Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Realm of the Beyonders) sentient energy/cosmic being/mature Cosmic Cube, possible Inhuman mutant

Occupation: Prisoner;
     formerly student of the universe, world/universe/reality conqueror/savior/destroyer, cult leader, professional wrestler, adventurer, drug dealer, professional criminal

Group Membership: Formerly Cosmic Oneness, UCWF (Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation)

Affiliations: Cindy Adams, Alpha Flight (Aurora, Box, Heather Hudson, Northstar, Puck, Shaman, Snowbird, Talisman), Avengers (Black Knight, Captain America, Captain Marvel (Rambeau), Firebird, Hawkeye, Hercules, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Mockingbird, Namor, Scarlet Witch, Starfox, Thor, Tigra, Vision, Wasp, Wonder Man), Boom-Boom (Tabitha Smith), Captain Hero (Super-Skrull), Chulo, Circuit-Breaker, Brandy Clark, Cloak, Vinnie Corbo, Cosmic Oneness (Barry Foxxe, Maude Macchio, Ralph Macchio, others), Dagger, Daredevil, Dazzler (Alison Blaire), Dr. Strange, Elsie (Gertz), Fantastic Four, Firelord, Heroes for Hire (Iron Fist, Power Man (Luke Cage)), Hulk, Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Sharon Ing, Rick Jones, Julia, Kubik, Kurse, Laverne "Smurfette" Lacy, Marian, Molecule Man, Moondragon, Muramoto, Mynx, Foggy Nelson, Power Pack, Shaper of Worlds, Dave Shooter, Millie "The Purse" Shuriff, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Ed Strunk, Thing (Ben Grimm), Thundersword (Stewart Cadwall), Ethan Thurm, Toots, Volcana

Enemies: Annihilation, Annihilation Wave, Avengers, Bitterhorn, Charlie Carcrash, Celestials, Ch'ak, Deadpool, Death, Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange, Eternity, Falcon, Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura), She-Hulk, Thing), Gladiator,  Hulk, Illuminati (Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, Iron Man (Stark), Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Professor X), Kingpin, KlawLegion Accursed, Ralph Macchio, Mephisto, Molecule Man, Moloka Dar, Nebula, New Mutants (Cannonball, Karma, Magik (Illyana Rasputin), Magma,  Mirage (Danielle Moonstar), Warlock (Technarch), Wolfsbane), Puma, Shi'ar Imperial Guard (Electron, Gladiator, Neutron, Oracle), SHIELD, Silver Surfer, Skreet, Star-Lord (Peter Quill), Thanos, Thing, Watchers (Uatu, others), X-Men (Colossus, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Phoneix (Rachel Summers), Professor X, Rogue, Shadowcat, Wolverine), an unidentified badoon psi-sensitive, an unidentified cleric

Known Relatives: Beyonders (creators), Kubik, Shaper of Worlds ("brothers")

Aliases: Maker, Cosmos, Kosmos, Cosmic Cube, Kurami, Frank, He-Who-Comes-From-Beyond, One From Beyond

Base of Operations: Kyln;
     formerly "Island of Thinkers" in the Pacific Ocean;
     bases in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean; miles beneath Denver, Colorado and in Sparta, Illinois;
     various mansions and penthouses, including in King's Point, Long Island;

First Appearance: (Voice) Secret Wars I#1 (1984); (physical form) Secret Wars II#1 (July, 1985); (Cosmic Cube) Fantastic Four I#319 (October, 1988); (Kosmos) Fantastic Four Annual I#23 (1990); (Maker) Thanos#9 (June, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: The Beyonder is near-omnipotent in power, able to alter reality with no effort. Dwarfed in power by only the most powerful cosmic entities, he can perform virtually any task he chooses to do, from traveling through time/space to reviving the dead. Due to his lack of understanding of mystical powers, he has been harmed by them in the past. In his Maker form, he/she retained a fraction of his true abilities, though even that was still vast. This form was also mortal, allowing him/her to suffer from afflictions normal to such a form.


(Fantastic Four I#319 (fb) - BTS / Captain America Annual#7 (fb) - BTS / Captain America Annual#7 / Tales of Suspense I#79) - From within a pocket realm adjacent to the Negative Zone, the Beyonders created several discrete packets of reality-altering energy contained within other pocket realms. These realms were accessed by people of the Earth dimension, such as the Skrulls, who contained the energy within a cube of force, creating a Cosmic Cube, which eventually evolved into the Shaper of Worlds. Another packet was accessed on Earth by the scientists of AIM, who also formed a Cosmic Cube; this version eventually became Kubik.

(Secret Wars II#8 (fb)/Fantastic Four I#319 (fb)) - When Owen Reece had the accident that turned him into the Molecule Man, it opened a pinhole into a sentient realm that held the powers of a gestating incomplete Cosmic Cube, placed there by the enigmatic Beyonders. He received part of the powers of that force, and the realm became aware of the universe beyond itself.

(Secret Wars I#1/Fantastic Four I#288 (fb)-BTS) - The Beyonder placed two structures on Earth, to draw the attention of various super-beings, except for Dr. Doom, whom he could not find. Thus he pulled him out of the time stream, from a point in the future when Doom again existed. When they gathered, he teleported the structures into outer space. He destroyed a galaxy, save for one star, and created Battleworld to orbit that star. His voice then commanded all of the heroes and villains to do battle, and that if they slew their enemies, all they desired would be theirs.

(Secret Wars I#2-9 - BTS) - The Beyonder observed the heroes and villains as they battled.

(Secret Wars I#10) - Dr. Doom, who had taken Galactus' power, wondered if he should try to steal the Beyonder's as well. Doom did so, stripping a large portion of the Beyonder's powers into himself.

(Secret Wars I#11) - The Beyonder's essence entered the Hulk, but soon entered the body of Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter). When Spider-Woman encountered Klaw, the Beyonder's essence jumped into his body. Elsewhere, the all-powerful Doom killed all of the heroes on Battleworld.

(Secret Wars I#12) - Under the influence of the Beyonder, Klaw told Doom how the heroes might have survived Doom's attack, causing Doom to unwittingly warp reality and actually bring them back to life, and convinced Doom to transfer some of his godlike power to Klaw so he could defeat the heroes. Klaw turned on the assembled heroes until Captain America fought his way through and knocked Klaw aside. The Beyonder then further weakened Doom's powers by continually resurrecting Captain America after Doom slew him. The Beyonder finally reclaimed his full power, releasing Klaw from his influence. Klaw and Doom disappeared in an energy blast with the Beyonder's essence.

(Fantastic Four I#288) - The Beyonder sent Doom forth in time to where he found him.

