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Official Name: Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (Kingdom of the Netherlands)

Continent: Europe

Population: 17,134,872

Capital City: Amsterdam

Government: Constitutional monarchy

Major Languages: Dutch, West Frisian, Dutch Low Saxon, Limburgish

Monetary Unit: Euro, formerly Dutch guilder

Major Resources: Industries: electronics, chemical industry, automobile industries (trucks, cars, parts), shipping, agriculture, horticulture, service industries, banking, media. Natural resources: natural gas and petroleum (North Sea drillings), peat, limestone, salt, sand and gravel.

National Defense: Royal Netherlands Army, Royal Netherlands Navy (includes Naval Air Service and Marine Corps), Royal Netherlands Air Force (Koninklijke Luchtmacht), Royal Military Police (2009)

International Relations: On good terms with its neighbors, the Netherlands was a founding member of NATO and the EEC (European Economic Community now the European Union/EU, hosted SHIELD and EuroMind branches and took part in the Pan-European Conference on Superhuman Affairs. The Hague hosts the International Court of Justice, though for undisclosed reasons when Magneto (Max Eisenhardt) was put on trial, the court convened in Paris, France. Before "M-Day" saw most of Earth's mutants depowered, X-Corporation maintained a branch in Amsterdam.

Extraterrestrial Relations: Unrevealed

Places of Interest: Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum, X-Corps building), the Hague (Government, International Court of Justice), Rotterdam

Domestic Super Humans: Beak (Barnell Bohusk), Dragonfly (Cornelia van der Valk), Flying Dutchman's Ghost (Captain Joost van Straaten), King Cobra (Klaus Voorhees), Klaw (Uysses Klaw), Snow Queen (Brigitte Lahti), Spiderman (Hans Jansen)
possibly De Molen, Kaaskop, Klompman, De Koemannen

Non Human Population: Unrevealed

Prominent Citizens: Agent X (Rijk Rooten), Alfons, Martin van den Burg, Johannes van Cleve, Broos Coemans, Paul Gelder, Gabrielle Haller, Abraham van Helsing, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (became King in 2013), Queen Maxima of the Netherlands (became Queen in 2013), Princes Beatrix of the Netherlands (former Queen from 1980, abdicated in 2013), Hans Rooten, ? van de Veer, Verspronck

Superhuman Residents: Unspecified X-Corporation members were briefly stationed in Amsterdam

Foreign visitors: Acolytes (Frenzy/Joanna Cargill, Neophyte/Simon Hall, Scanner/Sarah Ryall, Unuscione/Carmella Unuscione, Voght/Amelia Voght), A.I.M. (Monica Rappacini and unidentified scientists), Anesthesia, Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady), Ares, Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Bucky (James Barnes), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Cyber (Silas Burr), Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Dark Avengers (Ms. Marvel/Karla Sofen, Spider-Man/Mac Gargan), Rick Davis, Deathurge, Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom), Dominic Fortune (Duvid Fortunov), Red Hargrove, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Howling Commandos (Nick Fury, ), Iron Man (James Rhodes), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Justice (Vance Astrovik), Solomon Kane, Kang's forces, Kolya, Heinrich von Lundt, Magneto (Max Eisenhardt), Marauders (Aries, Azimuth, Chimera, Coda), Misha, Moon Knight (Marc Spector), Barney Mullen, Nazi's (General von Krummpt, Arnim Zola, many unidentified soldiers), The Order (Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange, Hulk/Dr. Bruce Banner, Namor McKenzie, Silver Surfer/Norrin Radd), Pepper Potts, Punisher (Frank Castle), Sabbath Raven, Red Guardian (Nikolai Krylenko), Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Reptil (Humberto Lopez), Roberta Rhodes,Sam Sawyer, Shuma-Gorath, Striker (Brandon Sharpe), Super-Axis/Uberkommandos (Agent Axis, Baron Blood/John Falsworth, Iron Cross/Oska Mors, Master Man/Max Lohmer, U-Man/Meranno, Warrior Woman/Frieda Ratsel), Thing (Benjamin Grimm), Thor (Thor Odinson), Tinkerer (Phineas Mason), Valkyrie (Brunnhilde), War Machine (James Rhodes), Wasp (Hank Pym), Whiplash (Anton Vanko), X-Men (Colossus/Peter Rasputin, Magik/Illyana Rasputin, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett)

Domestic Crime: The Netherlands has a comparatively low violent crime rate, but its relaxed drug laws have helped make it a major European producer of synthetic drugs, exporting ecstasy to the USA, and a gateway for other drugs entering Europe.

International Crime: A center of the world's legal diamond trade, Amsterdam was also a popular destination for diamond smugglers.

