Type: Mental plane

Environment: The Mindscape borders on the minds of all intelligent beings in the Earth dimension. It is dotted with points of light which are in fact entranceways to various minds. Different areas of the Mindscape appear to have wildly variant environments.

    According to Dr. Henry Pym, the Mindscape isn't a truly corporeal place. Instead it mimics matter using neurological impulses as the basis of its substance. The only way for human physical forms to enter this environment is to be sheathed in the contents of their subconscious. (see comments).

Usual means of access: Dimensional travel, or via the minds of those dwelling in the Earth dimension. (see comments)

Dominant Life Form: The Sleepwalkers (Sleepwalker (host Rick Sheridan), unidentified Sleepwalker (host David Daily), Anesthesia and her unidentified mother)

Significant Inhabitants: The Mindscape is home to countless life forms, all quite different from anything within human experience. These include; the Agents of Despair, the Bad Ideas, the Cannibak, Cobweb, Depression, the Mindspawn (N'Ogskak, Sk'Obe, Sv'Ara, T'Opalli, Esk'Odin), Manic, Paranoia, and the Sleepwalkers

Significant Locations: Cerebrum (see comments), the Swamp of Fears, the Mists of Frozen Time

First Appearance: Sleepwalker#3 (August 1991)

History: (Sleepwalker#3 (fb)) - The Sleepwalkers have long made it their purpose to patrol the Mindscape and guard defenseless minds everywhere from evil creatures who would invade other beings consciousness in order to feed upon their mental energies. One such creature was the being who would become known as Cobweb. Cobweb developed a rivalry with one Sleepwalker in particular, who defeated him many times over and banished him to the furthest reaches of the Mindscape.

(Darkhawk#20 (fb) - BTS) - Portal passed through the Mindscape using his mutant powers, and was witnessed by the Sleepwalker who had defeated Cobweb.

(Sleepwalker#3(fb)) - Cobweb eventually returned and lured his mortal enemy into the mind of Rick Sheridan.

(Sleepwalker#4 (bts)) - Nelson Gruber, AKA Bookworm, discovered unusual brain wave readings from Rick Sheridan. Unknown to him they were caused by Sleepwalker leaving Rick's mind. Gruber synthesised the electrical impulses that produced the readings and amplified them a millionfold to allow for a more detailed investigation, but there was an energy overload. The resultant power surge gave him the ability to create mindscape energy constructs based on characters from the books he read, and Gruber became known as Bookworm. Sleepwalker captured Bookworm and handed him over to the human authorities but the Mindscape energy remained within him.

(Sleepwalker#7) - The events of the Infinity Gauntlet lead to a temporary extra-dimensional rift between the Earth dimension and the Mindscape. Sleepwalker briefly returned to his home dimension and imprisoned the Chain Gang there.

(Sleepwalker#12) - Because Sleepwalkers race never sleep they had always been immune to the powers of Nightmare. This changed when Nightmare began plaguing the dreams of Rick Sheridan. As part of a plan to make Sleepwalkers life a living nightmare, Nightmare opened a pathway from his Dimension of Dreams to the Mindscape. He gave Sleepwalker a dream scanner to monitor Rick's dreams from the Mindscape. Sleepwalker tricked him by throwing the dream-scanner, which Nightmare was tracking, into the Mindscape. Nightmare believed Sleepwalker would now be trapped in his home dimension forced to witness as Rick dreamt the darkest, most vile dreams ever visited upon anyone. Before he could do so, Sleepwalker attacked him. The pathway to the Mindscape was closed and Sleepwalker returned to Rick's mind.

(Sleepwalker#30 (bts)) - After years in a coma, drifting on the edge of the Mindscape, Eddie Cicala made contact with a malignant energy force that gave him powers. He came into conflict with Sleepwalker and later died through self injury. Upon Eddies death all traces of the Mindscape energy dissipated.

(Sleepwalker#19) - Desperate to escape their bonds, the Chain Gang had Ray teleport them free. Cobweb found them, made them his slaves, and ordered them to destroy Sleepwalker by killing his host, Rick Sheridan. With Cobweb's assistance, they travelled to Earth via the mind of Rick's pet dog, Rambo.

(Sleepwalker#20) - Having failed to kill Sleepwalker, the Chain Gang returned to the Mindscape where they were punished by Cobweb. Cobweb gave them another chance, and prepared to send them back to earth via the mind of Alyssa Conover. This drew the attention of another Sleepwalker, but Ernie drained enough of his life to incapacitate him. The Chain Gang then returned to Earth.

