Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (New Universe) psychic construct

Occupation: Avatar of Psi-Force

Group Membership: Technically Psi-Force

Affiliations: Manifested by: Thomas Boyd, Michael Crawley, Lindsey Falmon, Anastasia Inyushin, Tyrone Jessup, Katherine Ling, Michael Proudhawk, Wayne Tucker
All-American, Kayla Ballantine, Captain Manhattan, Chrome, Justice, Metallurge, Nightmask, Overshadow, Pit Bull, Quasar

Enemies: CIA, Bill Holstrum, Mind-Wolf, Rodstvow, Skeletron, Starblasters

Known Relatives: Inapplicable

Aliases: None; mistaken for Emmett Proudhawk

Base of Operations: Mobile with Psi-Force

First Appearance: Psi-Force#1 (November, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: The Psi-Hawk is a psychic entity generated by the members of Psi-Force. It possesses all of the abilities of whichever members participate in its creation, but functions best when five minds are used in its creation. The Psi-Hawk is patterned after Psi-Force's mentor Emmett Proudhawk as they remembered him. The Psi-Hawk could not speak originally, but has spoken in recent appearances.

History: (Psi-Force#1) <08/3-6/86> - After Emmett Proudhawk, mentor of Psi-Force was slain by the Soviet psychic Mind-Wolf, Wayne Tucker used Emmett's medallion to help the other four teens concentrate and create the Psi-Hawk, a psychic creature patterned after Emmett visually, and possessing the combination of all five's powers. The Psi-Hawk destroyed Mind-Wolf's mind, then vanished.

(Psi-Force#2) <8/7/86> - When the CIA demanded to know the secret of Psi-Force's powers, Wayne had them create the Psi-Hawk, but they were all shot as the Psi-Hawk was created. The Psi-Hawk fought off the CIA, erased all knowledge of Psi-Force from their minds, then used Anastasia's powers to heal all five teens. Only the "Skipper," a CIA friend of Emmett's was allowed to retain his memories of them.

(Psi-Force#3) - Needing guidance, Psi-Force summoned up the Psi-Hawk to ask for help, but it didn't answer their questions about their purpose, instead destroying a bush and leaving five branches wrapped together as a symbol.

(Untold Tales of the New Universe: Psi-Force#1) - Psi-Force met Michael Proudhawk, cousin of Emmett, who had the ability to generate a Psi-Hawk by himself. He attempted to recruit Psi-Force into the CIA, but they refused and their respective Psi-Hawks fought each other. When Proudhawk's Psi-Hawk was beaten, he was placed into a comatose state.

(Psi-Force#4) <10/20/86> - When Kathy left Psi-Force to be with her family, the Psi-Hawk visited her to try and bring her back, but it was weakened without her to power it, and she drove it away.

(Psi-Force#8) - The teens formed the Psi-Hawk to battle Thomas Boyd, another psychic paranormal, but Boyd discovered that he could leech off of the Psi-Hawk's energies, and absorbed from it until it disappeared. Later, Boyd had a change of heart and helped Jessup and Inyushin form a Psi-Hawk to defeat his former cohorts in the CIA.

(Psi-Force#10) - When Emmett's brother Eugene and the teens were attacked by Bill Holstrum and his redneck friends, they summoned the Psi-Hawk to drive Holstrum and his friends off. The Psi-Hawk used Anastasia's powers to heal Eugene, and he was amazed to see that it resembled Emmett. Eugene became a supporter of the teens as a result.

(Psi-Force Annual#1) - The five teens formed the Psi-Hawk with Boyd to battle CIA agents, but the Psi-Hawk exhibited wild behavior, and turned on them when they tried to calm it down. Crawley realized that the Psi-Hawk could only merge five minds, and had Wayne knock him out so that the Psi-Hawk would vanish. Crawley left the group so that they would be able to function.

(Psi-Force#24) <4/5/88> - The Psi-Hawk was summoned by Boyd, Jessup, Ling, Tucker and Lindsey Falmon, who were placed into a coma and took full possession of the Psi-Hawk to face Rodstvow in combat.

(Psi-Force#25) <4/5/88> - With all five of their minds trying to function at once, the Psi-Hawk fought Rodstvow through Washington, D.C., and they even turned the Washington Monument into a weapon to hit Rodstvow with. They tried to destroy Rodstvow but he proved more powerful than they expected, and the Psi-Hawk was destroyed.

(Starblast#3) - The Psi-Hawk was among the residents of the New Universe's Earth summoned by Nightmask to deal with the threat of Skeletron from Earth-616's dimension. With Overshadow and Nightmask, the Psi-Hawk watched as their dimension merged with Earth-616's.

(Quasar#56) - After learning about Skeletron from Kayla Ballantine, who had been teleported to their Earth, Psi-Hawk and Overshadow went to patrol the skies. They ran into Quasar and demanded that he answer their questions, but Quasar tried to ignore them, and they wound up incapacitating him.

(Starblast#4) - Psi-Hawk joined with the other New Universe heroes and Quasar in invading Skeletron's craft, where they fought Earth-616 heroes who had been controlled by the Stranger. Psi-Hawk fought with Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), and witnessed the Stranger bring the New Universe Earth all the way into the Earth-616 dimension.

(Quasar#57) - The Living Tribunal returned Psi-Hawk and the other heroes to their own Earth as it was sealed off from further interference.

Comments: Created by Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson.

As you may have gleaned from this profile, Fabian Nicieza wasn't as fond of the Psi-Hawk as other Psi-Force writers.

by Prime Eternal

The Psi-Hawk should not be confused with:

Emmett Proudhawk's medallion

Emmett used his medallion for concentration when performing visions. After his death, Wayne Tucker took possession of the medallion and would use it with Psi-Force to help them focus on Emmett, and join their strengths to create the Psi-Hawk.

--Psi-Force#1 (2, 3, 8, 24

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