Membership: Ahura Mazda, Altjira, Amaterasu, Ammon Ra, Anansi, Anu, Atar, Ba'al, Baiame, Balder, Brahma, Buddha, Buluku (also as Ndriananahary), Chronus, Dagda, Dagon, Hera,  Hodiak, Horus, Hunab-Ku, Hwanin, Inti, Itzamna, Izanagi, Manitou, Marduk, Mitra, Nuadhu, Odin, Osiris, Ouranos, Quetzacoatl, Seth, Shiva, Shou-Hsing, Svarog, Tame, Tezcatlipoca, Thor, Ukko, Ulgen, Valka, Viracocha, Vishnu, Yahweh, Yu Huang, Zeus
Godheads by Pantheon

Purpose: To unite the power of the various pantheons of gods for major threats or concerns

Affiliations: People of Earth (primarily the descendants of their worshippers)

Enemies: Celestials, Chaos King (Amatsu-Mikaboshi), Kly'bn, Sl'gur't, Thanos

Base of Operations: Some interdimensional meeting place

Aliases: Council Elite

First Appearance: Thor I#300 (October, 1980)




(Thor I#300 (fb))- Around 1000 years ago, the alien Celestials forced the gods of Earth to sever relations with mortals and stop trafficking on Earth.

(Thor I#301)- In order to save the Asgardian gods, who had been killed when the Celestials melted the Destroyer, which had been housing their life forces--Thor visited each of the Godheads, petitioning them to donate a portion of life force. Each Godhead eventually agreed to donate, and the Asgardian gods were resurrected









(Thor Annual#10)- Odin petitioned the Godheads to each send a delegate to oppose Demogorge. Definitely - Odin, and (from left to right) Zeus (Olympian), Vishnu (Hindu), Buluku (African), Osiris (Egyptian), Tezcatlipoca (Mexican), and Izanagi (Japanese).
The small bit of face in the corner could be Manitou (Native American) since he sent Tawa, and we're not sure about the guy in the helmet below Tezcalipoca.






(Infinity Gauntlet#2)- The Godheads met in Asgard to discuss the disappearance of half of the beings in the universe. Those present were Itzamna (Mayan), Manitou (Native American), Nuada/Nuadhu (Celtic), Odin (see comments) (Asgardian), Osiris (Egyptian), Svarog (Russian), Tezcatlipoca (Mexican), and Zeus (Olympian).

(Marvel Universe: The End#2) - A group of Godheads met to discuss the actions of Akhenaten against humanity: Atar (Vedic/Persian), Horus (Egyptian), Hunab Ku (Mayan), Izanagi (Japanese), Ndriananahary (African, Buluku), Shou-Hsing (Chinese), Thor (Asgardian), Vishnu (Hindu), Zeus (Olympian). They also discussed summoning Those of the Forgotten Realm. Horus, who was most familiar with Akhenaten used the Eye of Ra to spy on the powerful being, but Akhenaten detected them and attacked, destroying all present, except Thor and Zeus, who managed to flee.

(Marvel Universe: The End#4 (BTS))- Thanos gained the virtually unlimited power of the Heart of the Infinite and altered time so that Akhenaten never gained his power, effectively undoing his actions and restoring those he had destroyed. However, to those who could understand or even remember what had happened, these actions were seen as the replacement of one threat with another, perhaps even worse.

(Marvel Universe: The End#5-6)- The Godheads joined together with a multitude of heroes and villains from Earth and the rest of the universe to oppose Thanos, who had gained supreme power from the Heart of the Infinite. Thanos easily wiped out every single being in the universe, but later was convinced by Adam Warlock to sacrifice himself to restore the universe to its previous state.

(Thor II#61)- Thor was called before the Council Elite to be tested for worthiness to join them, as a replacement for Odin. Thor passed the tests of awareness and insight, but failed when he supplied food to a starving population, rather than teaching them to grow their own food. In addition, the Council decided that Thor had violated the oath of non-interference on Earth. Those present were Osiris (Egyptian), Yu-Hang (Chinese), Zeus (Olympian), and the Hindu Trinity (Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu).