(Sleepwalker#22) - Cobweb drew what appeared to be Sleepwalker into the mindscape, but it was in fact Rick Sheridan in Sleepwalkers body. Cobweb toyed Rick with illusions and lies. While there Rick encountered various Mindscape inhabitants, including a squadron of Mindspawn in the guise of more Sleepwalkers.

(Sleepwalker#23) - Rick assumed the Mindspawn to be true Sleepwalkers, and heard them talking about an invasion. Before he could learn any more he was sent back to Sleepwalkers mind by Cobweb.

(Sleepwalker#24) - Sleepwalker deduced that the reason he and Rick had exchanged bodies was due to a disruption of their mental energies caused by Uplink's powers. While confronting the Chain Gang, Sleepwalker came into contact with Uplink. This caused an even greater disruption, and shattered the barrier between the Mindscape and the Earth dimension, causing a dimensional rift to appear. The rift sucked Sleepwalker, Rick and the Chain Gang into the Mindscape. Sleepwalker told Uplink that his powers were the cause of the rift, and bade him to restore the natural order of things. Uplink did this by returning Sleepwalker and Rick to their proper bodies. As the rift began to close, Sleepwalker pushed Rick and the Chain Gang back through to Earth. Sleepwalker hoped to remain in the Mindscape, but Rick pulled him through the rift so that he could finish the Chain Gang off. The rift closed behind him, leaving Sleepwalker free of Rick Sheridan's mind.

(Sleepwalker#25) - An army of Mindspawn travelled from the Mindscape into Rick Sheridan's mind in order to invade Earth.

(Sleepwalker#29) - Rick Sheridan, having been struck by a Mindrake, awoke in the Mindscape. At first he appeared to be in his apartment, but on leaving the room he found himself in an empty white space.

(Sleepwalker#31) - Discovering a crack in the floor, Rick fell through into the clutches of Cobwebs minions, and was taken to Cobweb's lair.

(Sleepwalker#32) - Cobweb led Rick to believe Sleepwalker was in fact leader of the Mindspawn and responsible for his death.

(Sleepwalker#33) - In truth Cobweb planned to convert Rick's essence into an inter-dimensional portal between the Mindscape and the Earth dimension. Sleepwalker attempted to draw Rick's mind out of the Mindscape, but was attacked by a gang of Mindspawn in human bodies. Sleepwalker defended himself, but a confused Alyssa Conover struck Sleepwalker with the Mindrake. Sleepwalker found himself falling into the Mindscape. The Mindspawn brought Sleepwalker to Cobweb who began gloating about his plans. Sleepwalker spoke to Rick and tried to explain the truth. Rick rejected Cobwebs lies and broke free of his influence. Sleepwalker forced his way through the Mindspawn and ripped his Imaginator from Cobwebs chest. Cobweb was banished to a far away place in the Mindscape and the Mindspawn reverted to their normal selves. Sleepwalker used the Mindrake to mentally communicate with Alyssa, who followed his instructions to return him to his body on Earth. Despite being weakened from his ordeals, Sleepwalker then used the Mindrake to draw Rick's mind from the Mindscape and back into his body. Sleepwalker collapsed in pain. Alyssa, convinced Sleepwalker was dying, woke Rick. As Rick stirred, Sleepwalker vanished.

(Ant-Man & Wasp#1 (fb) - BTS) - A female Sleepwalker somehow had a daughter with a male human. This daughter was a Sleepwalker/Human hybrid, accessing the Earth via her fathers mind while he slept. She became an agent of AIM, known to them as Anesthesia.

(Ant-Man & Wasp#1 (fb) - BTS) - Henry Pym has a pocket tool bestiary of known alien species with data on Sleepwalkers. He also appears to have learnt a great deal about the Mindscape at some point. He has developed a device that allows himself and one other to enter the Mindscape. (see comments).

(Ant-Man & Wasp#1 - BTS) - Anesthesia traveled through the Mindscape to access the mind of Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady). While Ant-Man slept in Infinite Avengers Mansion, she came out through his mind and stole Bill Foster's artificial "heaven". She then left via Ant-Man's mind, traveling back through the Mindscape to return to her fathers mind, using that to arrive at an AIM's establishment in the Netherlands. As a result, Henry Pym planned to access the Mindscape with his device, and O'Grady offered to help.

(Ant-Man & Wasp#2) - Ant-Man and Wasp tracked Anesthesia through the Mindscape, encountering various creatures. They left through the mind of Anesthesia's father.

