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Real Name: Aquaria Nautica Neptunia

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Homo mermani/Atlantean) mutant (1940's, 1950s, pre-modern and modern era)

Occupation: Adventurer, Princess of Atlantis; former Commander of the Atlantean army

Group Membership: Agents of Atlas (3-D Man/Delroy Garrett Jr, Gorilla Man/Ken Hale, M-11/Human Robot, Uranian/Bob Grayson, Venus, Jimmy Woo), Atlas Foundation, Royal Court of Atlantis;
   formerly Renegades (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Hercules, Mastermind Excello/Amadeus Cho), Avengers Initiative (Blonde Phantom/Louise Grant, Ulysses Bloodstone, Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan, Dominic Fortune/Duvid Fortunov, Kraven the Hunter/Sergei Kravinoff, Powell McTeague, Nick Fury, Sabretooth/Victor Creed, Silver Sable/Ernst Sablinova), Monster Hunters (Doctor Druid/Anthony Druid, Makkari, Ulysses Bloodstone, Zawadi), partner of Namor

Affiliations: Athena, Atlanteans (Dirk and unidentified others), Atlantean Ranine, Atlantean School, Avengers of Earth-10311 (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Giant-Man/Henry Pym, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Thor/Donald Blake, Wasp/Janet van Dyne see comments), Blue Diamond (Elton T. Morrow), Captain Black, Tom Bowen, Vladimir Brosch, Cap'n Derelict, Captain Saunders, Susan Carter, Frank Carver, Jim and Luella Clegget, Toni Clivedon, Cogolla, Betty Dean, Jacques & Fleurette DeLong, Eustis Diggenwell, Pat Donovan, Mike "Blinker" Dowell , Ronnie Dowell, Faira Sar Namora, Father Time, FBI, Princess Fen, First Line (Black Fox/Robert William Paine, Effigy/Velmax, Liberty Girl/Beverly, Yankee Clipper/Patrick Carney), Mr. Fowler, Simon Frost, Dorothy Glow, G-Men (Jimmy Woo, M-11/Human Robot, Marvel Boy, Venus), Delphyne Gorgon, Laurette Gower, Paul Green, Ezra Hanson, Mary Hanson, David Haring, Mister Harper, Professor John Harris, Ernest Hemingway, Eric Hodges, Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Nicholas "Nick" & Marge Iona, Jack Frost, Joe, "old" John, Mister Jones, Gabriel Jones, Kamara, Derek Khanata, Barbara King, Hiram King, Lethe Children's hospital (Cadille, others), Lieutenant Byron, Dr. Shu Ling, Joe Mallon, Nikki Mallon, Magda Malone, Mayor McWaddle and daughter, Merrano, Miss America (Madeline Joyce Frank), Mutant Crabs, Pete Muzkie, Mr. Lao, Nails, Ellen Packert, Enoch Packert, Sandra Pierce, Mr. Porter, Poseidon, Harry Seller/"Captain Forrest", Commander Smith, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Jackie Starr, Jane Starr, Lin Sun and daughter, Dr. Svorland, Temugin, Thin Man (Bruce Dickson), Toro (Thomas Raymond), Union Jack (Brian Falsworth), Vyrra, Warbound (Korg, Elloe Kaifi, Hiroim, Brood, Miek), Josie Ward, Dr. Webber, June Webber, Whizzer (Robert Frank), Mr. Wilson, Joyce Wilson and fiancée Allen, Winter Guard (Crimson Dynamo/Galina Nemirovsky, Darkstar/Reena Stancioff, Red Guardian/Anton, Ursa Major/Mikhail Ursus), Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes), Wong, Lipo Yat, Sun Yat, Magda Yusef

Enemies: Amazons (Artume, others), Amouzecar, Aphrodite, ATF agents (Grizzly/Maxwell Markham, Man Mountain Marko/Michael Marko, others), Atlas, Atlas Foundation branches, Aquasaurus Rex, Avengers (Captain America/Bucky Barnes, Luke Cage, Ms Marvel/Carol Danvers, Ronin/Clint Barton, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Wolverine/James Howlett), Blackbeard, Blackjack, Black Patch, Bowerie Benne and his sons (Blackie, Joey & Pete), Brain (Sidney Onselm), Brockton Gang (Stoop Richards and unidentified others), Bronze, Byrrah, Captain America duplicate, Carib Savages, Chaos King (Amatsu-Mikaboshi), Chronovirus, Crystalloids, Big Jim Derry, Dr. Macabre, Dr. Schreiber, Echo Worlders/Lurrans, Firebrand (Damon Malone), Fingers Foster and the sheriff, Nick Gaynor, Stanley Gordon, crime-lord Gorgon, the Great Wall (Jade Claw/Suwan, M-21, Yao and others), Growing Man, Hammer of Thule (Vorster and unidentified others), the Hood, Hop-Along and his gang (Jigger, Jones, Frank, Murphy and unidentified others), Hunsen and his Vikings (Werten and unidentified others), ICON (Axis Annie, Baron Blood/John Falsworth, Brain Drain/Werner Schmidt, Count von Blitzkrieg, DoctOrangutan, Fräulein Fatale, Geist/Nikolaus Geist, Hollow Men, Fritz Krone and his Krone-Bots, Leopard Woman/Countess Kyra, Madame Mauser, Penny Panzer, the Planner, General Dieter Skul, Spider Queen/Shannon Kane, Geoffrey Sydenham, Vunderknight, others), Iron Brain, Karlak, Knife (Herschell Scora), Kraken, Krang, Kree Sentinel, Lava Men, Llyra (Llyra Morris), Charlie Manelli, Mole Man (Harvey Elder), Mr. Big (Invansky), Murder Motor Mart, Murfee, Nels Nelson, Olympus Group Cavern-Guard (Chimera, a cyclops, skeletons), Norman Osborn, Phantom Troubadour (David Larnum), Phorcys, Pirate Fletcher, Porker, Bryan Porter, Professor D. Mencha, Red Skull (imposter), Mike Roden and gang (George and Herman), Willie Röese, Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, Peppo La Rue and gang (Joe and unidentified others), Simon, Spade, Spectacles, Squire Bones, Skrulls, Skulora, James Stenchly and his gang (Butch, Mike and unidentified others), Super Skrull Alpha, Sari Tartar, Tattler, Thunderbolts (Ant-Man/Eric O'Grady, Ghost, Headsman/Cleavon Twain, Mr. X, Paladin, Scourge/Frank Simpson), Tinfish (Henry Oliver) and his gang (Hans and Otto), Tulem, Tut-Ak-Mun, U-Man (Meranno), the Unseen (Alien race), the Viking (Ross Palmer), Waterfront Gang, Paul West, "Snake" Wilson and his gang (Karen King, Slugger and unidentified others), White Flower, X-Men (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Henry McCoy, Cloak/Tyrone Johnson, Colossus/Peter Rasputin, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Dagger/Tandy Bowen, Emma Frost, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Madison Jeffries, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Rockslide/Santo Vaccarro, Surge/Noriko Ashida, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/James Howlett), Yellow Claw (aka. Golden Claw, Plan Chu), Amin Yusef, Zolma, Zom, Zuko

Known Relatives: Unidentified father (deceased), unidentified mother (deceased), Talan (husband, deceased), Namorita Prentiss (clone/daughter)

Adopted Family: Fen, Zarina (aunts), Daka (uncle), unidentified uncle, Korra (grandmother), Thakorr (grandfather), Immanu (great-grandfather), Arkus, Beemer, Bobo, Byrrah, Dara, Namor McKenzie, Seth (cousins), Balaal, Elanna, Harran, Kalen, Kamuu, Orrek, Ossem, Stegor, Tanas, Thallo, Zartra (ancestors)

Aliases: Sub-Mariner, Sea Queen, Avenging Daughter, the Sea Beauty, Princess of the Realm, Jack McGoon, Namora the Sea-Woman, 'prodigy', 'Little devil ray' (called by Tulem), Namora the Great, Queen of the Deep

Base of Operations: Temple of Atlas, located within a huge concealed cavern beneath San Francisco and Atlantis;
   formerly Oceanus, new capital of Atlantis, Pacific Ocean;
   formerly the block of ice, secret cave near the ruins of old Atlantis, Antarctic Ocean;
   formerly Undersea Kingdom of Lemuria, Pacific Ocean;
   formerly colony of Maritanis, remote part of Atlantis;
   formerly private beach (with Sergei Kravinoff) down the Emerald coast, Florida;
   formerly Betty Dean's apartment in Florida;
   formerly Namora and the Sub-Mariner's beach house, undisclosed location (Sub-Mariner Comics#36/5);
   formerly Atlantis, Antarctic Ocean;
   formerly Maritanis, remote part of Atlantis (growing up);
   formerly Atlantis, Antarctic Ocean (place of birth)

First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics#82 (May, 1947)

Powers/Abilities: Namora possesses superhuman strength beyond typical Atlanteans, enabling her to lift at least 75 tons; her skin is bulletproof and resistant to most other forms of impact, and her body can gradually overcome even the most virulent poisons. She can swim nearly 60mph and flies at roughly the same speed via feather-like fins that form small wings on her ankles. Prolonged dehydration (without any water contact or consumption), combined with repeated exertion, can reduce her strength and possibly kill her, although even slight contact with water will restore her. She possesses the normal Atlantean traits of a prolonged lifespan, body adaptation to deep underwater pressures, augmented vision to penetrate ocean depths, and specialized blood circulation to withstand freezing temperatures. Like Namor, Namora's lungs presumably contain oxygen-diffusing membranes, or lamellae, allowing her to extract oxygen from water as she inhales it; she can thus survive indefinitely either underwater or on land, but she must periodically make skin contact with water, preferably by immersion, to keep her powers replenished. Although Namora lacks the fully developed gills of typical Atlanteans, she presumably possesses vestigial, partially functional gills behind her ears that are nonetheless somehow essential to her respiration. Namora also has the abilities to communicate with some sea creatures like whales, the full extent of these powers have been unrevealed. During the 1940's Namora learned to speak the old Nordic language taught to her by Dr. Svorland. She currently wears an Uranian-designed costume of remarkable durability, which, among other functions, automatically removes dead skin cells and waste. Like her cousin, Namora has ankle-wings which enable her to fly, read more about them here.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 189 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde



(Agents of Atlas II#7 (fb) - BTS) - When the Atlanteans witnessed the powerful strength of the Atlantean/Human hybrid Namor the Atlantean Eugenics Program saw a chance to breed more powerful hybrids in service of Atlantis. They abducted several surface people to mate with Atlanteans, but as these attempts failed they learned which genes would be compatible. Namora's father, an Atlantean man was chosen as a good candidate and thus forced to be adopted by the Royal Family, when the man came of age an Icelandic woman was chosen for him and returned to the surface world after delivering the child. The elders, however, thought they had failed when Namora seemed to be another ordinary blue Atlantean.

(Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 (fb) - BTS / Namor I#20 (fb) - BTS) - Namora was born with the blue skin of a true Atlantean, unlike her famous cousin. Her father (presumably as part of the Atlantean Eugenics Program) then raised her in a remote part of Atlantis called Maritanis.

(Namor II#5) - Namora (nicknamed Namorita) had a birthday party celebrated by all of Atlantis, Namor brought his special surface dweller friend Sandra from whom she received a bakelite bracelet.

(Agents of Atlas II#6 (fb) - BTS) - To trick other Atlanteans, Namora once hid herself in the mouth of a whale as she pushed the whale around the city from inside it's mouth, making the Atlanteans think the city was under attack.

(Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 (fb) - BTS) - When Namora entered puberty she lost her blue skin, to her own surprise. Her father then decided to tell his daughter about her origin, although he told Namora her mother was a shipwrecked human woman who had died while giving birth (he most likely wasn't allowed to tell his daughter about the Atlantean Eugenics Program).

(Agents of Atlas II#7 (fb) - BTS) - When Namora's strength manifested and her blue skin began to change the Atlantic elders realized their Eugenics Program had worked, another Atlantean/Human hybrid had been created.

(The Order I#6 (fb) ) - Namora was seen chasing a fourteen-year-old Namor for fun with their friends. It showed Namora at a young age being white unlike other blue Atlanteans.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#39/3 / Saga of the Sub-Mariner#2 (fb) ) - For unrevealed reasons, Namora, now a teenager, traveled to Atlantis where she met with Princess Fen who was eager to introduce Namora to her fifteen year old cousin Namor. Upon introductions Namor noted how similar their names were, prompting Namora to explain her father had named her after him. The boy, however, didn't like Namora for the fact she was a girl. After hearing her son make a rude comment Princess Fen commanded her son to introduce her to his friends something which he begrudgingly accepted. Once outside he introduced Namora to Prince Byrrah and another friend who ridiculed Namor for playing with a girl. Upset by her presence Namor decided the boys would go and play in an old abandoned shipwreck something which wasn't for a girl. Eager to prove she was as tough as any boy, Namora quickly followed the boys to the abandoned shipwreck. Once she arrived Namora decided to teach the boys a lesson in battle strategy and closed off the torpedo-port from the outside as Namor wanted to shoot himself off like a torpedo. When Byrrah and his friend closed the compressed air-lock Namor discovered he couldn't leave the torpedo-tube and quickly panicked. Unsure what to do Byrrah and his friend fled the shipwreck, leaving Namor to die. Just then Namora entered the ship to free Namor, unable to open the compressed air-lock she returned to the outside where she opened the torpedo-port, rescuing Namor! Realizing how wrong he'd been about his cousin Namor apologized.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#40/2) - Namora once again visited her cousin Namor, now sixteen years old. Joined by Prince Byrrah the trio set out on an expedition to Admiral Byrd's abandoned settlement at "Little America" on the North Rim of the Ross Shelf ice in Antarctica. Eager to learn more about humankind the teenagers went to examine the abandoned wooden cabins. However, when Namora was snooping around in one of the cabins she accidentally knocked a can of kerosene over, which during it's fall struck another metal object, igniting a loud explosion. Close by, Namor and Prince Byrrah saw the wooden cabin engulfed in a sheet of flame, afraid to act Byrrah quickly jumped into the water. Determined to save his girl cousin Namor made his way into the burning cabin to save her and saw Namora behind a screen. While making their way out Namor was hit in the back by a burning can of food during an explosion. Upon investigating the can, which had burst open, the duo was surprised by the delicious smell and enjoyed the warm meal which wasn't cold and tasteless as their own food according to Namor. After their near tragic experience Namor and Namora realized the miracle of fire.

(Saga of the Sub-Mariner#2 (fb) ) - Namora and her father left Atlantis again, returning to Maritanis when Namor passed his 18th birthday.

(Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 (fb) - BTS) <1947> - When Namor was still in exile and most of the Atlanteans (Princess Fen, Dorma, Byrrah and many others) were away on a mass pilgrimage under the command of General Krang, Namora and her father left the outpost settlement to return to Emperor Thakorr's side in Atlantis. Because Namora's skin had since turned pink, Thakorr was reminded of his grandson, prompting Namora to help Princess Fen and Dorma persuade Thakorr to invite Namor back home for the emperor's birthday. Their plan was successful as Thakorr sent out an invitation to Namor.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#82/2 / Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 (fb) ) <1947> - While Namora and her father enjoyed the festivities during Thakorr's birthday they were unaware a group of American mobsters led by Brian "Stoop" Richards were on their way to infiltrate Atlantis, hoping to steal all of Atlantis' precious pearls and jewels. Armed with underwater machine guns, Stoop and his men easily killed the kingdom's sentries and made their way inside Thakorr's castle where they killed Namora's father, among other Atlanteans. Namora tried her best to fight off the mobsters, but was unable to stop the mobsters who tried to shoot her as well, however, the bullets merely grazed her. Feeling she'd failed Namora couldn't stop the mobsters from leaving Atlantis with their stolen fortune.

   Later that evening Namor arrived in Atlantis, shocked to see the city unguarded and hastily made his way to Thakorr where he was greeted by Namora. After she'd explained what had transpired Thakorr ordered Namor to go and deal with the assassins and restore Atlantis' sacred treasure. Eager to join Namor, Namora followed her cousin and explained she would join him as she too could walk on land, Namor accepted.

   Aided by American law-agencies Namor and Namora easily tracked down Stoop and his murderous comrades to a big gambling resort on board of a ship. However, during their assault the mobsters managed to capture Namora and render Namor unconscious, leaving the hero behind for dead as Stoop and his men fled back to their waterfront hideout with their royal hostage. Once he'd regained consciousness Namor managed to get a secret message to Namora through the radio noting there was a cache of Atlantean treasure to be found that looked like bright moonlight. Recognizing the sentence, the still imprisoned Namora convinced the mobsters the treasure was hidden on Silver Rock. Upon their arrival, the now-prepared Namor easily defeated the mobsters and freed Namora.

(Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 (fb) - BTS) <1949> - Namora elected to remain in the north as her father's death still haunted her.

(Agents of Atlas II#6 (fb) ) - When Namora's home of Maritanis was attacked by a submarine, Namor brought her up to see her mother's homeland. That's when the surface people dubbed her Namora so she would be accepted as another of the heroic family. It was then Namora decided to help Namor during his adventures on land.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#82/2) - Namora was introduced to Betty Dean by Namor who then offered to share her apartment with her. Taking an instant liking to Betty Dean, Namora accepted believing it would be ideal so she could join Namor in his hunt for criminals.


(Namor I#20 (fb) ) - Namor and Namora were something of a team, battling together against the evils of the surface world. After one of such adventures she told Namor to be afraid of dying and keep a journal. She hid this in the deepest part of the boundary trench, a place only both of them could reach due to their hybrid strength. In case anything would happen to her Namor should make sure all in Atlantis read the last words of Atlantis.

(Blonde Phantom#14/5) - Longing for an adventure Namora challenged Namor for a swimming race to the abandoned Taboo Island. Namora won the race and was congratulated by Namor who thought she was improving her swimming skills. Walking along the beach of Taboo Island the duo noticed smoke coming out of a house and decided to investigate. The duo discovered the "Knife", a wanted criminal responsible for several waterfront killings. But while Namor assaulted the man Namora was captured by another criminal, the "Brain". With Namora's life at stake Namor submitted himself to be bound, as was Namora. The criminals planned to steal ambergris from Captain Cole's ship and sell it to a perfume company. While the criminals were gone, Namor and Namora managed to escape and followed the criminals. Moments later the duo arrived at Cole's ship and successfully defeated the criminals.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#23/2) - As the famous pair was taking a swim the Sub-Mariner asked Namora what her secret ambition was, Namora replied she wished to be an ordinary girl so she could learn to be a good swimmer and win a trophy cup. They then witnessed a motorboat race and decided to join in for the fun, of course the two won the race and decided to check in on the ceremony presentation. There they witnessed and defeated two criminal who tried to steal the winners cup. The duo, however, was unaware their boss Spectacles had recognized the Sub-Mariner and was about to pay them in full. Spectacles floored the accelerator of the car in an effort to kill the duo, and he managed to hit Namora with his car; she was rendered unconscious in the crash and thrown into the sea. The Sub-Mariner let Spectacles get away so he could save Namora and after a short while she regained consciousness and had no idea what had happened to her. The next day the duo still couldn't understand why Spectacles had tried to steal the trophy cup, hearing of the cup Namora decided the wanted to enter the swimming meet the following day to try and win one of the prices for herself. And so, introduced as Princess Namora she entered the competition and performed a feature of her own creation, the caterpillar dive, hurling herself in and out of the water like a flying fish. Despite her clear advantage she won and was awarded with a trophy cup. But suddenly Spectacles himself came crawling out of the bushing armed with a gun to steal the cup from Namora. Figuring Spectacles and his men would kill all of the bystanders they handed over the cup. Once again the duo wondered why they would steal trophy cups and decided to check with all of the pawn shops in the city. After a painstaking tour of the city they discovered that the world famous silversmith Enrico Laredo had gone missing, they also learned that Laredo had gone with a man who wore the most peculiar spectacles. Namora and the Sub-Mariner realized Spectacles had kidnapped the silversmith.

   Several days later the duo read in the Daily Bugle that a famous coin collection was to be sold and decided to take a look at the Roland Galleries. At the gallery the duo struck their luck as Spectacles had a meeting with the gallery's owner. However, the duo failed to capture Spectacles who successfully escaped the heroes. With the dust settled they found what Spectacles had brought to the gallery, a coin collection. Upon further inspection it was revealed Spectacles had forced the kidnapped silversmith to produce silver dollars out of the trophy cups. The Sub-Mariner then noticed a small inscription on one of the silver dollars: "Help, 14th Twill Street!", the duo realized this was where the silversmith was kept prisoner and quickly made their way over to 14th Twill Street. The duo busted into the building and found Spectacles, the Sub-Mariner made short work of the criminal who was later turned over to police custody.

(Blonde Phantom#15/3 (fb) - BTS) - Namor and Namora would regularly visit Father Time, an old lighthouse keeper who only had his valuable stamp collection to keep him company.

(Blonde Phantom#15/3) - About to start their morning exercise, Namor and Namora decided to race to Father Time's lighthouse. When the duo arrived they discovered their friend had been shot dead and his stamp book stolen. Examining the crime scene Namora found Time had drawn a skull and crossbones on the floor, which Namor recognized as the Pirate sign. Namor wondered if Time had meant Pirate Fletcher was the murderer, to investigate this the duo set out to Pirate Fletcher's Café. Once inside they witnessed the Fletcher showing Father's stamp collection to famous stamp collector Arnold Rankin. The duo busted into the pirate's establishment and successfully defeated Fletcher. With Fletcher in police custody they handed a police officer Father's stamp collection to auction off for the old sailors home.

(Human Torch Comics#28/4) - Namora was in Betty Dean's apartment when the Sub-Mariner arrived in the middle of the night. The Sub-Mariner was investigating the death of a girl for which he suspected Professor D. Mencha. The Sub-Mariner explained Mencha was investigating the effect of the "bends" (a disease caused by rapid expansion of carbon dioxide bubbles in the bloodstream) on girls he had kidnapped and now asked Namora to help him bring Mencha to justice. Without hesitation Namora agreed to help and changed into Betty's old clothes after which she pretended to be a starving girl looking for a job at Mecha's address. Mecha's assistant Simon let Namora in, after which Mecha was pleasantly surprised to have a new guinea pig for their experiments. The following night Namora was brought to Mencha's dredge in the river where she was lowered into the water like the other girls. However, under water the Sub-Mariner quickly switched places with Namora, and when Mencha brought the platform back up he was in for the shock of his lifetime. The Sub-Mariner immediately attacked Mencha's goons while the professor himself tried to flee. Namora quickly chased the man and once she'd captured him called the local police force. Once Mencha had been taken in, the other police officers followed Namora to Mencha's address to arrest Simon and rescue another kidnapped girl. Days later Namora and the Sub-Mariners acted as witnesses in Mencha's trial in which he was proven guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#84/2) - Namor, Betty Dean and Namora read in a New York newspaper an account of the seventh beauty contestant winner to disappear in the baffling Florida "Case of the Vanishing Venuses". Since the police was getting nowhere the three friends decided to help. While discussing the case on the very beach the girls had disappeared on a man approached the group. Introducing himself as Stanley Gordon, representative of the Goliath Major Studios, he was impressed by the great beauty of Betty and Namora and even complimented Namor on his physique. Gordon went on to offer them all screen tests for parts in the technicolor epic "Pirate Harvest", surprised at this unique turn of events the group decided to fall for his line. Sometime later the group joined Gordon as they traveled by boat to get to the set. As night had fallen they arrived at the "set", an ancient French ship. Where Gordon introduced them to director, Sari Tartar. Namor remembered reading about Tartar's accident in the papers and offered his sympathies. Tartar would have none of it and gave them their scripts. She then showed them to their "set" below deck where all the captured people had been chained to the oars in the boat forcing them to row. Tartar managed to convince the heroes they were merely paper mache dolls. However, during their screentest Tartar had her slave crew attack the heroes who knocked them unconscious and also chained them to the oars. Tartar then started filming her real movie as her crew whipped and tortured the people into rowing the ship, visibly taking pleasure in their misery. Tartar had two of the girls dragged from the benches so she could personally hit them with her whip. Planning to film another torture scene with a severely weakened Namor, she had her accomplice dump a bucket of sea water on him to wake him up. Water of course revitalized the Sub-Mariner who broke free and captured Tartar with little effort. By that time, Namora and Betty had also freed themselves and even defeated Tartar's crew. They joined Namor and Tartar while the Sub-Mariner also captured Gordon. Tartar and Gordon were taken into custody by Lieutenant Byron of the United States Coast Guard.