First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics I#1/9 (January, 1940)



(Conan: Serpent War#2 - BTS) - Several adventurers throughout time were manipulated into working for the Wyrm, giving him a foothold to invade their reality. Believing they were on a quest to stop the elder god Set, Solomon Kane and a time traveling Moon Knight joined forces in England of 1584 while two others, Conan the Barbarian and Dark Agnes joined forces in the Hyborian Age. Both teams guided by James Allison, a dying, bedridden man with the unique ability to see his past heroic lives. All, however, unaware of the Wyrm. Looking to make their way to harbor in Rotterdam, Kane contacted Captain Basso to grant them safe passage. However, when Basso's ship the Shandy arrived the crew had already been taken over by Set. After dealing with them, Kane and Moon Knight decided to travel to Newcastle in the hopes of finding another ship to take them to Rotterdam.

(Conan: Serpent War#3) - Solomon Kane and Moon Knight successfully made their way to Rotterdam where they raided shipping reports which lead them to Luxembourg and later Italy.


The Netherlands became an independent nation following the Dutch War for Independence from Spain which is frequently called the Eighty Years' War (1568-1648).


(Dracula II#3 - BTS) - 29 September, 1891, After Abraham van Helsing and Arthur Holmwood dealt with vampire Lucy Westenra, van Helsing briefly returned to Amsterdam.


(Spy Thrillers I#4/5 (fb) - BTS) - In 1935, Dutch master engraver Johannes van Cleve moved to the U.S. where he engraved plates to print counterfeit money. Van Cleve was eventually caught, jailed, served his time and returned to the Netherlands.


On May 10th, 1940, Nazi Germany invaded the Netherlands which surrendered May 15th. Following the Dutch defeat, Queen Wilhelmina established a government-in-exile in England.

(Web of Spider-Man I#71 (fb)) - On May 14, 1940, Dominic Fortune and his girlfriend Sabbath Raven visited Rotterdam. The young couple, however, got into a heated argument resulting in Sabbath storming out of a restaurant. A few hours later, Hitler's forces invaded Rotterdam.

(Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#34 (fb)) - In May of 1940, the British received news of Holland's defeat at the hands of the Nazi's and decided to send three men to intercept an agent with papers vital to England's defense. Those send were American Lieutenant in the British Army, Nick Fury, Sam Sawyer and Red Hargrove as he had an airplane.

When the trio reaches the Dutch coast they witnessed tons of people fleeing from their homes with their belongings. After which they caught sight of the agent's car they tried to land their plane, but crashed. The "agent" they met up with was actually an agent of the Gestapo, who evaded them. Forced to travel by foot, the trio ran into a traveling circus which included strongman Timothy "Dum-Dum" Dugan. When they learned he was American they befriended him, and he helped them travel to the coast. Along the way, Fury found the real agent they had been sent to find, and they managed to escape the country in a boat, then met up with a British patrol boat that brought them back to England.

(Web of Spider-Man I#72 (fb)) - Sabbath Raven spend some time in the Netherlands where she met and fell in love with fervent anti-nazi German, Heinrich von Lundt. Sabbath followed the charismatic man who inspired resistance fighters all over the continent. Together the duo snuck through occupied Europe.

(Daring Mystery Comics I#1/9) - 1940 - Irish ship captain Barney Mullen was tasked with delivering a shipment of gold filigree to the port of Rotterdam from Lisbon, Portugal. His voyage wasn't without perils as Rotterdam was now an official war zone and others tried to sink his ship for fear he was carrying supplies for the other side, as such Mullen hid the cargo in the ships lifeboats. After dealing with enemy airplanes, another ship, mutiny and French government officials trying to steal the gold filigree, Mullen reached Rotterdam when the ships boiler erupted. Mullen then used the lifeboats (with the precious cargo) to deliver it to the shipping company.

(Uncanny X-Men I#161 (fb) - BTS) - Jewish Gabrielle Haller spent her childhood in the Netherands before becoming interned at Dachau in Germany.

(Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#15) - Learning the Nazi's were planning to hit England from the Dutch coast, the allied forces began Operation Deluge: destroying the dikes and flooding the Nazi's out. However, in order to safeguard the Dutch population Sergeant Fury and his Howlers would be aided by local spy, Agent X.

Sergeant Fury and his Howlers arrived in Holland, near the dikes where they were immediately spotted by the Nazi's. The heroes, however, were rescued by a young Dutch boy, Hans Rooten, son of the local mayor, believed to be a traitor but in reality, Agent X.

By the mission's end, the Howler's successfully detonated the charges and flooded the Nazi's out. After realizing that Agent X was Hans' father, and he asked Fury to take Hans back to England with them for protection until he could finally reveal his double identity to his son.

(Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#19) - When Fury had a hard time dealing with the death of Pamela Hawley he and the Howlers were send with furlough. Fury and the Howlers, however, used it to find General von Krummpt, the man who ordered the attack that killed Pamela. Learning Krummpt was located in Venlo, the south of the Netherlands, the Howlers returned to the Dutch village near the dikes they'd visited previously.

