Nightmask#7 cover

Real Name: Keith Remsen

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-148611 ("New Universe")) human paranormal

Occupation: Adventurer, dream therapist;
    former soldier (lieutenant), student, and dream researcher

Group Membership: Formerly Ballad's Raiders, the U.S. Army

Affiliations: Dr. Lucian Ballad, Peter Barron, Dan Brody and his father, Captain Manhattan, Chrome, Doctor Clow, Charlie & Joe Greyfox, Sergeant Haldeman, Hilary James, Justice, Dave Landers (Mastodon), Captain Jack Magniconte (All-American), Martine, Mambo Matilda, Estrallita (Lita) & Frank + parents Mercado, Metallurge, Dr. Milhouse, Randy O'Brien (Antibody), Overshadow, Pit Bull, Psi-Hawk, Dr. Henry Salinger, Angie Saltzberg, Mr. Steel, Jeff Walters (the Blur);
Ken Connell;
    possibly Damballah
(all Earth-148611);
Kayla Ballantine, Quasar (Wendell Vaughn);
    formerly the Stranger
    (all originally from Earth-616)

Enemies: Tullius Ballard, Thomas Boyd (Stalker), Ken Connell, the Cro Mags, Daedalus Darquill, Devlin, ESPeople (Apparition, Phantom Bullet, Psi-Lord, Purple Veil, Supernatural, Trancer), David Greyfox, Dr. Horst Kleinman (the Gnome), Mistress Midnight, Harlan Mook (Blowout), Nightmare Killer, Ptomac Sharks (Carlos, Mad Dog); unidentified assassin, unidentified brother of a drug dealer (all Earth-New Universe);

    formerly Binary, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, Ikaris, Lockjaw, Moondancer, Perun, Solar Wind, the Stranger, Voyager (all originally from Earth-616)

Known RelativesAdam Remsen (father, deceased), Lenore Remsen (mother, deceased), Theodora "Teddy" Remsen (sister)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Currently unknown
    formerly a hospital for mental patients;
    formerly the Ballad Clinic of Dream Research, Washington, D.C.;
    formerly Adam Remsen's research laboratory, University of Maryland

Education: High school graduate

First Appearance: Nightmask#1 (November, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Keith draws his power from the Star Brand.
    Initially Keith could enter the dreams of others; while he could not directly control dreams, he could interact with the dreamer and engage in a contest of wills. He required the help of his sister, Teddy, to exit someone else's dream. Teddy shared his dream experiences. His crescent-moon shaped scar glowed white when he used his powers. Over time, Keith learned how to manipulate the elements of the dreams with greater and greater skill.
    The Nightmask persona became increasingly unstable following the psychic trauma of the Pitt, and it tended to harass and often terrorize the dreamer. It was also at that point that Keith learned to cast illusions or "waking dream projections" that could affect others as long as they believed what they were seeing. This grew to an ability to generate nightmarish illusions, either under Keith's control or drawn from the victim's subconscious. Keith regained control of his Nightmask persona after a lengthy period of a virtual coma.
    Keith also learned how to project his dream (astral) self into the physical world to interact with others, and he could even apparently breach dimensional barriers under some circumstances (perhaps only due to the dreamer's Star Brand connection).


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Grey-brown


(Nightmask#1 (fb) - BTS) - Keith Remsen was the son of Adam, a psychologist, and Lenore, a psychiatrist, both of whom worked in dream research. Adam, in particular, was experimenting with equipment to cybernetically tune in on people's dreams.

(Nightmask#3 (fb)) - A freshman in high school, Keith became the target of a group of senior bullies, but he was saved by Dan Brody, the star tackle of the high school football team. Dan and Keith soon became good friends.

(Nightmask#1 (fb) - BTS) - Fresh from high school, he was accepted to study for a year at the Kleinmann Institute--the same institute which both of his parents had attended, and where they had met and fallen in love. However, the paranoid Kleinmann had assumed that the Remsen's were sending their son to spy on him, and so he sent a man to kill the Remsen's with a bomb. Not trusting his own assassin, Kleinmann altered the timing on the assassin's bomb so that it would go off prematurely so that the assassin would be killed, too.nightmaskremsen-bombdrop

(Nightmask#1 (fb)) - Keith prepared to depart from Washington, D.C.'s Dulles Airport to Zurich to study at the Kleinmann Institute. Kleinmann's agent dropped a bag containing a bomb beside the Remsens as they stood there. Perhaps recognizing the danger, Keith began running away, but the bomb went off, killing and , and leaving Teddy paralyzed below the waist. Keith was struck in the forehead by a piece of shrapnel and sent into a coma. The shrapnel was left in place, and the scar took on the shape of a crescent moon. Keith was taken to a hospital within driving distance of the University of Maryland.