(New Avengers: Illuminati#3) - Professor X gathered the Illuminati to inform them that he had felt the presence of the Beyonder headed towards Earth. He revealed to them that when he tried to peer into the Beyonder's mind on Battleworld, he saw images of the Inhuman Royal Family. The Illuminati used a Skrull spacecraft and traveled to Ceres, a planetoid within Earth's solar system. There, they found the Beyonder in a human form he would not take until much later living out future events. They confronted the Beyonder and when he recognized Black Bolt, he bowed. They tried to explain to the Beyonder that they believed he was an Inhuman, and demanded he return to the realm from which he came. At first, he tried to please them, but they scolded him and he made it appear he had indeed departed. After they left to return to Earth, he reappeared and continued to play out his future events.

(Secret Wars II#1) - The Beyonder took human form and traveled to Earth, landing near Denver, Colorado. Taking on an amalgamated form of all the superhumans from Battleworld, he confronted the Molecule Man and his girlfriend Volcana. Professor X realized the Beyonder was on Earth, and sent a telepathic distress signal to Captain America before passing out from the strain. In Owen's apartment, the Beyonder stated his desires to understand and experience. Volcana suggested he go to Los Angeles to do so, and he teleported there. Elsewhere, the X-Men and their new leader Magneto made plans to find the Beyonder, who had arrived in Los Angeles, and was intrigued by the telephone conversation of Stewart Cadwell. Stewart was awed by the Beyonder's powers and wished to have some for his own, and the Beyonder complied, transforming him into Thundersword. As Thundersword battled the X-Men, the New Mutants, Captain America and Iron Man, Rachel Summers of the X-Men sensed the Beyonder's hidden presence. He was puzzled by the dual nature of Magik and when he touched her, he drew forth her Darkchilde side. Magik/Darkchilde teleported herself and the New Mutants away, and Wolverine attacked the Beyonder, slashing the new form (a duplicate of Molecule Man's) that he had taken. Upset, the Beyonder teleported the X-Men away as well. Captain America and Iron Man defeated Thundersword, but when Cap tried to talk to the Beyonder, the being turned invisible. Wanting to learn and experience, he began to follow an unwitting Cap.

(New Mutants I#30) - Still using a replica of Molecule Man's body, the Beyonder studied the New Mutants. While observing some of them at the Gladiator's Arena, he noticed Dazzler (Alison Blaire) and something he could not understand stirred inside of him. When he later made his presence known to the New Mutants, Magik instinctively tried to attack him, but Rachel Summers held her back, wanting to communicate with him instead. The Beyonder reached into her mind to understand her, but the experience began to affect her and Cannonball of the New Mutants whisked her away from him. He then teleported away.

(Captain America I#308) - The Beyonder, still invisible, followed Captain America to the Avengers' West Coast compound, where he witnessed Cap battle and defeat Armadillo. Impressed and inspired by Cap, the Beyonder created a new physical form for himself, this one an exact duplicate of Cap's, down to the cell.

(Uncanny X-Men I#196) - The Beyonder returned to New York City, where Rachel Summers (who was with the other X-Men in a deli) witnessed him walk through the wall of the business. The Beyonder questioned the man behind the counter about the purpose of food, and Rachel confronted him, realizing who he was. The other X-Men never saw him, and he teleported away when Kitty Pryde got Rachel's attention. He secretly followed Rachel, intrigued by the amount of power she held, seeing her as similar to himself. At Xavier's School, Rachel again sensed the Beyonder's presence, but when she tried to mindlink to Xavier and Magneto, it tripped a device left behind by mutant-haters and caused her power to go haywire. When a berzerk Rachel sought out the would-be killers, Magneto stopped her from killing them. The Beyonder was puzzled by the way both had so much power, but chose to use it in lesser ways. He decided that to learn how to experience this conundrum was to become human.

(Secret Wars II#2) - Beyonder teleported to the top of the World Trade Center building, where he made the decision to become human in order to understand. As he realized he now understood the concept of time, he stepped off the ledge of the World Trade Center building he had appeared on, and began to plummet. He easily survived and walked away. As he tried to grasp the concepts of clothing and eating, he was directed by an irate store manager to go find someone he knew. Doing so, he located Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and began to ask him questions, but Parker believed the man was just strange and left. The Beyonder followed Parker, now in his Spider-Man outfit, back to Parker's apartment, where he continued to ask Peter questions. Finally realizing this was the Beyonder, Parker sent him to find Reed Richards, who would have an easier time explaining things to him. Before he left, the Beyonder puzzled over strange sensations he felt in his new physical form, and Peter allowed the god-like being to use his bathroom before departing. The Beyonder then materialzed in the middle of the Fantastic Four's battle with a frenzied mob driven to hatred by the Psycho-Man's construct Hate-Monger (H.M. Unger). The FF managed to stop the mob and defeat Hate Monger, and Mister Fantastic tried to explain to the Beyonder that even he wasn't sure he could give him the information he desired. Dismayed, the Beyonder teleported away. He arrived in front of a store that had been damaged during the riot, and now wishing to experience clothing, teleported a business suit off of a mannequin onto himself. A homeless woman named Elsie berated him for not paying for the suit, another concept foreign to him. As the two talked, Elsie and the Beyonder were accosted by Charlie Carcrash and his gang. Though severely beaten, the Beyonder quickly healed himself after the thugs departed. Elsie off-handedly remarked that he may need to get protection from further attacks and handed him a business card for Heroes for Hire that she had found. He thanked her and teleported to their offices. They (Power Man and Iron Fist) were not there, so the Beyonder simply pulled them back in time from their then-current whereabouts. The two were stunned, and more so when the Beyonder attempted to greet them as he had been so often: By punching Power Man through a desk. After a brief scuffle, the Beyonder tried to depart through a window in the several-story high building, and Power Man jumped after him to catch him, to no avail. On the ground, an irate Power Man went to attack the Beyonder, but Iron Fist stopped his friend. As they explained the concept of money to the Beyonder, Spider-Man arrived. The Beyonder thanked the duo for their help, and in return, transformed their building into solid gold as payment. He then returned them to their natural time stream and teleported away, leaving Spider-Man to deal with the gold building collapsing.

(Web of Spider-Man#6 - BTS) - Spider-Man rescued the people still inside the gold building.

(Fantastic Four I#282 - BTS) - Reed Richards tried to decide between staying on Earth to prepare for the Beyonder or traveling to the Microverse to chase the Psycho-Man.