Back in Holland, the Howlers met up with Mayor Rooten who offered them their car to reach Venlo. And sometime later Airbase Venlo-Herongen where Fury fought von Krummpt who ultimately died battling aboard a plane.

(Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos I#120) - Fury and his Howling Commandos returned to the Netherlands, in the south near Roermond to locate and photograph the plans of a new buzz bomb that was being build by the Nazi's. With the help of a group of guerilla's the Howler's easily located and invaded the base where they found Dutch collaborator Dr. van Kerkvoort and two German scientist and stopped them from destroying the plans. Having made their way out of the base the Howlers noticed a heavily guarded train transporting Dutch Jews to concentration camps. Feeling helpless, one of the Howlers, Izzy Cohen decided he would travel to Roermond to check if his uncle was still alive and unharmed. Seeing the man's courage inspired Fury to send his entire team to join them as they traveled to Kemna concentration camp near Düsseldorf in Germany. In the end the Howlers successfully rescued Izzy's uncle Emile from Kenma.

(Captain America Comics I#31/5) - In 1943 Captain America and his sidekick Bucky Barnes were send to locate a hidden Nazi submarine base. Their search lead the heroes to the Netherlands where the submarine base was located in a subterranean canal. However, when Captain America and Bucky were overpowered and captured by the Nazi's they were strung up inside a Dutch windmill during a routine bombing. Captain America managed to free himself and Bucky after which he used the windmill's blade in the hopes of escaping but noticing a search party the Captain quickly returned inside the windmill. The duo now eavesdropped on the Nazi party (who believed the duo had already escaped) thus learning they would place time-bombs in the German subs in case they were captured. The duo used this information to create their own plan and placed the time-bombs on a timer in every submarine that lay in the subterranean canal. Then finally when all the time-bombs exploded the R.A.F. bombers finally had a clear target from the sky.

(Captain America V#12 (fb) - BTS) - In 1944, The Red Skull traveled to Arnhem, in the east of the Netherlands and set up camp along the Rhine to lead the Nazi's in what would become known as Operation Market Garden.

(Captain America V#12 (fb)) - Learning of the Skull's involvement, Captain America and his sidekick Bucky Barnes aided the British during Operation Market Garden (September 17-25, 1944). Their goal was to take the bridge to Arnhem back in an effort to liberate the north and west of the Netherlands. However, during the operation the heroes suddenly noticed what appeared to be a group of released British soldiers returning when in fact they'd been turned into a zombie-like state equipped with explosions. The zombie-like prisoners then activated the explosions, killing several British soldiers and ending Operation Market Garden. Unable to free the north and the west of the Netherlands they were plummeted into what would become known as the hunger winter.

(Daily Bugle: Civil War Newspaper Special - BTS) - On October 13, 1944, young mother Jane Blair took her two boys Paul and David to the movies. The newsreel that day contained footage of the Allied action in the Netherlands. Having a husband in the 82nd Airborne, Jane thought her boys would like to see why their father wasn't home. The footage suitably impressed the young boys

(Invaders Now#2 (fb) - BTS) - In January of 1945, Arnim Zola and the Nazi forces took control of a small castle in the Dutch village of Vliet where Zola experiments turned the villagers into highly infectious mutates.

(Invaders Now#2 (fb)) - Zola's castle in Vliet came under attack by the Invaders and the Allied Forces who went head to head against the Uberkommandos (Agent Axis, Baron Blood, Iron Cross, Master Man, U-Man and Warrior Woman). Not long after the Invaders discovered the infectious mutates and after setting a group of them on fire learned of Zola's experiments. Successfully stopping Zola the Invaders decided that in order to save the whole of Europe they would do the unthinkable and kill all the villagers of Vliet in an attempt to stop the highly infectious virus.

(Invaders Now#3 (fb)) - One of the villagers, a young boy who survived the massacre witnessed the entire ordeal and swore revenge.

(Battlefield I#2/8) - In 1945, the German-build Siegfried Line fell to the large-scale Allied offense. The Siegfried Line stretched more than 390 miles from Kleve on the border with the Netherlands, along the western border of the old German Empire, to the town of Weil am Rhein on the border to Switzerland and featured more than 18,000 bunkers, tunnels and tank traps.

The liberation of the Netherlands began in September 1944 and last until May 1945


(Spy Thrillers I#4/5) - In 1955, the U.S. Secret Service discovered counterfeit money was made again and distributed by communists throughout Europe and America in an attempt to smash their economy. Upon closer examination the Secret Service learned the counterfeits were made with van Cleve's engraved plates, who'd been sentenced twenty years prior. Thus American top agent Rick Davis was summoned by Chief Bogan and tasked with locating van Cleve and the top red agent Verspronck.