(Nightmask#1) <July 22-24, 1986> - The White Event occurred, blanketing Earth with the energies of the Star Brand. These energies awakened Keith from his coma and granted him the power to enter and manipulate the dreams of others. 

    Upon learning what had happened to his family, Keith was comforted by Dr. Lucian Ballad, though he continued to be plagued by nightmare's of the bombing. After his physical therapy had begun under the direction of Lita Mercado, Keith had another dream, in which he met the man who had planted the bomb and was then confronted by the monstrous Gnome before being pulled out of the dream by Teddy. The stress of seeing Keith Remsen in his dream caused the assassin to have a heart attack.

    Having shared the dream, Teddy drew a sketch of the assassin (who had been covered in bandages since the explosion), proving that they had truly entered his dreams. Lucian then took Keith, Teddy, and Lita to Adam Remsen's University of Maryland research lab where he further confirmed his powers by entering Lita's dreams. On the ride back, Keith sensed the assassin's dreams and re-entered them, this time taking a costume to avoid distressing the man so much. Nonetheless, Keith was overpowered by the Gnome, and Teddy pulled him out before he could be killed. However, she was somewhat traumatized by the Gnome's assault as well, and Lucian warned that both Keith and Teddy could be killed if trapped in the assassin when he died (which was likely as the assassin was noted to be . Following some research on Germanic legends, Keith tried to drug Teddy so she wouldn't be at risk, and he re-entered the assassin's dreams. This time he confronted the Gnome, identifying him as Kleinmann himself, which disrupted the Gnome's confidence, causing him to revert to Kleinmann. Just then the assassin died, and Kleinmann fell into the abyss despite Keith's efforts to save him, and Teddy pulled Keith out in time, saving him.

    Kleinmann managed to escape the dying man's dreams, too, though his equipment was destroyed in the strain of recovering.

(Nightmask#2) <August 17, 1986> - Keith tried to determine why noted physician Dr. Henry Salinger was refusing to accept a Lifetime Humanitarian award from the President of the United States. Government agents pressured Dr. Ballad to make Salinger accept the award to prevent embarrassment to the administration, threatening to cut off funding to Ballad if he failed. As Nightmask he learned that Salinger saw himself as a killer. Distraught by being forced to accept this revelation, Salinger considered suicide. Keith confronted Salinger, who told him how how he had accidentally killed an entire Central America village years earlier while testing a drug to modify violent behavior, and he was unable to forgive himself. Keith caught Salinger when he fell from the rooftop, and Salinger decided to talk to Lucian Ballad about his problems.
    Keith continued physical therapy under Lita.
    Kleinmann recovered and directed his agents to send Mistress Midnight to eliminate Keith.

(Nightmask#3 (fb) - BTS)  - When Keith considered returning to his hometown to visit, Dr Ballad warned him that it was too sun for him to do so.

(Nightmask#3) <August 28, 1986> - Keith returned to his hometown and was reunited with Dan Brody, whom Keith quickly learned was addicted to drugs. Keith entered Dan's dreams which were based on a Star Trek-like scenario, with Dan's father as the ship's captain. Keith tried confronting Dan's drug-dealer, Devlin, but failed to stop him from selling to Dan or others. With several efforts, and the advice of Dan's dad, Keith posed as an alien aiding Dan in his dream. Ultimately he erased his Nightmask costume from his dream-self and pretended to be in trouble so that Dan would save him, after which he convinced Dan that he had the will to get over his addiction.