(Secret Wars II#3) - The Beyonder's new human form became tired and he fell asleep on a street. A police officer awoke him and asked for identification. When asked where he lived, the Beyonder could not explain, but opted to show the officer by opening a portal to his realm. The dazed and confused officer wandered off, and the Beyonder soon was propositioned by Toots, a local prostitute. When she told him to show her some cash, he created a bar of gold out of thin air, and she ran away. He then went to the hotel she wanted to take him to, where he rented a room (the sleazy hotel manager let him have the room for free, believing him to be rich from the looks of his clothes and planning to rob him) and fell asleep. He awoke to find Toots, along with her pimp Chulo, Chulo's gangster boss Vinnie Corbo, their bodyguard Laverne "Smurfette" Lacy and Vinnie's bookkeeper Millie "The Purse" Shuriff. The Beyonder told them of the Secret Wars and his days since arriving on Earth. Vinnie gave the Beyonder the name "Frank" and left him with Toots. Corbo then had his men set up security at the hotel to protect their new "friend," whom Vinnie intended to exploit. Over time, Corbo and his cronies taught the Beyonder numerous things. They took him to fine restaraunts, got him new clothes (the leisure jumpsuit he would be most known for later), and Vinnie had a number of prostitutes in his employ teach the Beyonder about physical pleasures (much to the chagrin of Toots, who began to feel an attraction to the Beyonder). Vinnie also had the Beyonder cure all of the prostitutes in his employ of any STDs or any other maladies they may have had. Corbo used the Beyonder's powers to show his power in the underworld against competitors, create gold bricks, and even cure Vinnie's son's dyslexia (as well as return Vinnie's overweight wife's phsyical form to a younger-looking, skinnier form). At a horse racetrack, Vinnie explained the fun of gambling to the Beyonder. During this time, the Beyonder began to gain a fascination with gadgets of any sort. Over time, Beyonder became very entrenched in this way of life, and often collected protection money from "clients" for Corbo. He got a haircut, having it dyed black and styled. Toots grew to love him from afar, though the Beyonder did not notice, and eventually, Corbo admitted to "Frank" that he had become like a son to him, but he had learned all he could in his charge, and it was time for him to move on to bigger things. Beyonder did so, and went to the Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), whom even Corbo ultimately worked for, and confronted the criminal. The Beyonder used his powers to take over the Kingpin's will, as well as that of his employees, and took Fisk's spot. Not satsified, Beyonder went further and took mental control of the President of the United States and top government and military officials. Going even further, the Beyonder then took over the will of every being on Earth except for the Molecule Man, whom he knew he couldn't brainwash. Going further, the Beyonder seized control of everything on Earth, down to the bacteria and molecules. Molecule Man noticed this within his girlfriend's system, and released her from it, though he shrugged it all off as the Beyonder just messing around. While observing his worldwide servants, he sensed the presence of Circuit-Breaker, who explained to him that she despised robots because they were soulless monsters. This troubled the Beyonder, as it was somewhat comparative to how humans were now like unthinking robots to him now. He sought advice from Corbo, who was unable to help. He then sought out Toots, and released her from his control to see how she acted. She leapt on him in joy and kissed him, telling him she had quit hooking and had gotten a job as a waitress. She thanked him for treating her well and giving her the inspiration to leave the profession behind. After she told him she loved him, she left to return to her new job, and the Beyonder, realizing that he had taken the spark of "life" from everyone and everything, relinquishing his control over all. Enjoying this new experience of others showing gratitude in one's selflessness, the Beyonder traveled to the Avengers Mansion to talk to them, as they were known for heroic deeds. He found only their butler Edwin Jarvis, who explained they were in the Skrull Galaxy. The Beyonder then teleported away to find them.

(Avengers I#260) - The Beyonder arrived in the Andromeda Galaxy, where he met Firelord. Eager to help the Avengers, he created a suit of armor he deemed heroic and set out to help them against the space pirate Nebula. He teleported to find Nebula standing over the Avenger Starfox and, believing he was helping, teleported Nebula and her two minions away. The Avengers berated him for allowing Nebula to escape capture, and the Beyonder, confused, left.

(Secret Wars II#3) - The Beyonder returned to Earth, upset that he made a mess in that excursion. He then turned to what Corbo had taught him about gambling, and sought out a lawyer, namely Matt Murdock.

(Daredevil I#223) - He arrived in Murdock's office and stated that he wished to hire the lawyer in his effort to legally own the entire planet without forcing his will upon it. Murdock declined and left, but the Beyonder presented Murdock's partner Foggy Nelson with one million dollars he recovered from a sunken ship. The Beyonder then followed Murdock in his alter ego of Daredevil and informed him that Nelson had accepted his offer. When Daredevil decided he had to do it to help steer the Beyonder in the right direction, the Beyonder gave the blind hero his share of the retainer: His sight. For a while, Murdock enjoyed finally being able to see again, but after a while, realized that it caused his sense of dedication to take a back seat. He confronted the Beyonder and quit. He then demanded the Beyonder take his sight (the retainer) back as well. When the Beyonder offered to let him keep it for the help he'd already provided, Daredevil threatened to sue him. The Beyonder then stripped Daredevil of his sight and departed.

(Incredible Hulk II#312) - The Beyonder realized there were other plains of existence beyond Earth's reality and began to travel through them. These included Asgard, Mephisto's Hell, the Microverse and the Dark Dimension before he finally came to the Crossroads, where he found Bruce Banner, who had been exiled there in his alter ego the Hulk. The Beyonder was puzzled by Banner, who was miserable, yet made no effort to seek gratification. The Beyonder witnessed a stream of energy (coming from a device created by Walter Langkowski as he searched for a new host body) enter the Crossroads, and realizing what it was, re-routed its direction towards Banner, hoping to help him. The Beyonder then left before the energy made contact.

(Secret Wars II#4) - The Beyonder made out with actress/socialite Sharon Ing in one of his penthouses, but soon had to leave for other business, dejecting her in the process. As he flew his car over the city, he spoke into a tape recorder discussing his various experiments in gratification. Deciding to try more "pointed" experiments, he sensed the near-corpse of Algrim the Elf in a lava pit. The Beyonder revived the being and transformed him into Kurse, wanting to see where Kurse's single-minded nature would take him. Several jet fighters were sent to intercept the flying car and when one shot a missile at the vehicle, the Beyonder stepped out (at ten thousand feet) and halted the jet. He then placed the pilot in his damaged car and set it back on earth as he himself took the plane for a joyride. Wanting to discuss his experiences with the Molecule Man, he traveled to Denver, where he landed the jet in the middle of a street outside Owen's apartment. Owen disintegrated the jet before the crowds surrounding it realized what was happening. The Beyonder asked Owen to explain the concept of love to him, and believing he understood, returned to his penthouse, where he found Sharon dead from a suicide drug overdose. He returned her to life and questioned her about what love was. When he began to materialize images of potential partners, Sharon noticed some of them were male, and the Beyonder transformed into a woman to show that he had no true gender. In the crowd of faces, he again saw the visage of Alison Blaire, and decided to try this new experiment with her. He then kicked Sharon out. He teleported Alison (Dazzler) to a protected rock in the middle of space, where he tried to explain his new experiment. She asked to be taken back to Earth, and found herself in an igloo in the Arctic. Over the day, he kept teleporting her to different locations and tried to woo her, eventually managing to do so. Seeking to give her a special gift, he traveled to Canada, where he encountered Alpha Flight. He wished to use Shaman's mystic pouch to retrieve a ring for Alison, and to repay the team, enlarged the pouch and retrieved Talisman (Elizabeth Twoyoungmen) as well, who had been trapped within it.