(Spy Thrillers I#4/5 (fb) - BTS) - Studying van Cleve's file, Davis learned the Dutchman idolized famous artists Johannes Vermeer and Gerard ter Borch. Believing it to be the way to lure van Cleve out, the Secret Service reached out to De Witte Gallery in Amsterdam to host a special show featuring their work hoping to tempt the Dutchman.

(Spy Thrillers I#4/5) - Davis then flew to Amsterdam Airport where he was welcomed by Dutch government agent Paul Gelder (in reality it was the red agent Verspronck). The duo then made their way to De Witte Gallery in the city centre where eventually they saw Johannes van Cleve arrive. However, before the man could enter he was kidnapped by two communist agents who pulled up. Davis and "Gelder" followed in hot pursuit, following the communists to an abandoned windmill. After dealing with both communist agents, Davis witnessed "Gelder" grabbing the counterfeit plates after which Davis rescued van Cleve. However, upon leaving the windmill, Davis realized "Gelder" had disappeared with the plates. Still unaware of who "Gelder" really was, Davis grabbed the communists car to bring van Cleve to safety during which they flashed by a house with "Gelder's" car in the driveway. But upon entering the house they found "Gelder" pointing his gun at them, finally revealing he was Verspronck, the red agent. Verspronck revealed he'd double crossed his communist comrades to start the counterfeit trade by his self. However, before Verspronck could kill Davis and van Cleve the real Paul Gelder entered, shooting the red agent in the arm. The real Paul Gelder assured Davis that Verspronck would be sentenced and van Cleve declared innocent.

(Mystery Tales I#41/4) - In 1956 a quiet unsuspecting Dutch village almost fell victim to a flooding when a crack appeared in the dike that kept the village safe. However, during the eventful night the marble statue of Hans Brinker came to life and with no ability to speak the statue took it upon himself to save the village by putting his finger in the dike. During the following morning the Dutch villagers noticed the hole in the wall with a small piece of marble stuck in it. The villagers, however, were unaware the statue had returned to it's rightful place minus one finger.

(Savage Axe of Ares#1) - On February 15th, 1990 in the closing weeks of the Cold War, the Dutch persuaded two red agents Kolya and Misha to turn sides and deliver the fabled "Red Mercury" in exchange for 10 million. After stealing the "Red Mercury" from a secrete Soviet military installation in East Germany the duo made their way to the Dutch border, protected by a guardian Angel, the Greek God of War, Ares. With his help the turncoats successfully reached the Dutch border where arrived amidst a battle between the Soviets and the Americans.


(Uncanny X-Men I#200 - BTS) - When mutant terrorist Magneto was put on trial, the International Court of Justice convened in Paris, France instead of the Hague.

(Iron Man Annual I#6) - Detecting an unidentified flying object in the Dutch airspace, three fighter pilots of the 32nd tactical fighter squadron of Soesterborg (Soesterberg) set out to investigate and found Iron Man (James Rhodes) testing his new suit. Rhodes managed to persuade the fighter pilots to fire a couple of sidewinder-missiles to further test his equipment. But after successfully dealing with the missiles Rhodes' armor's module malfunctions causing Iron Man to set course to Olympia, home of the Eternals.

(Superhelden Agenda '89-'90 - BTS) - Inspired by his idol, the American superhero Spider-Man, Hans Jansen decided to follow his example and become a superhero. Jansen designed a costume based on that of Spider-Man, and created his own version of the web-shooters. His early endeavors against minor criminals were successful, and drew press attention, becoming known as the Dutch Spiderman.

(Superhelden Agenda '89-'90) - Sent by J. Jonah Jameson to investigate the story of this Spiderman, Peter Parker traveled to Amsterdam. Parker soon witnessed his Dutch counterpart in action, and afterwards tailed Hans home. There the American original introduced himself to his Dutch imitator. Hans was overjoyed to meet his idol, but Peter was troubled, debating whether he should try and convince Hans, who had no real powers, to stop risking his life.

Hans' example led others in Amsterdam to become masked vigilantes, which in turn led to intense police attention. When Hans next went into battle, things went haywire, leading to his capture by the criminals he'd tried to stop. The American Spider-Man had to save him. The police arrived to find Hans, still in costume, tied to a chair. The officers, who now knew his identity, agreed to let him go after he promised to hang up his mask and retire from crimefighting.

(Alpha Flight I#108) - The Netherlands was one of the many countries present during the Pan-European Conference on Superhuman Affairs beneficial to the exchanges of ideas, information and goodwill in regards to their superhuman populations. Some of the well-known dignitaries were le Peregrine from France, Shamrock of Ireland, Micromax of England, Omerta from Italy and Prodigy from Poland.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#13) - In Amsterdam, an unidentified multiple rapist was killed by Deathurge after committing his twenty-third atrocity. Deathurge's black cigarette butt with no fingerprints was found beside the body.

