Membership: 3-D Man (Delroy Garrett, Jr.), Banda, Doctor Zu, Gorilla Man (Ken Hale), Human Robot (M-11), Derek Khanata, Chang Li-Ten (Billy Chang), M-1, M-3, M-5, M-8, M-12, M-15, Min, Mister Lao, Namora, Temugin, Chan Tze, the Uranian/Marvel Boy (Bob Grayson), Venus (siren), Jimmy Woo (Woo Yen Jet), Xan, Xian, numerous unidentified servants and warrior scholars; formerly Emil, Suwan, Terence, Dr. Cyrus Virro, Yellow Claw (Plan Chu);
(Atlas agents-in-training) (only known by internet screennames): @Anti_Drummer, @CAP10266, @CharlieChu, @comicbookery, @dbed, @FrankSarnie, @highway_62, @Hutchimus, @JeffFromWV, @jrsavitski, @Justin3000, @Kendall_Koller, @kylelatino, @MattSpringer, @mizzelle, @NewMutant, @phillyradiogeek, @RussellTheNoob, @sgerrets, @Soranomaru, @sparticus, @thefrogbag, @theisb, @Tim_Charleston,  @TravisEllisor

Purpose: To restore the empire of Genghis Khan to its former glory by various means (sometimes peaceful, sometimes not)

Aliases: None

Affiliations: The Avengers (Luke Cage, Captain America/James Barnes, Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers, Ronin/Clint Barton, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Wolverine/James Howlett), the Avengers (from an earlier point in time shortly after they first battled Kang) (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Giant-Man/Hank Pym, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Thor/Thor Odinson, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne), Phil Coulson (though Coulson's & Atlas' memories were altered), the Olympus Group, the X-Men (Archangel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Hank McCoy, Cloak/Tyrone Johnson, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Dagger/Tandy Bowen, Emma Frost, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Namor/Namor McKenzie, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Pixie/Megan Gwynn, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Rockslide/Santo Vaccarro, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Sunspot/Bobby Da Costa, Surge/Noriko Ashida, Wolverine/James Howlett); formerly Electroghouls

Enemies: Aphrodite, the ATF (Arnett, "Man-Mountain" Marko, others), Baron Zemo (Heinrich Zemo) (of an alternate reality), the Bloodface Guard (Bastoc, others), Borgia Omega, Echo Worlders, the Great Wall society (Jade Claw/Suwan, M-21, Chin Ti, Yao, others), the Growing Man, H.A.M.M.E.R. (Norman Osborn, others), the Hammer of Thule (Vorster, others), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Mustafa Kazun, Lava Men, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Case, Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan, Hall, Munoz, others), the Sentry (Bob Reynolds), Skrulls, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (though he was only an enemy of a renegade faction), the Thunderbolts (Ant-Man/Eric O'Grady, Ghost, Grizzly/Max Markham, Headsman/Cleavon Twain, Mr. X, Paladin, Scourge/Frank Simpson), the United States military (Hadleman, numerous others); formerly the G-Men (Gorilla Man, Human Robot, Marvel Boy, Venus, Jimmy Woo), the X-Men (Archangel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Hank McCoy, Cloak/Tyrone Johnson, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Dagger/Tandy Bowen, Emma Frost, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Namor/Namor McKenzie, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Pixie/Megan Gwynn, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Rockslide/Santo Vaccarro, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Sunspot/Bobby Da Costa, Surge/Noriko Ashida, Wolverine/James Howlett)

Base of Operations: The Temple of Atlas, within the hidden city underneath San Francisco, California, USA

First Appearance: (behind-the-scenes, unidentified): Men's Adventures I#26 (March, 1954);
(identified by name): Agents of Atlas I#1 (October, 2006);
(seen): Agents of Atlas I#2 (November, 2006)

History: (Agents of Atlas I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Upon its founding, the Atlas Foundation took its name from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

(All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update#2 - Agents of Atlas profile - BTS) - A secret society, the Atlas Foundation was known to seek world domination through various pervasive means. Steeping in science and sorcery, the Atlas Foundation regarded itself as the continuation of Genghis Khan's Mongol Empire

(Agents of Atlas I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Despite many others claiming to be of Genghis Khan's lineage, the Atlas Foundation was the only organization to possess the Spirit Banner of Temujin, a mystic artifact made from the hair of Genghis Khan's loyal horse. The lung dragon Mister Lao served as adviser for the Atlas Foundation, devouring each previous leader, who thought they would be the leader who could not find a successor, when a new leader arose, including Kublai.

(Agents of Atlas II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Under Atlas Foundation bylaws, Mister Lao was to choose the next Foundation leader until the current leader chose his own.

(Agents of Atlas II#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Atlas Foundation continued their goals of world domination using the entirety of the hordes at their disposal.

(Agents of Atlas II#10 (fb) - BTS) - A scientist in the service of the Atlas Foundation began the Menacer series of robots, starting with the M-1 in 1927. The scientist eventually created the M-3, M-5 and M-8 series, which his son (later called Doctor Zu) began apprenticing on. At some point, the Atlas Foundation established a diamond mine with deplorable working conditions.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - Following World War II, the descendants of the Thule organization that had aided the Red Skull went underground, secretly infiltrating many large espionage organizations including the Atlas Foundation.

(Agents of Atlas I#6 (fb) - BTS) - After Mister Lao battled a genie and gained its magical power as well as its imprisonment, the Yellow Claw and the era's most powerful sorcerer freed Lao, allowing him to return to the Atlas Foundation but Lao was still forced to continue his imprisonment of servitude and became the royal adviser to the Yellow Claw upon his ascension to leadership and the Claw ultimately chose the young Woo Yen Jet (later Jimmy Woo) as his successor based on his lineage from Genghis Khan among other factors. When Woo's parents refused to allow their son to be involved, they fled to America and urged Woo to pursue law enforcement. In order to allow Woo to rise through the government, the Claw redesigned himself as the perfect foil for the now-adult FBI agent Jimmy Woo in hopes of manipulating Woo into eventually taking his place within the Atlas Foundation. The Atlas Foundation also began manipulating events to help Woo gather a team of allies to help him someday storm the Atlas Foundation's headquarters.

(Gorilla-Man I#3 (fb) - BTS/Men's Adventures I#26 - BTS) - As part of his assisting the Atlas Foundation in Woo's gathering of allies, Mr. Lao assumed human form and met with soldier of fortune Ken Hale, who was dying. Remarking that Hale's resourcefulness and leadership qualities were considered invaluable to the Atlas Foundation, whom Lao advised, Lao mentioned that there was an immortal African beast that, when killed, would transfer its magic to whomever killed it. Once Hale had killed the beast and was transformed into the Gorilla-Man, the Atlas Foundation made sure a file on Gorilla-Man made its way to FBI agent Jimmy Woo as Woo was searching for candidates for his Department Zero team of G-Men.

(Agents of Atlas I#6 (fb) - BTS/Menace I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Mister Lao later commissioned the M-11 robot from the Atlas scientist Dr. Cyrus Virro, so that Jimmy might someday use his team to storm through the Atlas Foundation's gauntlet and take the Spirit Banner of Temujin to seal his leadership. Ultimately, Cyrus Virro sacrificed his life to give M-11 as sense of emotion.

(Atlas I#3/2 (fb) - BTS) - Eventually, nearly every business with the name "Atlas" in it became a front for the Atlas Foundation and the Foundation became a worldwide network of connected operations.

(Atlas I#3/2) - In 1954, Atlas Foundation workers were summoned to a factory where M-11, one of Atlas' Menacer series robots, awoke and began attacking the Atlas Foundation members near it. The Atlas members used an override controller to stop M-11, where the Yellow Claw then introduced himself and gave M-11 the purpose of serving the Atlas Foundation by creating destruction and mayhem. The Yellow Claw continued, remarking that with robots like M-11, the Atlas Foundation would enforce its supremacy in the world and bring nations to its knees. M-11 remained stopped due to the Yellow Claw's orders conflicting with the emotions that Cyrus Virro had bestowed within M-11 using his own lifeforce.

(Agents of Atlas I#6 (fb) - BTS) - When Atlas' attempts at leading Woo to the aquatic Namora failed in 1958, the Yellow Claw kidnapped President Dwight Eisenhower was pleasantly surprised when Woo appeared at Atlas' Mongolian fortress to rescue the President.

(Agents of Atlas I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Mr. Lao was considered a "bigwig" within the Atlas Foundation in notes compiled by Jimmy Woo.

(Agents of Atlas I#3 (fb) - BTS) - As leader, of the Atlas Foundation the Yellow Claw built an extensive empire of underground holdings in an effort to expand Atlas' reach.

(Gorilla-Man I#2 (fb) - BTS) - During the 1950s, the Atlas Foundation owned the comic book company known as Timely-Atlas.

(Atlas I#1/2) - Jimmy Woo's Department Zero/G-Men uncovered a secret Atlas Foundation project involving the electrical animation of corpses and the Yellow Claw questioned his adviser, Mr. Lao, on how to proceed. Mr. Lao answered that since the G-Men would ultimately uncover the entire project, a test run of the corpses might be a good idea. As the corpses advanced toward Woo and his men, Mr. Lao asked what would happen if the corpses killed Woo and the Yellow Claw replied that if Woo died, he was not worthy of taking over the Atlas Foundation as the Claw's successor and that either way, the Atlas Foundation won.

(Atlas I#2/2) - The Yellow Claw and the Atlas Foundation watched as Jimmy Woo's team battled the animated corpses, which Mr. Lao referred to as "Electroghouls." Eagerly watching as Woo's team defeated the Electroghouls, the Yellow Claw and Mr. Lao predicted that Woo would one day lead the Atlas Foundation into a dynasty that conquered the world.

(Agents of Atlas I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Following Jimmy Woo's ally Marvel Boy returning to space, the Atlas Foundation acquired Woo's teammate, the Human Robot, and the Human Robot stayed with Atlas for years as upgrades were made to it. As Jimmy Woo rose up in the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization to subdirector, only to be relegated to office work, the Atlas Foundation lost track of him. In that time, the Yellow Claw did as Mr. Lao suggested and began using the Atlas Foundation's empire of holdings in the field of commerce in an effort to manipulate the world economy.

(Agents of Atlas II#8 (fb) - BTS) - The Atlas Foundation established the Atlas Sign Museum, a front company for their biological experiments, in Las Vegas, Nevada. After the Atlas Foundation lost track of Jimmy Woo, Yellow Claw's niece Suwan sought to become the Claw's successor and threw herself into Atlas Foundation work, eventually commanding the Atlas Foundation's entire Asian forces while the Yellow Claw focused more on Atlas' western side. After the Chinese Atlas Foundation horde grew loyal to Suwan only, the Yellow Claw ordered Suwan to stand down, causing the Suwan loyalists to start a violent battle that created a rift between the eastern and western Atlas Foundation forces. The two forces eventually developed the Atlas-Great Wall Treaty between the two and the Yellow Claw's forces continued to operate as the Atlas Foundation.

(Agents of Atlas II#10 (fb) - BTS) - When Suwan broke away from the Atlas Foundation following the rift, she stole Doctor Zu's designs for the Menacer series of robots and began designing her own Menacer robots.

(Agents of Atlas II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Suwan established the Great Wall organization out of her loyal Atlas Foundation forces, soon taking over all of the Asian territory that the Atlas Foundation had once lost.

(Agents of Atlas I#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Atlas Foundation created the front companies called Atlas Imports, Atlas Distribution and Atlas Chemicals, Inc.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Atlas Foundation established a front company in Crystal Caves, Mexico.

(Agents of Atlas I#4 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Atlas Foundation also created the front companies of Atlas Nursery, Atlas Mortuary, Atlas Biotech, Atlas Orphanage, Atlas Academy of Martial Arts, Atlas Auto, Atlas Mining, Atlas Munitions, Atlas Novelties, Atlas Records, Atlas Vineyards and Famous Atlas' Cookies.

(Spider-Man Family II#4 (fb) - BTS) - The Atlas Foundation established the front Atlas Playhouse in New York City. During the play, the Atlas Playhouse used animals that the public thought were fake but were actually totemic vessels that became powerful automatons when linked to a victim's lifeforce. Requiring a large group to perform the lifeforce-linking spell, the Atlas Foundation created a stage show called Animalia to draw in potential victims that they could link publicly without the general public being aware of what was happening.

(Agents of Atlas II#11 (fb) - BTS) - While working on the Menacer robot series for the Atlas Foundation, Doctor Zu experimented with installing the brain engrams of history's greatest warriors into the robots but the Yellow Claw opted to focus on firepower rather than the robots' mental capabilities.

(Agents of Atlas II#10 (fb) - BTS) - The Atlas Foundation discontinued the Menacer series of robots after M-15.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - The Atlas Foundation established Atlas Hibachi restaurant, in which all of the Atlas Foundation members there were extremely loyal to the Yellow Claw.

(Atlas I#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Atlas Foundation created a Norse branch of their organization.

