Real Name: Mikhail Petrov

Identity/Class: Extra-Dimensional (New Universe) Human paranormal; Soviet citizen

Occupation: Chief Security Operative
former Soviet Agent

Group Membership: Siberian ESP Research Project

Affiliations: Serge Vladimiroff

Enemies: Emmett Proudhawk, Psi-Force (Michael Crawley, Anastasia Inyushin, Tyrone Jessup, Kathy Ling, Wayne Tucker), Psi-Hawk

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Formerly the Siberian Project in the USSR;
New Universe

First Appearance: Psi-Force#1 (New Universe) (November, 1986)


Powers/Abilities: Mindwolf possessed great telepathic power, sufficient to control or destroy the minds of others, and even to wither their bodies into husks.

History: Even before gaining his powers, he had earned the codename Mindwolf in his position as Chief of Security of the Siberian ESP Project. He received his powers from the White Event, which occurred July 22, 1986. His powers surfaced shortly after this.

(Psi Force#1 (fb) - BTS) -  Mindwolf saw his abilities as a means to gain great power in the Soviet Union, and possibly in the world. He learned of a number of others with psychic powers. One of these was Anastasia Inyushin, who was being tested at the Siberian Project. He also learned of another telepath, Emmett Proudhawk, whom he saw as a competitor. There were four others on the list he was unable to find, though he suspected that perhaps Proudhawk had them.



(Psi Force#1) <August 6, 1986> - Mindwolf was called in when the regular operatives of the Siberian Project failed to retrieve Anastasia Inyushin, who had been freed and brought to the USA by Proudhawk. He met with the leader of the previous expedition, Serge Vladimiroff, in Russian Hill in San Francisco. Fortuitously for the Russians, Inyushin worried that she might be a liability to her new allies. She contacted Vladimiroff to turn herself in, in the hopes that her new friends would be spared.

Proudhawk realized what Anastasia had done, and led the rest of the group he had dubbed Psi-Force to stop her. Proudhawk and Mindwolf faced off, and Proudhawk was killed by the Russian's superior power. Based on previous instructions, one of the telepaths, Wayne Tucker, led three others to join their powers by focusing on Proudhawk, and they formed a psychic creation, the Psi-Hawk (based on the spirit of Proudhawk). However, even this being could not stand before Mindwolf, and the Russian was thrilled to have a chance to kill his enemy a second time. Tucker convinced Inyushin to join her powers to the group, and the Psi-Hawk was reformed, geometrically increased in power. This time it was Mindwolf who was withered by the psychic assault, and he collapsed to the ground in a heap.

(Psi-Force#2)- Paramedics soon arrived on the scene, accompanied by members of the CIA, who were startled to discover a KGB agent lying in the streets of San Francisco. Finding that Mind-Wolf was a total vegetable, they sent him to the nearest hospital for treatment, posting men to investigate him.


Comments: Created by Steve Perry and Mark Texeira...and possibly by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson, who came up with the concept of Psi-Force.

His last name was revealed in Psi-Force's profile in OHotMU A-Z HC#9.

Profile by Snood and Prime Eternal

No known connection to:


Psi-Force#1 (November, 1986) - Steve Perry (writer), Mark Texeira (pencils), Kyle Baker (inks), Bob Budiansky (editor)
Psi Force#2 (December, 1986) - Steve Perry (writer), Mark Texeira (pencils), Hilary Barta & Romeo Tanghal (inks), Bob Budiansky (editor)

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