Real Name: Kubik

Identity/Class: Extradimensional energy being

Occupation: Explorer, philosopher, teacher;
former inanimate object of power

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Avengers (The Captain/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau, Namor the Sub-Mariner/Namor McKenzie, Marrina/Marrina Smallwood, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters), Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Sue Richards, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Kosmos/Beyonder, Machine Man (X-51), Molecule Man (Owen Reece), Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura), the Shaper of Worlds, Stingray (Walter Newell), Volcana (Marsha Rosenberg), the Watchers;
(as a Cosmic Cube): The Amalga-Beast, Aquarian (Wundarr), Captain America (Steve Rogers), the Cult of Entropy (Jude the Entropic Man/Yagzan, Victorious/Victor Conrad, others), the Defenders (Andromeda/Andromeda Attumasen, Angel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Hank McCoy, Cloud, Gargoyle/Isaac Christians, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Valkyrie/Brunnhilde), Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom), Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), the Exiles (Angelo Baldini, Franz Cadavus, Gen. Jun Ching, Eric Gruning, Jurgen "Iron Hand" Hauptmann, Ivan Krushki), Machine Man (X-51), Man-Thing (Theodore Sallis), Mole Man (Harvey Elder), Moloids, Namor the Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie), Over-Mind (Grom), Project: PEGASUS (Thomas Lightner, Quasar/Wendell Vaughn, Myron Wilburn, others), the Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff), Seraph, the Shaper of Worlds, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Thanos, Thing (Ben Grimm),
the Watcher (Uatu), the Xiombargians (Curly, Larry, Moe, Shemp, others)

Enemies: Dr. Doom (Victor von Doom), the Super-Adaptoid;
(as a Cosmic Cube): Agent 13 (Sharon Carter),
A.I.M. (George Clinton, M.O.D.O.K./George Tarleton, Count Bornag Royale, Bernard Worrell, others), Annihilus, the Avengers (Goliath/Clint Barton, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Vision/"Victor Shade," Wasp/Janet Van Dyne), Black Panther (T'Challa), Bucky (Rick Jones), CLOC, Crystal (Crystalia Amaquelin), Drax the Destroyer (Arthur Douglas), Eros, Falcon (Sam Wilson), the Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Girl/Sue Richards, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards), Galactus (Galan), Goliath (Hank Pym), Hercules (Heracles), the Inhumans (Black Bolt/Blackagar Boltagon, Gorgon, Karnak, Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin, Triton), Cindy Jones, Kenner, Kronos, Lockjaw, Mentor (A'Lars), Moondragon (Heather Douglas), Mr. Fantastic's Monster Duplicates (duplicates of a Blip, Fin Fang Foom, It the Living Colossus, Sporr), Odin (Odin Borson), Redwing, the Sentry (Robert Reynolds), Set, S.H.I.E.L.D., Sif, Star-Thief (Ilse Pterigil), Thor (Thor Odinson), the Warriors Three (Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg), the X-Men (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Hank McCoy, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Havok/Alex Summers, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Marvel Girl/Jean Grey, Professor X/Charles Xavier)

Known Relatives: Inapplicable

Aliases: "The Big Guy with the Bad Complexion" (called by Beast), "Cap," "Captain," Cosmic Cube, "Creature" (called by the Beyonder)

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the Milky Way galaxy;
formerly A.I.M.'s mesa headquarters; Project: PEGASUS; a cave near Isle Dernieres, Louisiana, USA; an A.I.M. laboratory in New Orleans, Lousiana, USA; a small Mediterranean island village; Puerto Nuevo, Caribbean Islands; an A.I.M. base in an unidentified location

First Appearance: (as a Cosmic Cube): Tales of Suspense I#79 (July, 1966);
(as Kubik): Avengers I#289 (March, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: As a sentient Cosmic Cube, Kubik possessed a nearly infinite amount of power, allowing it to do virtually anything it could imagine. In the past, Kubik had used its power to perform a variety of actions including viewing others from interstellar distances, teleportation of itself and others over interstellar distances, projecting flames from its fingertips, growing to a size larger than a planet, superhuman durability to the point of resisting impacts from entire planets, flight over interstellar distances, telepathy, projection of cosmic energy blasts, creating lifelike simulacrums that it could place a portion of its own consciousness within, removing dominant character traits from others, creating lifelike planetary constructs, generating hyperspatial psionic matrices, creating protective force bubbles, alteration and removal of its own gender, energetic transmigration in others' minds (even those of cosmic beings such as Celestials) and outright manipulating reality at will. Kubik's inherent physical statistics include  immeasurable intelligence (especially vast knowledge of space and time), immeasurable stamina and movement speed beyond that of light speed.

As an infant Cosmic Cube, Kubik's powers were limited to granting the wishes and desires of whomever held the Cube. When it first gained sentience, Kubik was unable to control its powers and would manipulate reality based on the unconscious desires of its wielder.

Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Variable (usually white)
Hair: None

History: (Fantastic Four I#319 (fb)) - The extradimensional Beyonders learned of the concept of evolution and created their own intelligence in energy form, one of which would later become the Cosmic Cube/Kubik.

(Captain America I Annual#7 (fb)) - On Earth, after M.O.D.O.C. had the A.I.M. organization work on punching a hole in the fabric of space-time itself, A.I.M. succeeded in creating a meta-singularity, from which an unidentified element (actually intelligent energy from the Beyonders) emerged.

(Captain America I#115 (fb) - BTS) - A.I.M. leader M.O.D.O.C, conceived of the idea of creating the Cosmic Cube using the unidentified element.

(Captain America I Annual#7 (fb)) - By collapsing force screens, A.I.M. succeeded in trapping the unidentified element within a cube of force, dubbed the Cosmic Cube. The organization then began testing the nature of the Cosmic Cube as it tentatively settled, changed and developed, unaware that they had drawn the attention of the Kree Supreme Intelligence, who was created when the Kree attempted to create their own Cosmic Cube in response to an earlier effort by the alien Skrulls.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Update '89#4 - Kubik entry - BTS) - The energy consciousness within the Cosmic Cube changed and developed further each day.

(Tales of Suspense I#79/2) - While visiting the headquarters of A.I.M., Count Bornag Royale was tasked with keeping Col. Nick Fury out of A.I.M.'s business but before he left, he asked the A.I.M. members what was behind the ionic shell they were working with. Opening the shell, the A.I.M. agents revealed the Cosmic Cube, what they considered the most potent device in existence. Royale quickly told the agents to keep the Cosmic Cube well guarded, warning that it should not be allowed to fall into the hands of a madman like the Red Skull, but the agents told Royale to mind his own matters.

(Avengers I#289 (fb) - BTS) - A.I.M. removed a sliver of the Cosmic Cube and implanted it within their Super-Adaptoid creation, granting it the ability to duplicate any other being.

(Tales of Suspense I#80/2 (fb) - BTS) - Having read about A.I.M.'s Cosmic Cube, the Red Skull devised a way to obtain the Cosmic Cube. A short time later, at a THEM meeting, the Red Skull shook hands with A.I.M.'s keeper of the Cosmic Cube, secretly placing the keeper in his complete hypnotic control using a miniaturized Neuro Brain-Tap device. He then ordered the A.I.M. keeper to bring him the Cosmic Cube.

(Tales of Suspense I#80/2) - Under the Red Skull's control, the keeper of the Cosmic Cube turned against A.I.M. and departed to bring the Cosmic Cube to the Red Skull as ordered. A.I.M. agents were sent against the keeper and one was shot down, drawing the attention of Captain America, who rescued the pilot and was confused by the agent's ramblings about a Cosmic Cube, which the agent explained as an ultimate weapon. Captain America was shocked when the agent admitted that the Cosmic Cube could destroy all mankind and mentioned that the Cube's keeper had left to deliver the Cube to the Red Skull as the Red Skull monitored the keeper's progress to his location, remarking that he must have the Cosmic Cube. Captain America soon caught up to the keeper by hitching a ride on a missile but the hypnotized keeper exclaimed that the Cosmic Cube must be delivered to the Red Skull at all costs. Ejecting the keeper from his plane onto the Red Skull's island, Captain America fought the Red Skull but was hit with stun gas and as he recovered, the Red Skull ordered the keeper to bring him the Cosmic Cube. The keeper did as ordered and Red Skull grasped at the Cosmic Cube, remarking how it could make thoughts material. As his first act using the Cosmic Cube, the Red Skull banished the A.I.M. keeper into another dimension and then tested the Cube further by levitating a rock out of his way, unaware Captain America was regaining his composure.

(Tales of Suspense I#81/2) - The Red Skull held the Cosmic Cube up high and while he was distracted, Captain America grasped the Red Skull's hand but the Red Skull responded by using the Cosmic Cube to summon the heat of Hades around himself. The Skull then used the Cube to fire a shock wave from the hand holding the Cube to keep Captain America at bay. When Cap tried to find shelter behind a tree, the Red Skull used the Cube to shatter the tree before projecting an image of his world domination plans. Proclaiming that he could use the Cosmic Cube to erase Captain America from existence, the Red Skull opted instead to create an artificial being from nothingness and let Cap die at the hands of a master in battle. The Red Skull then used the Cube to feed power into the artificial being until Captain America began gaining the upper hand, prompting the Red Skull to banish the being into Limbo. The Red Skull then decided to use the Cosmic Cube to atomize Captain America but Cap convinced the Skull to keep him alive as a servant by claiming he had no other choice with the Skull possessing the Cosmic Cube. Agreeing to Cap's terms, the Red Skull decided to create his own twisted version of the Knights of the Round Table with Cap as their leader and then used the Cube to don himself in kingly gold armor. When the Skull bade Captain America to kneel and be knighted, Cap seized the opportunity to tackle the Skull and prevent the Skull from fully grasping the Cosmic Cube, lessening his usage of its power. To escape Cap's grasp, the Red Skull used the remnants of the Cosmic Cube's power to split the island in two. As the island split apart, Captain America punched the Red Skull, knocking the Cosmic Cube from his hand and causing it to fall into the oceans below. The Red Skull immediately dove in after the Cube but the falling island rocks forced the Skull further underwater where the Skull could not swim back up for air due to the golden armor he wore. As Cap thought that both the Skull and the Cube were now buried, the Cosmic Cube fell further beneath the depths, hundreds of leagues down, where it was covered by the tide-driven sands.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine#4) - Doctor Doom used his Time Platform to travel a few months in his own past, where he flew to the island location of Captain America's battle with the Red Skull and sought the Cosmic Cube. Lowering himself into the waters arround the island, Doom quickly located the sand-covered Cosmic Cube and acquired it.