Comments: Created by Bob Budiansky and Bret Blevins

Sleepwalker and the Sleepwalkers are mentioned a lot in this profile as the Mindscape is their home dimension. Also the Mindspawn were generally believed to be of Sleepwalkers race too. As this wasn't revealed to be false until the final issue of the Sleepwalker series, and not many copies of that issue were printed so it's rare. Many people may still be under the impression the Mindspawn are indeed Sleepwalkers race. I've drawn up some clarifications below but as the Mindspawn look the same as the Sleepwalkers in most of their appearances any time it would be easy to assume they are indeed one and the same race. To my knowledge the only two Sleepwalkers (not counting various mental images of Sleepwalkers patrolling Mindscape as shown in Rick's dreams etc) to have appeared in the Sleepwalker comics where the main character, who I refer as Sleepwalker, and another member of the race seen in #20 as described in the clarifications section.

Despite my dismay at the cancellation of the Epic Anthology, featuring a new Sleepwalker (host David Daily), I've been enjoying the more recent Sleepwalker appearances in the current Marvel Team-Up series. At the time of writing this profile, Sleepwalker doesn't appear to be wearing his Imaginator, and is still apparently trapped within the confines of Rick Sheridan's mind.

I like this explanation of the Mindscape in response to a letter printed in Sleepwalker#16:

What we've said in the past is that the Mindscape borders on the minds of all sentient beings. Think of the Mindscape as outerspace and individual minds as planets floating within it. Although outer space borders on these planets, one would have to leave outer space and land on these planets to visit them. Similarly Sleepy left the Mindscape and landed in Rick's mind!

In #30 Sleepwalker refers to his home dimension as the mindstream instead of the mindscape. This is the only time I've found him using that term. The issue was written by Tom Brevoort and Mike Kanterovich, as opposed to the usual Bob Budiansky, so I suspect it is a mistake on their part. I think the story was changed at the last minute because:

  1. #29's 'Next Issue' box describes the events that were eventually printed in #31
  2. The Bullpen Bulletins describes #30 as having a Pysko appearance when it clearly doesn't

The story in #30 appeared out of chronological order. It is stated to take place before events in #24, when Sleepwalker and Rick became separated. However #24 was the final issue of a six part story arc where the two had merged into one, swapped bodies and generally undergone lots of changes. Having read the series through the most logical place for #30 to have occurred is between the events of #16 and #17.

Some of the beings and locations I've listed have never appeared, but instead where mentioned in Sleepwalkers dialogue at various points throughout the series and his other appearances:

"The psychic storms of Cerebrum" -- taken from a line in Sleepwalker#3. I'm ASSuming Cerebrum to be a location, I suppose it could be a character

"the Silent Ones" -- Sleepwalker swears by the "sacred thoughts of the Silent Ones" in both Darkhawk#19 and 20, as does another of his race in Sleepwalker#20

"Sonic fields of Dystopia" -- a place Sleepwalker used to go to in order to escape the turmoil of the Mindscape, mentioned in #23. He was comparing the sounds of Dystopia to the 'soothing' music of the earth based heavy metal group known as 'The Bloodcurdling Screams'!

"Soul-Slug" -- a creature referred to by Cobweb in #19, known for it's lack of speed!

Sleepwalker also claims that mindscape activity in the Earth dimension is linked to certain "inexplicable" phenomena such as Poltergiests.

The Mindspawn, in their early appearances, appeared to believe they were truly of the same race as Sleepwalker. Not only did they help fight Cobweb, but when nobody else was around to hear them talking they still spoke as though Sleepwalker was one of them. This would appear to be more than just subterfuge, and I imagine Cobweb somehow altered their memories and/or personality with some form of mind control in order to make his deceptions more credible.

It isn't entirely clear when Pym learned so much about Sleepwalkers and the Mindscape, though he does reference the fact that Sleepwalker had joined the Initiative. This is just speculative, but Reed Richards traveled into Rick Sheridan's mind in Sleepwalker #15 and may have looked into Sleepwalkers more after that. He may have shared some of his learning's with Pym. Also, Project Homegrown had data on Sleepwalker from an unknown source. I've previously speculated in the Shadowforce profile that their source was the Office of Insufficient Evidence.

