Real Name: Aphrodite Pandemos

Identity/Class: Olympian god

Occupation: Goddess of love and beauty, former magazine writer and college professor

Group Membership: Gods of Olympus

Affiliations: Adonis, Avengers, Baron Franz Heinrich, Champions, Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Fatima, the First Line, Whitney Hammond III, Whitney P. Hammond, her handmaidens (ten including Bilitis, Cleopatra, Du Barry, Helen of Troy, Juliet, Liti, Psyche, Salome), Invisible Woman (Susan Richards), Juno, Namorita, Neptune, Omar, Phorcys, Jimmy Rogers, Maria Storm, Sub-Mariner, Michael Templar, Thor, Venus, Zeus;
formerly Ares/Mars

Enemies: Animus, Ares, Sylvia Corpo, the Creeping Death, "Demon from the Deep", Gara and the gargoyles, Goom, Hippolyta, Huntsman of Zeus, Joya, Major John Dark (deceased), Della Mason, Mr. Natas, Mutates, Pluto, Neptunia, Rodney Radiant, Rumor, Son of Satan, Sultan Khorok, Undersea Titans, Yellow Claw;
formerly Agents of Atlas (Gorilla Man, Human Robot, Venus, Jimmy Woo)

Known Relatives: Zeus (father), Dione (mother), Hephaestus (estranged husband);
Cupid, Aeneas (deceased), Hermaphroditus,  Priapus (sons);
Harmonia (daughter), Psyche (daughter-in-law);
Gaea (great-grandmother), Ouranos/Uranus (great-grandfather, deceased);
Cronus, Rhea (paternal grandparents); Chiron, Hades/Pluto, Poseidon/Neptune (uncles);
Demeter, Hera, Hestia/Vesta (aunts); Prometheus, Typhon (half-uncles);
Apollo, Ares, Dionysus, Hercules, Hermes, (half-brothers); Artemis, Athena, Eileithyia, Eris, Hebe, Helen of Troy, Persephone
(half-sisters); Neptunia (cousin); Iulus (grandson, deceased)

Aliases: Aineia; Aphrodite Porne ("Aphrodite the Harlot"); Ishtar (a Phoenician goddess similar to Venus, associated with Venus Erycina/Aphrodite, See Comments); Kypris ("Lady of Cyprus"); Murcia (derived from the Greek term myrtea, or myrtle); Pandemos ("of all the people"); Philommedes ("member-loving", according to Hesiod); Victoria Nutley Starr (mortal civilian identity); Turan ("Lady", an Etruscan goddess similar to Venus); Venus Alma ("nurturing"); Venus Caelestis ("heavenly" Venus); Venus Calva ("bald"); Venus Cloacina; Venus Erycina; Venus Genetrix; Venus Jovia; Venus Libitina (probably from the Etruscan word for "death"); Venus Obsequens ("compliant"); Venus of Eryx; Venus Physica (Venus of Nature [physis]); Venus Placida ("pleasing"); Venus Pudica ("demure"); Venus Victrix ("the Winner")

Base of Operations: The extra-dimensional realm of Mount Olympus; sometimes Earth

First Historic Appearance (literary): The Iliad (8th century BC)

First Appearance: Venus#1 (August, 1948)

Physical Description: Venus is extraordinarily beautiful, perfectly proportioned, and possesses no physical flaws whatsoever.  By the standards of the Western civilization on Earth, she is the epitome of female beauty and one of the most aesthetically perfect female beings in existence.  (See Comments)

Powers/Abilities: Venus possesses the conventional powers of the Olympian gods including superhuman strength (Class 25), vitality, longevity and resistance to injury.  She also has certain magical abilities which allow her to fly at great speed, change her form to appear as someone else (or even into the form of an animal such as a dolphin), and render herself and other beings invisible from mortal eyesight (as when she rescued Paris from defeat in battle with Menelaus during the Trojan War).  As the goddess of love, Venus has the mystical ability to arouse love and passion in others and transform weapons into objects of peace.  Her enchanted girdle, called the Cestus and made by the smith-god Hephaestus, also allows its wearer to ensorcel anyone with the power of love.  The only known beings who are immune to her love-power are the goddesses Artemis, Athena, and Vesta (Hestia).  Venus is a master of all the arts and sciences of physical love, and  she has extensively studied the subject of emotional/sentimental love.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 380 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

(Greek-Roman Myth) - Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus and Dione, the oak-goddess.  On the day of her maturity, Zeus feared that the gods would fight over Aphrodite's hand in marriage because of her unparalleled beauty, and thus he married her off to the smith-god, her half-brother Hephaestus.  This union however was much to Aphrodite's disapproval.

