ORKA the Human Killer Whale

Real Name: Orka

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Atlantean/Homo mermani) mutate

Occupation: Atlantean soldier, Criminal, Renegade, Henchmen to various parties

Group Membership: Defenders of the Deep (Andromeda, Bloodtide, Echidna, King Crab, Manowar, Namor, Piranhas, Tiger Shark);
formerly Pluto's Jury (Abomination, Armless Tiger Man, Artume, Baron Zemo, Commander Kraken, Iron Monger, Jack O'Lantern, Kyknos, Nessus, Scourge of the Underworld, Veranke), Heroes for Hire (Black Cat, Humbug, Misty Knight, Paladin, Tarantula, Colleen Wing)
formerly Attuma's Deep Six (Attuma, Nagala,
Piranha, Sea Urchin, Tiger Shark), Heroes for Hire

Affiliations: Armadillo, Lord Arno, Attuma, Baron Brimstone (Theodoric), Billy, Bullet (Buck Cashman), Doctor Doom, Doctor Dorcas, Griffin, Otis Johnson, Hugh Jones, Killer Shrike, Krang, Louis "Shadows" Kravitz, Krona, Mad Dog, Man-Ape, Owl, Peace Corpse (Allanson, Kuryestan, Mendev, Illyich Prokvitch, Strokov, Voroshilov), Shockwave, Stilt-Man (Day), Tiger Shark, Tyrak, U-Man, Vienna, Virago, War-Sharks, Whiplash, Whirlwind;
    formerly Alpha Flight (Box (Jeffries), Diamond Lil, Guardian (Heather Hudson), Puck (Judd), Shaman), Avengers (Captain America (Rogers), Quasar, Sersi, Stingray, Vision), People's Protectorate (Crimson Dynamo (Bukharin), Fantasma, Perun, Red Guardian (Petkus),Vostok), Pluto, Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie)

Enemies: Alpha Flight, Diane Arliss-Newell, Atlas (Josten), Avengers (Black Panther/T'Challa, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Ghost Rider/Robbie Reyes, Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Thor/Odinson), Beast (McCoy), Black Knight (Whitman), Black Panther (T'Challa), Bloodshed, Blue Streak, Box (Jeffries), Luke Cage, Captain America (Rogers), Citizen V (Zemo), Corporation, Crimson Dynamo (Bukharin), Defenders, Diamond Lil, Doctor Pym, Doctor Strange, Doom-bot, Dorma, Equinox, Fantasma, Fantastic Four, Ferocia, Flame, Ghaur, Ghost-Maker, Goldbug, Grindhouse, Guardian (H. Hudson), Headmen (Chondu the Mystic, Gorilla Man, Ruby Thursday, Shrunken Bones), Hellcat, Hercules, Heroes for Hire, Hulk (Banner), Human Torch (Storm), Invisible Woman, Iron Fist (Rand), Iron Man (Stark), Kingsize, Kogar, Llyra, Misty Knight, Mister Fantastic, Moondragon, Ms. Marvel (Ventura), Namorita, Night Fliers, Nighthawk, Nova (Rider), People's Protectorate, Perun, Pluto, Puck (Judd), Quasar, Red Guardian (Petkus), Regent (Augustus Roman), Ricadonna, Scarlet Witch, Sersi, Shadow Slasher, Shaman, She-Hulk, Shockwave, Silver Surfer, Songbird, Squadron Supreme of America (Blur/Stanley Stewart, Dr. Spectrum/Joseph Ledger, Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond, Power Princess/Zarda Shelton), Stingray, Tamara Rahn, Thor, Thunderbolts, Valkyrie (Parrington), Vashti, Vision, Vostok, White Tiger, Winter Guard (Chernobog, Crimson Dynamo/Dimitri Bukharin, Darkstar/Laynia Petrovna, Perun, Ursa Major, Vanguard/Nikolai Krylenko, Vostok);
    formerly Sub-Mariner, Tiger Shark

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: the Human Killer Whale, Killer Whale, "Tooth-Face" (nickname given by Hulk)

Base of Operations: Hades;
formerly varies

First Appearance: Sub-Mariner I#23 (March, 1970)

Powers/Abilities: Orka can lift over 80 tons on land and over 100 tons under water, though his strength has been known to increase and decrease under various conditions.  Orka shares many skills with killer whales, such as their strength, speed, and stamina. Orka can communicate with whales through whistling in whale language, and can summon killer whales to him, drawing strength from them to increase his own (Orka needed technology to do this initially).  Orka has a thick blubber hide that is resistant to most types of injury, though its thickness varies under various conditions.  Orka can breathe both above land and below water, though prolonged time on land decreases his strength.  Orka had been known to be mutated under various sources, adjusting his powers to different levels.  Orka has also briefly employed a weak suit of armor.

