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Real Name: Yi Yang

Identity/Class: Human Immortal

Occupation: Drug Smuggler

Group Membership: Unkillables (Marjorie Brink, Immortalis, Madcap, Scavenger, Harry Sikes, Vic Slaughter, Suicide), leader of the Tong, member of a group of immortals (Dr. John Dee, Dr. Francois Duvalier, Comte de Saint Germain, possibly others)

Affiliations: Chang, Harold Chase, Chinese White, Corruptor, Dragon Tong, Dragonfire, Flip, Ghost Tiger, Khan, National Executive, Red Cudgel, Snow Leopard, Spanish Eddy, Don Salvatore Vischetti, Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett);
formerly Contagion (Winsor)

Enemies: Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Cancer Devine, Angela Cleaver, Contagion (Winsor), Daisy Johnson, Beauregard Montclair IV, Night Raven, Ivan Petrovich, Martin Reinhardt , SHIELD;
formerly Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Supreme Leader, Mistress of the Dragon Tong, Daughter of the Dragon, The Snow Queen, Chinese White (a prostitute she impersonated)

Base of Operations: Currently unknown;
    last seen in Siberia;
    formerly Russia;
    mobile throughout USA, Chicago, New York, Alabama, Wisconsin;
    Hong Kong; Siberia and Mexico

main image First Appearance: Hulk Comic#17 (June 1979, Marvel UK)

Powers/Abilities: Yi Yang claims to be over six thousand years old and that she is immortal. She has definitely shown that she possesses phenomenal recuperative powers, enabling her to recover from seemingly mortal wounds. At the end of her first encounter with Night Raven, she plunged a dagger into her heart, fooling Night Raven into thinking she had committed suicide and in a later encounter, she survived Night Raven firing a hand-held nuclear missile launcher at her. Her body was burnt and disfigured down one side. Also she has been shown to display extraordinary strength, described as approximately the strength of ten, according to Night Raven himself. She has also displayed at times an almost mystical mental link with her enemy Night Raven, sensing when he was close and thinking of her.






(Wolverine: The Best There Is#4 (fb) - BTS) - Yi Yang collected knowledge on anatomy through cruel deeds for over 3,000 years.

(Hulk Comic#17-20) In her first recorded activity, Yi Yang and her Dragon Tong were operating an opium smuggling operation near the waterfront in Chinatown. Unknown to her, Night Raven had staked out the waterfront, where he stumbled upon members of the Tong, led by Yi Yang’s henchman; Dragonfire. Defeating all but Dragonfire, Night Raven pursued him into the local sewer system, not knowing that one of the other smugglers had escaped and gone to report to Yi Yang. Slaying the man for his failure, Yi Yang orders her men to search the city for Night Raven and to to bring her his head. In the meantime Raven is ambushed by Dragonfire and quickly realises that he is no match for his foe and escapes from the sewers only to run into the searching Tong members. As he battles them. Yi Yang, who is watching from nearby, releases her pet tiger Khan to attack Raven. Just as it is about to pounce upon Night Raven, Dragonfire emerges from a manhole between Raven and the tiger and is mauled by it. Yi Yang, slightly amused at this confrontation between tiger and dragon pulls out a gun and shoots Dragonfire, killing him instantly. The tiger goes on to pursue Night Raven up onto a building ledge, where he manages to use his grappling cable to pull it off to its death. Yi Yang gives chase after the fleeing Yi Yang, dropping down onto the roof of her car. Unable to shake him off, Yi Yang’s driver loses control of the car and crashes into a building as Night Raven leaps to safety. Running over to the car, Night Raven finds that Yi Yang is no longer there, but has fled into the dark alleyways. Giving chase, the pair play a deadly game of cat and mouse before Night Raven manages to disarm Yi Yang of her gun. Attacking him with a dagger, Yi Yang almosts overpowers Raven, but at the last second his hand reaches out and brands her forehead. Staggering back with the pain, Yi Yang realises she is defeated and plunges the dagger into her chest, apparently killing herself. Unknown to Raven however, she would recover from her seemingly fatal wound and return to seek revenge soon.