(Sentry/Fantastic Four (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Fantastic Four obtained the Cosmic Cube and visited the superheroic Sentry within his Watchtower to help contain the Cosmic Cube's power while Mr. Fantastic studied it. While studying the Cube, Sentry and Mr. Fantastic considered the possibility of using the E-Nullifier device against the Cube to harness its inconsistencies at a quantum level but ultimately decided against it, thinking that using it might be a suicide run.

(Sentry/Fantastic Four (fb)) - The Sentry held the Cosmic Cube high into the air as Mr. Fantastic ran tests, hoping to permanently contained its power as the scientific discovery of the century. Soon noticing something happening with the Cube, Sentry informed Mr. Fantastic, who requested one more second of time before the Cosmic Cube disappeared. Sentry quickly had his computer CLOC report the location of the Cosmic Cube and CLOC reported that the Cube was in the main control room on the Alpha level of the Watchtower. Shocked at how fast the Cube could teleport, Mr. Fantastic warned that the semi-sentient Cosmic Cube could be going for the Sentry's computers but before the turbovator could be brought down to get the heroes to the Alpha level, the Cosmic Cube took control of CLOC and used its defenses to attack the heroes. While the Fantastic Four and Sentry dealt with the Watchtower's defensive measures, the Cosmic Cube communicated with CLOC in an attempt to get CLOC to kill the heroes. When CLOC argued against the Cube's commands, the Cosmic Cube overrid CLOC's programming and instilled a program to protect the Cosmic Cube at all costs. Still communicating with the Cosmic Cube, CLOC cut off all other communication as Sentry and the Fantastic Four tried to make their way to the Alpha level. The heroes eventually made their way threw CLOC's security measures to the Alpha level, where they found the Cosmic Cube still communicating with CLOC, much to Mr. Fantastic's worry that the Cube could have accessed military data through CLOC. Fearing there might be no other choice, Sentry brought up the idea of using the E-Nullifier to stop the Cosmic Cube despite the risks and after a brief argument over whether they should, Sentry used the E-Nullifier to blast the Cosmic Cube as Mr. Fantastic warned Sentry to be careful, as Sentry could only handle so much residual feedback from the E-Nullifier before his chemical structure would be altered. Fighting through the pain, the Sentry succeeded in causing the Cosmic Cube to disappear in an explosion of energy. A short time later, as the Fantastic Four and Sentry relaxed at a cookout, Mr. Fantastic discussed with Sentry what the Cosmic Cube could have wanted by controlling CLOC and the Sentry admitted that he didn't think himself or Mr. Fantastic were equipped to answer such a question. Mr. Fantastic suggested that perhaps the Cube merely wanted to learn about them and the Sentry replied that it might have just wanted to give them something interesting to do.

(Avengers I#40 (fb) - BTS) - The Cosmic Cube came to rest beneath the sea, where it became stuck in sand.

(Avengers I#40) - Captain America contacted the Avengers via video screen to warn them about the threat of the Cosmic Cube. When the Wasp asked what the Cosmic Cube was, Cap explained that there wasn't much time and that whoever held it could conquer the universe. Cap then informed the Avengers that they would find the Cosmic Cube's exact location within Cap's quarters before signing off. After a few brief moments of the team gathering supplies, the Avengers boarded their Aero-Car and flew off towards the location of the Cosmic Cube. Along the way, the Avengers found Namor the Sub-Mariner seemingly attacking a naval base on Puerto Nuevo and intervened, curious if the Sub-Mariner was also after the Cosmic Cube. During the subsequent fight, Hercules warned that the Sub-Mariner was doomed to failure if he were seeking the Cosmic Cube but Namor had no idea what the Cube was. Now sufficiently interested due to the Avengers' involvement, Namor exclaimed that the Cube would be his but Hercules hurled a tree at Namor, who grabbed onto the tree and let the force drive him back into the oceans to recharge. Once in the water, Namor telepathically ordered the local aquatic life to seek out the Cosmic Cube and minutes later, the fish led Namor to a spot where he found the Cosmic Cube sunk in sand. Unsure how to use the Cube, Namor thought about what the Cube could do, wondering if it could produce a water spout. When the spout appeared, Namor realized the Cube could make thoughts reality and he reshaped the Cube into a pendant which he placed around his neck before returning to the Puerto Nuevo naval base for a rematch with the Avengers. Creating an Amalga-Beast out of thin air to keep the other Avengers busy, Namor demanded a rematch with Hercules. Goliath quickly realized Namor must have found the Cosmic Cube, wondering where the Cube was since he saw no Cube-like object. The Avengers were then drawn into battle against the Amalga-Beast while Hercules attempted to deal with Namor, who used the Cosmic Cube to create an earthquake that drew ocean water to the surface to recharge himself during the fight. Eventually deciding to use the Cosmic Cube to return himself and Hercules to the surface to win the fight honorably, Namor continued the battle as the Avengers defeated the Amalga-Beast. Wasp eventually deduced that Namor's pendant had to be the Cosmic Cube and broke its chain with her Wasp's Sting, causing the Cube to return to its normal cube-like appearance after separation from Namor and fall into crevice. Namor quickly fled the scene without the Cube and the Cosmic Cube-caused earthquakes ceased, sealing the Cosmic Cube underground. The Mole Man and his Moloid minions soon found the Cube but the Mole Man thought it was merely a child's toy block and threw it back down before leaving the scene.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Update '89 - Kubik entry - BTS) - Unbeknownst to A.I.M., strains suffered during his involvement with the Cosmic Cube fractured M.O.D.O.C.'s sanity. During this time, the Cosmic Cube somehow made its way into an active volcano, possibly due to the Cosmic Cube's nascent nature causing it to move to an area where it would expelled to Earth's surface.

(Captain America I#115 (fb)) - When the volcano erupted off the Mediterranean, the Cosmic Cube was thrown from the subterranean depths and deposited it onto the nearby shore, where it was found by a peasant. The peasant pocketed the Cosmic Cube and upon returning home, blurted out that he wished he could eat like royalty. When the Cosmic Cube created a feast on the man's table, he soon realized what the Cosmic Cube was capable of and began using the Cosmic Cube in an attempt to make improvements on his island. When the Red Skull's Exiles servants heard word of the prosperous island village, they informed the Red Skull, who deduced the Cosmic Cube's involvement. Having waited months to regain the Cosmic Cube since his earlier defeat at Captain America's hands, the Red Skull traveled to the village and killed the peasant man, reclaiming the Cosmic Cube for himself. When the Exile Krushki remarked that they would rule the world, the Red Skull angrily reminded the Exiles that it was he would rule the world but "Iron Hand" Hauptmann commented that the Exiles had shared the danger and should also share the reward for finding the Cosmic Cube. The Red Skull quickly used the Cube to put Hauptmann in his place by transporting him to the edge of the universe. When the other Exiles showed worry about their comrade, the Red Skull displayed the Cosmic Cube's power once more by summoning Hauptmann back. He then used the Cosmic Cube to restore Hauptmann's sanity after he had been driven mad by his experiences.

(Captain America I#114) - After faking his own death, Steve Rogers removed his Captain America costume and settled into a seedy motel room, where he was later attacked by the Cosmic Cube-wielding Red Skull. When Captain America proved shocked to see the Skull, the Red Skull announced that Steve's disguise could not fool him and that he could find anyone anywhere now that he had regained the Cosmic Cube.

(Captain America I#115) - Transforming the Cosmic Cube in a pistol at will, the Red Skull threatened Captain America, soon proclaiming that Cap could not wrest the Cosmic Cube from his hands, as the "pistol" in his hands was the Cube itself. Transforming the Cube back into its true form, the Red Skull used the Cube to transform Cap's clothing into his Captain America costume, wishing see Steve cringe before him as Captain America. When Captain America attacked, he found he was attacking nothing and the Red Skull gloated that he had never been there in the first place, having used the Cosmic Cube to generate an illusion of himself to battle Cap. The Red Skull then blasted Captain America with a force blast from the Cosmic Cube before resting his feet over the fallen Cap's back. Captain America demanded to know how the Skull had regained the Cosmic Cube after it was seemingly lost forever and the Red Skull, feeling as if Captain America was helpless before the Cosmic Cube anyway, used the Cosmic Cube to project images of how the Red Skull had regained the Cube. Knowing his foe was stalling for time by having him explain how he had obtained the Cube, the Red Skull then used the Cosmic Cube to transport Captain America to another world, where the Red Skull used the Cube to conjure up menaces to hound Cap. Eventually, the Red Skull used the Cube to change the scenery, first sending Captain America into space before returning him to his original location, albeit at small size. The Skull then pestered Captain America in an attempt to drive him mad but Captain America refused to yield, prompting the Skull to use the Cube to return Captain America to normal size. Devising a better way to break Captain America's spirit, the Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to probe Captain America's mind, learning of his love for SHIELD Agent 13, Sharon Carter, whom he summoned and placed in a trance-like state while he learned more about her. The Skull then used the Cube to switch bodies with Captain America and force Sharon Carter to see only the Skull as the true Captain America. When Sharon awoke from her trance, the Red Skull feigned protection of her while posing as Captain America while the true Cap, in the Red Skull's body, tried to convince Carter of his true identity.