(Agents of Atlas I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy Woo secretly assembled a squad of disenfranchised and problem S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to participate in a raid on the Atlas Foundation.

(Agents of Atlas I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Realizing that the final gauntlet from the Atlas Foundation was a test of fire, Jimmy Woo was told more agents were needed for the upcoming Atlas Foundation raid but Woo refused, claiming that the Atlas Foundation had someone within S.H.I.E.L.D. and that they couldn't risk getting any others involved in their mission.

(Agents of Atlas I#1 (fb)) - Storming an Atlas Foundation facility, Jimmy Woo hoped to expose the Atlas Foundation headquarters despite some reservations from fellow agent Case. Standing in front of a statue of the Greek Atlas, Woo uttered the word "Temujin" before ordering his men to fire at the first sign of movement. The words opened a secret passage revealing the Spirit Banner of Temujin but the agents were soon attacked, with their helmet cams proving unable to capture a clip of the attacker. Eventually, all of the agents except for Woo himself, who attempted to radio S.H.I.E.L.D. for help, were killed.

(Agents of Atlas I#6 (fb)) - When a S.H.I.E.L.D. team stormed the entrance after learning of Woo's mission, the Yellow Claw and one of his Atlas Foundation agents located the burned Jimmy Woo and the Claw ordered his agent to send Woo back topside to keep S.H.I.E.L.D. from discovering the lower temple of the Atlas Foundation facility.

(Agents of Atlas I#1 - BTS) - Investigating the raid, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Derek Khanata proved unable to find any records on the Atlas Foundation mentioned in the video footage of Woo's raid attempt. As the mortally wounded Jimmy Woo was kidnapped by his former teammates, Gorilla Man and the Human Robot, and taken aboard Marvel Boy's Uranian spacecraft, Mr. Lao of the Atlas Foundation wrote an enigmatic memo about the story of Woo's destiny unfolding and how manipulation was similar to the game of Chess.

(Agents of Atlas I#2) - As Atlas Foundation members surrounded the Spirit Banner of Temujin, the Foundation's leader, the Yellow Claw, watched on a video screen as a rejuvenated Jimmy Woo and his allies assembled. Pleased to here these events, the Yellow Claw noted that history had resumed its course and that the Atlas Foundation was still strong. Shortly thereafter, Jimmy Woo, now having no memory of his life post-1959, was able to access his research on the Atlas Foundation and learned that he had uncovered a "master plan" of the Atlas Foundation.

(Agents of Atlas I#3 - BTS) - In an effort to test Jimmy Woo, the Yellow Claw sent a robot duplicate of himself and a group of automaton agents to Africa's Valley of Joy to confront Woo, who deduced that the Yellow Claw was behind the Atlas Foundation. Capturing Woo, the Yellow Claw duplicate announced that his being behind the Foundation was only scratching the surface and that Woo had no idea of the extent of the Atlas Foundation's reach. After the robot was destroyed, Woo and his allies traveled back to San Francisco, where Derek Khanata led them to the location where Woo and his squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had earlier located the Atlas Foundation, only to find the area now empty. Later returning to his virtual files, Woo viewed files on the Atlas Foundation and his notes mentioning Mr. Lao, a master plan and the Golden Horde.

(Agents of Atlas I#4) - Jimmy Woo reviewed his notes about the Atlas Foundation with the newly-revived Namora, remarking on the higher-ranking but unknown Mr. Lao. He remarked that if even half of the leads he had were true, the Atlas Foundation would make the mafia look like a street gang. He then spoke with his allies and explained that none of them had to accompany him against Atlas since he had gotten his last group killed going after Atlas but his allies all opted to join him against Atlas. At their first step in taking down the Atlas Foundation, Woo and his allies visited a possible front company for the Foundation: Atlas Nursery, where they were told the company was not open to the public. Using his old FBI badge, Woo was able to go inside to investigate and he was swallowed by a mutated venus fly trap as Atlas Foundation employees rushed to stop the intruders. Venus stopped the employees in their tracks and Gorilla Man marked Atlas Nursery off his list of possible Atlas fronts. Next focusing on the Atlas Mortuary, Woo and his allies found an enigmatic master resurrecting corpses but Woo had the Human Robot disintegrate the living corpses with a heat beam. The next raid led Woo and his allies to Atlas Biotech, where the Atlas Foundation was genetically growing dinosaurs, before checking on the Atlas Orphanage. Finding the Atlas Orphanage full of psychically-powered children, Woo and his allies shut down the Atlas Foundation front by having Marvel Boy overpower the children with his own psychic abilities. A week later, Woo and his group had investigated numerous possible front companies and each one had turned out to be actual fronts for the Atlas Foundation. After the defeat of a group of pirates called the Foundation, Woo and his allies took a vacation in Fiji, where the Yellow Claw disguised himself and engaged Jimmy Woo on the beach with a group of animated terra cotta warriors. Claiming Woo had a great future, the Claw fled, leaving Woo to battle the clay warriors.

(Agents of Atlas I#4 - BTS) - Woo and his allies continued their fight against the Atlas Foundation's front companies. At Atlas Records, they found the Atlas Foundation utilizing subliminal mind-control in their record releases and at Atlas Vineyards, Woo and company learned that the Atlas Foundation had been manufacturing truth serum wine, which the group tried. They soon found Atlas Munitions creating heavy duty weapons and after Namora and the Human Robot shut the front down, they visited Atlas Dairy and Atlas Comics, finding them to be legit companies with no ties to the Atlas Foundation. Next investigating Atlas Novelties, Woo and company were nearly convinced it was also a legit company before a spring-loaded can launched real, deadly adders at the group and the manager attempted to electrocute the group with a joy buzzer. Following Atlas Novelties' defeat, Woo and his group took down the Atlas Academy of Martial Arts and then visited Famous Atlas' Cookies, where the Atlas Foundation was creating super-addictive cookies. Woo and company destroyed Famous Atlas' Cookies' ovens and planned to return later to assure themselves that Famous Atlas' was out of business. After stopping Atlas Auto, an Atlas Foundation front for smuggling weapons, Woo and his allies shut down Atlas Mining, where those affected by Atlas Records ended up as slave labor. Following these battles, Gorilla Man documented which of their visits were Atlas Foundation fronts and which weren't.

(Agents of Atlas I#5) - When Jimmy Woo deduced that the Yellow Claw was watching him from afar using the Human Robot, he asked the Human Robot to sever his connection to the Yellow Claw and the Atlas Foundation watched from afar as the Human Robot's transmissions were cut off. Mr. Lao confirmed the severance and announced that the Yellow Claw was no longer master of the Human Robot. A smiling Yellow Claw merely replied that he never truly was while Woo and his allies contemplated getting dinner and rest before their attack on the Atlas Foundation the next morning. Before Woo and his allies left the Hunter's Point Navy Shipyard, the Human Robot revealed holographic recordings of the elderly Jimmy Woo's mission against the Atlas Foundation.

(Agents of Atlas I#6 (fb) - BTS) - After watching footage of his earlier raid on the Atlas Foundation temple and seeing his elderly self speak the password "Temujin," Jimmy Woo deduced that his group needed to return to the Atlas Foundation facility that they had earlier found empty. That night, Gorilla Man wrote a memo for his case files remarking on recent events and his mission with Jimmy Woo against Atlas Foundation the following day.

(Agents of Atlas I#6) - Woo and his allies ventured deeper into the facility, where the word "Temujin" was spoken, only for nothing to happen. Deducing that the Yellow Claw would have figured on Woo realizing that password, Woo realized that his elderly self had figured out the actual password: the Yellow Claw's true name of "Master Plan." When Woo uttered the words, a trap door opened beneath them and all present fell deeper into the facility, where hundreds of mongol warrior guards attacked, only to be mesmerized by Venus with a song from Cole Porter. Barely having time to tell how large the Atlas Foundation facility was, Gorilla Man quickly noticed movement before the entire area was engulfed in flame similar to the fire that killed the elderly Woo's original S.H.I.E.L.D. squad. Protected by the Human Robot's energy shield, Woo and his group met the flame's originator, the lung dragon Mr. Lao, who announced that they had passed the Atlas Foundation's gauntlet and would now be free of any further defenses. Revealing his own history as well as that of the Atlas Foundation, Mr. Lao explained that Woo was the Yellow Claw's chosen successor before leading Woo to the Claw himself. After hearing the Claw's story, Jimmy Woo was led into the room housing the Spirit Banner of Temujin and he surprisingly decided to take over the Atlas Foundation as the Yellow Claw's successor, hoping to use their resources to accomplish good in the world. With Woo as the new Atlas Foundation leader, Mr. Lao devoured the Yellow Claw and Woo and his friends said their goodbyes to Derek Khanata, who returned to S.H.I.E.L.D. with a false story of the Atlas Foundation's destruction following a cave-in that Marvel Boy had psychically projected. Once Derek had left, Woo and his small group of allies, now dubbed the Agents of Atlas, began renovations on Atlas' underground headquarters, proposing an area of surface access for Marvel Boy's ship and better available bottled water.

(Gorilla-Man I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Shortly after joining the Atlas Foundation, Gorilla-Man was met by a slew of custom tailors, who designed clothing in his size.

(Agents of Atlas II#7 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy Woo arranged for the Atlas Foundation's Shadow Warriors to guard Derek Khanata and his family.

(Agents of Atlas II#8 (fb) - BTS) - Following the change in leadership, the Atlas Foundation stopped checking on their Las Vegas biobase despite still funding it.

(Spider-Man Family II#4 (fb) - BTS) - The Agents of Atlas learned of the Atlas Foundation's Atlas Playhouse and their plans to create powerful automatons by linking victims' lifeforces to vessels under the guise of the play Animalia. Upon learning of the Playhouse's plot, the Agents of Atlas deduced that the Atlas Foundation remnants within the Atlas Playhouse sought to activate enough automaton vessels to challenge Jimmy Woo's new direction for the Atlas Foundation.

(Spider-Man Family II#4) - Investigating more into the Atlas Playhouse, the Agents of Atlas tracked one of the Foundation's creations to the Playhouse itself, which was showing the play Animalia. During the play, the man on stage began reciting a dead language, summoning forth several animals, and a disguised Venus went on stage for a closer look but unfortunately, the disguised Human Robot blasted the animals in mid-air, leading the corrupt Atlas Playhouse man on stage to attack. Sending the animals after the Agents of Atlas, the Atlas Foundation man ran for it as Spider-Man, who was visiting the play with his wife Mary Jane, got Mary Jane before entering the fray himself. Following a brief scuffle between the Agents of Atlas and Spider-Man, the Agents parted ways with Spider-Man on friendly terms but Spider-Man insisted on joining them in their continued pursuit to shut down the Atlas Playhouse. Aboard Marvel Boy's ship, the Agents of Atlas explained to Spider-Man that they represented the formerly criminal Atlas Foundation and had been spending their time shutting down the Atlas Foundation's criminal endeavors. To further fill Spider-Man in on the Atlas Playhouse, Marvel Boy linked Spider-Man's mind to Venus' and Venus explained what the Agents had learned about the Atlas Foundation's Atlas Playhouse and how the Atlas Foundation often hid in plain sight. Taking that cue, Spider-Man led the Agents of Atlas to Rockefeller Plaza, where a large statue of the mythological Atlas stood. Immediately, the Playhouse's Atlas Foundation remnants attacked Spider-Man and the Agents of Atlas. Spider-Man directed the Human Robot towards the Atlas statue and he blasted it, freeing the victims whose lifeforce had been linked to the totemic vessels since the statue acted as a lifeforce battery. With the renegade Atlas Foundation Playhouse group defeated, Marvel Boy erased key points of the adventure from Spider-Man's memory so that Spider-Man would not recall specific details about the Atlas Foundation.

(Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1/5 (fb) - BTS) - During an alien Skrull invasion of Earth, the Agents of Atlas distanced themselves from the overall Atlas Foundation due to the Skrulls' paranoia campaign making the Agents of Atlas unsure who within the Atlas Foundation they could trust.

(Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1/5 - BTS) - After the Agents of Atlas took a Skrull squad leader captive for dissection, Marvel Boy linked the still-living leader's severed head to his during the dissection so that the Skrull could learn about the Agents of Atlas as they learned about the Skrulls. While connected, the Skrull learned of the Agents' connection to the secret Atlas Foundation.

(Dark Reign: New Nation#1/2) - In an effort to root out who was trying to funnel Fort Knox gold to Japan as collateral for a weapons system, Jimmy Woo and the Agents of Atlas posed as villainous leaders of the Atlas Foundation and feigned a robbery of Fort Knox. When they appeared in person, Gorilla Man ordered the guards to make room for Woo Yen Jet (Jimmy's Chinese name), ruler of the Atlas Foundation. Announcing that he was taking the gold for the Atlas Foundation, Woo explained that since US currency was no longer maintained by gold, it should not pose an economical issue. Once they had beamed the gold onto Marvel Boy's saucer ship, Woo was warned that his act was treason but Woo quickly reminded the military official that the Atlas Foundation was its own sovereign body so any attack would be an act of war. Their theft drew the attention of the mastermind, Norman Osborn, and Woo suggested that since they were in now charge in a massive criminal empire, perhaps they should start playing the part as part of stopping Osborn's corruption.