The human mutant called Portal (whilst wearing alien armor) and the human mutates the Chain Gang have spent time in the Mindscape, seemingly without the protective sheath's used by Ant-Man and Wasp. However, Wasp was able to alter the sheaths to be invisible so perhaps we just didn't see the sheaths around Portal and the Chain Gang. Portal's armor may have protected him in some way, and the Chain Gang were with Sleepwalker when they fell into the Mindscape. He might've provided them with invisible sheaths without anybody's knowing it. Or perhaps the Chain Gang were protected by some facet of their powers in someway, or by Cobweb (who wasn't present for that story but is a manipulative behind the scenes kind of guy). Or... Henry Pym could be wrong (he does admit in the very same issue that he's not always right).

Some of the creatures in Ant-Man & Wasp look like close relatives of the Agents of Despair, and one very similar to a Cannibak. One had a webbed look to his skin, similar to Cobweb.

Profile by Changeling


The Mindscape should not be confused with:

Also the Mindspawn, Sleepwalker impostors, should not be confused with

The Agents of Despair should not be confused with:

The Bad Ideas should not be confused with:

The Cannibak should not be confused with:

Manic should not be confused with:

Depression should not be confused with:

Agents of Despair

The Agents of Despair encountered Rick Sheridan whilst he was trapped in Sleepwalkers body. They appeared to him as bat-like creatures with only one eye. They were driven off by the warp beams of a squadron of Mindspawn. Their primary tactic was to overwhelm through force of numbers.

In #2, on the opening page, Sleepwalker says "Away, agents of despair! You'll not bury me among long forgotten memories!" to the various creatures restraining him inside Rick's mind. He claims "all your masters efforts are for naught!" but it isn't stated who their master is. If Sleepwalker thought they were THE Agents of Despair described above that would mean they are able to shapeshift taking on the forms of different memories such as old toys or books etc

-- Sleepwalker#22 (March 1993)

The Bad Ideas

Apparently 'friends' of Cobwebs, these creatures encountered Rick Sheridan whilst he was trapped in Sleepwalkers body. They attacked him whilst he was with Esk'odin, N'ogskak, Sk'obe, Sv'ara and T'opali. They were defeated, but not before one of them killed Sk'obe. As Cobweb said though: "There are plenty more Bad Ideas where they came from!". The Bad Ideas where living killing machines whose bodies where covered from head to toe in spikes. Their sting was venomous and lethal. I guess you could argue the Bad Ideas make a lot of 'behind the scenes' appearances in comics, books, movies, real life, you name it where there's humanity there's Bad Ideas!

-- Sleepwalker#23 (May 1993)


A Cannibak attacked N'ogskak and T'opali. It had superhuman strength (class 10) and endurance. Its skin had a thick chitinous appearance like an insect that provided physical protection. The upper body had four arms. Each arm had two elbow joints and the hands had only 4 digits which ended in claws. While it's body looked insect-like in nature its face, with it's huge jaw full of teeth, wasn't. The lower body of the Cannibak wasn't seen.

-- Sleepwalker#25 (June 1993)


Originally the Sleepwalkers were the only inhabitants of the Mindscape to possess Imaginators. Sleepwalker used his imaginator to explore Rick's mind but it was separated from him when Rick mistook it for a weapon and grabbed it. Another Sleepwalker was briefly seen wearing an Imaginator while fighting Cobweb and the Chain Gang prior to the later entering Alyssa's mind. At some point Cobweb retrieved Sleepwalkers lost Imaginator. While Cobweb was in possession of that Imaginator he was able to grant his Mindspawn the ability to travel between the Mindscape and the Earth dimension. Sleepwalker eventually retrieved his Imaginator and sent Cobweb away. As yet it is unrevealed what happened to Sleepwalkers Imaginator after that encounter (see comments). The Imaginators are generally used by the Sleepwalkers to send their foes elsewhere within the mindscape, far away from any innocent minds they might threaten. Without a clear destination the Imaginator is naturally drawn to those areas of greatest mental activity.

-- Sleepwalker#1 (June 1991), (3, 20, 33)

Manic & Depression

This little double act tangled with Rick Sheridan whilst he was trapped in Sleepwalkers body, just as he was recovering from Paranoia's attack. Manic had the ability to increase a persons powers by touch, taking them to the point where the victim felt like exploding and their musculature expanded so much they could hardly move. Depression was bulky, tall (7'9'' approx.) and had superhuman strength (Class 25). He could grab his victims in a bear hug and they would then be absorbed into his body. That person could then escape if they had sufficient strength. That's exactly what Rick did, leaving Depression with a massive hole in his back and shattering Manic with a single punch. The name's Manic and Depression are obviously derived from the term 'Manic Depression', which is also the title of a rather excellent song by Jimi Hendrix that may or may not have provided some inspiration for these characters.