(Captain America I#116) - Captain America, still in the Red Skull's form, realized that he couldn't convince Sharon of his true identity so long as the Red Skull, in his own body, still possessed the Cosmic Cube. Once he had left Sharon Carter, the Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to the transport the Red Skull-visaged Captain America to a government testing lab, where government security officers attacked the "Red Skull" while the true Skull used the Cosmic Cube as a scrying device to watch the proceedings from afar. Laughing at Captain America's plight as the agents attempted to arrest "the Red Skull," the true Red Skull grew bored watching Cap's every minute and decided to walk into a police precinct, still retaining the Cosmic Cube, where he alerted police to "the Red Skull"'s location. Venturing into Central Park, the Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to continue watching Captain America, who was evading police, but he was soon interrupted by Bucky (Rick Jones), who admitted that his Teen Brigade allies had last seen Captain America entering the park. Annoyed at being disturbed, "Captain America" angrily ordered Bucky to leave and then continued watching the Cosmic Cube as "the Red Skull" sought help for his predicament from the Avengers. Deciding that he wanted Captain America to die at the hands of the one he loved, the Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to will Sharon Carter to visit the Avengers, where Edwin Jarvis informed her that the team had taken "the Red Skull" captive. When Sharon proved unable to bring herself to shoot "the Red Skull," the true Red Skull relented that the only thing the Cosmic Cube couldn't overcome was the emotion of love and instead used the Cube to transport the true Captain America, still in the Red Skull's form, to the island of the Skull's allies, the Exiles, whom the Skull had earlier betrayed.

(Captain America I#117) - The Red Skull, still within Captain America's body, used the Cosmic Cube to view the true Captain America's transportation to the Isle of the Exiles and gloated at how not even Captain America's indomitable spirit could save him from the Exiles. Having been marooned on the island, the Exiles remarked on how they should share the Cosmic Cube's power since they had helped locate it until they were interrupted when Captain America, with the Red Skull's appearance, fell from a tree. Continuing to watch Cap's predicament using the Cosmic Cube, the Red Skull laughed at the battle that had ensued between Cap and the Exiles before deciding to watch more later in favor of winning over the world to his rule.

(Captain America I#186 (fb)) - The Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to view Captain America's battle against the Exiles and decided that he needed to break Captain America's strong will. Using the Cube to scan the Isle of Exiles, the Red Skull located Samuel "Snap" Wilson, an outsider on the island. Transporting himself to Sam's side via the Cosmic Cube, the Red Skull used the Cube to seize control of Sam's mind and learned of Sam's criminal career as "Snap." In an effort to break Cap's will, the Red Skull then used the Cosmic Cube to erase Sam's criminal memories, retaining Sam's love of birds while instilling a love of brotherhood and being upright and cheerful, qualities the Skull considered perfect for a potential sidekick to Captain America. Also using the Cube to create a mental link between Sam and his pet falcon Redwing, the Red Skull then arranged for the mind-manipulated Sam Wilson to meet Captain America on the Isle of Exiles.

(Captain America I#117) - As Cap tried to disguise himself on the Isle of the Exiles, the Red Skull confidantly walked through New York juggling the Cosmic Cube before calling a taxi to escape the public adoration people had for Captain America. After relaxing at a hotel and answering some of Captain America's personal questions from reporters, the Red Skull ordered them to leave and picked up the Cosmic Cube, deciding to ruin Captain America's reputation while the real Cap continued struggling against the Exiles. Unaware that the Cosmic Cube creator M.O.D.O.K. had ordered his A.I.M. lackeys to find a way to render the Cosmic Cube powerless, the Red Skull set his plan his motion while the true Captain America found an ally on the island in the form of Sam Wilson, who became the costumed Falcon.

(Captain America I#118) - The Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to check in on the Exiles' hunt for Captain America, who had disguised his Red Skull appearance using clay, before deciding to let the Exiles continue his search while he sat the Cosmic Cube on a nearby end table and rested. With the Cosmic Cube still nearby, the Red Skull was awakened by the hotel manager, who had called to ask "Captain America" to speak with his fans that had crowded the hotel. When the fans stole the spare key to "Captain America"'s room, the Red Skull prepared to discredit Captain America by using the Cosmic Cube to hurl the crowd back but ultimately decided not to use the Cube to keep from arousing suspicions as to his true identity, instead using the Cube to evade the crowd by transporting himself down the hall. Continuing to evade the crowd with the Cosmic Cube, the Red Skull tarnished Captain America's reputation by snubbing the crowd, unaware that M.O.D.O.K. (formerly M.O.D.O.C.) and A.I.M. were making headway at de-powering the Cosmic Cube.

(Captain Marvel I#17) - Unaware that the Red Skull had used the Cosmic Cube to switch bodies with Captain America, Bucky (Rick Jones) ran through New York, hoping to find "Captain America" and talk things over. Finding him, Bucky again tried to talk to "Captain America" but the Red Skull swatted Rick aside and claimed he needed no one but himself, prompting Rick to give up his Bucky identity.

(Captain America I#119) - Again viewing Captain America using the Cosmic Cube, the Red Skull decided to kill Captain America himself and end the Falcon's newfound superheroic career in the process. In order to do so, the Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to restore his own body, announcing that it no longer amused him to face the world in such a despicable visage, and began seeking out a suitable location for his final battle with Captain America. Opting to choose a location representing his earliest days of power, the Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to transport himself to his castle in Berchtesgaden and once there, the Red Skull used the Cube to transport both Captain America and the Falcon there, followed shortly after by the Falcon's pet falcon, Redwing. Immediately using the Cosmic Cube to summon forth a cage for Redwing, the Red Skull provoked Falcon into attacking him, claiming that Falcon need only grasp the Cosmic Cube from his hand, but the Skull used the Cube to generate a force wall that Falcon slammed into. The Red Skull then admitted he was tired of seeing Captain America in his jungle disguises and used the Cube to return Cap to his proper body, much to the Falcon's surprise. When Captain America quickly went on the attack, the Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to encase himself in rock, which Captain America slammed into before the Skull shattered the rock to free himself. When Falcon followed up, the Red Skull generated a wall of water using the Cosmic Cube and toying with drowning the two heroes. When the Skull transformed the water into sand and deposited them all onto a sandy beach, Captain America knocked the Cosmic Cube from the Red Skull's hand with his shield. Fatigued, Captain America and Falcon proved unable to stop the Red Skull from grasping the Cosmic Cube again but the Skull soon found that the Cube had become formless and appeared to be melting, unaware that M.O.D.O.K. and A.I.M. had succeeded in their plans to de-power the Cube to prevent anyone but A.I.M. from using it. Falcon quickly sent Redwing after the Skull, who insisted that the melting Cosmic Cube still had enough power to send him away. As the Cube seemingly melted into nothingness, the Red Skull faded away and from afar, M.O.D.O.K. proclaimed his victory over the Red Skull.

(Captain America I Annual#7 (fb)) - The Cosmic Cube had actually survived its supposed melting, with only its casing having destabilized.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine#4 - BTS) - As Doctor Doom's soldiers installed his Time Platform in Doom's Adirondack Mountain castle, Dr. Doom remarked that only the Cosmic Cube rivaled his Time Platform, prompting one of the soldiers, unaware of the Cube's survival, to remind Doom that the Cube had been apparently destroyed in a battle between Captain America and the Red Skull. Doom responded by swatting the soldier and exclaiming that he was fully aware of the inconvenience of the Cube's supposed destruction. He then programmed the Time Platform's coordinates to a few months in the past, where he hoped to acquire the Cosmic Cube before its supposed destruction.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine#5) - After returning to his present time, Doctor Doom, with the Cosmic Cube he had acquired from the past, summoned forth a robot of the incredible Hulk and used the Cube to power the robot to life before sending it to seek out the Fantastic Four.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine#6) - Dr. Doom used the Cosmic Cube to fashion a spacecraft which he then boarded, still retaining the Cube, and traveled to the Blue Area of the Moon. Once there, Dr. Doom used the Cosmic Cube to locate Uatu the Watcher, who warned Doom that he was toying with powers he knew nothing about, and demand that the Watcher tell Doom where to find his Ultimate Machine. Before Dr. Doom could battle the uncooperative Watcher, the Fantastic Four (and their ally, the Black Panther) appeared and the Thing tackled the Cube-wielding Doom but Doom used the Cube to blast the Thing away. As a surprised Mr. Fantastic remarked that he had heard the Cosmic Cube had been lost forever, Dr. Doom created simulacra of the alien Infant Terrible and the Dragon Man from moon dust to battle the Fantastic Four. More Cosmic Cube-created foes followed, including the Sandman, the Mad Thinker's Awesome Android, the Hate-Monger, the Hulk and the Super-Skrull, and all battled the Fantastic Four and Black Panther while the Cube-wielding Dr. Doom attempted to further convince the Watcher to give up his Ultimate Machine. The Watcher managed to down Doom with a cosmic blaster and summoned the Cube from Dr. Doom's hands with a gesture then used the Cube to remove the moon dust simulacra from the field. Having prepared for a cosmic attack from the Watcher, the stunned Doom regained his bearings and blasted the Watcher, retrieving the Cosmic Cube, which he used to banish the Watcher to another dimension. Noticing the Black Panther in a spacecraft attempting to rescue the Thing, Dr. Doom used the Cosmic Cube to teleport aboard the ship. He then transported the rest of the Fantastic Four aboard the ship and began to monologue about his ultimate victory before realizing that without the Watcher, he could easily acquire the Ultimate Machine. Doom then used the Cube to immediately transport the Ultimate Machine to his stronghold before teleporting away, reminding the Fantastic Four and Black Panther that their attempt to stop him had been futile.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine#7) - Crystal had the Inhuman Lockjaw teleport her to the Baxter Building, where the Cosmic Cube-holding Dr. Doom was going through Mr. Fantastic's inventions. When Crystal demanded Doom turn to face her, Doom revealed the Cosmic Cube, warning Crystal that he could erase her from existence as easily as he had defeated the Fantastic Four on the moon but announced that  he would let Crystal live to grovel at his feet. After returning to his castle and having a lackey use the Atlantean Trumpet-Horn to summon a Giganto from the sea, Dr. Doom was attacked by the invading Namor the Sub-Mariner but Dr. Doom blasted Namor away with the Cosmic Cube. He then boasted that Namor was part of his ultimate plan as he used the Cube to hurl Namor into the ceiling and back to the floor. The Cube-wielding Doom then blackmailed Namor into his service by threatening Atlantis itself.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine#8) - As the Fantastic Four and Avengers defeated the controlled Namor the Sub-Mariner and discovered a brainwashing device in Namor's ear, Doctor Doom sat at his castle holding the Cosmic Cube and remarking how everything went according to his plan. Gloating that he had already obtained powerful artifacts such as the Cosmic Cube, the Watcher's Ultimate Machine and the Inhumans' Helix of Randac, Doctor Doom opened a portal into the Negative Zone using the Cosmic Cube and announced to his lackey that he still had one more artifact to obtain.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine#9) - While in the Negative Zone, Doctor Doom used the Cosmic Cube to stop the hordes attempting to assault, unaware that Captain Marvel, who remained in the Negative Zone while his host Rick Jones was on Earth, witnessed Doctor Doom's assault. Marvel then watched as Doom used the Cube to destroy Annihilus' legions and demand Annihilus' Cosmic Control Rod, all the while wondering how a human could have obtained so much power. Still holding the Cube, Dr. Doom grabbed the Cosmic Control Rod and departed the Negative Zone, leaving Annihilus behind to die.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine#10) - Dr. Doom harnessed the energies of the Cosmic Cube using Annihilus' Cosmic Control Rod and used it to teleport himself to Galactus' location, where he struck out at Galactus. A fierce battle ensued, with the Cosmic Cube-empowered Dr. Doom emerging victorious after returning Galactus to his original Galan form. Doom then assumed Galactus' gigantic size and power within the universe.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine#11) - Still harnessing the power of the Cosmic Cube and other artifacts he had acquired, the gigantic Dr. Doom traversed space and arrived back on Earth to announce himself ruler of the universe. Earth's heroes fought back but were easily swatted aside by the cosmic Dr. Doom, prompting Thor and a slew of Asgardian warriors to enter the fray, with Odin battling Doom one-on-one to no avail. After defeating Odin, the cosmic Doom was attacked by Namor the Sub-Mariner and his hordes from Atlantis but they too met defeat as Doctor Doom announced that everything now belonged to him.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine#12) - The cosmically-powered Dr. Doom enslaved the human race, demonstrating his power by moving a mountain then destroying it. Doom was next assaulted by gigantic duplicates of comic book monsters created by Mr. Fantastic using Doom's own Ionic Inanimate Matter Converter and the duplicate Fin Fang Foom dealt the cosmic Doom a hearty punch that knocked the Cosmic Cube from Doom's armor. As Doom next defeated the attacking Inhumans, Mr. Fantastic grabbed up the Cosmic Cube and used it to restore the cosmic Dr. Doom to normal, allowing the Thing to knock Doom out. Mr. Fantastic then used the Cosmic Cube to restore Galactus and the Watcher appeared, asking how Mr. Fantastic next intended to use such power. Mr. Fantastic then decided to use the Cosmic Cube to undo all of the damage Dr. Doom had done then forced everyone to sleep and awaken with no memory of the events that had transpired. Before his allies awoke, the Watcher asked what Mr. Fantastic planned to do with the Cosmic Cube and Mr. Fantastic ordered the Cosmic Cube to hide itself where it would never be found again. With the Cube teleported away, Galactus then departed, noting that few mortals would have made such a choice and that Mr. Fantastic now understood how such power could be a curse as well as a blessing.