(Dark Reign Files - Agents of Atlas entry - BTS) - The robotic Quasimodo analyzed potential threats to head of superhuman forces Norman Osborn and in his files were an analysis on the Agents of Atlas. Noting that the Agents of Atlas existed to further the agendas of the Atlas Foundation, Quasimodo informed Osborn how the Atlas Foundation viewed itself as a continuation of Genghis Khan's Mongol Empire and how it had recently made its former enemy Jimmy Woo the organization's new leader upon the death of its previous leader, the Yellow Claw. Quasimodo also reported how Woo's Atlas Foundation was assisted by Woo's allies in the Agents of Atlas. After proclaiming the Agents of Atlas an extreme threat to Norman Osborn (noting their loyalty and expendability to Osborn to be low while also remarking on their high influence and power), Quasimodo gave a final assessment, proclaiming the Atlas Foundation to be comprised of devoted zealots with a vast global network of expansive resources. With those statements in mind, Quasimodo concluded his files by suggesting Osborn strike up a temporary truce with the Atlas Foundation's leader, Jimmy Woo, until Osborn could find a weakness to exploit.

(Agents of Atlas II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Angered at the gold being stolen, Norman Osborn began a campaign against the Atlas Foundation.

(Agents of Atlas II#1) - Having a discovered an Atlas Foundation weapons facility, Norman Osborn sent "Man-Mountain" Marko and an ATF squad into the facility, terrifying the Atlas scientists inside until the Agents of Atlas arrived on the scene and made short work of Marko. Demanding to know who was after the Atlas Foundation, Gorilla Man interrogated Marko and learned of Norman Osborn's campaign against Atlas following their gold theft. Shortly thereafter, Norman Osborn was shown another Atlas facility by a seeming former Atlas Foundation member turned ATF member named Jason and Osborn blew up the facility to send a message to the Atlas Foundation. The next day, Agents of Atlas' Venus visited Norman Osborn, who admitted he had learned all about them from Derek Khanata's journals, which claimed Woo and his allies had died in a second raid on the Atlas Foundation headquarters. Admitting that he didn't believe the story, Osborn further revealed information he had gathered on Atlas, eventually prompting Venus to admit Osborn had done his research and introduce Jimmy Woo himself, appearing via hologram from Venus' necklace. Claiming that he had assumed the mantle of his former enemy and accepted his destiny as head of the Atlas Foundation, Woo suggested an arrangement between himself and Osborn in which the Atlas Foundation could continue their operations uninterrupted in exchange for the Foundation using some of their resources to facilitate some of Osborn's goals. When Woo remarked that not everything Osborn wanted to do could passed through Congress, Osborn agreed to the possibility of an arrangement, explaining that he would need to send a fact-finding team before agreeing completely. Woo agreed on the condition that Osborn turn Jason back over to the Atlas Foundation and Osborn agreed to the terms, soon sending "Man-Mountain Marko" and his ATF team to the Atlas Foundation's headquarters with Jason. They were then taken inside, where a woman warned that their safety was not guaranteed due to the arcane magicks at work within Atlas' hidden city. She then introduced Marko to Atlas' warrior scholars who were in charge of establishing front businesses for the Foundation as Jason screamed that Marko didn't know what Atlas would do to him. During the tour, Jason strayed away and Marko, deducing that Jason wasn't truly in any danger, followed and confronted Jason, admitting that he had gathered that Atlas was no real threat when they didn't kill any of his ATF agents during their earlier scuffle. Admitting that Marko had stumbled onto his ruse, "Jason" asked Marvel Boy to drop the telepathic illusion, revealing "Jason" to have been Jimmy Woo the entire time with the ATF. Woo then revealed that since Marko had discovered their ruse, he would have to remain with the Atlas Foundation and turn over his secrets on Norman Osborn but Marko refused, leaving himself open to being swallowed alive by the dragon Mr. Lao. Woo quickly reprimanded Lao, reminding the dragon that he couldn't just devour any prisoner the Atlas Foundation brought in and Gorilla Man ordered Atlas Foundation servant Chang to look into purchasing a cattle ranch to continue feeding Lao. Lao then revealed that he had activated a second Atlas Foundation leader in the east, under the Atlas Foundation's bylaws, should anything happen to Woo on his missions with the Agents of Atlas and Woo promised to take it up with Lao later.

(Agents of Atlas II#2) - The Agents of Atlas arrived to represent the Atlas Foundation at a meeting at Edwards Air Force Base in Antelope Valley, California with Norman Osborn's agent, the Grizzly. Before the meeting began, the dragon Mr. Lao contacted Jimmy Woo and lectured him about accompanying the Atlas Foundation's field agents onto mission and revealed the second leader he had recruited had arrived and was waiting for Woo. Woo told Lao to make the new leader some tea and ended communication before sending Venus to gather Marvel Boy. Shortly after, Gorilla Man, the Human Robot and Namora were sent down to represent the Atlas Foundation in discussions to sell weaponry to Osborn through Grizzly, who had replaced "Man-Mountain" Marko as head of Osborn's ATF. Woo and Venus reminded behind in the ship as Gorilla Man demoed a frequency cannon, which Grizzly nearly turned on the Human Robot before an angry Namora attacked them all in the Robot's defense. After the meeting, the Agents of Atlas were attacked within Marvel Boy's ship by Temugin, who had followed communications from the Temple of Atlas to the ship and used teleportation to board it. When Woo ordered him to halt his attack, he did as he was told and pledged fealty to the Atlas Foundation as his destiny. Temugin then questioned Woo's loyalty to Atlas, suggesting that he had a chance to bond with the US government in Atlas' favor and when Woo suggested they had bonded over weapons sales, Temugin remarked that he wasn't so easily duped and could tell Woo actually wished for peace, which Temugin further suggested would be attained if Woo would use the entire hordes of the Atlas Foundation. Temugin then accused Woo of falling short even in altruism, as he had missed a chance to put Osborn's most powerful lackey, the Sentry, under Venus' control. Marvel Boy soon stopped Temugin with a telepathic illusion, warning him never to enter the ship again without permission, and Woo commented to Namora that it wasn't so much Temugin's attack that bothered but rather, the fact that Temugin's accusations on Woo's leadership of the Atlas Foundation was correct.

(Agents of Atlas II#5 (fb) - BTS) - The Avengers began investigating the Atlas Foundation, soon coming up with information on the Atlas Foundation and their weapons sales.

(Agents of Atlas II#3) - Marvel Boy dropped Venus off to meet with Namora, who had requisitioned some old tankers after Jimmy allowed her the use of the Atlas Foundation's own super-tankers. Marvel Boy then left to meet up with the other Agents of Atlas, who were to represent the Atlas Foundation in another meeting with Norman Osborn. Osborn soon arrived and Temugin immediately attacked him for appearing unannounced but the Sentry hurled Temugin away and Gorilla Man got down to their weapons demonstration, leaving Temugin to swim back. Leading Osborn into one of the Atlas Foundation's weapons factories, Gorilla Man showed Osborn a particle beam prototype and Osborn asked where Woo was, remarking that he had appeared in person. Gorilla Man claimed Woo had to deal with "some uppity little country" as Woo secretly listened, disguised as a factory worker. Once Osborn had left, Woo asked Marvel Boy what his psychic impression of Osborn had been and Marvel Boy revealed Osborn's treacherous past to the other Agents as well as remarking on the unending darkness within the Sentry. Woo suggested Marvel Boy rest in his ship while he, the Human Robot and Gorilla Man took the helicopter. Along the way, Gorilla Man asked what the plan was next and Woo that he wanted to use the Atlas Foundation to rile up the criminal underworld and get the Foundation's name out there but the helicopter was attacked mid-conversation. While the Human Robot managed to save them with his extendable arms, Woo and Gorilla Man soon learned their attacker was Captain America ("Bucky" Barnes), who announced that they had picked the wrong city for the Atlas Foundation to set up shop.

(Agents of Atlas II#4) - Captain America then knocked the Human Robot's arms loose from a building it had grabbed to stop the falling helicopter and Woo summoned Marvel Boy in hopes of getting a rescue without breaking their cover as the criminal Atlas Foundation. Marvel Boy did as ordered and arrived just in time to destroy Woo's helicopter and pull Woo, Gorilla Man, the Human Robot and Captain America into his ship. Once onboard, Marvel Boy linked the Agents' minds to Cap's and they learned of his association with the Avengers and his true identity as the original Captain America's partner, "Bucky" Barnes. In an effort to keep up the Atlas Foundation's front and the Agents' ruse of being criminals, Woo had Marvel Boy drop Captain America off on a rooftop with memories of the Atlas Foundation's formidability and the location of the Atlas Foundation's supertanker munitions factory. Returning to the Avengers, Captain America informed them of his memories and the group decided to meet the Atlas Foundation at their factory and take the group down. At some point around this time, an Atlas Foundation network personnel file was created for Marvel Boy, recounting his origins.

(Agents of Atlas II#5) - The Avengers raided the Atlas Foundation's supertanker munitions factory, soon finding a slew of advanced weaponry. Upon seeing their mobile factory, Ronin remarked that the Atlas Foundation must have serious money reserves, unaware that Grizzly and one of the ATF members had stumbled onto the Avengers' raid. When the ATF lackey asked if Grizzly was going to help the Atlas Foundation by taking down the Avengers, the Grizzly refused and decided to report the Avengers to Norman Osborn. While the Avengers apprehended some of the Atlas Foundation's more criminal goons, the actual Agents of Atlas watched from afar as the Avengers confiscated the actual Atlas Foundation weaponry, thereby preventing it from falling into Norman Osborn's hands while still retaining the Agents of Atlas' ruse that the Atlas Foundation was criminal. Temugin questioned the necessity of the Agents' ruse but nonetheless agreed to follow Jimmy Woo's plan. The Avengers soon busted deeper into the supertanker and discussed blowing it up but, keeping up their ruse, the Agents of Atlas confronted the Avengers and Jimmy Woo announced that the Avengers had interfered with the operations of the Atlas Empire and would pay for their transgessions. Before the fight could even start, however, Spider-Man halted it by generating a web between the two teams and remarking on his disbelief that Atlas were criminals. Suspecting that the Atlas Foundation had planted information in Cap's mind to lure him there but noticing that they were not reported to Norman Osborn, Spider-Man was confirmed when a reluctant Jimmy Woo revealed to the Avengers that the Atlas Foundation had been a criminal organization under the Yellow Claw and that he had recently taken over as leader. As Woo continued, explaining that the Claw had intended him to be his successor, the Human Robot recognized Wolverine from a past mission and attacked, instigating a battle between the Agents of Atlas and the Avengers. After Venus used her powers to calm everyone down, Woo, deciding to now keep up the ruse of a criminal Atlas Foundation, ordered Temugin to open a teleportational portal through the Dragon Corridor and as the portal opened, Woo remarked that the Avengers had destroyed only one Atlas Foundation operation and assured the team that he would not forget the setback, further warning the Avengers that they had no idea what they were up against. A short time later, Woo, still posing as leader of a criminal Atlas Foundation, contacted Norman Osborn, who refused to pay on weapons not delivered and suggested they might be able to work out a deal in the future. Woo claimed to Osborn that his first action was to exact revenge on his saboteurs before ending communication.

(Agents of Atlas II#6 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Atlas Foundation created a file on Derek Khanata, documenting his prior time with Jimmy Woo and his allies and his submission of a false report to S.H.I.E.L.D. that allowed Woo to pursue his pacifist goals for the Atlas Foundation.

(Agents of Atlas II#6) - While thinking of ways to stop Norman Osborn while maintaining their cover, Jimmy Woo admitted that they couldn't pull a stunt like their weapons base hustle on Osborn again without him getting wise to their actual plans of stopping him and Woo suggested they bring Osborn down through one of the members of his secret Cabal, namely Namora's cousin, Namor. When the Agents of Atlas met with Namor, Jimmy Woo introduced himself as leader of the Atlas Foundation, to which Namor asked if Atlas was not a criminal organization. Woo replied that it was complicated.

(Agents of Atlas II#7) - While the Agents of Atlas were away in Oceanus, Jimmy Woo arranged for members of the Atlas Foundation to invite his former ally Derek Khanata to Ling's Tea House. When Khanata arrived, he questioned the invitation mentioning him by name and soon learned he had been summoned by the Atlas Foundation, who offered him a top level position within the Atlas Foundation as requested by Woo himself. The Foundation then asked Khanata to make himself comfortable while they outlined his impending duties and responsibilities. As Khanata was stunned by the offer, the Agents of Atlas were in Oceanus, where Namora asked for the Agents' participation in a royal wedding to Namor and assured her team that she would always be there if the Atlas Foundation needed her. Admitting that he only wanted Namora with the Atlas Foundation, Jimmy Woo agreed to let Namora go with Namor if she wanted. Soon learning that the Atlantean Tulem had arranged for the Aganets of Atlas to visit Oceanus in an effort to breed Namor and Namora, the Agents left Oceanus and Woo admitted that he had been neglecting the Atlas Foundation to focus more on Norman Osborn. As Woo informed his allies of the arrangement he had made for Derek Khanata, Khanata himself was driven back to his family by a member of the Atlas Foundation and was told of the Shadow Warriors that had been guarding his family for four months at that point. After being dropped off with his family, Khanata professed his love of Jimmy for the Atlas Foundation job offer.

