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Real Name: Jackson Day

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Supervillain; former factory worker

Group Membership: None; formerly Hood's villain army (Answer/Aaron Nicholson, Armadillo, Blackout (Lilin), Blood Brother, Brothers Grimm, Bulldozer/Henry Camp, Bushwacker/Carl Burbank, Centurius/Noah Black, Chemistro/Calvin Carr, Controller/Basil Sandhurst, Crossbones/Brock Rumlow, Crossfire/William Cross, Crusader/Arthur Blackwood, Cutthroat/Daniel Leighton, Deathwatch, Doctor Demonicus, Grey Gargoyle/Paul Pierre DuVal, Griffin/Johnny Horton, Grizzly/Max Markham, Hydro-Man/Morrie Bench, Jigsaw, Living Laser/Arthur Parks, Madame Masque/Giulietta Nefaria, Mandrill/Jerome Beechman, Man-Fish, Mister Fear/Alan Fagan, Mister Hyde/Calvin Zabo, Ox/Ronald Bloch, Piledriver/Brian Calusky, Purple Man/Zebediah Killgrave, Razor-Fist /Douglas Scott, Recession Raider, Scarecrow, Scorcher, Shockwave, Squid, Thunderball/Eliot Franklin, Tiger Shark/Todd Arliss, Tombstone/Lonnie Lincoln, Vapor/Ann Darnell, Vector/Simon Utrecht, Vermin/Edward Wheelan, Wizard/Bentley Wittman, Wrecker/Dirk Garthwaite, X-Ray/Jimmy Darnell, others), Crossfire's gang (Controller, Crossfire, Mandrill, Mister Fear/Alan Fagan);
   former leader of the Inner Circle (Ed, Francis, Charles Rider, unidentified others)

Affiliations: Boomerang (Fred Meyers), Imus Champion, Crossbones (Brock Rumlow), Death-Throws (Bombshell, Knickknack, Oddball/Orville Bock, Ringleader, Tenpin), Ecstasy (Renee Deladier), Fasaud (Sheikh Farouk al-Fasaud), Firebrand (Russ Broxtel), Flip, H.A.M.M.E.R., Jonas Harrow, Machete (Mariano Lopez), Night Flyer, Norman Osborn, Paradox, R.A.I.D., Shockwave (Lancaster Sneed), Monark Starstalker, the Unkillables (Marjorie Brink, Mortigan Goth, Madcap, Scavenger/Robert Nicolle, Harry Sikes, Vic Slaughter, Suicide/Chris Daniels, Yi Yang), Mr. Vanetti, Zaran the Weapons Master (Maximilian Zaran);
formerly Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett)

Enemies: Arabian Knight (Navid Hashim), Avengers (Luke Cage, Captain America/Bucky Barnes, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange, Echo/Maya Lopez, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Iron Fist/Danny Rand, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers (formerly Warbird), Mockingbird/Bobbi Morse, Ronin/Clint Barton, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, Thor/Odinson, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett), Rozalyn "Roz" Backus, Braggatello Construction Firm, Betty Brant, Contagion (Winsor), Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine (an unidentified Skrull posing as her), Diamondhead (Arch Dyker), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Rick Jones, MI:5, New Warriors (Debrii/Deborah Fields, Microbe/Zachary Smith Jr., Night Trasher/Dwayne Taylor, Nova/Richard Rider, Namorita Prentiss), Project: PEGASUS (Blue Shield/Joseph Cartelli, Jenkins, Dr. Andrew Kappelhoff, Dr. Jason Rivera, and others), Rangers (Firebird/Bonita Juarez, Lobo, Phantom Rider/Hamilton Slade, Red Wolf/William Talltrees, Shooting Star/Victoria Star, Texas Twister/Drew Daniels), Sabra (Ruth Bat-Seraph), SHIELD, Skrulls, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Squadron Supreme (Haywire/Harold Danforth, Hyperion/Mark Milton, Lady Lark/Linda Lewis, Power Princess/Zarda Shelton, Shape/Raleigh Lund, Doctor Spectrum/Joseph Ledger, Whizzer/Stanley Stewart), Sunfire (Shiro Yashida), Teen Brigade (Candy Barr, Ben "Wheels" Cassidy, Bill "Specs" Mantle, Sally Rider), Tigra (Greer Nelson), Union Jack (Joseph "Joey" Chapman), Courtland Whitehead;
formerly U-Foes (Ironclad/Mike Steel, Vapor/Ann Darnell, Vector/Simon Utrecht, X-Ray/Jimmy Darnell)

Known Relatives: Doris Day (wife)

Aliases: Andrew Kappelhoff, John Peabody (assumed identities), "Little boy blue" (nickname used by Hawkeye), "Blueberry-puss" (nickname used by Rick Jones), "Sinister one" (nickname used by Night Rider) "Chuckles", "Corry" (nicknames used by Nova)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
                                  formerly Contagion's facility;
                                  formerly the Raft, New York;
                                  formerly the Hood's hideout, New York;
                                  formerly London, United Kingdom;
                                  formerly Smyrna, Delaware;
                                  formerly Coney Island, New York;
                                  formerly the Raft, New York;
                                  formerly Project: PEGASUS, New York;
                                  formerly the Vault, Colorado;
                                  formerly Tokyo, Japan;
                                  formerly an old Spanish mission, California;
                                  formerly the Inner Circle's Holland Tunnel base, New York City, New York;
                                  formerly Jamaica, Queens

First Appearance: Nova I#4 (December, 1976)

