Real Name: Beauregard Montclair IV

Identity/Class: Human (Pre-Modern era)

Occupation: Field marshal of the Swords of the New Dawn

Group Membership: Swords of the New Dawn, Southern Fascists, National Executive

Affiliations: Asa Coolidge, Ambrose Fisher, Ghost Tiger, Bob Linnaker, Martin Rheinhardt, Yi Yang

Enemies: Night Raven, Abraham Lincoln Brown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Outside Shanghai, Alabama, 1980s

First Appearance:
    (mentioned) Daredevils#11/3 (November, 1983)
    (appears) Mighty World of Marvel II#7/3 (December, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Beauregard Montclair IV was a wealthy man of high position in at least some of Alabama. He can be presumed to have wielded reasonably extensive power by his membership in the National Executive. He was not a skilled fighter, although he had a automatic handgun for defense.

(Mighty World of Marvel II#7/3 (fb)) - In 1983, Beauregard Montclair IV attended a meeting of the National Executive, convened to plot a course of action against New York Congressman Abraham Lincoln Brown, who was a leading candidate for president on a strong anti-drug platform. Through the manipulation of Yi Yang, he created a plan to assassinate Brown during his visit to the town of Shanghai, AL, using Martin Rheinhardt and the Swords of the New Dawn as a diversion to cover the Dragon Tong assassin known as the Ghost Tiger.

(Daredevils#11/3 - BTS) - Late that summer, Montclair met with his attorney Ambrose Fisher, Martin Rheinhardt (the Imperial Wizard of the Swords of the New Dawn), and a man named Bob Linnaker, at Asa Coolidge's hotel in Shanghai to finalize the plans for Brown's assassination.

(Mighty World of Marvel II#7/3) - Montclair confirmed with Rheinhardt that the Imperial Wizard was willing to shoot Brown himself, and turned him over to Linnaker for final instructions. He and Fisher them remained behind, discussing their future plans for the Executive and debating the merits of the Dragon Tong. Suddenly, Night Raven burst into the room through the window. He killed Fisher where the lawyer stood, then turned to Montclair. Montclair was able to scramble for his gun and shoot the vigilante once before he was overcome. He told Night Raven everything he knew about the plan to use Ghost Tiger to kill Brown, and then Night Raven broke his neck and branded both dead men.

Comments: Created by Jamie Delano and Alan Davis.

    Fisher says that, if the Dragon Tong plays its part, "the Executive will have their man in the White House". It's not clear if he means that the National Executive actually controlled one of the other candidates, or whether he simply means they backed the candidate who was not an anti-drug crusader.

    The National Executive are - or were - a group of powerful American underworld players who basically controlled organized crime, at least up until the 1980s. Members included "representatives of Big Business", "old dry Dons of Organised Crime", "the union men", "a Commissioner of Police", "a merchant banker", and Yi Yang. There were also representatives from several secret societies.

Profile by LV!

Clarifications: Beauregard Montclair IV, the Southern Fascist, has no known connection to

Montclair's attorney Ambrose Fisher has no known connection to


Ambrose Fisher

Ambrose Fisher was the attorney of Beauregard Montclair IV, and a member of the Southern Fascist organization. He seemed to be among those who planned the assassination of Abraham Lincoln Brown, and, if he was not a member of the National Executive himself, he was at least aware of their existence. He was killed by Night Raven as he tried to escape from Asa Coolidge's hotel.

Ambrose Fisher demonstrated no noteworthy abilities, though he was presumably of above-average intelligence and had a good knowledge of law. Although it is not visible in the image, he had a bushy white moustache.

--[Daredevils#11/3] ([Daredevils#11/3], MWoMII#7/3

Both - Mighty World of Marvel II#7/3, p29

Daredevils#11 (November, 1983) - Jamie Delano (writer), Bernie Jaye (editor)
Mighty World of Marvel II#7 (December, 1983) - Jamie Delano (writer), Tim Hampson (editor)

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