(Agents of Atlas II#8 (fb) - BTS) - The dragon Mr. Lao revealed to Jimmy Woo the rift that had been created within the Atlas Foundation by Woo's former lover Suwan and had Atlas servant Chang gather the ancient maps that would help Woo send a spy into Suwan's Great Wall organization.

(Agents of Atlas II#8) - Jimmy Woo, Venus, Namora, Temugin and Derek Khanata relaxed in a hot tub within the Atlas Foundation's hidden city, where Woo remarked how important it was that the Atlas Foundation saw Derek Khanata with them, as it showed his newfound high-ranking status. While relaxing, Derek asked Temugin if he thought a more military-like approach to running the Atlas Foundation would be in line with the history of Atlas and Temugin admitted that he couldn't refute the information. Temugin then asked if Derek's former employers in S.H.I.E.L.D. considered him a criminal, to which Derek replied that they would also consider Derek himself a criminal if S.H.I.E.L.D. were still around. When Derek asked where Gorilla Man and Marvel Boy were, Woo replied he had sent them on an errand to return the gold that the Atlas Foundation had earlier stolen from Fort Knox, unaware he had earned Norman Osborn's enmity for the return. Unaware that the Atlas Foundation's Las Vegas biobase had unknowingly captured Bruce Banner for experimentation, Jimmy Woo and the Human Robot later departed the hidden city to check ancient maps and Derek Khanata remained when an alarm went off, announcing the Las Vegas biobase's requests for backup at their facility. Summoning Marvel Boy and Gorilla Man back to the Atlas Foundation, Derek Khanata reunited with his former allies and Temugin also joined them as they headed for Las Vegas. Upon arriving at Las Vegas' Atlas Sign Museum, Derek Khanata and some of the Agents of Atlas found nerve gas being sprayed and a horrible mutant killing one of the scientists. Soon finding a cluster of mutants, the Agents of Atlas prepared to kill them, only to find the incredible Hulk fighting the creatures. As the Agents jumped into battle against both a drug-addled Hulk and the mutated creatures, Jimmy Woo and the Human Robot drove through the Dragon's Corridor and Woo recalled the story Lao had told him about Suwan. When the Agents of Atlas managed to calm the Hulk, Gorilla Man focused on taking down the escaping Atlas Foundation scientists who had done the experiments that created the mutants while Woo entered a portal from the Dragon's Corridor right into Suwan's Great Wall temple in China, where Suwan greeted him and promised that his return did not exclude him from the Atlas-Great Wall Treaty. She then promised Woo would answer for his transgressions and identified herself as the Jade Claw.

(Agents of Atlas II#9) - Admitting that she had not expected to see a young Jimmy Woo again, much less with the "antique" Human Robot, the Jade Claw asked if it was true that Woo had taken over as leader of the Atlas Foundation from her uncle and Woo confirmed, explaining his hopes that he could use the Atlas Foundation to do good in the world. While the Jade Claw revealed her rise to power to Woo, the other Agents of Atlas were discussing with Bruce Banner the history of the Atlas Foundation and their involvement with it. Realizing she had an advantage with Woo present, the Jade Claw ordered her servant Chin-Ti to send a message to the Atlas Foundation in San Francisco that the Great Wall would return the Atlas Foundation's leader in exchange for the Spirit Banner of Temujin. Woo refused the deal and the Jade Claw eventually attempted to take Woo prisoner after destroying the Human Robot, alerting the other Agents of Atlas to the location. Avoiding the Jade Claw's attack, Woo insisted that the Jade Claw's claims that he used her to get to the Yellow Claw were false and distracted the Jade Claw long enough for the Agents of Atlas to arrive. After the Agents rescued Woo and the self-repaired Human Robot, their ship was downed in the Pacific Ocean, where Woo contacted the Atlas Foundation to request a super-tanker to pick them up. While communicating with Atlas servant Chan Tze, Woo asked to speak with Mr. Lao, whom he berated for not telling him about the Atlas-Great Wall Treaty that Woo had now broke by appearing to Suwan in person. Before the conversation could continue, the Jade Claw overrid the transmission and thanked Woo for the access back into the Atlas Foundation's network. Remarking that Woo had again brought adventure as he had in the past, the Jade Claw announced that the world would now see a Dragon Clan War for the first time in centuries. When the communication ended, Marvel Boy admitted that he had no idea how the Jade Claw was able to access the Atlas Foundation network.

(Agents of Atlas II#10) - Within the Atlas Foundation's hidden city, Derek Khanata and Venus recovered from their injuries suffered during the Jade Claw incident thanks to the Atlas Foundation's doctors and soon visited Marvel Boy, who was repairing the damage to his ship with the help of the Human Robot. The two then visited Jimmy Woo, who was preparing to battle the Jade Claw's forces by having Atlas Foundation agents search the globe for signs of the Great Wall's bases. The Agents of Atlas discussed how best to handle the Jade Claw situation, with Temugin insisting they storm the Great Wall society with the full might of the Atlas Foundation. Despite Gorilla Man placing blame on Mr. Lao for his manipulating of events, Woo insisted the blame laid on himself for not researching before going off to see his former flame. Temugin and Woo then argued about how best to handle the Great Wall, with Woo refusing to go in charging and risk the lives of members of the Atlas Foundation, and the Jade Claw, having once again commandeered the Atlas Foundation's network, remarked from afar how Woo had truly not changed in 50+ years. Woo warned the Jade Claw to stop her crusade but as a show of seriousness, the Jade Claw replied by bombing Atlas Foundation supply carriers in the Coral Sea. After the communication had ended, many of the Agents of Atlas went to request help from Marvel Boy until Jimmy Woo summoned Marvel Boy to help fix the Atlas Foundation network in an effort to keep the Jade Claw out of it. As Marvel Boy left, Atlas servant Chang informed Gorilla Man of resources to upgrade the Human Robot at the north end of the Atlas Foundation's hidden city, unaware that author Derek Schiller was slowly piecing together the connection between Venus and the Atlas Foundation and was talking about the connections publicly on Shore-to-Shore Radio with host Webb Terry. Venturing into the north side of the hidden city, Gorilla Man, Chang and the Human Robot were attacked by energy blasters until the Human Robot managed to disable them with a communication. Recognizing the old passcodes used by the Human Robot, Atlas Foundation scientist Doctor Zu opened the door and was introduced to the Gorilla Man by Chang. Unaware that the Atlas Foundation had changed leadership, Doctor Zu bade the trio to enter his lab so he could learn the news. After discussing news with Gorilla Man, Doctor Zu showed Gorilla Man the previous robots in the Menacer series, starting with 1927's M-1 and going through the successive series before Gorilla Man asked if Zu had created any more M-11 robots. Zu replied that the Atlas Foundation had moved onto M-12, which they used for many years after M-11 was lost to Jimmy Woo. Gorilla Man then asked if Zu had created M-11 the Human Robot but Zu explained that M-11 had been created by Dr. Cyrus Virro, whom M-11 ultimately electrocuted before going off into the sea. Before Zu could continue showing other Menacer series robots, Gorilla Man interrupted him and had the Human Robot show Zu footage of the Jade Claw's M-21 robot. Surprised that the Jade Claw had continued the Menacer series after Atlas' dissolution of the program, Zu remarked on her designs and the Gorilla Man suggested Zu get back in the game and outfit the Human Robot with some upgrades. The Human Robot confirmed its approval by opening its chest cavity as Woo decided to use the time to confront Mr. Lao about sending him into the Jade Claw's clutches in the first place. After hearing Mr. Lao's history in the Dragon Clan Wars, Woo gave Lao the name of the Jade Claw's dragon, unaware that the Olympian Aphrodite had been listening to Shore-to-Shore Radio and had become determined to take down Atlas' Venus. Thirty-two hours later, Woo led the Agents of Atlas to the Atlas Foundation's diamond mine, where Atlas' Beijing spies reported was about to have a shipment intercepted by the Jade Claw. When Temugin saw how awful the conditions were, Woo remarked on how Temugin was finally beginning to see the kind of organization the Atlas Foundation had once been under the Yellow Claw. When the Jade Claw did indeed show up via Dragon's Corridor portal, the Atlas Foundation sent their own horde after the Jade Claw's forces. When the Jade Claw announced that the Atlas Foundation horde was no match for her M-21 robot, Gorilla Man summoned the newly-upgraded Human Robot.

(Agents of Atlas II#11 (fb) - BTS) - The Atlas Foundation horde fought the Great Wall in Africa, unaware that while the battle was going on, other Great Wall forces took down major Atlas Foundation forces across the world, including all air and sea footholds, leaving only the hidden city intact.

(Agents of Atlas II#11) - As the battle progressed, Venus sung louder than ever, breaking through the earpieces of the Jade Claw's soldiers but also affecting the Atlas Foundation's forces. Unaffected due to a brain implant, the Jade Claw informed the affected Jimmy Woo of what was happening, remarking on how clever it was that Atlas' warrior scholars had performed the unbreaking spell on the Human Robot and suggesting that when she took over the Atlas Foundation, she might have the scholars perform the same spell on M-21. When the Jade Claw commented that she would win against the Atlas Foundation within minutes, Woo overcame Venus' song and attempted to rally the Atlas Foundation's forces for the blissful stupor. Jimmy then stole a dragon scale and entered the Dragon's Corridor, forcing the Great Wall to pursue and buying the Atlas Foundation time to retreat. Gorilla Man then assembled the remaining Atlas Foundation forces and began planning a rescue for Woo as Woo himself attempted to evade the Jade Claw within the Dragon's Corridor. Temugin soon teleported within the dimension and assisted Woo but he was soon shot as Woo acquired his hovering car and returned to rescue the wounded Temugin. Escaping back to the hidden city, Woo learned of the damage the Jade Claw did while they battled her forces in Africa and that she was planning to storm the Atlas Foundation's hidden city. As Woo and his allies learned that M-21 was being fed energy via satellite, Gorilla Man took the again destroyed Human Robot to Doctor Zu, who considered installing the brain engrams of a great warrior into the Human Robot. Jimmy soon checked in Temugin, who had recovered enough for battle, and informed him that the Atlas Foundation would be storming the Great Wall the following day. The next day, Woo, the Agents of Atlas and the hordes of the Atlas Foundation arrived at the Great Wall via the Dragon's Corridor and prepared for an all-out strike. A massive battle between the two organizations then ensued, with the Atlas Foundation turning the tide with help from Atlanteans recruited by Namora. The Great Wall quickly disabled many soldiers using M-21's neuro-wave before M-21 engaged the Human Robot in battle. When the Human Robot defeated M-21 with the help of Marvel Boy destroying the satellites powering M-21, the Jade Claw admitted defeated and asked that her ceremonial beheading be done in private. With the Jade Claw defeated, the Atlas Foundation absorbed the Great Wall organization back into their own organization and Jimmy Woo placed Temugin in charge of the Atlas Foundation's newfound Asian territories. In the aftermath, the dead on both sides of the conflict were buried and Derek Khanata remarked that he envisioned Suwan and Temugin hooking up in the future, to which Woo replied that it would at least keep Suwan away from him.

(X-Men vs. the Agents of Atlas#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Atlas Foundation had dealings with the Olympus Group organization, which the Olympus Group's Hera used to assist Aphrodite in locating her perceived impostor, Atlas' Venus.

(X-Men vs. the Agents of Atlas#1) - After the Agent of Atlas Venus turned up missing, Jimmy Woo led the other Agents of Atlas into the X-Men's Graymalkin Industries base with the help of Atlas Foundation servants Xan and Min in an effort to convert their Cerebra device to scan for the missing Venus' brainwaves, unaware that Venus had actually been captured by the centaur Manolis for the Greek goddess Aphrodite. When the X-Men became suspicious and telepathically scanned their Utopia Island, finding a powerful mind and an Atlantean hybrid, Wolverine deduced the Atlas Foundation's involvement. After Marvel Boy (now calling himself the Uranian) unlinked Cerebra's neural core, he suggested the Agents of Atlas bring the core back to the Atlas Foundation's hidden city network and the others agreed that it would be best to work on it there. Before the Agents of Atlas could beam up, however, the X-Men arrived and a brief battle ensued before the Agents got away in Marvel Boy's ship. Returning to the Atlas Foundation's hidden city, the Agents of Atlas prepared to connect Cerebra to their computers with the help of Atlas' warrior scholars. Before the warrior scholars could do as ordered, the X-Men, having tracked Cerebra to the hidden city, teleported into the Atlas Foundation's hidden city.