Height: 11' (variable)
Weight: 732 lbs. (variable)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

History: (Sub-Mariner I#23 (fb)) - Orka was an Atlantean loyal to the rebel Warlord Krang.  After Krang was exiled from the city, Orka stole an Atlantean cruiser and found Krang, hoping to launch a new attack on Atlantis.  Krang, instead, planned on forming an alliance with Attuma and so gathered riches from sunken galleons, when he came across the undersea base of Doctor Dorcas.  Dorcas subjected Orka to an experiment in his Morphotron, transferring 'the strength and savage instincts of a school of killer whales to a manlike creature.'  Orka found himself able to breathe oxygen and to still remain beneath the water for hours at a time like a whale could.  Orka was given a costume with a belt that connected him to the machine that supplied his powers.  He spent hours training and learning to command a 'herd of specially treated whales.'  Dorcas captured a small group of Atlanteans, including Lady Dorma and Vashti.

(Sub-Mariner I#23) - Orka led a large contingent of killer whales in an attack on Atlantis.  Namor, the Sub-Mariner, attacked, and the two traded blows until Orka buried Namor beneath a fallen mountain.  Orka returned to the base and was shocked when Namor attacked.  Namor punched Orka, then confronted Dorcas.  Orka prepared to attack again, but was told to wait by Krang, who explained their villainous plans for the surface world to Namor.  Dorcas amplified Orka's powers through his machine, which drew on the power of the surrounding whales and fed that power to Orka, increasing his size and strength.  Orka battled Namor until Namor grabbed Krang and threatened to kill him unless Orka released the captive Atlanteans.  When Dorcas refused to release the Atlanteans and called Orka an oaf, Orka grew furious and threw Dorcas over a waterfall.  Namor went to rescue Dorcas, then Krang instructed Orka to rescue Dorcas, so Orka did.  Orka then defeated  Namor by throwing him into electrical equipment.  The Atlanteans escaped, a control collar was placed on Namor, and Krang denounced Dorcas as an ally.  Krang then planned to lead an attack on Atlantis.

(Sub-Mariner I#24) - Orka held Namor off when he attacked Krang until Dorcas stopped Namor with a punishing device.  Orka was then instructed to lead his killer whales against the escaping Atlanteans and to kill all but Dorma.  The whales cornered them in a cave and smashed into the rocks, killing all the Atlanteans except Dorma and Vashti.  Tiger Shark soon rescued them by fighting off the whales.  Orka led a fleet of killer whales against Atlantis, at Krang's instruction, with Namor as a hostage strapped to one of the whales.  The Atlanteans fired on the forces, seemingly killing Namor, and Orka focused on leading his forces to destroying Atlantis.  When Namor attacked Krang, then Tiger Shark attacked Namor, and Orka took Tiger Shark's attack on Namor as an attack on Krang so Orka attacked Tiger Shark.  The two of them traded blows until they were both swallowed up and buried in a massive seaquake.  With Orka gone, the killer whale army dissipated.

(Sub-Mariner I#66) - When Virago attacked Atlantis, her rampage freed Orka from his entombment after months of being trapped.  He formed a quick alliance with Virago since Krang was nowhere around.  The two of them planned to rule Atlantis together, and Orka commanded a group of killer whales to attack the city.  Orka had the whales hit Namor, then he and Virago battled Namor and Tamara Rahn while the whales and destroyed the city.  Though Namor knocked Orka aside, Orka had his whales surround the hero.

(Sub-Mariner I#67) - While Namor was escaping from the whales, he accidentally released a toxic substance in the water.  Orka and Virago took over Atlantis only to have the substance put both they and the Atlanteans into suspended animation.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe II#9) - Orka's physiology enabled him to retain mobility within months.  Hugh Jones contacted Orka with the Serpent Crown.  The Brand Corporation, a subsidiary of Roxxon Oil, increased Orka's powers, no longer requiring him to have access to Dorcas's technology to increase his strength.

(Avengers I#149 (fb)) - Orka was held in reserve by Hugh Jones and Buzz Baxter (later Mad Dog) as a secret weapon.