Powers/Abilities: After being exposed to an unknown mixture of chemicals during an industrial fire, Jackson Day found himself able to subvert the will of virtually any living being by merely touching them. The chemicals also changed him into a blue skinned, white haired creature that reveled in its evil intent. Now calling himself the Corruptor, his sweat glands constantly release a highly potent psychoactive chemical that triggers a metabolic change and overrides the inhibition center of the brain of anyone who is exposed to it. As a result, the Corruptor's victims become very susceptible to his suggestions, eagerly following even his most extreme or violent commands. Left to their own devices, victims will act in a highly uninhibited, selfish or immoral manner. The period of time under the Corruptor's influence is dependent upon the length of contact with his skin. The "corruption period" varies from about half an hour to 24 hours. The limit to the amount of toxin his skin produces is unrevealed, though he has been known to harvest sufficient sweat to affect the population of an entire town. The Corruptor must regularly touch victims to maintain his control over them for an extended period of time. He has found it easier to corrupt people in a highly emotional state. They are more susceptible to his powers and his influence over them easily lasts for days. This is caused by the fact their inhibition centers are already stimulated at the time the toxin entered their systems. For a brief period, Corruptor's powers were enhanced by the Asgardian Norn stones, increasing their effectiveness to such a degree even the strongest, most resilient individuals were unable to withstand him. For the first week of Day's transformation into the Corruptor, his body tried to shake off the chemicals' effects, reverting him to his normal form for brief periods. After a while, the psychochemicals were fully assimilated into his body, preventing him from becoming human again.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Red (blue, pre-transformation)
Hair: White (reddish-blonde, pre-transformation)


(Nova I#4 - BTS) - Queens native factory worker Jackson Day was in his factory's chemical supply room when a fire broke out that trapped him inside the storage space. Exposure to the burning chemicals affected him in unforeseen ways, turning him into a being of pure evil calling himself the Corruptor.

(Nova I#4) - Thor happened to be flying over Jamaica, Queens, when he spotted the factory fire. After the firemen briefed him, the thundergod went into the flames to save Day, only to find himself besieged by the Corruptor instead. The villain jumped on the Asgardian, announcing he wanted to destroy the good within him. A brief touch was all it took to turn Thor evil. Corruptor then sent him out to cause chaos and destruction in the world in his name. Knocking over the firetrucks as he took off, Thor headed towards New York City.

(Nova I#4 - BTS) - Thor eventually ran into the neophyte hero Nova (Richard Rider).

(Nova I#4) - Corruptor watched from a distance how Thor and Nova fought, planning to wait for the right moment he could touch and convert Nova as well. However, he suddenly changed back into Day. Shocked by what had happened to him, Day headed home to his apartment in Briarwood, Queens. As soon as he got home, his wife Doris called to see how he was doing (Day's involvement in the factory fire had made news). Feeling uneasy and unable to talk to Doris, he brushed her off before sensing he was about to be overcome by the transformation again. Unable to fight the change, Day became the Corruptor once more. Crazed and convinced of his own superiority, the Corruptor decided to create a costume worthy of his new status as the "emperor of evil". Moments after he was finished, Thor and Nova arrived at Day's house (Nova had eventually calmed Thor down and they teamed up to look for clues about the Corruptor, starting with Day). The cocky Corruptor attacked the heroes, easily knocking Nova aside before jumping Thor in an attempt to regain control over him. The Asgardian was now prepared for his chemical corruption and withstood its effects, causing the Corruptor to take the battle to the streets where he swayed passers-by to attack his enemies. In the end, Corruptor was defeated when Thor smashed the sidewalk with Mjolnir, creating a shockwave that threw the villain off his feet. Briefly distracted, he was unprepared for the recovered Nova flying in and landing a knockout blow. Unconscious, Corruptor changed back into Day (according to Thor, the villain had already been in the process of shifting back into human form, leaving him especially vulnerable to harm). Thor promised to take the Corruptor to Avengers Mansion, hoping Tony Stark would be able to cure Day. 

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#3 - BTS) - Despite Iron Man's efforts, the chemicals that had changed Day into the Corruptor took over his body's immune system within a week. As a result, Day was permanently stuck in the form of his evil alter ego.

(Nova I#21 (fb) - BTS) - The Corruptor somehow escaped Avengers custody and continued his reign of terror. After redesigning his costume, he figured he needed henchmen. Corruptor gathered several thugs who he dressed in purple hoods, calling them his Inner Circle. The Inner Circle was involved in various criminal activities, entering the loan shark business for instance. They drew the attention of Charles Rider (Nova's father) who was in desperate need of money. The Corruptor ordered the Inner Circle to lend him the 5000 dollars Rider needed, figuring he could be of use to them in the future. He also ordered the construction of several computertech labs across the United States that could extend his chemical influence, theoretically allowing him to control everyone from coast to coast. He had already achieved control of a sizeable portion of Manhattan.

(Nova I#20 (fb) - BTS) - Eventually, Charles Rider grew sick and tired of the Inner Circle manipulating him. He confronted them in their base under the Holland Tunnel, unaware the Corruptor was monitoring their meeting. Intrigued by Rider's demeanor, he decided to recruit him into the Inner Circle by taking over his mind.

(Nova I#20 - BTS) - Some time later, Nova (who had been tracking his father because of his recent odd behavior) discovered the Inner Circle's hideout and was shocked to find his father was among the robed evildoers.