(Nightmask#4) <November 20-24, 1986> - Working with Dr. Ballad and Teddy, Nightmask entered the dreams of Mr. Steel, helping him to realize that he was vulnerable and couldn't control everything, though Teddy began to feel that she was being treated as a lesser player in their treatments. Ballad later told Keith and Teddy that Kleinmann had apparently survived. Shortly thereafter, Keith treated himself to an ice cream cone, and he encountered the beautiful Mistress Midnight, who introduced herself as Vivienne and seduced him. She tried to kiss him, but Teddy arrived in time to call Keith home; she instead delivered a parting kiss to Teddy's forehead. Ignoring Teddy's advice, Keith ran back to Vivienne, but rushed forward and kissed him. As her psychic powers began to penetrate his defenses, Keith donned his Nightmask persona and fought her on the psychic plane. Despite his greatest efforts, Nightmask's defenses began to crumble before Mistress Midnight, until he remembered the lesson with Mr. Steel, and he dropped his defenses, feeding her not only his dreams and memories, but the dreams and memories of all those whose dreams he had visited. Overwhelmed, Mistress Midnight fled, while Kleinmann recalled how she had kissed Teddy before, and how that might be used against Keith in the future.

(Untold Tales of the New Universe: Nightmask#1) - When Teddy fell into a coma because of the Gnome's influence, Keith entered her dreams and fought the Gnome, and finally rescued Teddy's psyche, and Keith banished the Gnome into humanity's collective unconsiousness. As a result, a new Gnome-based merchandising sensation swept the world.

(Nightmask#5) <January 17, 1987> - Keith continued his rigorous physical training while blaming himself for his parents' deaths and Teddy's paralysis. He reluctantly forced former mob accountant Peter Barron out of a dream--in which Barron was a super-powered king and his slain wife and daughter survived, forcing him to accept reality so he could testify against his former bosses.

(Nightmask#6) <February 20, 1987> - Keith's dreams of hot women were interrupted by Teddy, who had begun to resent being crippled and was beginning to feel useless. After Keith and Lita helped with a touch football game for "Ballad's Raiders," they became involved in the case of Charlie Greyfox, who had been comatose after allegedly taking some "old Indian drugs." Charlie's one son, Joe, wished to utilize Dr. Ballad's experimental therapy, while the other son, David, insisted on taking Charlie to a regular hospital. Teddy failed to determine what was going on, but Keith was able to expose the monster in Charlie's dreams as David, who had overdosed his father on the herbs. With the monster destroyed, Charlie awakened, but David pulled a gun, and he broke his neck when Teddy shoved her wheelchair into him and he fell down the stairs.

(Nightmask#7) - After another grueling workout, Lita invited Keith and Teddy back to her parents' house for dinner, where they were exposed to fighting between Lita and her younger brother Frank, who was in trouble with a gang, the Ptomac Sharks. By invading Frank's dreams, Keith learned that Frank was illiterate, and that it was fear of failure in the real world that was pushing him towards the gangs. Keith managed to take a gun from the gang member Carlos during a subsequent fight with the Sharks, but he eventually had to hit Frank in the back of the head with it to prevent him from killing Mad Dog. While Frank was unconscious, Keith entered his dreams, convincing him that he could learn to read with the help of friends and family. Teddy began tutoring Frank.

(Nightmask#8 (fb)) - Keith entered the dreams of the younger brother of a drug dealer who had been killed by the paranormal vigilante Justice.

(Nightmask#8) - Within the dream, Keith's guilt over his family's fate caused him to transfer Justice's focus on him within his dream, and Justice began stalking Keith and Teddy and their friends. Eventually he encountered dream versions of his parents who convinced him that it wasn't his fault, and he overcame the nightmare.

(Nightmask#9) - Keith had dreams about his fantasy woman, but he could not allow himself to get close to her because of fear that she might end up like his family. When Teddy viewed his dreams and shared them to Lucian and Lita, it was clear that Lita was the woman in his dreams.

(Nightmask#10) - Keith helped Angie Saltzberg overcome her fear of driving. He continued to work out under Lita's direction, and Lucian invited Keith and Teddy to join him at a New Orleans conference where they would reveal their findings. Lucian began to suffer several bouts of bad luck after hearing that his mother had died, and Keith got a haircut by a new girl, Martine. Keith began to have dreams about the Serpent God Damballah, and Lucian was abducted (by agents of his twin brother Tullius) en route to New Orleans.

(Nightmask#11) - Keith and Teddy were joined in New Orleans by Tullius, who was posing as Lucian. Keith suspected something was wrong, but he found that he could not break the barriers into "Lucian" 's dreams. Keith later encountered Martine in his dream, and she arranged a real world meeting with him. Martine told Keith about Tullius and how he was an evil voodoo priest that planned to kill Lucian. Upon returning to his room, he learned that Tullius had kidnapped Teddy to prevent Keith from using his dream powers against him.