(Night Raven: House of Cards) – Night Raven became obsessed with a singer named Inez, who was the girlfriend of a small time crook named Jack.. Congressman Harold Chase was also interested in Inez, and used his ties with Mob Boss "Tall" Paul Konig to try and force Jack to give him a night with her. Jack tried to resist Konig, but the Mob Boss brought a lot of heat down on him. Fearing for his life, Jack arranged for Inez to meet with Konig in exchange for a large sum of money. The Raven saw Inez as pure, and was furious that Jack would allow her to be used in such a fashion. But in reality Jack had given Inez a gun, and was going to have her either take the money or shoot Konig if he resisted. Night Raven unaware of this, swooped down at the meeting site, in an effort to "rescue" Inez. Fearing that his interference would ruin their carefully laid plans and risk Jack’s life, Inez resisted, and in the process shot Raven in the face. It was a glancing blow and he fell into the river below where he later recovered. Konig’s men killed Jack and captured Inez.

They brought her to their leader Yi Yang, until things would cool off enough to bring her to Chase. Inez was drugged to keep her tractable, but Chase then ordered that she be disposed of. Yi Yang then administered an overdose. The Raven broke into Yi Yang's holding house, mowed down her men, and located Inez. As he carried her out the building she fell asleep in his arms, and was dead by the time he got her into a car. Seemingly in shock, Night Raven told his dead love, "I am a healer and a healer must dwell amongst the sick. And if he cannot save them with either skill or love--then he must ease them gently into death." He then drugged Chase, put Inez's corpse in bed with him, and called the reporters, effectively ending Chase's political career.

(Captain Britain II#13- Night Raven profile, Marvel Super-Heroes#393 (fb), Daredevils#6) – Shortly after his first meeting with Yi Yang in 1929, Night Raven discovered that she wasn’t dead when she contacted him through underworld sources. Making one of the few mistakes in his crime-fighting career, he opened the envelope she had sent him and "breathed in the invisible horror that lurked inside". The poison she had sent him was a substance that corroded both body and mind, affecting his nervous system and endowing him with unspeakable pain and torment. After 6000 years, Yi Yang had grown bored with life and nothing would stimulate her anymore, life and death meant nothing to her. With the appearance of Night Raven, she had found someone who had managed to defeat her, who could possibly be a match for her, and possibly even kill her one day. Life began to taste sweet again, now that Night Raven had provided her with a sense of mortality again. Her poison was a means of forging Raven into a weapon, an immortal weapon that could one day be the means of her release from her own hellish immortality. Whether Yi Yang realised this was the motivation behind her actions is unclear, what she did know however, was that for the first time in untold years, she felt alive again.

(Marvel Super-Heroes#390-391 – "The Cure" - BTS) In 1942, Yi Yang let it be known that a cure existed to Night Raven’s torment, a cure she herself had devised. But the cure was a double-edged sword, designed to torment Night Raven further. It would cure him of the pain that racked his being, but he would become a walking plague carrier, bringing death to all he encountered. (Marvel Super-Heroes#394 (fb) ) – Yi Yang released the "little blue bottle" containing the cure into the the public, along with the threat of its plague properties. Night Raven his every nerve on fire from the disease, madly sought the cure. The criminals who had the cure, fearing reprisal from Raven passed it on to Scoop Daley, an old associate of Raven. Slaying the criminals anyway, Raven maddened by pain, and no longer thinking rationally, kidnapped Scoop’s wife Sadie to force Scoop to give him the cure. Scoop met with Night Raven and told him of the plague, but Raven demanded the cure nonetheless, threatening to kill Sadie if Scoop didn’t hand it over. Scoop threw the bottle (actually a duplicate of it) into the river, enraging Night Raven who attacked him, causing Scoop to shoot him in the face, causing his mask to fly off. Scoop fired once more and Night Raven fell from the wharf into the river, his hat bobbing away on the ebb tide. Night Raven was to later recall that he had in a moment of clarity, chosen death, rather than endure the fate of being a plague carrier.

However, this oblivion was short-lived. Night Raven survived the bullet wounds and being submerged for several hours underwater, knitting his body back together again. It was then that he realised the full extent of Yi Yang’s revenge, with the poison she had also endowed her immortality, condemning him to live forever in unspeakable torment.