(X-Men vs. the Agents of Atlas#2) - A massive fight broke out between the X-Men and the Atlas Foundation, with Jimmy Woo ordering all protectors to use non-lethal force against the X-Men. During the battle, some of the Agents of Atlas and X-Men were affected by the Uranian's attempts at using Cerebra, projecting their minds into an illusory world comprised of the affected members' memories.

(X-Men vs. the Agents of Atlas#1/2 - BTS) - Within the psychic projection, Cyclops was a teenager again, running a mission from Professor X, who informed Cyclops' X-Men that Jimmy Woo and his allies were actually enforcers for the criminal Atlas Foundation. The two teams battled furiously, with Gorilla Man and Beast seeming to recognize one another, until Marvel Girl was injured and Namora arrived on the scene.

(X-Men vs. the Agents of Atlas#2) - Namor arrived on the scene thanks to the X-Men's Pixie and demanded a halt to hostilities between the two teams. Emma Frost explained how the Agents of Atlas had stolen Cerebra and taken it to the Atlas Foundation's hidden city but Namor replied that Woo would not have stolen Cerebra without good reason. Both groups held their fire and Frost deduced that there was some kind of energy at work within Cyclops and Woo's minds. Once those affected by Cerebra had regained consciousness, both teams put aside their differences and the X-Men allowed the Uranian to use Cerebra to locate Venus in the Adirondack Mountains. Woo immediately ordered the Agents of Atlas into the Uranian's ship and as they left, Woo offered the X-Men the help of the Atlas Foundation should they ever need it. When Cyclops thanked Woo and remarked that most wouldn't want to associate with them, Woo smiled and commented that it wouldn't hurt the Atlas Foundation's reputation at all.

(X-Men vs. the Agents of Atlas#2/2 - BTS) - Still captured by Aphrodite in the Adirondack Mountains, Venus was tortured and she recounted her origins to Aphrodite, who remarked on Venus' joining the Atlas Foundation and revealed that Atlas' connections with Hera's Olympus Group was what helped Aphrodite locate Venus. Unfortunately for Aphrodite, Venus' association in the Atlas Foundation was what led the Agents of Atlas to her rescue.

(Assault on New Olympus#1/2 (fb)) - After the Agents of Atlas' research determined that Venus could now be found anywhere in the world due to being marked by Aphrodite, one of the Atlas Foundation warrior scholars witnessed an entranced Venus leave the Atlas Foundation's hidden city. When the scholar reported his findings, the Agents of Atlas departed the hidden city to track Venus.

(Incredible Hercules I#138/2 - BTS) - When Phorcys lost control of Venus and retreated back into the water, the Agents of Atlas traveled to Manhattan to investigate Aphrodite's Olympus Group and when they arrived, Jimmy Woo remarked on his surprise that the Atlas Foundation had business ties with the Olympian gods and didn't even realize it.

(Incredible Hercules I#141 - BTS) - After the Olympian Aphrodite began a battle with Venus in which both sang their strongest, even the Agents of the Atlas Foundation were affected by the strength of Venus' song.

(Thunderbolts I#139) - Doubting his Thunderbolts team's loyalties, Norman Osborn gave the Thunderbolts a new mission: terminate the inner circle of the Atlas Foundation, who had earlier misrepresented themselves to Osborn and reneged on a weapons deal. Osborn assigned Grizzly to the Thunderbolts and Grizzly immediately began briefing the Thunderbolts on the Atlas Foundation based on his past experience with them. The Thunderbolts soon arrived at an Atlas Foundation facility in Bayou Choupique, Louisiana and began sabotaging the facility to draw out the Agents of Atlas. After the Agents defeated the Thunderbolts, Woo asked the other Agents if they even knew what the Louisiana facility did and Gorilla Man replied that the Thunderbolts didn't leave enough of it intact to investigate.

(Thunderbolts I#140) - After the Thunderbolts' Scourge seemingly slashed open the Uranian, Thunderbolts member Headsman commended the violent attack, remarking that the Thunderbolts had been sent against the Atlas Foundation with bad intel. The battle between the Agents of Atlas and the Thunderbolts then resumed, with the Agents of Atlas faltering due to the chemicals released into the air when the Thunderbolts destroyed the Atlas Foundation's Louisiana facility. A distraught Venus managed to incapacitate nearly all of the Thunderbolts by singing but the Ghost, who had the audio from his mask on mute, disabled the Human Robot. The Uranian soon revealed that his disemboweling had only been a telepathic ruse and he rushed the Agents of Atlas back into his ship to recover from the chemical exposure. Forced to retreat, Jimmy Woo felt as if the Atlas Foundation had been compromised by the attack so before he left, he had the Uranian plant a telepathic suggestion within Scourge's mind to terminate Norman Osborn with extreme prejudice the next time Scourge saw him. The Agents of Atlas then left in the Uranian's ship. The Uranian then placed each of the Agents in a healing tube before the Thunderbolts' Ghost revealed himself within the ship, claiming he wished to understand the ship's technology before he phased out of the ship and returned to his teammates.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#1) - The Agents of Atlas investigated an Atlas Foundation front in Crystal Caves, Mexico that proved to be swarming with crystal creatures. Following the battle, Jimmy Woo remarked that every time they take down one of the Atlas Foundation's criminal fronts, they end up uncovering a whole new batch of fronts. Next drawn to Arizona and then Manhattan while investigating temporal distortions, the Agents of Atlas arrived in Manhattan to find the Avengers battling the Growing Man at the distortion's epicenter and Jimmy Woo remarked that since the Atlas Foundation was no longer keeping up their ruse of being criminals to Norman Osborn, the Avengers should also not think the Atlas Foundation were criminals and the Agents decided to aid the Avengers. Recognizing the Uranian's ship as belonging to the Atlas Foundation, the Avengers expressed worries that the Agents' attack on the Growing Man would only make the Growing Man larger. Namora then exited the Uranian's ship and flew Wolverine around the Growing Man, who was cut into multiple pieces by Wolverine, and after the battle, Namora asked why Wolverine had not informed the Avengers of the Atlas Foundation's true intentions following the X-Men's earlier encounter with the Atlas Foundation. Wolverine replied that it never came up and when Namora deposited him on the ground, Wolverine informed the other Avengers that the Atlas Foundation being criminals was merely a front for them to run a sting organization against Norman Osborn and Spider-Man reminded his teammates that he was right about the Atlas Foundation.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#2) - After a temporal distortion absorbed the Avengers and brought forth the Avengers from shortly after the team's founding, the time-displaced Captain America asked if the Agents of Atlas were associated with the Red Skull upon seeing the outdated-looking Human Robot, to which the Gorilla Man jokingly replied that the Atlas Foundation was a "Yellow Claw outfit" rather than Red Skull. A fight quickly broke out between the past Avengers and the Agents of Atlas, with the Uranian telepathically confusing the Avengers until the Wasp took the Uranian out. The fight then continued until Venus affected all of the male Avengers with her song. When the Wasp took out Venus, Jimmy Woo took advantage of the brief lull in fighting to explain that the Agents were representing the Atlas Foundation and not Kang the Conqueror, as the past Avengers had thought. The Agents then explained the temporal distortions and the twisted-looking being who appeared before each distortion. The Uranian then revealed that the being had not left and when the being attempted to absorb Thor, the resulting lightning created another distortion, this time bringing in a time-displaced Hulk.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#3) - The Agents of Atlas and time-displaced Avengers furiously battled the Hulk and Thor eventually transported all present to Norway, where the Hulk could be fought without risking lives. As the time distortions affected Iron Man and subsequently the Uranian, transforming them into earlier versions of themselves, Captain America ordered both the Avengers and the Atlas Foundation to assemble against the Hulk and eventually, Venus was able to calm the Hulk into transforming into Bruce Banner. The two teams then worked together and realized that the time distortions were being caused by a self-perpetuating paradox caused during the Avengers' first encounter with Kang and when Marvel Boy scanned the area with a photonic field, the twisted, time-distorting being appeared to be covering everyone like a wave.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#4) - When the wave expanded to cover Bruce Banner as he stepped away to prove the point of the wave's expansion, Venus asked what was so special about the particular grouping of heroes that the wave expanded to contain them and Gorilla Man remarked that he didn't think it was the Atlas Foundation that the wave was attempting to contain, but rather, the original Avengers. Giant-Man, having been fed information on the wave, eventually described as a Chronovirus, entered the wave and attempted to shut it down from within but he instead got absorbed by the Chronovirus. Learning from Giant-Man that the Chronovirus was accidentally created by Kang, who attempted to travel back to aid himself during his first battle with the Avengers, the time-displaced Avengers agreed to enter the Chronovirus themselves and Captain America asked Jimmy Woo and the Agents of Atlas to remain back for their own protection. The Avengers then entered the Chronovirus and began battling it as the Agents of Atlas fought from further back. During the scuffle, Marvel Boy returned to his present-day Uranian identity and the Avengers were restored to their proper time as Woo ordered the Atlas Foundation agents to fall back. As the Chronovirus was destroyed, the present-day Avengers returned.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#2/2) - Following a tip from Mr. Lao that Atlas Hibachi restaurant was a splinter cell of the Atlas Foundation that was still loyal to the Yellow Claw and that there was an ornate golden box being held at Atlas Hibachi, Jimmy Woo visited the restaurant to investigate and at first thought Mr. Lao's tip was incorrect. He soon learned Lao was right when the Atlas Hibachi employees attacked him. Woo immediately went for the golden box but was attacked by a squid creature, which Woo ultimately killed. After the battle resulted in an explosion that destroyed Atlas Hibachi, Woo acquired the golden box and returned it to Mr. Lao, who opened the box and ate the dumplings inside, much to Woo's annoyance that he had risked his life for dumplings.

(Hercules: Fall of an Avenger#2 - BTS) - After seeing a children's hospital for monsters that Hercules had funded by investing some of his money over the centuries, Venus opted to secretly continue funding the hospital, remarking to Namora that the Atlas Foundation could help her set up an LLC company to continue funding instead of closing the hospital. A short time later, after Venus lied to use some of Hercules' money that the Olympus Group now owned to keep the hospital open, the hospital posted a sign outside that read "an Atlas/Olympus Foundation."

(Enter the Heroic Age#1/2 - BTS) - Upon seeing a news broadcast of the Agents of Atlas battling a Kree Sentry in Hawaii, the modern-day 3-D Man (Delroy Garrett, Jr.) overheard the reporter called the group Atlas and remarked that the Atlas Foundation really did exist.

(Atlas I#1) - After dreaming about members of the Agents of Atlas, the 3-D Man began investigating and tracking the Agents of Atlas through San Francisco. Upon seeing the Uranian's saucer when it was invisible, the 3-D Man passed by the Uranian and followed, soon falling into a pit where Jimmy Woo and his allies commended 3-D Man on his tracking. Welcoming 3-D Man, Woo explained that 3-D Man had stumbled into a place few had ever seen: the hidden city of the Atlas Foundation.

(Atlas I#2) - Thinking he had been trapped, 3-D Man ran wildly through the Atlas Foundation's hidden city looking for an exit, only to stumble into Mr. Lao's chamber. When Mr. Lao attacked, the Agents of Atlas came to 3-D Man's aid and once Lao angrily stormed off following an entrancement by Venus, 3-D Man asked who the Atlas Foundation was. The Uranian explained that the Atlas Foundation was not the organization who had been recently trying to kill 3-D Man and Jimmy Woo invited 3-D Man into his meditation chamber for an information exchange. Once inside, Jimmy Woo had the Uranian telepathically link them and he showed 3-D Man the history of the Agents' association and their connection with the Atlas Foundation via their own memories. The history was interrupted when Derek Khanata reported that the Norse branch of the Atlas Foundation was indeed behind an Icelandic volcano eruption and requested backup. Woo assured Khanata that the Agents of Atlas were on the way and invited 3-D Man, who was confused that the Atlas Foundation would be fighting their own organization, to tag along. As they departed the hidden city, Woo explained that the Atlas Foundation was a huge organization with many operations still left to root out and shut down. Traveling to Iceland, the Agents of Atlas and 3-D Man regrouped with Derek Khanata, who informed them that the Norse branch of the Atlas Foundation had his group pinned down by giant subterranean monsters. The Agents of Atlas immediately jumped into the fight and Gorilla Man eventually was given the control device for the monsters and used one to attack the others until Venus calmed the monsters into retreating into a cave, which the Uranian agreed to seal with his ship's meteor smasher weapon. When 3-D Man commented that the Uranian would also be sealing the Norse branch of the Atlas Foundation in with the monsters, Woo remarked that he would take the agents back with him but the rogue Atlas Foundation members seemed unable to be reformed. 3-D Man then admitted that it felt good to get in a scrap again even if he didn't add much to the fight with Namora and the Human Robot around, to which Woo replied that on paper, he was the Atlas Foundation's weakest link with no powers, except when he wasn't the weakest. The team continued to discuss their strengths and 3-D Man's investigation of those who were seeking to kill him, unaware that they were being watched by a group of creatures who noted that the 3-D Man had now connected with the Atlas Foundation.