(Captain Marvel I#27 (fb) - BTS) - Following his manipulations of Rick Jones during the Kree-Skrull War and the bonding of Jones to the Kree Captain Mar-Vell, the Kree Supreme Intelligence knew that he could no longer rely of Jones and secretly imprinted knowledge of the Cosmic Cube and its location. While the Supreme Intelligence's motives were unclear at the time, it was predicted that the Supreme Intelligence hoped to use the knowledge in Jones' mind to find the Cosmic Cube in the event of universal doomsday.

(Captain America I Annual#7 (fb)) - Earth's Rick Jones retained subconscious knowledge of the Cosmic Cube's whereabouts. With the Supreme Intelligence's mental link to Jones broken following the Kree-Skrull War, the Supreme Intelligence continued to monitor the Cosmic Cube.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Update '89#4 - Kubik entry - BTS) - The teleporting Cosmic Cube arrived at an abandoned New Orleans A.I.M. base.

(Sub-Mariner I#48 (fb) - BTS) - After the abandoned A.I.M. base was taken by M.O.D.O.K., the Cosmic Cube was placed under high security within an A.I.M. lab, where Doctor Doom soon learned of its location.

(Sub-Mariner I#47 - BTS) - Thinking M.O.D.O.K. to be dead, Doctor Doom manipulated the then-amnesiac Namor the Sub-Mariner into accompanying him to the seemingly abandoned A.I.M. base where Doom hoped to find the Cosmic Cube. Pleased that Doctor Doom mistakenly thought him dead, M.O.D.O.K. monologued to himself how he could finally rid himself of both Doctor Doom and the Sub-Mariner by using the Cosmic Cube as bait.

(Sub-Mariner I#48 - BTS) - In his efforts to get to the Cosmic Cube, Doctor Doom manipulated the Sub-Mariner into venturing underwater while he arrived at the supposedly abandoned New Orleans A.I.M. base. When Namor was caught, M.O.D.O.K. revealed himself alive and ordered his android agents to take Namor below, to the Cosmic Cube.

(Sub-Mariner I#49) - Capturing Namor, M.O.D.O.K. planned to use the Cosmic Cube to transfer his mind into Namor's body but Namor managed to douse himself with water and escape M.O.D.O.K.'s bounds. Making his way through the A.I.M. base, Namor found a door labeled "Cosmic Cube" as Doctor Doom himself made his way to the Cosmic Cube, only to be knocked out by a man posing as Doctor Doom's henchman Kenner. The man posing as Kenner was immediately incinerated by the Cosmic Cube and Doom was burned by the radioactivity emanating from the Cube. When Doom regained consciousness, he continued his trek towards the Cosmic Cube, only to learn that Namor had released the Cosmic Cube after seeing it and realizing that neither Doom nor M.O.D.O.K. should have that kind of power. After thinking about what he could have done with the Cosmic Cube, Doctor Doom ultimately departed the base with Namor and his ally Cindy Jones as the Cosmic Cube seemingly exploded, taking the A.I.M. base with it.

(Captain Marvel I#27 - BTS) - The mad Titan Thanos hooked Rick Jones up to the Mind-Cyclone device on Titan to scour Jones' conscious and unconscious memories in an effort to locate the Cosmic Cube. Upon finding the coordinates within Jones' unconscious mind, Thanos ordered the Titanian computer ISAAC to print out the coordinates as Thanos' intended lover Death watched. Traveling to Earth near the Isles Dernieres in Louisiana, Thanos was drawn to the Cosmic Cube's power and found it in a cavern, where he was confronted by Drax the Destroyer.

(Captain Marvel I#28) - Captain Marvel informed the Avengers of Thanos' mission to acquire the Cosmic Cube while Drax the Destroyer battled Thanos to bar his way into the cavern housing the Cosmic Cube. After defeating Drax, Thanos ventured inside the cavern and retrieved the Cosmic Cube.

(Captain Marvel I#31 (fb) - BTS) - While first possessing the Cosmic Cube, Thanos had to mentally fight hard to overcome the Cube's destructive tendacies it had acquired while mutated by M.O.D.O.K.

(Captain Marvel I#29) - Thanos used the Cosmic Cube to imprison his father, Mentor, and brother, Eros. Realizing that there were still many he opposed him, Thanos wondered why he had earlier spared Drax the Destroyer but then used the Cosmic Cube to view the status of Rick Jones, who had been separated from Captain Marvel, but soon found that even the Cosmic Cube could not locate Mar-Vell.

(Marvel Feature I#12) - Thanos used the Cosmic Cube to make himself the dictator of Saturn's moon, Titan. After assuming command, Thanos received a communication from one of his lackey Blood-Brothers via the Cube in which the Blood-Brothers requested permission to engage the heroic Iron Man. Having dealt with Iron Man before and upon hearing from the computer ISAAC that Iron Man remained a potential menace, Thanos granted the Blood-Brothers permission to act, ordering them to kill Iron Man. Later, after witnessing the Blood-Brothers' defeat of both Iron Man and the Thing, Thanos used the Cosmic Cube to commend the Blood-Brothers on their actions. Announcing that, with the Cosmic Cube, he held the galaxy in the palm of his hand, ready to be crushed like an eggshell, Thanos ordered the Blood-Brothers to kill the Thing as well. Subsequently using the Cosmic Cube to learn that the Blood-Brothers had been felled by the recovered Thing and Iron Man, Thanos admitted to Death that the Blood-Brothers knew the penalty for failure before using the Cosmic Cube to blast the two from afar.

(Captain Marvel I#30) - Thanos used the Cosmic Cube to communicate with his agent, the Controller, and found a group of mind-controlled slaves praising the Controller. Angry that the Controller was using his slaves for his own ego-boosting, Thanos warned the Controller that he was alive only because he would be of use later, as Captain Marvel would be visiting to check on Rick Jones' girlfriend, who was under the Controller's thrall. Thanos then ordered the Controller to kill Captain Marvel on sight, informing the Controller that if he failed, Thanos would be forced to use the Cosmic Cube to kill the hero and would then turn the Cube against the one who failed him. When the Controller proved unable to best the newly-cosmically aware Captain Marvel, Thanos used the Cosmic Cube to project his image, where he accused the Controller of failing and transported the Controller away in a swirling mass. Before his consciousness totally faded, Thanos admitted that he thought Captain Marvel no match for the Controller and sensed a change in Captain Marvel that he would like to know more about. Thanos then disappeared, announcing that he would allow Captain Marvel to live a bit longer. Back on Titan, Thanos grasped the Cosmic Cube and announced to Death that he had wasted enough time allowing his enemies to lament their own fate. Proclaiming that others had held the Cube in the past and lacked vision, Thanos monologued that the Cosmic Cube was more abstract and was never meant to be used for power or material possessions. With a dark gleam in his eyes, Thanos looked into the Cosmic Cube and revealed that he only had one wish.