(Alpha Flight I#28) - The Beyonder sensed Talisman's humanity limited her powers. When she woke up, he departed. Some time later, the energy "fishline" that the Beyonder earlier manipulated "hooked" something in the Crossroads, and Box (Walter Langkowski) brought it to Earth, revealing it to be the Hulk.

(Secret Wars II#4) - He returned to Dazzler, who tried to leave, explaining that she had her own life to live and couldn't get wrapped up in him. He tried to create a concert for her to perform at, but she refused it. Desperate, he created faux Avengers to attack him, and Dazzler intervened to help him, not knowing they were fake. When she stated that they couldn't be lovers because she was just human, he infused a portion of his powers within her. She rejected the power and when it returned to the Beyonder, Alison plummeted to her death. In grief, the Beyonder struck out and sent a blast of energy through space that destroyed an entire galaxy. He then healed Dazzler and brought her back to life. Though she then professed her love for him, he knew it was just his own will controlling her. Dejected, he removed his will from her.

(Dazzler#40) - The Beyonder returned Dazzler to the point where he'd plucked her from, and though he offered to erase her memories of him, she asked to keep them. She then bid him goodbye. However, he wished to experience satisfaction as she had, and secretly merged with her. When she was later assaulted by three mutant punk biker fans, he emerged to help her. He assumed another costumed look and diminished his power level so that he could experience satisfaction in helping her defeat her foes. Soon though, she realized that he was just keeping the experience going and made him stop. He then returned the wrecked town they were in to normal, and departed.

(Rom#72) - The Beyonder observed Rick Jones, Brandy Clark and the orphan Cindy Adams, all three who had previously had ties to Rom and the Dire Wraiths. He took on his Steve Rogers appearance and pretended to be a man hurt during a storm that Jones rescued and brought into a cabin the three were staying in. As he studied their fondest desires, Adams, who had the partial essence of a Dire Wraith in her mind, sensed he wasn't what he claimed. He then revealed his true form and gave each their fondest wish: For Rick to be cured of cancer, for Cindy to be rid of the Dire Wraith in her mind and for Brandy to once again possess the Starshine powers. Each almost instantly realized their desires were selfish and they could/should have made better ones. Each wish (including Rick's wish to become a super hero) came with graver consequences. Cindy wished for her parents to be alive, and the Beyonder told her that they were not truly dead, but in Limbo, where they still existed within the Dire Wraiths that had killed them. The Beyonder transported Starshine and the powered Rick to Limbo, where they located the two Dire Wraiths and brought them back to Earth, where the Beyonder pulled the essence of Cindy's parents from them. The Beyonder then fulfilled Rick's true wish of not being super-powered, and stripped him of the powers, though he left him cancer-free as well. Starshine was returned to her normal form, and Brandy was transported across space to Galador to be at the side of her love, Rom. The Beyonder then departed to learn more about completeness.

(Avengers I#261) - After the Avengers returned to Earth, Jarvis informed them of his encounter with the Beyonder. While dealing with a city official later in the day, they found themselves face-to-face with him and he decided to play a game of chase. The Wasp caught up with him and with him disoriented, Captain America knocked him to the ground with his shield. Wishing to continue the game, the Beyonder teleported away. He then appeared in Project: PEGASUS, fascinated with the machinery found there. When Hercules tried to restrain him, he blew up half the complex. He then engaged Black Knight in a swordfight, and accidentally impaled himself upon the Knight's Ebony Sword. Not understanding why he would allow himself to experience pain again, he teleported away yet again. As the Avengers gathered at their mansion to discuss the Beyonder, Hercules stated he knew what he would do should the being appear again. In taunt, the Beyonder did just that, and Hercules punched him straight up through four floors. The Beyonder then stopped the games and tried to explain himself to the Avengers, as he just wished to understand and experience. Wanting to keep an eye on him and with no way or reason to incarcerate him, the Wasp offered him membership in the Avengers. The Beyonder declined, wanting to experience more of the world, and he repaired the damage he and Hercules had caused before leaving.

(Secret Wars II#5/Fantastic Four Annual I#26 (fb)) - As the Beyonder walked on some train tracks outside of Washington, D.C., a train came up behind him and he used his powers to disassemble it. Boom-Boom, a mutant on the train, followed after him, believing him to be a mutant too. As the two camped out for the night, Beyonder discussed how much understanding desire had become a nuisance to him, as he hadn't needed to worry about it in his own realm. He decided to return there, but not before Boom-Boom placed one of her energy time bombs in his back pocket. As he tried to forget all he had encountered, the bomb went off. He returned to Earth and located Boom-Boom, and took her to Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. When she knocked on the door, Rachel Summers sensed the Beyonder in the car and commanded the X-Men to attack him. He drove off, bored, and the X-Men followed, to no avail. Feeling alone, Boom-Boom tried to commit suicide with one of her bombs, but the Beyonder saved her and took her to the Worldcomplex, where many of the Celestials were headquartered. He showed her how smaller aliens had built a tourist trap on the Celestial world. When Boom-Boom noted how the Celestials never even noticed the Beyonder's arrival, he sought to prove they did after all and challenged them to stop him from destroying reality. Ignoring him at first, they eventually tried to assault him, but were defeated (actually an illusion they placed upon the Beyonder to test him). He then returned a frightened Boom-Boom to Earth, before doing so himself. He checked in on Kurse still tracking Thor, and was disheartened to hear Dazzler's voice on his record player. When Boom-Boom reported her dealings with him to the Avengers, they had her set the Beyonder up. She called out to him to talk, but when he arrived, she ran away, leaving another energy bomb on him. No sooner did it explode than the Beyonder was attacked by the Avengers (both East and West Coast branches), the Fantastic Four and Dr. Strange. When they realized he wasn't fighting back, they stopped and a solemn Beyonder simply walked off.

(Thing I#30) - The Beyonder went to a bar and tried to drink his problems away, telling the bartender what had gone on. A man named Ethan Thurm noticed him and saw potential as a professional wrestler in the new UCWF. When the Thing realized this was the same Beyonder he blamed for messing up his life, he demanded a match against him. The Thing took the opportunity to lash out during the match, and the Beyonder let him. The Beyonder undestood that he earned the beating due to the events on Battleworld, and did not heal himself during the fight, allowing the Thing to beat him near death. At the last moment, the Thing regained his senses and stopped short of a killing blow. The Beyonder was carried away on a stretcher, and days later, returned without a mark to the bar.

(Dr. Strange I#74 (fb)) - The Beyonder sought out Dr. Strange, and when he could not find him within his Sanctum Sanctorum, used the Orb of Agamotto to locate him. Instead, the Beyonder saw into himself and ran away, screaming "Not human, not human."

(Dr. Strange I#74) - Dr. Strange returned to his home to find Wong and Sara frozen in time. After undoing their paralysis, they told him what had happened. Dr. Strange located the Beyonder in a bar, completely drunk. The Beyonder begged him for help, saying that his quest to understand humanity was driving him mad and he desired enlightenment. Strange took him on a journey into his own past, showing how Strange accepted the Ancient One as his teacher and stopped Baron Mordo's treachery. At one point, Beyonder tried to help the early Strange against Mordo, and this selfless act stopped the illusion they were in. The Beyonder didn't seem to like the idea that enlightenment came out of sacrifice, though he promised to try it.