(Daredevils#6) – Twenty-three years later in 1965, Yi Yang lay sleeping in her quarters in Hong Kong her lover for the night by her side. As she slept, she dreamt of Night Raven wandering through the frozen wastes of Antartica. In some strange way she was seeing what was happening to her foe. Night Raven had eventually found the cure to his agony and had travelled to where there was no life to risk as he tested out the potion. Raven was gambling on the theory that if Yi Yang had the ability to grant him immortality to suffer the effects of her poison, then she wouldn’t limit its use to the torment of others. Thus, Yi Yang was immortal herself and had probably been immortal for some time. The only probable difference between his condition and hers was that he hurt and she didn’t. From all this he deduced that an immortal woman would hardly risk loosing a disease that would destroy all the life on the planet save for hers and her deadliest enemy. Therefore Yi Yang must have been lying about the cure in the bottle having a dreadful plague as a side effect. It was possible that the cure was nothing more than bottled tap water, but he reasoned that Yi Yang would enjoy the dark irony of knowing that the cure had been in the bottle and that he had thrown it away. With that in mind, Night Raven opened the bottle and drank. At the same instant in Hong Kong, Yi Yang awoke screaming and slit the throat of her eighteen year old lover. Naked and slick with his blood she crouched over him, shivering with a sense of anticipation, as she feels an emotion unknown to her for so long that she had forgotten its name. The emotion of Terror! She crouched there, wondering how afraid she felt. At how alive she felt

(Daredevils#7-10 "The Snow Queen") – In 1973, Yi Yang, knowing that Raven would eventually track her down, set in motion a complicated plan to defeat her foe. Taking up residence in New York, she seduced an albino chinese prostitute known as Chinese White, taking her on as her lover. Shortly afterwards a friend of Chinese White, a homosexual known as Cancer Devine was attempting to score some cocaine from a small-time crook known as Spanish Eddy, not knowing that Eddy was a pusher working for Yi Yang. Suddenly Night Raven burst into the room, wading through Eddy’s cohorts like they didn’t exist. Snapping Eddy’s wrist, Raven interrogated him to the whereabouts of Yi Yang, wracked with pain, Eddy told Raven the address of Yi Yang’s apartment. The following day Yi Yang’s apartment was burned to the ground. Five days after that Eddy was dead. He had been knocked out, tied up and placed into a sack with his knees bent up to his chin+. A noose with a slip knot had been put around his neck and the other other end of the rope was tied to his feet. When he had awoke in the dark, in the sack not knowing where he was, he had kicked out and strangled himself. A few days later Cancer bumped into Chinese White, who regaled him with tales of her new lover Yi Yang and her house in Beaumont Street. While they talked, Cancer noticed that she was wearing contact lenses, as her eyes were no longer her normal pink, but a beautiful shade of green. Thinking about it later, Cancer realised that the new eye colour had reminded him of someone, and that someone was Yi Yang. Feeling that his friend was in trouble, Cancer staked out the house on Beaumont St. On the third night of his stakeout, Cancer watched as a car pulled up at the house and then Yi Yang stepped out of the car, only to be followed by Yi Yang? As the two women kissed, Cancer realised that one of the women was Chinese White, with her hair dyed black and her green contacts she was the double of Yi Yang. Breaking into the house Cancer, sneaked through the building exploring, finding nothing until he walked into a room and found what looked like an enomous cement machine filling the room. A thick hose fed from the machine and connected into the wall, obviously feeding through into the next room. Peering through the door of the next room, Cancer saw the two women there, not able to tell who was who, all he knew was that one was sitting on a small divan while the other stood by her side. Cancer realised that Yi Yang’s plan was to lure Raven into the room with a double of herself and entomb her foe in cement for eternity. As Cancer tried to think up a plan to rescue his friend, Yi Yang left the room ,leaving Chinese White alone. At almost the same instance, Night Raven, acting on information supplied by Yi Yang herself, broke into the house, attacking and killing her men. Searching through the house, Raven came upon the room, with what seemed like his foe Yi Yang, sitting calmly upon a divan. Before he could enter Cancer called out a warning, informing Raven that it was a trap. Turning Night Raven knocked Cancer to the floor, just as several bullets flew into the wall where he had been standing. As Raven tackled Yi Yang’s men, Cancer saw Yi Yang herself run into the room where Chinese White was, just as the cement machines that surround all sides of the room started up. Night Raven and Cancer followed Her in to be confronted by two identical women. Then Cancer noticed that the Yi Yang who was sitting on the divan had different coloured eyes, one of them was pink, her contact lense must have dropped out. Screaming this information to Raven, Cancer dragged Chinese out of the room, leaving Raven to face his foe. Night Raven stood facing his horrified enemy, then slowly turned around and waded out of the cement slowly filling the room, closing the door behind him. Night Raven watched Cancer and Chinese for a short while and left. Smiling Chinese held out her hand to Cancer and opened it, in her palm was a single pink contact lense, before he could react, Yi Yang pulled out a magnum from under her skirt and shot the man who had foiled her plan.