(Nightmask#12) - Martine brought Keith to meet Mambo Matilda, and she gave him a real Nightmask costume. They journeyed to the site when Tullius intended to kill Lucian, but Keith was overpowered and chained up by Tullius' followers. Taking his lead from Mambo Matilda, Keith closed his eyes and envisioned himself as Damballah. Squirming out from his bonds, Keith faced Tullius, who nonetheless managed to punch him out. Teddy threw some of her perfume--which she knew Lucian was allergic to--to Keith, who sprayed it in Tullius' eyes. Tullius had a rapid allergic reaction, and when his followers saw his face breaking out in splotches, they lost faith in him. With his power over the people broken, Tullius fled.

(Star Brand#9) - Keith treated Ken Connell (the holder of the Star Brand), helping him to overcome his feelings of guilt about not being able to save Tad Selby from radiation poisoning. In the dream, Connell saw himself as a super-hero and Tad as his sidekick "True Believer."

(Justice#15) - Justice came to the Ballad Clinic of Dream Research, complaining of having a persistent dream of being a totally different person. Keith ultimately realized that Justice had been pulled into the imaginary world (the Far Place) of the powerful reality-warping paranormal Daedalus Darquill, who forced had Justice to believe that he was an extradimensional warrior. Keith narrowly escaped destruction at Darquill's hands; when he revealed what was going on, Justice killed Darquill, ending the illusion and restoring him to normal.

(Psi-Force#16) - see comments

(Star Brand#12 - BTS / The PITT - BTS / The Draft (fb) - BTS / Psi-Force#16? (see comments) / Star Brand#17/2 (fb)) - <December 19, 1988> - Ken Connell attempted to transfer the Star Brand power into a barbell, which resulted in an immense explosion that vaporized Pittsburgh. As this happened, Keith (with Teddy as his back-up) was trying to use his dream self to help Hilary James, an empath who had been sent into a coma by experiencing the fatal crash of a busload of school children.
    Present within Hilary's mind during the destruction of Pittsburgh, Keith was affected by the psychic trauma caused by the instantaneous deaths of over a million people. Teddy, however, was affected even more severely and sent into a coma. Without Teddy to act as his anchor, Keith's Nightmask persona became increasingly unstable.

(The Draft (fb) - BTS) <January 28, 1988> - Believing "The Pitt" disasters to have been the work of foreign paranormal terrorists, President Reagan reinstituted the Draft. Keith--his powers known of by the US government--was 20 years old at the time and was among the draftees. He was made a lieutenant and placed in charge of performing psychiatric evaluation on all of the men (virtually all paranormals) sent there. He was responsible for determining their mental stability and evaluating their combat potential.

(Psi-Force#22) - Keith evaluated Thomas Boyd (Stalker), but he found his Nightmask persona out-of-control, tormenting Boyd and mocking his life and past failures. Boyd recognized Remsen's involvement and assaulted him uponn awakening. After the guards pulled Boyd off of him, the stressed Keith began to demonstrate the ability to cast illusions, "waking dream projections," that tormented the others until Keith regained control. Ultimately Nightmask pushed Boyd back into becoming a dedicated soldier once more, but only by shattering his hope that his family and friends had known how hard he had tried.

(DP7#22) - Nightmask examined Jeff Walters (the Blur) observing his frustrations over his failure to have saved his family from death during the Pitt. After Jeff woke up, he told Jeff how his parents had been killed in an explosion, telling him that doing what would have made his family proud is what helped him get over his loss. Keith told Captain Magniconte that Walters was passed fro duty provided he could continue to work with him at Fort Benning.

(Draft#1) - Keith was sent to Fort Benning, Georgia, where he continued to evaluate the paranormal draftees.

(Draft#1) - Keith evaluated Sergeant Haldeman, who terrified him with his psychic power and coerced him to pass him through. Later he evaluated Pvt. Harlan Mook. He felt Mook might be unstable, but also felt that Nightmask's behavior might have just unnerved him, and he decided to pass Mook through.

(DP7#22) - Keith evaluated Jeff Walters' failed efforts to save his family in the dream again, but a few days later, after using his powers to save Pit Bull, Walters came to terms with his loss as his dream-mother told him that there was nothing more he could do to try to save them, and that he should use his powers to his utmost and make them proud.

(DP7#23) <April 21, 1988> - Keith examined Randy O'Brien (Antibody), after which he examined Dave Landers (Mastodon), watching the fairy tale dream in which Landers rescued his beautiful princess, Stephanie Harrington (Glitter).

