Real Name: Brigitte "Gitte" Lahti

Identity/Class: Human mutant; citizen of the Netherlands

Occupation: Assassin, Mercenary

Affiliations: None named

Enemies: Aldo, Rose, Wolverine; possibly O'Donnell

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile, including Madripoor and the Netherlands

First Appearance: Wolverine II#24 (May, 1990)



Powers/Abilities: The Snow Queen is to generate a type of mental static--or snow--"like a blitzed picture tube" that blanks out the senses and concentration of others. She also appears to possess enhanced human strength, durability, and other abilities. She is a talented assassin, has experience with explosives, and she is especially skilled with both knives and guns.





(Wolverine II#24 (fb) - BTS) - The Snow Queen is an assassin of some renown: The Canadian government knew about her back when Wolverine worked for them.

(Wolverine II#24) - The Snow Queen was hired by unknown parties in the Madripoor lowtown to assassinate a bartender, possibly O'Donnell. She packed some explosives, along with her advance payment, in a suitcase to commit the hit, and headed out on the streets of Madripoor. She was only on the streets for a short time when a street urchin, Aldo, believing the suitcase to contain something of value, grabbed it and escaped. As the Snow Queen chased after Aldo, one of his friends, Rose, found Wolverine (who was going by the alias Patch at the time) and convinced him to help. Logan confronted her and received a head full of static that vanished only when she was long gone--and prevented his senses from tracking her. While Wolverine sought out Aldo through other means, the Snow Queen found Rose and forced her to take her to Aldo.
As the Snow Queen cornered Aldo, Wolverine caught up to them and attacked the her. She again disrupted his senses, nearly incapacitating him as she went to work on him with her knife and then her gun. When Aldo fled, the Snow Queen shot at him and instead winged Rose, knocking her off a building. While Aldo and Wolverine saved Rose, the Snow Queen made off with her suitcase. Far off in the distance, the Snow Queen happily opened her suitcase, only to find that Aldo had unwittingly activated its timer. With the timer already down to 001 seconds...the Snow Queen had an early thaw.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Gene Colan.

Given that she had superhuman powers, there's no reason to be convinced that the Snow Queen was killed in the explosion.

I'm not sure that it was O'Donnell, the co-owner of the Princess Bar, that the Snow Queen targeted for assassination. The guy in Wolv24 had red hair, whereas O'Donnell has blond. O'Donnell was featured in a lot of the first few years issues of Wolverine, so I'm not sure who this other bartender would have been or why he was included if he was someone else.

Her full name was revealed in Netherlands' profile in OHotMU A-Z HC#14.

No known connection to:

Wolverine II#24 (May, 1990) - Peter David (writer), Gene Colan (artist), Bob Harras (editor)

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