Membership: Three unidentified mutated piranhas

Purpose: Eating; formerly serving Prince Namor

Affiliations: Defenders of the Deep (Andromeda, Bloodtide, Echidna, King Crab, Manowar, Namor, Orka, Tiger Shark), War-Sharks

Enemies: Avengers (Black Panther/T'Challa, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Ghost Rider/Robbie Reyes, Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Thor/Odinson), Winter Guard (Chernobog, Crimson Dynamo/Dimitri Bukharin, Darkstar/Laynia Petrovna, Perun, Ursa Major, Vanguard/Nikolai Krylenko, Vostok)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Probably mobile throughout Earth's oceans

First Appearance: Avengers VIII#9 (December, 2018)

Powers/Abilities: The Piranhas were mindless eating machines.

(Avengers VIII#9 (fb) - BTS) - At least three Piranhas (mutated Piranha monsters with arms) were created somehow.

(Avengers VIII#9) - Namor recruited three Piranhas to join his new super-team, the Defenders of the Deep, including Andromeda, Bloodtide, Echidna, King Crab, Manowar, Namor, Orka, and Tiger Shark.

(Avengers VIII#10) - The Defenders of the Deep and War-Sharks saw Namor raise Hydropolis to the surface, then attacked the humans within, declaring that all on the surface world were no longer allowed under the ocean. The Avengers (Black Panther (T’Challa), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes), Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Thor (Odinson)) attacked, and Cap knocked two of the Piranhas back with his shield when they threatened to eat a civilian. Soon the Winter Guard (Chernobog, Crimson Dynamo (Dmitri Bukharin), Darkstar (Laynia Petrovna), Perun, Ursa Major, Vanguard (Nikolai Krylenko), Vostok) intervened, and fights broke out among all three teams. In the chaos, Namor killed a few of the Piranhas for hunting humans, then he ordred the withdrawal of the Defenders of the Deep.

Comments: Created by Jason Aaron (writer) & David Marquez (artist).

One can only assume that they were more of Dr. Lemuel Dorcas' creations, but there is also the possibility an Atlantean scientist mutated these piranhas or maybe they were offspring of their teammate Echidna.
--Markus Raymond

Profile by Chadman.

The Piranhas have no known connection and should not be confused with:

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Avengers VIII#9, p20 (main)

Avengers VIII#9 (December, 2018) - Jason Aaron (writer), David Marquez (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers VIII#10 (January, 2019) - Jason Aaron (writer), David Marquez, Ed McGuinness, Frazer Irving, Adam Kubert, Andrea Sorrentino (artists), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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