(Avengers I#149) - When the Avengers attacked, Orka single-handedly knocked Beast, Captain America, Hellcat, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Vision unconcious.  Soon Thor and Moondragon attacked, and Orka withstood Thor's hammer-blow and knocked out Moondragon as she psychically assaulted him.  An enraged Thor battled Orka, knocking him through several walls, hitting him repeatedly, and summoning lightning against him before Orka was finally defeated.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe II#9) - Orka was taken into custody, but soon escaped and returned to the sea.

(Avengers Annual I#18) - Allied with Attuma, Orka was sent with Lord Arno and an Atlantean force (as Attuma was now in charge of Atlantis, and the Atlanteans were reawakened) to take over an American military base.  When Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Black Panther, and She-Hulk attacked, Orka was quickly felled by a simultaneous blast from Black Panther's gun and a punch from She-Hulk.

(Avengers Spotlight I#26/2) - While being held in the Vault, a maximum security prison, Orka (now back to his normal size) took advantage of a prison break affected by others and attacked Iron Man inside the prison.  Orka got in one good punch before Iron Man knocked him out with a double repulsor blast to the face.

(Fantastic Four I#336) - Effected by Dr. Doom's emotion-charging machine, Orka attacked the Fantastic Four in Washington, DC, alongside Armadillo, Owl, Man-Ape, Stilt-Man, Baron Brimstone and Whirlwind.  All were quickly defeated.

(Sensational She-Hulk#12) - When Krang started a movie studio and decided to make a flop movie about She-Hulk, Orka agreed to participate in the movie shooting in order to get revenge.  He donned  suit of armor and battled her, on film, across the studio until She-Hulk knocked the armor off of him.  He then, with a killer whale, continued to fight She-Hulk until she defeated him.

(Web of Spider-Man Annual I#5 (BTS)) - Attuma led a large attack against the surface world and was betrayed by Lord Ghaur and Llyra, who blew up the city of Atlantis.  Attuma was captured by the surface world and put on trial.

(Avengers I#322 (fb)) - Orka, at some point, rejoined the Atlanteans and took a position as a senior officer in their army.  He, with Tyrak and Meranno the U-Man, commanded the small remaining army while they waited for the Atlantean people who'd fled during the city's bombing to return. 

(Avengers I#319) - When a group of Avengers and Soviet Super-Soldiers started doing battle over Atlantis, Orka and his fellow officers Tyrak and Meranno took an army out to investigate. 

(Avengers I#320) - While the Atlanteans battled the heroes, the Vision attacked Orka and tried to solidify his arm into Orka's frame, but Orka's blubber was too thick.  While Vostok held Orka still in a submarine prison, Vision solidified his entire body into Orka's frame and defeated Orka.  After defeating the Atlanteans, the heroes traveled to the Canadian coast on a mission.

(Avengers I#321) - Realizing that the heroes must have been pursuing a weapon, Orka and Meranno launched a probe and learned that the heroes were after a nuclear submarine that was now on the Canadian coast.  The Atlanteans decided to launch an attack on the heroes, planning to cause the nuclear sub to explode and harm the surface world.

(Avengers I#322) - The Atlanteans attacked the Canadian coast, where the Avengers, People's Protectorate, and Alpha Flight opposed them. Orka battled Perun both above and below the water until Box knocked Orka out with an electric blast.  The Atlanteans were mostly defeated but continued battling until the nuke went off.

(Avengers I#323) - The Atlanteans, the heroes, and several Canadian citizens found themselves inside the dimension in Shaman's medicine pouch.  The Atlanteans reluctantly formed an alliance with the heroes and they all began battling to return to their home dimension until the Combine attacked them.

(Avengers I#324) - The Atlanteans joined the heroes, even being willing to sacrifice themselves at one point, against the Combine until the Peace Corpse were able to stop the Combine. They returned to their home dimension and the Atlanteans departed in peace, realizing that Attuma was receiving a fair trial on the surface world.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Avengers: Deathtrap: Vault I#1) - During another Vault breakout, Orka, Griffin, and Bullet attempted escape through a vent that led into the woods, but Captain America and Doctor Pym arrived to stop them.  Pym enlarged a heat ray gun that quickly defeated Orka.

(New Warriors I#36) - Orka was seen in the Vault.

(Namor I#43 (fb)) - Orka was taken and 'revived' (perhaps this is referring to his powers, though it is unknown) by a robot believing itself to be Dr. Dorcas.  Orka's size and strength were increased, though Orka lost much of his smarts.

