - The Shaper of Worlds petitioned the Tribunal, as well as Eternity and Infinity to allow him to create a world of swords and sorcery loosely based on Earth. The Tribunal agreed: "To achieve greater understanding of humanity and the mystery of how such an insignificant planet has so often been the deciding factor in matters of cosmic importance woud be invaluable in deciding the eventual fate of Earth itself."

    Drawing inspiration from Glorian, Prester John, the Stranger, and teenager named Tim, the Shaper thus created Eurth. 

(Avataars: Covenant of the Shield#3) - After observing the adventuers of the Champions of the Realm, the Tribunal agreed to permit Eurth's continued existence, reiterating their reasons for allowing its creation.

(X-Men Forever I#1) - Prosh showed a group he had gathered -- Jean Grey, Iceman (Bobby Drake), Juggernaut (Cain Marko), Mystique (Raven Darkholme), Toad (Mortimer Toynbee) -- images or perhaps M-Bodies of various cosmic entities, including the Living Tribunal.

(Thor II#41) - The Living Tribunal sensed the demise of Odin, which they considered to be a barely audible whisper in time's passing.

(Marvel Universe: The End#4) - After Thanos gained the vast power of the Heart of the Infinite, the Living Tribunal ruled that this situation was unacceptable, and they summoned a council of cosmic beings and other beings of power, including Epoch (appearing as and perhaps confused for Eon), Eternity, Galactus, the In-Betweener, Infinity, Lord Chaos, Master Hate, Master Order, Mephisto, Mistress Love, the Stranger, Uatu the Watcher, the entire race of Celestials, and Thor, Zeus, and other godheads. 

(Marvel Universe: The End#5) - From the Tribunal's hand -- and presumably via the Tribunal's power -- Thor spoke to the heroes of Earth and convinced them to join the fight against Thanos.

    After Thanos dispersed or otherwise banished Eternity, the Tribunal appeared, telling Thanos he had been judged and found unworthy. They ordered Thanos to surrender his power and threatened that it would be taken by force if he refused; Thanos instructed the Tribunal to do their worst, and the Tribunal transported the gathered heroes and cosmic entities to assault Thanos.Seated in Star Chamber

(Marvel Universe: The End#6) - After a relatively short battle, Thanos apparently absorbed all present, ultimately even Eternity, Infinity, and the Tribunal into his being, leaving nothing left of the universe. 

(Marvel Universe: The End#6 (fb) - BTS) - When Thanos sacrificed his power to restore the universe, and diverged the previous conflict to Reality-4321, the Tribunal was apparently restored as well.

(She-Hulk I#7 (fb) - BTS) - The Living Tribunal sent the Magistrati to recruit She-Hulk to their order (presumably at least partially to help thwart the threat of the Power Gem-wielding Champion of the Universe (Tryco Slatterus))

(She-Hulk I#7) - After She-Hulk accepted the offer, the Magistrati transported her (and her ward Southpaw) to the Star Chamber, where the Living Tribunal welcomed She-Hulk and told her it was time for her to learn about universal law.

(She-Hulk I#7 - BTS) - Soon after, She-Hulk presided over the Star Chamber's Cosmic Claims Court -- including the cases of Merkra vs. Merkra (a familiar dispute between the Emperor and Empress of the Honchi race); the Sloggs vs. the Blurzz; and the Recluse race vs. the Watchers (specifically Qyre). She was next assigned the case of Skardon vs. the Champion.

(Last Planet Standing#2) - In Reality-982, the Living Tribunal was present at a meeting of that reality's Collector, Gardener, In-Betweener, Lord Chaos, Master Order, Shaper of Worlds, and Stranger where the others noted that Galactus had captured various gods and Elders and now threatened to destroy the entire universe.

(Last Planet Standing#3) - When Galactus refused the demands of the Tribunal and Reality-982's powers that he cease his efforts that put the entire dimension at risk, the Tribunal concluded that Galactus had become too great a threat to the continuum of universes and had to be destroyed; when the Gardener added, "even if we must sacrifice the entire Milky Way," and the Tribunal did not disagree.