(Fantastic Four I#285) - After Thomas H. Hanson, a fan of the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) died trying to emulate his idol, the Beyonder took the Torch into the past to see how it was only through the Torch's adventures that the neglected, sad boy Tommy was happy.

(Secret Wars II#6) - The Beyonder bought land in Sparta, Illinois and erected a huge building for himself there. He then set out to help Power Pack  against a gang called the Squids who had gotten ahold of a Snark laser gun. He then returned to his new headquarters, but a local reporter named Dave was outside waiting for him. The Beyonder brought him inside and explained his origins. He told Dave how his encounter with Dr. Strange showed him he needed to be a champion of life. He took Dave on as his PR rep, and the two started a massive publicity campaign as the Beyonder saved the world time and again, including stopping a tsunami from wiping out Perth, Australia. Elsewhere, Uatu the Watcher appeared before the Molecule Man and told him that the Watchers had voted to break their vow of non-interference in order to stop the oncoming threat the Beyonder posed the multiverse. Owen declined to help, wishing to be left alone. In the next few hours/days, the Beyonder brought food to the starving in East Africa, diagnosed an ill child's malady and built solar wind converters for an alien race. Even through all of this, the Beyonder still was unsure of his true role in the universe. When Captain America and Mr. Fantastic came to warn the Beyonder that he needed to be careful to avoid taking over the world again, Dave tried to show them that they were just afraid the Beyonder was stealing their thunder. Dave and the Beyonder then held a press conference during which they announced their intention to wipe out Death itself. The Beyonder then called for Death and offered her a drink that held enough power to "kill" her. Mephisto, fearing that this would mean no more new souls for his realm, appeared and ordered his demon hordes to attack the Beyonder. Uatu then appeared with a number of the most powerful beings in the universe (Chronos, Eternity, Gardener, In-Betweener, Living Tribunal, Lord Chaos, Master Order, One Above All, others) and tried to talk him out of destroying Death. Dave made Death drink from the cup, and "she" disintegrated. When the Molecule Man realized what was happening when a dead flower in his apartment was suddenly alive again, he teleported to the cosmic meeting and explained to the Beyonder the consequences of this. Dave realized their mistake and begged the Beyonder to bring Death back. The only way to do so was for Dave to sacrifice himself and be the first "death" of a new cycle. He agreed and the Beyonder used his powers to kill Dave and transform him into Death. The Beyonder then destroyed his headquarters and decided that even though he still wished to be a champion, he had to scale it back a little.

(Marvel Age Annual#1) - At some point, probably around here, the Beyonder played around with reality a little and witnessed various events from the lives of many super-heroes, though they were skewed somewhat by his reality-altering powers. He then observed them do battle with the Lethal Legion.

(Cloak & Dagger II#4) - As the Beyonder pondered the meanings of poverty, he was approached by a group of drug dealers who offered to get him high, but planned to rob him after they killed him with an overdose. Cloak and Dagger intervened, and the Beyonder (not realizing they were trying to help him against his "friends") "tortured" Cloak and Dagger by removing their powers, though to his puzzlement, they thanked him. To see if they were telling the truth, he allowed himself to feel the effects of the overdose and had a bad trip. To punish the drug pushers, he zapped them out of existence, and then gave Cloak and Dagger their powers back so they could continue to perform their task. He then proceeded to wipe all drug dealers from existence, but the duo pleaded with him to stop. Moved by their pleas in defense of their foes, the Beyonder revived all of the pushers and left the vigilantism to Cloak and Dagger.

(Power Pack I#18) - When Kurse injured Margaret Power while seeking Thor, the Beyonder arrived and took her to the hospital before retrieving her children (secretly Power Pack) and taking them to see her.

(Micronauts: The New Voyages#16) - The Beyonder traveled to the Microverse, called there by Scion. At first, Beyonder performed miraculous deeds, such as granting Marionette the use of her legs again, but Scion convinced the Beyonder to obliterate the planets Darijan, Athaurus, and Hytras in an effort to slow the spread of the Pain. This was done to create a firebreak, destroying the planets in the Pain's path before it could spread to them. The Micronauts, not believing Scion, attacked him, and Huntarr spread his energies--power granted from the Child of the Makers--enabling the Micronauts to seemingly destroyed Scion. Reviving in a new form after the Micronauts had departed, Scion thanked the Beyonder for his involvement, revealing that he had manipulated the Micronauts to attack him so that they could be "fully activated" by Huntarr. Acknowledging that the Beyonder could remake the entire cosmos with a thought, Scion explained that the Microverse must be healed as life is healed--by its own forces.

(Thor I#363) - The Beyonder observed Loki plotting against Thor, then watched as his own creation Kurse finally tracked Thor down. After Thor, Beta Ray Bill and Power Pack defeated Kurse, the Beyonder appeared, intrigued by the bond the heroes had and the willingness to sacrifice themselves. When Energizer (Katie Power) realized the Beyonder created Kurse, who put her mother in the hospital, she lashed out at him. The Beyonder sent Kurse to Malekith's realm (Kurse had finally realized it was Malekith who had almost killed him, not Thor) and restored the powers of Thor's and Beta Ray Bill's hammers after they exhausted them in the battle.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#121) - The Beyonder teleported Power Man, Iron Fist (actually a H'ylthri imposter) and the Falcon to his new base in the Atlantic Ocean to show it off. When they all returned to New York, the Falcon departed to report the Beyonder to Nick Fury and SHIELD, and Iron Fist accompanied him to report on the Beyonder's behalf.  Power Man then took the Beyonder to a restaraunt called Sweet Georgia's to eat. The other patrons, all African-American, eyed the Beyonder, and when he realized it was because of his skin color, he transformed into a black man. The men attacked the Beyonder, but Power Man drove them off. Elsewhere, SHIELD had launched an assault on the Beyonder's base, but "Iron Fist" and Captain Hero (actually the Super-Skrull) defended it. The Beyonder then arrived and lectured everyone involved not only on how futile it would be to destroy his base--as he could rebuild it in seconds--but how paranoid the human race was in how they feared those trying to save it. He then wiped out the base himself, preferring it not cause more conflict and left the heroes and SHIELD agents in the water.