(DP7#24) - Keith met with Sgt. Haldeman, who revealed that he had been sent into a coma after trying to use his psychic powers against Landers. He examined Haldeman's dreams, observing a virtual replay of his encounter with Landers, then entered Landers' dreams. There he showed Landers that he was suffering delusions (after being stuck in solitary confinement for weeks), and he observed a giant white cube, which he assumed to be a mental block. Approaching the cube, Nightmask was pulled into it, and as his dream self vanished, his physical form vanished as well.

(DP7#25/2) - Nightmask was pulled to Northern Wisconsin through the mind of Walter (Psilord) of the ESPeople. Walter fainted in the process and the ESPeople assumed Nightmask to be an attacker. Because of their costumes and powers, Keith assumed himself to be in a dream, but he found that he couldn't control anything and he was ultimately overpowered by them. They wiped his mind of the encounter and turned him loose on a road some distance away.

(Justice#25) - Wearing his Nightmask costume, Keith was unable to hitch a ride to anywhere. He was soon accosted by the Cro Mags motorcycle gang, and fled into the woods. He managed to ambush and punch one of the members, but the cyclist stood his ground and dropped him with a pipe. When the gang members prepared to kill him, Nightmask generated nightmarish forms of the woods attacking the Cro Mags, causing them to flee. Taking one of the motorcycles and a jacket left behind, Keith headed back towards Fort Benning.

(Star Brand#16/2) <July 29, 1988> - Back at Fort Benning, Nightmask was sent into a coma for a week while he was pulled into the dream of the Nightmare Killer, who threatened to kill him unless he helped the Nightmare Killer escape his own mind. Nightmask entered the Nightmare Killer's mind and found his greatest fear: Justice. Exploiting that fear, Nightmask escaped from the Nightmare Killer and revived from his coma.

(Star Brand#18/2  - BTS) - The Nightmare Killer pulled Justice into his mind, testing him and finding that even his powers could not destroy him within his mind.
    Keith notified the Nightmare Killer's doctors that he was likely the one that had killed hundreds of people in their sleep. Keith was to arrive that day to examine him, and if it proved to be him, the man would be lobotomized.

(Star Brand#17/2) - Keith visited Teddy at Bethesda where she was being treated by Dr. Ballad. He sent Nightmask into Teddy's dreams in an effort to revive her, but each time he found her dream self, his Nightmask persona terrorized her, sending her to retreat deeper within herself. Despite the insistence of Dr. Ballad and Lita that he stop, he entered her once again. Nightmask continued to torment her, but finally Keith was able to shed the Nightmask persona and appeal to her as her brother. With his help, she revived from her coma.




(War#1) - Nightmask explored the dreams of dying soldier, learning of a Pentagon assault by Harlan Mook; he blamed himself for passing Mook into the military. He later explored the remains of the Alamo after Mook had assaulted it, and he recognized Mook's involvement and his own fault once again. He resolved to stop Mook somehow.

(War#2) - Keith was summoned to the Pentagon, where a U.S. general showed him film of Mook's destruction of a U.S. warplane. The general blamed him for passing Mook as stable for combat, and instructed Keith to find Mook and make sure he never hurt anyone or anything again.

(War#3) - Keith terrorized Mook's dreams, forcing him to confront the people he had killed. Later, as Mook met with his troops, Keith terrorized him with waking dream visions of his victims, which caused the troops to question his sanity. In this vision, Nightmask told Mook that he was waiting for him in a ship just off the coast.
    Shortly thereafter, Mook teleported aboard the ship to kill Remsen, but Keith pulled a gun and shot him dead, apologizing as he did so for having passed him as stable for combat.

(War#4) - Nightmask was amongst the people of his Earth who observed the Starchild as it instructed humanity to change its ways to avoid obliterating itself. Soon after, however, Keith was driven mad by the guilt over his involvement with Mook, and he was locked up in a straightjacket within a room, constantly plagued by dream-visions of a demonic Mook coming after him. He was placed under the care of Dr. Milhouse.

(Quasar#55) - Due to the problems he had caused in the waking world, Keith came to prefer dreaming as his natural state. For over eighteen months, Keith remained emotionless, sleeping when left alone and emotionless and minimally responsive when awakened and forced to eat, drink, and use the bathroom.