(Thor II#65)- The Council Elite met once again (the same group) and discussed Thor's continued problems, including his most recent effort to resurrect a young girl. They discussed whether steps needed to be taken against Thor, but decided that mankind current plans were sufficient for the moment.






(Incredible Hercules#116-117) - The Council of Godheads gathered by Athena to prepare a force with which to combat the Skrullian gods. Gods attending: Altjira (Aboriginal), Anansi (Vodu), Ammon Ra (Ennead; later also present as Demogorge), Anu (Annunaki), Buddha, Hodiak (Inua), Horus (Ennead), Hunab Ku (Ahau), Inti (Inca), Itzamna (Ahau), Izanagi (Amatsu-Kami; present in two forms), Manitou (Manidoog),  Ndriananahary (Vodu), Osiris (Egyptian), Shou-Hsing (Chinese), Tame (Akua), Tezcatlipoca, Ukko (Jumala), Ulgen (Tenger), Viracocha (Apu), Vishnu (Devas), and Yu Huang (Chinese). Also present were Okonorote & Tomazooma.







(Secret Warriors#10 (fb)) - The Council met to formally usher in Alexander Aaron as the new Phobos, Olympian god of fear. Balder, Hera, & Quetzacoatl presided over the ceremony, though there were lots of other gods present, including godheads such as Brahma, Demogorge, and Inti, and possibly Atar, Buddha, Gaea, Itzamna, and Osiris. And some Eternals, including their leader, Zuras.

(Heroic Age: Prince of Power#1) - The Council met to discuss who would be the greatest hero of the heroic age. Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor were proposed by some, and Athena told them with certainty that it was Amadeus Cho. The other figures are shadowed, but can be identified as Anansi, Balder, Hodiak, Horus, Inti, and Izanagi on the one page.
The larger group on the next page, I'm not so sure...but (per the script) meant to be based on those in Incredible Hercules#116
Top to bottom
Anu? (or Okonrote), Ukko?
?, Brahma, Horus, Hodiak?
Izanagi? (alternate hair down appearance circa <Marvel Universe: The End), Izanagi? (classic hair up in bun appearance)
Yu Huang, Anansi, Inti
Ulgen?, Balder














(Heroic Age: Prince of Power#2) - When Agamemnon of the Pantheon extinguished the Promethian Flame that granted Olympians their immortality, Athena screamed in pain. She was comforted by Izanagi

Anansi, Balder, Buluku, Inti, Horus, Izanagi, Ukko, Yu Huang

Also, in #2 (see godhed115.jpg), we see a bunch out of the shadows gathered around the pained Athena, and they seem to be:

Left to right: Inti, Buluku? or Tezcatlipoca (seated with white hair/headdress), Izanagi (standing over Athena), Yu Huang (standing almost over them, coloring is off and he looks young, but the patterns match) , Ukko (the only one I see who wears a helmet like that), Horus (bird-beak)

…so you’d think all of them would have been in #1…


Balder and Anansi are clearly seen in a lower panel, and then pretty clearly Shou Hsing, Ukko (or whoever has that helmet), and someone in a triangular headdress (presumably Osiris) in.
Scripts reference the Godheads from Incredible Hercules#116


(Chaos War#1) - The Council of Godheads summoned Hercules and Amadeus Cho before them to judge them on Hercules' recent empowerment and actions in preparation for the arrival of the Chaos King (Amatsu-Mikaboshi). Overwhelmed by his new power and outraged that the Godheads didn't use their power to do anything, Hercules attacked them, battering them about until Thor arrived and convinced Hercules to get himself under control. Those seen include Ammon Ra, Balder, Buddha, Inti, Ndriananahary, Osiris, Ukko, Tezcatlipoca, Yu Huang, and many others, harder to identify.