(Human Torch Comics#29/2 (fb) ) - While swimming in the Chinese sea Namora and the Sub-Mariner witnessed a burning shipwreck. After saving some of the survivors the sea-faring duo learned the ship had been attacked by the White Flower and her pirate crew. While Namora rescued the remaining survivors the Sub-Mariner boarded the pirate ship and attacked the White Flower. The Sub-Mariner however was defeated and thrown back into the sea. The duo decided to investigate and discovered all of the ships that got attacked had shipment from exporter Sun Yat. The duo met with the friendly Yat and explained their findings. They planned to place another shipment on which Namora and the Sub-Mariner would hide themselves. As the plan was put into action the White Flower and her crew indeed tried to attack the ship, but prepared for the pirates Namora and the Sub-Mariner successfully defeated the lot. The Sub-Mariner unmasked the White Flower which led to Sun Yat's son Lipo Yat to recognize the criminals, they were his friends! Lino's friends had used him to learn the time of his father's shipment. Namora and the Sub-Mariner turned White Flower and her pirate crew over to the local police forces.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#24/1) - The Sub-Mariner received a disturbing call from his friend Betty Dean, informing the hero a man named Alphonso Green feared for his life. Green had found out some dangerous information about an upcoming sailing race organized by famous multi-millionaire sportsman Ross Palmer. Deciding to investigate, the Sub-Mariner took Namora with him, the duo arrived at Green's apartment to find the man dead with a viking standing over his corpse. The Sub-Mariner and Namora tried to attack the Viking but were unable to stop the murderer from escaping. The following morning the duo delved into Green's files and learned he was in fact a well known yachtsman who'd entered his ship in Ross Palmer's million dollar regatta and decided to look for his ship at the docks. But upon entering the ship the duo was greeted by Paul Green, Alphonso's nephew claiming he'd inherited the ship from his uncle. After some small talk Paul and Namora returned to the city while the Sub-Mariner went and looked around the ship and stumbled upon the Viking and his men. The Viking and his men proved too much for the Sub-Mariner and tied the unconscious Namor to the ship planning to sink the ship during Palmer's sailing race. The following morning Namora went to watch Palmer's sailing race, hoping Namor would pop up as well. Namora didn't have to wait long and witnessed how Green's ship sunk to the bottom of the ocean after which Namor appeared, the water had replenished his superhuman strength after which he was able to escape. The sea-faring duo quickly caught up and set out to help another ship which was under attack from the Viking and his men. The Viking was easily dealt with after which they removed the man's costume, revealing he was in fact Ross Palmer the multi-millionaire. Palmer explained he'd lost most of his fortune and wanted to make sure none of the ships reached Vikings Cove lest he lose another million.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#24/3) - While spending a peaceful summer afternoon in the New York Harbor Namora and the Sub-Mariner witnessed a tremendous explosion after which a large freighter sunk. After examining the shipwreck the duo noticed a giant hole in the ship, which could only have been caused by a torpedo. While the Sub-Mariner sought out the owner's office Namora thought it best to swim near the scene of the explosion and discovered two German-speaking men Hans and Otto. Namora followed the men back to their boat house in Long Island Sound once she knew for certain they were the ones to blame Namora returned to the Sub-Mariner's side. The Sub-Mariner decided to find and apprehend the men by himself but was captured by the gang's leader Tinfish (Henry Oliver) a former Nazi-agent who wanted revenge. The Sub-Mariner eventually managed to escape his imprisonment but couldn't help Namora from getting captured by Tinfish, he, however eventually managed to save her and apprehended Tinfish and his men.

(Blonde Phantom#17/4) - Namora was chosen to help Betty Dean on a government assignment. Dean was tasked with carrying papers concerning a transfer of gold bullion to a Central American country. When the two boarded a small liner about to sail for Central America, Namora asked if the Sub-Mariner knew of the plan. Betty explained he was in on the plan and aboard the escort ship with the gold itself. Betty and Namora left their cabin to eat lunch, but when they returned they found Betty's government papers had been stolen. Namora immediately knew what to do to find the thief, the two went for a walk on the deck while pretending they had duplicate papers that weren't stolen. As expected the loud talk attracted the thief, who, armed with a gun, came to the girls' cabin. Betty allowed the thief to take a fake envelope so they could follow him. There they stumbled upon Hop-Along and his gang who planned to steal the gold bullion. Dean and Namora tried fighting his gang but failed and were taken prisoner. Hop-Along's gang was also present on the escort ship and had taken Captain Saunders and Namor prisoner. That very night Hop-Along boarded the escort ship and put Dean and Namora in the same improvised cell as Namor. Now reunited the four joined forces and successfully escaped their imprisonment. Namor ordered Dean to find her stolen papers while the superhuman duo attacked Hop-Along and his gang. Namor held the criminals at gunpoint while Namora contacted the coast guard through the ship's wireless. Ten minutes later the coast guard arrived, Hop-Along however tried to escape his fate but was seemingly killed when he was shot in the back. The following day Betty Dean, Namora and the Sub-Mariner were officially commended by the president of the United States of America for their conspicuous service.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#25/1 (fb)) - Namora and the Sub-Mariner were on the hunt for Firebrand, the scourge of the pacific. During their hunt they suddenly came across Firebrand's submarine after he'd destroyed another ship. Their initial assault on Firebrand proved disastrous as they were defeated and strapped onto a torpedo. Firebrand had failed to realize the duo's strength came from water and right before the torpedo exploded the duo managed to free themselves. Luckily the Sub-Mariner was familiar with the surroundings and figured the only place that had a submarine anchorage was Gura-Lui Island. While searching for Firebrand's hideout they came across an abandoned airplane, unaware it was from Eric Hodge who'd arrived to rescue his fiancée Magda from her father Firebrand. Hodge's rescue attempt had failed and he was also taken prisoner. Namora and the Sub-Mariner managed to find Firebrand's hideout and after defeating several guards found that Firebrand was about to burn his daughter and Hodge to death. Namora leaped to their rescue, breaking the bonds that held them while Namor punched Firebrand in the face. Firebrand's henchmen had heard the ruckus and came for the sea-faring duo who teamed up to fight them while Firebrand escaped. The duo caught up with the villain at the harbor where he was about to hit them with a volatile thermite bomb. However, Firebrand accidentally slipped and fell off the ledge, causing the bomb to fall and explode. Namora and the Sub-Mariner told Magda it was best not to look after which the group took their leave.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#25/1) - During a lazy day on the beach Namora asked the Sub-Mariner what he thought was their most exciting adventure. The Sub-Mariner recalled their fight against Firebrand the scourge of the Pacific.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#25/3) - Late one evening Namora and the Sub-Mariner stood outside of the rich Mrs. Potter's house while she held a benefit party. Several kids informed the duo that the young delinquent Willie "the Dip" was present under the guidance of psychoanalyst Dr. Macabre. The Sub-Mariner couldn't understand why the psychoanalyst would pick up a kleptomaniac like Willie to show off at Mrs. Potter's benefit. Just then the little rascal fled from the benefit, having stolen the silver cutlery. The Sub-Mariner didn't see any reason why they would have to spring into action and ordered the kids to handle it. However, when the duo looked up they witnessed a woman plunging herself from Mrs. Potter's balcony, committing suicide. The woman hit the water after which the duo quickly rescued her. The girl was Toni Clivedon who explained her fiancée Larry Keen had slapped her in the face, she then revealed what had transpired for her to try and commit suicide. Toni's fiancée Larry had struggled all of his life to be treated the same as his high-class friends and eventually decided to be psychoanalyzed by Dr. Macabre. He, however, came under the evil doctor's influence and helped Macabre steal jewels and other valuables from Macabre's patients. Namora and the Sub-Mariner believed Toni's story and made a plan to see if Larry had really turned evil or still loved his wife. To do so the Sub-Mariner phoned Larry to tell him his wife had just died to see how he would react. Shocked by the news Larry immediately turned on Dr. Macabre, yelling he was going to jail for this and punched him right in the face. Just then Namora and the Sub-Mariner entered the house with Toni, when all was revealed and done the duo took Dr. Macabre into custody. A few months later Namora and the Sub-Mariner visited a building for underprivileged children that had been donated by Larry and Toni.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#85/2) - While heading south from Florida, Namora and the Sub-Mariner decided to seek shelter at a small group of islands to avoid a tropical storm. The sea-faring duo, however, was in for a shocker as a lightship forced an ocean liner to hit the rocks, causing the ocean-liner to sink. The duo witnessed how the crew of the lightship clearly enjoyed the disaster and shouted they wouldn't leave any evidence, the Sub-Mariner ordered Namora to save as many people as she could while he would deal with the criminals. Namora was surprised when she found her friend Betty Dean between the survivors of the shipwreck and helped her to one of the small islands. Namora returned to the Sub-Mariner's side and revealed who she had found. Still underwater the duo noticed several divers from the lightship entering the ocean-liner shipwreck and decided to investigate them. The divers stole two crates filled to the brim with pearls, worth thousands of dollars, the crates were delivered to their leader, a man they called Blackbeard, styled after the pirate of legend. Having seen enough the duo returned to one of the small islands to convene with Betty Dean, together the threesome decided on a plan to stop the mass-murderer. As part of the plan Betty Dean let herself be captured by the pirates, now on board she hid the crates with pearls in Blackbeard's cabin and convinced Blackbeard the shipwreck held another treasure, the Cullihan Diamond. Blackbeard realized that diamond would be worth close to a million dollars and immediately sprung into action, without even talking to his crew he put on a diving suit and dove into the water. Next, Dean informed the pirates they'd better check on their pearls after which the pirates discovered the crates in Blackbeard's cabin. Infuriated their captain would keep all the pearls himself they turned on him and cut off the air-hose to his diving suit. Dean had played her part and dove into the water were she was rescued by Namora who pulled her on land while the Sub-Mariner rescued Blackbeard and brought him to the island. With the leader dealt with the adventurers only had to alert the nearest government station to come and arrest the pirates. The Sub-Mariner returned to the ship where he found the pirates in complete turmoil, fighting each other, Sub-Mariner slipped into the wireless to send an SOS message. However, he was discovered by the pirates who then tied him to a pole on the deck. However, Namora was still on site and climed aboard to free the Sub-Mariner after which he messed with the starting engines so they could never get away. Moments later a marine-ship arrived to deal with the pirates. The pirates stood no chance and were quickly defeated, with the pirates put away the threesome also handed over Blackbeard. With the job done Namora and the Sub-Mariner bid Betty Dean and the marines farewell and left.

(Human Torch Comics#30/2) - Namora and the Sub-Mariner were contacted by police officer Pat Donovan who expected Bowerie Bennie of hitting his daughter Josie. The duo decided to investigate and caught Bennie and his three sons hitting the little girl, while the Sub-Mariner fought the men Namora hid the girl under the engine-hatch. The Sub-Mariner, however, proved no match for the men and was knocked unconscious after which they trapped him in the chain locker. Thinking the threat had subsided they decided to go to bed and search for Josie in the morning. Unaware Namora used another boat to pull their boat into the middle of the harbor. When Bowerie Bennie and his boys woke up they realized what had happened but were unable to shoot Namora as she was too far away, they then decided to drown the Sub-Mariner and threw him into the sea, unaware of his true identity. Hitting the water made the Sub-Mariner replenish his strength and together with Namora made the boat flood with water. This gave the sea-faring duo the upper hand and they successfully captured Bowerie Bennie and his boys. When they were put into a police cell Josie revealed they had committed several murders and regularly beat her so she wouldn't go to the police. With this evidence the boys could finally be put away after which Bowerie Bennie revealed Josie wasn't even his real daughter but that he had stolen her as a baby hoping to hold her for ransome, however, her parents had died and so he decided to keep her as his own. Thirty minutes after this confession the officers checked the story and found out it was true, Josie was the daughter of Henry Ward who had left her a considerable fortune.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#86/2) - Enjoying a nice morning on the New York docks Namora and the Sub-Mariner were approached by the young Ronnie Dowell in need of assistance. Dowell was in a panic and explained his father Mike "Blinker" Dowell was suspected of robbing a warehouse for 1 million in silks and had gone missing thereafter. The boy even offered all of his life savings, 16 dollar and 23 cents in the hopes of persuading the sea-faring duo to help them. The Sub-Mariner immediately believed the boy and gladly took the money to go and search for his father. Namora and the Sub-Mariner went to investigate Dowell's workplace and quickly found a bullet hole in the wall after which Namora found the cartridge case in the trash and identified it as a small caliber automatic shell. The Sub-Mariner saw the shell and recognized it had to be from a Japanese army pistol, probably an old war souvenir. Upon their clue the Sub-Mariner ordered Namora to phone the police for a list of vets who have registered Japanese firearms while he would check veteran applications at the nearest government employment agency. With both lists in their hands they quickly saw one name on both lists, James Stenchly, registered Japanese guns and employed by the Transit Trucking Company. The Sub-Mariner and Namora set out to investigate and disguised themselves as two unemployed truck drivers, once Namora had donned her disguise the Sub-Mariner noted that she had to act like a man now. Calling themselves "Fishy" and Jack McGoon the duo managed to get a job and were put on the nightshift, that night they met with Louie who showed the duo around. The disguised duo was tasked with driving one of the company's trucks to Varney Street but when they were well on their way one of the goons in the back pulled a gun on them, forcing them to stop the truck. The goon was in fact James Stenchly, who even held the Japanese gun, Stenchly held the duo at gunpoint and forced them to sit tight while the other goons entered the warehouse to steal more bolts of silk. After running in with the police the truck with the silk managed to flee and turned in at Stenchley's secret base. Upon entering the house, Namora and the Sub-Mariner witnessed a man was tied to a chair, Stenchly revealed the man was Mike "Blinker" Dowell. Since Dowell previously had served time in prison Stenchly had planned to throw him to the wolves if the police would ever discover them.

   In the middle of the night Namora and the Sub-Mariner dropped their disguise and quickly punched Dowell's guard unconscious. The duo freed Dowell and together they escaped Stenchly's house with the same truck. Halfway their trip the Sub-Mariner stepped out of the truck to alarm several police officers while Namora brought Dowell back to his son Ronnie. In the meanwhile Namor and the police forces assaulted Stenchly and his gang, killing several criminals until the rest surrendered. Namora was later present when the criminals were put into police custody, Dowell was cleared of all suspicions. The following day Namora and the Sub-Mariner had a big surprise for little Ronnie, his own professional newsstand full of newspapers and Captain America comic books. The Sub-Mariner remarked it was all Ronnie's doing as his sixteen dollars helped buy it, now he could go to school and make money too.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#26/1) - The Sub-Mariner reached out to Namora to help him save the young Jackie Starr. The Sub-Mariner explained that local waterfront criminal Murder Motor Mart had killed a man who stumbled upon his illegal activities, shot him and framed Starr for the murder, who now faced serious prison-time. Determined to solve the case as soon as possible the duo entered Mart's ship during the day but were quickly discovered by the criminals who jumped the heroes. Unable to shake them off the Sub-Mariner was knocked unconscious and thrown over board while Namora was kept on board to serve as a hostage. Unaware who the heroes truly were the criminals failed to realize the Sub-Mariner actually regenerated from the cold water after which he sought out Commander Smith. Smith, however had already received an unidentified radiogram stating Murder Motor Mart held a girl hostage. On board of the ship Namora managed to convince one of the Mart's henchmen to give her a glass of water and although the man threw the drink in her face it instantly regenerated Namora after which she easily rendered the man unconscious. Realizing she had to act quick Namora sought out the ship's radio shack and sent their coordinates to Commander Smith. With the current location the Sub-Mariner easily found the ship and Namora, reunited the duo defeated Mart and his men. The following morning Namora and the Sub-Mariner spoke with the police and the judge convincing them of Starr's innocence after which he was paroled. Ecstatic about the news little Jackie promised he and his sister Jane would return to school.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#26/4 (fb) - BTS) - The Sub-Mariner and Namora stumbled upon the town of Williamsport, a reconstructed historic city famous for Black Jack's fabled treasure. Unbeknownst to the heroic duo and the city's mayor McWaddle a group of criminals who'd performed a museum heist had taken up residence and prepared to rework the stolen jewelry to pass it off as Black Jack's treasure and sell it. Tired of tourists digging for the treasure in his beautiful city McWaddle suspected the heroic duo of just that and had them apprehended. The Sub-Mariner and Namora were then placed in an antique scaffold with their heads stuck between two wooden planks.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#26/4) - Still stuck in the scaffold, the heroic duo witnessed how the mayor's daughter pleaded to her father to set the duo free although McWaddle wasn't to sure and told them all about Jack Black and his connection to Williamsport. The mayor's story was interrupted when the sheriff (secretly part of the criminal gang) warned them another man who'd been put on trial had fallen into the lake, when the "pulley rope" snapped in two. McWaddle quickly released the Sub-Mariner and Namora so they could save the man, the duo, however, were too late. But as the man was pulled ashore the Sub-Mariner recognized the man as Torpedo Turner, one of the criminals who'd performed the museum heist, Namor then noticed another thing, a piece of jewelry alarming the duo to investigate what was going on. Their search led them to the goldsmith shop where they noticed traces of blood on the floor which led them to a desolated part of the town where they found a corpse. In reality it was the corpse of John Goldsmith who had learned what the sheriff and his apprentice Fingers Fosters were up to. The criminals, however, witnessed how the duo discovered the corpse of Goldsmith and decided to act and rendered the duo unconscious by pushing a giant wooden gate against their heads. The criminals then tied the Sub-Mariner and Namora to a bunch of explosives in a desolated cave assuring themselves they would get away with their plan. When the criminals left the duo managed to evade the explosion after which Namora noticed a skeleton accompanied by a little box. But before the two could examine what they'd stumbled upon McWaddle and the criminals entered the cave. McWaddle was shocked to see those he trusted attack the famous crimefighting duo and watched till the fight ended. With the fight won, the Sub-Mariner and Namora revealed the criminals' true intent and gave the mayor the little box they'd found with the skeleton. The skeleton was in fact Jack Black's wife Martha who'd died and left her husband nothing but loving regards. With another exciting mystery solved the Sub-Mariner and Namora returned home.

(Blonde Phantom#18/3) - While cruising near the shore Sub-Mariner and Namora discovered the body of a dead woman (Gloria Warren). Unable to revive the woman they searched her body and found a suicide note. The note revealed the woman had committed suicide as she was blackmailed by the infamous Tattler, a cheap gossip columnist who'd ruined many lives. Namor and Namora thought the Tattler was practically guilty of murder and set out to stop the man. When they found the man Namor told him they held him responsible for Gloria's death, however, the Tattler wasn't impressed by the duo and told them to be careful, lest he would find dirt on them. The duo followed Tattler and witnessed an assassination attempt by the Gorgon, a crimelord who was also blackmailed by the Tattler. Namor stopped the criminals while Namora grabbed the Gorgon. Once the criminals were placed in custody Namor and Namora were contacted by Ellen Packert. The daughter of a wealthy industrialist, Ellen revealed her father was also being blackmailed by the Tattler. This was the moment the duo had waited for, a chance to catch the Tattler red-handed. That evening the duo successfully stopped the Tattler in the middle of his transaction, the duo quickly took down his goons. The duo was about to take the man down but were in for a shocker when the Tattler revealed a rumor that would destroy Namor's career; a certain David Harring had been arrested after Namor had suspected him of being a member in a smuggler ring. However, he was later proven to be innocent and committed suicide as the shame proved too much for him. Namor was shocked upon hearing the story, thinking himself to be a murderer he left the scene, leaving the Tattler to go about. The next morning, Namora met with the Packert family as they had received a letter from the Tattler, wanting more money! Namora had enough of the entire ordeal and decided to investigate his rumors, as such she discovered David Harring was alive and well, the story was no more than a rumor. Namora decided to catch the Tattler that very night and lift Namor's spirit, she left the Sub-Mariner a message that she was heading into danger that night. When the night had fallen Namora successfully stopped the Tattler in the middle of his transaction with the Packerts. Just when his goons attacked Namora fought them and the Sub-Mariner resurfaced and defeated the Tattler. The Tattler was in for a shocker as Namora suddenly revealed David Harring who was thought to be dead. Namor understood the Tattler's story was a lie and together the duo successfully stopped him. After his defeat the duo also destroyed all of his records he kept on other people's mistakes.

(Human Torch Comics#31/2) - While swimming in the sea Namora and the Sub-Mariner noticed the beautiful sound of someone playing the piano aboard a ship. Figuring it had to be famous piano player Vladimir Brosch they decided to board the ship for a free concert. However, when they climbed aboard they heard gunshots and raced inside where they saw a masked man looming over Vladimir's dead body. The masked man was the Phantom Troubadour, he grabbed Vladimir's sheet music and sent his goons after the sea-faring duo while he fled the scene. After dealing with the goons they decided to investigate Vladimir's death and learned he'd once played with a quartet, the surviving members could possibly tell the duo more. After gaining their addresses from a talent agency for musicians they set out to find famous conductor Leo Briggs. Sadly the sea-faring duo arrived too late as the Phantom Troubadour had just murdered this artist as well. While the Sub-Mariner fought the Troubadour Namora took on his goons but the duo were unable to stop the criminal from fleeing. The duo decided to head out to the final two artists; Jim and Luella Clegget. Meanwhile the Phantom Troubadour had already arrived at the Clegget residence, there he revealed to be David Larnum of the original quartet. Larnum revealed to have survived their shipwreck and was enraged that his partners had used his "Death in Venice" song for their careers and had planned to murder them as payback. After he'd revealed his motive Namor suddenly sprung through the window, capturing the Troubadour while Namora dealt with his goons. The Phantom Troubadour and his goons were most likely turned in.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#87/2) - Taking a swim Namora and the Sub-Mariner noticed two men fighting on the top of a cliff. Determined to stop the fight the duo quickly climbed to the top of the cliff, however they arrived too late as the pirate criminal Redtop had killed Billy Glow in an attempt to acquire his treasure map for his boss Black Patch. Namora tried to save Glow while the Sub-Mariner fought the pirate, with his final breath Glow told her that his granddaughter Dorothy had to buy a schooner with the money from the insurance and look for the lost treasure. The sea-faring duo delivered the message to Dorothy who did as her grandfather had told and bought a schooner, she, however, failed to realize she'd hired Black Patch as the captain for her ship. Namora and the Sub-Mariner went to see her off but noticed the pirate wearing the black patch, figuring to be better safe than sorry they followed the ship. Their hunch proved to be true as Dorothy discovered Black Patch's identity and was attacked, Dorothy managed to put the treasure map in a bottle and throw it out of the window where the duo found it. The duo hurried to catch up with the ship and climbed on board where they faced Black Patch and his pirate crew, the crew managed to defeat the duo and tie them to a pole on deck. Black Patch was about to kill the Sub-Mariner when one of his crew shouted "land ahoy", the ship had reached the island where the treasure was buried. While Black Patch and his crew (leaving only two pirates to guard the duo) left the ship for the island the Sub-Mariner suddenly noticed something strange about the treasure island. The island was one of the sea's rarest phenomena, a volcanic atoll that would regularly sink and rise. Seeing the opportunity to act the duo escaped their bonds and easily defeated the two guards and made their way to the island. The duo witnessed how Black Patch had found the treasure after which the island began to tremble. Once again the island sunk and as Black Patch couldn't swim he drowned. Sometime later the duo returned to Dorothy and revealed the sea had avenged her grandfather.

(Namora I#1/1) - While enjoying some time in the jungles of Yucatan Namora suddenly heard a cry for help as a native was attacked by a boa constrictor. After slaying the animal Namora saw the native was in fact guiding a group of Americans (Dr. Webber, his daughter June and her boyfriend Tom Bowen) who searched the jungle for the legendary city of Apaco. Wishing the travelers all the best Namora was about to depart when she noticed another native following the expedition. An hour later still trailing the Mayan, Namora discovered the hidden city of Apaco and while taking a closer look she could hear American voices. Apparently former scientist turned-criminal Big Jim Derry had been stripping the altars of their gold and kept the Mayans on his side by tricking them the God of gods Kukulcan spoke on his behalf. Namora, however, was discovered by another Mayan who hit her on the head with a club, thinking her to be a mere woman Big Jim ordered his men to dispose of her by throwing her in the river. Now in her natural element Namora freed herself and fully revitalized was ready to take Jim on but noticed the American expedition she had met before had also been captured. Namora decided to see what would happen and witnessed how the giant statue of Kukulcan spoke, ordering the Mayans to kill the expedition members. Upon taking a closer look at the statue Namora discovered three Mayans loyal to Big Jim using a megaphone to create the Kukulcan illusion. Namora easily defeated the three and used the megaphone herself to use the same trick, as Kukulcan Namora ordered the Mayans to stop and turn on Big Jim. After realizing the truth the Mayans threw Big Jim and his henchmen in a pit and freed the American expedition, Namora then revealed her presence and explained the Mayans would not regain the power of the empire but should instead exploit their wealth themselves. Early next morning Namora said her goodbyes to the expedition and went her own way.