   As a rather hedonistic goddess, Aphrodite was most displeased to be married to the lame, sooty, hard-working Hephaestus.  In turn, Aphrodite had several affairs while wedded to Hephaestus with both gods and mortals.  Most notably she cheated on him with Ares, Dionysus, and Hermes. She bore children to all of them except Hephaestus.  She also bore Aeneas, the ancestor of the Romans to the mortal Anchises.  The latter union was not truly of Aphrodite's own choosing as Zeus forced her to unite with Anchises as punishment for using her powers to join the gods in unions with mortals and then taunting them with that fact.  The most famous of Aphrodite's earthly relationships was to the mortal Adonis, one of the most attractive men in ancient Greece whose life was cut short in the prime of his youth.  Even though Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, her favorite lover was Ares.  To Ares she bore Harmonia and Eros (Cupid) who grew to be his mother's herald as the god of love.  To Hermes she bore Hermaphroditus and to Dionysus, Aphrodite bore Priapus - who had huge genitals magically given to him by Hera in disapproval for Aphrodite's promiscuity.

(Myth/Incredible Hercules#140 (fb)) - Eventually alerted about his wife by the light-god Apollo, Hephaestus caught Aphrodite and Ares together in one of their unions. She caught them in a net with a mechanical steed and paraded them around in Olympus until Zeus gave Aphrodite back to Hephaestus. To this day Aphrodite and Hephaestus have been estranged.

(Avengers: No Road Home#1 (fb)) - Aphrodite joined the festivities after Artemis, Athena, Hercules, Hermes, Neptune and Zeus defeated the gigantic two-headed snake Amphisbaena.

(Myth) - Aphrodite was indirectly responsible for the Trojan War that took place centuries ago in ancient Greece, @ 1200 BC.  In a contest among herself, Hera, and Athena to decide who was the most beautiful goddess of all, the Trojan prince Paris was approached by Hermes to play the role of arbitrator for the three goddesses--each of whom promised him a reward from whomever he chose.  Aphrodite promised him the most beautiful woman in all of Greece who at the time was Helen, her half-sister by Zeus.  Helen was the Queen of Sparta and wife of King Menelaus.  Paris chose Aphrodite, and hence the love-goddess had her son Eros entrance Helen causing her to fall in love with Paris and subsequently leave her husband, her daughter Hermione, and her kingdom for Troy.  In response to Helen's abandonment,  Menelaus organized several Greek kings and warriors against Troy, including his brother, King Agamemnon; King Ulysses, of Ithaca; and the nigh-invulnerable demigod warrior Achilles. 

(Thor Annual I#8) - During the war, the Asgardian god Thor traveled from the future and fought on the side of Troy.  He beheld Aphrodite upon the battlefield as she aided Paris, and followed her back to Olympus to confront Zeus and the other Olympians.  Later on, she attempted to save her son Aeneas after he was wounded by Diomedes, but Diomedes stabbed her hand with his spear.  Thor finally drove Diomedes off.  Ultimately, Thor returned to his own time.

   The war waged for ten years before it reached its conclusion with the destruction of Troy and the escape and subsequent voyage of Aphrodite's son Aeneas and other survivors of Troy from the ravaged city, who eventually founded the Roman peoples with whom her recognition and worship as the goddess called Venus eventually spread.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#9 (fb)) - Psyche's beauty caused mortal men to turn away from worship of Venus, whose temples fell into ruin.  Venus sent Cupid to Earth to punish her by making her fall in love with an undeserving wretch.  However, Cupid himself fell in love with her and married her. After Psyche proved her worthiness by outsmarting Venus, Cupid and Psyche lived happily for the rest of her brief mortal life.

(Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#32/2 (fb) - BTS) - Posing as Venus, the demoness Nox made love to the war god Ares, and bore two sons, Deimos and Phobos.

(Venus#1) - From her home at Mount Lustre on the planet Venus, Venus came to desire to walk amongst humanity, and so came to Earth, minus most of her godly powers. Shortly after descending to Earth in 1948, Venus became employed at Beauty Magazine, working for Whitney Hammond, who didn't believe her claim to be the goddess Venus, but believed it would be good publicity for his magazine.

(Venus#1/2) - To prove her worth as an editor to Hammond, Venus recruited ten of her handmaidens---including Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, and Salome---to come to Earth as part of a Beauty Magazine project focusing on beautiful women, thus beating the line-up in their rival publication Lovely Lady Magazine.

(Venus#2) - After weeks as an editor at Beauty Magazine, Venus had won the jealousy of Whitney Hammond's secretary Della Mason; Della misdirected her to visit the western town of Cactus City instead of going on the assignment Whitney gave her.  However, Venus's presence in Cactus City created enough publicity for the magazine that Whitney overlooked the error.