(Chaos War#3) - Chaos King duped Hercules into identifying the location of the Council's throneroom, allowing the Chaos King to lead his hordes there to attack. The Godheads swiftly fell before the assault.
    Those clearly seen include
Amaterasu, Balder, Inti, and Osiris; possibly also Izanagi, Ahura-Mazda (or Odin), Ndriananahary, and others...

(Chaos War#4) - BTS. Those destroyed by the Chaos King were revived.

(Journey into Mystery#627) - The Council gathered at the Infinite Embassy to discuss the threat of Odin's brother the Serpent (Cul), Asagardian god of fear, and Odin's plan to destroy Earth to eliminate the Serpent. Those seen included Brahma, Manitou, Inti, Itzamna, Odin, Vishnu, Yu Huang, and Zeus.



COMMENTS: Created by Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio, and Keith Pollard.

In Thor I#300, William did a very nice job of identifying the above, unnamed Godheads:

  1. Zeus (Olympian) is the big guy at center stage.
  2. Odin (Asgardian)is in the chariot.
  3. the big guy in the foreground with the staff is obviously Tezcatlipoca (Aztec/Mexican).
  4. The blue-skinned four-armed guy is obviously Vishnu (Hindu).
  5. Oriental guy in green is probably the Chinese Yu Huang in attire other than his Thor I#301 appearance.
  6. To Zeus's right with the staff is the Mayan/Mexican Itzamna.
  7. Directly behind Vishnu with the headdress is the African god Buluku.(as confirmed by J. M. Lofficier)
  8. Far distant to Bululu's right and above Vishnu's head is a figure with a feathered West African helmet, Ulgen of the Mongolian gods (close-up)
  9. The red and gold figure in the helmet  Ukko the Finnish sky-god. (close-up)
  10. The Native American figure in the feathered headdress may be Manitou in a garb other than his Infinity Gauntlet#2 appearance.
  11. Far behind him in the orange head-dress Nuadhu of the Celtic Gods (close-up)
  12. In front of him and in the red headdress Tame of the Akua. (close-up)
  13. Over his left and in the feathered headdress is Viracocha.
  14. The Oriental figure wearing blue armor just over Itzamna's staff is Izanagi
  15. To his left and under Zeus's face with the Native American face and Central American head-dress is Okonorote of the Incan/Kamekeri gods. (close-up)
  16. Tomazooma-This is confirmed in the Fantastic Four Index#80--Snood.
  17. The white bearded, long-haired "jack of hearts" is the Mesopotamian Anu. (close-up)
    The spiky head-dress resembles the crowns I've seen in Phoenician hieroglyphics.
  18. The African figure with the elaborate head dress is the Egyptian Ammon Ra. (close-up)
    Osiris around this time may still have been imprisoned by Seth.
  19. Bottom right, to Odin's right. Believe it or not, I am by a reliable source at Marvel that this is Buddha.

Here's a dissenting opinion, per Ronald Byrd:

(What If? I#32) - A number of godheads and demonlords are seen as Korvac erected a mystic barrier preventing any other dimensions from accessing Earth.

(What If? II#38) - In the alternate reality of where Seth conquered the Asgardians (diverging from Thor I#400), Earth-Thor-Thrall of Set, a council of Godheads met to make plans to resuce Asgard should it prove unable to overcome this defeat. This union included Buluku (African), Izanagi (Japanese), Osiris (Egyptian), Quetzacoatl (Mexican), Vishnu (Hindu), Yu-Huang (Chinese), and Zeus (Olympian)...and Mephisto was present as well, speaking for the Death Gods.

According to Per Degaton, The inestimable Don Campbell points out that it was actually Loki possessing Odin's body who took attended that meeting of the council of godheads in Infinity Gauntlet#2, as he impersonated Odin for nearly all of Eric Masterson's tenure as Thor.

This profile is messy, messy, messy. I don't know how else to organize it, though. sorry.

