of Earth-Mutant X (Earth-1298)

Membership: Brother Voodoo, Devil Dinosaur, Fin Fang Foom, Gargoyle, Moon Boy-Knight, Sherry the Showgirl, Slapstick (all of Earth-1298)

Purpose: Unknown, possibly supernatural adventurers

Affiliations: Daredevil (of Earth-1298)

Enemies: The Goblin Queen (posing as the Beyonder) (of Earth-1298)

Base of Operations: Apparently New York City, Earth-1298

First Appearance: Mutant X Annual 2001#1 (2001)

History: (Mutant X Annual 2001#1) – As the Goblin Queen, using the guise of the Beyonder, arrived in New York, she was distracted by Daredevil until the Lethal Legion could arrive. As the team, along with Daredevil, attacked the "Beyonder", Spider-Man watched in horror as the god-like being released a nuclear-style blast that killed the heroes.




Comments: Created by Howard Mackie, James Fry and Andrew Pepoy

As with much in the Earth-Mutant X world, not much is explained as far as how these various heroes came together, or what they did before their first appearance.

Some of the members of this team were amalgamations of different Earth-616 supernatural characters. Artist James Fry, after seeing this profile, wrote in and corrected a large amount of my assumptions. Here's some of his notes:

MUTANT X writer HOWARD MACKIE told me to populate this version of THE LETHAL LEGION with whomever I liked, and left it up to me what changes to make to the characters, if any...so I did.
SLAPSTICK was there because I was getting less and less work from Marvel and I was determined to draw the character one last time before calling it a day. As it happens, that story, four years ago, was my second -to-last work for Marvel since, so I'm glad I did it when I had the chance.

THE GARGOYLE is wholly unchanged simlpy because I'd forgotten my plans for him. Said plans consisted of either giving him the mask and gloves of the GREY GARGOYLE, or redesigning him to make him more closely resemble DISNEY'S GARGOYLES. Eh.

FIN FANG FOOM is wearing a mask in order to protect his true identity. As long as he's disguised, that could be ANY centuries-old Chinese dragon on the team. The resemblance to NIGHTMASK's mask is entirely coincidental (I had originally believed this to be an actual connection - Madison).

BROTHER VOODOO... Wanted to put Brother VooDoo and SIMON GARTH, the ZOMBIE on the team, but realized I was already repeating myself a little with FIN and DEVIL DINOSAUR, so I split the diff and made B.V. a zombie himself, creating a version of the character whose adventures I'd have loved to draw!!!

DEVIL DINOSAUR : MARVELS and ASTRO CITY author KURT BUSIEK used to joke that it would be cool to find out that Devil Dinosaur did not get his name from his distinctive coloring and temperament, but rather that he was LITERALLY a devil. The older brother, in fact, of DAIMON HELLSTROM. I thought this was too funny an idea to pass up. And speaking of Devil Dinosaur...

THAT'S NOT MOON KNIGHT ON HIS BACK. That's supposed to be DEVIL DINOSAUR's companion MOON BOY, re-configured here as MOON-KNIGHT-BOY An easy mistake to make, and mosty my fault.The figure does look more lupine than simian (it was 4:00 AM !!!) , and the colorist ignored or forgot my instructions to make the highlights in his fur blue (and to leave the crescent moon on his chest white, too).

Finally, THAT'S NOT AMANDA SEFTON, EITHER (again, one of my ASSumptions - Madison)That is, in fact, a character from Marvel's pre-FANTASTIC FOUR era named SHERRY THE SHOWGIRL. I couldn't think of what females to put on the team, and Sherry was a longtime favorite of both myself and inker ANDREW PEPOY, so I tossed her in. Good guess about the jewel in her navel being the BloodGem, though. While it never gave BLOODSTONE the power of flight, I figured it would be as good an explanation as any as to how the previously non-super-powered Sherry could suddenly defy gravity."

Ronald Byrd added to the above that Sherry the Showgirl's last name was, oddly enough, Storm.

Profile by Madison Carter

Clarifications: No known connection to

Sherry the Showgirl of Earth-1298 should not be confused with:

The Brother Voodoo of this reality appeared to be a zombie. It is unknown how he came to be this way. He died with the others in the attack on the Beyonder.




Devil Dinosaur possessed the darksoul and trident of Daimon Hellstorm. How he came to be possessed by this is unknown. He died with the others in the attack on the Beyonder.




Fin Fang Foom wore unlike his Earth-616 counterpart a mask to disguise himself and so he wouldn't be recognized. He died with the others in the attack on the Beyonder.




The Gargoyle appeared to be unchanged from his Earth-616 counterpart. He died with the others in the attack on the Beyonder.




Moon Boy-Knight appeared to be Devil Dinosaur's companion Moonboy, wearing the cloak and crescent of Moon Knight. How he came to possess these, and if he had any connection to the god Khonshu, is unknown. He died with the others in the attack on the Beyonder.




Sherry the Showgirl had somehow had imbedded in her naval a Bloodstone fragment that granted her the power of levitation. She was killed along with the rest by the Beyonder.




Slapstick appeared no different from his Earth-616 counterpart. He died along with the rest in the attack on the Beyonder.




images: Mutant X Annual 2001#1, page 15, panel 3

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