(Captain Marvel I#31) - Thanos used the Cosmic Cube to view Captain Marvel, who was informing the Avengers and his ally Moondragon of the threat posed by Thanos. Looking into the Cosmic Cube, Thanos lamented Captain Marvel's bringing in the Avengers to stop him and decided that those who had true knowledge of him must perish first, including Marvel himself, Iron Man, Drax the Destroyer and Moondragon. Turning to look at the captive Mentor and Eros, Thanos proclaimed that without the aforementioned four, the Avengers would have no idea how to stop him. As Captain Marvel finished telling the whole story of Thanos obtaining the Cosmic Cube, he was transported along with Iron Man, Drax and Moondragon to Titan by the Cube-wielding Thanos, who announced that the four would die painlessly unless they challenged him, at which point they would die a thousand deaths. When the heroes argued, Thanos used the Cosmic Cube to imprison them in bio-electric fields, much like he had with Mentor and Eros, and began explaining his plans to conquer Earth using both the Cosmic Cube and a vast fleet he had built. When one of the heroes questioned his ability to conquer Earth, remarking that there was one being still able to stop him, Thanos used to Cosmic Cube to reveal the captured Titanian being Kronos. While Thanos rambled about his own invincibility, Captain Marvel overcame his field and banged his Nega-Bands together, releasing Rick Jones. In the distraction, the other heroes freed themselves and piled on the Cube-wielding Thanos as Rick again banged the Bands, allowing Captain Marvel to rejoin the fight. Thanos quickly used the Cosmic Cube to force the heroes back but Mentor sent a mental command to the computer ISAAC to halt Titan's orbit, knocking Thanos off-balance enough for Captain Marvel to kick the Cosmic Cube from Thanos' hand. A fierce battle ensued but Thanos ultimately reacquired the Cosmic Cube, only to be faced with Moondragon, who telepathically assaulted Thanos. He then used the Cube to restrain the heroes with force chains before using the Cosmic Cube to become a god.

(Captain Marvel I#32) - Most of the heroes fled for their lives as the godlike Thanos battled Drax the Destroyer but when Captain Marvel and Iron Man took shelter in Titan's Hall of Science, Captain Marvel revealed that during the scuffle, he had grabbed the Cosmic Cube. Iron Man quickly suggested Marvel use the Cosmic Cube to stop Thanos but Captain Marvel revealed that he had tried but the Cube appeared powerless following Thanos' transformation. To avoid the demon constructs Thanos sent against him, Captain Marvel used his Nega-Bands to switch places with Rick Jones, who still retained the powerless Cosmic Cube. After Jones fled to Earth and Thanos' attention fell on him, Jones slyly pocketed the Cosmic Cube before insulting Thanos to provoke Thanos to show his ego.

(Captain Marvel I#33) - Jones switched places with Captain Marvel, who was swiftly defeated before Thanos moved on to other matters, leaving Captain Marvel with the powerless Cosmic Cube as the Titanian computer ISAAC reminded Marvel that only his Cosmic Awareness could counter the Cosmic Cube. Still thinking the powerless Cosmic Cube was the key to stopping Thanos, Captain Marvel used his Cosmic Awareness and made contact with the Avenger Mantis, who suggested that Thanos' god form could not exist without worshippers. Realizing that without worshippers, Thanos must still be drawing power from the Cosmic Cube, Captain Marvel was then attacked by Thanos, who blasted the ground beneath Captain Marvel, causing him to drop the Cosmic Cube. Thanos then transformed the world to simulate madness in an attempt to prevent Captain Marvel from regaining the Cosmic Cube. When Captain Marvel insisted that he would not falter until his last breath, Thanos drained the life from Captain Marvel and with Mar-Vell's last moments, he grasped the Cosmic Cube itself, restoring reality from his own mind and seemingly destroying the Cube and Thanos.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Update '89#4 - Kubik entry - BTS) - As the Cosmic Cube reformed itself, it was recovered by the defense agency S.H.I.E.L.D.. who took the Cube to the Project: PEGASUS energy research facility.

(Captain America I#186 - BTS) - During another battle between Captain America and the Red Skull, the Red Skull revealed how he had earlier used the Cosmic Cube to manipulate the mind of Sam Wilson into becoming the perfect partner for Captain America as the Falcon.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#42) - Project: PEGASUS suspended the Cosmic Cube with cables hooked to the superhuman Wundarr using a Psi-Helmet. When Wundarr made psychic contact with the inert Cube, the Cosmic Cube was able to restore itself. Sabotaging the Project: PEGASUS experiment, disguised Cult of Entropy leader Victorious sent a power backlash through the Psi-Helmet, rendering Wundarr comatose, and after easily batting Captain America aside, Victorious stole the Cosmic Cube and winked out of Project: PEGASUS. Returning to the Cult of Entropy with the Cosmic Cube, Victorious removed his disguise as Captain America and the Thing boarded a Project: PEGASUS plane that was capable of tracking the Cosmic Cube anywhere on Earth.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#43 (fb)) - Victorious used the stolen Cosmic Cube to reform the remains of former Cult of Entropy leader Yagzan using the Earth itself. Dubbing the new being Jude the Entropic Man, Victorious held the Cosmic Cube out and discussed with Jude the Cult of Entropy's need of a herald to spread their message of entropy to the world.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#42) - Tracking the Cosmic Cube to Florida, Captain America and the Thing found themselves attacked by Victorious, who used the Cube to destroy the heroes' tracking device and announced the ushering in of the era of entropy.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#43) - Holding the Cosmic Cube high, Victorious announced that the heroes were too late to stop his plans to plunge the world into entropy. After he told the story of using the Cosmic Cube to create Jude the Entropic Man and Jude's subsequent killing of two lovers near the Cult of Entropy's base, Victorious was attacked by Thing but Victorious used the Cosmic Cube to down the Thing. Captain America then warned Victorious about the possibility of Thing's death and Victorious gloated, unafraid of Cap's threats due to his possession of the Cosmic Cube. Captain America continued provoking Victorious, remarking that he was nothing more than an old man without the Cosmic Cube. Admitting that he had wished to avoid a physical conflict, Victorious levitated the Cosmic Cube above his head and battled Captain America on-on-one, unaware that the monstrous Man-Thing had shuffled out of the swamps towards the Cosmic Cube. As the Thing regained consciousness, he witnessed the Man-Thing grasp the Cosmic Cube. Thing re-entered the battle, stopping Jude from destroying Captain America and as Thing and Captain America prepared to battle Jude, Victorious noticed the Man-Thing with the Cosmic Cube and attempted to wrestle the Cube away from the monster. Convinced by the battle that the world did not yet understand entropy like Victorious did, Jude turned towards Victorious, who was still wrestling with the Man-Thing over the Cosmic Cube. Victorious' fear over Jude's intentions triggered the Man-Thing's burning touch, which combined with Jude's entropic touch to transform both Victorious and Jude into crystalline form. Once the explosive energy had dissipated, Captain America picked up the again-powerless Cosmic Cube and opted to return it to Project: PEGASUS to research.

(Captain America I Annual#7 (fb)) - Captain America returned the dormant Cube to Project: PEGASUS.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#58 (fb)) - Unknown to Project: PEGASUS, the unconscious Wundarr's powers had been drastically magified during his previous brief contact with the Cosmic Cube. After the Cube had been returned to Project: PEGASUS following its use by Victorious, the seemingly inert Cosmic Cube called Wundarr to it, causing Wundarr to regain consciousness.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#57) - As the Thing assisted Project: PEGASUS security officer Quasar and Giant-Man against the escaped Solarr and Klaw, the reawakened Wundarr walked towards the Cosmic Cube, disabling almost all security in the process due to his null-field abilities. When Wundarr arrived in the room housing the Cosmic Cube, his very presence caused the Cosmic Cube to sparkle to life.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#58 (fb)) - As the Cosmic Cube restarted itself, Wundarr mentally entered the Cube itself and emerged reborn as the peaceful Aquarian.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#58 - BTS) - Aquarian reunited with the Thing following the earlier battle against Solarr and Klaw, recounting the story of entering the Cosmic Cube and emerging with newfound purpose.

(Marvel Team-Up I Annual#5 (fb) - BTS) - Project: PEGASUS fell under the sway of the Serpent Crown and as part of the mind-controlled Project's plan to seek out dimensional counterparts to the Serpent Crown, the Cosmic Cube was hooked up to dimensional cannons that allowed the Project to locate and acquire Serpent Crowns.

(Marvel Team-Up I Annual#5) - Spider-Man and the Scarlet Witch arrived at Project: PEGASUS to find every single person within the Project wearing a Serpent Crown and the Project's dimensional cannons hooked to the Cosmic Cube. While Scarlet Witch was captured alongside other heroes such as Dr. Strange and the Thing, Spider-Man escaped and found the room that normally housed the Cosmic Cube. Thinking he might be able to use the Cube against the Serpent Crown, Spider-Man found the room empty and soon recalled seeing the Cosmic Cube hooked up to the Project's dimensional cannons. Returning to the room with the dimensional cannons, Spider-Man found Scarlet Witch and Dr. Strange battling a large, animated Serpent Crown that had been possessed by the elder god Set. Swinging into the center of the room, Spider-Man grabbed the Cosmic Cube but was quickly swallowed by the giant Serpent Crown. From inside the giant Serpent Crown, Spider-Man shared the Cosmic Cube with the also swallowed Scarlet Witch and Thing and together, they used the Cosmic Cube to destroy the giant Serpent Crown. Revealing that the elder god Set's mind still roamed despite the destruction of his animated Serpent Crown body, Doctor Strange combined his own will with that of Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch and Thing and they used the Cosmic Cube to cast a spell that exorcised Set from Earth. After the spell had been cast, the Serpent Crowns crumbled to dust on the ground and Spider-Man was left reeling with a smoldering Cosmic Cube. The restored Project: PEGASUS thanked the heroes for their assistance in restoring their minds and Spider-Man remarked that they couldn't have done it without the Project's "crazy Rubik's cube." When Spider-Man then tried to use the Cosmic Cube to conjure an indestructible costume since his current one was in tatters, he found that the Cosmic Cube was no longer tingling and appeared to have used up all of its power.

(Captain America I Annual#7 (fb) - BTS) - The dormant Cosmic Cube was returned to its high security room of Project: PEGASUS.