(Atlas I#3) - After learning that beings were possessing people to get at the 3-D Man, the Agents of Atlas and 3-D Man returned to the Atlas Foundation's hidden city, where Namora expressed sorrow for 3-D Man, who had also learned that his girlfriend Sheri Dennon had killed herself. Gorilla-Man said hello to Chang and attempted to introduce Chang to 3-D Man but 3-D Man was able to see that Chang was possessed by one of the same beings that were trying to get 3-D Man. 3-D Man then confirmed that much of the Atlas Foundation had been possessed by the beings. The Agents of Atlas and 3-D Man surrounded themselves with an energy shield from the Human Robot as nearly the entire Atlas Foundation came after them, with one of them hitting Venus with an arrow. Attempting to make their way to the armory, Woo ordered Namora to clear a path for them, only to find that Namora had also been possessed.

(Atlas I#4) - The Uranian used his telepathy to confuse the possessed Namora into thinking the Agents of Atlas had fled and that the possessed Atlas Foundation members had lost their possessed connection. Namora quickly shook off the telepathic attack and ripped apart the Uranian's suit, causing the Uranian to suffocate due to lack of atmosphere, and Jimmy Woo ordered the Human Robot to attack Namora. The Human Robot reluctantly did as instructed, eventually leaving only Gorilla-Man, 3-D Man and the Robot itself to battle the possessed hordes of the Atlas Foundation. Mr. Lao soon intervened, breathing fire on the possessed and forcing the beings to leave the bodies of the Atlas Foundation soldiers. The Agents of Atlas then attempted to get their injured to the hidden city's medical ward but Jimmy Woo opened fire on Mr. Lao for killing the Atlas Foundation members. Insisting that he did what he had to do, Mr. Lao then revealed the origins of the invaders, who had originated from a third dimension called Echo Worlders and sought to control the three crystals from Earth, Echo World itself and the second Earth connected to prime Earth. When the recovering Uranian interrupted from his ship to reveal that Atlas Foundation warrior scholar-in-training Chang had trapped one of the Echo Worlders within his own body, the Agents of Atlas parted to recover and check on Chang. Entering Chang's mind, the Uranian was boosted by the power of the 3-D Man and together, they were able to briefly enter Echo World using the Echo Worlder possessing Chang. Before the other Echo Worlders could kill their ally possessing Chang, the Uranian managed to access an Echo World data bank and learned how to enter Echo World before the other Echo Worlders killed their ally, causing Chang to lose his possessor. When Woo wished they had acquired more intel from the Echo Worlder possessing Chang, the Uranian revealed that he had learned how to travel to Echo World.

(Atlas I#4/2) - As Jimmy Woo spoke more with Mr. Lao, Gorilla-Man and 3-D Man watched as Dr. Zu activated the old Menacer series robots to assist since the Echo Worlders' attack cost all but 30% of the Atlas Foundation's population. Once the Uranian was ready to project the Agents of Atlas into Echo World, the Uranian had Dr. Zu monitor their physical bodies as the Uranian projected their minds into host bodies in Echo World. Noticing a possessed Atlas Foundation servant carrying a bomb, 3-D Man broke transfer to stop the Echo Worlder but soon found that Dr. Zu could not place 3-D Man back in contact with the Agents of Atlas as they were transported to Echo World. Zu then explained that 3-D Man was their connection to Echo World and his breaking the transfer caused the Agents of Atlas to be transported to the alternate Earth-10170, rather than Echo World.

(Atlas I#5) - Dr. Zu managed to get 3-D Man re-established to the Agents of Atlas' psychic connection and the connection drew the Agents from Earth-10170, where their minds were stuck, and as their minds floated in the void deciding what their next step should be, Woo reflected on his alternate life and questioned whether moving the Atlas Foundation towards justice was the right move since it was simply his idea of justice and not necessarily the world's. Despite his historic reflection, Woo ultimately decided that the Echo Worlders were a real threat that had to be taken down and the others agreed.

(Atlas I#5/2) - Gorilla-Man, Jimmy Woo, the Uranian and 3-D Man arrived on Echo World, following shortly by Venus and Namora, who had Dr. Zu connect them into the psychic connection as well. As the entire Agents of Atlas traversed the astral plane towards Echo World, they each reflected on their life to an extent, with Namora admitted that she stayed with the Atlas Foundation because her friends were her people, not out of loyalty.

(Atlas I#5/3) - Upon arriving in Echo World, the Agents of Atlas found that the natives there feared them as they were like gods on Echo World. In an effort to stop the cycle of violence between the three worlds, the inner circle of the Atlas Foundation came up with a plan to introduce crystallographic defects into Echo World, which the Agents learned was properly called Lurra, to prevent negative effects on Lurra caused by Earth-616 and bombard the populace with the defects using the Human Robot to minimize future effects on the populace. Not trusting the Atlas Foundation, the native Lurrans mounted several attacks against them, only to be met with defeat. The bombardment succeeded, ending further transmissions to Lurra from Earth-616 and before the Agents left Lurra, Jimmy Woo noticed the ghostly Yellow Claw on the horizon of the astral plane. Speaking with him, Woo thanked the Yellow Claw for earlier causing the creation of the 3-D Man and the Yellow Claw admitted that he did not feel the winds shift, suggesting Woo was still alive. Explaining that the 3-D Man had helped end an eternal war, Woo was told by the Yellow Claw that explicit instructions with left with Mr. Lao that the Atlas Foundation was to conquer the world and Woo reminded the ghostly Claw that he would also rule his own way. The Yellow Claw then revealed that he was riding with Genghis Khan and Kublai, both of whom he would tell of the insolent Jimmy Woo, who solved problems no one else could. The Claw then congratulated Woo on his victory and hoped for many more before Woo someday rode with them. As the Agents prepared to leave Lurra, 3-D Man asked to join the Agents of Atlas and Gorilla-Man approved his membership. Once they had all returned to Earth, Chang cataloged the Atlas Foundation's solution to the Lurran problem in a memo and graduated to a full warrior scholar with the name Billy Chang. With their expanded roster, the Agents of Atlas found it easier to root out and close down the criminal operations of the Atlas Foundation. As Chang remarked on including Mr. Lao in his memo, Mr. Lao sarcastically remarked that there was no need to mention him.

(Gorilla-Man I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Gorilla-Man answered questions from the Atlas Foundation's agents-in-training via the internet. One of the questions asked about wifi within the Atlas Foundation's hidden city and Gorilla-Man answered it by stating that the Human Robot could generate its own wifi signal, allowing the Gorilla-Man to have wifi internet access on his laptop.

(Gorilla-Man I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Gorilla-Man answered more questions from the Atlas Foundation's agents-in-training, again via the internet, noting that the Atlas Foundation had all kinds of factories and munitions that housed Cold War-era Russian and Chinese weapons. Gorilla-Man also noted that Venus was the best cook of the Atlas Foundation with Jimmy Woo being a close second due to Woo's time growing up in his family's restaurant. When one of the agents-in-training suggested Squirrel Girl for a possible Atlas Foundation recruit, Gorilla-Man replied that Jimmy Woo was looking to expand and another agent-in-training asked what the downside to working for the Atlas Foundation was, to which Gorilla-Man replied that while the headquarters was underground with no sun and the dragon Mr. Lao was always trying to play the Agents of Atlas against one another, the Atlas Foundation had recently installed a zipline to get across the hidden city easier. To end the questionnaire, Gorilla-Man remarked on how the former Atlas Foundation front company known as Timely-Atlas published comic books based on the adventures of him and his allies, including Marvel Boy, in which Timely-Atlas kept the actual facts fast and loose.

(Gorilla-Man I#1) - From the Atlas Foundation's hidden city, Jimmy Woo contacted Gorilla-Man, who was on a personal mission to Rome against the robotic Borgia Omega, to inform Gorilla-Man that he was needed back at the Atlas Foundation. Upon seeing video footage of a woman's rear end, Woo became intrigued and asked just what Gorilla-Man was doing in Rome but the Gorilla-Man replied that he couldn't talk and would have to get back in touch later. When the call ended, Gorilla-Man was told the woman was loyal only to the family Borgia but Gorilla-Man threw a wad of money at the woman and offered her a job with the Atlas Foundation, insisting that they'd pay the same as Borgia Omega but with a signing bonus. Accepting the offer, the woman asked where she should throw the head of Lucrezia Borgia (which Borgia Omega had stolen from a museum) but the Gorilla-Man suggested she hold onto it since Borgia Omega's goons wouldn't shoot at them as long as they possessed the head. Soon defeating Borgia Omega, Gorilla-Man brought him into Atlas Foundation custody, which Woo thanked him for but remarked that the Atlas Foundation didn't need a bunch of new recruits on their payroll. Gorilla-Man insisted the new female recruits from Borgia Omega's organization were good and Woo reluctantly agreed to accept them into the Atlas Foundation before turning the focus on the Atlas Foundation's mission to shut down the criminal sides of their organization. Admitting that it had become hard to convince other super heroes of the Atlas Foundation's altruism when there were still criminal branches of the Atlas Foundation around the world, Woo gave Gorilla-Man his pick of criminal sides of the organization to take down and Gorilla-Man chose a turbaned man from Africa. Upon arriving, Gorilla-Man was attacked by a man named Banda but Gorilla-Man spoke the phrase "the Golden Horde rides at dawn" and when the Atlas Foundation attacker seemed ignorant of the phrase, Gorilla-Man remarked that he told Derek Khanata that no one remembered the pass-phrases. Confused, Banda asked who the Gorilla-Man was and he removed his image inducer, revealing himself, and Banda immediately welcomed one of the Atlas Foundation's inner circle. When Banda admitted he had not seen any members of the Atlas Foundation since Derek Khanata had stationed him in Africa, Gorilla-Man replied that the Atlas Foundation had been focused mostly on the northern hemisphere. Banda then revealed that Mustafa Kazun (the turbaned man Gorilla-Man had chose to investigate) had been recruiting soldiers from the Atlas Foundation into his own personal army and killed all those loyal to Banda. Gorilla-Man quickly interrupted Banda, sensing that the Bloodface Guard were surrounding them and he casually had Banda ready his weapons.

(Gorilla-Man I#2) - Gorilla-Man and Banda escaped the approaching Bloodface Guard via boat and on their way into the Congo, Gorilla-Man asked about some of the Guard formerly being part of Banda's Atlas Foundation faction. When one of the Bloodface Guard jumped onto their boat, Gorilla-Man expressed pleasure that they now had someone to literally bleed for information on Kazun but Banda revealed that his former Atlas Foundation soldiers were so terrified of Kazun's magic that they would rather die than betray Kazun. Upon hearing the soldiers' fear of magic, Gorilla-Man (still using his image inducer to appear human) told Banda to inform the soldier that he channeled the animal spirits. When the soldier refused to believe, Gorilla-Man turned off his image inducer and appeared in gorilla form, scaring the soldier into revealing the location of Kazun's stronghold and Banda admitted being impressed at Gorilla-Man's tactics, as he had no luck in getting the former Atlas Foundation soldiers to reveal anything on Kazun. As they traveled towards Kazun's island base, Gorilla-Man recounted a story about Kazun's magic serpent staff from his younger days until they were attacked from the air. During the distraction, the former Atlas Foundation soldier leapt from the boat and Gorilla-Man managed to down the plane by shooting its fuel tank. Gorilla-Man then continued recounting his past to Banda until they found a Bloodface Guard flag and suspected they had stumbled into a supply point for Kazun's caravan. While there, Banda admitted that he found Gorilla-Man's life interesting, as he had once asked Derek Khanata about Gorilla-Man's life before he had joined the Atlas Foundation and even Khanata knew very little of it. Gorilla-Man continued informing Banda of his history as they traversed the supply point on foot and the Atlas Foundation duo soon stumbled onto a group of gorillas, which Gorilla-Man recognized.