(X-Men: Magneto War) - Amelia Voght recruited several mutants back into the Acolytes and took them to Friesland in the Netherlands, near the Tjonger River, where they were met by Magneto. He thanked them for coming before talking with Voght in private. Magneto told her of a coming fire that would soon consume the entire planet.

(New X-Men Annual 2001 - BTS) - Shortly after revealing his mutant nature to the world, Professor Charles Xavier created the X-Corporation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to investigate mutant rights and violation and act as an international extension of the X-Men. As such an X-Corporation office was opened in Amsterdam, others were opened in Los Angeles, Salem Center, Paris, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Nairobi, Singapore and Melbourne.

(New X-Men I#117 - BTS) - When young Rotterdam teenager Barnell Bohusk manifested his mutation his parents send him to enroll at the Xavier Institute. Because of his mutation, Barnell took the codename "Beak".

(The Order I#2) - When the Hague had become the temporary home of the United Nations the Dutch were in for a surprise by the sudden arrival of the Order. Formerly known as the Defenders: Doctor Strange, King Namor, Hulk and the Silver Surfer who'd come to inform them that their enemy Yandroth had used Gaea's power to curse them, forcing them to protect the world against their will. And while they would indeed perform these offices they wouldn't tolerate any more disruption than was necessary, urging the United Nations to step up and perform their duties.

(Avengers III#45 - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC#14 - BTS) - Kang the Conqueror's forces briefly occupied the Netherlands and other countries.

(I Love Marvel: My Mutant Heart (fb) - BTS) - Wolverine traveled to Amsterdam where he located and killed former German Nazi scientist Dr. Lukas Maier. Wolverine had previously ran into Maier in Berlin in 1943 when the scientist had killed Catharina, a woman Wolverine had fallen in love with.

(I Love Marvel: My Mutant Heart) - Once Maier had been buried at the Zorgvlied Cemetery in Amsterdam, Wolverine visited his grave leaving Catharina's golden locket on his tombstone, feeling he'd finally avenged the woman.

(Wolverine: Origins I#14 - BTS) - Engineering genius Phineas Mason, also known as the Tinkerer set up a lab in the Hague.

(Wolverine: Origins I#15) - When Wolverine fought Cyber in Brussels, the in adamantium encased villain suffered a heart attack in the midst of their battle. Deciding to help his enemy live, Wolverine brought Cyber to The Hague to seek the Tinkerer's help. The Tinkerer gave Cyber a carbonadium-plated pacemaker after which Wolverine left with the carbonadium synthesizer which he threw of a bridge after leaving the city.

(Fantastic Four I#562 (fb) - BTS) - When Doctor Doom murdered a future version of Sue Richards hailing from Earth-807128, he was apprehended and incarcerated at the International Court of Justice in The Hague awaiting his hearing.

(Fantastic Four I#562) - Reed Richards traveled to The Hague to attend Doom's hearing. Richards, however, found Doom assured he would soon walk free as he planned to use the Avengers' assault on Latveria as leverage to get his charges dropped.

(Fantastic Four I#563) - From his cell in The Hague's International Court of Justice, Doom sensed the arrival of the Marquis of Death.

(Amazing Spider-Man Family I#8/3 - BTS) - A tourist from Amsterdam visited New York City where he shot a video of Spider-Man, referring to his video subject as "a real American hero". The video was picked up by a U.S. news station who aired the video, J. Jonah Jameson was one of the many Americans watching the tape.

(Wolverine: Origins I#37) - The carbonadium synthesizer which had been thrown into the waters surrounding The Hague made its way to Amsterdam where it was recovered by two men (Alfons and one unidentified). The diver, however, refused to share the money with Alfons and murdered him until moments later a Dutch police officer arrived. Unbeknownst to the diver, the cop was secretly working for Romulus and killed the man to acquire the synthesizer for his master.

(Iron Man vs. Whiplash#1) - Tony Stark was put on trials at the International Criminal Court in The Hague for crimes against humanity after supposedly destroying the village of Volstok. Stark pleaded innocent as was at his Los Angeles estate when the attack happened. The Red Guardian (Nikolai Krylenko) was called to the stand who revealed how he and the Crimson Commando had apprehended Stark who was unwilling to surrender, further discriminating Stark.

(Iron Man vs. Whiplash#2 - BTS) - Stark was placed in a holding cell for the duration of the trial.

(Iron Man vs. Whiplash#2) - Stark was seen in his holding cell contemplating what could've happened in Volstok when he had to return to court for the verdict. Stark was convicted on all counts and placed in the ICC detention centre among many other war criminals.

Unbeknownst to Stark, Volstok's Anton Vanko planned to buy a train ticket to Scheveningen in order to exact his revenge on Iron Man as the new Whiplash.