(Secret Wars II#7) - As the Beyonder sat pondering recent events on a tiny Pacific island, he was approached by Ed Strunk, who tried to befriend him. Two days later, Ed came back with a group of people whom he had told of his meeting with the Beyonder, and they sought to emulate him in his thinking. Meanwhile, Mephisto's agent Bitterhorn recruited a massive army of super-villains and other evil beings to form the Legion Accursed. The Legion were powered by a machine called Beyondersbane, which was itself powered by Eternity, one of a number of cosmic forces seeking to stop the Beyonder. As he became a news sensation again for his guru status, the Beyonder's island was inundated with reporters and would-be emulators. The Beyonder decided to leave, but Mephisto, not wanting his plan to evaporate, tricked the Thing to provide a distraction. As the Thing arrived, the Beyonder just sat there, and the Thing began to doubt his intentions. Just then, the cosmic sands ran out and the Legion Accursed launched their assault. With a change of heart, the Thing (still empowered by Mephisto) single-handedly defended the Beyonder, who refused to stop his attackers. The Thing held off the Legion long enough for the Beyondersbane to melt down, sending the members of the Legion back to where Mephisto had found them. This self-sacrifice showed the Beyonder that perhaps his role was to show others theirs.

(New Mutants I#36) - The Beyonder appeared before Magik again, and tried to meld the two aspects of her soul. She returned to the New Mutants cleansed of the Soulsword (it appeared before Kitty Pryde once done), and espoused the greatness of the Beyonder. However, while fighting a group of demons from Otherplace/Limbo, Kitty was hurt and Magik took back her demonic side to save her.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#273) - Thomas Fireheart, aka Puma, was entrusted by his Native elders and his shaman uncle with the task of finding and killing the Beyonder. Puma tracked the Beyonder to a cult called Cosmic Oneness, and pressed Spider-Man into helping him. Puma almost killed Cosmic Oneness leader Barry Foxxe, believing him to be the Beyonder, but could not go through with it. As Puma staked out the building, the Beyonder materialzed and apologized for wasting Puma's time, teleporting him to Tokyo.

(Uncanny X-Men I#202) - Rachel Summers, now Phoenix, decided she had to kill the Beyonder. She found him sitting on the shoreline of Alcatraz. She attacked him with all of her might, to no effect. The Beyonder stated that he now realized that those he sought understanding did not understand themselves. After taking her briefly back to her own time, he set up a test for her by creating Sentinels to attack the X-Men. He then gave her a portion of his power, with which she had a choice: Use it to save the X-Men or use it to kill him. She helped save the X-Men before returning to him, where she scolded him for only causing harm even when he tried to do good.

(Defenders I#152) - Seeking an advantage in their battle against the Defenders, the Dragon of the Moon had Moondragon summon the Beyonder. She vowed to be his disciple and he gave her more power. However, her will was too twisted by the Dragon of the Moon, and she seemingly died along with many of the Defenders. Before she died, though, she entered the minds of Carol Faber and Danny Milligan and told them that while she didn't have the strength to defeat the Dragon's will, she could only use the Beyonder's power to force the Defenders to defeat her instead.

(Deadpool Team-Up#1) - Deadpool was hired by the Kingpin to assassinate the Beyonder. The merc tracked his prey to the Empire State Building, but the Beyonder (who was wearing his "Steve Rogers" appearance briefly) teleported both to Japan. As the two fought, the Beyonder took on the appearance of Elvis Presley before sending Deadpool to the Earth's dawn of time.

(Spectacular Spider-Man I#111) - Still in Japan, Puma went to visit Muramoto, an old training teacher, but found that Muramoto had already met the Beyonder (whom Muramoto referred to as Kurami), who revealed himself nearby. He then took Muramoto and Puma to his own universe, where he replayed his time on Earth again. Returning to Earth, Beyonder pleaded with Puma to attend his own needs and stop the attempts on the Beyonder's life

(Amazing Spider-Man I#273) - A week after his first attempt, Puma returned to the U.S. and again sought out Peter Parker. While arguing with him, Parker flippantly called out to the Beyonder, and he appeared before them.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#111) - As the three argued, Beyonder presented Muramoto, now dressed like a punk rocker, contending that the old master had found his role in life. Beyonder then departed to book a gig for Muramoto at a nightclub owned by Cosmic Oneness follower Ralph Macchio. Later, in the presence of Death, the Beyonder pondered how to allow Puma to fulfill his role of killing him. He began to realize he feared death, even as he realized (and confided in Peter Parker later) that his ultimate role in the universe was to die. As Beyonder attended Muramoto's concert, the club's owner Ralph Macchio entered with a gun, upset that his wife Maude had been killed earlier in the day and blaming their belonging to the cult as the reason. As the Beyonder prepared to confront Puma, Macchio pulled his gun and Muramoto jumped between them to save the Beyonder, getting shot through the chest in the process. As the Puma attacked Beyonder, the omnipotent being refused to fight back, and Spider-Man intervened trying to save him. Finally tired of the insane game the two were playing, and realizing he may have just been manipulated into being part of it, Spider-Man left. When Puma hesitated on the killing blow, the extra power he'd gained from the universe faded, and he was unable to kill the Beyonder. Upset that he couldn't help Puma gain his role, Beyonder departed, leaving the Puma standing over Muramoto's dead body.

(Secret Wars II#8) - The Beyonder again visited Owen Reece due to his frustration with not being able to find happiness and completeness since discovering the multiverse. He lashed out, causing the moon to crack in half, among other multiverseral catastrophes (all of which Owen quickly repaired). When the Beyonder threatened to destroy the multiverse just so he could be alone again, the two traveled to the Beyonder's realm. There, the Beyonder showed Owen the hole in his realm that allowed him to discover the outside universe. When Owen looked through it through time, he saw the hole was created when Owen had the accident that caused him to become the Molecule Man. Beyonder remained convinced he needed to destroy the universe, but Owen convinced him to wait 24 hours to think it over. He took over the mind of a waitress named Julia and spent the night with her before sensing the X-Men's arrival. Though their attack was futile, the Beyonder realized he had set himself up by being in San Fransisco in the first place and departed. Afraid of what the Beyonder was planning, Molecule Man attempted to create a protective field around Denver that would shield the city should the Beyonder wipe out the multiverse, but the Beyonder easily destroyed it. The Beyonder then sought out the Hulk to see how his dueling natures were handled, but when he found the brute, Banner's personality was nowhere within the Hulk, and the Beyonder let him go. He again visited Spider-Man, but Spider-Man's answers regarding how everyone is human just irritated him and he left, only to be attacked by the New Mutants, whom he easily shrugged off. He gave more thought and decided he should try to become mortal, but when he visited Owen to announce this, Owen panicked and blasted the Beyonder. The Beyonder prepared to kill Owen, but Owen's girlfriend Marsha (Volcana) pleaded with the Beyonder to let her live before she ran out the door (knowing this would devastate Owen and end the battle). Beyonder kicked the cowering Owen, then left.

(New Mutants I#37) - Beginning his quest to wipe out the multiverse, the Beyonder confronted the New Mutants and slaughtered them before erasing their existences from all memory.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#274) - As the Beyonder stood in space, he was attacked by a preemptive space fleet of aliens bent on destroying him. He wiped the fleet from existence, then did the same to the homeworlds the members of the flee emanated from. Realizing that certain cosmic powers still retained the memories of those beings, the Beyonder set out to wipe out those too, starting with Mephisto. Mephisto offered a wager to the Beyonder: Should Mephisto's champion win their duel, Mephisto's realm would be allowed to remain after the Beyonder wiped out the multiverse for a full day. The Beyonder chose Spider-Man to be Mephisto's champion, then chose the demon Zarathos as his own. Zarathos tried to corrupt Spider-Man by taking the forms of various people who had died in Spider-Man's life, but Spider-Man overcame the psychological torture and defeated the demon. The Beyonder allowed Mephisto's realm and the multiverse itself one more day of existence.