-- Sleepwalker#22 (March 1993)


While primarily used by the Mindspawn, Rick did attempt to use one on Cobweb at one point during the time that he was trapped in Sleepwalkers body. During the Mindspawn invasion many humans were struck by Mindrakes, including Rick. Unlike the other victims, Rick's mind was actually stored within the Mindrake. That Mindrake fell into the hands of Psyko for a while. Eventually Alyssa and Sleepwalker managed to use the Mindrake to rescue Rick. The Mindspawn could use their Mindrakes to feast on mental energies and convert them into power, strength, and increase their size. A single swipe leaves the victim a mindless husk, though some lesser skilled operators might leave a few random thoughts inside. Alternatively the Mindrake operator could store a mind within it, though there was the possibility the mind may drift off into the Mindscape. The Mindrakes allowed the operator to communicate with those whose minds had passed through it, and was capable of returning the mind to it's body. Sleepwalker was highly skilled in the use of the Mindrakes suggesting he, and perhaps the other Sleepwalkers, had used them at some point in the past. The Mindrakes appeared to vary in design, some appearing more like rifles.

-- Sleepwalker#22 (March 1993), (23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 32, 32)

Mindspawn (Esk'odin, N'ogskak, Sk'obe, Sv'ara, T'opali)

Cobweb planned to invade Earth and pin the blame on Sleepwalker and his race. He began weaving a web of deceit that would lead people to believe Sleepwalker and his people were in fact evil. In order to do this Cobweb granted some of his minions the physical appearance and powers they would need to impersonate the Sleepwalkers race as Mindspawn, so that he could use them as foot soldiers in his battle to spread madness across the Earth. A group of the Mindspawn, Esk'odin, N'ogskak, Sk'obe, Sv'ara and T'opali, found Rick Sheridan trapped in the body of Sleepwalker. They appeared to believe that Sleepwalker was truly their ally, and Cobweb was their foe (see comments) and aided Rick against Cobweb. This encounter led to the death's of Esk'odin, Sk'obe and Sv'ara. Cobweb returned Rick to Sleepwalkers mind, and sent the remaining Mindspawn away to another part of the Mindscape. Some time later, those two survivors met with an army of Mindspawn. They led that army to Rick's mind where they met Sleepwalker, who had promised Rick he wouldn't return to Earth. When Sleepwalker refused to join them in their invasion of Earth, they left him behind. Once on Earth they began attacking Brooklyn. Sleepwalker persuaded Rick to attempt to wake himself up in order to pull the Mindspawn back into his mind. Although he was unable to do so, the attempt temporarily affected the Mindspawn. They planned to destroy Rick's mind, but before they could do so he gave Sleepwalker the permission to return to Earth. Sleepwalker left Rick's mind only to find himself outnumbered by the Mindspawn. He fooled them into thinking he was on their side by using one of their Mindrake's on Rick. Unknown to the Mindspawn, Sleepwalker left Rick's mind intact and stored it within the Mindrake. Meanwhile, another group of the Mindspawn had used their warp-beams to build a giant holding pen to confine their human victims. The National Guard where called in to attack, but to little avail. They were about to call in an air-strike, but Detective Perez convinced them to hold off while she called the Avengers. Before they could arrive, Sleepwalker challenged N'ogskak for leadership of the Mindspawn. Secretly he hoped take control of the Mindspawn and prevent them doing any further harm to their human prisoners. Unfortunately the Avengers arrived just at the moment T'opali proclaimed that Sleepwalker would lead them to victory over the human race. Inevitably the Mindscape and Avengers fought. Sleepwalker insulted Hercules (by calling him 'human'!) who promptly sent him flying into the holding pen. This was exactly where Sleepwalker wanted to be and he began to free the humans. Meanwhile the Avengers continued to decimate the Mindspawns forces. T'opali ordered them to retreat, leaving behind N'ogskak and the Mindrake that had Rick's mind stored within. Cobweb realized the direct approach wasn't working and granted the Mindspawn the ability to take over peoples minds.