(Daredevils#11, Mighty World of Marvel II#7-8. "Quiet Town") – In 1983, Yi Yang’s drugs profits from New York were at an all time low. Abraham Lincoln Brown the first black District Attorney of New York had waged a ruthless and damaging campaign against the city’s drug trade, and was now a leading contender for the Presidency of the United States. Yi Yang called a meeting of the "National Executive"; a group of powermen, from all areas of the secret life of the nation. There were representatives of Big Business, Dons of Organised Crime,, Union Men, a Commissioner of Police,, merchant bankers and several secret societies. Also present was, Beauragard Montclair IV, leader of the Southern Fascist delegation and secret field marshall of the Swords of the New Dawn, an off-shoot of the Ku Klux Klan. Beauragard loathed Yi Yang because she was ano oriental, and he feared her because she was more powerful than he was. Yi Yang in turn despised Montclair for his ignorance and so she created a plan, which would destroy both him and Brown. Manipulating Montclair into organising an assassination attempt on Brown, Yi Yang set up a series of events that would lead Night Raven to Shanghai, Alabama, where Congressmen Brown was due to speak. Setting up her own assassin, the martial artist known as Ghost Tiger, Yi Yang sat back and waited. Night Raven in the meantime, following all the subtle clues Yi Yang had left him confronted Montclair and found out about the assassination attempt that was to happen. Pausing only to kill Montclair and his assistant, Night Raven hurried off to the stadium to try and save the congressman He knew that Yi Yang had manipulated Montclair into organising a decoy attack by the Swords of the New Dawn., but he didn’t know how Yi Yang was going to make the true attempt. While security forces dealt with the assassin Martin Reinhardt, they were helpless to prevent Ghost Tiger from hurling a small bomb into the congressman’s limousine, killing him instantly. Giving chase, Night Raven confronted Ghost Tiger in a small clearing., where an epic battle ensued. Unable to kill Raven, Ghost Tiger made the fatal mistake of getting to close, letting Raven grab him and squeeze the life from him.

(Mighty World of Marvel II#10-11 "All the World’s A Stage") – Yi Yang lured Night Raven to Wisconsin, meaning to trap him there for all eternity inside a block of ice, where he would be forced to watch her, but be helpless to act. Night Raven, however, turned the table on her, and her plans dissolved in fiery nuclear wrath. Having been lured out to a desolate promontory which jutted out into Lake Michigan from Green Bay, Yi Yang planned to have Night Raven find the motor launch she had left him and have him sail out to her refrigerated cargo steamer. She would taunt and provoke him over the radio, manoeuvring him until he would eventually come upon the refrigerated hold of the ship. There, in the half-light he would see Yi Yang waiting for him. Enraged he would rush in to discover that she was only a dummy, but it would be too late. Explosive bolts would seal the heavy steel doors behind him and simultaneously the hoses would begin to spray fine, misty jets of water into the sub-zero air, freezing her foe for all eternity. Night Raven this time refused to be goaded, and instead of climbing into the launch and sailing out to the cargo boat, he used a hand-held rocket-launcher to launch a small nuclear warhead at her ship. Yi Yang watched rigid as the missile flew towards her ship, her mind surging with a strange cocktail of fear and hope. "Could it be, that here was the final oblivion her every ancient jaded cell cried out for?" Screaming as the missile exploded, Yi Yang saw the crew burn up, and then her world was filled with pain, " a vicious searing pain that chewed into her, a black unending agony that screamed and screamed and screamed." Although Night Raven believed her dead and that his hunt was at an end, Yi Yang survived, one side of her body heat-blasted and crisped. Now, as well as sharing Night Raven’s immortality Yi Yang also shared his agony of survived death.