(Nova I#21) - Searching the Inner Circle's lair, Nova ran into the Corruptor who was sitting in his throne room. The self-confident villain took his time explaining his mind control scheme to Nova, who noticed that Corruptor acted far more sane and insidious compared to their previous encounter. Nova attacked, but when Corruptor failed to convert the hero to his cause, he threw a smoke grenade and beat a hasty retreat. Nova destroyed the computer equipment in the one base, then quickly left to take his injured father to the nearest hospital. A little while later, the Corruptor used his powers to take over a great number of Manhattanites and sent them on a rampage as his mindless legion. However, Nova intervened by catching most of the violent mob in a large fisherman's net, flying them away from the Corruptor's sphere of influence until they regained control of their minds. Frustrated by this setback, Corruptor watched Nova fly by from his safehouse and vowed to plan again (see comments).

(Incredible Hulk II#265 (fb) - BTS) - The Corruptor established a base in a secret, hidden laboratory hidden beneath an old, Spanish mission somewhere in the southwestern desert.

(Incredible Hulk II#263 & 264 (fb) - BTS) - Abandoning the Inner Circle, he located the remains of the enigmatic Night Flyer in a SHIELD lab. Somehow succeeding in reviving the villain, Corruptor took him as his servant, willing to obey his every command.

(Incredible Hulk II#263) - Corruptor watched footage of the Hulk (Bruce Banner) who happened to be in Los Angeles where he intervened between Avalanche (Dominic Petros) and the Outcast member Landslide fighting at LAX. Intrigued by the fact the green behemoth was relatively close by, he ordered Night Flyer to go and drive the Hulk to him so he could gain control over him.

(Incredible Hulk II#264 - BTS) - Corruptor maintained radio contact with the Night Flyer as he made his way to the Hulk's nearest location. He continuously repeated a mantra that hammered home Corruptor's alleged superiority and perfection. He urged his accomplice to find the Hulk, make him mad and lure him to his base. Eventually, the Night Flyer tracked Bruce Banner down, he was with Betty Ross, Rick Jones and members of the new Teen Brigade. Corruptor ordered Night Flyer to attack them. He then quickly left his base to join his underling.

(Incredible Hulk II#264) - Night Flyer easily dealt with the non-super powered Teen Brigade and held his own against the Hulk, until he accidentally injured Betty Ross which resulted in the furious behemoth permanently disabling him. That was the villain's cue to make his presence known. Arrogantly ignoring Rick and the Teen Brigade he brushed past them to face the Hulk who was in severe emotional distress because of Betty's injuries. This made him even more susceptible to Day's controlling pheromones. Now under the Controller's sway, Hulk threatened his friend Rick and the Brigade. The Controller grabbed the unconscious Brant and threatened to kill her if Jones didn't signal the Avengers, so he could take them over as well.

(Incredible Hulk II#265 (fb) - BTS) - While waiting for the Avengers to show up, the Corruptor had the Hulk move Rick Jones and the Teen Brigade to his underground base. The Teen Brigade was locked up, while Jones was left outside with the Hulk and the Corruptor.

(Incredible Hulk II#265) - Corruptor tried to intimidate Rick, forcing him to summon the Avengers. Only when he threatened to have the Hulk kill the innocent members of the Teen Brigade did Jones agree to call in the Avengers, figuring the heroes would be able to deal with the Hulk and the Corruptor irregardless of the villain's plan.

(Incredible Hulk II#265 - BTS) - Unbeknownst to everyone, Rick's radio signal was unable to cross over the Rocky Mountains. Instead, it was deflected and reached several west coast heroes and vigilantes: Firebird, Night Rider, Red Wolf, Shooting Star and the Texas Twister who met up and decided to band together to investigate the threat.

(Incredible Hulk II#265) - Tracing back the signal to the old Spanish mission, the newfound team allowed the nigh invulnerable Night Rider to go in first. Mistaking him for an Avenger, the Corruptor ordered Hulk to take the ghostlike vigilante out. That led the green giant to oppose the remaining heroes. Corruptor allowed the fight to go on, figuring that having the Hulk scare them would make it easier for him to gain control of their minds. Corruptor watched as the Hulk beat them all, but he hadn't counted on Rick Jones racing out and confronting the battle mad behemoth. Pleading with his big buddy, Rick somehow managed to break the Corruptor's chemical conditioning, causing Hulk to transform back into Bruce Banner. Furious at the Corruptor for having twisted the Hulk's feelings of mercy, compassion and friendship, Banner lunged at the villain with Red Wolf's coup stick only to have the Native American's canine companion Lobo strike first, taking out the Corruptor. Freed from the villain's influence, Banner dropped the stick and reunited with Betty and Rick, even as the Corruptor was chained up by the western heroes who decided to stick together as the Rangers.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#32/4) - After having somehow freed himself, Corruptor decided to leave the superhero infested United States. He moved to Japan where he quickly went on a crime spree, robbing banks with a gang of local criminals. However, moments after robbing Tokyo's Central Bank they were besieged by Sunfire who happened to be passing by heading to another crisis. With no time to waste, the atomic mutant simply caused the sidewalk to burst into flames, trapping Corruptor and his gang long enough for the local police to arrest them.

(New Warriors I#36) - After his Tokyo arrest, the Corruptor was eventually transferred back to the United States and locked up at Colorado's superhuman penitentiary the Vault. There, he encountered, among others, the likes of Orka, Krang, the Mad Thinker and Jerold Morgan. He kept to himself when the Wizard (Bentley Wittman) led a revolt against warden Jzemlico's oppressive rule that was diffused when Vance Astrovik brokered a truce.

