Membership: Attuma, Batroc, Beetle, Bulldozer, Black Tiger, Kurr'fri (of the People), Dr. Arthur Nagan, Piledriver, Porcupine, Sabretooth, Thundra, Trapster, Unicorn, Whirlwind, Wrecker

Purpose: To oppose Captain America and various other heroes

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Beast, the Blue Shield, Captain America, Crime-Buster, Iceman, Marvel Comics staff, Namorita, Phone Ranger, Siryn, Thing

Base of Operations: Unrevealed

First Appearance: Marvel Age Annual#1 (1985)

History: (Marvel Age Annual#1) - A new team of the Lethal Legion came to be, and sent out the Porcupine to track Captain America. When Captain America visited the offices of Marvel Comics, the Lethal Legion began to attack him, but several other super-heroes began to arrive upon the scene to oppose them. The Scourge of the Underworld was also present, and slew the Phone Ranger (possibly by mistake), and the Beyonder witnessed the events. The outcome of the battle is not known, though the heroes presumably won.

Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek, James Fry and Keith Williams.

The unidentified lizard guy (Kurr'fri) was named in the Lethal Legion entry in OHOTMU A-Z Hardcover#6.

by Prime Eternal

The Lethal Legion should not be confused with:

Images taken from:
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Hardcover#6, Lethal Legion
(refurbed from Marvel Age Annual#1, page 24-25)

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