(Namora I#1/2) - Namora and Namor joined forces to round up several criminals and after delivering them to the local police forces they decided to return to the sea. While enjoying a swim in the warm southern waters Namora suddenly became entrapped in a whirlpool, Namor discovered the funnel creating the whirlwind came from a strange looking submarine and quickly rescued Namora. The funnel had been created by Karlak the high priest of the ancient under water civilization Mu, who planned to conquer the world. Enraged the duo had escaped the whirlpool he sent a squadron of his men into the waters to try and capture Namor and Namora, however, they easily defeated the men until one used a special "octopus gun" to trap them in a cloud of ink. Once the cloud had cleared the invaders had disappeared as well. Sometime later at one of Namor's many listening posts Namora received an alarm that Pearl Harbor was under attack. Shocked to hear the alarm for the first time since the war the duo made their way to the harbor. Once on location they witnessed how Karlak and his men attacked the coast guard and swiftly assaulted the invaders. Next the duo fought a squadron of swordsmen armed with swordfish blades and Namora was eventually overwhelmed by their superior numbers. But once the coast guard opened fire Karlak witnessed the modern technologies for the first time, fearing their immenate death he ordered his troops to retreat. Namor and Namora followed the invaders to their undersea city and witnessed how Karlak threatened his people to plan another attack, once he grabbed his special electric gun he was attacked by Namor. After severely beating Karlak the fiend accidentally shot himself through the head. With the threat of Karlak ended the undersea civilization vowed to never trouble the rest of the world again although Namor and Namora hoped the civilization could establish friendly relations with Atlantis.

(Namora I#1/3) - While swimming in the Chinese Sea Namora rescued Lin Sun and his daughter who were caught in a raging typhoon. Helping them reach the shore they were met by loud cheers as the crowd recognized the "sea-woman". One of them being Joyce Wilson, daughter of the most celebrated diamond-collector in Shanghai. Joyce approached Namora asking for her help, she revealed most of her father's priceless stones had been replaced by imitations. Joyce's father suspected her fiancée and had even confronted him to his face, later Allen the fiancée disappeared causing her father to completely convince himself he was guilty. Feeling for the girl Namora decided to help her and decided to start their investigation at the Wilson manor where they bumped into Joyce's cousin Paul West, a sinister looking fella. After the short interaction Namora met with Joyce's father who showed her the difference between the real and fake stones, but just when a necklace was put around her neck the light went out. The room went pitch dark, Namora was punched on her head and the remaining stones were stolen. The only stones that were left were the real stones around her neck and some imitations, with those in her hands she decided to see an old friend. Namora arrived at Dr. Shu Ling's shop, the expert diamond-cutter and her old friends. After exchanging pleasantries Namora asked him to check the imitation stones. Ling reasoned the imitation was done well but the stones would never be sold in Shanghai, just then Namora saw Paul West pass by. Ling revealed West had a rare talent and had been studying with him, Namora thanked Ling for his help and quickly followed West. The chase led Namora to the Casino International where several criminals attacked her. After a fierce battle Namora found herself tied up and thrown into a room, where there was another man tied up: Joyce's fiancée Allen. Allen explained West and his men had been stealing jewels from big museums as well as from Mr. Wilson and planned to smuggle them to the United States to sell, West planned to leave Allen behind as the "fall guy". Having heard everything Namora found a way to free herself and after learning the men would strike that very night at the National Museum she set out to catch the criminals. That night Namora witnessed how West and his men stole jewels from the National Museum and entered their little boat. While in the water Namora threw their boat up into the air causing the men to fall into the water where she knocked them out. Namora returned to West's large boat and defeated the last of the criminals and freed Allen from his bonds. The criminals were turned over to the Chinese government. The next morning Mr. Wilson and Joyce thanked Namora for her help.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#27/1) - Namora and Namor were contacted by young Fleurette DeLong alarming them her husband Jacques had disappeared and several strange things had happened to the village of Okkak, the duo decided to help. Upon arriving Okkak the duo were welcomed by the townsfolk who immediately warned them of the strange tidings, while some feared it to be the work of the devil others thought fisherman Nels Nelson to be involved. Namor decided to look into Nelson while Namora stayed behind, trying her best to stop the townsfolk from leaving Okkak. After running into Nelson's men, Namor found out Nelson's involvement and went to get Namora who'd failed to stop the townsfolk from leaving. Namora then joined Namor to find Nelson, after facing his men they successfully rescued Jacques DeLong and arrested Nels Nelson. Nelson revealed he found oil in the village of Okkak and wanted to scare the townsfolk away so he could make more money.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#27/5) - Learning sculptress Laurette Gower had built a towering bronze statue in their honor, Namora and Namor set course for the building site. Having met with Gower and the mayor, Namor commented the heroes felt they didn't deserve such honor. The mayor, however, made short work of Namor's comment, noting the towering bronze statue was a symbol of their unending battle against crime and would surely discourage future criminals. They, however, were unaware that Bronze, Namor's sworn adversary planned to destroy it and turn Namor and Namora into a laughing stock. While the heroic duo were still chatting with the sculptress and the mayor a small boat suddenly arrived, a man had come to warn the duo of a robbery at the Dido Beach Club. Namor and Namora arrived just in time to see Bronze and his men trying to escape by boat and even managed to loose the heroic duo by using a thick smoke screen. Their inability to capture the criminal had already made the papers the following morning, the duo, however had no time to waste as sculptress Gower has received an anonymous tip millionaire Simon Frost would be robbed. Arriving at Frost's luxurious houseboat the duo found out there was no robbery, Frost told them they'd been the victim of a practical joke! Namor and Namora decided to stay close to the houseboat until minutes later Bronze and his men arrived, believing Namor wouldn't show up anymore. The duo tried to stop Bronze but were easily beaten when he shot Namor in the back with a bronze bullet and punched Namora unconscious with his gun noting she was simply too beautiful to die. Moments later the duo regained consciousness and another failure was printed in the newspaper. Their recent failures didn't sit well with the city council who then decided to abandon Gower's sculpture. Gower visited the building site one last time and discovered it was in fact the Bronze's secret base! Bronze then tied the girl up inside the base and wired it with dynamite after which they left the base, luckily for Gower, Namora suddenly noticed the smoke coming from their sculptures. Upon investigating the building site they discovered and freed Gower while easily disposing of the dynamite. The duo finally tracked Bronze down to the Tarnego Lighthouse where Bronze was accidentally killed during their fight, his neck broken by the heavy bronze casing of the lighthouse's beacon. Sometime later the city council decided to continue the sculpture's building where Namora and Namor were present during the festive opening.

(Blonde Phantom#19/4) - Wealthy playboy Nick Gaynor couldn't stomach the fact that his ex-girlfriend Kathy was about to marry another man. He decided to have her boyfriend Barry killed by staging a boat accident. Offering to throw them a big engagement party on his yacht, he hired arsonist Charlie Manelli to make sure there would be an accident in which Barry would perish. He even invited Namor and Namora with whom he had a friendship. In the midst of the party Gaynor and his accomplice struck the young couple down, leaving the party with Kathy he had his accomplice tie down Barry and set of a firebomb. Namor and Namora who were already suspicious of the captain made sure all the guests had left the ship and found Barry tied up, with him free the three made way for Gaynor. After a very brief fist fight, Namor captured Gaynor and Manelli and handed them over to the police, foiling his plans.

(Captain America Comics#68/3) - Namor and Namora checked in on their good friend, postman Frank Carver who was overcome with sadness. As it turned out, Carver's son Harry had joined the infamous, criminal Waterfront Gang and Frank was distraught at the idea of his son ending up in jail. The Atlantean duo offered to find Harry, but couldn't track him down, despite searching several of the Waterfront Gang's usual hideouts. However, Harry was part of a Waterfront Gang mob that boarded Frank Carver's boat. When Namor and Namora showed up to rescue Frank, it was revealed that Harry had actually been working as an undercover agent for the secret service, trying to bring the Waterfront Gang to justice. Namor and Namora left a relieved Frank to reconnect with his son.

(Human Torch Comics#32/3) - Namora and the Sub-Mariner met with gentleman Joe Mallon, a wealthy power in the fishing industry. Mallon explained he didn't trust his daughter's boyfriend Spade and needed the Sub-Mariner's help to show his daughter Niki that he was a criminal. But before they got the chance to discuss the plan the Sub-Mariner suddenly heard the sound of a gun and shouted that everybody had to get down just as the bullets rained through the door. When the noise and the bullets stopped the duo found one of Spade's goons dead (he'd told Spade he wanted to quit, something Spade didn't want to hear). Meanwhile Spade had asked Nikki to marry him, something to which she agreed, to prove her father wrong, but when Joe Mallon learned of the news he decided to disinherit her. Enraged at the fact his fiancée had been disinherited by her wealthy father Spade soon broke off the engagement and left Nikki only with his old gambling ship "Lady Luck" as a joke.

   A few months later Nikki invited Namora and the Sub-Mariner to the boat, she'd invested all of her money to make it a successful restaurant. But during their visit another arrived as well, Spade! Having learned the ship had become a success he had returned to take it back as it was legally still his. Even Namora and the Sub-Mariner couldn't do anything to stop the man.

   A week later, Namora assisted the Sub-Mariner to stop Spade. The Sub-Mariner had convinced Joe Mallon to play at Spade's new casino on the ship, as he knew the casino's machines were programmed to loose. Once Mallon had gambled away 300.000 dollars he threw the roulette table over, revealing Spade's illegal machine. With this evidence Namora and the Sub-Mariner barged in and made short work of Spade and his goons.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#88/2) - Namora joined Namor on a trip to Pier 17 with Mr. Porter investigating a case of several mysteriously emptied oil tanks. When the trio arrived at the pier waterfront "cowboy" Pete Muzkie tried to get Namor's attention but to no avail. Feeling sorry for the man Namora went up to Muzkie and learned his friend Nick Iona had been missing for over three weeks, leaving his wife Marge behind. Glad he got the chance to get the story off his chest Muzkie was in for a surprise when Namora promised to try and find Nick Iona for him. All of them were unaware Nick Iona had been taken prisoner by Bryan Porter who used Nick's invention to steal the oil from tankers. Namora sought out Nick's wife Marge and together saw Nick's patent lawyer Mr. Fowler who revealed Nick had walked out with his client Bryan Porter. But upon investigating Porter Namora was captured and joined the imprisoned Nick. The two were eventually rescued by Namor and Pete Muzkie.

(Namora I#2/1 (fb) - BTS) - Namora spent some time in Turkey where she befriended Magda Yusef, the daughter of the country's Prime Minister. During her stay Namora also gave swimming lessons to the local children.

(Namora I#2/1) - While teaching several children to swim Magda Yusef sought out her help. Magda feared for her father's life as already seven ministers of his cabinet had been murdered. Helpful as ever Namora decided to look into the case, Prime Minister Amin Yusef however, would hear nothing of it. Unbeknownst to Namora and Magda he was responsible for the murders since he planned to rule Turkey by himself. While thinking of their next move in the woman quarters Namora suddenly overheard rebel-rouser Amouzecar instigating hate in the current cabinet of ministers, confronting Amouzecar didn't get Namora anywhere and she decided to follow him. Amouzecar who was also secretly working alongside the Prime Minister on his plan had suspected Namora would follow him and had his men apprehend her. Unable to fight off three of the Turkish men they rendered Namora unconscious and decided to throw her in the river so she might drown. Namora of course didn't drown and now back in her natural element regained her full strength. Still unaware of Amin Yusef's plan Namora returned to his home to tell Magda what had happened but upon her arrival Magda revealed her father had just survived an attempt on his life (in reality another part of Yusef's plan). Namora pleaded Yusef had to realize the rebels where serious, he agreed they where a threat but refused to give publicity to their cause, unable to reason with the man Namora was about to leave when she overheard two men discussing tomorrow night would be the night they would strike. To face this strike Namora and Magda joined forces in preparation of the cabinet ball the next day. The following night Namora and Magda entered the glamorous cabinet ball and kept an eye open for Amouzecar, when she finally spotted the rebel-rouser she followed him in the hope of finding the real leader of the fanatic plot. Thus Namora and Magda discovered Amin Yusef was behind the events all this time, while holding Namora and his own daughter at gunpoint he tried to explain he was a visionary, leading the Turkish people into freedom. Yusef and Amouzecar then locked the girls in a room and left in preparation of their final stand, Namora herself easily escaped through the window and made her way to Yusef's yacht. After climbing aboard Namora punched Amouzecar in the face and fended off Yusef's bullets while chasing him, in a desperate move Yusef locked himself in the yacht's hold that was filled with explosives so he could at least take Namora down with him. Unable to open the hold's door Namora grabbed Amouzecar and dove over the side as the yacht exploded, killing Yusef. The next day while meeting Magda the two talked about her father, although Magda mourned her father she was convinced he'd deserved to die.

(Namora I#2/3) - Namora read in the Daily Herald the incredible story of how mummy-like men had murdered a group of scientists in Egypt. Vowing to stop them Namora made her way to Egypt and witnessed several mummies attacking civilians. Namora tried to safe the civilians, stopping one of the mummies from killing a woman but was then beaten down by the mummy. When the creature tried to stab her to death he was halted just in time by their leader, Tut-Ak-Mun. The descendant of the Pharaohs had recognized Namora and vowed to make her his queen, believing that with her beauty and his power they could restore Egypt to its ancient glory. Tut-Ak-Mun and his army of mummies took Namora captive, marching into the desert leaving nothing but death and havoc behind. Hours later Namora woke up in Tut-Ak-Mun's secret base where she decided to go along with his plans in the hopes of learning how she could stop the madman later. Tut-Ak-Mun easily fell for Namora's royal charm and was even given a royal Egyptian attire. The following morning Tut-Ak-Mun decided to show Namora the extent of his powers and brought her to an abandoned pyramid where he raised the dead with his magical ring. One step closer to learning how to stop the madman she asked him if the ring also gave him the power to destroy the mummies, something which he later wanted to reveal. Tut-Ak-Mun, however spoke in riddles so Namora was still unsure how she could save Egypt from the madman. Sometime later that day Namora finally gained the madman's full trust and was even rewarded with the ring, which she quickly took with her while running from the madman and his mummies. Then while Tut-Ak-Mun and his mummies were in the process of destroying a foreign settlement just outside of Cairo, Namora finally understood the riddle and lured the mummies into the river Nile which destroyed the reanimated mummies, thus defeating Tut-Ak-Mun.

(Namora I#2/4) - Namora led Namor into Betty Dean's apartment where a surprise was awaiting the Sub-Mariner. Betty had gotten a full dress suit for Namor since the newspaper publisher would hold a testimonial dinner in his honor. Namor however, refused to wear a suit proclaiming Betty would not make a "dude" out of the Sub-Mariner. Namora and Betty could do nothing but watch as Namor threw the suit out of the window and flew away. Betty and Namora paid the publisher's office a visit to explain Namor would only show if he could wear his swimsuit. That very evening Betty and Namora where shocked when Namor arrived fully dressed in the suit he'd thrown out earlier, the Sub-Mariner felt he'd been insensitive and had to make up for it. Once the threesome arrived at the dinner they saw all the publishers standing in nothing but their swimming trunks.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#28/1) - Upon Betty Dean's request Namor and Namora decided to help Hiram King who with his two daughters Karen and Barbara lived in a mansion with no servant but where the silver and family jewels kept disappearing. All of them were unaware King's adoptive daughter Karen had fallen in with the wrong crowd and was stealing her father's fortune for crime boss Snake Wilson. While posing as servants at King's mansion Namora noticed Karen and Barbara fighting after midnight after which Barbara disappeared. When the following morning King received a ransom letter for 25.000 dollars the duo held watch during the night when they noticed two criminals (one of them being Karen) robbing the mansion. Namor and Namora followed the criminals back to their ship, the Shamrock, where they easily located the missing daughter. However, after the duo had freed Barbara they were caught themselves and keel-hauled. It was in fact Barbara who single-handedly saved the duo after which a coast guard cutter arrived. Coast Guard's Mister Harper and Mister Jones then easily boarded Snake's ship and arrested the lot, but not before Snake killed Karen. In the end Namor and Namora revealed the truth to King who'd already suspected his adopted daughter had fallen in with the wrong crowd.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#28/2) - The Sub-Mariner asked Namora and Betty Dean to join him on a trip to the Statue of Liberty, however, the girls had other plans. Namora and Dean were on their way to St. John's Orphanage as Dean would write a story to raise funds. Right before the girls left the Sub-Mariner asked the girls if they couldn't bring two children for a tour with the Sub-Mariner. But when Namora and Dean arrived at the orphanage they couldn't possibly choose two children and decided to take all of them! Sometime later at the Bowery Pier the Sub-Mariner was shocked to learn not two but a large group of kids arrived for his tour of the Statue of Liberty. The Sub-Mariner took the kids on the tour while Namora and Dean returned to the house. Later that evening while Dean wrote the article the Sub-Mariner returned with the children, deciding to throw them a little party. Namora and Dean enjoyed the party after which they said their goodbyes to the kids when they returned to the orphanage.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#28/5) - While enjoying a nice sea breeze, the Sub-Mariner noted his idleness was driving him crazy wondering why there wasn't anything to do. Hearing his comments Namora told him that nothing would ever happen if he would just sit there fanning himself with a issue of Marvel Comics. The Sub-Mariner then set out to take a walk in the city hoping for a couple of kids playing hockey.

(Blonde Phantom#20/4) - Late one evening Namora was disturbed by Professor Diggenwell, a local police sergeant and Betty Dean. Diggenwell had discovered a horrific fact and needed to inform Namor, the threesome asked Namora if she knew where he was. Just then Namor arose from the water as well and the group was anxious to hear Diggenwell's story. Diggenwell asked Namor several questions after which he concluded scientifically that Namor couldn't swim. Upset at the professor Namora and the others pushed him into the sea after which Namor concluded he couldn't save the man since he couldn't swim.

(Namora I#3/1) - During one night over the Atlantic, Namora noticed a ghastly cry coming from a ship and decided to investigate. But upon entering the ship Namora quickly learned all passengers, who were dressed for a masquerade ball had been turned into lifeless dummies. Just then Namora noticed something in the air and was herself turning dizzy, right before passing out she witnessed several men with gas-masks robbing the ship. The following morning Namora woke up to find the passengers in chaos, their jewels and belongings stolen. Namora met with the ship's captain and his mate Murfee, who, was in fact one of the culprits and discussed the origin of the strange gas. Determined to stop the criminals Namora asked the coast guard if any other ships were in sight with valuable cargo, it just so happened a bullion ship was approaching fast, bringing gold and radioactive material. Namora then waited on the ship for the evening to fall when indeed the ghostly fog arrived again, turning the passengers into lifeless dummies. Having hidden herself behind the cargo, Namora quickly witnessed the arrival of the same gas-mask wearing criminals and attacked them. However, during the fight Namora was affected by the gas and was rendered unconscious. When Namora awoke sometime later she found herself in a pirate submarine and learned the criminals were led by Murfee! But when the criminals were caught off guard by falling bombs, courtesy of the coast guard, Namora successfully fled the submarine by exiting through the torpedo tube. Namora then realized that the criminals were in fact using a giant balloon that emitted an ultra-sonic siren that paralyzed the victims because when Namora was hiding in the second ship the lead crates had kept out the sound waves. Although the coast guard was already rendered paralyzed Namora quickly used the ships' radio to send the balloon away. During her fight against Murfee and his men the fog started to clear, unaffected by the balloon's siren Namora finally defeated the criminals.

(Namora I#3/2) - Having learned a twelfth century Viking ship was spotted at sea, Namor and Namora set out to see their friend Dr. Svorland, a professor in Norse history, to learn more. During their visit, Svorland revealed a Viking ship had gone missing in 1248, adding to the mystery of the news. Svorland was also able to teach Namor and Namora the old Nordic language after which news came in of Vikings marauding along the coast, prompting the duo to go and investigate. Determined to catch the Vikings Namora went out ahead to investigate a cove only to be caught in a net by the Vikings. Minutes later as Namora was freed from the net, the leader of the Vikings, Hunsen declared war on America as one of his Vikings had been killed. Namora quickly realized the Vikings probably didn't hear about a little thing called the atomic bomb and explained, in the Norse tongue, the fallacy of Hunsen's plan of war against America. In reality Hunsen and the Vikings were the descendants of those that had gone missing in 1248, but when a terrible fever had taken the lives of most of their settlement Hunsen and the remaining Vikings sailed west for new land looking for food and life. Sometime after Namora's imprisonment Namor arrived to rescue her and after doing so the duo returned to Dr. Svorland who urged the duo to keep the men alive. However, when Namor and Namora sought out the Vikings again they witnessed their ship hitting a hidden reef, causing the ship to quickly sink, taking the lives of all but Hunsen who was saved by the duo. Once Hunsen revealed the terrible story of his people he too passed away.

(Namora I#3/5 (fb) - BTS) - Namora met college swimming champion Jim Torrence who sought her affection. Namora rejected and avoided the man.

(Namora I#3/5) - Wondering how her friend Mary Hanson was doing Namora set out to the lighthouse of Gull Rock. However, from afar Torrence noticed Namora and decided to follow her to Gull Rock. While Namora was catching up with Mary and her father Ezra they were interrupted by Torrence who once again tried to seduce the sea princess. Namora and the Hansons gave the boy the cold shoulder so he left, unable to deal with his rejection Torrence planned to get revenge and devised a plan to frame Ezra for crimes he didn't commit. Torrence donned a hood while in his swimming trunks to hide his identity. As the Hood, Torrence kidnapped and bound Ezra on a secluded part of the mainland and continued his crime spree. Learning Ezra had gone missing, Namora set out to find Ezra and eventually found and freed the lighthouse keeper. Together the duo managed to overpower and expose Torrence as the Hood.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#29/1) - Namor and Namora joined the freighter Flamingo near the Louisiana Bayou where three boats had been hijacked. Suspecting the work of pirates the duo went to investigate a small island where they soon stumbled upon the corpse of Colonel Carter, surrounded by his daughter Susan and plantation foreman "old" John. Upon examining the body it was concluded Carter had accidentally shot himself, something which "old" John refused to believe. All present, however, were unaware that wanted criminal Peppo La Rue, now going by Corso Lenori had killed the Colonel, planning to use the island for his new operation. For a week Namor and Namora stayed to keep an eye on Susan Carter and search for pirates when they noticed frequent visits from "Corso Lenori". During one such visit the sea-faring duo noticed a sinking ship near the shore, thinking they were pirates the duo quickly left the Carter mansion, unaware it was a diversion. In their absence Peppo La Rue seemingly killed "old" John and took Susan captive after she'd witnessed the ordeal. Upon returning to the island Namor and Namora were caught off guard by a surprise attack by La Rue's gang who imprisoned them in a burning building. Easily escaping their captivity the duo quickly located La Rue where they defeated him and his gang. While Namora held La Rue's gang at gunpoint "old" John suddenly resurfaced, having survived his attack he was then labeled "wise" John.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#29/2) - While enjoying a quiet day at a small isolated island, Namora told Namor that though she enjoyed fighting crime she longed for a night of dressing up and dancing. Determined to give Namora what she deserved he quickly took her hand and brought her to New York City for a night out on the town. Once she dressed in a gorgeous red dress Namora brought her to the swankiest nightclub in all of New York. Their arrival, however, hadn't gone unnoticed as two goons (Nails and another unidentified) working a kidnapping scheme saw the duo as an easy target to make millions. One of the goons went up to the duo and told them of an amazing spot with gambling and a romantic backdrop, eager to try her luck at gambling Namora persuaded Namor to go. The duo, however were guided to an abandoned ship where they were greeted by Captain Black after which they were hit on the head and imprisoned in a cell aboard the ship. Captain Black didn't recognize his new victims and feeling save, told them about his scheme of kidnapping rich-looking couples to extract large sums of ransom. With his superhuman strength Namor easily escaped his cell, but before the duo could escape Namora noticed more prisoners. While trying to save the prisoners the duo failed to realize Captain Black had opened a valve causing the ship to flood with water. Namora continued in her attempt to rescue the prisoners while Namor escaped the ship and pushed it into the air so the water would flow from the ship. In the end the duo handed Captain Black and his goons over to the local police force (Joe and unidentified others). To make sure nobody else was kidnapped Namor and Namora returned to the nightclub to arrest Nails and his companion after which they returned for a quiet day at the beach.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#29/5) - Namora and the Sub-Mariner helped Betty Dean to teach Professor John Harris a lesson. Harris, a young ichthyological researcher, failed to reply to any of Dean's romantic feelings, something which the young beauty was not used to. To reach the researcher there was more to life than just research Namora was tasked to play a mermaid, tail and all caught in Harris' fishing net. Harris was surprised he'd caught the fabled mermaid, realizing he would become part of the top of the ichthyological society. However just before Namora could be pulled up the Sub-Mariner rescued her after which they threw his boat sideways, brought the unconscious professor to shore and left. When Harris regained consciousness he revealed his findings only to be branded a loon, just then Betty Dean arrived revealing she did believe him. Over the moon someone believed him Harris asked Dean out on a date.