(Nova II#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Corruptor freed himself and returned to New York where he gained a new, high profile job as an undercover mob associate. Disguising his blue skin with thick layers of pancake make-up, he used his powers to "convince" non-union workers to turn against the Braggatello Construction Firm that was awarded the job by the city. In his new role, he inadvertently converted his old enemy Nova (Richard Rider) who had come to the site looking for a job.

(Nova II#3) - Corruptor eventually found out he was controlling Nova, sending the hero out to cause chaos across town, further discrediting the Braggatello Construction Firm. This led him into a fight with Spider-Man. As a result, the Corruptor's associates were granted the building contract. When Nova realized the Corruptor was involved, he confronted the villain in his offices. However, the hero was left shocked and disturbed when Day revealed that all the aggression he'd displayed were simply amplified emotions he already harbored. He prevented Nova from pressing charges and shutting down the operation, by pointing out that Nova's inadvertent involvement, as well as his recent rampage, would all count against him, as well as the fact the Braggatello's pulling out led Rider to getting a job. Frustrated, Nova left the cackling Corruptor.

(Nova II#10 (fb) - BTS) - Diamondhead (Arch Dyker) killed Mr. Vanetti, who was a shady associate of the Corruptor.

(Nova II#10) - Corruptor decided to trick Nova into dealing with Diamondhead. After simply placing a call to Nova's recently established delivery service, Day had the hero deliver a pizza to Dyker's hideout, easily instigating a showdown.

(Avengers III#5 (fb) - BTS) - Corruptor was recruited by criminal billionaire Imus Champion and hypnotized to do his bidding without remembering any of his ties to Champion. He was ordered to infiltrate Project: PEGASUS, using an image inducer to replace project administrator Andrew Kappelhoff. Corruptor secretly used his powers to antagonize the Squadron Supreme (refugee heroes from Earth-712) against the Avengers. This led the Squadron to incorrectly conclude the heroes were actually Skrull impostors.

(Avengers III#6) - After the Squadron had accused the Avengers of being evil on live television, the team decided to investigate Project: PEGASUS to see if they could find a reason for this unusual behavior. They were met by Corruptor as Kappelhoff and PEGASUS' head of security Blue Shield. Even Captain America's Paladin level security clearance didn't convince Kappelhoff the Avengers were real, until Warbird recognized one of the guards as Jenkins, who had once tried to fingerprint her when he was working for Henry Peter Gyrich. With no other reason to deny them access, he allowed Blue Shield to give them a tour of the facility.

(Avengers III#6 - BTS) - The Avengers were shown the site, including a visit with parahuman expert Dr. Jason Rivera who showed them a list of mind influencing villains that included the Corruptor. In the meantime, "Kappelhoff" summoned the Squadron to come back. They arrived just as the team was searching their private quarters. Corruptor met the Squadron and used his powers to make them even more angry and suspicious of the Avengers.

(Avengers III#6) - The Squadron attacked the Avengers in the heart of Project: PEGASUS. During the fight, "Kappelhoff" decided to involve himself, ordering Blue Shield to knock out the Scarlet Witch just as the Avengers were about to gain the upper hand. Watching the usually affable administrator bark orders like a tyrant made both the Avengers and the Squadron Supreme suspicious. Using her tech-scanner, Warbird picked up the image inducer Corruptor was carrying on his body. Acting on Carol's instructions, Hawkeye disabled the device with a well-placed shot, revealing the now powerless Corruptor. He was knocked out by Power Princess. By the time he regained consciousness, Imus Champion's post-hypnotic block had kicked in which prevented him from revealing who he was working for in spite of Moonglow's best efforts to make him talk.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#3 (fb) ) - Corruptor eventually ended up in the Vault. As part of the larger superhuman prison community, he fell into a clique of science villains, along with the Controller. Eventually, they were both recruited by Crossfire to join his very own gang, along with Mr. Fear and Mandrill. Their unique, defining trait was mind control, as the Vault program administrator Rozalyn "Roz" Backus noticed.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#4 (fb) - BTS) - Years earlier, Roz Backus was a scientist and an old love of William Cross, who had developed sonic based behavior modification technology that could alter a criminal's behavior to render him perfectly harmless. In the end, Cross betrayed Backus, stole the tech and adapted it to become Crossfire, blaming the theft on her. After clearing up the wrongful accusation, Backus decided to have her revenge on Crossfire. When she became administrator of the Vault, where he was staying at, she decided to set up a rivalry between Cross' mind controllers and the U-Foes by posing as a corrupt Guardsman, who wanted to help both the U-Foes and Crossfire and his men escape. She planned to help stage that jailbreak, secretly intending to use this to condemn Crossfire even further.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#1 (fb) ) - The morning before the jailbreak was supposed to go down, Crossfire was suddenly called to the Vault director's office for questioning. Eating lunch in the commissary later that day, the Corruptor was complaining to Controller, Mandrill and Mister Fear about the food which the staff laced with chemicals to keep the inmates docile and powerless. The others were more concerned with the fact Crossfire still hadn't returned. When he did come back, he told everyone the administrator had cancelled the interrogation after making him sit in a holding pen for hours. Moments later, U-Foes leader Vector was called to the director's office.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#1 (fb) - BTS) - When Vector went to see administrator Backus, she revealed she'd been informed about the planned breakout. After claiming the Guardsman who had helped them was fired (it was her in disguise), she told Vector his behavior cost the U-Foes three months in solitary confinement before the entire prison population was to be transferred to the newly constructed Raft facility off the coast of Manhattan. Seething with rage and resentment and believing Crossfire had betrayed them, the U-Foes swore they'd make Cross and his cronies pay with their lives. In the remaining period at the Vault, the U-Foes tried to make good on their promise on three separate occasions.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#3 (fb) - BTS) - Backus used her position to surreptitiously track down Vector's sizeable fortune which was hidden in bank accounts in Zurich and the Cayman Islands. She cleaned them out, taking the millions for herself.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#2 (fb) - BTS) - Expecting trouble, Rozalyn Backus decided to fake her own death a month before the Vault was decommissioned. Through underground channels, she acquired several fake identities including that of Angela Marcy. Using that alias, she covertly invested Vector's stolen money and bought herself a Park Avenue mansion as well as some Brooklyn real estate. There, she opened Haven House, a shelter for battered, troubled women and their children. She moved into anonymously as Rosie, the building's superintendent. She kept an armory at the ready in case Crossfire or the U-Foes would ever find her.