    However, when the Tribunal and the cosmic powers prepared to combine their energies into a single destructive to eliminate Galactus, Reed Richards detected this as they opened their warp portal and -- realizing that Earth would be destroyed as collateral damage -- fired his anti-Galactus weapon at the cosmic powers instead. Reed's weapon harnessed the targets' own power to hurl the through an endless series of dimensional realities. 

    The duration of this effect was unspecified, but, nonetheless, it prevented the cosmic powers from unleashing their energies against Galactus (or Earth); Earth's heroes, aided by the Silver Surfer, ultimately thwarted Galactus' threat.

face with She-Hulk and Z9(She-Hulk II#12 - BTS) - The Magistrati appeared on Titan, interrupting the trial for Starfox in the name of the Tribunal and demanding that their Earth-bound agent She-Hulk be allowed to observe the trial.

    Recorder Z9 subsequently summoned She-Hulk to fulfil her lifetime vow to the Magistrati. When he revealed it involved Starfox, she refused.She-Hulk face of necessity

(She-Hulk II#12) - The Tribunal then appeared before She-Hulk, reminding her that she had sworn an oath to serve them and to promote universal law; and so she must serve. The Tribunal disregarded her biases and history, telling her that she must represent the three faces of justice...and the Tribunal revealed their hidden face (necessity) as the face of She-Hulk. The Tribunal further told her that the face of necessity was the cosmic mirror that reminded us to always judge others as we would have have ourselves matter the cost.  To do what is required of us. To do what must be done.

(She-Hulk II#12 - BTS) - She-Hulk reluctantly accepted her role and presided over a trial that showed Starfox had used his powers without permission against She-Hulk to make her fall in love with John Jameson and that Starfox had also seemingly helped Thanos love death.

(She-Hulk II#13 - BTS) - She-Hulk discovered the Starfox's involvement with Thanos was actually a farce.

(Avengers Academy#7) - Giant-Man (Henry Pym) overwhelmed the Absorbing Man by bringing him to the realm of the Abstract Entities, where he glimpsed Epoch, the In-Betweener, Lord Chaos, and the Living Tribunal; glimpsing these higher powers was more than he could stand.

(Thanos Annual#1 / Infinity Gauntlet#4 (fb) - BTS / Thanos: The Infinity Revelation (ff)) - While holding the Infinity Gauntlet and battling Captain America, Thanos sent out a number of avatar's into his past and future. As one of these approached a meeting of Thanos and Adam Warlock of Reality-19141 that would alter all reality, the Tribunal banished Thanos' avatar, as he should not know those events, nor should his presence affect those events. The Tribunal subsequently noted that the Heavens should take note and beware, as universal transmutation had begun.

(Thanos: The Infinity Revelation) - The Tribunal met with Eternity and Infinity, noting that change was a constant of life, and that cosmic metamorphosis was coming, and that their task was to acknowledge and shepherd this all-encompassing transformation. The Tribunal assured the pair, "It is as it ever is. Unsolicited change always seems unexpected." When Infinity noted how it was hard to believe that "he" (later revealed as Adam Warlock) had been designated to be at the epicenter of the grand metamorphosis, the Tribunal agreed that "he" was not their choice, but that their participation in decisions concerning this matter had been strangely limited.

    Later, after the reality alterations, involving the Adam Warlock of Reality-19141 absorbing his entire reality and then replacing Adam Warlock-616 (essentially the merging of two realities), Eternity and Infinity questioned whether this event was really the event they were to have prepared for. The Tribunal could offer no explanation other than to confirm that it was, noting that their master had provided no explanation or reason and that the purpose remained a puzzle. Eternity and Infinity asked whether the event had some deeper purpose, and the trinbunal noted that while they might think so, they regardless had to accept that even for beings such as themselves there would be mysteries.vs_beyonders

(FF#16) - After Doom had gained the powers to become "Doom, the Annihilating Conqueror," assaulted Uatu the Watcher, and subsequently lost his powers, the Tribunal confronted Dr. Doom, telling him that the Watchers were under the protection of "We Who Are," as they served the Tribunal as the scribes of the Journal of Life, upon which "We Who Are" based their judgments. The Tribunal further explained that normally they did not worry if a savage primitive attempted harm upon a Watcher, but "when you take upon yourself the powers of godhood, you also take upon yourself the restraints of godhood, and you must be held to a higher standard. No being is so contrained as an omnipotent being. With all-encompassing power comes all-encompassing responsibility."