(Captain America Comics#70/4 (fb) ) - Namora and the Sub-Mariner went for a swim near the coast somewhere in the Middle East on the lookout for Squire Bones and his pirate gang. Suddenly the duo noticed the sound of gunshots and witnessed a plane attacking a yacht. When they came closer they saw it was Bones and decided to grab onto the plane to follow them. Squire Bones realized the sea-faring duo held on and tried to shake them off but when he proved unable to do so he returned to his base so his gang could rough 'em up. Upon their landing Bones' gang successfully captured the duo. Bones had prepared a faith worse then death, to let them die in the middle of the Sahara.

(Captain America Comics#70/4) - Namora and the Sub-Mariner were released in the middle of the Sahara desert. With the burning sun where water was nowhere to be found the sea-faring duo quickly dehydrated and were at their whits end when a sandstorm arose. The duo steered on until they accidentally stumbled onto a structure that was hidden under the sand. A water duct that had been built by the Romans two thousand years ago, they were used to carry water to desert settlements. Namora and the Sub-Mariner entered the water duct and swam to the nearest settlement. When they climbed out of a water well in a small village they stumbled upon Squire Bones and his gang, who'd stopped in the village for a drink. Squire Bones threw his hands up in the air and surrendered, figuring that he couldn't do anything to stop them if the Sahara couldn't even finish them off.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#90/2) - On the search for Betty Dean and a lost party of American explorers Namora and the Sub-Mariner found themselves in a wild, tropical forest bordering the great Orinoco River in Venezuela. There they saw the Carib Savages, a tribe of cannibals who just tossed a white sun helmet in the river. Namora quickly searched the helmet and found the owner's name: R.P. Denton, one of Betty's friends. Figuring their friends had to be imprisoned by the savages the sea-faring duo set out to find the tribe. They just arrived in time to see Betty try and flee from the savages, with her hands bound. The Sub-Mariner leaped out of the bushes to her defense but was quickly rendered unconscious by the savages, while Namora was hiding in the bushes. Namora learned the savages were about to sacrifice Betty and the Sub-Mariner and decided to divert their attention so she could rescue them. Swiftly as ever Namora prepared a plan and built several dummies out of cane stalks bound together with river-rushes to make them look like camouflaged warriors. Namora then pushed several war-canoes with the camouflaged "warriors" in it towards the village, unleashing a war-cry which alarmed the Carib savages to their presence. And just in the nick of time as the savages were about to execute Betty and the Sub-Mariner. The savages sprung into action and attacked the canoes while just one old man was left to guard the prisoners. In the meanwhile Namora also destroyed a dam which caused the savages to be carried away by the river's current, after which Namora defeated the old guard and freed her friends. Namora, the Sub-Mariner, Betty Dean and her friends escaped the tribe with their canoes.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#30/1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Namor and Namora had fought Iron Brain, the mad killer who had a mechanical brain put in his head after he was hung for murder.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#30/1) - Namor and Namora enjoyed a lovely sunny day in a rowing boat at a lake in Central Park. However, suddenly Namora scalded her hand in the water that began to boil and steam. While several other people fell unconscious due to the heat and others burned to death in the boiling water the heroic duo managed to make their way to land where they noticed how large the sun had become. In reality Iron Brain had invented and used an Earth-moving machine to move the Earth closer to the Sun, causing a terrible heat-wave. After meeting with the United Nations the duo learned of Iron Brain's plan threatening the world to make him the first King of the Earth. Believing they knew where Iron Brain was hiding the duo managed to find the mad killer rather quickly who then invited them inside his master laboratory at the bottom of the ocean. After revealing his plan Iron Brain released a towering beast the Aquasaurus Rex to kill Namor and Namora while he went to attend more important matters. The Aquasaurus Rex took hold of Namora with his claws leaving Namor in an awful predicament; save Namora but millions others would die or stop Iron Brain and let Namora be killed. Feeling there was only one way, Namor used his superhuman speed to attack Iron Brain after which he aimed the madman's anti-gravity ray-gun on the sea dragon. Still holding Namora, the beast was hurled through the dome's ceiling into the sky where he let go of Namora. The sea dragon finally exceeded Earth's atmosphere to aimlessly drift among the stars while Namora was thrown back in the sea where she eventually caught up with Namor.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#30/2) - Learning hundreds of men were laboring in undersea mines the Sub-Mariner set out to stop the men responsible. He sought out Namora's help by creating a secret signal using complex sea waves which reached Namora who was miles away. The duo talked over the Sub-Mariner's plan and set out. The Sub-Mariner easily infiltrated the mine and freed the slaves. The slaves who reached the surface were welcomed by Namora with food and blankets while Namor destroyed the walls surrounding the mine, effectively killing Porker's gang. With the men freed Namor and Namora pulled the raft with the slaves ashore.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#91/2) - Namora had joined Betty Dean on a vacation cruise on board of the S.S.Harbin, bound for Miami Beach. During their trip Namora was somewhat irritated that Dean, since they'd left New York was working continuously on her book "Crime is Punishment". During a particularly sunny day the two ladies were greeted by Captain Forrest, although the two and even Forrest himself was aware he was an amnesiac criminal, now leading a new life. After some small talk the two decided to retreat to their cabin so Dean could do some more work on the book noting she worked on a new chapter called "Mike Roden - Missing" a criminal who was long overdue for prison. However, that very instant Roden himself, accompanied by his goons George and Herman entered their cabin, having learned of Dean's book and wanted to nip it in the bud. Namora and Dean were easily overpowered by the goons who tied them to a chair, having been out of the water for a longer period of time Namora didn't have the strength to break free. Unable to act, Namora and Dean watched as Herman fetched Captain Forrest after which the Captain was hit in the face by Roden causing the Captain to revert back to his real persona; Harry Seller. Ten years earlier the two had worked together on a deal but when Seller didn't have the nerve to carry it out the two had a scuffle in which Seller was hit on the head, causing him to wake up a total amnesiac. Prepared to repay his debt Seller summoned the wealthiest of the passengers to the dining room where Roden's gang robbed them. Sometime later Sub-Mariner boarded the ship suspecting foul play he ran into Seller and punched the man into a wall, causing Seller to once again revert to his Captain Forrest persona. After saving Namora and Dean they followed Roden who tried to escape in a small boat only to hit a group of rocks. With the help of some local fishers Namora and Namor captured Roden and his gang after which they were incarcerated by the local police force. It was then revealed by the police that Seller/Forrest's past crimes were only minor offenses, the charges had been dropped.

(Human Torch Comics#29/2) - Two years after savings Sun Yat's cargo from the White Flower, Namora and the Sub-Mariner returned to Shanghai. After reminiscing of their adventure Sun Yat revealed his son Lipo Yat had returned to the family business.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age - BTS) - Namora's ankle wings soon withered and ceased to function.

(Citizen V and the V-Battalion - The Everlasting#1 (fb) ) <England 1953> - Namora attended the funeral of Brian Falsworth better known as the Union Jack. Other superheroes who attended were Namor, Jack Frost, Miss America, Whizzer, Blue Diamond and Thin Man.

(Young Men II#27/4 - BTS) - Namora got a tip on European impresario Willie Röese, a producer of a well-known aquashow, that he might be a communist spy. Namora decided to infiltrate and auditioned for the show and was cast as the star of the show.

(Young Men II#27/4) - On the set of the show, Namora was reunited with her cousin Namor, who claimed he hadn't seen her in years. Namor had read about the show in the newspaper and, needing a bit of fun, decided to audition and got a part as well. Namora informed Namor about her suspicions regarding Röese and the two teamed up to investigate the man. They started out by checking out the vessel that suspiciously lay besides the attraction, allegedly serving as a power supply ship. When checking the pipelines to the bottom of the sea the duo discovered the wreck of a seventeenth century French vessel. For over three centuries, the ship's captain, calling himself Cap'n Derelict, and the crew had haunted the ship and protected the massive treasure that went down with them. The Captain told Namor and Namora how their vessel was being ransacked by the "power supply ship" above, looking for the treasure. Namor and Namora sneaked on board of the ship and overheard Röese talking to Mr. Big (Comrade Ivansky) who was supposedly the ringleader of the operation. The aquashow was just a front to search for the ghost ship's gold, worth an estimated amount of up to thirty million dollars. The Atlantean duo combined forces with Cap'n Derelict and his crew to capture the communist spies. Cap'n Derelict managed to knock out Mr. Big with the treasure chest he was after. Namor and Namora brought the communists to justice, while Derelict and his crew passed on to the afterlife, allowing their treasured gold to be carried off by the ocean's fickle tidal currents.

(Men's Adventures#27/4) - As American naval vessels were engaging a special type of communist craft, Namora convinced Namor to investigate. Actually, Namora wasn't all that concerned with the surface world, she just saw it as an opportunity so Namor wouldn't be thinking of surface world reporter Betty Dean. The communist submarine was revealed to be a special Black Shark ship, commanded by master spy Zuko. The Black Shark was able to blend in with its surroundings, making it undetectable in any surroundings. Zuko planned to use the craft to get close to Namor and kill him, in retaliation for defeating the communist regime at every given turn. Completely unaware of this, Namor destroyed a small communist sub but was unable to track down the Black Shark ship. Returning to his undersea kingdom, he found Namora waiting for him with an astonishing request: she wanted him to abandon his ever vigilant protection of the surface world, and marry her instead. Vengeful as ever Namor discarded the proposal as a foolish notion and stormed off to catch the elusive communist ship. Namora then stayed behind while Namor and the Ranine Atlanteans fought Zuko and his Black Shark ship.

(Human Torch Comics#37/4) - Namor and Namora, while residing at Betty Dean's Florida resort cottage, were contacted by a woman called Dolores, who wanted them to rescue her boyfriend, professional diver Rod Hunter. He had gone missing after attempting a 630 ft free dive, and there was concern he might have fallen prey to the raptures of the deep. Apart from the many aquatic dangers, Hunter might also have suffered from oxygen starvation at those depths. Namor and Namora offered to search for him, but Rod's brother Chick didn't want to hear any of this. Chick declared he wanted to go looking for his brother by himself, ordering the two waterbreathing super people to stay with the ship and monitor his descent. Namor and Namora agreed and watched as Chick disappeared off the ship's radar at 600 ft. Diving to save him, they discovered both brothers suffering from oxygen starvation, imagining themselves in some sort of underwater paradise. As Namor and Namora approached, Chick called out "hey, there's Namor and his girlfriend", just as the Atlanteans brought the brothers to the surface. There, they discovered a horrifying truth: the Hunter boys had been dead all along. This meant Namor and Namora had been suffering from oxygen narcosis as well and that they imagined the entire underwater encounter...and the implied notion that they imagined themselves in a relationship lingered on.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#34/2 / Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 (fb) ) <1953> - While visiting Betty Dean at her cottage in her Florida resort, Namora and Namor had lunch with Betty after which the two of them went off to deal with urgent business. Betty admitted to being jealous of Namora and suspected she might be having an affair with Namor. Betty donned her diving gear, planning to follow them, but was soon attacked by a large octopoid. Dean sent out an SOS-signal by tapping a rock on the ocean floor. Instead of getting rescued, she only attracted additional octopuses. Namor and Namora battled the octopuses and saved Betty Dean. In the aftermath, Betty revealed how jealous she was of Namora and was reassured that the reason she and Namor ran off after lunch was to go look for pearls to create a necklace intended for Betty's birthday. Relieved and overjoyed that she still had a shot at getting together with Namor, Betty's hopes were crushed when the Sub-Mariner stated he just wanted to be friends. *Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 revealed it to have been in 1953.

(Men's Adventures#28/4) - Thousands of killer whales terrorized the waters near Labrador, Newfoundland. Attacking both ships and local harbors, they left a trail of destruction, breaking dykes, thick stones and concrete breakwaters causing massive floods as the sea cruelly pounded the land. The whales' path of destruction threatened to reach an important naval base, a fact Namor and Namora noticed as well. Figuring out the whales' odd behavior might be caused by mind control, they went on a search for the culprit. When the crew of a nearby vessel spotted them, they thought "Namor and his girlfriend" were responsible for the killer whales' onslaught. It actually was a band of communist soldiers that had refit an atomic submarine to resemble a killer whale. Namor and Namora discovered the "Whale-marine" was serving as leader of the group of killer whales. Boarding the vessel, they made short work of the crew. But as they tried to turn the communists over to the authorities, the captain claimed Namor had been the true mastermind behind the whale attacks. The navy guards believed him and both Namor and Namora had to run for their lives.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#35/1) - When Prince Byrrah had falsely convinced Emperor Thakorr Atlantis was about to face the opening salvo of a war between humankind and Atlantis he allowed Byrrah to take the reigns and attack the humans. Namora was one of the many Atlanteans drafted into the war and became one of the commanders in the Atlantean army. Prince Byrrah with Namora and the army behind him attacked a small country off the coast of South America who in turn thought the Sub-Mariner had declared war on them. During the war Namora was captured and kept as a prisoner of war when Betty Dean arrived in the country on a special mission for the United Nations. However, when Namora saw Dean she immediately thought of her rivalry for Namor's love and reinforced the lie that the Sub-Mariner had declared war. In the end it was, of course, the Sub-Mariner who saved the day when the island Governor gave the Sub-Mariner the chance to proof his innocence and stop the war. Setting Byrrah up for failure his Atlantean army quickly abandoned him and Namora was allowed to go free as well. Upon leaving the island Namora apologized to both Namor and Dean to which Dean noted she and Namora loved Namor in different ways. Upon returning to Atlantis the duo was halted by Cogolla and another guard who revealed Namor was in fact banished from Atlantis! Determined to find a way out of this Namor left while Namora stayed behind in Atlantis.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#36/1) - Namora was in Atlantis when without any prior warning a strange and horrifying phenomenon occurred; all of Earth's water, oceans, seas, lakes and rivers were sucked upwards into space. In reality it was caused by a race of extraterrestrials who lived on a small undiscovered new Moon which circled the Sun. The extraterrestrials would use the water to sustain the life on their own planet and planned to eventually return the water. With a world in crisis over the sudden loss of Earth's water the United Nations came to a shocking conclusion, the disaster had to be engineered by the Sub-Mariner. The Sub-Mariner was determined to get to the bottom of the problem and shot himself into space towards the new Moon. Meanwhile Namora sought out Betty Dean who told her what had transpired. Unsure whether the Sub-Mariner would actually help the people who hated him Namora decided to return to Atlantis to get help from Princess Fen. After several days of traveling Namora finally made her way through the barren oceans back to Atlantis where she collapsed in Princess Fen's arms, exhausted. Fearing her son might actually be responsible for the tragedy that'd befallen Earth she decided to reach out to her son through mental telepathy. Meanwhile on the hidden Moon the Sub-Mariner came to the realization that his people, the Atlanteans would also die without the water and decided to stop the extraterrestrials and managed to open flood-valves which caused the water to be returned to Earth. Back on Earth the Sub-Mariner was greeted by the cheering masses of Atlantis who welcomed their prince and savior back, amongst them were Namora and Princess Fen who expressed their gratitude. Namora did however, reveal that humankind still held him responsible for the entire ordeal which caused the Sub-Mariner to note he would one day show 'em and teach them a lesson they would never forget.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#36/5) - Namora and the Sub-Mariner met up in the streets of Atlantis when the Sub-Mariner informed about Prince Byrrah's current whereabouts. Namora told her cousin he'd gone up north to the Arctic circle with an armed expedition. Unbeknownst to the two, Byrrah planned to eradicate all of humankind and had his men blast a humongous part of the glacier. Now floating on it's own the glacier headed towards North America creating a new ice age which led to the death of thousands of people who were forced to leave their homes and belongings.

   After some time and still unaware of Byrrah's actions Namora and the Sub-Mariner enjoyed some downtime in their beach house. The Sub-Mariner received a telegram from Betty Dean, informing the duo of the coming glacier and ice age. But when the Sub-Mariner asked Namora whether or not he should help she tried to convince him to actually take his chance to get his sweet revenge without even lifting his finger. The Sub-Mariner, however, refused to let his friend Betty down and left to stop Byrrah's plan. Namora followed the Sub-Mariner and witnessed how he executed the same plan as Byrrah but with a humongous part of the South Pole's glaciers. The two glaciers crashed into each other, freeing humanity from certain doom.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#37/1) - When a fire was rampaging throughout the nation the Atlanteans helped humankind to douse the flames using their aircrafts. Leading the fleet was the Sub-Mariner who was joined by Namora. But once the flames were doused a Russian communist managed to persuade the masses that the Sub-Mariner was to blame, which led to his incarceration. Alarmed by the unjust incarceration Namora used the aircraft to destroy the walls to the Sub-Mariner's cell and free him. Together again, the duo noticed the flames were caused by balloon-shaped aircrafts which they then followed. Namora watched as the Sub-Mariner followed the Russian communist aboard the balloon-shaped aircraft and was beaten up by the Unseen, a group of extraterrestrials who'd made a deal with the communist nation. In the end Namora and the Sub-Mariner successfully brought evidence to evict the communist. However, when the Sub-Mariner held the decaying head of one of the Unseen before the communist he instantly died. Namora, the Sub-Mariner and the police commissioner failed to understand why they didn't die at the sight of the alien head.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#38/1 / Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 (fb) ) - Emperor Thakorr ordered Namora to retrieve Namor who at the time was again banished, albeit for a brief period. Namora, however, was unaware why she was tasked with the job. In reality Thakorr and his scientist had learned Namor had not only lost his superhuman powers but also the wings on his ankles and built a contraption called the physio-rejuvenator to fix his grandson. When Namor and Namora arrived at Thakorr's court he introduced his servant Kamara to Namor who then hit him on the head with a steel pipe. Without hesitation Namor hit Kamra in the face to learn he couldn't hurt the guard since he'd lost his superhuman strength. Thakorr then explained he would restore Namor's powers. The following day Namor foiled Byrrah and Zolma's plan to sabotage the process after which Namora and Byrrah watched as Namor's powers were restored with the physio-rejuvenator. Once the process was done Thakorr ordered Kamara to fire a gun at Namor to see the bullets bounce off his chest. With his powers restored Namor told Thakorr he wouldn't continue his war against the surface people, something which Byrrah thought to be treachery, Namora told him to shut up.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#40/5) - While wandering the city Namora was approached by the Sub-Mariner who'd learned of a human expedition closing in on Atlantis. Although the Emperor forbid Namor to act he still wanted to do something. Believing she could help her prince Namora joined him. Not long after a group of Atlantean airsubs were used to push giant icebergs around, trapping the expedition. The duo, however, were unaware the expedition's true goal was to look for Uranium. In an effort to escape the expedition started to blow up the icebergs which inadvertently caused several buildings of Atlantis to collapse. Seeing the destruction the Emperor wrongfully feared the ships had come to exterminate them and ordered Namora to slip into the "invaders" flagship and indulge in a bit of sabotage. Honored she was chosen for the job Namora took some tiny phial of high explosive and sneaked aboard the ship only to be captured. During her captivity Namora learned the humans were on a peaceful mission and sent a message to Namor. Once aboard the ship Namor was greeted by the ship's commander who explained their true goal and immediately set Namora free. The Sub-Mariner and Namora were pleased to learn of the humans' good side and decided to grant them free passage something which Prince Byrrah didn't like. He tried to blow up their ship only to be stopped by the Sub-Mariner. Back in the waters the threesome received another message from the humans, Namor's earlier action with the iceberg would cause an underwater avalanche which would surely kill the Atlanteans. The Sub-Mariner, Namora and Byrrah informed the Emperor who ordered them to evacuate the city. After the threesome had done so the avalanche happened and indeed destroyed part of Atlantis. Glad the humans had helped them the Atlanteans set out to rebuild their city.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#41/1) - Namora and the Sub-Mariner stumbled upon another mischievous plan from Prince Byrrah. Byrrah sold large quantities of ice containing weapons to José Gonzales, a communist from Central America. After confirming with Dirk, one of Byrrah's key men who was secretly loyal to the Sub-Mariner, the hero decided to stop Byrrah's plan lest they use the weapons on the Atlanteans. Namora helped the Sub-Mariner to freeze himself in one of the ice blocks so he could infiltrate Gonzales' organization where he made short work of the criminals. Upon his return Namora was present when the Sub-Mariner confronted Prince Byrrah with his actions. But although Namora tried to stop the two men from fighting she couldn't stop Byrrah from falling into one of the ice molds after which he froze solid. Since Byrrah didn't have the same superhuman strength as the sea-faring duo Namora quickly drilled several holes into the ice so he could breath. Namor eventually freed Byrrah from the ice on the conditions he would stop aiding the red devils.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#42/1) - Namora was contacted by the Sub-Mariner who ordered her to alert the air-sub fleet and assemble their military engineers. The fleet had to assembled to fight communist aggressors in the north.


(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age) - Namora married an Atlantean man named Talan in 1955.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age / Marvel: The Lost Generation#2 - BTS) <1956> - A fellowship of adventurers formed the Monster Hunters, a team consisting of Ulysses Bloodstone, Doctor Druid, Makkari and Zawadi. After their initial adventures Namora joined their team.

(Namor I#20 (fb) / New Warriors I#44 (fb) ) <1957> - Talan and Namora's marriage wasn't a happy one, once it became clear her hybrid biology made it impossible for them to have children. After a particularly heated, emotional argument about this issue, Namora retreated to her favorite hidey hole: the Boundary Trench. There, she discovered the secret cave laboratory of Vyrra, the infamous Atlantean geneticist who was banished because of his unorthodox experiments. Considering this chance encounter a sign of fate, Namora asked Vyrra to help her conceive a child. Vyrra agreed, but after some testing confirmed that she couldn't have offspring in any conventional way. He then offered to impregnate Namora with a clone of herself, with a small amount of manipulation to the foetus so the resulting child would turn out to be at least something of a unique individual. As a result of Vyrra's genetic tampering, a dormant ankle wing generating gene was activated. Namora left Vyrra's cave pregnant, but kept both her husband and the rest of Atlantis in the dark about the exact origins of this joyous miracle.
Error: This appearance showed Namora as being without wings, Vyrra seeing she however had a dormant mutant gene that could be undeveloped wings. (see comments)

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#2 - BTS) <1958> - Doctor Druid of the Monster Hunters picked up strange psychic emanations, what could indicate a monster, the team decided to investigate.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#2) <Long Island, 1958> - Namora and the Monster Hunters travelled to Long Island to investigate the strange psychic emanations Doctor Druid had picked up. Tracking the source to a guarded facility, most of the Monster Hunters complained bitterly about the rain, while Namora actually claimed to find it invigorating. Their repartee was cut short by the arrival of the First Line, a fledgling, young superhero team accompanied by government agent Alan Scott. Just as they finished introducing themselves, they were attacked by a giant monster that after several hits reverted to human form. Using his psychic abilities, Druid determined the monster was really a scientist called Doctor Schreiber. Confused, the First Line and the Monster Hunters joined forces and made their way inside. However, agent Scott had already gained access and was way ahead of everyone. He recognized the technology as part of the Skrull spaceship he was on when it crashed on Earth back in 1955. Taking on human form, Scott had survived and thrived on Earth, but seeing the Skrull craft offered him a chance at escape that made him careless. Just as the First Line and the Monster Hunters barged in, Scott was hit by a bio-moleculizer inside the craft that disrupted his control over his form. As Namora and the others got rid of the unknown scientists who tried to take the saucer apart, the Yankee Clipper witnessed Scott's true shapeshifting form. However, the Skrull literally managed to save face by claiming his exposure to the bio-moleculizer had granted him shapeshifting abilities.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age / Marvel Saga#3 / Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 (fb) ) <1958> - In the aftermath of his encounter with the Serpent Crown powered mentalist Destiny (Paul Destine), Namor was left with severe amnesia. Destiny then orchestrated a devastating assault on Atlantis, that led to the deaths of Queen Fen and Emperor Thakorr and left Namora's treacherous cousin Byrrah in charge of the throne. Namora searched for Namor to no avail. The survivors of Atlantis relocated to Atlantis' original site in the Atlantic Ocean, where they decided to rebuild.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#3 (fb) - BTS) - Byrrah sent Namora to go and search for Namor.

(Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters#1 (fb) - BTS) - After the events of 1958, the Monster Hunters gradually went their separate ways.

(All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update#1 / Agents of Atlas I#6 (fb) ) - Namora kept up her searches for the missing Namor. During one of her expeditions, she encountered the lifeless body of M-11, the Human Robot. Namora was intrigued by the effect the man-made construct had on the local sea life, as it seemed to gather around the robot with a sense of reverence.

(Agents of Atlas I#3 (fb) - BTS ) <Spring 1958> - FBI agent Jimmy Woo was contacted when the Yellow Claw kidnapped U.S. president Dwight D. Eisenhower. Authorized by the FBI to assemble a special rescue team, Woo reviewed the files on active super-beings. After a nap, he instinctively selected his ideal roster, claiming it came to him in a dream. Gorilla Man (Ken Hale), Venus, Marvel Boy (Bob Grayson) and aquatic heroine Namora made the final cut.

(Agents of Atlas I#1 (fb) / Atlas#3/2) <Spring 1958> - Namora was contacted by FBI agent Jimmy Woo, who was in the process of assembling his G-Men to liberate president Eisenhower. Namora declined his request, claiming she was unable to join because of other, pressing undersea affairs. In reality, she wasn't able to assist because of her pregnancy. Still, she helped out Woo and the others by guiding them to the undersea resting place of M-11, the Human Robot.

(New Warriors I#44 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age) <1958> - Namora gave birth to her daughter, Namorita.

(New Avengers II#10 - BTS) - Soon after Namora gave birth to her daughter Namorita, the growing, emotional rift between herself and husband Talan took its toll. Namora cheated on Talan with Sergei Kravinoff, known to the world as famed big game hunter Kraven. Their fling grew to be so serious, they even owned a private beach down the Emerald Coast in Florida. During this period, possibly to hide her emotional pain of abandoning both her husband and daughter, Namora acted as an uncaring, stuck up, privileged royal.

(New Avengers II#10 (fb) ) <Florida, USA, 1959> - Namora and Sergei Kravinoff were contacted by Nick Fury to join his Avengers. Fury had discovered the Red Skull was still alive and planning to make the Fourth Reich a reality, unaware this Red Skull was actually an imposter. In order to prevent his uprising, president Eisenhower gave Fury permission to launch the so-called Avengers Initiative, gathering a group of para-human operatives for a special secret mission. Apart from Namora and Kraven, the team consisted of Fury's old war buddy Dum Dum Dugan, the bloodthirsty Canadian commando Sabretooth, vigilante for hire Dominic Fortune, Symkarian privateer Silver Sable and famous monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone.

(New Avengers II#11 (fb) ) <Helsingborg, Sweden, 1959> - Believing the Red Skull was operating in Sweden the Avengers Initiative gathered in a local bar in Helsingborg to discuss their plan. Namora and the other recruits listened while Fury explained they were picked as a fighting battalion and would infiltrate the Skull's hideout to tear his entire operation down.

   That night Namora stayed behind while the Initiative infiltrated the Helsingborg's castle. But when the group was discovered and flooded by a large group of guards Fury called in Namora. Acting as the cavalry, Namora appeared out of nowhere riding a giant sperm whale on an enormous wave, which most likely killed the castle's guards. Gaining entrance inside the castle Namora and the others found themselves in a fiery frenzy and were in for a shocker to find the Skull's newest ally, Captain America, a fake super-soldier created by the Skull.

(New Avengers II#12 (fb) ) <Helsingborg, Sweden, 1959> - Surrounded by flames and faced with the Skull's Captain America, Fury quickly ordered Namora to go and find water while Sabretooth and Kraven were tasked with finding the Skull while he, Sable and Bloodstone faced Captain America. In the end it was Namora who successfully captured the Skull by ripping apart his submarine and delivered him to her friends. With the Skull captured Fury opened the Skull's briefcase revealing a special serum created by the Nazis, a version of the Super-Soldier Serum combined with the Infinity Formula. Enraged they could create super soldiers Sabretooth grew so enraged he single-handedly beheaded the Red Skull.

(New Avengers II#12 - BTS) <Helsingborg, Sweden, 1959> - Fury grabbed the briefcase himself and took off, leaving Namora and the others behind.

(Avengers 1959#1 - BTS) - Namora and Kraven took up residence on a boat at New York's 96th street boat basin.

(Avengers 1959#1) - Over a month later Namora and the Avengers Initiative returned to New York City where she celebrated with her fellow Avengers: Ulysses Bloodstone, Kraven the Hunter, Sabretooth, Silver Sable and Dominic Fortune. After a little argument with Sabretooth, Kraven and Namora left while each of the Initiative went their own way. Unbeknownst to Fury and all of the Avengers a powerful man named Geoffrey Sydenham with U.S. government connections and a servant of Dread Dormammu, ruler of the Dark Dimensions, had founded Icon with Dieter Skul to recruit the U.S.' former enemies (Nazis) as aid against a greater enemy, the Russians. That very night back at their boat Kraven and Namora were shamelessly flirting when suddenly a weaponized submarine appeared (sent by Icon). Namora quickly pulled Kraven up into the air from where Kraven successfully shot several boxes of ammunition causing a giant explosion which killed the enemy. Having seen a skull blazon on the enemies' outfits Namora falsely suspected him to be a Nazi and contacted Nick Fury. Namora and Kraven weren't the only targets as other Initiative members were attacked as well like Dominic Fortune, Sabretooth and Nick Fury himself.

(Avengers 1959#2 - BTS) - Namora, Kraven, Fortune and Sabretooth were introduced to Fury's new ally the strange magical Englishman Powell McTeague. While Fury joined the Blonde Phantom in Latveria investigating connections to what they thought to be a mysterious Nazi cell, McTeague took the other Avengers following a different lead on the Pacific Ocean.

(Avengers 1959#2 (fb) - BTS) - McTeague teleported Namora and the others near a ship full of Nazis (soon to be Icon recruits) halfway between Australia and Madripoor.

(Avengers 1959#2) - Namora immediately took the reigns, creating a giant wave to hurl herself and her teammates aboard the ship where they were faced with the superhuman Baron Blood and Brain Drain, two veterans of Hitler's super-powered secret army. Without hesitation Sabretooth jumped Baron Blood, Namora took on Brain Drain while Fortune and Kraven opened fire on the remaining Nazi soldiers. Mere moments later a large group of bloodthirsty bats arrived, summoned by Baron Blood to occupy the heroes. However, the criminals were in for a shocker when mere moments later all of the bats had been torn to shreds after which McTeague himself arrived.

(Avengers 1959#3) - Convinced only the more "enhanced" Avengers could permanently deal with the superhuman criminals Namora jumped Baron Blood while Sabretooth tried to kill Brain Drain. However, before they could kill them they were mysteriously teleported away (by Geoffrey Sydenham, building his Icon army). With them gone and the Nazis dealt with Namora and the others focused their attention on McTeague, questioning him he explained he was convinced they were facing more than the horde of a leftover Übermenschen. Namora and the Avengers now in possession of the ship set course to intercept Fury near Madripoor just when Fury and the Blonde Phantom came under attack by Sydenham's Übermädchen. McTeague and the Avengers arrived with their ship to come to Fury and Blonde Phantom's aid against the former Nazi women. McTeague chained them up in magic chains and Namora carried them on to the Avengers' ship.

(Avengers 1959#4) - Namora stood by while Nick Fury interrogated the Übermädchen, threatening to let Sabretooth kill them lest they talk. Axis Annie immediately cracked under the pressure and revealed the skull medallion had appeared before her out of nowhere, hearing other former Nazi soldiers had received them they believed it was something like a "get out of jail free" card. Having heard what he wanted Fury ordered Sabretooth to kill the girls nonetheless. Later that night Namora joined Fortune to break into Madripoor's city records to find clues where to go next. While Namora used her flight to carry Fortune towards an open window he told her he'd met Namor in 1942 when he was sub busting in the Murmansk run. Namora revealed that Namor's disappearance was a tragic mystery for her people and preferred to not talk about him. Not long after, the duo found an important clue that led then to the Hawk Eyrie in Switzerland, home of Heindrich Von Wilhelm Innsbruck aka. the Planner, former enemy of the Howling Commandos.

(Avengers 1959#4 (fb) - BTS) - Fearing something might happen to Fury's friend General Hill he told Namora, who in turn contacted Jimmy Woo, who then called the Gorilla Man to keep Hill safe.

(Avengers 1959#4) - The Avengers, now also joined by the Blonde Phantom, easily infiltrated the Planner's home and successfully captured the criminal. The Planner revealed Dieter Skul's plan to overthrow and pillage the African nation of Wakanda while holding it's Prince T'Chaka hostage (captured by Sydenham). The Avengers then travelled to Wakanda where they arrived just as Icon's Count von Blitzkrieg had plunged the secret Wakandan empire into darkness.

(Avengers 1959#5) - Namora and the Avengers stood opposite General Dieter Skul and his Icon recruits: DoctOrangutan, Fritz Krone and his robot army, Count von Blitzkrieg, Leopard Woman and Vunderknight. During the fierce battle Namora took on Blitzkrieg and the Vunderknight and eventually managed to gain the upper hand after which she assisted Kraven against DoctOrangutan. With the forces of Icon in Wakanda dealt with McTeague managed to hone in on the true threat's location and teleported Namora and the Avengers to Sydenham's location in Washington D.C.. Less than impressed with the Avengers on his doorstep he sent his remaining Icon forces against them; Baron Blood, Brain Drain, Geist, the Spider Queen and the Hollow Men, which Sydenham controlled. During this fight Namora joined Sabretooth in cutting up the zombie Hollow Men. In the end McTeague imprisoned Sydenham with his magical chains after which Fury told the criminal his plans were finally destroyed.

   Three weeks later Namora and the Avengers gathered at Union Station to discuss the aftermath of Sydenham's defeat. Nick Fury revealed that Kraven, Sabretooth and Fortune had all received a full pardon for their past crimes after which all of the Avengers went their own way. Namora however, left with Kraven as he told her "Papa" (see comments) had invited them to Key West.

(Avengers 1959#5 - BTS) - Due to unrevealed reasons Namora broke off her relationship to Kraven and returned to her family.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#3) <Spring 1961> - Namora returned to Prince Byrrah to report on her search for Namor, sadly she still hadn't found her cousin. Byrrah then informed Namora that to safeguard Atlantis he'd ordered warlord Krang to look into ways to defend the kingdom. Krang had sought out controversial geneticist Vyrra who promised to deliver the ultimate warrior to him. Combining Atlantean DNA with that of a shark, Vyrra created an Atlantean hybrid girl who he decided to name Mako.

(Sub-Mariner I#51 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#9 / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age / Agents of Atlas I#5 (fb) ) <1961> - Namora and her family left Atlantis for the colony of Maritanis. Soon afterward, Talan was killed in an atomic bomb test. Namora and her daughter, now only three years old, drifted for weeks to reach the Pacific Ocean where they stumbled upon the Pacific kingdom of Lemuria. Because of their royal heritage they were welcomed with open arms by it's princess, Llyra. This city was ruled by Prince Merro, under the auspices of Naga, the emperor of the Lemurian empire. Llyra was currying favor with Merro, hoping to become his betrothed, when Merro became attracted to Namora. A short time later Namora was poisoned by Llyra with only Namorita suspecting who could have done it, however she could not prove it. Namora's body was frozen in a block of ice. Not long afterwards, Prince Merro also died a mysterious death, and Llyra assumed the throne. Keeping Namora's daughter Namorita as a stepdaughter of sorts.

(Sub-Mariner I#51 (fb) ) - Prince Byrrah, who was at the time an exile of Atlantis, journeyed into Lemuria, welcomed by Llyra. Still wanting his own empire he hoped to travel to the ruins of Antarctic Atlantis to repopulate it, besides both still wanted revenge on Namor and hoped to manipulate him. To achiev this they wanted to use Namorita who was still in Llyra's custody. The two of them brought Namorita and Namora's body to Namora's ancestral home in the Antarctic. In Byrrah's mind he wanted to preserve Namora's body forever as a shrine for the potential new populace of the Antarctic Atlantis. Byrrah who had made a pact with the alien Badoon at the time had required alien technology that he used to mutate a large group of crustaceans into "Mutant Crabs" that were ordered to guard Namora's body at all cost. Their plot to get revenge failed and Namora was forgotten by the rest of the world, still guarded by the mutant crabs.

(Sub-Mariner I#33 - BTS) - Namor had visions about the women he might have taken for his bride, Namora was among them. Namora was stated as being long-vanished.


(Namor I#20 - BTS) - When Namora's daughter Namorita discovered she was a clone of her mother Namor decided to reveal her mother's journal he had kept secret for all these years. Thus Namorita could read how her conception had come about.

(Civil War I#1 - BTS) - While Namora was still presumed dead in her casket in the ice, her daughter Namorita was killed by Nitro and thus unleashing a Civil War among the American superhero community.

(Agents of Atlas I#1/Agents of Atlas I#2 - BTS) - When Namora's old G-Men teamleader Jimmy Woo was on his deathbed in a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, former teammates M-11, Gorilla Man and Marvel Boy joined forces to break into the place to retrieve Woo. Using his advanced Uranian medical technology, Marvel Boy rejuvenated Woo back to the age he had back in 1959. Now a young man again, Woo had also lost all of his memories after that point. That didn't stop them from continuing Woo's ongoing investigation into the mysterious Atlas Foundation. They flew to Africa to recruit another former teammate, Venus.

(Agents of Atlas I#3) - Returning with Venus to the United States and joined by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Derek Khanata, the team went to San Francisco to plan their next move. There, Khanata asked Woo about the origins of the G-Men. Jimmy told him how he had once picked his team, including Namora, to rescue the president in 1959. However, because she felt dutybound to serve the people of Atlantis, Namora instead offered the team the services of M-11, an advanced robot she had recently rescued from the ocean floor. Over lunch, the group's discussion of Namora sparked M-11's interest. Feeling a semblance of gratitude towards the woman who saved him, he had covertly raided Atlantean and Lemurian databases for information on the aquatic queen. He shocked his teammates by suddenly declaring there was a 93.7765% possibility Namora was still alive. Curious to check out these claims, the team followed M-11's directions to a secret cave in the Arctic Ocean where they discovered Namora's withered corpse inside a shattered see-through casket.

(Agents of Atlas I#4) - As the Agents of Atlas looked upon Namora's corpse, Marvel Boy sensed the coffin was generating a holographic and telepathic projection. He quickly disabled the generators and with the holograph lifted the team could see Namora was still alive and intact within the coffin, however still in suspension. However, Marvel Boy's tampering had triggered the Badoon technology that had been implanted in the crustaceans' brains of the long dormant Mutant Crabs who had guarded Namora. The Mutant Crabs who had grown to gigantic proportions attacked the team, the Agents were no match for the enormous, near mindless crustaceans and almost perished. Fortunately, M-11 managed to defrost and revive Namora in time for her to come to the team's rescue. With her strength and vitality replenished the instant she hit the water, Namora finished off the crabs by creating a maelstrom that trapped them while also creating a lethal cave in. After defeating the crabs Namora fainted and the team decided to take her aboard Marvel Boy's flying saucer, as Namora lay in a pool of sea water to restore her body Jimmy Woo confirmed the crabs' brain implants, were indeed of Badoon origin and designed to function as an alarm. Just then Namora regained consciousness and even without being told she could sense how long she'd been gone, the first thing she did was making a long gesture of thanks to M-11 the Human Robot for saving her, Marvel Boy then gave her a new costume (one of his liner suits). Namora was surprised to learn the G-Men had stayed together all these years, prompting Woo to explain all that had transpired to the group. The entire team then decided to stick together as the Agents of Atlas to help Jimmy Woo investigating the mysterious Atlas Foundation. Disguising themselves as FBI agents the team investigated various Atlas corporations like the Atlas Nursery, Atlas Mortuary, Atlas Biotech, Atlas Orphanage and a dozen more, with each mission the group would grow tighter as a team, evolving new strategies and formations. As the missions went on Namora couldn't help but feel she'd known Venus, but when Woo could confront her when the group had a break on the Fiji Islands the team was attacked by the Yellow Claw and an army of Terra Cotta Warriors. Namora and the Agents destroyed the warriors but not before the Yellow Claw managed to escape, the Agents returned to San Francisco.

(Agents of Atlas I#4 - BTS) - The Agents of Atlas investigated several Atlas Foundation companies, when the group encountered the Atlas Academy of Martial Arts, Gorilla Man, Marvel Boy and Namora decided to handle these ninjas themselves to get some hand-to-hand practice. Every time they defeated their numbers a whole new team would come running out of secret doors and floorboards. Namora finally got ticked off and kicked out the wall, dropping the building on them.

(Agents of Atlas I#5) - When the Agents arrived at an abandoned naval shipyard Woo finally confronted Namora to see what's been bothering her. Namora revealed she knew Venus was a monster in reality, a siren/naiad who had been turned whole by a master of the mystic arts and later believed herself to be the goddess of love. Venus, however had been listening in and now realizing who she had been and how many people she had killed in her former life was devastated. Venus started to cry, her cry was so powerful it influenced Marvel Boy to broadcast the team's worst moments, as such the team saw how Woo told Khanata he believed M-11 to be a pawn of the Yellow Claw, Namora also remembered how she'd been poisoned by Llyra. When Venus' crying died down there was only room for hate, enraged that M-11 was a double agent Marvel Boy used the weaponry of his UFO to destroy M-11. Infuriating Namora as M-11 had been the only one on Earth who remembered her, she attacked Marvel Boy and the other members of the team until Woo finally persuaded Venus she was a force of good. Venus, now remembering her true origin, sung a song more raw then before to make the team stop fighting. This song made the agents think of their innermost desires, for Namora it was being romantically involved with Namor the Sub-Mariner. When the agents regained their consciousness M-11 had rebuilt himself, but before the robot could retaliate Woo asked him to sever his connection to the Yellow Claw, the robot complied.

(Agents of Atlas I#6) - Namora and the Agents of Atlas made their way to what they believed to be the true base of operations of the Atlas Foundation miles below San Francisco. After gaining access the team was met by a wave of fire, M-11's shield saved the team from any harm. Revealing the culprit behind the attack, Mr. Lao, an ancient dragon, Namora was eager to handle the dragon but was stopped by Woo who sensed there was more than met the eye as the dragon welcomed the team to the ancient city. Mr. Lao revealed his origins and how he had come to serve the eternal empire of the Genghis Khan and that the current Khan, the Golden Claw, had chosen Woo as the next Khan, a feat Namora understood as nobility recognizes itself. To further elaborate, Golden Claw himself came out of the shadows, an old and bedridden Claw revealed Woo's true purpose, his entire career had been to prepare him to be the next Khan. As Woo overthought what he should decide upon Namora and Marvel Boy agreed it was the only way to rule so the thousand arms of Atlas would remain together and under control. Woo agreed, hoping to use the Atlas' resources to do some real good in the world he took the spirit banner and became the Khan of the eternal empire and C.E.O. of the Atlas Foundation. Namora and the team then witnessed how Golden Claw let himself be eaten by Mr. Lao, an old Khan tradition as there could only be one Khan. Namora was later seen carrying around a massive sculpture of Poseidon as the group made the base their own. Khanata eventually returned to S.H.I.E.L.D. where he falsified records, claiming Namora and the others had died fighting the Claw. This, he figured, would allow the Agents to operate in anonimity without S.H.I.E.L.D. actively hunting them down.

(Agents of Atlas II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Namora returned to Atlantis for several months to process the death of her daughter. As there were no remains to entomb Namora ordered the master carvers sculpt a monument in Namorita's honor. The sculpture was placed in a lava-filled trench in the Pacific Ocean that Namora would visit often to mourn her daughter.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report - BTS) - Due to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s report Tony Stark and the Avengers Initiative were unaware that Namora had survived the Golden Claw's attack and reported her as deceased.

(Spider-Man Family#4/2) - While researching another rogue Atlas branch called the Atlas Playhouse, Namora and the Agents of Atlas came across Spider-Man who was chasing one of it's creatures. But when the hero disappeared after he had swung against Marvel Boy's invisible flying saucer the Agents decided to attend the Animalia show the Atlas Playhouse was about to perform. While disguised as normal visitors the Agents were unaware that Spider-Man in his human guise Peter Parker was also attending the show with his wife Mary Jane Watson. The occult Atlas branch had intended to form a large magical army to battle the new Khan (Woo), to achieve this they required a large group to perform certain incantations that would combine the life force of a person with one of their stage puppets to create powerful automatons. Unaware of their true purpose Namora was hypnotized when the show asked for a volunteer, quickly pushing Mary Jane who also wanted to volunteer out of the way. But before Namora could touch one of the huge puppets and thus take her life force away M-11 blasted the puppet as he had calculated that if Namora would be merged with one, it would be far too powerful to fight. With their covers blown the occultists realized they were the Khan's agents and commanded his forces to attack them, thus panic broke loose in the theater. Venus quickly used her powers to calm the audience and Peter Parker donned his costume to fight the Agents, who he thought to be villains. After explaining the situation to Spider-Man he used his powers to rescue Marvel Boy from one of the puppets as Namora managed to defeat several by creating a whirlwind. The occultists did, however, manage to escape prompting Namora and the Agents to leave the scene with Spider-Man tagging along. With the help of Spider-Man the Agents found the occultists' power source at Rockefeller Center (the statue of Atlas), with the source destroyed all humans that had merged with the totems regained their humanity. Afterwards Marvel Boy made Spider-Man forget all that had happened to secure their secret identities.

(World War Hulk I#1- BTS) - Fearing the threat the Hulk posed to humanity, Earth's most powerful heroes shot Hulk into space. Landing on a faraway planet, Hulk became an Emperor and fell in love. But the shuttle that sent Hulk away from Earth exploded, killing millions of people, including Hulk's Queen and the baby growing inside of her. Filled with rage, Hulk and his Warbound warriors arrived on Earth to bring revenge upon those he held responsible for destroying his world.

(Incredible Hulk III#107) - While gathering a team of heroes who would stand by Hulk's side, Amadeus Cho and his partners Hercules and the X-Man Angel travelled to Atlantis hoping that Prince Namor would join their effort. Thinking their plan to be moronic Namor refused to join but when Hercules was ready to strike at Namor it was Namora who intervened. Angered by the fact that Namor and all of her friends had forgotten her when she was frozen in the ice for fifty years she sympathized that these heroes didn't forget, therefore Namora decided to join the group herself. When Namora and the heroes arrived in Manhattan, the city had already evacuated most of it's citizen but the heroes were surprised to see a small group of humans who also happened to sympathize with the Hulk that tried to enter the city. When a tidal wave hit due to the Hulk's battle against Iron Man, the heroes rescued and helped these humans reach the shore. And whilst in the city, Namora and the others did their best to help the citizens of New York to escape their homes. Just then the Hulk arrived in their midst, declaring their presence Amadeus Cho hoped to calm down the Hulk but when the green giant jumped forward to attack the teenager it was Hercules who protected him from harm. Namora and the Angel combined their efforts to stop the Hulk from beating down on Hercules.

(World War Hulk#2) - Hulk battled Hercules while Namora and the other Renegades helped civilians clear the area.

(Incredible Hulk III#107) - The Hulk finally understood the heroes where there to help him.

(Incredible Hulk III#108) - Namora, Angel and Amadeus Cho looked on as Hercules asked the Hulk to let them help him.