(Iron Man vs. Whiplash#2 (fb) - BTS) - While in prison, Stark managed to build a proto-armor right under the noses of his guards, hiding the armor inside his matras.

(Iron Man vs. Whiplash#2) - When Pepper Potts came to see Stark they were attacked by Whiplash who successfully breached the prison in order to kill Stark. Quickly eluding the criminals Stark and Potts fled to his cell where he revealed his proto-armor.

(Iron Man vs. Whiplash#3) - Now wearing his proto-armor, Stark and Whiplash fought each other. Realizing he couldn't beat the criminal, Stark and Potts managed to flee the detention centre in a helicopter. The duo successfully fled the country and made their way to Switzerland.

(Iron Man vs. Whiplash#4) - Now in his civilian guise, Whiplash made his way to the Dutch province of Drenthe where he kept tabs on Stark and Potts from a local bar. But when Whiplash learned, Iron Man was on his way to Japan he shocked the Dutch by revealing his armor which he used to follow Stark, leaving the Netherlands.

(War Machine II#11 (fb) - BTS) - War Machine (James Rhodes) was brought to the Netherlands to face the International Criminal Court in The Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity. A ruse created by Norman Osborn to distract the people from the fact War Machine and his friends had exposed the deeds of the Bainesville Ten, a group of nefarious politicians and captains of industry. He was detained on a small island two miles northeast of the Hague where his cell was guarded by two of the Dark Avengers: Ms. Marvel (Karla Sofen) and Spider-Man (Mac Gargan).

(War Machine II#10) - Bound in chains, War Machine (James Rhodes) was lead into the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

(War Machine II#11) - When the trial of James Rhodes began footage was shown where War Machine supposedly butchered twenty-six Santo Marcan soldiers, facilitated the execution-style murder of Eaglestar executive Davis Harmon, threatening to destroy the world after incorporating the Ultimo infection into his system and killing Roxxon representative Anton Aubusson. But when the judge asked how Rhodes would plead he explained he didn't see the point as he would likely be sentenced to death, however, when the judge reminded Rhodes the International Court wasn't authorized to administer the death penalty he in turn reminded the judge she also wasn't authorized to set up a show trial at the behest of Norman Osborn. Rhodes was then returned to his detainment cell unaware his team consisting of Parnell Jacobs, Glenda Sandoval, Jake Oh, Suzi Endo and Bethany Cabe were working to free Rhodes and send lawyer Matt Murdock. Not long after, Murdock arrived and the duo discussed Osborn's plan and the involvement of the Bainesville Ten after which Rhodes was to return on the stand. However, moments later Olympian god of war Ares appeared looking to persuade War Machine to become his champion. War Machine once again refused.

(War Machine II#12) - As he was returned to his detainment cell, Rhodes was visited by his mother Roberta Rhodes who remembered the hero not to give up. But moments later Ares appeared again, breaking into the detainment cell. This allowed Osborn to put his real plan into action, while he ordered his H.A.M.M.E.R. agents to destroy the detainment centre he "revealed" to the world his team had raided a band of mercenaries and terrorist while liberating the real James Rhodes (a clone) supposedly kidnapped by the fugitive Tony Stark. While the world heard Osborn's words the real James Rhodes fought to save the life's of the detainment centre personnel and his mother from certain death, giving his own life in the process. In the end it was Suzi Endo who successfully placed Rhodes mind in the clone who then defeated Osborn.

(Ant-Man & Wasp I#1 - BTS) - Supreme Scientist Monica Rappacini set up a shield base in the unsuspecting Dutch fisherman's town Marken (near Amsterdam). From there she coerced Sleepwalker Anesthesia into working for her in exchange for helping her seemingly comatose father. Anesthesia was send to steal Hank Pym's Heaven, a recent invention that functioned as a digitized, customizable afterlife.

(Ant-Man & Wasp I#1) - In AIM's Marken base, several scientists stood by as Anesthesia returned from her mission, successfully acquiring Pym's halo device. With the device acquired, Rappacini was certain they would become the premier real estate broker to the afterlife.

(Ant-Man & Wasp I#2) - From her Marken base, Monica Rappacini held an online auction for the halo device on her regular A.I.M.Cast. The webcast was watched by several of A.I.M.'s premier investors like sheiks, businessmen and the syndicate leader Funnybone. During the auction, Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady) and Wasp (Henk Pym) successfully infiltrated the AIM base through Anesthesia's comatose father's mind. Rappacini opposed the men but was easily defeated after which the duo fled deep into the complex. Sometime later Rappacini managed to capture the Wasp.

(Ant-Man & Wasp I#3) - With Anesthesia's help Ant-Man managed to return to normal after being poisoned after which he rescued Wasp from Rappacini. Not long after, several other American heroes arrived in Marken to battle A.I.M.'s Super-Synthoids army, among them were the Avengers (Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Valkyrie, Justice) and Avengers Academy students Reptil and Striker. In the end the heroes steered victorious and stopped A.I.M..