(Secret Wars II#8) - The Avengers located the Beyonder, but before they could do anything, he attacked them.

(Avengers I#265) - The Beyonder teleported the rest of the Avengers away, but took Captain America captive. The Avengers returned and freed Cap, but the Beyonder defeated them. He then departed, intent of wiping out the multiverse.

(Uncanny X-Men I#203) - Due to her link to Magik, Shadowcat retained her memory of the New Mutants, and when she mystically received Magik's soulsword, she realized they had been killed. Phoenix also retained her memory of the New Mutants. Phoenix then drew the essence from each of her comrades and Jessica Drew, and then went into space, where she did the same to Professor X, the Starjammers and Jahf, protector of the M'kraan Crystal. She attempted to do the same to the entire universe, but it would have killed those she used, and she failed. The Beyonder then confronted the X-Men, and Phoenix realized that she had been manipulated by him in an attempt to destroy the M'kraan Crystal, so that the universe would be reset and he would be back in his own realm. He demanded Phoenix return the power he had given her earlier, and as she unloaded it upon him, she gave more of hers as well, and overloaded him. With the knowledge gleaned from the experiences of the Phoenix Force, the Beyonder thanked the X-Men for finally showing what destiny was and departed.

(Fantastic Four I#288) - Doctor Doom, whose mind was trapped in Norman McArthur's body, summoned the Beyonder in order to gain his true body. Doom arrogantly attacked the Beyonder to prove his dominance, but the Beyonder shrugged off his attack and prepared to kill him. Mr. Fantastic, a captive of Doom's realized that the Beyonder did not recognize Doom, even in the other man's body. When he questioned the Beyonder about this, the being admitted that when he started the original Secret Wars, he found Doom in the minds of many of his subjects, but could not find the man himself, so he brought him forth from a period of time in the future. Reed pleaded with the Beyonder not to kill Doom because if he did so, then Doom would no longer exist for the Beyonder to pluck from time later. Not sure if he could survive such a time paradox, the Beyonder recreated Doom's true body, put Doom's mind in it and sent it back in time to partake in the Secret Wars.  Doom then reappeared, having been sent from the past by that time's Beyonder.

(Secret Wars II#9) - Phoenix teleported a large number of super heroes to Denver to prepare for a final showdown with the Beyonder. Elsewhere, the Beyonder realized that wiping out the multiverse might erase him as well. He then decided to become mortal and created a large machine to do the job. To test it, he placed the remaining residual energies of the New Mutants in it, and they were reborn as they were before he destroyed them. He then entered the machine himself, and was reborn as a human mortal. He freaked out and ran back into the machine, returning to his omnipotent form. Getting over his fears, he did it a second time, and while he was trying out his new mortal form, Mephisto arrived and taunted him. The Beyonder saw past Mephisto's illusions and touched the machine, becoming all-powerful yet again. Mephisto vanished, and the Beyonder realized that the gathering of heroes (as well as Molecule Man) were on the surface a few miles above his lair. He then sent the New Mutants to attack the heroes, but they were defeated. The heroes then assaulted the Beyonder, but all were knocked to the ground except Molecule Man. As the two engaged in combat, the other heroes tried to help again, but the Beyonder lashed out with a force that created a massive fissure in the Earth before the energy from it sped into space and reached the edge of infinity. Determined to become mortal, the Beyonder stepped into his machine once again. When the heroes recovered, they found the Beyonder in the form of a baby inside the machine. As they debated what to do with him, the machine set off a self-defense blast equivalent to a nuke. Many of the heroes tried to tear the machine down, but Mr. Fantastic tried to stop them, as he realized the machine held the Beyonder's powers and destroying it would unleash the unchecked powers. Molecule Man blasted the machine, causing it to destruct. As the energies from it enveloped the Earth, Owen contained them and released them back into the Beyonder's realm. The heroes then recovered the Beyonder's mortal baby form, dead, in the wreckage. Within the Beyonder's realm, a creation of a new universe occured, and it quickly developed.

(Avengers I#266 - BTS) - Molecule Man and Silver Surfer combined their powers to repair all of the damage the Beyonder had caused.

(Fantastic Four I#319) - Dr. Doom and members of the Fantastic Four traveled to the Beyonder's universe, where Doom called the being out. Angry that he was still being hounded, he attacked the four. Doom tried to reason with him, insisting he was not there for battle, but for the Beyonder to simply restore the memories of Doom's that were wiped out during the time he was inhabiting McArthur's body. The Beyonder opted to perform the deed, but before he could, Kubik and the Shaper of Worlds arrived. A battle was started in which Kubik fought the Beyonder, but the Molecule Man arrived and sided with the Beyonder. Kubik defeated the Beyonder, but all the fighting stopped as Molecule Man revealed he knew Doom only wanted his memory back because he believed he could permanently steal the Beyonder's powers if he had it. Shaper, Kubik and Molecule Man then revealed to the Beyonder that he was a Cosmic Cube. They finally convinced him to fulfill his destiny and he and Owen merged to become a Cosmic Cube. Doom took advantage of the moment and touched the Cube, restoring his memories before the Shaper returned all of the humans to Earth.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#23/3) - The Cosmic Cube's incubation period neared its end. It expelled Owen Reece's essence back to Earth and transformed into the female form of Kosmos. Kubik welcomed her and led her on a tour of the universe, the multiverse and beyond, showing how it all cycled in a full circle. Kosmos asked where her place in the multiverse was.

(Fantastic Four Annual#24/3 (fb)) - Once the Cube's metabolism had separated his essence from his power, it expelled Reece, sending him back to Earth.

(Fantastic Four I#351) - In an effort to teach Kosmos why the multiverse's higher powers selected Earth to have a special destiny, Kubik used the Fantastic Four in a series of tests to show humanity's versatility.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#26/2) - As Kubik and Kosmos studied the Celestials, Kubik revealed to Kosmos that her earlier defeat of the Celestials as the Beyonder was an illusion to test him. Because they made their presence known to a Celestial while doing so, they accepted its judgement, which was in their favor, and they continued their findings.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#27/2) - On Earth, Owen Reece had descended into despair after Marsha left him. Wishing to be someone--anyone--else, he triggered a psychological switch which transformed him into a more violent Molecule Man. The Molecule Man used his powers to locate Kosmos, who was still among the stars with Kubik, and ripped the essence of the Beyonder out of her, bringing it to Earth. Kosmos began to fade away, and to save her, Kubik carried her body to Earth. Confused by the events, the Beyonder was attacked by the Molecule Man, but defended himself. Their battle caused havoc not only throughout the multiverse, but throughout reality itself, and the Molecule Man defeated the Beyonder. Kubik arrived and pleaded with him to stop so that Kosmos would live. Molecule Man's non-aggressive personality recognized the love Kubik had for Kosmos and took over again. He returned the Beyonder essence to Kosmos, restoring her. The two thanked him and departed

The Time Variance Authority was left to fix all of the time/reality damage the Beyonder and Molecule Man had caused.