(Venus#2/2) - Venus toured Beauty Magazine's printing plant, where her presence seemingly proved distracting but actually resulted in higher productivity, as her beauty and charm cheered up the employees.

(Venus#2/5) - Della hired Sam Stout and Willie Weed of the Peerless Private Detective Agency to trail Venus; the two detectives learned of Venus's true nature, but neither Della nor Whitney believed their report.

(Venus#3) - Venus met movie star Rodney Radiant, the reincarnation of Narcissus; her efforts broke through his self-absorption and helped his relationship with Connie Lane.

(Venus#3/4) - The sun god Apollo followed Venus to Earth and took the name of "Paul Belvedere" to interact with mortals, but when his visit resulted in the sun's refusal to set, Venus led him back to Olympus and commanded him to remain.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#91) - Venus brought her servant Juno to Earth to help her encourage Frank Foster to open himself to romance.

(Venus#4) - Venus attempted to make Whitney Hammond jealous by seeming to court the demigod Sampson.

(Venus#4/3) - Della Mason started a rumor about Venus's supposed mental instability to have her sent to psychologist Dr. Dingle, but when Dingle met with her, he himself became mentally disturbed by Venus's claims.

(Venus#4/4) - Hoping to break up Venus's relationship with Whitney, Della arranged for Venus to visit Dr. Saunders, a handsome doctor whose female patients always fell in love with him; however, Saunders (like Dr. Dingle) fell in love with Venus, only to be driven to distraction by Venus's insistence that she was a goddess.

(Venus#5) - Venus was ordered by Jupiter to return to Olympus, but she claimed that her work on Earth (bringing couples together) was too important; Jupiter gave her one week to find a perfect couple to prove her point.  Venus believed that Meg Saunders and her boyfriend Danny met the criteria, but Jupiter sent Apollo and Daphne to Earth under the aliases of "Renee Andre" and "Rona Belladonna" to break up the couple so that Venus would be forced to leave Earth.  Venus saw through their efforts and helped Meg and Danny stay together, earning Jupiter's permission to remain on Earth.

(Venus#6) - Loki met Venus in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

(Venus#7) - Jupiter's jealous daughter Joya was envious of Venus' relationship with the mortal Whitney Hammond.  In turn, Joya called for a trial of the gods for Venus, as she accused Venus of being a traitor for consorting with a human.  Jupiter sent Mercury to Earth to find Venus, and Mercury brought her and Whitney to Olympus.  However, Loki, whom the Olympian gods had banished to the underworld in an earlier trial some time ago, took the opportunity to invade Olympus.  To appease Loki, Venus agreed to go with him back to the underworld.  However "Venus" was actually a repentant Joya, who had switched appearances with Venus.

(Venus#8) - Venus helped Rona Flanders of Langston, Ohio, win the heart of womanizer George Huston.

(Venus#10) - Venus was confronted by the Son of Satan, who was in love with her, and attempted to romance her. When she spurned him, he unleashed catastrophes upon the Earth, including a flood and typhoon. With the aid of Apollo, Venus was able to undo the flood, and finally halted the typhoon by agreeing to be with the Son of Satan. However, she then called upon Apollo to imprison him, and Apollo sent him flying into space.

(Venus#10/2) - Venus' rival Della attempted to remove her from the offices of Beauty Magazine by tricking her to visit the offices of rival publisher Lovely Lady so that Whitney Hammond would think she had deserted him to become their new editor. However, Venus foiled Della's plot by convincing the Lovely Lady publisher, Paul Banner, into selling his company to Beauty Magazine.

(Venus#10/3) - Venus met Randy Dover, who had created a rocket ship with which he intended to travel to the moon. Dover was smitten with Venus, to the dismay of his girlfriend, Ann Saunders. Venus accompanied Dover to the moon, and saved him from the Luna-Things which dwelt there, but to finally break the spell of love she had unwillingly placed upon him, she caused him to forget that he had ever made it to the moon, and drove him off by appearing to be a gold-digger. He was happily reunited with Ann Saunders.

(Venus#11/1) - After being rejected by the woman he loved, scientist Michael Templar attempted to extort the world by building a device that caused Earth to move closer and closer to the sun. Venus kindled a romance between the lovelorn Templar and his lab assistant Maria Storm, and the scientist reversed his device, thus preventing the end of the world.

(Venus#12) - The petty Far Eastern despot Sultan Khorok had his minion Shabor find Venus for him, as Khorok wanted a new woman for his seraglio.  Venus allowed herself to be taken in order to investigate Khorok.