(New Avengers I#1 - BTS) - Corruptor was eventually incarcerated at the Raft. He was freed along with most of the other supervillains when Electro (Max Dillon) staged a massive jailbreak.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#1) - During the chaotic early minutes of the breakout, Corruptor was among the villains who assaulted Spider-Man who was at the Raft at the time of the incident. Not too long after that he met up with Crossfire who told him to round up the others. They needed to get away as quickly as possible before the arriving heroes like Captain America and Iron Man were able to gain the upper hand. Using their powers to coerce one of the SHIELD higher ups, Corruptor and his crew gained access to a submarine and took off. Safely away from the Raft, Crossfire outlined their next move: first they would pay the U-Foes back for constantly trying to kill them, then they'd get even with the Guardsman who had betrayed them.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#1 - BTS) - The U-Foes also managed to escape the Raft, but soon found themselves hunted and hounded by Corruptor and the other mind controllers who always seemed able to locate them, no matter how often they switched safe houses. What the villains didn't realize, was that Crossfire was tracking X-Ray's constant radiation signature, making it easy to find them wherever they went.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#2 - BTS) - Corruptor and the others set up shop at an abandoned Coney Island amusement park. From there, they coordinated their ongoing hounding of the U-Foes, who Crossfire secretly also wanted to keep from tracking down Backus themselves. Crossfire sent Corruptor and Mr. Fear to fight the U-Foes, with the villains using the crowds against the foursome. The fight was interrupted by Spider-Man. Both the Controller and the U-Foes escaped, but the webslinger managed to defeat Mr. Fear who told him enough to get the hero involved in the case. Through the aid of both the Avengers and the Owl, he found out Roz Backus was still alive and living in Brooklyn under an assumed name, though he had no idea why.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#3 - BTS) - The U-Foes paid a visit to Vector's former business manager Courtland Whitehead in his heavily guarded Midtown Manhattan offices. Threatening to kill everyone in the building if he didn't cooperate, Vector had Whitehead track down the funds that Backus stole from him two years earlier. Whitehead traced the funds to Angela Marcy, supplying Vector and his team with her address. At the same time, Spider-Man had caught up with Backus in Brooklyn. She told the hero her entire story.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#3) - Moments after the U-Foes had left, Crossfire led Corruptor and the others into Whitehead's offices (they'd tracked the team again using X-Ray's radiation signature). Crossfire was well aware that "Angela Marcy" was a dead end, leading him to force Courtland to help him track down Backus' actual address. At the same time, he allowed Corruptor, Controller and Mandrill to freely indulge their sadistic tendencies on Whitehead's staff.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#4) - Right after Whitehead had supplied Crossfire with Backus' current Brooklyn address, the villain told the banker he was about to go on a bloodcurdling killing spree. He called in the Corruptor, who took off his glove and touched Courtland, promising him he was about to open up the Pandora's box in his soul.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#4 - BTS) - Crossfire took Controller and Mandrill to take care of Backus, ordering Corruptor to stay behind in case the U-Foes returned.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#4) - Corruptor had Whitehead's surviving staff firmly under his control but he was still no match for the furious U-Foes. Easily beating Corruptor, with Vapor keeping him under wraps, Vector forced Whitehead to give him Backus' real address.

(Spider-Man: Breakout#5 - BTS) - Corruptor was left to his own devices when the U-Foes left to deal with Backus. After he overcame the effects of Vapor's knock-out gas, Day escaped while Crossfire, Mandrill and the Controller were eventually defeated by Spider-Man and the Avengers.

(New Warriors III#6 (fb) - BTS) - Corruptor made his way to the small town of Smyrna, Delaware. Assuming the alternate identity of John Peabody, he ran for mayor and was even elected. Setting up a greenhouse in the mayoral mansion, he discovered a way to influence the entire population by harvesting his corrupting sweat and using it to water his "orchidus corruptus", a breed of exotic flower he freely distributed across town. The flowers began to corrupt the usually nice, helpful population, turning them into self-centered, vicious and violent malcontents.

(New Warriors III#6 (fb) ) - When a stray water balloon thrown by a child hit him in the face on live TV, the world learned that Smyrna's mayor John Peabody was actually the Corruptor. Because he'd been legally elected, no action was taken against him. It did however lead the New Warriors, who were traveling cross country filming a reality tv show of their heroic exploits at the time, to go to Smyrna for a showdown.