(Invaders Now#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Spear of Destiny was located by an elderly Dutch man from the town of Vliet (near The Hague). Learning of the Spear's mystical properties, he hoped to use the artifact to revive his family and fellow townsfolk who were killed by the Invaders in January 1945 when he was just a child. The Invaders were forced to slaughter the inhabitants of Vliet after Arnim Zola's experiments turned them into highly infectious mutates. Growing up resenting the Invaders and now equipped with the Spear of Destiny the elderly man made a bargain with the ancient demon Shuma-Gorath to restore the town of Vliet to its former self in return for the Invaders' lives.

(Invaders Now#1 - BTS) - As soon as the deal was struck, Shuma-Gorath recreated the Vliet of old, returning the town to the way it was during the war, including its inhabitants, but also bringing back the Axis forces and Arnim Zola who once again prepared to mutate the townsfolk.

(Invaders Now#3) - Learning of the crisis in Vliet, which brought back painful memories, the Invaders reunited and made their way to the Netherlands. In the local church they discovered the old man with the Spear of Destiny. As Union Jack was contaminated and mutated, the spear's wielder explained his true motives and thirst for revenge, refusing to hear it was his own fault that the villagers had been mutated again due to his deal with the ancient demon. He struck Aarkus the Vision with an energy beam from the lance. After dealing with the Axis forces, the combined members of the Invaders approached the spear's wielder once more, offering their lives in return of the villagers. The Invaders reasoned that back in 1945, conventional medical science wouldn't have been able to counteract Zola's advanced genetic alterations, but now it might be possible to cure the victims and save Vliet.

(Invaders Now#4) - The spear's wielder offered the Invaders twenty-four hours to find a cure, or else he'd force them to sacrifice their lives after all. Combining their talents, the heroes succeeded in creating a cure for Zola's mutations. While the villagers were restored to normal, the spear's wielder used the lance's magic to open the portal to the afterlife as promised by Shuma-Gorath. Much to his surprise, the dead had no desire to leave the peace they found in the afterlife. This made the man finally realize the Invaders were not to blame for the death of his family and friends which was really Zola's doing. Determined to break his deal with Shuma-Gorath, the elderly man tried destroying the spear but was stopped by Zola who killed him. Zola, now wielding the Lance, and the Axis attacked the Invaders just as Shuma-Gorath began entering the portal to Earth.

(Invaders Now#5) - As the Invaders fought the Axis' powers and Shuma-Gorath, the ghosts of the townsfolk, including the previous elderly spear wielder, returned to help the Vision fight the ancient demon. Figuring the spear to be the key to stop all the madness, Captain America managed to capture it and delivered it to Vision, who used it to stab Shuma-Gorath in the eye. This act broke the spell and returned the ancient demon to his home dimension, thus not only saving the town of Vliet, but the world.

(Invaders Now#5) - The following week a memorial was build near the lake of Vliet to commemorate those who had fallen. The Invaders returned to pay their respect and officially open the monument.

(Punisher: War Zone III#2 (fb) - BTS) - Amsterdam club owner and criminal Broos "the Pimp" Coemans had been arrested four times, and walked each time.

(Punisher: War Zone III#2) - On an international crusade, Punisher made his way to Amsterdam where he brutally murdered Broos Coemans in his own club. The Punisher, however, left one of Broos' people alive for Interpol to find. The news made its way to the Black Widow who was determined to bring the man in.

(Mighty Thor II#1 - BTS) - Having lost an important soccer match against the Netherlands, the Germans contacted the Roxxon Meteorological Embetterment Program to order a hailstorm for the Netherlands. However, before Roxxon could activate the silver iodide bombs their space-station was hit by corpses of Asgardian Light Elves, breaching the station's hull.

(Extraordinary X-Men I#2 - BTS / Extraordinary X-Men I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Former X-Man Nightcrawler traveled to Amsterdam where he was attacked by Mr. Sinister's new Marauders, looking for new test subjects to create a genetically superior mutant that could deal with the Terrigene Mists sweeping the world. The Marauders successfully captured Nightcrawler, leaving his severed tail in the Dutch apartment.

(Extraordinary X-Men I#2) - Looking to recruit the furry blue mutant, Magik and Colossus teleported to Amsterdam as Cerebra had located Nightcrawler the same morning Magik left to recruit Colossus. However, upon entering the apartment, the siblings found Nightcrawler's severed tail.

(Ultimates II#7 - BTS) - Learning the Ultimates had found and rescued Blue Marvel's old enemy, Conner Sims the Anti-Man, both the International Court of Justice in the Hague and the U.S. wanted to try Conner for his crimes against humanity. Although still negotiating who could have the honor to try Conner, both agreed it would be a video trial as Conner had to be contained on the Triskelion.