    Khorok, ruler of the oppressed people of Cassarobia, held gladiatorial games, using lions in these death matches.  The Olympian gods, including Jupiter and Mercury, for some odd reason could not use their powers in Cassarobia, so they called upon Loki (whose powers could work in Cassarobia) to help Venus.  Loki, charmed by Venus, decided to help, and sent his demons to possess Khorok's lions.

    Khorok had his aides use flame-throwers on the lions, and Venus called upon Thor to save her.  Thor appeared and created a storm, ruining the flame-throwers.  Afterward, Khorok was deposed.

(Venus#12/2) - While traveling on the cruise ship called the Honolulu Queen, Venus sighted a strange island in the ocean.  From the island, fish-like humanoids emerged and started attacking the passengers and crew of the Honolulu Queen.  Venus went to Neptune and spoke with him.  Neptune went with her to the island of the fish-like humanoids.  The humanoids revealed that their land was normally upon the bottom of the ocean, but atomic bomb tests by humans had caused it to rise to the top.  Neptune stated he would fix things.

(Venus#13) - Major John Dark, a dishonorably discharged military man, set about creating a juggernaut robot to level cities. Venus asked Jupiter for Mars and Thor's help in stopping the device. Venus confronted Dark and told him to disclose to her his plans. Thor and Mars destroyed the robot, with Dark (repentant after Venus confronted him with the error of his ways) dying trying to save an American flag from the flaming wreckage of his lab.

(Venus#13) - The Creeping Death, a blob-type monster, went on a rampage, so Venus had Jupiter summon Thor.  Thor blasted the Creeping Death so that it sustained an injury, setting off a chain reaction which caused all the cells in the Creeping Death to die.

(Venus#14) - At a club, Venus and Whitney saw Baron Franz Heinrich, the famous German adventurer.  Later, Heinrich attempted to find the Fountain of Youth on the planet Mars. Venus became involved in his odd quest and encountered Azrael, the angel of death.

(Venus#15) - Venus encountered Jerome Lenz, a man with a magic camera that reduced people whom he photographed into two dimensional images.  However, Whitney later stopped by Lenz's studio and took a picture of Lenz, with the camera-reducing Lenz to a two dimensional image. Fortunately, taking a picture with the same camera and the same film restored a person to their normal state.

(Venus#16) - Venus discovered that on the 13th floor of the Graycar Building, there existed stone gargoyles which had been brought to life by Sylvia Corpo.  However, one gargoyle named Gara turned on her, and in the course of their clash, they both fell down the building's elevator shaft, and the gargoyle perished on impact.

(Venus#16/2) - Venus investigated the disappearances of several people, all of whom were related to recently deceased people.  Her investigation led her to a crematorium run by Mr. Natas.  Venus, Whitney Hammond, and Della Mason arranged a hoax wherein Venus (supposedly dead) was brought to the crematorium by her "sister" Della and "chauffeur" Whitney; Whitney substituted weights for Venus just prior to her casket's cremation, then departed.  After the supposed cremation of Venus, Natas attempted to drug Della in order to cremate her alive, as he had the missing people, but Venus confronted him with knowledge of his actions.  The panicky Natas (whose name, as Venus pointed out, was an anagram for "Satan") claimed that his victims weren't supposed to rise until he had sent them to "Hades"; when Venus doubted his supposed identity as "Satan", Natas laughed and threw himself into his own crematorium.  Afterwards, the police were unable to find any trace of Natas's ashes, leading Venus and Della to suspect that he was in fact Satan and had returned to Hades.

(Venus#16/4) - Venus's co-worker Betty shared her fears that her mother, recently remarried, was losing her mind; Venus accompanied Betty to the home of her mother and stepfather, where she learned that the stepfather was using anesthetic gas and trick rooms to make Betty's mother believe the house was haunted.  Venus exposed the man to his own gas, and he was driven out of his basement laboratory by what appeared to be ghosts.  Distraught, he accused Venus of using trick ghosts against him, then fell down stairs to his death.  Venus and Betty were left to speculate that real ghosts might have driven the man to his death, and Venus prepared to report the death to the police and to have Betty's mother taken to a sanitarium.

(Venus#17/1) - In the summer of 1951, Venus accompanied Lord Ethingwell to rural England, where she investigated his claim that his castle was haunted by the ghost of his step-daughter Cathy. But Venus later learned that Cathy was still alive--after murdering Cathy's mother in 1941 so he could claim the castle as his own, Ethingwell had two hired men--Hans and Paul--seal Cathy in the castle's tower, then he killed his two underlings. But Cathy had discovered a secret passage to escape imprisonment, and she had been secretly living in the castle for all those years. Venus and Cathy eventually found Lord Ethingwell in the tower, where he had apparently been frightened to death by the ghosts of Hans and Paul.

