The Peristrike Force (sans Psi-Wolf) with Dr. VonyaMembership: Psi-Wolf, Scattershot, Volga Belle, Siberion

Purpose: Terrorists devoted to putting a new totalitarian Russian government into power

Affiliations: Human terrorist group, unnamed superiors, unnamed associates in Latveria

Enemies: Darkhawk (Chris Powell), Professor Anatoly Vonya, NYPD

Base of Operations: Unknown location in the Russian commonwealth

First Appearance: Darkhawk#16 (June, 1992)

The members of the Peristrike Force were created or trained as part of the Soviet Union's super-soldier program, under the direction of Professor Anatoly Vonya. With the demise of the U.S.S.R., they became terrorists ("agents of change") working to put a new, even more totalitarian dictator in place. They took their name because they believed it'd look good in U.S. newspapers.

(Darkhawk#16) - The Force's only known mission was to kidnap Dr. Vonya, and force him to develop super-soldiers to enable their government takeover. When Dr. Vonya came out of hiding to be the surprise guest at a conference on the development of superhuman powers in adolescents, the Peristrike Force made their move. They bribed one of Vonya's F.B.I. guards to activate a tracer to lead them to him, and employed a group of non-powered terrorists to help them. After suiting up, they followed the tracer in an unmarked van to Midtown High, which was hosting the conference after the Waldorf and the Penta were booked. The Force and the terrorists seized control of the school in the middle of Dr. Vonya's lecture.

(Darkhawk#17) - The situation quickly got out of hand when an official succeeded in calling the police before being shot, and Midtown student Chris Powell was able to retrieve the amulet that changed him into Darkhawk. Darkhawk decided the situation was too risky to intervene, but was forced to when Scattershot attempted to execute his girlfriend for vocally opposing the group. He then surrendered, offering himself as a hostage instead, but the Peristrike Force were greedy, and a battle ensued. Darkhawk alternated between fighting and surrendering until Dr. Vonya knocked out all the human terrorists via intense feedback through their communications system. Most of the hostages were able to escape, and Darkhawk defeated the Force, which neccessitated Psi-Wolf's intervention. Psi-Wolf seized Dr. Vonya, and ordered Darkhawk to kill himself.

(Darkhawk#18) - Scattershot prevented Darkhawk's forced suicide, advising that he was more useful in their service -- the police had arrived and cut the wires to the bombs, so they had no special advantage left. The Force pretended to have been defeated by Darkhawk, and then escaped in the waiting helicopter. When Psi-Wolf took his attention off Darkhawk, he tried to escape; feeling the hero's usefulness was at an end, Psi-Wolf had Scattershot blew Darkhawk out of the helicopter. They landed at JFK Airport where a plane was being readied to take them to Latveria -- with a secret stop in Russia along the way -- to fulfil the plan for Vonya. Darkhawk stole a food-delivery truck, and then switched to Chris Powell to approach them in it. But the police had warned Psi-Wolf that the driver wasn't authorized, and before Siberion could kill Chris, he was headbutted by Dr. Vonya, whom he accidently encased in ice. Chris jammed his amulet in the device Psi-Wolf focused his power through, and made it to cover, returning as Darkhawk. He defeated the Force and left them for the police, but by the time he freed Dr. Vonya from the ice, he was dead.

COMMENTS: The Peristrike Force created by Danny Fingeroth and Mike Manley.

A 'Next Issue' box referred to the Peristrike Force as mutants. Whether they were or not is unknown.

Profile by Flank Mclargehuge.

CLARIFICATIONS: Volga Belle has no known connection to:

Psi-Wolf, the Dreaded One, has no known connection to:

Scattershot has no known connection to:

Siberion has no known connection to:

Psi-WolfPsi-Wolf (Nikolai Vonya), also known as 'the Dreaded One' among the terrorists, is a seven-foot-tall cyborg, with bionic arms, legs and eyes, a large sonic gun on his right arm and another gun on his shoulder. In addition to being extremely strong, well-armed and heavily armored, he is able to telepathically control other people, even Darkhawk, whose android brain has proved too alien for other telepaths to deal with. He can only control one person at a time, but that control is so complete that he can force them to commit suicide. Though he once sensed Darkhawk's intentions, he didn't demonstrate much skill at mind-reading. This ability is focused through a device on his helmet, but it seems to be natural -- for it doesn't work on his brother, Dr. Anatoly Vonya. Psi-Wolf is also one of Dr. Vonya's subjects, and Vonya blames himself for what his brother is today. He believes he will save all the Russias and become a prince, and prefers to think of himself as an 'agent of change' rather than a terrorist. He wanted his brother to develop superhumans for his employers to 'reshape Russia in their image.' He let his agents kidnap Dr. Vonya, and was not happy when he was forced to act as well.
--Darkhawk#17, (Darkhawk#16 - BTS, #17-18




Scattershot (Natalya) <image at top of profile>

She was assigned her codename by Dr. Vonya, who helped her develop her powers in the Soviet Superhuman Powers Program, implying that she may be a mutant. She idolized him then; now, she shoots at his feet to make him dance. She was the Peristrike Force's field leader, and fired plasma or some other sort of explosive energy.
--Darkhawk#16 (Darkhawk#16-18

Siberion <image at top of profile>

He fires ice from his hands, and seems to be wearing an over-sized containment suit. It was said he had reason to hate Dr. Vonya, but that reason was unrevealed; it's possible Vonya gave him his powers, or he may be a mutant.
--Darkhawk#16 (Darkhawk#16-18

A TerroristThe human terrorists who worked with the Peristrike Force didn't seem well acquainted with the group, and didn't have a name of their own. They were armed with automatic weapons and wore suits with armor plating. Only two were named -- Vasily discovered someone calling the police during the hostage situation, and shot him; Yuri was one of the perimeter guards. They sounded prepared for many contingencies, of which they only implimented Procedure 28, which was wiring the building with explosives.
--Darkhawk#16 (Darkhawk#16-18




Professor Anatoly Vonya <image at top of profile>

He is said to be the greatest authority on superhumans in the former U.S.S.R., and was involved in creating or training many of those in service of the government. Now he regards them as more dangerous than Russia's nuclear weapons, a volatile race "bred to hate, hated by those around them." Among his creations are the members of the Peristrike Force; he trained Scattershot and gave her her codename. Psi-Wolf is his brother, and Vonya is immune to the Wolf's mental powers; Vonya is deeply ashamed of his brother, and for making him what he is now. Before being the surprise guest at a lecture on the development of superhuman powers in adolescents (held at Midtown High, when the Waldorf and the Penta were booked), he'd been in hiding from those who'd use or kill him. He didn't trust that his F.B.I. guards would keep him safe. He was said to be too important to world stability to take risks with.
--Darkhawk#16 (Darkhawk#16-18

One of the F.B.I. agents guarding Dr. Vonya was under the Force's employ; he activated a tracer that led the terrorists to Vonya, and then pulled a gun on him. He claimed to be well-paid for his actions.

Darkhawk#16 (June, 1992) - Danny Fingeroth (writer), Mike Manley (pencils/inks), Ricardo Villagran (inks), Nel Yomtov (editor)
Darkhawk#17 (July, 1992) - Danny Fingeroth (writer), Mike Manley (artist), Nel Yomtov (editor)
Darkhawk#18 (August, 1992) - Danny Fingeroth (writer), Mike Manley (pencils), Mike Manley, John Heebink, Adam McClellan & Andre Parks (inks), Nel Yomtov (editor)

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