Real Name: Skeletron

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (undefined) technology user

Occupation: Genocide of all organic life forms

Group Membership: Former leader of the Black Fleet and the Starblasters, former member of Turgentine Techenium

Affiliations: Codabac, Fabrikant, Insidio, Kreeg, Nygorn, Skar, Threkker, Trieste, Xlyym, Zardok

Enemies: All-American, Kayla Ballantine, Binary (Warbird), Black Bolt, Captain Marvel (Photon), Chrome, Darkstar, Ikaris, Justice, Metallurge, Nightmask, Overshadow, Perun, Pit Bull, Psi-Hawk, Quasar, Stranger, Uatu the Watcher, Vanguard

Known Relatives: Members of Turgentine Techenium (all deceased)

Aliases: The Dark Seed

Base of Operations: New Universe dimension, formerly the known universe

First Appearance: (Dark Seed) Quasar#48, (Skeletron) Quasar#53 (December 1993)




Powers/Abilities: Skeletron is a mechanical entity able to reconfigure his entire body into any form, weapon, etc. as needed. In addition, the bipedal form he used was only a small portion of his true form, which composed the entire starship, the Dark Seed (also known as the Starblast).

He had superhuman strength and durability which was directly proportional to the size he assumed. He has computer-like speed and reaction time. He could siphon energy from others to increase his own power and could repair damaged portions of himself. He presumably could add other machinery or minerals to his own form to grow in size or replace damaged portions of himself.

After absorbing the power of the Starbrand, his powers grew exponentially, dwarfing even the power of the Stranger. However, he apparently does not have the capacity for inter-dimensional travel.






History: Skeletron claims that in the distant past, the universe was host to as many biomechanical races as it had organic ones. The biomechanicals forged a mighty star-spanning empire known as the Turgentine Technenium and declared war upon all organics. Through means lost to time, the organics eventually defeated the Techenium.

Those members of the Techenium who survived became the Black Fleet, criss-crossing the galaxy, raining destruction upon organic races who crossed their path. The biomechanicals drafted the services of many organic renegades along the way, allowing them to satisfy their bloodthirsty urges by exterminating their own kind.

(Questprobe#1 (BTS))- In modern times the Black Fleet came to the planet Scadam, where they had a simple time of slaughtering the peace-loving race. One member, Durgan the Philosopher, used his race's advanced technology to observe the number of superhumanly powerful beings on earth. Seeking to use that vast supply of power to save his race, he created the Chief Examiner, which came to Earth and located a number of superhumans.

(Quasar#39-41 (BTS))- The Chief Examiner had the superhumans pass through a portal which analyzed their power, duplicated it and sent it back to another creation, the Chief Exterminator. The Examiner ultimately came upon the human Kayla Ballantine, who had come to possess the virtually limitless power of the Starbrand. He brought her to Scadam, but overloaded and exploded while attempting to process her power.

The Chief Exterminator attacked the Black Fleet, but was ultimately destroyed. Kayla, in fear and desperation, utilized the power of the Starbrand to obliterate the Black Fleet. Kayla then used the Starbrand to power a ship to return to Earth.

(Quasar#48 (BTS)#53, Starblast#1)- Only one ship escaped destruction at the hands of Kayla: The Dark Seed. Skeletron led his crew, the Starblasters, on the trail of the Starbrand energy, following it back to Earth. There they pursued numerous acts of destruction, but their true goal was to kidnap Ballantine.

(Quasar#54, Starblast#2, Quasar#55, Starblast#3)- Skeletron then traveled to the Stranger's laboratory world, where he made a false alliance with the Stranger. He allowed the Stranger to analyze the Starbrand in hopes that he might learn its place of origin and gain its full power. The Stranger, posing as God, duped Kayla into releasing the Starbrand power into himself. The energy released by this transfer shunted half of the Stranger's lab world into the alternate dimension (the New Universe) that was the origin of the Starbrand power.

(Quasar#56, Starblast#4)- A number of Earth's heroes, a few members of the Imperial Guard, and a group of the most powerful paranormals from the New Universe Earth had gathered to oppose Skeletron and the Starblasters. In an effort to rid himself of interference, Skeletron ejected all organic beings from the Dark Seed, feeling no remorse in killing several members of his crew. Skeletron then siphoned the Starbrand power from the New Universe dimension, as well as from the Stranger. However, the Stranger succeeded in outwitting Skeletron, trapping him in the dimension of the New Universe, while transferring the entire Earth of the New Universe and its occupants into the prime Earth dimension, in orbit around his world. Skeletron now possesses the greatest power in a universe devoid of all life save himself.


Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald and John Hebink.

    This wrapped up several dangling plot-threads, primarily the New Universe/Starbrand and the Questprobe series. He is unlikely to be seen again, as the Living Tribunal has forbidden any further travel to the New Universe or its Earth. That, and the fact that almost no one really cares (except, of course, me). Perhaps there's another member of the Turgentine Technenium...

Possible members include:

    If you're a stickler for chronology, Skeletron is probably behind the scenes in every issue of the Questprobe series and Marvel Fanfare I#33.

Skeletron should not be confused with:


Starblast#4 - second to last page - panel 2 (full body)

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