    The Tribunal decreed that for Doom's suiting punishment, each act of malice on his part would carve a new scar upon his currently unscarred face, regardless of whatever vessel in which his mind resided: "You and you alone are hereafter responsible for any scars that mar your face. No other power may harm it, no other power may heal it."

(Spectacular Spider-Man Adventures#215) - In Reality-9411, Dormammu had sworn an ancient oath not to enter Earth's domain, but sought to circumvent this on a technicality by having the Dark Dimension manifest on Earth at England's Tintagel Castle and begin spreading. 

    Spider-Man stole the mystic crystal he was using to open a portal between the two realms, and Dormammu pursued him, carelessly stepping over the boundary between realms. Though Dormammu succeeded in reclaiming the crystal, the Living Tribunal manifested in response to his oath-breaking and banished him from Earth, ending the incursion.slain_by_beyonders

(Marvel Now What#1/11) - The Living Tribunal attended group therapy alongside Surtur, the Stranger, Ego and Uatu the Watcher. 

    When Uatu spoke of how he would often break the fourth wall and talk to the readers, the Living Tribunal seemed baffled at the idea of "readers."

(New Avengers#30 (fb)) - A trio of Beyonders confronted the Living Tribunal across the Multiverse simultaneously. 

    Dying, the Tribunal fell from the Heavens and landed on a rock, one sliver each for each reality.corpse

(New Avengers#8 (fb)) - Iron Man and a Watcher glimpsed the fallen form of the Living Tribunal.

(New Avengers#42 (fb)) - Yellowjacket led Beast, Captain Britain, and Amadeus Cho to the moon and to the Living Tribunal's corpse, where they prepared to harvest his skin as material that could survive the rigors of collapsing multiversal space.

(Infinity Entity#2 - BTS) - Following the demise of the Living Tribunal, Eternity and Infinity became the ultimate rulers of the "Prime Earth" (see comments) reality.

(Thanos: The Infinity Finale) - After restoring reality per an agreement with Above-All-Others, Adam Warlock-19141 became the new Living Tribunal (see comments). 

    When Eternity and Infinity questioned whether the universe was truly safe and secure as his predecessor had fallen victim to a band of renegade Beyonders, the Tribunal noted that such attacks against him would play out quite differently.

Warlock-19141 as new Tribunal(Ultimates 2#2 (fb) - BTS) - With the creation of the eighth cosmos/multiverse, the Living Tribunal returned to existence.

(Ultimates 2#2 (fb) - BTS) - Displeased with Galactus' transformation into the Lifebringer, Lord Chaos and Master Order petitioned the Living Tribunal to restore Galactus to his devourer form.

(Ultimates 2#2) - In the superflow (the higher space of dreams and visions), the Tribunal summoned Galactus (who brought with him his newest herald, Anti-Man (Conner Sims), telling him he stood accused of distorting the great balance that maintains reality and asking him how he answered. 

    After Galactus answered, "not guilty," Lord Chaos and Master Order argued their case further, and the Tribunal ultimately judged the arguments as irrelevent and told Galactus to proceed as he was. living_tribunal-multiversal_judge-ult2-2-destroyed

    Galactus continued, explaining that there was a new balance for a new cosmos: "What was is over. What will be has yet to become. Until more is known, I can set no precedent. The powers will form and fall as they will. 

    After the Tribunal affirmed Master Order's query of whether the cosmic hierarchy was still being formed in this new reality, Master Order thanked him for the information and then led Lord Chaos to join him in blasting the Tribunal's head apart, apparently destroying him.

(Ultimates 2#3) - As the Tribunal's corpse floated before them, Lord Chaos and Master Order attempted to force Galactus' reversion, but Galactus resisted. Deciding that they were limited without a cosmic hierarchy, Master Order led Lord Chaos to resolve the situation.