(Venus#17/2) - Venus investigated the disappearance of magazine cartoonist Jimmy Rogers, who proved to be held captive in his apartment by his own monstrous cartoon creations, which had come to life.  With Venus' aid, he created a super-hero ("Hero"), who defeated the monsters, restoring reality to normal for Jimmy.

(Venus#17/4) - In New York City, Venus investigated when gigantic "statues" mysteriously appeared in cities around the world. She later learned that the "statues" were actually immobilized Undersea Titans, whose bodies had ossified when their skin had dried. The gargantuan creatures were temporarily revived during a rainstorm, and they went on a destructive rampage; but when the rain subsided, the monsters were forced to flee back to the ocean.

(Venus#18/2) - While flying over the Rocky Mountains, Venus' airplane crashed, but miraculously, no one aboard perished.  They found a ghost town in the mountains filled with gold, but it was protected by plant-men, whom Venus fought off.  While leading them out of the mountains, an avalanche killed everyone except Venus herself, who was finally brought to a nearby town, where she learned that the plane crash had occurred twenty years earlier--and she had not been one of the passengers.

(Venus#18/4) - Venus investigated the destruction of several homes along the Atlantic coast by tidal waves and found that Neptunia, daughter of Neptune, was behind them, acting out in anger towards the surface world for her father's seeming death. They clashed, and Neptunia was seemingly killed in the storm.

(Venus#19) - Venus and Whitney did a story on a medium named Igor.  Igor constructed a protective circle, and his client Andreas arrived.  Andreas revealed that he and his fellow soldiers George, Bill, and Ed had been rivals for the affections of a woman named Mara. Mara stated that she would marry the man among them who lived the longest. Apparently, somehow Andreas lost track of Mara and his friends in the time since.  He had Igor summon the ghosts of his friends and Mara.  Andreas then revealed that he was a ghost himself.

(Venus#19/2) - While taking a cruise aboard a luxury liner, Venus battled the menace of a ghostly "Demon from the Deep".

(Venus#19/4) - Messenger Gordon Kostner delivered a package to Venus, which suddenly began speaking, promising vast power to whoever opened it.  Venus sensed that it was evil and so avoided it, but the messenger lacked her strength and tore the package open.  From inside the "Box of Doom" emerged a hideous creature which then merged with the messenger. Suddenly filled with power and driven to madness, the messenger chased after Venus.  The goddess of love fled, until she saw that the messenger no longer had a reflection. Realizing that he had become a vampire, she staked him through the chest, destroying him.

(Marvel Valentine Special#1/3 (fb) - BTS) - Knowing that her lover, Whitney, would grow older while she remained eternally young, Venus chose to leave him and return to Mt. Olympus.  Their parting was painful, as Whitney never believed she was truly a goddess.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#5 (fb) - BTS) - In 1952, Venus encountered Jacob Scott, who was secretly the shape-shifting Skrull Velmax.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#5) - In the late 1960's, Venus was taken over by the mind-controlling villain Rumor, who forced her to use her love powers to ensorcel the young people of America.  With the aid of the First Line and Thor, Venus was freed from Rumor's control.

(Girl Comics II#1/2) - Venus and her friends overheard Hercules bragging to Zeus about beating the Sub-Mariner back to the bottom of the sea. Venus reminded the men that she had been a hero to humanity as well twenty years earlier, but Hercules claimed that her powers were nothing compared to his strength. She made a bet with Zeus to prove that her powers were as strong as Hercules' muscles.

   Venus returned to her old working place at Beauty Magazine and tried to become an editor again, but the people working there now had no interest to hire her. Editor Arnold Reese, who was secretly the god Ares, offered Venus a job as junior assistant copy girl. She took the job and tried to show her fashion designs to Reese, who was pushing for a more violent and edgy look for the magazine.

   Reese eventually sent Venus to the TV station to assist supermodel Fatima with her costume changes. Venus caught Fatima with her lover Omar, who was trying to bring democracy to her country and opposed her father, the king of Bah-Raquistan. Venus agreed to keep their love secret. During the shoot Fatima was kidnapped by Satyrs posing as actors. Venus helped Omar find Fatima and ordered the Satyrs to return to their master and tell him that his plan had failed. After Omar and Fatima were reunited, Venus teleported back to Beauty Magazine to confront Reese, who she had figured out was Ares working for Zeus. Ares teleported away moments before magazine owner Whitney Hammond III arrived to fire him for the violent pictures in the magazine, which tanked sales. When he saw Venus' designs he decided to make her the new editor.