(Gorilla-Man I#3) - Gorilla-Man managed to get information from the gorillas by speaking their language and he soon led the Atlas Foundation's Banda towards the river and continued recounting his origins to Banda. Upon arriving at Kazun's base, Atlas Foundation members Gorilla-Man and Banda realized they might need backup and while Gorilla-Man remarked that the Atlas Foundation inner circle had their hands full, he could arrange an Atlas Foundation security detail. Unfortunately, Kazun's magic forced his Bloodface Guard to flee from a fiery blue bird before Gorilla-Man could summon the detail, forcing Gorilla-Man and Banda to reveal themselves. Once they were captured, Gorilla-Man and Banda were introduced to Mustafa Kazun himself, who thanked Banda for the Atlas Foundation soldiers that had defected to Kazun's Bloodface Guard and revealed that he was aware of Gorilla-Man and his allies' control of the Yellow Claw's Atlas Foundation. As Kazun monologued, he mentioned how it would be quite a coup to add one of the Atlas Foundation's inner circle to his army and how once the Gorilla-Man was under his control, the Gorilla-Man would summon Atlas Foundation soldiers to help Kazun take over the country. When a harem transport arrived, Kazun ordered one of his agents to handle it while he finished sealing his alliance with the Atlas Foundation's Gorilla-Man and Banda, who resisted Kazun's control and fought back. When the Bloodface Guard hit Banda with a poisonous dart, Kazun offered to give Gorilla-Man the antidote if Gorilla-Man surrendered his will to Kazun. A short time later, Banda awoke and Kazun thanked him again for not only providing Atlas Foundation soldiers to add to Kazun's army but also the Gorilla-Man. Kazun then asked the controlled Gorilla-Man where the Atlas Foundation empire was located and Gorilla-Man informed Kazun that its base was in the United States, led by Jimmy Woo while Temugin led the eastern branch. Sufficiently convinced of his control over the Gorilla-Man, Kazun continued monologued about his plans to take over the country while Banda was secretly given a message to stall Kazun for 10 minutes. Kazun asked for Gorilla-Man to continue the story of his transformation and when the story ended, Gorilla-Man revealed that he retained his mind and grabbed Kazun's serpent staff away from Kazun. Having earlier summoned the girls he had recruited into the Atlas Foundation from Borgia Omega, Gorilla-Man, Banda and the girls fought back against Kazun, revealing one of Ken Hale's old enemies, Bastoc, to be among Kazun's Bloodface Guard. At the risk of losing a cure to his curse, Gorilla-Man snapped the serpent staff in half and had Kazun's army disassembled. In the aftermath, Gorilla-Man invited Banda to visit the United States and meet Derek Khanata and the other Atlas Foundation members.

(Chaos War#1) - When the demon Nightmare was seemingly killed by the Japanese god Chaos King, Bob Grayson/Uranian/Marvel Boy received a telepathic howl via his headband as he played tennis against Gorilla-Man within the Atlas Foundation's headquarters.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#1/2) - As Jimmy Woo arrived onboard the Uranian's ship, he recalled his taking over the leadership of the Atlas Foundation network. Upon hearing that a Neo-Nazi group was bombing churches in Florida, Woo ordered Gorilla-Man to get him everything on every racist group active in America within the last five years and the Gorilla-Man suggested that Woo delegate that task to one of the other agents of the Atlas Foundation, perhaps some within the Foundation's hidden city. Woo responded by claiming he couldn't trust anyone and had to know all of the information himself before asking Gorilla-Man to also look up any Soviet cells while he was gathering the information. When the Agents of Atlas later confronted the Nazi Hammer of Thule organization in Key West, Florida, its leader Vorster informed Woo of a German castle. Gorilla-Man suggested Vorster was lying and that they should forget his remarks but Woo announced that it was not the way the Atlas Foundation operated and that the Agents should uncover the truth about the castle. Deciding to travel to Germany and investigate Vorster's claims, the Agents of Atlas discussed Vorster's knowledge of the Atlas Foundation when Vorster claimed that the Atlas Foundation would not be able to save the world. When Vorster revealed that descendants of the original Thule organization that had aided the Nazi Red Skull had infiltrated the Atlas Foundation following World War II, Jimmy Woo grew unnerved at the revelation despite Gorilla-Man's continued insistence that Vorster couldn't be trusted.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#2/2) - Jimmy Woo and Namora discussed the possibilities of Vorster's claims of Atlas Foundation Nazi infiltration and Woo worried that all of the Atlas Foundation's intelligence operations might have been corrupted by the Thule organization. Increasingly worried about the possible Thule infiltration, Woo ordered the Uranian to probe Vorster's mind, which proved to be mostly blocked via mystical means. When the Uranian managed to gain a glimpse of possible ties with Thule and the Atlas Foundation, Woo prepared to call in an order to shut down all Atlas Foundation operations and networks but Gorilla-Man snatched the phone from Woo and reminded Woo that the Uranian had also commented that Vorster could be messing with the telepathic probe. Gorilla-Man then refused to allow Woo to make a fool of himself and reminded him that in a world full of such fear, the Atlas Foundation was needed more than ever before suggesting they get on with their investigation mission. When the Agents of Atlas were met with Nazi robots inside the castle, Gorilla-Man remarked that there might be more going on with the castle than just a connection between the Thule society and the Atlas Foundation. After defeating the robots, the Agents of Atlas split up to investigate the castle and subsequently reunited after Jimmy Woo discovered a torture room full of Atlantean corpses.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#3/2) - Unsure what to say immediately, Jimmy Woo thought about his status as head of the Atlas Foundation and how his body was how it was in the 1950s despite being in the present day before ordering the other Agents of Atlas to get back into their positions. Unfortunately, Namora and the other Agents of Atlas were soon drawn back to Jimmy Woo when another Nazi robot activated and Namora discovered the Atlantean corpses and accused Woo of ordering the Agents away so that he could study the corpses.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#4/2 (fb)) - As Namora and the Agents of Atlas held a funeral for the Atlantean corpses, Jimmy Woo prepared to have the Human Robot translate the information it had obtained from the skin of the Atlanteans, pausing at first to decide whether the information should only be accessed himself in case the Atlas Foundation was ever infiltrated and questioning what an infiltrator might do with the information. Woo ultimately decided to erase the files.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#4/2) - After Namora and the other Agents of Atlas finished their funeral, Jimmy Woo informed Namora that the Human Robot had informed him that the castle was primed to explode. As he helped his teammates exit the castle, Woo again thought on his status as head of the Atlas Foundation before the group escaped on the Uranian's ship. Sequestering himself within his room, Woo had a drink and immersed himself in 1958 television as they left the castle.

(Incredible Hulk VI#714 - BTS) - Jimmy Woo, in his job at head of the Atlas Foundation, contacted the Hulk (Amadeus Cho) and informed him that the alien Prince Phalkan had escaped. Jimmy then began assembling heroes, only to find that the Hulk had lured Phalkhan directly to him so that he could publicly beat Phalkan and warn others not to mess with the Hulk.

(Incredible Hulk VI#715 - BTS) - Still directing the Atlas Foundation, Jimmy Woo contacted Hulk's sister Maddy Cho to inform her that the Hulk had apparently lost it. Maddy replied by accusing Jimmy of not trusting Amadeus Cho from the beginning and she refused to aid Jimmy against the Hulk.

(Incredible Hulk VI#717 - BTS) - As head of the Atlas Foundation, Jimmy Woo arranged an attack on the Hulk, hitting him from a plan with Adamantium shells and leaving an open for further attack from the Black Panther. Unfortunately, Jimmy's plane was downed by the Hulk and Jimmy realized that even though the Hulk was being defeated, he was taking his attackers down with him.

(War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas#1 - BTS) - As several heroes completed a demonstration mission for the Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted, Atlas Foundation director and head of the school Jimmy Woo commended the Agents on their teamwork. Following the demonstration, Jimmy asked two of the heroes, Brawn and Ms. Marvel, why they were so tense and when they replied that it was nothing, Jimmy informed them as the head of the super-secret Atlas Foundation, he had been watching the heroes and hoping they might join the Atlas Foundation as its newest Agents of Atlas. Jimmy then showed the heroes a pear and asked them all to be specific as to what kind of pair but when the heroes all disagreed, Jimmy explained that there was no need to fight about the pear, remarking that when he led Atlas Foundation missions, he wanted the best ideas from everyone on his team. When reports of an Asgardian invasion came in, Jimmy showed Brawn footage of the interdimensional portal the Asgardians were using and asked Brawn to extrapolate the portal's energy signature and input it into the Atlas Foundation server. Jimmy then deputized the heroes as the official new Agents of Atlas before departing to Korea and leaving Brawn to his task.

Comments: Created by Jeff Parker, Leonard Kirk and Kris Justice.

While not mentioned by name or seen at all in Men's Adventures I#26 (March, 1954), it was later retconned that the Atlas Foundation had employed the dragon Mr. Lao (in human form) to meet with Ken Hale and give him the idea to kill the Gorilla-Man for immortality. Lao even gave Hale maps to the beast's location. Unsure of what to do, Ken Hale became plagued with nightmares about killing the Gorilla-Man (which is how his first appearance in Men's Adventures I#26 opens) and he was ultimately so affected by Lao's story of immortality that Hale traveled to Africa and killed the Gorilla-Man, becoming the new Gorilla-Man upon its death. Therefore, the Atlas Foundation would be behind-the-scenes in Ken Hale's first appearance in Men's Adventures I#26 since they were employing Mr. Lao, who was also behind-the-scenes in that issue in an off-panel flashback that led to Hale's nightmares. Similarly, we later learned that the Atlas Foundation had been employing Dr. Cyrus Virro for some time before Virro was tasked to create M-11, thereby meaning that the Atlas Foundation was behind-the-scenes during the construction of M-11, which was seen in Menace I#11 (May, 1954).

To be clear in the image for Call, Hall & Munoz, the image shows the three agents following Jimmy Woo (the one from which the word balloon is originating) and Call, Hall & Munoz are the soldiers behind him. Due to the nature of the flashback, we don't actually see which soldier Woo was addressing by name. We just see him saying their names to someone off-panel then we see the three soldiers following him.

In his first appearance in Menace I#11, Cyrus Virro was not identified by name and had brown hair. In his later appearance in Agents of Atlas I#6, he remained unidentified but had white hair. He was not actually identified by name until Agents of Atlas II#6, where he was not seen but mentioned by Doctor Zu.

I only listed the Affiliations and Enemies of the Atlas Foundation as a whole. The Agents of Atlas team would theoretically have their own profile at some point so many of their affiliations/enemies would not apply to the overall Atlas Foundation, which is what this profile focuses on. On that same note, the Agents of Atlas appear in stories in which the entire Atlas Foundation does not appear so I only included the appearances of the Atlas Foundation as a whole or appearances where the Agents of Atlas were specifically representing the entire Atlas Foundation.

A man resembling the Atlas servant Chang appears in Atlas I#2 but given that Chang also resembles many of the other Atlas Foundation servants, there was no way to confirm if it was Chang or not so I chose to leave that appearance out of Chang's history.

The Atlas Foundation seen during the 2015 Secret Wars event was actually the Earth-12151 version of the group, not a reality-warped version of the Earth-616 group.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Atlas Foundation has no known connections to


Arnett was a member of "Man-Mountain" Marko's ATF squad and reported back to Marko when the battering ram was ready. Wishing to do the work himself, Marko told Arnett not to worry about the battering ram before he busted into the Atlas Foundation research facility by himself.

--Agents of Atlas II#1


Banda was a member of the Atlas Foundation who was stationed in the African Congo by Atlas overseer Derek Khanata. When Gorilla-Man arrived in the Congo to investigate Mustafa Kazun, Banda attacked the Gorilla-Man, unaware who he was due to the Gorilla-Man's image inducer. When Gorilla-Man used an Atlas pass-phrase and mentioned Derek Khanata, Banda asked who Gorilla-Man was and Gorilla-Man revealed himself as a member of the Atlas Foundation inner circle. Banda then realized Gorilla-Man was there to investigate Kazun, who had been recruited from Banda's faction of the Atlas Foundation and killing all those loyal to Banda. Further explaining that Kazun's army was called the Bloodface Guard, Banda was soon asked to casually get his weapons ready as Gorilla-Man smelled the Bloodface Guard surrounding them. Escaping the Bloodface Guard via boat, Banda and Gorilla-Man soon learned of Mustafa Kazun's island base and as they traveled there, Gorilla-Man began recounting his history, much to Banda's interest since Banda had once asked Derek Khanata about the Gorilla-Man. Banda then continued traveling with Gorilla-Man and eagerly listening to Gorilla-Man's origins until they found a herd of gorilla that Gorilla-Man communicated with to learn Kazun's location. Upon finding Kazun, Gorilla-Man and Banda were captured and Banda was hit with a poisonous dart. As Banda recovered with an antidote given by Kazun in exchange for Gorilla-Man's loyalty, Gorilla-Man secretly assembled Atlas Foundation agents to take down Kazun, ultimately destroying Kazun's serpent staff during Kazun's defeat. Following the battle, Gorilla-Man invited Banda to visit the United States to meet Derek Khanata and the other Atlas Foundation inner circle members.

--Gorilla-Man I#1 (#2, #3

Case, Hall & Munoz

Case, Hall and Munoz were disenfranchised S.H.I.E.L.D. recruited by Jimmy Woo to take down the Atlas Foundation. Using helmet cameras to record their progress into the Atlas Foundation's San Francisco headquarters, Case and the other agents began to question Woo's mission. When Case suggested that maybe the mission was Woo taking things a bit too far, Woo ordered Case to shut up and reminded Case that he was being given a chance to shine on the mission, remarking on what might happen if they exposed the Atlas Foundation. Case, Hall and Munoz then followed Woo further into the facility but when the dragon Mr. Lao appeared, the trio were unsure what to do and Hall and Munoz ended up taking shrapnel during Mr. Lao's subsequent attack. Case reported the injuries to Woo shortly before Mr. Lao unleashed a swath of flame that killed Case, Hall and Munoz and left a badly burned Jimmy Woo attempting to call for backup.