(Ultimates 2#3 - BTS) - Master Order and Lord Chaos merged with the In-Betweener to become the new cosmic being Logos.

(Ultimates 2#100 - BTS) - After Eternity summoned the Second, the Third, the Fifth, the Sixth, and Infinity (the Seventh) to his side (the Fourth was missing), the group collectively overpowered, bound, and imprisoned the First Firmament, reality restored itself.

(Ultimates 2#100) - A restored Living Tribunal confronted the similarly restored Lord Chaos and Master Order to discuss their behavior.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Marie Severin, and Herb Trimpe.

    As there is a single Living Tribunal overseeing the entire Multiverse, every appearance, alternate reality or not, is the same guy. Some people claim it (Mojo)...the Tribunal is it. There's a few others, like Immortus (although I think he's also had some impersonators).

    The Infinity Revelation has only a date of 2014 in the indicia, but it came out with the books with the October, 2014 indicia...

    In the Infinity Finale, Thanos discusses with Adam Warlock-19141 how the Living Tribunal of Adam Warlock-19141's reality survived within Adam Warlock-19141, who had absorbed his entire reality, and was never slain by Beyonders as was "my actuality's Living Tribunal."

    Obviously, that indicates a failure to understand the nature of the Living Tribunal as a single being spanning the entire Multiverse. Given both Thanos and Warlock understand the nature of the Multiverse and so Thanos wouldn't have been trying to deceive Warlock, I think we could consider it a pure error on the writer's part. Perhaps, we could figure that Warlock was able to access the residual energy from the Tribunal left behind in his reality, or something like that...

    Thanks to Donald Campbell for pointing out the information from the Tales of the Vishanti back-up feature in Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #21: "Man's cluster" (of universes whose number of spatial dimensions range between 2.7268409 and 6.2985923) is one of the responsibilities of the all-powerful being known as the Living Tribunal but that the Living Tribunal is also responsible for other "lower" or "higher" universes and that it "takes other shapes to administer to other clusters."

    Donald further added: So, the fact that the Living Tribunal has always appeared to be humanoid when facing Earth people and Galactus does not mean that it is truly humanoid, right? Perhaps it's like Galactus, having the same basic shape as that of whatever lifeform is observing it?

    Marvel editor Tom Brevoort always hated the Earth-616 designation. Following the most recent Secret Wars, Earth-616 was destroyed along with the rest of the Multiverse, and the remade mainstream reality around which the comics are centered is supposed to be called the "Prime Earth." ...even in-story...which is really kind of silly. It's only the "Prime Earth" to the readers, or the characters on that Earth. 

    To any character, their reality is the mainstream reality and all others are from an alternate reality. Do you really think "Spider-Gwen" (Spider-Woman/Gwen Stacy of Earth-66) would perceive herself as an alternate version of Gwen-616 (or "Prime Earth"), or would she perceive herself and her reality as the norm, and consider a Gwen from some other reality as the alternate? 

The "reptile mind", the neanderthal , and the human mind.

    I'm no psychologist, but, as I understand it, Reptile mind of R-complex technically refers to the basal ganglia, a portion of the forebrain common to reptiles and higher mammals. This used to be a term to describe what is now referred to as "id," which are basically a set of instinctual trends...need/action without thought.
    The neanderthal seems like it would compare with "ego," and refers to desires and thoughts centered about the self.
    And then the human mind would compare with super-ego, thoughts beyond oneself and about others.
    Something's wrong with your medulla oblongata...

    I don't have Spectacular Spider-Man Adventures#215 and I couldn't find my copy of Marvel: Now What?!#1 (although I eventually did), but Loki and MarvelousLuke provided me the respective information...and Luke cleaned up the sweet main image! Luc also gave the information and image for What The--!?#21, when I didn't even know the Tribunal had appeared therein. 
Big thanks, guys!

    From Ultimates #100, the missing Fourth was clearly an homage to Mark Gruenwald

Profile by Snood.

The Living Tribunal
should be distinguished from:

The One Above All, better described as Above All Others in the Infinity Revelation, should be distinguised from:

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