   A month later Venus lived in a luxurious condo and was dating Whitney Hammond III. When Mercury visited her to ask her in Zeus' name to return to Olympus, Venus told him that she had decided to stay on Earth.

(Sub-Mariner I#57 - BTS) - In later years, Venus became a professor of humanities at UCLA. Among her students was Namorita, cousin of the Sub-Mariner.

(Sub-Mariner I#57) - Venus was pursued again by Ares, and in the course of their clash, the Sub-Mariner came upon them. Venus disguised herself in her mortal guise as Victoria Nutley Starr to temporarily evade Namor.

   When Victoria Starr was reported missing, Namorita convinced Namor to go searching for her, and he found a dolphin which transformed into Venus, who asked him to aid her against Ares.  Although Ares transformed into a shark, a squid, and a swordfish, he was no match for Namor in his native element, and was defeated.  Venus forced Ares to make peace and depart from the Earth.

(Champions I#1-3) - Venus was assaulted at UCLA by Pluto's Mutates, Ares, and Hippolyta, who planned to force her to marry Ares, and Hercules to marry Hippolyta.  Ares, Pluto, and Hippolyta were defeated thanks to the intervention of the heroes Iceman, Angel, Black Widow, and Ghost Rider, but the rogue gods went unpunished by Zeus, at Venus' request.  Subsequently, Hercules, the Black Widow, Ghost Rider, Angel and Iceman remained together as the super-hero team known as the Champions.

(Avengers I#283-284) - When Zeus took action against the Avengers, believing them to be responsible for injuries Hercules had suffered, Venus came to aid the Avengers, encouraged by the Sub-Mariner.  She stood alongside Apollo, Athena, and Hephaestus in an attempt to convince Zeus to hear the Avengers out, but Zeus believed himself betrayed and knocked them all unconscious.  Subsequently, he repented his actions and forbade the Olympians from interfering with earthly matters.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#9) - Ares used the Amulet of Amuk to control and manipulate Venus. Venus convinced Cupid that the Avenger Mockingbird was the reincarnation of his lover Psyche. Cupid attempted to force Mockingbird to remember him, battled the Avengers West Coast, and defeated the team when they opposed him.  Eventually, with the aid of Hercules, the Avengers stopped Cupid, and they convinced him of the error of his ways.  They traveled to Mt. Olympus, where they stopped Venus and Zeus from falling prey to Ares' plot.

(Sensational She-Hulk I#36) - Venus summoned Cupid to her and asked him to use his arrows on her behalf to make the villain Mahkizmo fall in love.  He decided to make him fall in love with the She-Hulk.

(Marvel Valentine Special#1/3) - From Mt. Olympus on Valentine's Day, Venus wondered about her old flame, Whitney Hammond.  Another goddess, Joya, informed her of a threat to Earth, which she then went to deal with.  The Hanover Computer Dating Service, run by Hedy DeVine and Chili, came across what appeared to be the perfect man as one of their applicants.  Chili thought to set herself up with this man, but Venus appeared to warn her away. Disregarding Venus, Chili contacted the applicant, who turned out to be Goom, emissary from Planet X.  Goom claimed Chili as his bride and then revealed his plan to mate with many human women to form a generation of Goom-spawn to infiltrate Earth's culture.

   Venus tried to drive off Goom to no avail, and Goom decided to start his mating ritual with her. Their struggle alerted the silent partner of the company, Whitney Hammond, who wished to fight the monstrous Goom himself.  However, Venus then pulled out the Floppy Disk of the Gods, with which she located the perfect match for Goom: Shivoor of Colony World X-IV.  Though disappointed to lose all of the Earth hotties, Goom left with Shivoor to begin their plans of universal conquest.

   Venus declared her love for Whitney, and she took him to Mt. Olympus to live out his final days in the arms of his eternal soul mate.

(Hercules III#4 - BTS) - Venus was presumably present with the Olympian pantheon as they convened a board meeting on Earth at the Olympus Group, assuming the appearances of mortal businessmen in an attempt to maintain some connection with humanity. Zeus had gathered them to confront Hera for manipulating Hercules into appearing on a reality television show as part of an attempt to gain revenge upon him, but he wound up being jeered at by his own family for his many infidelities. They finally voted against interfering with Hercules' labors.

(Agents of Atlas II#10) - Aphrodite heard a reporter on the radio talk about a woman working with the Agents of Atlas that made them drop their weapons and abandon their post. The men on the radio wondered if the woman was Venus. Aphrodite ordered a Satyr to find out everything about the Agents of Atlas and the author talking on the radio. She was very interested to learn if Venus was the mortal that had been calling herself Venus.

(Assault on New Olympus Prologue#1/1) - Aphrodite learned of the Naiad Venus and that Athena was doing business with Venus' team the Agents of Atlas in the past.