(Savage Sword of Conan the Barbarian UK#85/3) - Duvalier used his magic to pry Night Raven's identity and history from his mind. Once the three men, who were all members of the loosely-knit community of immortals, realized he was the monster created by Yi Yang, they decided that she must decide his fate. And, unbeknownst to Night Raven, she had lived through the nuclear blast in Wisconsin, and came to New York at Saint Germain's call. Yi Yang spoke to Night Raven while he was still immobilized by Duvalier's ritual, telling him that it was too soon for him to know of the other immortals, and that he would destroy them all. Instead, she sent him back out into the world: "You're my guilt and you must walk the world until this pain and fear are worn from us..." When Night Raven awoke, he found himself on the top of the skyscraper, and wondered if he had dreamed everything that had happened since he first stood on the roof of the building.

(Captain Britain II#10-12 "Mid-Summer Madness") - In 1985 Night Raven discovered that Yi Yang was still alive and living in New York. As he attempted to kill her, he was captured by her men. Now, with her old foe in her power, she tried a different approach, she gave him the artificial means to rebuild both the ruins of his body and his life, transplanting him to Mexico. Like a child with a new toy, Night Raven experimented with his new existence, but soon came to realise that he could not live such a lie. Now and forever more he was the Night Raven, a creature of darkness and shadow.

(Nick Fury/Black Widow: Death Duty) – In the modern era, Night Raven turned up in Russia, fighting local drug czars who were agents of his old foe, Yi Yang. Known by many as the Blackbird, his activities attracted the attention of SHIELD, who sent in their sometime agent the Black Widow to investigate. The Widow was captured by the Molina, the Russian Mafia, but Night Raven intervened, saving her. The police arrived and mistaking him for one of the criminals, gunned him down when he refused to "Freeze". No body was found.

The Widow's friend, Ivan Petrovitch, located and questioned Angela Cleaver, an ex-Trace operative and associate of Night Ravens, but they were both attacked by agents of Yi Yang, and eventually captured by the Snow Leopard. The Widow infiltrated a rival faction of the Molina, who walked into a police trap organised by Yi Yang. Raven showed up again and managed to snag Yi Yang’s helicopter with a grappling hook, but as he pulled himself up, she shot him in the face. Rushing to where his body had fallen, the Widow found him nearly recovered already. Returning with him to his Moscow base, they found Snow Leopard waiting for them there. After a savage battle, Raven began to gain the upper hand, but Yi Yang, who had been watching the entire encounter. decided to sacrifice her agent in an effort to rid herself of her old foe. She proceeded to bomb the warehouse, but only succeeded in killing her own men, Raven and the Widow escaped. The Widow, Ivan and some SHIELD agents managed to track Yi Yang to her siberian base, Xanadu, the former pbase of Professor Phobos, former teacher of the Soviet Super-Soldiers. Yi Yang had tapped into Phobos’s technology to create an army of mindless Snow Leopards, patterned after her former agent. They were captured by Yi Yang’s agents, but then one of the agents tore off his mask tor eveal himself to be Night Raven. Yi Yang sent her Snow Leopards to attack them, and pushed Angela Cleaver over the edge and into the seething heart of her power battery. Angela grabbed Yi Yang’s coat as she fell, pulling her over the edge and grabbed a support strut, which held her until Raven could rescue her. Yi Yang, also surviving, managed to escape to her helicopter and took off in it. Unwilling to lose her again, , Night Raven rushed outside and shot down her helicopter. Yi Yang directed the falling helicopter so it crashed on top of Raven, apparently consuming them both in a fiery explosion. Neither body was found.

(Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury - BTS) - Yi Yang had a conflict with Daisy Johnson.