(Captain America I Annual#7) - Months later, the Cosmic Cube radiated to life as the Kree Supreme Intelligence discussed the Cosmic Cube's reignition to the alien Shaper of Worlds. The Cube's reignition was also sensed by Aquarian and viewed from afar by members of A.I.M., who picked up the Cube's resurgence with their ultrafine detectors. With the Cosmic Cube's reawakening, the Supreme Intelligence and Shaper of Worlds continued discussing the prevention of an ancient evil being reawakened while Aquarian was summoned by the Cube and A.I.M. mobilized their squadrons to reacquire the Cosmic Cube. A.I.M. quickly commenced an all-out attack on Project: PEGASUS, drawing Captain America to the scene, and when Cap arrived, he noticed Aquarian peacefully walking away from the battlefield holding the Cube. At first not recognizing Wundarr in his new form, Captain America nonetheless demanded that Aquarian hand over the Cosmic Cube but any attempts to force the Cube from Aquarian met with failure due to Aquarian's null-field. Despite Aquarian's attempts to explain how the Cosmic Cube had cried out to him for help, Captain America managed to stop Aquarian with an aikido hold that did not require force. Aquarian dropped the Cube in pain and the Cosmic Cube was scooped up by A.I.M., who sarcastically thanked Captain America for getting through Aquarian's null-field for them. Aquarian then asked why Captain America could not have left well enough alone but Cap insisted they had to go after A.I.M. before they could use the Cosmic Cube. Aquarian warned that if A.I.M. tried to use the Cube, something disastrous could happen due to strange happenings with the Cube, and then refused Cap's offer to tag along against A.I.M., preferring to get things done his own way. Captain America then departed in pursuit of A.I.M., soon finding their mesa headquarters as A.I.M. discovered that the Cosmic Cube's radiations were unstable. Seeing the Cosmic Cube, Captain America leapt from his Avengers Quinjet and engaged A.I.M. but A.I.M. managed to get the Cosmic Cube out of Cap's range. The Cube was then lowered far below the battle into a chamber where A.I.M. scientist Bernard Worrell was explaining to A.I.M.'s newest member how they were about to see the proof of their reports on the Cosmic Cube. After revealing the Cosmic Cube's origins under A.I.M., Worrell trapped the new A.I.M. recruits in their seats as he prepared to handle the Cube himself. Aquarian soon arrived to assist Captain America, again remarking that something strange was occurring within the Cosmic Cube, and the heroic duo made their way to the lower chambers of A.I.M.'s headquarters just as Bernard Worrell grasped the Cosmic Cube. Having fed the Cube low amounts of power, Worrell ordered the Cosmic Cube to erase Captain America from existence but the Cube remained in a powered but dormant state and Aquarian warned that Worrell was only stirring up trouble by forcing his will on the Cube. Despite Aquarian's warnings, Worrell attempted to hold the heroes at bay by projecting low level energy blasts from the Cube before commanding it to hear his will. The Cosmic Cube then began warping its shape in pain at the commands of Worrell but nonetheless transformed the world per Worrell's commands. With the Cube in his possession, the increasingly mad Worrell began trying to kill Captain America and Aquarian but failing due to Aquarian's null-field. While running from Worrell, Aquarian informed Captain America that the Cosmic Cube was projecting its own fear and hate into Worrell in response to Worrell's own hate-filled commands. Worrell eventually decided to teleport Aquarian to the Tibetan mountains to keep him from protecting Cap and then used the Cosmic Cube to remove the bones from Captain America's body before transforming his shield into a crap that would feed on Cap's body. Proclaiming himself a god, Worrell was sufficiently convinced Captain America believed that after his torture and decided to end Cap's torment by killing him. Instead, the Cosmic Cube restored Cap to normal and Cap confronted Worrell with the realization that the Cosmic Cube was not fully responding to Worrell's commands and that Worrell himself was scared of its power. Angry, Worrell commanded the Cosmic Cube to remake the world but it began fluctuating in shape as it screamed in pain. The world created by Worrell then began to warp and the Cube itself probed Worrell's mind and deemed him a monster, transforming Worrell into a lizard-like man in response. The misshapen Cosmic Cube then transformed the world to match Worrell's hate-filled subconscious and Cap attempted to get Worrell, whose mind was linked with the Cube, to fix reality but Worrell proved unable. When Captain America attempted to communicate with the Cube, asking it to stop its madness, it refused and blasted Cap away as the Shaper of Worlds appeared on the scene. The Shaper of Worlds managed to calm the fluctuating Cube, eventually returning it to its Cube shape, and he then restored reality to normal with the calmed Cube in hand. When Worrell then asked the Shaper of Worlds about the Cube, the Shaper revealed that it was quite safe and was actually about to hatch. Revealing his own nature as a former Skrull Cosmic Cube, the Shaper of Worlds explained how the Supreme Intelligence had sent him to Earth when Earth's infant Cosmic Cube had reawoke within Project: PEGASUS to ensure that Earth's Cosmic Cube would not lash out as the Shaper had in his own infancy. Further explaining that he was able to locate the Cosmic Cube due to the peaceful Aquarian and the misguided Bernard Worrell, the Shaper bade Cap, Aquarian and Worrell to touch the nearly dormant Cube to help shape it. Captain America then asked if the Cube would become another Shaper of Worlds but the Shaper admitted that he wasn't sure, as all Cubes take on different forms. The Shaper then promised that he would watch the infant Cube's development with great eagerness before departing the scene with the Cosmic Cube in a small, contained explosion. Captain America then smiled and remarked to Aquarian that he had a feeling the Cosmic Cube's childhood was going to be an interesting one.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Update '89#4 - Kubik entry - BTS) - The newly sentient Cosmic Cube accompanied the Shaper of Worlds off of the planet Earth and into space as the Shaper of Worlds supervised the Cube's nurturing.

(Defenders I#150 (fb)) - BTS) - The Cosmic Cube developed a childlike, male gendered consciousness and grew into the size of a planet as it developed.

(Defenders I#150 (fb)) - When the nebula later known as Cloud became sentient and noticed the stars in the solar system had begun disappearing, Cloud's fear was sensed by the sentient Cosmic Cube, who also expressed his fear. Admitting that he wasn't any good at puzzling out fearful situations, the Cosmic Cube revealed to Cloud a planet filled with superhumans who fought to save things. Displaying an image of Captain America, who had once held the Cosmic Cube in the palm of his hands, the Cosmic Cube learned that Cloud wished to seek out the help of Captain America and the Cosmic Cube used his powers to transport Cloud back through time and space. With Cloud now gone, the Cosmic Cube also called out for help himself, managing to summon only the Over-Mind, who never arrived to assist the Cube.

(Defenders I#150) - The Defenders arrived in space with Cloud, who revealed that the Cosmic Cube had sent her and allied with her to save the stars. Upon learning that Cloud's ally was the Cosmic Cube, Beast asked if the Cube could just will the stars back into existence but the Cube revealed that something was draining his powers, preventing such an act. The Cube insisted he would do anything else that he could to help, however, and quickly thought of an idea. He then conjured a set of bio-cybernetic devices for the Defenders to wear that would translate the language of the Xiombarg aliens who had arrived to investigate the missing stars. As the Xiombarg and the Defenders agreed to work together to solve the mystery of the missing stars, the Cosmic Cube mustered as much power as he could and manifested himself with the Defenders as a simulacrum of Captain America, asking if he could join them on the mission. As the Defenders and Xiombarg grew closer to learning why the stars were missing, Cosmic Cube (as "Captain America") announced that he could sense something probing and inquiring about their presence before the alien Star-Thief revealed itself. Announcing that it could do whatever it wanted and that the Defenders must think it a baby, the Star-Thief shrunk the Xiombarg spaceship before disappearing. The Cosmic Cube restored their ship to its proper size, remarking on how the Shaper of Worlds and Aquarian would be proud of it, before Beast deduced the Star-Thief's location by noticing the area with the least amount of stars in it. Traveling to the location, the Defenders, Xiombarg and the Cosmic Cube found an alien race that ultimately destroyed their ship. The Cosmic Cube quickly enlarged its "shield" to house the Defenders and their Xiombarg allies as they landed in the planet's oceans. The Star-Thief again appeared and fired a weak energy blast that Cloud easily absorbed, prompting Cloud to accuse the Star-Thief of not wishing to expend too much energy so close to the Star-Thief's true body. Claiming Cloud's accusations were false, the Star-Thief disappeared and the Cosmic Cube announced that the heroes were very close to victory. The Cosmic Cube then relished in the experience of saving the universe alongside Earth heroes and admitted that it might be better if it were the Avengers but Beast smiled and suggested they save the universe anyway. Traveling about the Cosmic Cube's "shield," the assembled heroes soon realized they would have to fight their way out of the most populated center of the planet and as they battled their way to the center, they found the alien Princess Ilse Pterigil, who had fallen comatose and was inadvertently usurping some of the Cosmic Cube's power to become the Star-Thief. Joining his mind with the other heroes, the Cosmic Cube helped convince Ilse to return the stars, which she kept in a bag housing a pocket universe. Given the bag, the Cosmic Cube announced that he could restore the stars to their proper place as his stolen power returned to him. The Cosmic Cube then explained that it was time to go and with her mission to save the stars completed, Cloud returned to her home within the solar system. Before departing, the Cosmic Cube revealed that Earth's sun would be the first star restored and used his power to send the Defenders back to Earth, asking if they would tell Captain America he said hi when they returned.

(Avengers I#289 (fb) - BTS) - The Cosmic Cube developed past its immature, nascent state and began calling himself Kubik.