(Assault on New Olympus Prologue#1/2) - Athena and Amadeus Cho approached Aphrodite to ask her for help against Hera, but Aphrodite didn't want to help Athena because Athena didn't tell her about the Venus imposter within the Atlas Foundation.

(X-Men Vs. Agents of Atlas#1-2 - BTS) - Hera found Venus for Aphrodite. Mad at the siren for using her Roman name (and seemingly pretending to be Aphrodite) she sent the centaur Manolis to kidnap Venus and bring her to Aphrodite's temple at the Adirondacks.

(X-Men Vs. Agents of Atlas#2/2) - Aphrodite animated a statue of herself and watched Venus getting branded with her symbol. Furious that a thrall of Phorcys, a creature created in her image, was thought to be her, Aphrodite tried to burn Venus, but the Agents of Atlas saved Venus by destroying the statue. Aphrodite watched the scene from the Olympus Group Tower in Manhattan and planned to send Phorcys after his creation. (the plan miserably failed)

(Incredible Hercules#138) - Venus slept with Ares to keep him away from joining Hera's cause.

(Incredible Hercules#139/2) - A Faun contacted Aphrodite, who was still with Ares, when the Naiad Venus and the Agents of Atlas attacked the guards in the tunnels beneath Olympus Group Tower. Aphrodite was ready to go after her.

(Incredible Hercules#140/2) - Aphrodite teleported to the tunnels to confront the Agents of Atlas and Venus.

(Incredible Hercules#141/2) - Aphrodite and Venus battled each other with their songs. Touched by Venus' song Aphrodite kissed her and declared Venus the new Olympian Goddess of Love. She gave her cestus to Venus, so the Olympians would acknowledge her status. Aphrodite then left to find a new way for herself.


(Love Unlimited Infinity#38 (fb) - BTS) - When Venus first encountered Animus his hate vanished and he lost his powers. He kept stalking her just to regain his ability to hate her.

(Love Unlimited Infinity#37) - Venus hung out at the Bar With No Name and had a drink. Deadpool sat down on the barstool next to her and began to talk to her, which annoyed Animus, who sought Venus' attention. Venus had no interest in him though and mocked him for wearing makeup. She didn't seem bothered when Deadpool took off his masks and left behind her handbag with the Cestus belt when she left and never returned from the toilet.

(Love Unlimited Infinity#40) - Venus stopped Deadpool from handing the Cestus over to Animus. She realized that she had accidentally left behind the Cestus because she had grown weary of providing love to others only to never claim it for herself. She deemed Deadpool unworthy of the Cestus and now wanted it back and then take love away from everyone because they had chosen to hate.

(Love Unlimited Infinity#41) - Invisible Woman told off Venus because she didn't believe it was her right to give love or Animus' to abuse hate. Venus was still mad because she believed that love should negate hate, but humanity allowed the latter to exist anyway. Animus claimed that Venus couldn't exist without him and she was annoyed enough to prove him wrong. She used her powers on the attendees while Animus did the same to see which side humanity would choose. Invisible Woman had enough and trapped them both in force bubbles. Deadpool used the Cestus to bath the crowd with the capacity to love and be loved, which cost Animus his powers. Invisible Woman released Venus and Animus and while the former thanked her for the friendly reminder that the balance between love and hate is needed, the latter just ran away. Deadpool offered to go out on a date with Venus and she accepted.

(Love Unlimited Infinity#42 (fb)) - Venus went on a few romantic dates with Deadpool, but in the end left him because it would never work between them because everyone fell in love with her and she fell in love with everyone as well.

Comments: Adapted into Greek literature by Homer; adapted into comics by an unknown writer and artist.

    Venus#1 claimed that Venus was from the planet Venus.

    The frog-men from Venus#12/2 have some resemblance to the Atlantean "Ranine" race, as pointed out by GammaTotem.

    A note on the Avengers of the 1950's: In the Avengers Forever limited series they were seemingly ret-conned out of existence. However, in a personal communication with Kurt Busiek (on Avengers Message Board), he specifically stated that he did not wipe the Avengers of the 1950s from existence.  One alternate timeline containing them was wiped out.  The group may well have existed in the mainstream past, but they just weren't called the Avengers.  He suggested the name: "The G-Men."
    Obviously, this was later sorted out as the Earth-616 group being designated "Department Zero" and eventually becoming known as the Agents of Atlas...and that Venus was eventually revealed to be a Naiad, not the goddess Aphrodite.

It was implied in Sub-Mariner I#57 that Ares was responsible for the Vietnam War, and that by casting him from the Earth, Venus had ended the war.

