Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human, pretended to be a magic-user

Occupation: Racketeer;
    posed as a voodoo houngan (priest)

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None;
    coerced those who believed in him (the Societe (voodoo worshippers) to do his bidding (including Jezabel and Simi Baka, Luis, and others)

Enemies: Daredevil; those he manipulated

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A 46th street tenement house on the Lower West Side, Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Daredevil I#130 (February, 1976)


Powers/Abilities: A hypnotist, Brother Zed preyed on those who believed in voodoo, capitalizing on these beliefs to make it appear that he had true powers. The Societe were especially susceptible to his hypnotism as their beliefs caused them to act out what he told them or did to them, usually suffering mysterious pain or whatever other effect he intended for them. Brother Zed wore a black costume with a white skeleton on it. When appearing from the darkness, it appeared as if he actually was an animated skeleton. He also used "voodoo dolls", and because his victims believed in him, they felt pain when he harmed the dolls.
    While Zed may have been able to hypnotize anyone caught in his glance, his hypnotism was ineffective against anyone who couldn't see.





(Daredevil I#130 (fb) - BTS) - Brother Zed manipulated the Haitian population of New York, posing as a houngan and demanding payment from the Societe to protect them from the "death-gods".

(Daredevil I#130 (fb) - BTS) - Brother Zed superficially buried a number of chicken heads in Central Park (one of which was found by police officers Ed and Frank), intending to use their discovery to amplify the fears of the Societe..

(Daredevil I#130) - Jezabel Baka came to the Lower West Side office of Brother Zed, who commanded her to tell him why she had failed to make payment. She told him she had no money since her Jebbediah had died, but he told her that if he allowed her to fail payment, others would ask the same, and the loa would rise, and the voodoo worshippers would die. He told her that only he could keep the death-gods away, but that there was an expense that must be shared by all. If she failed payment, the loa would demand a human life as payment: her son. Terrified by Zed's threats, Jezabel saw every misfortune that befell her as caused by Zed. She went to her husband's old friends for help, but as she had been marked by Zed, they avoided all contact with her. Jezabel ultimately decided to take Simi and flee the city, but Zed confronted her, using his other pawns to take Simi while he grabbed Jezabel. Soon after, Zed performed a ceremony in Central Park. Telling his Societe that he had to sacrifice a symbol of life to appease the death-gods, Zed had them bury Simi with his head sticking out of the ground "like a beacon of light to guide the loa Ogoun to his feast."
    Jezabel's former friends refused to help her or Simi, but Simi's cries drew Daredevil to the scene of the ritual. Zed commanded the Societe to attack Daredevil, and when Daredevil easily defeated them, Zed pulled out a "voodoo doll" of Daredevil, hanging it from a noose and attempting to place Daredevil in a(n) hypnotic trance (which failed, at least in part due to Daredevil's blindness). Daredevil played along, pretending to fall under Zed's power, but Daredevil then sprung forward, kicking Zed into the light and knocking off his mask, revealing him to be a fraud. With Zed exposed, he was powerless to affect the Societe any longer, and they left him in Central Park.




Comments: Created by Marv Wolfman, Bob Brown, and Klaus Janson.

Ogoun = Ogun - not really a death god

Who the heck names their daughter Jezabel (sic)?

Profile by Snood (with Ed+Frank subprofile by Chadman).

No known connection to:

Jezabel and Simi Baka


    Like many others, she came to New York from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Her husband, Jebbediah, died at some point, leaving her to care for their young son, Simi, by herself. One of the Societe (voodoo worshippers), she fell prey to Brother Zed, who pretended to be a houngan (voodoo priest) and tricked her into believing he had supernatural powers. When she proved unable to pay Zed's demanded payment, he coerced the rest of the Societe to prepare to kill Simi, but Daredevil arrived and exposed Zed's farce. When everyone realized Zed had been tricking them, he lost all power over them.


--Daredevil I#130 (130 (fb) - BTS, 130

Ed and Frank

Frank and Ed investigated a dead chicken corpse in Central Park, placed there by Brother Zed.

--Daredevil I#130

Daredevil I#130, p1, pan2 (Ed + Frank)
        p5, panel 2 (Jezabel + Simi)
        p8, panel 6 (skeleton face)
        p13, panel 5 (skeleton body)
        p16, panel 5 (Zed unmasked)

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