Real Name: Kyknos (original Latin spelling)

Identity/Class: Olympian demigod (c. 1250 BC)

Occupation: Warrior;
former cult leader

Group Membership: Gods of Olympus;
formerly leader of the Warhawks (Helene Panayiotou, others);
formerly Pluto's Jury (Abomination, Armless Tiger Man, Artume, Baron Zemo, Commander Kraken, Iron Monger, Jack O'Lantern, Nessus, Orka, Scourge of the Underworld, Veranke)

Affiliations: Diomedes' mares, Hecate, Hera, Pluto;
formerly Ares

Enemies: Ares, Athena, Basilisk, Griffin, Hercules, Man-Bull, Shades (Arkady Markov, Cameron McGill, Travis Nevins, Maximilian Ritter);
formerly Pluto

Known Relatives: Ares (father), Pelopia (mother), Alexander Aaron (Phobos, half-brother), Deimos, Diomedes, Monstro the Mighty, Phobos, Oenomaus, Phlegyras, Thestius (half-brothers), Aegisthus (half-brother, deceased), Alcippe, Antiope, Diomedes' mares, Harmonia, Hiera, Hippolyta, Lysippe, Melanippe, Orithya, Otrera, Penthesilea (half-sisters), Zeus (grandfather), Hera (grandmother), Apollo, Dionysus, Hephaestus, Hercules, Hermes (uncles), Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Eris, Hebe, Persephone (aunts), Neptune, Pluto (grand-uncles), Demeter, Vesta (grand-aunts), Chronus (great-grandfather), Rhea (great-grandmother), Ouranos (great-great grandfather), Gaea (great-great grandmother), Eurystheus, Iphicles, Theseus (cousins, deceased), Tantalus (ancestor, deceased)

Aliases: High Priest of Ares, Kyknus, Cyknus, Cycnus, Cycnos, Cygnus (alternate spellings)

Base of Operations: Hades;
formerly Itonus, Phthiotis (now part of modern Greece)

First Appearance: Incredible Hercules#116 (June, 2008)

Powers/Abilities: Kyknos possessed superhuman strength, stamina, endurance and durability as due his demigod status. He wielded a double-edged axe as his weapon of choice.

History: (Greek/Roman myth) - Kyknos was the son of Ares, god of war to the Ancient Greeks, and Pyrene, daughter of Thyestes, heir to the throne of Pisa sent into exile after the murder of his half-brother. Kyknos lived in Itonus in the land of Phthiotis north of Trachis in Northern Greece.

Height: 6'7"
Weight: 351 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow (variable)
Hair: None

(Gree/Roman myth/Incredible Hercules#116 (fb)/Dark Reign: Ares#2) - A bloodthirsty and particularly violent warrior, Kyknos enforced worship of Ares by slaying all invaders to his land and using their skulls and bones to line the walls of his temple to Ares. Kyknos wanted to gain favor with his father by slaying Hercules, who happened to come upon Kyknos in the midst of building his temple. Upon hearing about this pact, Ares rushed to stop him from doing so, knowing full well of Hercules' prodigious strength and success in other battles, but Athena stopped him, who advised him to check with the Fates on what they had planned for Kyknos. The Fates told them that Kyknos was fated to die by Hercules unless he was killed first. These words designed to placate Ares only fueled his anger and he rushed to assist Kyknos in his battle with Hercules. Ares fought with Hercules and was just about to strike him down when Athena appeared and blocked his blow. Hercules, however, managed to wound Ares and sent him back to Olympus, leaving his son to his fate. Kyknos subesquently met Hercules in battle and was indeed killed by Hercules as the Fates predicted. Ares met with Hercules in battle once more afterward to avenge his son, their quarrel this time broken up by a thunderbolt by Zeus.

(Incredible Hercules#129) - Residing in Hades Kyknos served in Pluto's Jury for Zeus' trial.

(Incredible Hercules#130) - Hercules attacked the Jury, but they overpowered him. Kyknos was later present at Zeus' trial.

(Incredible Hercules#131) - Kyknos attacked Pluto when he refused to honor his promise to release everyone from Hades.

(Dark Reign: Ares#2 (fb) ) - Hera and Pluto made a deal with Kyknos to release him from Hades if he became the new God of War after Ares angered Hera by allying with mortals against her.