  • I might extrapolate that Venus appears as the ideal female form to whomever is seeing her, not just the Western world.  This power could even extend beyond the human race.  This is unconfirmed.
  • Venus obviously appears in every story in Venus#1-15, but we don't have these issues.  If you'd like to summarize the stories, we'll add it in and credit you.
  • I've got Venus listed as appearing in Captain America comics#1/
         - I saw this listed somewhere, but I did read a Microfiche copy of Captain America Comics#1 and even indexed it, and I don't remember her in it. 
  • Chili is named as Chili Storm in other sources, but as Chili Seven in the Valentine Story. I'd ASSume it's the same person, from the old 1950s romance comics, but I'm not sure what the deal is.
  • --Snood.

    An alternate origin of Venus attributed to Hesiod in his Theogony describes her as emerging whole and adult from the foam gathered in the ocean over where the severed testicles of Ouranos/Uranus were cast by the sky god's son Chronos/Saturn.  This myth has been visually immortalized by the Renaissance artist Botticelli's painting The Birth of Venus.--Kyle

    Here's an interesting interpretation of Venus as another form of Inanna/Ishtar, courtesy of Will U:
"Inanna was the Goddess of love, daughter of Zeus and Dione (Antum).  After Hera became queen of Olympus, many of Zeus's loves left Olympus with Leto taking refuge on the island of Delos where Apollo and Artemis were born and Io eventually fled to Egypt after being turned to a cow where Epaphus was born.  Dione fled to the island of Cythera where Aphrodite was born.  Swimming in the sea there led to the myth that she was born from it.  Both the goddesses found asylum in the realm of the Mesopotamian gods where Anu took Dione as his wife.  Renamed Antum and later Asherah, she gave birth to Enlil, Ninurta, Hadad and Martu,  Sumerian gods of wind and storm with obvious Olympian attributes.  Aphrodite was adopted by Anu and called Inanna, later Astarte, Ishtar and other names.

    Some generations later, the Phoenician Empire fell to the Greeks.  As Zeus and Anu reached a peaceful truce, Dione stayed as Queen of the Mesopotamian Gods, but Aphrodite left for her Olympian heritage.  For some compensation, Zeus seduced the Phoenician princess Europa and in the form of a bull abducted her to Crete where she became ancestor to the ruling Houses of Crete, Argos, Mycenae and Tiryns.  Inanna vanishes from the Mesopotamian stories as Aphrodite appears out of nowhere in Greece.  The love goddess still favors the other side of the Mediterranean and later returns to seduce the Phoenician prince Adonis and much later make trouble for the Phoenician princess Psyche.

    Tales of Suspense I#43 has a story called "I was a Victim of Venus". However, it only deals with the planet Venus, not the Goddess.

Venus in Sweet XVI canon?
(Sweet XVI#4 - BTS) (At some point before 438 AD) - Venus sent a lightning bolt to strike two lovers who defied her. They were oddly not seriously injured.
  I am not sure when Sweet XVI took place, but the loose talk about the Olympian gods places it before the Theodosian Code. One of the lovers ribs the other about believing literally in the Olympian gods in an interesting culture sidelight. In the time of the Pax Romana, belief was not considered important for religion. Therefore, there were few scriptural religions, and it seems people generally tended not to believe in the stories of the gods literally.
--John McDonagh

Thanks to Ron Fredricks for adding Venus#17/1 & 17/4.

Profile by Alexander Knowles, Per Degaton, Ronald Byrd, and Prime Eternal

Venus, the Marvel version of the Greco-Roman love goddess,  should not be confused with:

  • Frutis - an ancient Latin goddess sometimes called Venus who was worshipped annually by all Latins and who has not been depicted in the Marvel Universe
  • Venus - the second planet in our solar system
  • Venus - Agents of Atlas member, Naiad posing as the Olympian goddess--Agents of Atlas I#1
  • Venus Dee Milo - of X-Statix--X-Statix#1
  • Nox - who impersonated her--Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#32
  • Any other fictional version of the goddess, comics-related or otherwise

Venus' other name of Aphrodite should not be confused with:

  • Aphrodite Antheia (Latin for "Flora") AKA Flora, another incarnation (the third) of Venus Erycina, spirit of blossoming, associated with the carnal ceremony of the earlier Vinalia ritual @ the 2nd and 3rd centuries, especially under the influence of the Greek Sibylline Books, and not yet depicted in the Marvel Universe

The Son of Satan encountered by Venus should not be confused with:

  • The Son of Satan, Daimon Hellstrom, @ Marvel Spotlight I#12
  • The Sons of Satan, seven Japanese brothers who seemed to pass their power to the next in line when they died, @ Captain America Comics#37

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