--Agents of Atlas I#1 (fb)

Doctor Zu

Doctor Zu was an Atlas Foundation scientist under the Yellow Claw's leadership. His father, also an Atlas Foundation scientist, had designed the Menacer series of robots for the Atlas Foundation despite not being uncomfortable with what the Menacers were used for. After his father designed the M-1 and M-5 robot, Doctor Zu began apprenticing with his father during the M-8 series, ultimately designing the death ray and electro hands of M-11, which eventually became the Human Robot. When Gorilla Man visited Doctor Zu in hopes of upgrading the Human Robot for an upcoming battle against the Great Wall organization, Doctor Zu was shocked to see someone visit his lab and quickly gave Gorilla Man a brief tour, showcasing all of the previous Menacer series models before agreeing to upgrade the Human Robot. When the upgraded Human Robot still fell to the Great Wall's M-21, Gorilla Man returned to Dr. Zu and suggested placing a personality engram into the Human Robot in an effort to help boost the Human Robot's spirit. Finding one labeled "the Greatest," Gorilla Man gave it to Dr. Zu, who placed it within the Human Robot despite the engrams ultimately not working with the Human Robot. During a later mission to Graymalkin Industries, in which Jimmy Woo refused to let Gorilla Man bring lethal weaponry, Gorilla Man again visited Doctor Zu and had Zu outfit him with an entire costume full of non-lethal accouterments in case the Agents of Atlas ran into mutants. When Gorilla Man revealed his outfit to the other Agents of Atlas, Marvel Boy (now called the Uranian) sarcastically remarked that he was sure Doctor Zu was mentally sound, to which Gorilla Man replied that he knew Doctor Zu wasn't. Some time later, Dr. Zu reactivated the old Menacer series robots to assist after the Atlas Foundation population was reduced to 30% when the dragon Mr. Lao breathed fire on those possessing by Echo Worlders. He was soon tasked with monitoring the physical bodies of the Agents of Atlas when they attempted to have their minds transported to Echo World, only to have them sent to the alternate Earth connected to Earth-616 instead. Dr. Zu later managed to reconnect 3-D Man to the trio of Agents of Atlas, followed shortly by Venus and Namora. He also connected the Human Robot to his teammates but suspected the psychic connection wouldn't work on an automaton.

--Agents of Atlas II#10 (#11, X-Men vs. the Agents of Atlas#1 - BTS, Atlas I#4/2, #5-BTS, #5/2-BTS,


Emil was an agent of the Atlas Foundation circa 1958. When Jimmy Woo and his Department Zero/G-Men uncovered the Atlas Foundation Electroghoul project, Emil reported Woo's arrival to his master, the Yellow Claw, who ordered Emil to unleash the Electroghouls against Woo and his team then escape so the Claw would not have to retrain someone else to do Emil's job. Witnessing Emil run for it, Woo and his men stopped Emil and forced him to show them the transmitter that was controlling the Electroghouls. After taking Woo and his men to the transmitter, Emil reluctantly agreed to help Woo by using the transmitter to force the Electroghouls back into their proper graves but by the time Woo ordered Emil to tell them where the Yellow Claw, an explosive within Emil's sinus cavities had went off and Emil was dead.

Emil had an explosive implant within his sinus cavities that would explode if he went against his master, the Yellow Claw.

--Atlas I#1/2 (#2/2d,

Chang Li-Ten

Chang Li-Ten was a servant of the Atlas Foundation. When Mister Lao swallowed "Man-Mountain" Marko whole and admitted that superhumans tasted better than the cattle Marvel Boy had been secretly bringing him, Gorilla Man remarked that Marvel Boy shouldn't have to bring Lao cattle and ordered Chang to begin looking into purchasing a cattle ranch. Chang assured Gorilla Man he would do so and was later present at the Atlas Foundation's hidden city when Derek Khanata was invited to join the Atlas Foundation. Chang subsequently assisted the Atlas Foundation by using Jimmy Woo's newly-converted car to deliver ancient maps to Jimmy Woo, who revealed that the car now had hover capabilities. When the alarm went off shortly after Woo and the Human Robot departed to check ancient maps, Chang ran for protection. Later, after the Jade Claw had declared war on the Atlas Foundation, Chang visited Gorilla Man to inform him that the Atlas Foundation had resources capable of upgrading the Human Robot at the north end of their hidden city headquarters. Some time later, when the X-Men invaded the Atlas Foundation's hidden city seeking their Cerebra computer that the Agents of Atlas had stolen in an effort to find the missing Venus, Chang assisted against the X-Men by kicking the Beast to no avail. Gorilla Man thanked Chang for his assistance but assured Chang that he had the battle taken care of. Some time later, when the Agents of Atlas returned to the Atlas Foundation's hidden city with the modern-day 3-D Man, Gorilla-Man said hello to Chang, who was possessed by a being trying to get at 3-D Man. 3-D Man confirmed Chang's possession and Gorilla-Man quickly knocked Chang out, angry at having been forced to knock out his friend and remarking that the true Chang would have called Gorilla-Man "General Hale" instead of "Gorilla-Man." After Gorilla-Man's attack knocked the possessing Echo Worlder out, Chang was able to resume control of his body but opted to use his meditation techniques to trap the Echo Worlder within his body for study. Once the Agents of Atlas learned of this, they visited Chang and the Uranian, together with the 3-D Man, were able to visualize the possessing Echo World as he existed on Echo World. Within Chang's mind, the Uranian and 3-D Man witnessed the Echo Worlder demanding to be freed from Chang and the other Echo Worlders granted the possessor freedom by death, causing Chang to lose the Echo Worlder. Panicking, Chang announced that he had lost the Echo Worlders but Gorilla-Man assured Chang that he had done a good job. Chang was later tasked with making an Atlas Foundation log of recent events and later graduated to full warrior scholar status within the Atlas Foundation using the name Billy Chang. He then wrote a memo documenting the Atlas Foundation's success in ending Earth's war with the otherdimensional planet Lurra.

--Agents of Atlas II#1 (#7-8, 10, X-Men vs. the Agents of Atlas#2, Atlas I#3-5, #5/3, 


M-1 was the first robot in the Menacer series designed by an unidentified Atlas Foundation scientist. Created in 1927, M-1 ran on petrol and fired actual bullets and unfortunately, could only run for three hours before refueling was needed. Despite this, M-1 was considered an mechanical marvel of its time and after other Menacer robots succeeded M-1, M-1 remained in the scientist's lab, eventually passed down to the scientist's son, Doctor Zu, where it remained for decades until Gorilla Man, Atlas servant Chang and the Human Robot visited Zu's lab. Discussing the Human Robot, Doctor Zu showed Gorilla Man all of the previous Menacer robots starting with the inert M-1.

M-1 was highly durable and was equipped with bullet-firing guns. Unfortunately, it could only run on petrol for three hours before needing refueling.

--Agents of Atlas II#10

M-3, M-5 and M-8

M-3, M-5 and M-8 were successive series of Menacer robots designed for the Atlas Foundation. Created by the same scientist that had created M-1, M-3 was the first created as troops for the Atlas Foundation and were completely bulletproof, marching into hails of gunfire without effort. M-5 was created later and was the first to not depend on petrol for fuel. M-8 was the first robot series in which the scientist's son, Doctor Zu, began apprenticing with and it was capable of flipping tanks and spraying gas. When Gorilla Man, Chang and the Human Robot visited Doctor Zu's lab, Zu showed Gorilla Man the  previous Menacer series robots, walking past and commenting on the inert M-3, M-5 and M-8.

M-3 was superhumanly durable, able to withstand hails of gunfire without damage.

M-5 used a rechargeable power source and was equipped with a fuel-burning flamethrower.

M-8 was superhumanly strong, capable of flipping over tanks, and it was equipped with a poisonous gas sprayer.

--Agents of Atlas II#10


After skipping the M-11 generation of Menacer series robot when it sided with Jimmy Woo, the M-12 series of Menacer robots was created for the Atlas Foundation and were highly adaptable, allowing the Atlas Foundation to use them for many years.

M-12 was highly adaptable to its surroundings but any other weapons it housed were unrevealed.

--Agents of Atlas II#10


Terence was a factory worker for the Atlas Foundation circa 1954 when the robot M-11 awoke and rampaged. Summoned alongside several other Atlas Foundation members, Terence used an override control to halt M-11, whom Terence ordered to return to the Atlas Foundation lab. M-11 responded by grabbing Terence by the neck and carrying to a nearby cliff. Nearly killing Terence, M-11 received conflicting orders and ultimately walked into the ocean, leaving Terence to wonder why M-11 had not killed him.

--Atlas I#3/2

Chan Tze

Chan Tze was a female member of the Atlas Foundation who helped served the organization. When Norman Osborn's ATF forces were allowed to visit the Atlas Foundation's hidden city, Chan Tze politely welcomed them to the hidden city and began a tour. She beckoned for "Man-Mountain" Marko to stay on the tour but he ran off to investigate, soon uncovering Jimmy Woo in disguise. After Derek Khanata was invited to join the Atlas Foundation, Chan Tze greeted him when he was taken to the hidden city and informed him of Jimmy Woo's job offer. After Khanata was informed of his potential duties, Chan Tze accompanied him back to his family and Khanata ultimately accepted the job offer. Chan Tze was subsequently contacted by Jimmy Woo from the Pacific Ocean after Marvel Boy's ship had went down and she was tasked with sending a super-freighter to pick the Agents of Atlas up before she turned the communication over to the dragon Mr. Lao.

--(unidentified): Agents of Atlas II#1 (#7, 9 (identified),

Dr. Cyrus Virro

A reluctant Atlas Foundation scientist for many years, Cyrus Virro was tasked with creating the M-11 robot for Atlas' Menacer series of robots. Troubled at the violence caused by the Menacer series, Virro nonetheless designed most of M-11 (with the death ray and electro hands designed by another scientist, Doctor Zu) due to desperation for funding. After completing most of M-11, Virro insisted to his business manager that creating a robot designed to obey its orders was not an easy task but his manager reminded Virro that he would be paid five million dollars if M-11 was ready for action by the end of the month. Refusing to release any data on M-11 until he deemed M-11 perfect, Virro asked to be left alone to run tests. Using a secret frequency microphone, Virro then tested M-11's ability to follow his orders by having M-11 pick up a chair and when M-11 did so, Virro was ecstatic, only to find that M-11 continued picking up chairs rather than stop with just the one he was commanded to pick up. Weary, Virro ordered M-11 back onto his slab and left for the day. The next morning, Virro returned and announced a regulator that he intended to install in M-11 but unfortunately, during the night, Virro's business manager had used the secret frequency to command M-11 to kill the man in the room with it. Unaware of M-11's kill orders, Virro was returned to work the next morning and later that evening, he was visited by his business manager, who revealed that Mr. Lao at the Atlas Foundation now wanted M-11 to be ready for missions the next morning. Dr. Virro claimed that he needed more time with M-11's neural net but his manager reminded Virro that the Menacer series was about creating war machines and remarked that as long as M-11's death ray and electro hands worked, Virro's work on the project was done. When the manager left, Virro began talking to the silent M-11, remarking that M-11 would indeed be a killing machine but killing would be its choice to make. Working on installing a regulator, Dr. Virro commented that M-11 would have free will and emotions but only at the cost of a displacement of Virro's own life force. Apologizing for putting M-11 in such a position, Virro ordered M-11 to raise his hands to Virro's head and open a 20,000 volt circuit. Explaining that some of his own essence would be instilled in M-11, Virro remarked that he had been a tool of the Atlas Foundation but M-11 would live on to change that. Ordering M-11 to discharge his electricity in three seconds, Virro announced that his final act would be to give M-11 true life. After M-11 then killed Virro as ordered, the business manager later returned to find Virro dead. Whether on its own free will or still processing the manager's earlier orders, M-11 then turned on the business manager, killing him as well.

--(unidentified): Menace I#11 (Agents of Atlas II#6 (fb)-BTS (identified), Atlas I#3/2, Agents of Atlas I#6, Menace I#11d,

Xan & Min

Xan & Min were members of the Atlas Foundation who accompanied the Agents of Atlas into Graymalkin Industries, home of the X-Men. Once inside, Xan and Min were ordered to don the outfits of disabled Graymalkin guards and resume the guards' patrol to cover the Agents' investigation.

--X-Men vs. the Agents of Atlas#1


Xian was a servant of the Atlas Foundation. When the Uranian summoned the Agents of Atlas, Dr. Zu and 3-D Man into the hidden city's control chamber in order to project them into one of the dimensions connected to Earth, Jimmy Woo ordered Xian to seal the chamber and Xian did as she was asked.

--Atlas I#4/2

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