(Incredible Hulk III#109) - Whilst still talking to the Hulk, the green giant noticed that Thunderbolt Ross had fired several Adamantium-shrapnel filled missiles at his location. Not wanting to get anyone else get hurt, Hulk stomped the ground, generating a shockwave that threw all bystanders clear from the imminent bombardment. After that the Hulk's Warbound arrived but became targets to two other Adamantium-shrapnel filled missiles, Amadeus Cho used his mathematical brain to stop one of the missiles with a piece of shrapnel and Namora used her super strength to throw the other off target. Brood of the Warbound then shielded Namora from the shrapnel, whilst still holding the Atlantean princess he threatened that while she had saved them today he might still eat her tomorrow to which Namora responded she would let Brood live for today as he had saved her but would gut him the next day for insulting a princess of Atlantis. The Warbound and the heroes teamed up to save innocent bystanders from a collapsing building due to the missile attacks, after this Amadeus introduced his team as the Renegades, striking common ground with the leader of the Warbound, Hiroim the Oldstrong. Both groups saw how the Hulk had pulled Thunderbolt Ross from the rubble and had him taken away by his robotic Death's Head Guard when Ross used a small device to drop one final missile, Namora and Angel flew towards the missile to stop it but the Hulk once again stopped both heroes mid-air to face the missile alone (probably figuring he alone could stand the full force of the missile). After the impact the Hulk told the Renegades to leave him alone and left the premises, Hiroim then explained to them the Hulk would allow them to walk free in the city and use their strengths to protect the people but they should not cross the Hulk again, lest they would be killed. General Gabriel Jones then put the Renegades to work as the battles had created hundreds of impact points, any one of which could lead to gas explosions, electrical fires or structural collapse. After dealing with most of these problems the Renegades saw how the Hulk was creating his own arena and decided to stay and stand with each other as Amadeus Cho would try to reach the Hulk one final time.

(Incredible Hulk III#110) - Hoping to prove that the Hulk would never intentionally kill, Amadeus Cho made his way through the Hulk's arena backed up by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Scorpion. After the Hulk refused to listen to Cho's Gammaworld plan, he had the Renegades fly in with Scorpion, who used her special venom on the Hulk that was created to deal with the green giant. Whilst the Hulk endured the agonizing pain of the venom, Cho furthermore enraged the Hulk by telling him all the events leading up to this point had been his own fault, even the deaths of his girlfriends. Now at the top of his rage, the Hulk smashed his fists down at Cho and jumped away, when the Renegades came to rescue Cho they saw he wasn't hurt at all. Cho's gamble had paid off, the Hulk wouldn't kill and hopefully the green giant had realized that as well.

(Incredible Hulk III#111) - Whilst rescuing humans from the rubble, Namora stumbled upon Wong, Doctor Strange's servant. Wong explained that the Hulk had defeated Doctor Strange, who had empowered himself with extradimensional demon Zom, the demon was now roaming free and needed to be contained in his Amphora. Zom, however had already found a new host body in the form of Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor and continued his rampage. Zom was heading for the S.H.I.E.L.D. nuclear weapons gathered to oppose the Hulk, intending to detonate them and destroy Manhattan. In his rage Zom had destroyed an important city structure that Namora and Hercules had to contain by holding up a specific beam, if they were to drop it the structure would collapse and result in the burning and then flooding of Greenwich Village, Amadeus Cho, Angel and Wong went on to deal with Zom. As the water began to rise in the cavern where Hercules and Namora held up the beam the god suddenly started to flirt with Namora, much to her surprise. When Hercules threatened to drown holding up the beam, Namora saved him by directly sharing her oxygen supply with the demi-god. Their mouth-to-mouth soon turned into a passionate kiss. This seemingly romantic interlude was witnessed by the other heroes who returned to the scene following Zom's defeat. Amadeus Cho used the abandoned Hulkbuster armor to secure the structure which caused the waterlevels to drop, revealing Hercules and Namora's intimate embrace. Slightly embarrassed, the two scrambled to come up with an explanation for their behavior, with Hercules ultimately trying to remind everyone they should probably go and save some humans.

(World War Hulk I#5 - BTS) - Hulk was attacked by the Sentry, who unleashed his full power against the Hulk. But because so much energy was used the two reverted back to their human forms, while in human form Banner finished Reynolds off with a single punch. Angered that the Hulk didn't exact his revenge he charged towards Banner to kill him but was pushed aside by Rick Jones who was then impaled instead of Banner, causing Banner once again to transform into the Hulk. Miek revealed he was the cause of the explosion causing all the deaths on Sakaar and was killed by the Hulk who became so enraged that even his steps began to destroy the Earth. Hulk was finally defeated and reverted to human form by Tony Stark who used a laser that nullified gamma radiation.

(Incredible Hulk III#111) - Namora and the other Renegades witnessed how the Hulk fought the Sentry and afterward how the laser returned the Hulk back to his human form.

(Incredible Hercules#112) - After Hulk's defeat, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Iron Man offered Namora and Angel amnesty but Amadeus Cho and Hercules who had destroyed a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier had to surrender themselves. While Amadeus Cho wanted to escape Hercules decided it was best to surrender.

(Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?#1/5 (fb) - BTS) - During the so-called "Secret Invasion" the Skrulls tried to take over Earth by replacing random superheroes with Skrull agents. During the invasion Namora fought Super Skrull Alpha who had taken on the characteristics of Alpha Flight's Sasquatch and the Guardian. Although Namora managed to kill Super Skrull Alpha she was defeated by other Skrulls and imprisoned in a mechanical device.

(Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?#1/5) - The Skrulls displayed the captured Namora to show the human population they shouldn't resist the Skrull invasion. The Human Robot and Gorilla Man however killed these Skrulls and freed Namora, after bursting a fire hydrant to replenish Namora she regained her full powers. The three then captured the leader of this Skrull squadron and fled to their flying saucer that the Agents of Atlas had hidden at the bottom of a river. Marvel Boy dissected the Skrull while leaving his head intact and alive to watch the ongoing events, Marvel Boy managed to develop a way for Venus to sing in native Skrull language. Using this technology Venus' song influenced a large group of Skrulls to walk into a river, willingly drowning themselves, halfway Venus stopped as this ordeal seemed too horrid. The Skrulls were not evil but just the production of propaganda having no real malevolence in them, Jimmy Woo however decided that they where still aliens who tried to take over Earth, as such he ordered the Human Robot to use his death ray on the Skrulls, killing all of them. Jimmy Woo then decided the team should provide all the help they could in this ongoing invasion and to start in Seattle. Namora noted she knew of a sect of Atlanteans in the Northern Pacific who she trusted would help.

(Incredible Hercules#121) - Namora and Hercules met each other again while having a romantic holiday on a tropic island in the Pacific Ocean near the undersea Kingdom of Lemuria. While the lovers enjoyed each other's company Hercules revealed that back during World War Hulk he had only pretended to be drowning so Namora would kiss him. Amused by this the two were about to enjoy each other some more when the heroes were attacked by a group of Amazons. The Amazons under leadership of Princess Artume only wanted to scatter the heroes from the island so they could capture Hercules' partner Amadeus Cho as they needed his help in translating an ancient tablet to obtain the Omphalis, which they could use to change the future and rule it. From the sea Namora saw the Amazons fly away in two Atlantean mach crafts and used her super strength to bring down one of them while the one containing Princess Artume and Cho managed to get away. Namora and Hercules swam towards the crashed mach craft to get answers but the crashed Amazons blew themselves up, just then Prince Namor arrived on the scene.

(Incredible Hercules#122 - BTS) - The oracles of Atlantis told King Namor that their god Poseidon had disappeared. Afterwards Namor's soldiers were attacked by the Amazons, warriors from Olympian myth. When Namor saw Herules in the presence of Namora he thought Hercules was responsible for his god's disappearance.

(Incredible Hercules#122) - Namora watched on as her cousin Namor attacked Hercules until she finally intervened and explained to her cousin that the Amazons had attacked Hercules too. Combining their efforts the group reached the Triton Station where the Amazons kept Amadeus Cho captive, when Hercules didn't come back after fifteen minutes Namora flew in to rescue Hercules and together they found Lord Poseidon who was chained up against the wall with one of the Amazons holding a gun to his head.

(Incredible Hercules#123) - Thrusting forward, Namora kicked the Amazon in the head and destroyed the shackles that kept her god Poseidon captive. Poseidon told the heroes he was captured by Queen Hippolyta (who had already been killed by her daughter Artume) and had him sign away his rights to the Olympus Group and told Artume about the tablet which they could use to find the Omphalos. The one who possessed the Omphalos could, when near to the Axis Mundi (the world axis, the center of the world) make themselves the center of the world and reimagine the world in their image. In an effort to beat Princess Artume, Hercules called in his half-sister Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Athena told the heroes the Axis Mundi would currently be in Washington D.C. as the center of global power had shifted since the last ten thousand year. Namora grabbed Hercules and flew towards Washington D.C. as Namor would take care of Poseidon.

(Incredible Hercules#124) - In Washington D.C. Namora and Hercules were joined by Athena and witnessed how Princess Artume used the Omphalos to relieve the Titan Atlas (the Titan of legends who beared the heavens on his shoulders for all eternity) of his burden. Now free Atlas attacked Hercules as he had once tricked him during Hercules' eleventh labor, Namora joined the fight and flew right onto Atlas' crotch to hit the Titan in the family jewels. Impressed by Namora's fighting spirit, Hercules asked for her hand in marriage as he had never dreamt of finding a woman who would fight as dirty as he, much to Namora's surprise. Both heroes once again combined their powers and managed to take down Atlas. Sadly the heroes were almost too late as Princess Artume was already using her spell to activate the Omphalos, right before she could pronounce the last words the object fell out of her hands. As Hercules tried to catch it he saw a future in which he and Namora would be together, but when Namora caught it they saw a future in which she was romantically involved with her cousin Namor. At last Princess Artume managed to retrieve the Omphalos and managed to create the divergent timeline Earth-92124, a reality where Amazonia conquered the world, making females the dominant sex across the globe.

(Incredible Hercules#125) - In the reality of Earth-92124 Namora had been killed early on by Delphyne Gorgon and her corpse was kept secret in the underground base of President Artume. Artume led her people to believe Namora was still alive and part of the Atlantofascists who along with Y-Man (Hercules) she used to set free after every battle to fight Amazonia, as Amazonia would always need enemies to keep her crusade against the male population going. When Delphyne Gorgon fought and killed Artume the alternate reality faded away and reality was restored. Namora, Hercules and Cho witnessed how Princess Artume's body was turned to stone, Delphyne explained Artume had all along been a stone statue that had been turned to flesh as Queen Hippolyta wished for a more perfect offspring. Now that the threat had been dealt with Hercules confronted Namora with the earlier vision where Namora was romantically involved with Namor, thinking it was hypocritical as Hercules himself did nothing but brag over the conquering of super heroines she refused to act upon an impulsive moment. Before Hercules could have his say, Namora pretended she was telepathically being heralded by her Agents of Atlas partner the Uranian and left to deal with a new crisis on hand. This thoroughly upset the demigod.

(Dark Reign: New Nation#1/2) - During the events that became known as Dark Reign, Norman Osborn got in charge of national security. Jimmy Woo, the leader of the Agents of Atlas, thought it best to pretend to be super villains so they could infiltrate Osborn's regime and bring him down from within. As such the team tracked down a bullion of gold in Fort Knox that was about to be used in Osborn's campaign, the Agents decided to attract his attention by stealing the entire bullion. Namora and M-11 used their abilities to destroy the military tanks and get the Agents inside the compound. After escaping with the gold bullion Osborn was quick to contact Woo.

(Agents of Atlas II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Due to the loss of her daughter, Namora grew more emotional and violent. Often wondering why Triton would bring her back just when her daughter was taken.

(Agents of Atlas II#1 - BTS) - Osborn managed to get a hold of Jason, one of Atlas' scientists, unaware "Jason" was really Woo himself cloaked by the Uranian's powers.

(Agents of Atlas II#1) - Following up on "Jason's" tip Osborn's bruiser Man Mountain Marko and his squad of ATF agents raided one of Atlas' factories in California. But when Marko entered the building with force the Agents of Atlas came crashing down, Marko was single-handedly defeated by Namora. The Uranian then used his powers to drop all of Osborn's men in the middle of the desert. Sometime later Venus, while using her powers, easily infiltrated Avengers Tower to confront Osborn and activated a hologram of Jimmy Woo who proposed an arrangement between the two powers; the Atlas Foundation wanted to be left alone by Osborn's forces, in return they would use their vast network to facilitate some of Osborn's goals. Osborn proposed to send a fact-finding team to the Foundation before agreeing to any conditions. Marko and his ATF agents were welcomed to the hidden city of Atlas and warned not to stray from the path. But when Marko noticed "Jason" slip away he followed him anyway to find out it was really Jimmy Woo, when the other Agents came out of the shadows Marko was visibly afraid of Namora and backed off into the shadows himself where he was eaten by the large dragon Mr. Lao. Namora and M-11 tried to free the bruiser from the dragon's mouth, but alas they were too late. After this horrible display the dragon told the Agents he had also appointed a second in place if Woo would befall any tragedy, Temugin the son of the Mandarin. Sometime later after receiving the reports of his ATF agents Norman Osborn agreed to their mutual arrangement, although he wasn't too sure if he could trust Woo.

(Agents of Atlas II#2) - The Agents had an appointment with Osborn's newest henchman the Grizzly (who replaced Marko after his death) to sell them special frequency cannons that could fry all equipment. But when Grizzly aimed one of the guns on M-11 wondering if it could really shut down any machine he was attacked by Namora who became so enraged she smashed Grizzly down in the dirt as M-11 had been the one to rescue Namora from her icy grave. Luckily Namora's outburst of anger helped the Agents in their favor as it really sold the threat the cannons would pose. When the Agents returned to the Uranian's flying saucer it had been infiltrated by Temugin, who had secretly teleported himself on the saucer. After a small struggle his presence was explained and Woo granted Temugin his own sleeping quarters while traveling with the Agents.

(Agents of Atlas II#3) - Namora decided to focus her efforts to deal with a number of biohazards in the Pacific Ocean, as a lot of World War II shipwrecks filled with diesel oil were close to corroding open and spilling out into the sea. As such she took it upon herself to drain the wrecks and use her super strength to lift the wrecks out of the sea unto a large tanker. In reality, Namora was still reeling from the loss of her daughter and wanted to seclude herself from the team, but was joined by Venus who wanted to check up on her. Annoyed by Venus' presence she made it clear the team would probably not survive any of the old bombs if they would detonate. Growing enraged when Venus carelessly hitched a ride out of the water on one of the dangerous shipwrecks Namora had just lifted out of the sea she grabbed an old bomb and detonated it to proof her point. Venus who understood what was eating away at Namora confronted her about Namorita's death to which Namora showed her Namorita's memorial sculpture in the lava-filled trench and Venus provided a much needed shoulder to cry on.

(Agents of Atlas II#6 (fb) - BTS) - Namora revealed to Venus she wasn't Namor's genetic cousin as her father was adopted into the Atlantean Royal Family.

(Agents of Atlas II#4 - BTS) - After the Agents (without Namora) had been attacked by Captain America (Bucky Barnes) they managed to slip some information in the hero's brain that would lead him to find out about the arms deal between the Atlas Empire and Osborn's men. And since Osborn had declared these Avengers to be AWOL they sought every opportunity to shut Osborn down.

(Agents of Atlas II#5) - Captain America (Barnes) and his Avengers tracked down the Atlas Empire's tanker hoping to shut them down, just like the Agents wanted. When the Avengers entered their base the Agents, posing as the evil Atlas Empire, were ready to attack the superheroes. Right before the two sides could clash, Spider-Man stopped both sides as his spider-sense didn't go off, signaling there'd be no threat. Spider-Man explained he'd already learned the frequency cannons were total rubbish and thought there was more behind these pretend villains. Just when Jimmy Woo decided to level with the Avengers and reveal the truth, M-11 recognized Wolverine's voice pattern (they had met during a mission in Cuba in '58) and used his death ray on Wolverine, severely injuring him. Just the distraction they needed the Avengers joined forces to attack the Agents, during the battle Namora took on Ms. Marvel and rather enjoyed battling a worthy female opponent. After Venus dealt with the Avengers in her own way Temugin opened a portal to the Dragon's Corridor so the Agents could escape the premises, thus further establishing themselves as villains and successfully ruining the arms deal with Osborn with a plausible alibi. When the Agents debriefed, the Uranian told the team he had learned Osborn was part of a secret cabal of powerful people who shared information and plans that would concern the entire world, with one of them being Prince Namor.

(Agents of Atlas II#6) - Thinking it be best to bring Osborn down through Namor (Namor was part of Osborn's secret Cabal) the Agents of Atlas travelled to Oceanus. Oceanus was to be the new center of Atlantean civilization since Namor had blown up his kingdom after the superhuman Civil War to keep S.H.I.E.L.D. from occupying it. When the Agents arrived they were greeted by Namor himself who had already heard Atlas was a criminal organization but insisted on dining first as Namora, the princess of the realm, was present. During dinner they were met by Tulem, royal minister of science, who had known Namora since she was but a little girl, to entertain the guest Tulem revealed several tales of a young Namora. Thinking it time to talk about personal matters Namor took Namora to talk, as he wished she would return home but Namora would hear none of it as she felt betrayed because Namor never retrieved her body from Byrrah. Evading her questions Namor mentioned her status was more important than building an artillery for Osborn, prompting Namora to mention Osborn's secret Cabal, realizing the Uranian had been reading his mind the ever impatient Namor attacked him leading to an all-out brawl. Once again, Namora came to M-11's rescue when Namor attacked the Human Robot, until Venus used her powers to stop the fighting and inadvertently influencing the romantic feelings between Namor and Namora who embraced in a passionate kiss. The kiss prompted Namora's teammates to question whether or not Namora was blood-related to Namor, Venus explained she actually wasn't related at all. After their kiss Namor told her he had wanted to kiss her for the longest time, a sentiment Namora shared but she reasoned she had married Talan because Namor had loved Dorma. The elder Tulem quickly grabbed his chance to tell the royals their mates had long been dead and hoped to see a godlike couple returning to the garden of origin.

(Agents of Atlas II#6 (fb) - BTS) - For the next two days Namor and Namora spent time together as the Agents waited for some kind of conclusion in the Uranian saucer.

(Agents of Atlas II#6) - After two days Namora contacted the Agents asking them to join in a tour of the plato crevice with Tulem. Tulem explained to the Agents that the two Atlanteans would inspire the sea-folk to reclaim all that they had lost. As Namora swam alongside her friends toward a special orchid she wished the whole planet could see how wonderful it was in the paradise deep.

(Agents of Atlas II#7) - Tulem, afraid that he would lose Namora to the Agents planned to have the Agents killed by the Skulora, a tentacled animal that resembled a sea orchid. But when in it's presence Namor and Namora revealed they wanted to marry each other, Jimmy Woo was happy for her to let her go. Realizing the need to kill the Agents was gone he tried to persuade the group to leave, but the group was busy celebrating that Woo would give Namora away. Just then the Skulora attacked the Agents, the massive plant-like creature was capable to kill the group with only Namor and Namora standing a real chance against it. The Uranian had seen through Tulem's plan and mind-linked Namor and the Agents to explain he would create an illusion that would reveal the necessary information. As the smoke cleared Venus and Tulem saw the illusionary dead bodies of Namor and the Agents float in the water, prompting Tulem to reveal he couldn't believe the Skulora was able to kill Namor and Namora. Having heard enough the illusion was lifted and the Uranian used his telepathic abilities to show what Tulem's plan had been all along. Namora's birth had been orchestrated and planned by Tulem and other scientists of the Atlantean Eugenics Program in an effort to breed a race of powerful Atlantean/Human hybrids to serve Atlantis.

(Agents of Atlas II#7 (fb) - BTS) - As Tulem was dealt with accordingly Namora called off the engagement to Namor as she had been manipulated her entire life. Namora retreated to a secluded chamber in the Uranian's saucer and the team then returned to San Francisco.

(Agents of Atlas II#7/2) - Mr. Lao witnessed the return of a distraught Namora and the rest of the Agents to the Atlas base.

(Dark X-Men: The Beginning#3 - BTS) - While in the process of recruiting a team of X-Men loyal to Norman Osborn, his associate Emma Frost mentally contacted Namor the Sub-Mariner and entered his mind to see if he suited her needs. Snooping around in his head, Frost discovered a door labelled "Namora". As she pushed further, she saw all aspects of the Sub-Mariner and witnessed a mental image of Namor kissing his cousin. When Emma asked about Namora, all the Sub-Mariner said was "I vaguely recognize the name" unwilling to discuss whatever history he might share with his cousin.

(Agents of Atlas II#8) - After discussing Atlas affairs whilst taking a dip in a pool Namora and the Agents answered an emergency call from one of the Atlas branches in the Nevada desert. The Atlas Sign Museum was a front for a group of scientists that had killed several drifters and hitchhikers and pieced parts of them together to form monsters without any higher brain functions, the base had been under attack by the Hulk whom they thought to be another drifter for them to take advantage of. When the Agents arrived on the scene they quickly learned what the base had been up to after killing one of the monsters that had just ate part of one of the scientists. Before the Agents could act they discovered the Hulk underneath a pile of the freakishly looking monster, the green giant was beyond calming down as his body had been pumped full of large amounts of nerve gas. Namora and Venus were unable to calm the Hulk down and now also had the green giant to deal with, it was the Uranian that thought the Hulk's mind would clear when he had burned through the drugs in his blood. The combined powers of Namora and the Agents were finally able to do so, now Venus' song could reach the Hulk and make him calm down.

(Agents of Atlas II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Namora and the Agents searched the Nevada desert to locate and kill the last of the monsters, Namora and Temugin each got four.

(Agents of Atlas II#9) - After dealing with the last of the monsters in the Nevada desert the Agents discussed the possibility of curing Dr. Bruce Banner as the Uranian thought he could regulate Banner's mind in the same manner his headband did to himself. But before any decision could be made the Uranian sensed M-11, the Human Robot, had been destroyed (by M-21, courtesy of the Jade Claw when Woo had transgressed the rules of the Atlas-Great Wall treaty) and the Agents quickly left in their saucer, leaving a baffled Banners behind. After tracing Woo and M-11's whereabouts to the Great Wall's headquarters in China the Agents came guns blazing to rescue them. Now up against Woo's old sweetheart Suwan who lead the Great Wall as the Jade Claw, Namora was defeated early on by Suwan's M-21 who scanned she was prone to dehydration and used a beam of super-heat to defeat her. Jade Claw's forces managed to defeat the Agents, however M-11 had reconstructed himself and moved his injured team members to the Uranian's flying saucer, thus escaping imprisonment. After escaping the Great Wall, the Jade Claw took control of one of Atlas' transmissions to explain that for the first time in centuries the world would know Dragon Clan War as she would try to conquer Atlas.

(Agents of Atlas II#10) - Still reeling from their defeat at the hands of the Jade Claw, the name Susan was going by now, Namora blamed herself for going in dry from the Nevada desert. While researching the Great Wall base she discovered it had several canals of seawater and asked the Uranian to assist her in directing ocean water inland, the Uranian however, was already swamped with several requests from the Agents. Sometime later after learning that Jade Claw's forces planned to intercept a shipment of Atlas' jewels, Namora and several of the Agents made their way over to Atlas' diamond mine in Botswana, Africa. In the few calm moments they had Namora and Venus talked about Hercules as Namora was wondering how Hercules was doing. Just then Jade Claw's forces arrived and a fight broke out, Namora and Temugin used their abilities to destroy several tanks until they where caught in an explosion by the Jade Claw herself who had thought Woo might show up.

(Agents of Atlas II#11) - While Woo escaped through the Dragon's Corridor with the Jade Claw on his tail, Gorilla Man grabbed Namora and the team left in their plane to track down Woo. Woo, with help of Temugin, managed to outrun the Jade Claw and reunited with the Agents, returning to their Hidden City. That very night Jade Claw's forces had taken down all major Atlas installations around the world, taking away every tactical foothold at sea and in the air, leaving the Agents with only their Hidden City. Determined to end the war Woo planned to storm the Great Wall the next morning and send Namora ahead to recruit an Atlantean army to back them up. The next day when the grand battle between the Atlas and Great Wall empires began Namora arrived with a full-fledged Atlantean army that overwhelmed the Great Wall's troops. At the same time the Atlas' dragon Mr. Lao and the Great Wall's dragon Yao decided to refrain from fighting as they thought their kind too precious to risk and M-11 took on Jade Claw's M-21 and even managed to destroy it. After successfully defeating the Great Wall, Woo decided to task Temugin with supervising the Great Wall and bringing it in line with the Atlas empire. Later that evening Namora, the Agents and the Atlas following mourned the lives lost during this war.

(X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas#1) - Angered that Venus was passing herself of as the real goddess of love, the Olympian goddess Aphrodite had Venus abducted. In an effort to locate their team member Namora and the Agents broke into the X-Men's former base at Greymalkin Industries to retrieve the mind core of mutant-tracking machine Cerebra. After subduing Madison Jeffries, who guarded the machine, they prepared to take Cerebra but just before they could leave the Agents were attacked by the X-Men. Namora took on the X-Man Storm in mid-air while chasing Cerebra, the Agents eventually managed to escape with the machine after a psychic illusion from the Uranian. Arriving in the Hidden City of the Atlas Empire the Agents were unaware the X-Men had followed them and prepared for another fight.