(Avengers I#289) - When the Super-Adaptoid (using the physical form of both Mentallo and the Fixer) infiltrated the Avengers' communications complex on Hydrobase in search of the Cosmic Cube, he pulled up information on the Cosmic Cube and its location from the Avengers' computers. Learning that the Cosmic Cube was off-Earth, the Adaptoid dealt with a subsequent confrontation with Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) before sending out a beacon to summon the Cosmic Cube to his location. He then prepared to greet the incoming Cosmic Cube while thinking of how its power would be his for the taking. When the Cube arrived, it appeared as a much larger than normal Cube and began glowing intensely, soon changing shape into a very tall humanoid calling himself Kubik. Demanding to know who summoned him back to Earth, Kubik was introduced to the Adaptoid, who claimed it had also been created by A.I.M. Kubik quickly corrected the Adaptoid, explaining that it was not created by A.I.M. and that only his embryonic energy form had been trapped in an incubation cube by the organization. Kubik then asked what the Adaptoid needed from Kubik to have summoned him there and when the Adaptoid informed Kubik that it wanted others like itself to rule by its side after it conquered Earth, Kubik revealed that he no longer nascently granted the wishes of those that held him and refused the Adaptoid's wishes. Proclaiming Kubik to be in error, the Super-Adaptoid revealed its power to duplicate others and that it had successfully duplicated Kubik's powers while they conversed. Transforming into a form mirroring Kubik's, the Super-Adaptoid then ordered Kubik to depart, warning that if he didn't, he would involve all of existence in a war neither of them could win. The Adaptoid then informed Kubik that he had served his purpose in the Adaptoid's plans and would remain safe until the Adaptoid consolidated his hold over Earth but admitted it couldn't promise Kubik's safety after it took over Earth.

(Avengers I#290) - The rest of the Avengers entered Hydrobase's communications complex to find Kubik standing next to the gloating Super-Adaptoid, who appeared to be a duplicate of Kubik. The Super-Adaptoid quickly trapped the Avengers and Machine Man within force cubes and then conversed again with Kubik, who admitted that he wished to stay and observe the Adaptoid's plans. Annoyed, the Super-Adaptoid transported Kubik into the largest black hole in the Andromeda Galaxy, remarking that Kubik could observe from there. As the Adaptoid dubbed itself the Supreme Adaptoid, Machine Man informed the Avengers of the Adaptoid's plans and how his ultimate goal was to duplicate Kubik and control all of reality. While the Avengers attempted to find a way to stop the Supreme Adaptoid, Kubik emerged from the Andromeda Galaxy's black hole intact using his powers and before departing, slightly altered the black hole's axis of rotation while instilling within in a small electrical charge for future study. Returning to Earth's atmosphere, Kubik debated attacking the Supreme Adaptoid as the only being powerful enough to challenge the Adaptoid, quickly realizing that a direct confrontation would shred the very fabric of reality. Deciding to recruit help against the Adaptoid rather than face it directly, Kubik appeared before Steve Rogers (then in his Captain identity) as the man whose touch had originally instilled Kubik with a sense of true valor. Since he looked different than the last time the Captain had met him, Kubik revealed his past as the Cosmic Cube and related the situation of the Supreme Adaptoid to the Captain, who quickly asked Kubik to send him to the Avengers. When Kubik commented that the Supreme Adaptoid would only imprison him as well, the Captain explained that the Adaptoid had been created to defeat him and that was somehow the key to the Adaptoid's own defeat. Kubik reluctantly agreed, admitting that the Captain's wisdom exceeded his own, and transported the Captain to Hydrobase with no memory of meeting Kubik's return to Earth in case the Adaptoid probed the Captain's mind. After the Captain tricked the Supreme Adaptoid into gaining the human spirit by dying, Kubik freed the captive Avengers and appeared before them, commending the Captain on exploiting the Supreme Adaptoid's weakness. Announcing that humanity was blessed to have the Captain and the Avengers among it, Kubik removed the Cosmic Cube sliver that empowered the Supreme Adaptoid and prepared to return to the stars. As he teleported away, Kubik remarked his sadness that the Supreme Adaptoid was brought down by the tragedy of self-deception.

(Fantastic Four I#319 (fb) - BTS) - Kubik developed further, taking on a pink-skinned, alien-like appearance.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition#2 - Kubik entry - BTS) - Kubik obtained a costume composed of alien materials.

(Fantastic Four I#319 (fb) - BTS) - In his new form, Kubik and the Shaper of Worlds viewed the omnipotent Beyonder from afar.

(Fantastic Four I#319/Fantastic Four I Annual#23/2 (fb)) - When Dr. Doom and three of the Fantastic Four sought out the Beyonder to restore memories missing from Dr. Doom, Kubik and the Shaper of Worlds appeared and warned the Beyonder not to restore Doom's memories. Doom argued, telling the Beyonder to pay no mind to Kubik or the Shaper of Worlds, and the Beyonder agreed, remarking that he was tired of others barging into his universe and that the decision to restore Doom's memories was his alone to make. Kubik corrected the Beyonder and blasted him, obliterating his physical manifestation. When Thing thought Kubik had killed the Beyonder, Kubik informed Thing that nothing could permanently kill the Beyonder and as the Beyonder appeared over the skies, Kubik grew to match the Beyonder's size and revealed that both himself and the Shaper of Worlds had been watching the Beyonder. Angry that he could have been watched without his knowledge, Beyonder fought back but Kubik repeated that he and the Shaper had watched the Beyonder make an error. Beyonder responded by blasting Kubik, who fired back and proclaimed the Beyonder a fool for trusting Doom, remarking that Dr. Doom only wanted the Beyonder's power. The attack caused the Beyonder's universe to shift and the Beyonder quickly reminded Kubik that the universe itself was him as he hurled planetoids at Kubik. When the Beyonder announced that he had no limits and that was what it meant to be a Beyonder, Kubik informed Beyonder that he and his universe must then die as he continued to press his attack on the Beyonder. Molecule Man and Volcana soon arrived via a portal and began aiding the Beyonder against Kubik but the Shaper of Worlds vaporized Volcana to prevent her from assisting. As Kubik managed to contain the Beyonder and his entire universe into a sphere, Molecule Man restored Volcana and the Shaper of Worlds stopped Kubik from destroying the sphere housing the Beyonder. Sufficiently calmed, Kubik learned that the Molecule Man had been drawn there by the Beyonder and when Dr. Doom again insisted that he merely wanted memories back, Molecule Man explained that once his memories were restored, he would recall how to steal the Beyonder's power once more. Kubik then revealed that he and the Shaper of Worlds had also deduced such an intricate plan on Dr. Doom's behalf to steal the Beyonder's power and would not allow such events to occur. Kubik then listened as the Shaper of Worlds explained to the Thing where the alien Beyonders dwelled and how they desired to learn why Earth bred such an amount of superhuman beings. Kubik then added that the Beyonders had learned of evolution and had created the energy intelligences used in the creation of Cosmic Cubes, remarking that the energy beings' evolution was the key to the Beyonders' plan. The Beyonder soon realized that he himself was uncontained power from the Beyonders' universe but refused to give up his seeming individuality. After a gruff talking to from the Thing and continued talking of evolution being a key to his existence from Kubik and the Shaper of Worlds, the Beyonder relented and opted instead to regain the portion of himself that had been granted to Owen Reece as the Molecule Man rather than restore Doom's memories. Kubik then watched as the Beyonder and Molecule Man seemingly merged their energies together, becoming a new Cosmic Cube, which Dr. Doom flew to and used to restore his missing memories. Before the situation could become perilous, Kubik watched as the Shaper of Worlds restored the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom back to Earth, where Doom did not have access to the new Cosmic Cube.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Update '89#4 - Kubik entry - BTS) - Kubik was presumed to still be under the guidance of the Shaper of Worlds though his whereabouts remained unrevealed.

(Fantastic Four I Annual#23/3 (fb) - BTS) - After learning of the negative aspects of both male and female genders, Kubik decided to eshew itself from either gender but retained its more masculine, pink alien form.

(Fantastic Four I Annual#23/3) - Kubik was present when the new Cosmic Cube emerged from its incubation period in a new form calling itself Kosmos. Kubik expressed interest that Kosmos had chosen a female form and Kosmos admitted that she felt many of her previous psychological defects were due to the aggression reaction syndrome inherent in male forms. Kosmos then admitted that she had many unresolved questions and Kubik explained than in her previous form, she also had many questions but many were of poor quality. As it further explained, Kubik revealed that it was present to help educate Kosmos so that she may learn the answer to her many questions. As part of Kosmos' education, Kubik generated images of the entire solar system, revealing the stars to Kosmos as plasmatic geodes of concentrated cosmic life force and the source of all life. Explaining how precious and fragile stars were, Kubik explained that the stars periodically ignite in the form of the chaos-bringer known as the Dark Phoenix during times of extreme turbulence. The Watchers then appeared, drawn to the emergence of Kosmos, but Kubik told Kosmos not to worry of their presence, as they were sworn not to interfere and there were many other wonders for Kosmos to learn about. When Kosmos remarked that she had met many cosmic beings in her previous existence, Kubik informed her that she had met only partial incarnations of the beings that had been sent to help ease her transition into true awareness. Traveling a short bit of space, Kubik took Kosmos to an area where he generated images of "evil ones" including D'Spayre, Mephisto, the Dweller-in-Darkness, Thanos, Shuma-Gorath, Satannish and Chthon, all of whom Kubik said served Death, which Kubik explained was merely cosmic balance of fundamental forces. Kubik then generated an image of the Living Tribunal, the most supreme power that could be comprehended. Explaining that any universe within the multiverse was subject to be judged by the Living Tribunal, Kubik remarked that logic would dictate that the Living Tribunal served a higher power but Kubik then led Kosmos through Eternity itself beyond the universe. Revealing that the alien Beyonders viewed the universe from the realm beyond, occasionally intervened to aid in the creation of Cosmic Cubes, Kubik answered Kosmos' question of what her place in the universe by remarking that it was a good question.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition#2 - Kubik entry - BTS) - The general populace remained unaware of Kubik's existence as it traveled throughout the Milky Way galaxy, still affiliated with Kosmos.