(New Warriors III#6) - After determining that things in Smyrna were really off, Speedball got attacked by a couple in their 70s for no reason, the New Warriors went to confront the Corruptor in his mayoral mansion. The butler let them in without any hassle and they soon spotted the Corruptor working up a sweat on a treadmill wearing a bulky suit that siphoned off his sweat, pumping it to water the flowers in his greenhouse. When the New Warriors entered the small, airtight space they were rapidly overcome by the orchid's corrupting effect, much to the Corruptor's delight. While the Warriors started to bicker amongst themselves, the Corruptor's mood soured, openly lamenting the fact that he was so lonely, craving genuine human contact which was denied him since his transformation because he always corrupted whoever was near him. As he ranted and raved in his topiary, he was approached by the New Warrior Microbe, whose powers made him immune to the corrupting effects of the flowers. Feeling sorry for the Corruptor, the kindhearted but clumsy Microbe hugged him. Struggling to get free, the Corruptor and Microbe crashed through the glass outside window of the greenhouse. The sudden influx of fresh air cleared the New Warriors' heads, allowing them to arrest the Corruptor.

(Union Jack II#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Corruptor was freed from custody and hooked up with terrorist group R.A.I.D. who were planning to terrorize London by employing several supervillains including Day's former ally Crossfire, the Death-Throws and Fasaud. Corruptor was sent to London's main airport Heathrow to take over the minds of flight crews, convincing them to crash their planes into buildings a la 9/11. He was accompanied by Boomerang and Firebrand who failed to fight off London's metahuman defenders: Arabian Knight, Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine, Sabra and Union Jack (Joey Chapman).

(Union Jack II#2) - Corruptor managed to take over Arabian Knight, the Contessa and Sabra. He sent them against Union Jack, confident the super powered trio could easily take out the "glorified acrobat".

(Union Jack II#3) - Union Jack cleverly dodged the attacks of his now mind controlled teammates, making sure they hit the Corruptor instead. Though the Corruptor was down for the count, Sabra and the others were still after him. Contacting MI:5 Director Gavin while trying to stay a step ahead of his assailants, Union Jack learned that the Corruptor's control effects lingered, making his targets susceptible to suggestions that matched their own preconceived notions. In this case, Union Jack managed to turn Sabra and the Arabian Knight against each other by suggesting to the Israeli that the Knight considered her to be a stupid cow. Furious beyond belief, Sabra hacked into the Knight while Union Jack knocked out the Contessa. After she'd dealt with her Saudi ally, Sabra came after Union Jack again but he had figured out the invulnerable Israeli's one weakness: her need to breathe. Forcing her to inhale one of his sleep gas pellets, Chapman succeeded in knocking her out.

(New Avengers I#35 (fb) - BTS) - Through unrevealed ways, Corruptor was one of the many villains approached by the Hood (Parker Robbins) and invited to a meeting.

(New Avengers I#35 (fb) ) - Corruptor attended the gathering, along with over two dozen other super villains. They listened to the Hood's pitch, outlining his proposal to organize them as a mighty fighting force. He emphasized the time was never better: with Captain America dead, Nick Fury gone and half the heroes running for their lives while the other half could only take action after the Superhuman Registration Act and Iron Man allowed them to. The Hood offered them strength in numbers, allowing members to call on the group to sort out personal problems. As incentive, the Hood gave everyone 25000 dollars upfront, which was enough to convince Corruptor and most of the others to join up. Some time later, he was among the villains celebrating the Hood's attack on Tigra (who had humiliated recent recruit Jigsaw).

(New Avengers Annual I#2) - After learning from Tigra that the Avengers were hiding out in Doctor Strange's Bleecker Street brownstone, the Hood took Corruptor and his villain army for a surprise attack. However, Spider-Man spotted them on the roof and warned the team. After a ferocious fight, during which the Corruptor was knocked out by Spider-Man using Deathwatch's webbed up fist, all the villains were defeated by Doctor Strange who called on the powerful magics of the dark demon Zom.

(New Avengers I#46) - After the Hood discovered SHIELD had been infiltrated by Skrulls, he captured one of the agents and proceeded to interrogate him while Corruptor and most of the other villains in his army looked on. In the end, it was Madame Masque who got the agent to reveal he was actually one of the shapeshifting aliens as well. After the Skrull's death, the Hood used his demonic powers to see if his army had been infiltrated as well. He concluded only the Slug had been replaced, casually shooting the Skrull through the head. The Hood then left Corruptor and the others to their own devices while he retreated to think of a way to benefit from this situation.

(Secret Invasion#6) - The Hood kept his villain army out of the action when Earth's heroes and the remainder of SHIELD and the Initiative rallied against the Skrull invaders. Only after Thor returned to spearhead the final confrontation in Central Park did the Hood order Corruptor and the others to join them in opposing the alien menace.

(Secret Invasion#7) - Corruptor continued to fight against the Skrulls.

(New Avengers I#50) - In the aftermath of the Skrull invasion, the renegade Avengers sought refuge in the abandoned mansion of the New York Hellfire Club. There, they were besieged by the Hood and his villain army. Corruptor was knocked out by Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse) and Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew). In the end, Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) used her energy absorption powers to knock the other villains out.

(New Avengers I#55 (fb) ) - After the Hood woke up his villains, the Avengers had long since gone. They did however discover a prototype Starktech power dampener that the Avengers had planned to use against them. The Hood was disappointed with his men and told them to shape up before their next meeting during which they'd receive their monthly tribute.

(New Avengers I#55 - BTS) - Chemisto took the dampener to Jonas Harrow who was both intrigued and frustrated by Stark's inventive genius. Together, they fixed the dampener and weaponized it, making the technology compatible with Chemistro's alchemy based firearms. He attacked the outlaw Avengers, causing them to lose their abilities while Luke Cage even had a heart attack.