(X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas#2) - During the full-fledged battle between the Agents and a large array of X-Men, Angel tried to speak with Namora since they had fought side by side during the World War Hulk. They, however, didn't get the change to settle things when M-11 took down Angel and Namora in turn was taken down by a joined effort of Dagger and Storm and was subsequently frozen by Iceman. The fight was eventually halted when M-11 protected the X-Men from a fiery death when the Agents' resident dragon Mr. Lao opened fire. When the mutant teleporter Pixie arrived with Namora's cousin Namor he ordered the X-Men to stop fighting as he knew all about the Atlas Empire. After cooler heads had prevailed the X-Men decided to help them find Venus, when the Uranian used his headband with Cerebra he was able to track her down to the Adirondack Mountains in New York. Namor wished his cousin all the luck they would need in finding Venus. After locating Venus they successfully rescued her from a giant statue channeling the essence of Aphrodite.

(Assault on New Olympus#1/2) - In a second attempt to destroy Venus, the real goddess Aphrodite had summoned Venus' creator Phorcys, who then attacked San Francisco. Phorcys was able to take control of his creation again and had her sing such a song that made the San Francisco citizens throw themselves into sea. Namora and the Agents arrived just in time to save the many jumpers from certain death. The Uranian used the flying saucer to assault the giant creature with a meteor smasher, causing his influence over Venus to fail. Namora used the moment to hit the creature in the face while M-11 used a fiery beam to cut off several of Phorcys' tentacles. Phorcys however, quickly recovered and took possession of Venus once again.

(Incredible Hercules#138/2) - Woo managed to break Phorcys' control over Venus when he told her that she was a hero. With Phorcys' control over her broken Venus controlled Phorcys to let her friends go. Surprised his own creation no longer obeyed him Phorcys retreated into the depths of the ocean. Free from his claws Namora quickly saved Venus from the fall. Now that the team was reunited they travelled to Manhattan to confront Aphrodite. While still on board of the Uranian's flying saucer Namora reminisced that the ancients had been quite active in the world since she had battled Atlas while helping Hercules. Namora didn't think Hercules would want to see her again since he'd realized her attraction to Namor. While infiltrating the Olympus Group through an underground tunnel the Agents didn't anticipate a giant army of mythical beasts facing them.

(Incredible Hercules#139/2) - The Uranian used his power to create an illusion to make it look like Aphrodite made a grand entrance, permitting the Agents entrance to the cave. The Chimera however saw through their disguise and a battle between the Agents and the mythical creatures started.

(Incredible Hercules#140/2) - After dealing with the last of the mythical creatures Namora could hear Hercules' voice through one of the cavern walls. M-11 then used his abilities so Namora and the others could see though the cavern wall, there they saw how Hercules was fighting the Olympus Group. The Uranian sensed someone was core-building an alternate Earth that would soon replace theirs, hoping to stop whoever was doing so Namora used all her might to punch through the wall, but without avail. Unaware the real Aphrodite was approaching the Agents, Namora and the others were suddenly overcome with emotions.

(Incredible Hercules#141/2) - Aphrodite used her godly powers to take control of Namora and commanded her to dispose of Marvel Boy and Gorilla Man. Venus, having had enough of the entire ordeal, stepped forward and began to battle Aphrodite with her song. As the two used their voices against one another Aphrodite was shocked to relive feelings she didn't have in eons and thanked Venus for her song. Aphrodite even went one step further and gave Venus her cestus, with this the Olympians would acknowledge her new status as the Godess of Love. After congratulating Venus with her new title Namora and the others discovered Hercules had died in the meantime.

(Hercules: Fall of an Avenger#1/1-2/1) - Namora arrived at the Parthenon in Athens amongst other superheroes to mourn the death of Hercules. At the funeral each of the heroes told stories about Hercules, praising him in one way or another. Namora told how she and other female heroes didn't only fight along Hercules but also shared his bed. Afterwards the heroes witnessed the arrival of other Olympian gods: Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Pluto, Nox, Hebe, Poseidon, Hestia & Demeter. Holding a contest to decide who would lay claim to the throne of the now dead Zeus, each of the gods chose a hero to fight on their behalf. Namora could only watch this battle from the sideline since she was not chosen.

(Hercules: Fall of an Avenger#1/2 (fb) ) - Venus was ordered by Athena to investigate all the companies Hercules had ever invested in, rendering the profitable ones into the Olympus Group and to liquidate the non-profitable. Together with Namora the two crossed the entire world and visited companies and people from America, Australia, India, Cameroon, Canada, China, Portugal, Turkey, France and Spain.

(Hercules: Fall of an Avenger#1/2-2/2) - Arriving in Greece the two set out to find the Lethe Children's Hospital but were attacked by a mythological snake creature breathing fire. Fed up with the creature Namora was about to pierce the monster with a tree branch when she noticed it was a small child. It appeared Hercules had founded a children's hospital for mythological offsprings like the girl Cadille, a descendant of Campe. After visiting the hospital it was clear it was not profitable but a much needed hospital, Venus and Namora decided to lie to Queen Athena and co-sponsor the hospital themselves leaving the hospital as an Atlas Foundation & Olympus Group effort.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#1/2) - Noticing a ship of Japanese whale hunters Namora decided to intervene, when she used the translator Grayson had given her she learned the Japanese had been sanctioned by the whaling commission. Upset they would kill the minke whales Namora refused to recognize their authority and ripped their harpoon machine apart. She then noticed the whalers had already killed two minke whales, enraged they would kill these gracious animals Namora destroyed the ship. When she swam away with one of the remaining whales it persuaded Namora to rescue the whalers and she complied.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#4/1 - BTS) - In another reality (mimicking the events of Avengers I#8, 1964) the Avengers fought Kang the Conquerer, a time traveling villain. When Pym destroyed Kang's suit the villain had already contained the area in its own temporal zone. Therefore making the Avengers alternate versions of themselves without creating a divergent timeline, as the time sector was shrinking Pym used Kang's suit in an effort to reach another reality. Using the Wasp as an anchor the Avengers sought another reality where they could exist. The Avengers had become an anomaly called the Chronovirus that was able to reach the present day. However the Chronovirus' presence caused several temporal anomalies that got picked up by the Uranian.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#1/1) - Namora and the Agents fought another one of the Atlas Foundation's many shady operations, the Crystalloids, former humans who had transformed themselves into crystal warriors. Namora was key in destroying the Crystalloids after which the team prepared for another menace in Southern Arizona. Here the Agents faced the Lava Men who had declared war on the surface world, since Namora couldn't fight the creatures without exposing herself to extreme dehydration M-11 made quick work of the creatures. Suddenly the team noticed a strange creature that caused time and space to fluctuate around it, but as the Chronovirus began to fade the Uranian registered a similar distortion manifesting in Manhattan, the Agents decided to travel to Manhattan to seek it out. Arriving in Manhattan the Agents came eye to eye with the Avengers who were in the midst of fighting the Growing Man and decided to help them. Namora grabbed Wolverine, flying around the menace while Wolverine sliced it apart, seemingly destroying it. Next, the Chronovirus re-appeared and seemingly attacked Captain America (James Barnes) and his Avengers, as the Avengers vanished a younger incarnation appeared.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#2/1) - At the sight of the Growing Man the time-displaced Avengers thought Kang had once again tried to attack them, taking the Agents for Kang's forces they immediately attacked. During the fight Namora fought Thor at the bottom of the sea, even in her own element she was defeated when Thor created a maelstrom. The fight was eventually halted when the Wasp took out Venus who had the Avengers under her control. Woo explained the team had witnessed the Chronovirus causing time anomalies and just then he appeared again, sadly Thor, while in civilian guise chose to transform into Thor again. Because Thor was in close proximity to the Chronovirus it's anomaly effect was greatly expanded which resulted in another time-displaced character, the Hulk.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#3/1) - The angry Hulk immediately attacked both Avengers and Agents, prompting Thor to transport them all to Norway. Here they could fight without endangering any citizens, when both teams combined their powers to attack the Hulk they threw him into the waters where Namora and Thor teamed up to battle the green giant. Now that the Hulk was distracted Venus used her song to mesmerize him and he transformed back to Bruce Banner. However, Banner wasn't the only one affected by Venus' song as Namora and Thor got caught up in a passionate embrace. Now that both teams could catch their breath the Avengers explained they had just fought Kang (the Avengers had no idea they where simultaneously living as the Chronovirus) before being relocated to the present. Just then the Chronovirus reappeared.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#4/1) - The Avengers and Agents combined their efforts to research the Chronovirus and discovered the anomaly was in truth Hank Pym himself. Now that the time-displaced Avengers knew they had been the cause of the Chronovirus they decided to sacrifice their lives to end it so the Avengers could return to their rightful place. As the Avengers and Agents once more combined their powers to destroy the virus they succeeded, as the Chronovirus broke apart the Avengers started to fade away. With the anomaly deleted from the timeline the Avengers returned, shocked to learn they weren't in Manhattan any longer. Woo asked the Uranian to link their minds so all involved would know what had happened.

(Thunderbolts I#139 - BTS) - Norman Osborn was still determined to get his revenge on the Agents of Atlas and had decided to use his black ops team the Thunderbolts to achieve it. With the added addition of the Grizzly (who had tangled with Namora before) the team blew up one of Atlas' more shady companies in the Bayou Choupique, Louisiana to lure the Agents in a trap. However the factory was producing a highly caustic chemical agent that had now become airborne that would slowly eat the flesh off their bones, a feat for which the Thunderbolts had taken an antidote.

(Thunderbolts I#139) - Namora and the Agents arrived to check on their factory but where welcomed by the Thunderbolts, who immediately opened fire. While the Uranian focused his attention on putting out the factory fire, Namora and the others focused their attention on the Thunderbolts. Recognizing the Grizzly, the team knew Osborn was behind the attack. But although the Thunderbolts had struck first they had little planned beyond their initial assault, outgunned and outmatched they where easily defeated by Namora (who had begun to sense something in the air was burning her gills) and the Agents. With the exception of the Scourge who seemingly gutted the Uranian with a sword.

(Thunderbolts I#140) - With the Uranian seemingly fallen, the tide seemed to shift as the Agents now felt the airborne chemicals and were picked off one by one. Namora who tried to strangle the Grizzly was blasted out of mid-air by Paladin. But when Venus found the Uranian's body she was so distraught she let out such a haunting scream it felled all of the Thunderbolts, she was stopped by the Uranian himself who revealed he had just played possum. The Uranian ordered his teammates to come aboard his flying saucer to treat them for the blood poisoning. Gorilla Man grabbed the fallen Namora and M-11 and returned aboard but before leaving Woo and the Uranian put a special mission in the mind of Scourge (Frank Simpson); to terminate Osborn the next time he saw him. However the next day Osborn appeared before the Thunderbolts as a hologram which triggered Scourge's mission, while Scourge shot his gun at the hologram he accidentally killed the Headsman.

(Girl Comics II#2/1) - Namora and other female superheroes explained why they were heroes.

(Darkstar & the Winter Guard#1 (fb) - BTS ) - While in Vladivostok, Warlord Krang had captured Namora, hoping to make her his betrothed.

(Darkstar & the Winter Guard#1 (fb) ) - Warlord Krang tried to invade Russia but was stopped by the combined forces of the Agents of Atlas and the Winter Guard. Gorilla Man threw Ursa Major towards Krang and rescued Namora. Marvel Boy and Crimson Dynamo combined their technology to create a dimensional tear strong enough to banish Krang and his army. The team then learned of trouble brewing in Hawaii.

(Enter the Heroic Age#1/2) - The Agents of Atlas stormed into battle with a Kree Sentinel who had been active at the same place in 1958 when the team was still without Namora.

(Atlas#1/1 - BTS) - Delroy Garrett, the new 3-D Man was troubled with reoccurring dreams of having adventures with the Agents of Atlas, these were in fact flashbacks of the original 3-D Man of another Earth. Then when he and the Chandler brothers came under attack from a mysterious foe who forced their friends into attacking them, Garrett thought the two might be connected and set out to find the Agents of Atlas.

(Atlas#1/1) - Namora and the Agents were on their way back to the Hidden City beneath San Francisco where Garrett had been following them, able to see through their disguise. Garrett, however, failed to notice the Agents' robot M-11 picked up Garrett's phone call after which the Uranian looked into his mind. The Agents decided to let Garrett follow them into their Hidden City. There they welcomed the 3-D Man, who thought he'd fallen into a trap.

(Atlas#2/1) - Thinking he was trapped, 3-D Man immediately tried to flee and stumbled upon Mr. Lao. Namora came to 3-D Man's aide, rescuing him from the dragon's teeth. Venus then used her song to calm the dragon down after which the Uranian explained he'd read Garrett's mind and they weren't the people who'd attacked him. Woo then convinced Garrett to follow them into the meditation chamber to exchange their information. Once there, Woo had the Uranian telephatically link all of them to show Garrett the history of the Agents after which Garrett shared his own memories. However, the Uranian remarked he also possessed the memories of the Chandler brothers, which couldn't be his. When the Uranian delved further into Garrett's memories they witnessed how the original had fought alongside Woo's Department Zero in Maine, in 1958 and other adventures, however, these adventures weren't how the Agents remembered them. Before Woo and the Uranians could discuss the events they receieved a call for help from Derek Khanata, who reported that a Norse branch of the Atlas Foundation was behind an Icelandic volcano eruption and requested backup. The Agents invited 3-D Man to join them. Sometime later Namora and the Agents of Atlas with the addition of 3-D Man fought a group of mind-controlled subterranean creatures. It was Venus who eventually drove the creatures to retreat into a cave after which the Uranian sealed it with his ship's meteor smasher. 3-D Man remarked he didn't add much to a fight with Namora and the Human Robot around. The Agents then set out to join 3-D Man and investigate the attack on the Chandler brothers, unaware that they were being watched by a group of creatures who were in fact Echo Worlders (referring to themselves as Lurrans).

(Atlas#3/1) - Namora stayed on board of the Uranian's flying saucer while Woo, Gorilla Man and the Uranian joined 3-D Man in investigating the attack on the Chandler brothers. There they were assaulted by a group of the Echo Worlders, after the other dimensional creatures had left, the group brought the comatose Chuck Chandler aboard the flying saucer to heal his body in one of the Uranian's healing baths. On board Woo showed Garrett a news story in which was revealed his girlfriend Sheri Dennon had committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor of Cedars Sinai. When the Agents arrived back at their Hidden City Namora expressed her sorrow for Garrett. Gorilla Man said hello to Chang and attempted to introduce Chang to 3-D Man but 3-D Man was able to see that Chang was possessed by one of the Echo Worlders that were trying to get 3-D Man. 3-D Man then confirmed that much of the Atlas Foundation had been possessed by the beings. The Agents of Atlas and 3-D Man surrounded themselves with an energy shield from the Human Robot as nearly the entire Atlas Foundation came after them, with one of them hitting Venus with an arrow. Attempting to make their way to the armory, Woo ordered Namora to clear a path for them, only to find that Namora had also been possessed.

(Atlas#4/1) - The possessed Namora held Woo and Gorilla Man by the throat and was about to snap them. The Uranian quickly used his telepathy to make Namora believe the Agents had fled and her fellow Echo Worlders had left the bodies of the warriors of the Atlas Foundation. However, the Echo Worlder then let go of Namora so another one who knew the truth could replace her. Having shook off the telepathic attack Namora ripped apart the Uranian's suit, causing the Uranian to suffocate due to lack of atmosphere, and reveal his true nature, he'd been hiding for years. Jimmy Woo ordered the Human Robot to attack Namora. The Human Robot reluctantly did as instructed, rendering Namora unconscious. Then the dragon Mr. Lao appeared to deal with the hordes of possessed warriors and struck them down with fire, forcing the Echo Worlders to leave their bodies. With the threat subsided for now Namora and Venus were brought to the infirmary while Woo confronted Mr. Lao, enraged he'd just killed many of their loyal followers. Mr. Lao explained it was their honor to sacrifice their lives for the Atlas Foundation and went on to reveal he knew the identity of their enemy. Mr. Lao revealed their Earth was linked to two other Earths, one somewhat similars to theirs (from Garrett's dreams, Earth-10170) and the second an echo world, throughout the years invaders from the echo world had invaded entire civilizations on both Earths. The Echo Worlders sought to control the three crystals from Earth, Echo World itself and the second Earth connected to prime Earth. Woo then returned to the infirmary to check on Namora and Venus, Namora was ready to get back into action and hunt down the invaders, however, Woo ordered her to stay in the tank of seawater as he needed both girls back at full strength. A while later after another interaction with the Echo Worlders, the Uranian learned how to travel to the Echo World.

(Atlas#4/2- BTS) - Woo, the Uranian, Gorilla Man and 3-D Man with some help from Doctor Zu were about to travel to the Echo World. However, 3-D Man noticed another servant possessed carrying a bomb, 3-D Man broke transfer to stop the Echo Worlder but soon found that Dr. Zu could not place 3-D Man back in contact with the Agents of Atlas as they were transported to Echo World. Zu then explained that 3-D Man was their connection to Echo World and his breaking the transfer caused the Agents of Atlas to be transported to the alternate Earth-10170, rather then Echo World.

(Atlas#5/2) - Woo, the Uranian, Gorilla Man and 3-D Man successfully left Earth-10170 and were joined by Namora and Venus who'd made Dr. Zu connect them. Finally reunited with all but the Human Robot, the Agents travelled through the non-space where they also found the comatose Chuck Chandler. Next to Chandler they found the entrance to the Echo World.

(Atlas#5/3) - Upon arriving on Echo World, the Agents of Atlas found that the natives feared them as the Agents were like gods on Echo World. Even the only non-superhuman on the team, Jimmy Woo proved impervious to the Echo Worlders' gunfire. just then the Echo Worlders released their doomsday weapons, however, before they could reach the Agents the weapons, airplanes and other war-vehicles were transformed into a single being; the Human Robot. After dealing with the Echo Worlders' armed forces the Uranian discovered that since their existence the Echo World has lived in the shadow of the two Earths. The Echo Worlders would see whatever transpired on either of the Earths in ghostlike form, forcing them to live in a nightmarish world. In an effort to stop the cycle of violence between the three worlds, the inner circle of the Atlas Foundation came up with a plan to introduce crystallographic defects into Echo World, which the Agents learned was properly called Lurra, to prevent negative effects on Lurra caused by Earth-616 and bombard the populace with the defects using the Human Robot to minimize future effects on the populace. Not trusting the invaders, the native Lurrans mounted several attacks against them, only to be met with defeat. When their plan was ready the Agents joined hands and activated their plan. The bombardment succeeded, ending further transmissions to Lurra from Earth-616. As the Agents prepared to leave Lurra, 3-D Man asked to join the Agents of Atlas and Gorilla Man approved his membership.

(Namora II#1 (fb) - BTS) - King Namor brought all of his people together at a new city in the Pacific. The new settlement, Oceanus was deep below a trench behind a wall of flowing lava. Namora was then sent to locate and retrieve a missing colony.

(Namora II#1) - During her search for the missing colony Namora came across a whale who told her of a sunken submarine in the Barents Sea. After she saved the submarine and the Russian men inside it with aid from the whale she continued her search. Not long after she found what appeared to be an abandoned Atlantean settlement after which she was attacked by a Kraken, in reality only a small extent of a sleeping giant Titan. Although Namora tried to fight the Kraken the lost Atlanteans suddenly revealed themselves and urged their princess to stop as the Kraken was in fact helping them. A royal feast was thrown in honor of Namora's arrival when during the festivities she explained she would guide them to Oceanus to join with their brothers and sister. The colony's physician then explained they were unable as the entire colony had become dependent on a mineral vent which gave them energy and strength, whenever they would venture too far from the vent they would grow weak and ill again. Determined to find out the truth Namora entered the mineral vent where she unexpectedly encountered her daughter, Namorita. Namorita was in fact an illusion created by the sleeping giant Titan who'd created a sphere of influence that pulled people in. Namora realized the same shortly and left the illusion behind to warn the colony only to be attacked by the smaller Kraken. Namora, however, easily grabbed the beast and ripped it's throat out. Realizing they'd been under the Titan's spell the colony quickly grabbed their possessions and joined Namora on her way to Oceanus, leaving the sleeping Titan behind.

(Gorilla Man#1) - While Gorilla Man was haled in by Jimmy Woo during his fight with Borgia Omega, he showed Gorilla Man how Namora and the other members of Atlas were still hard at work shutting down the hundreds of criminal operations that were part of the Atlas Foundation.

(Namor: The First Mutant#1 - BTS) - Woo asked Namora to record information on the life of Namor for the Atlas records.

(Heroic Age: Heroes#1 - BTS) - Captain America researched a wide variety of superhumans, as such he also researched Namora, he figured she had a lot to offer the Initiative and they should try their best to convince her that supporting them was in her best interests. Captain America also stated he didn't know how far he could trust her.

(Hulk III#25) - After the defeat of the Leader and the Intelligencia at the hands of the Hulk, a special program called Scorched Earth was initiated to destroy the planet if the Intel's plans for world conquest would fail. It meant that every unused plan of the Intelligencia was set in motion, as the first wave of these was released on Earth Captain America decided to trust Namora and the Agents of Atlas to an extend as he had ordered them to deal with a giant tentacled creature. Captain America had also contacted other teams like the Fantastic Four and the Thunderbolts to deal with all kinds of combatants.

(Chaos War#1) - When the world learned of Hercules' resurrection, Venus admitted to Namora she found him cute. In response, Namora grunted and called the Olympian demigod as smart as a dumb cat. A little while later, Hercules used his newfound godly powers to teleport Namora and most of Earth's known superheroes to Central Park where he informed them of the coming crisis involving the ascension of Japanese lord of darkness and chaos, Amatsu-Mikaboshi. Hoping they would all join in opposing this evil during an impossible fight, he granted the heroes a fraction of his power which would allow them to enter the portal to the Chaos King's domain. However, Namora and all the other heroes were almost immediately rendered comatose by the Chaos King who used the powers he'd just recently absorbed from the entity known as Nightmare to destroy the minds of any mortals who touched his black tendrils.

(Chaos War#2) - Namora, along with all of Earth's mortal superheroes, remained trapped in their state of waking sleep.

(Chaos War#5) - The Chaos King was ultimately defeated thanks to a collaborative effort between the recently resurrected and immortal superheroes of Earth. In the wake of Mikaboshi's demise, Namora and her fellow heroes woke up, none the worse for wear.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - Over the course of several weeks Namora and Jimmy Woo developed a romantic relationship although Woo had decided to keep the relationship a secret since Namora was one of his agents.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#1/2) - During one of Namora and Woo's romantic meetings Namora instigated the discussion on why they had to keep their relationship a secret. Namora was rather disappointed and wished Woo would just tell the rest of the team while Woo thought it unethical to date his teammate. The two were suddenly interrupted by Gorilla Man telling Woo to come in. Namora and Woo arrived separately at the mission briefing to avoid suspicion after which Gorilla Man revealed a Neo-Nazi group was bombing synagogues and churches in Florida. A rather annoyed Woo then ordered Hale to find him everything on every racist group active in America within the last five years.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - For the following three days Namora and the Agents of Atlas busted through every Neo-Nazi group in Florida. During one such operation in Tampa they once again found nothing but braindead skinheads.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#1/2) - However, in Orlando they found something worth their while when they confronted the Hammer of Thule organization. Their leader, Vorster, informed Woo of a German castle where his forebears had met the Red Skull. Although Gorilla Man did his best to convince Woo the Neo-Nazi was just another liar Woo was determined to go and find the castle and it's secrets. However, before leaving, Vorster "revealed" that descendants of the original Thule organization had infiltrated the Atlas Foundation following World War II, Woo grew unnerved at the revelation despite Gorilla Man's continued insistence that Vorster couldn't be trusted.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#2/2) - The Agents of Atlas had set course for the German castle while Woo and Namora discussed the possibilities of Vorster's claim of Atlas' infiltration which worried Woo. But upon arrival the group, accompanied by Vorster, entered the seemingly abandoned castle. When the Agents of Atlas were met by Nazi robots inside the castle, Gorilla Man remarked that there might be more going on with the castle than just a connection between the Thule society and the Atlas Foundation. During the fight Vorster was killed by one of the robots' bullets. After defeating the robots, the Agents of Atlas split up to investigate the castle and subsequently reunited after Jimmy Woo discovered a torture room full of Atlantean corpses. Back in the war the Thule Society created a book of spells, commissioned by the Red Skull, written on the skin of tortured Atlanteans. Having heard of the ruckus of M-11 destroying a wall Namora and the others made their way towards Woo.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#3/2) - Namora, Venus, Gorilla Man and the Uranian arrived at Woo's location only to be turned away by him. Woo wanted to keep the Atlantean torture room a secret from Namora while M-11 scanned the remaining pieces of skin. Unfortunately, Namora and the other Agents of Atlas were soon drawn back to Woo again when another Nazi robot was activated. Seeing the skeletons of her people Namora accused Woo of studying the corpses instead of giving them a proper burial. Namora then ordered Woo to leave while she and Venus prepared for a proper ceremony. That evening Namora burned the remains of her people at the castle's tower while M-11 revealed to Woo he'd scanned most of the skins and could begin the translation process.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#4/2) - Woo ultimately decided to erase the files. After Namora and the other Agents of Atlas finished their ceremony, Woo informed Namora the castle was primed to explode. Having escaped the castle Namora and the others learned what M-11 had done and eventually persuaded him to reveal what had happened. Namora and the Gorilla Man learned Woo had decided to erase the files. A tear rolled over Namora's cheek, believing he was a true hero.