Back on Earth, N'ogskak merged with a human name Jeremy Roscoe to become Psyko and took possession of the Mindrake. He attracted the attention of Sleepwalker. During the battle between Psyko and Sleepwalker a Mindspawn possessed a human. While Psyko was trapped in concrete, the Mindspawn caught Sleepwalkers attention. Sleepwalker warp-beamed the Mindspawn. While it's human host soon recovered, the attack drew Spectra out of the crowd. She attacked Sleepwalker, unwittingly giving Psyko time to free himself. Back in the mindscape, a group of Mindspawn assumed their normal appearance and brought Rick Sheridan to Cobweb, while Psyko continued his rampage on Earth. The Mindspawn gathered round as Cobweb talked Rick into believing Sleepwalker was the leader of the Mindspawn, claiming they were 'the most murderous, merciless bunch of brigands ever to grace the Mindscape!". He also claimed Sleepwalker was responsible for Rick's death. In fact Sleepwalker had defeated Psyko and regained the Mindrake that had separated Rick's mind from his body. He had located Rick's body and used the Mindrake in an attempted to draw his mind from out of the Mindscape. Cobweb sent the Mindspawn to deal with him. They took possession of a gang of humans and stormed the graveyard where Rick's body lay. Sleepwalker defended himself against the Mindspawn, but Alyssa Conover thought he was attacking defenceless humans and struck him with the Mindrake. He found himself in the Mindscape, where he was attacked by Mindspawn disguised as Sleepwalkers. The Mindspawn left on Earth tried to take the Mindrake from Alyssa, but she sensed something was wrong and fought back as best as she could. Sleepwalker was brought before Cobweb and made to watch as Alyssa fought the Mindspawn-infested humans. Cobweb was ultimately defeated by Sleepwalker and sent to a far away place in the Mindscape. The Mindspawn reverted to their natural state. Those in the Mindscape were scared away by Sleepwalker and Rick, while those on Earth were drawn out of their human hosts back to their home dimension.

As well as altering their physical appearance, Cobweb provided the Mindspawn with powers and abilities based on those of the Sleepwalkers. They had enhanced human agility, reflexes, stamina and speed, superhuman strength and durability. The level of strength was variable according to their size and the amount of energy absorbed from their Mindrakes, but the average specimen had strength in the Class 10 range. They could levitate, and had multifaceted eyes that gave them superhuman vision. This allowed them to see wavelengths invisible to the human eye. They had the ability to project warp-beams from those eyes, enabling them to alter the shape of physical matter and alter its material strength, and could presumably project crude images (an ability used by Sleepwalker). These warp-beams were not as powerful as those belonging to true Sleepwalkers, and could be cancelled out and blocked by energy signatures of identical modulation, as Black Knight once did with his energy sword. After their initial invasion of Earth, Cobweb provided them with the ability to possess humans. Sleepwalker was still able to detect their presence though the human host still looked physically the same to everybody else. In this form they no longer need a Mindrake to feed on human mental energies, they could do so by simply grabbing hold of them and making mental contact.

In their true forms as Cobwebs minions they appeared to have no superhuman physical or mental abilities, though they did have multiple eyes (anywhere between 5 and 7) which may have given them above average or possibly slightly enhanced vision. Also they had no nose, small whisker like protrusions from their upper lip, and three digits on both hand and foot. On average they were notably short (ranging from 4' to 4'6'' approx.). They were so weak and cowardly that they fled Sleepwalker and Rick Sheridan even though they outnumbered them!

-- Sleepwalker#22 (March 1993) (23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 32, 33)

Mists of Frozen Time

These mists could allegedly block the passage of time, but the effects could be dangerously unpredictable. In the case of Rick Sheridan, trapped in Sleepwalkers body, they apparently delayed his death by temporarily freezing time around his wound. However, it was later revealed the wound (it appeared as though his throat had been torn out and his neck was completely missing!) was only an illusion.

-- Sleepwalker#23 (April 1993)


Paranoia attacked Rick Sheridan whilst he was trapped in the body of Sleepwalker. He appeared to knock Rick's head off, though this was presumably part of Cobwebs illusion. Rick used his warp beams to restrain Paranoia. Paranoia had claws, superhuman strength (Class 10) and speed. Like his name suggests, he suffered from paranoia, and feared everything.

-- Sleepwalker#22 (March 1993)

Swamp of Fears

Rick was accompanied through the Swamp of Fears by N'ogskak and his squad of Mindspawn during the time that he was trapped in Sleepwalkers body. The Swamp of Fears was inhabited by creeping vines that drained life force from their victims.

-- Sleepwalker#23 (April 1993)

images: not including advertisements

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Sleepwalker#22 cover (Paranoia)
Sleepwalker#23 p7, pan1 (Swamp of Fears)

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