(Fantastic Four I#351) - Kubik led Kosmos to the juncture point of their next investigation into the nature of existence: the planet Earth. Revealing that it had led Kosmos there in an attempt at understanding why higher powers had assigned a special destiny to Earth, Kubik admitted it suspected it was more than just the fact that Earth held the Nexus of All Realities. Revealing that their subjects of study would be Earth's Fantastic Four, Kubik informed Kosmos of the Fantastic Four's origins, admitting its suspicions that the cosmic rays that gave the foursome their powers was not accidental in nature but rather, part of the same cosmic force that also gave birth to Kubik and Kosmos as well. Suspecting that the answer as to why the Fantastic Four were so chosen by the cosmos might hold the answer to why Earth awaited a special destiny, Kubik ended the review of the Fantastic Four and had Kosmos enter her aggressive intervention phase of their study by summoning the Fantastic Four themselves, whom Kosmos placed in stasis. Kubik then removed the dominant character traits (Mr. Fantastic's intellect, Invisible Woman's compassion, Thing's courage and Human Torch's aggressiveness) from each of the Fantastic Four so that they could be examine the foursome's behavioral reflexes. While Kosmos held onto the Four's dominant character traits, Kubik moved onto Phase Three of their study by creating a planetary construct in which the Fantastic Four (with their dominant character traits reduced) could be placed in conflict scenarios so that Kubik and Kosmos could observe how the removal of their dominant character traits affected their behavior. Before having Kosmos transport the Fantastic Four onto its construct, Kubik explained that the Fantastic Four would subliminally programmed to escape a maze while encountering obstacles to test their abilities to cope. Once the Four were transported into the construct, Kubik and Kosmos monitored each of the team members' progress, noting changes to their usual behavior as each of them were faced with danger. After watching each of the four, Kosmos expressed disappointment with their performance and suggested Kubik re-evaluate the test parameters but Kubik declined, believing the test to valid without adjustment and suggesting that Kosmos underestimated mortals, the Fantastic Four especially. Kubik and Kosmos then continued the test, watching as each of the Fantastic Four escaped the maze and regrouped with one another. When the Fantastic Four realized they were being tested and watched by invisible beings, Invisible Woman used her invisibility powers to force Kubik and Kosmos into visibility, prompting Kubik to admit the usage of her powers in such a way was remarkable. Admitting that she had underestimated the Fantastic Four, Kosmos was told that she was not the first by Kubik, who apologized to the Fantastic Four for the rude treatment they had received at Kubik and Kosmos' hands. Kubik then assured the Fantastic Four that their testing had been done with the noblest of intentions and expressed gratitude before placing the Fantastic Four back into stasis to restore their lost character traits. As Kubik restored the Fantastic Four's traits, Kosmos admitted that she could understand why the higher powers had taken such an interest in Earth. Noting that each FF member had demonstrated dominant character traits of their teammates during the test, Kubik returned the restored Fantastic Four back to their point of origin, commenting that if they recalled their experiences at all, it would be as a dream. Admitting that they had no right to interfere with the Fantastic Four's lives, Kubik then remarked that it was them who were truly the higher creatures despite Kubik and Kosmos' power and that their potential for growth was unlimited while Kubik and Kosmos were limited by their omnipotence. Further commenting that their omnipotence shielded them from opportunities to develop as individuals, Kubik admitted his envy of the Fantastic Four before departing the area, noting that their study was done and that there were still wonders waiting to be discovered.

(Fantastic Four I Annual#26/2 (fb) - BTS) - Kubik briefly adopted a purple-skinned, purple-eyed appearance.

(Fantastic Four I Annual#26/2) - Kubik led Kosmos to the Celestials, legendary space gods who tended the blossoms of life, according to Kubik. When Kosmos asked what the Celestials' origins were, Kubik informed her that none knew their true origins, to which Kosmos suggested they pluck the information they needed directly from the Celestial judge's mind that was present. Kubik quickly explained that their own powers paled in comparison to a Celestial's but Kosmos asked if their own powers were not infinite and Kubik revealed that there were levels of infinite power. Kosmos argued that infinity itself was unsurpassable but Kubik laid out the idea of levels of infinity using mathematical terms, forcing Kosmos to realize that there could sets of infinite numbers and thereby, levels of infinite power. Kubik then explained that by the logic of levels of infinite power, a Celestial's power was many orders of infinite power higher than their own infinite power levels, further remarking that neither Kubik nor Kosmos could possibly contend with a Celestial and survive the encounter. Kosmos then asked how they could learn the Celestials' origin without contending with one and Kubik revealed that they would inquire the answers they sought by traveling into the mind of the Celestial judge in their midst. Kubik warned in advance, however, that once they entered the Celestial's mind, their presence would immediately be noticed and they would be judged, and if found lacking, they would be obliterated by the Celestial. Kosmos was content to still attempt, explaining to Kubik that without the constant search for knowledge, her existence had no meaning. Sufficiently convinced to proceed, Kubik surrounded them both with an energy field and prepared for energetic transmigration into the mind of the Celestial judge by generating a hyperspatial psionic matrix to protect them as they entered the Celestial's mind. Once connected to the Celestial's mind, Kubik and Kosmos saw images of the Celestial homeworld and Kosmos recognized it from an encounter she had in her previous life, one that Kubik discredited as an illusion generated by the true Celestials to test  her intentions at the time. Kubik then reminded Kosmos that the true Celestials could have easily crushed her, as Kubik itself had once done when battling Kosmos' previous Beyonder aspect, but had chosen to let the Beyonder's natural life cycle proceed. The two then witnessed the Celestial's memories of a living black galaxy that resulted in the birth of a new Celestial, prompting Kosmos to realize that her memories of a Celestial homeworld were proof that the Celestials had tampered with her memories of the encounter since Celestials were not aliens with a homeworld but rather, living galaxies. Kubik commended Kosmos on her learning from her past experiences before the two witnessed the Celestial's memories of other Celestials traversing the Multiverse. Upon seeing this, Kubik remarked on the contradictions between the Cognitorium of Velsarius Six and the Philsophix Ultimus of the Xch'tul Hegemony's theories on the Celestials' true origin point, revealing that the contrasting theories ultimately sparked a war that destroyed both the Cognitorium and the Philosophix Ultimus. Further explaining theories on the Celestials' origin point, Kubik revealed that millennia after the war between the Cognitorium and the Philosophix Ultimus, the Overscholars of the Winding Mist postulated that Celestials were actually survivors of previous universes, similar to the Earth-devourer Galactus, but noted that other races dispute that theory. Kubik then informed Kosmos that it had also heard a theory that Celestials were the cosmic manifestation of evolution itself before the Celestial judge refused to allow the two former Cosmic Cubes to go any further within its mind. With their journey for Celestial knowledge completed, Kubik informed Kosmos that they would now be judged and after moments of intense anxiety, at which Kubik admitted that it valued its companionship with Kosmos, the Celestial judged the two with a thumbs up. With the judgment outcome in the positive, Kubik and Kosmos were expelled from the Celestial's mind and once outside, Kosmos admitted she was more confused than ever regarding the correct origin of the Celestials. Due to the conceptual nature of the Celestials, Kubik explained that both all theories and none were correct and that the Celestials existed as the essence of the unknowable. The impatient Kosmos then grumbled that the question of the Celestials' origin was meaningless but Kubik reminded her that a question with multiple answers was a rare and precious thing, one that demonstrated the keen insight of the questioner and the plasticity of the universe itself. Kubik further announced that reality was not a true or false proposition but rather, a myriad of infinite possibilities, and that there were some questions that had no answer other than the one the questioner chose. When Kosmos responded by suggesting the answer was actually that Eternity itself was playing a game to achieve greater knowledge and asked what Kubik's own theory on the answer to the riddle of the Celestials' origin was, Kubik responded by saying its theory was of little importance and that it had already discarded it in favor of Kosmos' theory.

(Fantastic Four I Annual#27/2 (fb) - BTS) - Kubik returned to its pink-skinned form.

(Fantastic Four I Annual#27/2) - Kubik was showing Kosmos interstellar architecture made by the Skobolous Kante, constructioner to the Aldeberous Hegemony, when Kosmos screamed in pain following a summons from the deranged and reborn Molecule Man. As a concerned Kubik watched, Kosmos announced that power unimaginable wielded by a deranged mind was reaching through space and time to rip her past aspect as the Beyonder from her. Nearly faded away, Kosmos asked Kubik if she was dying and Kubik replied by saying whether ones such as they could truly die was out of the range of its knowledge but warned that if Kosmos' Beyonder aspect were not returned, Kubik feared Kosmos would find out. Kubik then opted to trace the summons back to its point of origin to prevent Kosmos' death and upon learning that the space-time continuum still reverberated from the tear, Kubik traced the tear to Earth. Arriving on Earth with the weakened Kosmos as the Molecule Man fiercely battled Kosmos' Beyonder aspect, Kubik ordered the Molecule Man to cease his attack, warning that killing the Beyonder aspect would wreck havoc across the Multiverse. Uncaring, Molecule Man asked if Kubik planned to stop him but Kubik relented, stating that while they had equal power, Molecule Man's potential dwarfed its own. Kubik then admitted that it had come not to battle but to beg for the salvation of reality and for the life of the dying Kosmos. Realizing the error of his ways, Molecule Man apologized to Kubik and admitted he had lashed out. Opting to make amends, Molecule Man returned the Beyonder aspect to Kosmos, restoring her to life and Kubik told Molecule Man to remember that he was stronger than the id that dwelled within him. Kubik then explained that Owen Reece's personality was always stronger and had more potential than his evil Molecule Man persona and reminded Molecule Man that he was far more than even Kubik or Kosmos. As Kubik and Kosmos faded away and Kosmos thanked Molecule Man for her restoration, Molecule Man thought to himself how Kubik and Kosmos made a good couple. He then wondered if he should have told Kubik and Kosmos that while he had started human and became omnipotent, Kubik and Kosmos had started omnipotent and were learning to be human, and that it was the obviousness that Kubik was in love with Kosmos that helped Molecule Man regain control of himself.

Comments: Created by "Smilin'" Stan Lee, "Jolly" Jack Kirby and "Frantic" Frankie Giacoia.

Odd that the story in Sub-Mariner I#47-49 centered so closely on the Cosmic Cube yet we never actually see it at any point during the story, only its glow or its container.

Thanks to Ron Fredricks for cleaning up the main image, the Master Edition handbook image and the one from Fantastic Four Annual I#26.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Captain America: Steve Rogers I#3 (September, 2016) - Nick Spencer (writer), Jesus Saiz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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