(Dark Reign Files) - Quasimodo researched Yi Yang for Norman Osborn.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#1 (fb) - BTS) - Winsor hired Yi Yang to join the Unkillables.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#1) - Yi Yang joined Winsor and other Unkillables in a night club where Winsor used the Corruptor's sweat to cause Wolverine and everyone else in the club to kill each other.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#3) - Yi Yang took pleasure, getting stabbed several times by a badly beat up Wolverine, who she kissed to transfer Corruptor's sweat to him mouth to mouth, before he tore into her. (She is so bored with her immortality!) Healed up she joined Winsor and the other Unkillables in the lab after Wolverine was finally caught thanks to her kiss and she then listened to Winsor's ramblings.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#11 (fb) ) - Scavenger and Marjorie watched as Yi Yang started her session to pick Wolverine apart bit by bit.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#4) - Using her knowledge of human anatomy Yi Yang had some fun with Wolverine by torturing him for hours. When she left Wolverine was traumatized and unable to defend himself against his next torturer Scavenger.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#5) - Yi Yang watched Wolverine on a screen as he was affected by all the diseases released upon him by Winsor. When Wolverine escaped the lab Yi Yang once again met him in battle.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#6) - Yi Yang enjoyed the battle and was ultimately ripped in half by Wolverine.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#7 (fb) ) - Wolverine remembered Yi Yang's torture in nightmarish fashion.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#11) - After regaining control over himself Winsor kept Yi Yang in check with a termite infestation, which for some reason incapacitated her.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#12) - Winsor's son Flip telepathically aided Yi Yang and the other Unkillables to overcome their physical problems. Healed Yi Yang joined Wolverine and the Unkillables in devouring Winsor to end his threat. Afterward Harry Sikes and Marjorie Brink decided to keep Yi Yang and the other Unkillables in line by turning them into a mercenary crew.

Comments: Created by Steve Parkhouse and John Bolton.

Yi Yang's first appearance In the Night Raven strip in Hulk Comic, wasn't particularly noteworthy, other than it was the last appearance of Night Raven in comic strip form, before he reappeared in the Graphic Novel: House of Cards. She was portrayed as a stereotypical Dragon-Lady type of villain, suitable for the 1930's genre that Night Raven was set in at the time. It wasn't until the Alan Moore text stories, where Night Raven was re-vamped as a pain-wracked tortured being, that Yi Yang was reinvented as a truly worthy villain. Her cat and mouse games of mental torture and cruelty with Night Raven, gave them an almost sadomasochistic relationship, with emotions ranging from deep loathing to a hinted at love. Of course neither of these two characters are dead. I mean, she's survived a nuclear explosion, a small helicopter crash is going to mean nothing to her.

These are two characters who definitely need to be seen again. Let's see Alan Moore do a MAX title with them both in. Anyone who hasn't read the text stories by Alan Moore and Jamie Delano, hunt them down now! You won't be disappointed. Night Raven: From the Marvel UK Vaults Paperback was released in April 2017!

Also, Night Raven, Yi Yang, and others associated from them should be distinguished from any of the characters by the same name in the Nocturne limited series, which apparently represents an alternate timeline.

Profile by Mark Caithness

Yi Yang has no known connections to

  • Yi, Spike, of Earth-982 - martial artist + actor, framed by Dragonfist @ Spider-Girl#24
  • Yiki Onna, Asian snow vampires, slew the mother of Michiyo Watanabe, allied with Dracula during the Ritual of Ascendance @ Tomb of Dracula IV#1
  • Yin, ancient god, statue exists within Himalayas @ Amazing Adventures II#3
  • Yin, Angelica, Daily Bugle photographer, sister of Dragonfly @ Spectacular Spider-Man II#215
  • Yin and Yang, of the Old West,Chinese brothers, hired by Cisco Pike to go after Rawhide Kid @ Rawhide Kid III#2
  • or any other "Yi" or "Yan" characters

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? (sitting on couch)
? (attacked)
Night Raven: From the Marvel UK Vaults Paperback, p124, pan1 (wearing a fur coat)
Night Raven: From the Marvel UK Vaults Paperback, p137, pan1 (standing in cement)
Night Raven: From the Marvel UK Vaults Paperback, p225, pan1 (standing with a candle)
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