  While he waited for Ares at an abandoned SHIELD base, Kyknos pulled the teeth of all the deceased Hydra agents that were killed years ago at the base to turn them into his skeleton warriors at a later point.

(Dark Reign: Ares#2) - When Ares and his Shades arrived Kyknos revealed how Hera planned for him to replace Ares as the God of War and how he never forgot that Ares left him to die at the hands of Hercules. Kyknos finally cast the Hydra agents' teeth into the air to animate the agents through magic. After throwing a grenade into the skeleton agents Ares and the Shades retreated, but Kyknos sent the Hydra agents and Diomedes' mares, also children of Ares, after them and they caught Ares.

(Dark Reign: Ares#3) - With Ares caught by his agents, he ordered the horses to tear Ares apart. Bane and Ritter returned to help Ares and shot killed two mares with headshots. The other two mares were sent after them by Kyknos, but they were killed by mines. Kyknos beat his father into unconsciousness before ordering the Hydra agents to find the Shades, who returned to the bases control room to meet up with Markov and McGill. While Kyknos gloated about how he would make Ares' head his crown, the Shades started a surprise attack on Kyknos. Bane hid in one of the dead mares and shot Kyknos several times before the others arrived to take out plenty of Hydra agents. Kyknos broke Markov's neck and the impaled McGill's head on a spear after he freed Ares. Ares assaulted Kyknos while Ritter and McGill died battling the Hydra hordes. Meanwhile Ares impaled Kyknos and then chocked him to death. When Iron Patriot (Osborn) later arrived at the base Ares told him that the soldiers he trained had learned everything they could about war. Ares had placed them and Kyknos next to each other and put coins for their travel on the River Styx on their eyes.

(Herc#1 (fb) - BTS) - Kyknos became the High Priest of Ares and founded a Warhawks sect in Brooklyn. They moved each day to a new location to avoid their enemies.

(Herc#2) - Kyknos allowed Helene Panayiotou to be brought before him by the Warhawks. She warned him of Hercules and joined the Warhawks to aid them in the destruction of Hercules.

(Herc#3) - Kyknos led the Warhawks to Cadman Plaza where Hercules was in the process of preventing a bank robbery by Basilisk, Griffin, Man-Bull and Hecate. He was going to slay Griffin after the Warhawks had shot him down from the sky, but Hercules and Man-Bull saved Griffin from Kyknos, who was knocked down by Man-Bull. Hercules, Griffin and Man-Bull then retreated into the bank to escape Kyknos, the Warhawks and the maddened crowd.

(Herc#4) - Kyknos watched the mad crowd assault Hercules, but when he ordered them to bring Hercules to him, Hercules was saved by Griffin, who flew away with Hercules. That night Kyknos was approached by Hecate, who joined Kyknos' cause and aided him by transforming Brooklyn with her magic into a place more fitting for Ares' return.

(Herc#5) - Kyknos fueled the fires of the altar of resurrection to bring back Ares. Hecate and Kyknos later watched people beat each other to death to bring back Ares with their sacrifice. They were both surprised when Basilisk, Man-Bull and Griffin delivered Hercules, petrified by the Shield of Perseus, to them.

(Herc#6) - Mad that he wasn't the one to slay Hercules Kyknos assaulted Basilisk, Man-Bull and Griffin, using Hercules' petrified form as weapon against them. Afterward Kyknos ordered Helene to slay her own father, but she couldn't do it, angering Kyknos. Hercules' petrification ended and he took away Helene's sword. Kyknos was surprised, but Hercules had already assumed Kyknos would be unable to determine that the stone spell only lasted for a few hours. With Basilisk, Man-Bull and Griffin at his side Hercules fought Kyknos, who still overpowered them. Rhea and Hercules' worshippers used their faith in Hercules to increase the powers of Basilisk, Griffin and Man-Bull temporarily. They defeated Kyknosk, who ran away and screamed for help. The Warhawks' Helene shot him in the head with a shotgun, apparently killing him.

Comments: Adapted by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Rafa Sandoval and Roger Bonet.

Research culled from Crowell's Handbook of Classical Mythology by Edward Tripp.

Apollodorus claimed Kyknos died near the Echedorus River in Macedonia, but according to Crowell's Handbook, this is due to accidental repetition, instead remaining faithful to the earlier account by Hesiod.

Profile by Will U, Prime Eternal & Markus Raymond

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