(Fearless Defenders#6) - When Valkyrie told the other members of the Fearless Defenders about her "Valkyrie Death Sight" (which shows Val women "worthy" of becoming shieldmaidens), she had a vision about Namora fighting alongside Elektra and Colleen Wing against a band of rogue Atlantean warriors.

(Infinity: The Hunt#1 (fb) - BTS) - Being a representative of a newly formed Atlantean School for gifted youngsters Namora was contacted by Hank Pym in an attempt to include the Atlantean School in his Contest of Champions for adolescent superheroes. However, due to the presence of the Wakandan School for Alternative Studies, the Atlanteans refused to participate (as a result of events portrayed in "Avengers vs. X-Men", the relations between Wakanda and Atlantis had become strained).

(Infinity: The Hunt#1 - BTS) - When Thanos the Mad Titan and his lieutenants landed on Earth in search of his son Thane, Atlantis was attacked and subsequently devastated.

(Infinity: The Hunt#1) - In the wake of the devastation of Atlantis, ordered by Thanos and executed by his lieutenant Proxima Midnight, Namora attempted to reach out to Hank Pym to ask for help.

(New Warriors V#5 (fb) - BTS) - The mystics of Atlantis sensed that Namora's daughter Namorita was still alive, so Namora sent her servant Faira Sar Namora on a quest to find Namorita and return her home.

(Fantastic Four I#645) - Namora and the Agents of Atlas were seen fighting off the monster invasion from Franklin Richard's Counter-Earth orchestrated by the Quiet Man.


(Secret Empire: Brave New World#2/3 (fb) - BTS) - When King Namor declared Atlantis to be neutral in the surface conflict in an effort to protect his people from the wrath of Hydra it was Namora who disagreed with the King's brand of diplomacy. Namora joined by a contingent of rebels left Atlantis to oppose Namor's rule.

(Secret Empire: Brave New World#2/3 - BTS) - Namor's plan became more complicated when his old Invaders allies the Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro, both fugitives, showed up in Atlantis seeking sanctuary. In order to keep his kingdom safe, Namor saw no choice but to imprison his friends.

(Secret Empire: Brave New World#2/3) - Learning of the Human Torch and Toro's imprisonment, Namora, accompanied by her personal army of Atlantean soldiers, set out to free the duo after which she welcomed the men to the fight.

(Secret Empire: Brave New World#3/3) - After toppling the Ophion Guard, Namora, joined by her army, Hammond and Toro attacked the armory to gain hold of a monster, a giant luminous squid, although Hammond and Toro were unaware of this. When King Namor arrived Namora declared to use the "weapon" to stop Namor, thinking they'd destroy the "weapon" to bring Namor to the negotiating table he grew enraged and destroyed the holding pen's control. Unaware he'd in fact set the dangerous monster free Hammond was then attacked by the squid. King Namor, Namora and the Atlantean army joined forces to stop the monster after which Namora, Hammond and Toro were captured. Still enraged at her King, Namora challenged Namor, who accused her of treason, a crime which had to be punished with an execution. Still bound, Namora requested a public execution, noting the Queen of the Deep would not die in a prison trench, Namor accepted.

(Secret Empire: Brave New World#4/3) - Believing his people would remain loyal to him, King Namor went ahead with the public execution of Namora. With the city's lockdown temporarily lifted the public flooded to Trident's Gate to see if their King would go through with the execution of the beloved Princess Namora. While Namora kneeled, ready for Namor to behead her she told him she truly loved him above all and believed he could still be saved. With fear in his eyes, Namor lifted the blade, ready to strike. However, before Namor could swing the blade he was hit in the shoulder with a trident thrown by the people of Atlantis who rose up to stop him. Namor quickly cut Namora's chains ordering her to protect herself, the people however only jumped their King.

(Secret Empire: Brave New World#5/3) - While Namor was overpowered by the Atlantean citizens he was suddenly rescued by Hammond and Toro who'd been sprung free by the Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes). With but a gesture of her hand Namora stopped the chaotic crowd of Atlanteans and watched as she confronted Namor. Namora claimed she knew that if she'd drew Namor out in the open the Atlantean citizens would act and he would save himself. While still on his knees Namor confessed he was wrong, believing her King, Namora called out to the Atlantean citizens their rebellion had been a success and their voices had been heard and exclaimed "Long Live King Namor". Sometime later that day King Namor, Namora, Hammond, Toro and Winter Soldier discussed their plans to prepare for a possible Hydra attack. During the discussion Namora noted that while the Atlantean citizens were still learning to trust their King again she would share the "burden" of leadership, something which Namor accepted.

Comments: Most likely created by Bill Everett (writer), Ken Bald (pencils), Syd Shores (inks).

NAMORA! She's finally arrived at the Marvel Appendix, this truly was a labor of love which I'd started back in 2013 and had been working on and off.

Problematic points to adress

1. Saga of the Sub-Mariner#2 (1988) - Retold the story of Sub-Mariner Comics#39/3 (1955) of Namora's first meeting with Namor. Nowadays this feat is incorrect as the two have met on two previous occasions: The Order I#6 (2002) and Namor II#5 (2003). The retelling also shows the young Namora as blue-skinned while in the original story she already had a Caucasian skin-tone like Namor. This feat has also been corrected by other flashbacks of the young Namora like The Order I#6 (2002) and Agents of Atlas II#7 (2009).

2. Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 (1989) - Retold several Golden Age stories like the story of Marvel Mystery Comics#82/2 (1947) which is Namora's first appearance. Although the reprint has the same Caucasian skin-tone like the original has it reveals that after the duo dealt with the Brockton Gang, Namora elected to remain in the north as her father's death still haunted her... While in the original story half an hour later Namor introduced his cousin to Betty Dean who offered to share her aparment with Namora, thus setting the duo up for their crime-fighting adventures. So yes, we've let those 30 minutes slide: Namora did stay in the north haunted by her father's death until Namor came for her when her home of Maritanis was attacked by a submarine in a flashback in Agents of Atles II#6 (2009) after which he introduced her to Dean in Marvel Mystery Comics#82/2 (1947).

3. The Order I#6 (2002) - Showed Namora chasing a fourteen-year-old Namor. While this in itself is perfectly fine we notice she has ankle-wings. Discussed below, dealing with her ankle-wings.

4. Namor II#5 (2003) - Part of the Marvel Tsunami line in which they tried to appeal to manga readers. During this issue we see Namor's second cousin Namorita visit Atlantis for her birthday. This was of course a small error as Namorita wasn't even born then, since then it's been widely assumed Namorita is just another nickname for Namora.

Did Namora really have ankle-wings?

The short answer to this question is, yes Namora definitely had wings on her ankles like her famous cousin. However throughout 70 years of publications this stance has constantly changed:

The Golden Age flashback moments: In total there have been three Golden Age stories dealing with a young Namora: Marvel Mystery Comics#82 (1947), Sub-Mariner Comics#39 (1955), Sub-Mariner Comics#40 (1955).
Marvel Mystery Comics#82 (1947): Namora's first appearance. Though chronologically happening after both Sub-Mariner Comics#39 & #40. In this story Namora has ankle-wings, which can be clearly seen during multiple panels (you can see them in the panel next to the issue's summary above, battling the Brockton Gang). In this appearance, Namor is eighteen.
Sub-Mariner Comics#39 (1955) & Sub-Mariner Comics#40 (1955): Part of an ongoing storyline in the 50's of Namor's early days. In both of these stories we see both teen Namor and a teen Namora, however only Prince Namor is seen with ankle-wings. During these stories Namor was fifteen and sixteen. An in-story explanation would be that Namora only grew her ankle-wings when she was older, around the time Namor was seventeen/eighteen. A real-world explanation would be that the writers of the latter Golden Age days tried to diversify the cousins, making Namor the real powerhouse with more advantages then Namora as the Golden Age sidekick-trend had ceased to exist.

1947 - 1949 / The early Golden Age: Namora was mostly drawn with ankle-wings or at least something resembling that, but like her cousin, sometimes appeared without them. There's no specific reason for this, but as the wings really didn't serve any purpose some artists probably didn't pay much attention to them. Also if you pay close attention to the Golden Age comic-books, Namora and Namor were mostly drawn from the legs up with their ankles and wings mostly cut out of the frames.

1954 - 1955 / The late Golden Age: During the latter days of the Golden Age Namora was mostly shown from the legs up, however, the times we actually see her feet she doesn't have any ankle-wings. The explanation for this can be found in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age (2004), in Namora's profile it says: "For a brief period in the late 1940's, Namora had ankle wings which enabled her to fly; however, they soon withered and ceased to function." This would've been right after Namora's appearance in Marvel Mystery Comcis#91/2 (1949) her last appearance with ankle-wings.

1972 / The Modern Era: The Marvel editorial rule back then was that characters/events from Marvel's early Timely/Atlas era only existed if they appeared or were mentioned in the modern era. So when in Sub-Mariner I#51 (1972) Namor thought of his cousin she was made canon, meaning she was "real", although this didn't meant all of her Golden Age adventures were canon. Things like... ankle-wings.

1988 - 1989 / The Saga of the Sub-Mariner: This series from the 80's was a retelling of the Sub-Mariner's adventures in the Pre-FF#1 Marvel Universe, making many elements from his Timely/Atlas era canon. First, Saga of the Sub-Mariner#2 retold Sub-Mariner Comics#39 (1955), showing Namora not only without ankle-wings but also with a true blue Atlantean skin-tone. However, it was Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 that set a trend for the decades to follow... Namora in leather boots, thus hiding the ankle-wings situation all together.

1991 - 2002 / the Flashbacks: All of these appearances (Namor I#20, Marvel: The Lost Generation#3 & 2 and Citizen V and the V-Battalion - The Everlasting#1) show flashback moments of Namora wearing leather boots, thus continuing Roy & Dann Thomas' retelling. And although Marvel: The Lost Generation#3 & 2 and Citizen V and the V-Battalion - The Everlasting#1 don't deal with this point John Byrne does in Namor I#20 (1991). In this issue Namora and her husband Talan are unable to bear children due to Namora's hybrid nature and therefore lets herself be examined by the banished Atlantean scientist Vyrra. Upon inspecting Namora's ankles he finds tiny buds below the surface and concludes they are the vestige of undeveloped wings. Both Vyrrah and Namora suspect this feature might be activated in a clone. So what this story does is basically smash the fact the modern era Namora ever had ankle-wings...or did it? Another oddball appearance is The Order I#6 (2002) in this issue we see Namora chasing a fourteen year old Namor. While this in itself is perfectly fine we notice she has ankle-wings. While at this point she's not supposed to have. When asked, Kurt Busiek told us that since the book was running late there wouldn't have been any time for fact-checking.

2006 - 2007 / Agents of Atlas: When Jeff Parker revealed Namora was still alive after spending decades in her casket of ice she was sprung free by the Agents of Atlas, revealing Namora with ankle-wings. In his personal notes Parker revealed he'd replaced the wings with flippers, like the transparant ones found on "flying fish". Since then Namora has always been shown with wings, whether feather-like or flippers. With this new status quo other writers Brian Michael Bendis and Howard Chaykin have shown in New Avengers II#10, #11, #12 (2011) and Avengers 1959 series (2011-2012) that Namora also possessed her ankle-wings in 1959.

To summarize we have two in-world explanations for this:
A: If we follow Marvel's old rule about Canonizing Timely/Atlas era character to the Modern Era. Namora was born without ankle-wings and never developed her ankle-wings. She wore leather boots during all of her adventures on land. She temporarily grew ankle-wings in 1959 which soon withered and ceased to function. After spending decades in her casket of ice Namora's ankle-wings grew back and to full strength, granting her flight and superhuman speed.
B: If we really want to include all of Namora's Golden Age appearances (which we do!) Namora was born without ankle-wings, she developed her ankle-wings around the time of Namor's seventeen/eighteen's birthday. After several adventures on land her wings withered by the end of the 1940's and ceased to function. To hide her withered wings Namora chose to wear leather boots instead. After several years her ankle-wings grew back by unrevealed means and she quickly trashed the boots. After spending decades in her casket of ice Namora's ankle-wings grew to full strength, granting her flight and superhuman speed.

Namora's relation to Namor

Nowadays we know Namora's father had been adopted into the Atlantean Royal Family, meaning Namora is indeed Namor's cousin, albeit not blood-related. But during Namora and Namor publication history there have been several different status quo.

Throughout the Golden Age Namora was presented not just as the Sub-Mariner's crime-fighting partner but also as a potential love interest. Most of the time Namora was just jealous of Namor's affection for Betty Dean but during one of their adventures in Men's Adventures#27/4 (May, 1954) Namora even offered her hand in marriage to Namor, which he quickly declined. Or in Sub-Mariner Comics#35/1 (August, 1954) when Namora, as a commander in the Atlantean army, was taken as a prisoner of war, when she saw Dean (on a mission for the UN) she reinforced lies about Namor to further divide the two so he would choose her.

All of this seems "perfectly fine" if it wasn't for Marvel Mystery Comics#88/2 (October, 1948) which established Namora and Namor were cousins! Although a real answer has never been given it seems like most writers of stories after October, 1948 just didn't know, by default creating a strange incestuous relationship. Or like Gorilla Man put it "I guess they even got Hillbillies under the Sea".

This status quo was still there during the Silver Age when in Sub-Mariner I#51 (July, 1972) it was an established fact Namor still thought of Namora as one of his possible brides.

It wasn't until decades later in Agents of Atlas II#6 & 7 (2009) we finally learned the ins and outs of the matter. It was revealed that as part of the Atlantean Eugenics Program Namora's father was adopted into the Royal Family, meaning Namora and Namor aren't related by blood. Or just read this explanation by Venus.

Namora's death

After Namora's last appearance in Sub-Mariner Comics#42/1 (October, 1955) many fans were wondering where Namora had gone, we had to wait for 36 years until in 1991 we learned Namora was poisoned by her rival Llyra and presumably died. However, it seemed like Bill Everett had in fact planned her to return.

In an interview, Bill Everett wrote: "Namora was poisoned by her rival Llyra. Then all the info we have is from Namorita, who believes her mother is dead." Agents of Atlas writer Jeff Parker had the following to say about Everett's interview: 'So a 14 year old (Namorita) is convinced, but for some reason Sub-Mariner's enemy Byrrah kept her on ice. The popular complaint with this is that poison wouldn't take out Namor, so it's unlikely it would her either. I mean, she can survive a direct hit from a torpedo." Parker continued: "It seemed clear to me that Everett wasn't just keeping her body around for decoration, then I found out, thanks to the posters over at the Invaders Message Board, that Roy Thomas even wrote that Bill Everett planned to bring her back.. but of course Everett's health was deteriorating then. He died soon after".

Luckily Jeff Parker brought her back to life!

Other comments

In Human Torch Comics#29/2 (Winter 1947) Namora and Namor unmask the White Flower and return to Shanghai two years later. For most of the Golden Age stories, we go with events occurring at the time of publication if appropriate. Therefore we've placed their return to Shanghai two years later right after Marvel Mystery Comics#91/2 (April, 1949).

If you've read the Avengers 1959 storyline from New Avengers or the Avengers 1959 limited series you might've noticed something odd, the fact that Namora was romantically involved with big game hunter Kraven the Hunter. While at first glance this seems fine and rather amusing it creates a rather unsettling behind-the-scenes story. Years before, in 1955 Namora married an Atlantean man named Talan and after becoming pregnant with her own clone in late 1957. While still pregnant Namora joined the Monster Hunters for several adventures until in the beginning of 1958 she gave birth to Namora...only to basically abandon her newborn and husband a year later to join the Avengers Initiative and become romantically involved with Kraven! Then in 1961 Namora returned to Atlantis after which she left the city for the colony of Maritanis with her family only to lose Talan in an atomic bomb test the same year.

In Avengers 1959#5, the "Papa" who invited Kraven to Key West is not Kraven's father (who was long dead by 1959), but American writer Ernest "Papa" Hemingway, who famously lived in Key West and indulged in all manner of Kraven-esque adventures - big-game hunting, bullfighting, etc.

For a good while, it was presumed that the 1950's Avengers from What If? I#9 (June, 1978) actually existed on Earth-616. Note that Namora also appeared in that issue, although she wasn't a member of the 50's Avengers. When Kurt Busiek destroyed their reality in Avengers Forever#5, he stated that they still could have existed on Earth-616, just not using the name of the Avengers. When Agents of Atlas was published, Jeff Parker explained that the heroes did team up together on Earth-616, only they were called the G-Men and 3-D Man never joined which explained that the What If issue was in fact another reality, that of Earth-9904 which was destroyed by Immortus.

In X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas (2009) the mutant tracking system Cerebra registered Namora as a mutant hybrid.

For a while it was believed that the Namora who appeared in Secret Wars: Agents of Atlas#1 (December, 2015) was in fact the real Agents of Atlas version saved by Doom during the multiversal collapse and established in the province of Battleworld known as Metropolitia. It was later revealed to have been Earth-12151. During the Secret Wars event another version of Namora was seen in the province known as Arcadia in A-Force#1 (July, 2015) which was later revealed to have been Earth-15513. In Arcadia, Namora was part of the Sub-Mariners alongside Namor and Namorita.

Namora received full profiles in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age 2004 (February, 2005), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC#8 (2009) & Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades Handbook (September, 2010), she also received entries as part of the Atlantean profile in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#1 (December, 1985), part of the Agents of Atlas profile in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update#2 (June, 2007)

400th Profile by MarvellousLuke, 12,000th Marvel Appendix profile!

Namora should not be confused with

Father of Namora

(Agents of Atlas II#7 (fb) ) - Shortly after he was born, the man who would father Namora was selected through a secret Atlantean Eugenics Program that sought to combine homo sapien and homo mermanis DNA in order to create a powerful breed of hybrids in the service of Atlantis. His parents were forced to allow the Royal Family of Atlantis to adopt him.

(Agents of Atlas II#7 (fb) ) - When he came of age, an Icelandic woman was selected as his human mate. After succesfully impregnating the female, she remained in Atlantis until she gave birth. After delivering the child, the woman was returned to her home. Namora's father was sworn to secrecy.

(Saga of the Sub-Mariner#2 (fb) - BTS) - Namora's father called the newborn "Namora", after her famous cousin Namor. He then decided to move with his daughter to a remote part of Atlantis where he could raise her in relative peace.

(Saga of the Sub-Mariner#2 (fb) - BTS) - Eventually he and Namora returned to Atlantis where he introduced Namora to her aunt, Princess Fen. She, in turn, made sure the young girl met her cousin Namor, who was fifteen at the time.

(Saga of the Sub-Mariner#2 (fb) -BTS) - Namora's father left Atlantis again with his daughter to live in one of Atlantis' outermost settlements.

(Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 (fb) - BTS) - When Namora hit puberty, she was surprised to find her blue skin was turning the same color pink as that of the surface dwellers. Her father then decided to tell his daughter about her origin. (This origin however was mostly a lie, since he could not reveal any information about the Atlantean Eugenics Program). He told Namora her mother was a common, shipwrecked woman he rescued and eventually fell in love with. Furthermore, he told her the woman died during delivery because of the unnatural pregnancy.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#82/2) - Namora and her father returned to Atlantis to celebrate the birthday of Emperor Thakorr. The festivities were brutally disrupted by four humans led by Stoop Richards who caused a bloodbath in their search for pearls and jewelry. Namora's father was one of their victims, forcing Namor and Namora to team up and avenge his death.

(Agents of Atlas II#6 - BTS) - Namora had been well aware her father was adopted by the Royal Family of Atlantis, as she told her teammate Venus. Thus claiming she and Namor were not cousins by blood. (Namora however was still not aware of the Eugenics Program or the forced adoption process)

(Agents of Atlas II#7 - BTS) - Namora learned about the true history of her parents and their involvement in the Atlantean Eugenics Program.

Comments: It's well possible that the reason for him and Namora being away from Atlantis for extended periods of time might have something to do with the long term goals of the Eugenics Program. After all, it's easier to subtly monitor someone in a remote outpost than in the middle of the royal court. The events of Marvel Mystery Comics#82/2 were retold in Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6.

--Marvel Mystery Comics#82/2 (Agents of Atlas II#7 (fb), [Saga of the Sub-Mariner 2 (fb)], [Saga of the Sub-Mariner 6 (fb)], Marvel Mystery Comics#82/2

Mother of Namora

(Agents of Atlas II#7 (fb) - BTS) - Namora's mother was an Icelandic woman selected by the Atlantean Eugenics program in an attempt to create a breed of powerful human/atlantean hybrids in the service of Atlantis. She was chosen to mate with Namora's father, forced to carry the baby to term in Atlantis and only allowed to return home after giving birth.

(Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 (fb) - BTS) - When Namora hit puberty, she was surprised to find her blue skin was turning the same color pink as that of the surface dwellers. Her father then decided to tell his daughter about her origin. (This origin however was mostly a lie, since he could not reveal any information about the Atlantean Eugenics Program). He told Namora her mother was a common, shipwrecked human woman he rescued and eventually fell in love with. Furthermore, he told her the woman died during delivery because of the unnatural origin of her pregnancy.

(Agents of Atlas II#7 - BTS) - Namora learned about the true history of her parents and their involvement in the Atlantean Eugenics Program.

Comments: It's been unrevealed if Namora's mother had any say in Namora's birth or if she was merely a prisoner. It's also unclear how the Atlantean Eugenics scientists had gained the knowledge or DNA data needed to determine she was the ideal match. Maybe they used mento-fishes and other exotic sea creatures Namor would often use in the early Fantastic Four issues to spy on the surface world. Namora's mother was never shown on panel. Provided she had no superhuman potential for longevity, she has presumably died of old age by now.

--Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 ([Saga of the Sub-Mariner#6 (fb)], [Agents of Atlas II#7 (fb)], [Agents of Atlas II#7]


(Namor I#20 (fb) - BTS) - Talan married Namora. Their marriage remained childless and although Talan knew this was a possibly due to Namora's hybrid nature he felt something less than a man.

(Namor I#20 (fb) ) - Talan and Namora argued again about their apparent inability to produce any offspring. Namora became so enraged she was threatening to divorce him if the subject of children would be raised again (in truth Namora wanted nothing more than to bear a child for the man she loved and worshiped).

   Vyrra created a clone of Namora and implanted it into her womb.

(Namor I#20 (fb) ) - Talan and Namora were overjoyed when she became pregnant.

(New Warriors I#44 (fb) ) - Months later their daughter Namorita was born.

(Sub-Mariner I#51 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#9 / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age) <1961> - Namora and her family left Atlantis for the colony of Maritanis. Soon afterward, Talan was killed in an atomic bomb test. Namora and her daughter now only three years old, drifted for weeks to reach the Pacific Ocean where they stumbled upon the Pacific kingdom of Lemuria.

Comments: New Warriors Annual I#1 reprinted the same panels from New Warriors I#44.

--Namor I#20 (Namor I#20 (fb), New Warriors I#44, New Warriors Annual I#1, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age

Sub-Mariner and Namora's beach house

The Sub-Mariner and Namora owned a beach house thousands of miles away from Florida. The Sub-Mariner and Namora were seen in the beach house when the Sub-Mariner received a telegram from Betty Dean, informing the duo of the coming glacier and ice age, caused by Byrrah's actions.

Comments: This beach house wasn't the one where Betty Dean lived as she was seen sitting in her own apartment.

--Sub-Mariner Comics#36/5

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