Don Campbell adds: From the time that "Odin" awoke from his Odin-sleep and ordered Heimdall to punish Thor (Thor I#432) until Odin was released from Mephisto's soul-shroud and reclaimed his body (Thor I#455), every appearance by "Odin" was actually Loki in Odin's body. I can only assume that the Infinity Gauntlet#2 appearance MUST also be an example of Loki pretending to be Odin, presumably with the secret help of his ally, the Norn Queen Karnilla.
Unless Loki was one of the 50% of the population removed by Thanos...50/50 chance!-Snood

In addition to the observed pantheons, in Marvel Universe: The End#2, Those of the Forgotten Zone were referenced. That would presumably cover all pantheons no longer remotely active on Earth.

If anyone can contact Ralph Macchio or Keith Pollard and help us confirm the characters from the top image, it would be much appreciated. Alternatively, if you feel you can identify them definitively yourself, feel free.
    If you want a closer look at the group picture, go here:


The Council of the God-Kings should not be confused with:

Godheads by Pantheon

  1. Anasazi (Native American) - Manitou, though Tomazooma is shown in Thor I#300 (he didn't exist in real world mythology)
        The Innua (Inuit/Eskimo) may or may not be a separate pantheon.
        The Pueblo are referenced in Thor Annual#10, and might refer to Awonawilona.
  2. Annunaki (Mesopotamian) - Anu
    --Replaced by
    Enlil {Sumerian},
    Marduk {Babylonian},
    Ba'al-Hadad (Assyrian and Phoenician})
  3. Asgardian (Norse) - Odin, Thor
  4. Australian/Aboriginal Gods - mentioned in the OHotMU, but not seen.
    Thuremlin per Ronald Byrd, Baiame per Eric J. Moreels and OHotMU 2006#3.
  5. Daevas (Hindu) - Vishnu (in trinity with Brahma and Shiva)
  6. Vedic/Persian: Atar, Mitra/Mithras
  7. Dievas (Russian) - Svarog
  8. Heliopolitan (Egyptian) - Ammon Ra, Osiris, and Horus
    --In Egyptian myth, Osiris was never more than god of the dead.
    --Ammon Ra, however, was considered the Egyptian counterpart to Zeus (or Ouranos?).
  9. Incan - Viracocha
  10. Akua (Oceanic) - Tame
    The Polynesian gods are specifically mentioned and would reference Tangaroa 
  11. Kalevalans (Finnish) - Ukko
  12. Kami (Japanese Gods) - Izanagi, Takamimusubi, Amaterasu
    --Religously, Izanagi was supplanted by the other two as the divine couple,
    but all the myths revere Amaterasu as the true power and her husband as sort of a "figurehead"
  13. Orishas/Loa (African/Voodoo) - Buluku; Ndriananahary,  possibly also Nyambe, Lusa
        The Yoruba are specifically mentioned, and would reference Olodumare
    --My book on African spirits places a lot of importance as Nyambe as ruler, judge and Great Spirit.
    --Lusa (Voodoo) is mentioned only as the sun-god who fathered the Great Twins of which Shango and Damballah are two of.
    --In the MU, I would surmise that Buluku supersedes them both to keep dissension out of the Voodoo Gods and their relations, the Orishas {African Gods}
  14. Mexican
    With the subdivisions
    Tezcatlipoca and perhaps
        Mayan Hunab-Ku and  Itzamna
  15. Mongolian/Siberian - Ulgen
  16. Olympian (Graeco-Roman) - Zeus
  17. Tuatha da Danaan (Celtic) - Dagda or Nuadhu
  18. Xian (Chinese) - Shou-HsingYu Huang
  19. Judeo-Christian - God/Yahweh/Allah, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit
        --According to a former intern from Marvel, in What If I#32, the character seen in  the bottom right panel of the gods and demons blocked from accessing Earth by Korvac was supposed to be Yahweh, though it looks more like Jesus.
  20. Buddhist - Buddha


Ulgen of the Mongolian gods









Ukko the Finnish sky-god



















Tame of the Akua









Okonorote of the Incan/Kamekeri gods









Mesopotamian Anu.








The African figure with the elaborate head dress is the Egyptian Ammon Ra
He has a full entry as Atum.





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