(Namor I#42) - After the Dorcas robot kidnapped Diane Arliss-Newell, Namor and Stingray came to rescue her.  After a brief battle, Dorcas bid Orka to attack the heroes.

(Namor I#43) - Orka battled Namor for a time and accidentally destroyed part of the base.  Orka was winning until Namor was hit by one of Stingray's blasts, Stingray having given up when the Dorcas Robot threatened to kill Diane, then Stingray fled.  Orka prepared to kill Namor, but was instructed to put him in a new Morphotron instead so that Namor could be used to mutate Diane.  Orka grew restless while the machine was working, but the robot promised to let Orka raze Atlantis soon.  When Stingray attacked anew, Orka was instructed to kill him, but he found the Stingray armor empty.  Orka moved in to kill both Stingray and Namor, but Namor escaped the machine and toppled Orka over.  Orka's unconscious bulk crushed the Dorcas Robot beyond repair.

(Thunderbolts Annual 1997 (fb)) - Back in the Vault (and back to his regular size and appearance), Orka attempted to escape the Vault with several other criminals when the opportunity presented itself.  The villains were attacked by the newly formed Thunderbolts, and Orka was quickly felled by Atlas.

(Heroes for Hire I#4) - Orka joined forces with Killer Shrike, Shockwave, and Whiplash, and the four of them tried to extort money from the United States government by capturing the Intrepid.  Clued in by Misty Knight, the Heroes for Hire attacked and Orka traded blows with Luke Cage.  After a blast from the Black Knight weakened him, Orka was punched out by Cage and returned to prison.

(New Warriors II#0) - Orka battled with Namorita for an unknown reason and was felled from a blast by Nova.

(Defenders II#7) - With Attuma again in control of Atlantis, he formed a team called Deep Six to protect the city from the attacking Defenders.  Orka, with Nagala, Tiger Shark, Sea Urchin, Attuma, and Piranha stood ready when the heroes attacked and Orka took a blow from the Hulk.  Orka, surrounded by killer whales to draw strength from, battled the Hulk back.  The battle didn't last long, however, as the heroes were pulled away by the curse that afflicted them.

(Defenders II#11) - When the Defenders attacked again, Orka again battled the Hulk.  The Hulk got continually madder as his anger increased, so Orka kept calling on more whales to make him stronger as well.  Soon, the other Defenders had defeated Deep Six and retaken Atlantis.  While they celebrated, Hulk and Orka kept battling outside the city walls.  The outcome of this battle is unknown.

(JLA/Avengers I#4) - Orka joined several villains in battling the Avengers and the JLA as an ally to Krona.

(Daughters of the Dragon#2) - Orka showed up at the office of Misty Knight & Colleen Wing. He encountered their new personal assistant, Otis Johnson, who was not intimidated by him in the least.

(Daughters of the Dragon#3) - Becoming annoyed as Otis continued to refuse to allow him to meet with Misty & Colleen (who were not present), Orka began beating Otis savagely. Otis was unharmed due to the mutation that rendered him invulnerable and unable to feel pain. Calming down, Orka explained that he needed to bail Stilt-Man out. Orka also admitted he had rage issues, exacerbated by being out of the ocean for too long (much like Namor), and Otis brought him some bottled water. Orka waited for Colleen & Misty to return, refusing to help clean up the place or to discuss Atlantis or Namor. They returned at 1 AM and told Orka to come back the next day. As he headed out to grab a salt water with Otis, he answered a few questions on Celia Ricadonna in exchange for anonymity and a discount on future service. Otis told him they'd go to Bar D'o, where even the giant Orka wouldn't stand out. Orka correctly suspected that Bar D'o was a drag bar.

(Daughters of the Dragon#5 (fb) - BTS) - Orka had one too many apple martinis at Bar D'o, and he trashed the place.

(Daughters of the Dragon#5 (fb) - BTS) - Orka made arrangements and paid Stilt-Man's bail.

(Daughters of the Dragon#5) - Orka agreed to take responsibility if Stilt-Man fled, and he refused to talk about his night out on the town.

(Heroes for Hire II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Misty Knight and Colleen Wing formed a group of government operatives to fight against runaway super-villains, after the passing of the Super-Human Registration Act. Orka was recruited, despite his criminal record.

(Heroes for Hire II#1) - Orka, with fellow operatives Paladin and Shang-Chi, as the second wave of a Heroes for Hire mission, entered Vienna's headquarters and battled Bloodshed, Ghost-Maker, Grindhouse, Goldbug, Shockwave, Equinox, and Kogar, after Misty, Colleen, Humbug, Tarantula, and Black Cat were defeated. Orka learned that Vienna was a Heroes for Hire contact.