(Infamous Iron Man I#12 (fb) - BTS) - When Victor von Doom took the moniker of Iron Man to dedicate his life to more heroic pursuits he also bought an apartment in the centre of Amsterdam, believing it to be the most beautiful place outside of Latveria.

(Infamous Iron Man I#12) - Having just dealt with a scheme involving Mephisto, Doom decided to give his apartment in Amsterdam as a gift to the Thing (Benjamin Grimm) and teleported the hero to the Dutch capitol. Surprised to find himself in Amsterdam, Grimm found a letter explaining Doom's reasons. Grimm accepted and poured himself a glass of scotch while enjoying the Amsterdam scenery.

(New Mutants IV#3 - BTS) - On Krakoa, mutants Armor and Glob Herman learned former X-Men student Beak now lived in Nebraska with his parents (Charles and Kathy Bohusk), Angel and their children. Glob Herman thought Beak's parents lived in the Netherlands but Armor explained they moved to the US after Angel and Beak had their kids.

Comments: Adapted by Charles Pearson.

The Koninkrijk der Nederlanden or Nederland for short is internationally known as the Netherlands and the citizens are known as the Dutch. The Netherlands can be referred to as Holland although strictly speaking this is just a small part of the Netherlands as two of the twelve Dutch Provinces are known as North-Holland and South-Holland. The other Dutch Provinces are: Drenthe, Flevoland, Friesland, Gelderland, Groningen, North-Brabant, Overijssel, Utrecht and Zeeland. The Netherlands borders on Belgium and Germany.

The story in Mystery Tales I#41/4 (May, 1956) talks about Hans Brinker, a Dutch boy who prevented a flood by plugging a dike with his finger. This popular story is in fact an American story written by novelist Mary Mapes Dodge.

Thank you to Loki for providing scans of De Molen, Kaaskop, Klompan and De Koemannen taken from the Dutch Superhelden Agenda '89-'90, a children's agenda used for high school, its was distributed in both the Netherlands and Belgium and has since become canon. Translated in English, the characters who appear would be known as the Windmill, Cheesehead, Clogman and the Koemannen (as it's a Dutch name) who would supposedly have been Dutch (would-be) superheroes, but whether they were simply costumed wannabees or actual effective (if silly looking) crimefighters is up for debate.

Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos Annual I#6 was full of reprints, among those also Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#19.

Belial Lyka was kind enough to point out that Uncanny X-Men I#161 revealed Gabrielle Haller spend her childhood in the Netherlands before being interned at Dachau. She noted that Haller became a Israeli citizen through the law of return rather than through marriage as many Jewish survivors moved to Israel after the war. Galler would've presumably lost her Dutch citizenship then causing David to consequently not have applied for dual citizenship via jus sanguinis.

The Netherlands received a profile in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC#14, it's here that was revealed the Netherlands took part in the Pan-European Conference on Superhuman Affairs and was invaded and occupied by Kang's forces many years later.

This profile was completed 07/26/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary's celebratory event.

Profile by the Dutch MarvellousLuke.

The Netherlands should not be confused with:

De Molen

  When confronted by the American mutant hero Wolverine, laughing at the notion of Dutch superheroes De Molen threatened to punch him with the mill's blades.

--Superhelden Agenda '89-'90

Note: De Molen would be translated as the Windmill and seems to be an actual windmill come to life. However this Windmill only has two blades while an actual windmill always has four blades and probably don't have an emblem with the letter M on it.


  When confronted by the American mutant hero Wolverine, laughing at the notion of Dutch superheroes an annoyed Kaaskop asked to refrain from any matured jokes.

--Superhelden Agenda '89-'90

Note: The Kaaskop would be translated as the Cheeshead and seems to be made out of cheese. He has a tattoo on his face which refers to how mature the cheese is.


  When confronted by the American mutant hero Wolverine, laughing at the notion of Dutch superheroes Klompman threatened to stomp him with his clogs.

--Superhelden Agenda '89-'90

Note: The Klompman would be translated as the Clogman and wears a giant clog on his head not unlike the American Phone Ranger as Loki pointed out.

De Koemannen

  When confronted by the American mutant hero Wolverine, laughing at the notion of Dutch superheroes De Koemannen called Ronald (Koeman) to kick him.

--Superhelden Agenda '89-'90

Note: De Koemannen are a pun on famous Dutch soccer player Ronald Koeman, his lastname has the Dutch word for cow in it thus they are wearing cow-horns. Ronald Koeman is a soccercoach and former professional soccer player and four-time champion. He won the EK 1988 with the Dutch team and the Europacup I in both 1987/1988 as 1991/1992. He's played in 533 competitions and scored 193 goals.

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