(New Avengers I#55) - Corruptor joined the others for the next meeting with the Hood. Before Robbins arrived, Harrow revealed that the Hood had allied himself with Osborn and that they were all indirectly taking orders from the former Green Goblin. That didn't sit well with most of the villains present, but Harrow presented the power dampener and suggested they offered it to Osborn as leverage (Osborn was in charge of SHIELD replacement HAMMER at the time).

(New Avengers I#60) - When Harrow, the Corruptor and a number of the Hood's villain army were on board Osborn's HAMMER Helicarrier to discuss their next step, it quickly became clear the Hood was well aware what was going on. Robbins shot Harrow and then explained to the dumbstruck villains he had actually been trying to prevent them from reporting directly to Osborn, allowing his allies free reign. But now, they were all working for Osborn. However, Norman assured them he'd be all giving them jobs they'd love: killing all the Avengers.

(New Avengers I#64 (fb) ) - After Loki helped the Hood gain new powers by delivering the Norn Stones to him, Robbins used the potent magical artifacts to increase the powers of the Corruptor and the others under his command.

(New Avengers I#61) - The Hood sent his newly empowered cronies out to hunt and kill the Avengers. Corruptor and the Living Laser faced Steve Rogers and Captain America (James "Bucky" Buchanan). Corruptor's enhanced powers allowed him to take over Captain America, forcing him to fight Steve while the Laser and Corruptor watched on, with Day even filming the incident on his phone. This made the Laser nervous, he simply wanted to finish off the heroes and move on. When Rogers managed to get through to Buchanan who was about to shoot him, the tables turned. The bullet Buchanan fired at Rogers bounced off his shield and hit the Corruptor.

(New Avengers I#63/Siege I#3) - During the Norman Osborn instigated siege of Asgard, the Hood teleported in his villain army (including the Corruptor) to fight off the Avengers who had come to Broxton, Oklahoma to stop Osborn's plans.

(New Avengers I#64 - BTS) - Corruptor lost his Norn Stones-enhanced powers when Loki took the Norn Stones from the Hood to save Asgard.

(Enter the Heroic Age#1/5) - Following the failed siege of Asgard, the Corruptor was transferred to the newly improved, practically escape proof Raft prison. When he expressed confidence in his ability to escape, the guards reminded him of the various security measures put in place by Fixer and MACH-IV. Just as Corruptor and his fellow new arrivals Bushwacker, the Blood Brother and Ox were guided in, they spotted the Raft's most infamous resident Norman Osborn paraded around by the guards. The newcomers realized the Raft was doing this to make the prison population lose all fear and respect for Osborn. Some time later, in the courtyard, Corruptor and the others contemplate escape until a guard approaches them to discuss a possible way out: joining the Thunderbolts. They mocked and attacked him for the suggestion, only to discover he was actually Luke Cage. Easily beating them into submission, Cage took his leave of the prisoners.

(Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot#2 (fb) - BTS) - Corruptor's sweat glands were extracted (likely involuntarily) and made their way through the supercriminal underworld, where the Owl eventually got his hands on one and tried to turn its secretions into a drug. Daredevil ended up stealing the gland from the Owl and turned it over to Reed Richards. Reed was unable to identify the sweat gland because its genetic markers had been compromised by the Owl's testing.

(Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot#2 - BTS) - The Rose (Philip Hayes) eventually got his hands on another sweat gland and turned its secretions into the drug Ebony (Armadillo is shown to be one of his test subjects). Jackpot got a sample of Ebony to Reed, who was able to determine the link to the Corruptor because the sample was in better condition. Reed found a match in his genetic database of "super-powered individuals and other persons of interest" that contained the Corruptor's DNA. Jackpot then discovered the Corruptor was in Europe, likely recovering from the surgeries where his sweat glands were extracted.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#1 (fb) - BTS) - Through unrevealed ways, the Corruptor was captured by the disease generating supervillain Contagion. He kept him locked up in his facility where he harvested Day's psycho-active sweat. Contagion used it to kidnap and imprison several super powered beings with extreme healing abilities including Marjorie Brink, Mortigan Goth, Madcap, Scavenger, Vic Slaughter, Suicide and Yi Yang and other agents like Driver Reese.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#6 (fb) - BTS) - Winsor piped Corruptor sweat mist throughout his base to make his agents more controllable. He had Marjorie Brink regularly drink a dose (presumably hidden in another drink) to force her to indulge in activities far beyond what her slight moral flexibility would have allowed.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#1) - Winsor covered his hands with Liquatex to protect himself, then burned handprints into the Corruptor's sides as he obtained a large amount of his control chemical/pheromone.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#1 - BTS) - Winsor entered the party Wolverine attended and began shaking hands with those present, telling them to be themselves. Reese introduced Wolverine to Winsor, who shook Wolverine's hand and told him to be entirely deny himself nothing. Peeling off the Liquatex Winsor watched from a balcony alongside Goth, Scavenger, Yi Yang, and Madcap, as Wolverine and the others at the party degenerated into primal behavior. Seeking to prevent himself from harming others, Wolverine twice plunged his claws into his own abdomen.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#2 - BTS) - Beast identified the chemical that had affected Wolverine as having come from the Corruptor. Wolverine later attacked Contagion's facility to go after the villain and his allies.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#3 - BTS) - Yi Yang confronted Wolverine, kissing him and giving a heavy oral dose of the Corruptor's sweat before he skewered her and left her behind. Via the Corruptor's sweat, Marjorie Brink forced Wolverine into a chamber and commanded he fall asleep, after which Winsor and his recovering minions gathered around him.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#3) - Corruptor was still trapped in the sweat-harvesting device in the lab.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#4 - BTS/Wolverine: The Best There Is#6 (fb) - BTS) - Winsor gave Marjorie a pair of pencils triple-dipped in the Corruptor compound.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#6 - BTS) - While chewing on her pencil Marjorie asked Winsor if she should begin flooding the corridors with Corruptor gas to stop Wolverine, who had escaped his cell, but he told her not to.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#6) - Wolverine encountered Corruptor still trapped in the sweat-harvesting device and claimed a sample of his sweat. He left Corruptor imprisoned for the time being.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#6 - BTS) - Wolverine used the Corruptor sweat on Madcap, leaving him behind terrified. Upon entering Winsor's office Wolverine explained to Marjorie, who shot at him, that she had been drinking some of the Corruptor's sweat. Winsor admitted to giving her Corruptor sweat through drinks and her pencils, which was the only thing that kept her going the last few days. Wolverine touched Marjorie twice. First to stop her from killing herself and the second time when she tried to shoot him. After the second time he told her to do some good, which she did by giving Harry Sikes her Corruptor sweat imbued pencil to chew on, which helped Sikes to regain his sanity and intelligence.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#6) - Wolverine dragged Winsor to Corruptor and pushed Winsor's face into the Corruptor's sweaty body. He told Winsor to brew a new virus that ate all of the bad stuff in his DNA to heal himself. With Winsor's blood apparently no longer a threat to the world, Wolverine released the Corruptor and told him to make Winsor bleed.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#11 (fb)) - Corruptor didn't get a chance to make Winsor bleed because Wolverine's command allowed Winsor to infect himself, and create a virus that healed his DNA by eating the flaws that limited the range of viruses he could create.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#10 (fb) - BTS) - Winsor refined the Corruptor formula within his own sweat.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#11) - Crudely chained to a wall Corruptor's sweat was harvested from his body as it flowed from his body into buckets beneath him. Winsor mocked him, his former operatives the Unkillables, and his other captives Wolverine, Monark and Paradox.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#12 (fb) - BTS) - Via Flip, Wolverine shared with the Unkillables and the Corruptor how he planned to finish off Winsor. Flip sent a self-destruct signal to all the technonecrotic virals, which Winsor had incororated into all his recent viruses, which neutralized them and released all his captives, including Corruptor.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#12) - Released from his restraints Corruptor joined forces with Wolverine, Paradox, Monark and the Unkillables. Corruptor doused Winsor with a bucket of his sweat and Mortigan Goth ordered Winsor to contain himself, which Winsor did by creating an organic containment shell based on a virally absorbent fungus. The Corruptor then watched as Wolverine and the Unkillables consumed Contagion's body.

Comments: Created by Marv Wolfman (writer), Sal Buscema (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks).

Yes, the Corruptor looks and acts an awful lot like the Purple Man (they also share similar origin stories and a love for dressing in purple!). Though unconfirmed, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Marv Wolfman intended Day as an homage to the early Daredevil villain. After all, it surely can't be mere coincidence both villains popped up in the fourth issue of their respective titles?

So, Nova I#21 establishes that the Corruptor has quite a few bases across the United States from which he could launch his countrywide mind control scheme. While Nova destroyed the one in Manhattan, the others are still intact. So why he didn't just move to one of the others to carry out his plan in the relative hero free town of say... Butte, Idaho is beyond me.

As for his costume... You'd think that a man who relies on skin-on-skin contact for his powers to work would wear an outfit that has at least slightly more exposed flesh? In a combat situation, he first has to take off a glove before he can be considered a threat. Anyone with a gun and half decent aim can safely pick him off from across the room.

Reviewing Spider-Man: Breakout nearly soured me on even finishing the profile. The Corruptor's role in the five issue mini is minimal, but Tony Bedard wrote such a dense, complex crime story that describing the intricate wheels-within-wheels plot so his brief interludes made sense felt like a chore. Lets call it a labor of love.

The Corruptor's personality and powerset really fluctuate in his early Nova  appearances. He starts off thinking of himself as a demonic representation of evil incarnate, claiming he can feed off negative emotions and even firing rays of unknown energy. In his later appearances he is far more "sane" (well, as rational as blueberry hued megalomaniacs get, anyway). A possible in universe explanation for his temporary odd behavior and increased powers might be that he was still doused with an overdose of the chemicals that transformed him into the Corruptor in the first place. Over time, as his body absorbed and adapted to the the compounds he was exposed to, both his power levels and personality stabilized as well. But don't go by me, after all the man hasn't had more than 5 lines in comics since 2006... Such a shame, really. 

Wolverine: The Best There Is appearances were partially taken from Snood's profile on Contagion and partially rewritten by Markus Raymond and Norvo.

Thanks to Michael Niosi for pointing out the BTS in Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot#2 (April 2010).

The Corruptor received profiles in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#3, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#3, New Avengers: Most Wanted Files and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC#2.

Profile by Norvo.

Corruptor should not be confused with:


Jackson Day's wife who was terribly worried about him when she heard about the factory fire that (as it turned out) changed him into the Corruptor. Doris tried to reach Day at his apartment in Briarwood, Queens all day. When she finally reached him, Day was right in the middle of turning into the Corruptor again. He tried to assure her he was fine, though Doris clearly heard he wasn't. Not wanting her hurt, he abruptly told Doris he couldn't talk to her anymore and that she shouldn't come over to see him. As he slammed the phone down, the change overtook him once again.

--Nova I#4

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