(Thanos#7-8 (fb)-BTS/Thanos#10 (fb)) - For unknown reasons, Kosmos remanifested herself as a mortal. The Maker wiped out Eru 7, an entire Shi'ar colony of 64,000. When the Imperial Guard investigated, they found her maddened, but oblvious to what she had done. The Guard member Oracle shut down the Maker's mind. She was placed on trial and found guilty. Oracle began to go mad, having absorbed some of the Beyonder/Maker's knowledge and eventually went into a neuro-shock coma. The Maker was placed within the Kyln, in its maximum confinement level. She began to make her fellow inmate Skreet dream painful dreams. When the Maker gained a sense of reality again, she simultaneously destroyed all of the self-replicating nano-sentinels not only within her system but those within all of the inmates. As her maddened dreams began to infiltrate the dreams of her fellow inmates, many of the Kyln prisoners (including Mynx) began to follow/worship her, while others created a rival faction (including Gladiator, Star-Lord (Peter Quill), Moloka Dar, a badoon, a cleric, and Ch'akto) to oppose her.

(Thanos#8 - BTS) - Gladiator, an inmate at the Kyln (who had actually faked a crime so that he could be sent to the Kyln to assassinate the Maker), revealed to Thanos that the Maker was actually the Beyonder. Thanos recalled the Beyonder appearing before him as a child. Gladiator, Peter Quill and other inmates plotted to stop the Maker before her madness passed, as her powers could destroy the universe.

(Thanos#9) - The Maker emerged from her creche (state of the art confinement directly powered by the expansion of the universe at its periphery), a small individualized prison, of which the Kyln held three (the other two for Skreet and the Fallen One). The Maker freed Skreet from her creche and walked away. She then confronted Thanos among a group of inmates and recognized him. She asked him if their past history was of a good nature, and when he answered negatively, she became enraged. She caused a massive explosion that reduced the area to a crater and walked away.

(Thanos#10) - Thanos survived the explosion and went to confront the Maker again. The two battled again, but when the Maker pleaded with Thanos to tell her what she was before the Maker, he refused and she fell catatonic once more. Thanos told Gladiator to make sure the Omega Corps guards kept her brain-dead body alive, otherwise if the body died, it would release the Beyonder upon the universe again.

(Annihilation: Prologue - BTS) - The Annihilation Wave destroyed the Kyln, apparently slaying the Maker.

(Annihilation: Silver Surfer#3) - Thanos sent the Fallen One to the destroyed Kyln to locate the Maker and insure she was kept alive, but the Fallen One found her crushed and dead body.

(Beyond!#1-6 - BTS) - The Stranger posed as the Beyonder and created a new Battleworld upon which to test superhumans.

Comments: Created by Jim Shooter, with later physical forms created with the help of Al Milgrom, Paul Neary, Steve Leialoha and Dennis Jannke.
                      Kosmos created by Len Kaminski, Greg Capullo, and Larry Mahlstedt.
                      Maker created by Keith Giffen, Ron Lim and Al Milgrom.

Yeah, I don't know how to fully integrate the Bendis retcon in, either. I placed it where it occured, but whether or not there's a shred of truth to it...who knows.

Trying to decide if certain characters belonged in the "affiliations" or "enemies" categories was a nightmare. They aided and fought with him so much back and forth, a lot are just both.

I actually like the Beyonder. Some of his story may be a little ham-fisted, but there's a lot of good buried beneath it.

Dave the reporter was revealed to be named Dave Shooter in Secret Wars II profile in Secret Wars: Official Guide to the Marvel Multiverse (December, 2015).

Beyonder received a profile in DE#16.

Profile by Madison Carter


The Beyonder is the product of energy stored by

but has no known connections to

Cosmic Oneness

A cult that sprang from devotees and followers of the Beyonder.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#273 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#111,

Dave Shooter

A writer for the Sparta Daily-Telegraph in Illinois, Dave befriended the Beyonder and soon became his PR agent. When Mr. Fantastic and Captain America stopped by to check on the Beyonder, Dave accused them of being jealous that the Beyonder was stealing their thunder. He helped convince the Beyonder to destroy Death, but once it was done, Dave realized his mistake with Owen Reece's help and begged the Beyonder to bring Death back. Dave agreed to sacrifice himself so that he would be the first in a new cycle of death, and the Beyonder killed him, transforming him into Death itself.

--Secret Wars II#6

Barry Foxxe

Executive Director of Cosmic Oneness. For a brief time, Puma believed Barry to be the Beyonder and almost killed him.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#273

Sharon Ing

An heiress, actress and socialite, Sharon fell in love with the Beyonder and spent a brief amount of time with him. When he departed, her depression led her to commit suicide by overdosing on pills. The Beyonder found her dead body and revived her, but told her he could not love her.

--Secret Wars II#4


A waitress, Julia was mind-controlled into sleeping with the Beyonder.

--Secret Wars II#8

Ralph Macchio

Ralph was a nightclub owner who joined the Cosmic Awareness "cult" only because his wife Maude did. When she was killed in a car accident, Ralph blamed the Beyonder, and he tried to kill the being at his nightclub, but shot Muramoto instead.

-- Spectacular Spider-Man II#111


Muramoto was a Japanese ninja master who had helped train Puma. He converted to the Beyonder's cause and his love of rock music inspired the Beyonder to have the old man and his punk rock band play at a Cosmic Oneness nightclub. When the club's owner, Ralph Macchio, tried to shoot the Beyonder, Muramoto jumped in the way and was killed.

-- Spectacular Spider-Man II#111

Ed Strunk

A sales exec, Ed found the Beyonder sitting alone on an island, and tried to turn it into a guru movement. When the Thing arrived to attack the Beyonder, Ed tried to talk him out of it, then watched the Thing fight off the Legion Accursed.

-- Secret Wars II#7


Toots was a prostitute who worked for the pimp Chulo, who in turn worked for crime boss Vinnie Carbo. She propositioned the Beyonder, but ran away when he produced a gold brick out of thin air. She told Chulo about this, and Carbo's gang befriended the Beyonder. Vinnie and Toots began to educate the Beyonder, though Toots started to have true feelings for the being, and grew jealous when Vinnie organized a mass orgy for the Beyonder. She used her love for him as inspiration to finally quit hooking, and became a waitress. After he took over the world, the Beyonder went to see Toots, and after he removed his imposed will on her, she kissed him and thanked him for leading her out of her criminal life.

-- Secret Wars II#3

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