(Quasar#55) - Keith awakened suddenly and shouted out "They're coming!" upon sensing the coming of invaders to his world. Shortly thereafter, he met with Doctor Clow, telling him of his dream which he believed to be precognitive. Though Clow was skeptical about the dream actually being precognitive, he was nonetheless pleased at Keith's progress. Despite the risk of sending out the unstable Nightmask, Keith sent his dream/astral self (Nightmask) out to learn more about the threat to their world.

(Starblast#3) - Nightmask--now fully in control of his dream self--communicated with Kayla Ballantine, an Earth-616 native who had become the host to the Star Brand and was now a prisoner of the Stranger and Skeletron, each of whom sought the Star Brand. She told him everything she knew about her attackers/captors.
    Keith later released his astral self in the physical world on his own world, contacting Justice and recruiting his aid in saving their world.
    Later, after recruiting Psi-Hawk and Overshadow, Nightmask senses the breach into their dimension, signified by Kayla's unwitting transfer of the Star Brand to the Stranger.

(Quasar#56 (fb) - BTS) - Nightmask recruited the All-American, Captain Manhattan, Chrome, Metallurge, and Pit Bull.

(Quasar#56) - After Metallurge arrived at the meeting point, Nightmask told them of the nature of the threat. Most of the others were skeptical about alien invaders, but Captain Manhattan shared his experience in meeting Quasar of Earth-616. Keith prepared to project an image of what he had seen in his dreams, but then Kayla Ballantine suddenly appeared in their midst, naked and unconscious. When she revived, Nightmask and the others gave her some clothes and then introduced themselves to her.
    Psi-Hawk and Overshadow unwittingly attacked Quasar as he approached their world, while Skeletron transported himself to their world as well and prepared to drain the planet of its Star Brand energy.

(Starblast#4) - Nightmask was present as Overshadow returned with a captured Quasar. After some explanation, the rest of the paranormals joined Quasar in meeting up with Psi-Hawk and assaulting Skeletron, though many of them were quickly snagged by Skeletron's Skullhuggers. Nightmask's dream-form proved immune to the Skullhuggers, but then the Stranger sent in his allies--Binary, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, Ikaris, Lockjaw, Moondancer, Perun, Solar Wind, Voyager--who had been sent to subdue anyone within Skeletron's ship. Voyager assaulted Nightmask, creating a vortex which threatened even his ectoplasmic form, but Nightmask halted the assault by summoning up an image from his subconscious, creating a waking image of it, and using it to terrify Voyager into submission.
    Skeletron then siphoned the Star Brand power from the New Universe dimension, as well as from the Stranger. However, the Stranger succeeded in outwitting Skeletron, trapping him in the dimension of the New Universe, while transferring the entire Earth of the New Universe and its occupants into the Earth-616 dimension, in orbit around his laboratory world.

(Quasar#57) - Nightmask was alongside the other paranormals--as well as the Stranger's agents from the previous struggle--on the Stranger's laboratory world, observing their own Earth orbiting around them. The Living Tribunal then appeared, transported the paranormals back to their Earth, and erected an impenetrable shield around that world to prevent the Star Brand energy from again contaminating the Earth-616 dimension.

Comments: Created by Archie Goodwin, Tony Salmore, and Bret Blevins.

    Star Brand#17/2 references Psi-Force#16 as the story that told Keith's fate during the Pitt. I don't see it there. Anyone help?

    Nightmask was one of the New Universe series that didn't fit the mold, with advanced technology, pre-White Event psychic abilities, etc.

    Dr. Lucian Ballad was named Dr. Lucian Ballard in Nightmask#3 (and a few others), but I'm maintaining the original spelling. It's Ballad in MOST of his appearances.

    I have Nightmask listed in my notes as Behind-The-Scenes in Justice#30, but I don't see him in either story.

    I don't know if Nightmask will be among the New Universe residents encountered in the Exiles: World Tour story, but the jury's still out on whether that reality is the same as the mainstream/original New Universe, or perhaps some other variant.

Nightmask has a full entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1980s Handbook.

Profile by Snood and Prime Eternal.

No known connection to:

Nightmask#1, pg. 4, panel 1 (with family, oblivious to assassin setting down bomb);
    #7 cover (full body)
        cover (logo)
    #11, p21, panel 6 (unmasked face)
The Draft#1 - cover - by Paul Ryan
The War#4, p42-43 - madness

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