(Heroes for Hire II#5) - Orka, with Shang-Chi, Misty, Colleen, Black Cat, and Humbug, went on a mission to fight against Ricadonna and her operatives, Kingsize, Ferocia, Flame, and Blue Streak. The group set off the alarms unintentionally and Orka took down a group of Night Flier robots before trading blows with Kingsize and being hit by fire from Flame, who cracked fish jokes about Orka. As he arose, he was hit by Ricadonna's power blast. Later, he caught a thrown Tarantula, who'd joined the team on their mission. When some of the villains tried to escape in a tunnel, Orka ripped up the ground and pursued them. The team pulled the villains outside with them before the building exploded. With the team and Otis, Orka later attended the funeral of Tarantula's father. He offered everyone a flask, thinking it was customary for human funerals.

(Heroes for Hire II#6) - The Heroes for Hire took a case from a young man, Billy, who informed them that the Head-Men had stolen his Doom-bot. Orka, fiercely defensive of the child, saw Humbug go to aid Billy while he joined Otis, Colleen, Misty, Shang, and Tarantula in being hired by Louis "Shadows" Kravitz in investigating diamond thieves.

(Heroes for Hire II#7) - When summoned by Misty, Orka rushed to a boat the team was on and took off a giant bomb meant to destroy the Statue of Liberty. He threw the bomb into an underwater ravine, where it exploded. When Humbug requested help, in a message delivered by spiders, Orka and Shang moved to aid him, and found him captured by the Headmen, with his head cut off and attached to a life support system. Orka quickly plowed through the Headmen's ranks, but their ally Doombot fired a lethal blast that left a gaping hole in Orka's chest.

(Heroes for Hire II#8) - Shang-Chi and Otis witnessed Orka's passing. His last words were of love for Misty Knight.

(Incredible Hercules#129) - Residing in Hades, Orka served in Pluto's Jury for Zeus' trial.

(Incredible Hercules#130) - Hercules attacked the Jury, but they overpowered him. Orka was later present at Zeus' trial.


(Amazing Spider-Man IV#13) - Alive again, Orka attacked a Roxxon ship and was defeated and captured by Regent, who placed him in the Cellar and they took his powers briefly.

(Avengers VIII#9) - Namor recruited Orka to join his new super-team, the Defenders of the Deep, including Andromeda, Bloodtide, Echidna, King Crab, Manowar, Namor, Tiger Shark, and several mutated Piranhas.

(Avengers VIII#10) - The Defenders of the Deep and War-Sharks saw Namor raise Hydropolis to the surface, then attacked the humans within, declaring that all on the surface world were no longer allowed under the ocean. The Avengers (Black Panther/T'Challa, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Ghost Rider/Robbie Reyes, Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Thor/Odinson) attacked, and Orka, wielding an anchor, sparred with Hulk, who gave off a Gamma poison. Soon the Winter Guard (Chernobog, Crimson Dynamo/Dmitri Bukharin, Darkstar/Laynia Petrovna, Perun, Ursa Major, Vanguard/Nikolai Krylenko, Vostok) intervened, and fights broke out among all three teams. In the chaos, Namor killed a few of the Piranhas for hunting humans, then he ordered the withdrawal of the Defenders of the Deep.

(Avengers VIII#11 (fb) ) - Orka was sent to attack a Roxxon platform outside Alaska, but the Squadron Supreme of America responded and Hyperion defeated Orka.

(Free Comic Book Day 2019: Avengers#1/1) - Namor led the Defenders of the Deep (Manowar, Orka, Bloodtide) in an attack on a Roxxon station, resulting in a small oil spill. Namor ordered Manowar to get revenge for the impacted fish. Bloodtide used magic to contain the spill, and Orka to close the spill. Just then, the Squadron Supreme of America attacked, seeking to protect Roxxon.

(Incoming#1) - The Defenders of the Deep (Bloodtide, Echidna, Manowar, Orka, Tiger Shark) approached the Avengers at Avengers Mountain, where they delivered the message that they expected the Avengers to apologize to every fish in the ocean.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Marie Severin, and Johnny Craig.

    Orka had an entry in OHOTMU I#8, Deluxe Edition#9, Master Edition and the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update#2.

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Orka has no known connections to any character not mentioned in this profile, and no known connection to Okra, that delicious vegetable.

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