Real Name: Martin Rheinhardt

Identity/Class: Human (Pre-Modern era)

Occupation: Imperial Wizard of the Swords of the New Dawn, newspaper editor

Group Membership: Swords of the New Dawn

Affiliations: Asa Coolidge, Ambrose Fisher, Bob Linnaker, Beauregard Montclair IV

Enemies: Night Raven, Abraham Lincoln Brown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Shanghai, Alabama, 1980s

First Appearance:
   (mentioned) Daredevils#11/3 (November, 1983)
    (appears) Mighty World of Marvel II#7/3 (December, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Martin Rheinhardt was a smallish, heavyset man, but he was in at least moderately good physical condition, able to scale a water tower. He was capable of maintaining and operating an M16 assault rifle, though he demonstrated no great skill with it. His costume consisted of a white and gold knee-length robe with a tall, peaked KKK-style mask.

(Daredevils#11/3) - In late summer of 1983, Martin Rheinhardt came to the attention of Night Raven when he was filmed heading a demonstration of the white supremacist group the Swords of the New Dawn. Because of behind-the-scenes dealing by the Southern Fascist leader Beauregard Montclair IV and the Dragon Tong ruler Yi Yang, the rally included the formation of the twenty-third hexagram of the I Ching: Falling Apart.
   Late that summer, Rheinhardt met with Montclair, Montclair's attorney Ambrose Fisher, and a man named Bob Linnaker at Asa Coolidge's hotel in Shanghai to finalize the plans for the assassination of African-American presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln Brown, who was due to speak in Shanghai that night.

(Mighty World of Marvel II#7/3) - Montclair confirmed with Rheinhardt that the Imperial Wizard was willing to shoot Brown himself, and turned him over to Linnaker for final instructions. Once that was concluded, he returned to his cabin and dressed in his Imperial Wizard robes. Night Raven had stowed away in his pick-up truck, but did not kill him then as he realized he needed to interrogate Montclair as soon as possible to determine how Yi Yang was involved in the plot.
   Rheinhardt proceeded to the stadium at which Brown was giving his speech. The Swords of the New Dawn then instigated a riot, causing Brown's security to rush him to his limousine for his safety. Rheinhardt had taken up a position in the water tower nearby, and waited for Brown to pass.

(Mighty World of Marvel II#8/3) - As Brown and his security detachment hurried out of the stadium, Rheinhardt opened fire, but only succeeded in downing one of the guards. The return fire from the security men sent Rheinhardt screaming to his death on the ground below. Shortly thereafter, however, the Dragon Tong assassin Ghost Tiger destroyed Brown, his limo and the security team with a well-placed grenade.

Comments: Created by Jamie Delano.

    See Wikipedia's entry on the I Ching for more on the famous Chinese canonical text.

    In case it isn't clear, the Swords of the New Dawn were basically a diversion from their inception, having been created by the Southern Fascists to keep attention off the real Dragon Tong-enacted plot to kill Brown - though Rheinhardt clearly did not appreciate this.

Profile by LV!

Clarifications: Martin Rheinhardt, the Imperial Wizard of the Swords of the New Dawn, has no known connection to

Daredevils#11/3 (November, 1983)
Mighty World of Marvel II#7/3 (December, 1983)

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