zawadi-wakandan-mu4-coverReal Name: Zawadi

Identity/Class: Human mutate;
    Wakandan citizen;
    active in the 1950s to the modern era

Occupation: Monster hunter

Group Membership: None; formerly Monster Hunters (Ulysses Bloodstone, Anthony Druid, Makkari, Namora)

Affiliations: Captain America (Steve Rogers), the not-yet formed First Line (Black Fox/Robert Paine Liberty Girl/Beverly, Agent Scott/Velmax/soon-to-be-Effigy Yankee Clipper/Patrick "Pat" Carney), the Forgiven (Ghost Blade, Inka, Raizo Kodo, Nighteyes, Quickshot, Redblood/Corey, Visigoth), Gorgilla, Stanley Hathaway, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), unidentified vampires (former Quench Center for the Self employees)

Enemies: Blackjack, Harvey Elder (the Mole Man), Geiomar ("Bobby Quench", the Leach), Gigantus, Kro, Lizard Men, Salomé, Dr. Earl Schreiber, Scythe, Tricephalous, various Deviant mutates, Zuhn,
    unidentified Tyrannosaurus rex;
    formerly Gorgilla

Known Relatives: None;
    one would think she has some connection to the royal family

Aliases: "Precious Gift" (translation of name from Swahili);
    Lady Zawadi (as referred to by Druid)

Base of Operations: Kilimanjaro Imports store in New York City, New York;
    formerly the Explorers' Club, Manhattan, New York;
    at least formerly Wakanda

First Appearance: Marvel Universe#4 (September, 1998)zawadi-wakandan-mlg2-face

Powers/Abilities: Zawadi is at least peak human, if not slightly enhanced in terms of strength, speed, agility, endurance, etc. I would think she could lift at least 500 lbs., if not significantly more.

    Zawadi has enhanced senses, particularly her olfactory sense, allowing her to detect people over 10' away from her by their breath, etc. She could likely had some degree of enhanced healing, although that is unconfirmed.

    Zawadi is an extremely skilled combatant, hunter, and tracker. She is virtually fearless, engaging tyrannosaurs, giant gorillas, and other immense monsters armed with only a spear and/or dagger. Her combination of instincts and experience renders well-prepared for any adventure/confrontation. Her cultural raising sometimes prevented her from getting American slang or similar in-jokes.

Height: Unrevealed (she was a whole head shorter than Ulysses Bloodstone in Marvel Universe, but he was shown much larger than his usual self, and/or the 6'2" in his official stats; in Marvel: The Lost Generation#2, she is just a little shorter than Curtiss (Makkari), although his illusory self could have been shorter than Makkari's 5'11" self; anyway, 5'9" seems about right)
Weight: Unrevealed (she is lean but solidly muscled; perhaps 140 lbs.)
Eyes: Apparently brown (occasionally appearing blue)
Hair: Black


(Marvel: The Lost Generation#2 (fb) - BTS) - In her youth, Zawadi partook of her native Wakanda's secret heart-shaped herbs, which enhanced her strength, endurance, senses, and other physical abilities.

(Marvel Universe#4 (fb)) - As Bloodstone backtracked the trail of the giant ant Grottu's destruction in hopes of learning the creature's origins, he was confronted by a Tyrannosaurus rex. As he turned his weapon on the creature, fearing the one loaded round would be insufficient, Zawadi leapt from above, landed on the creature's head, and shoved her spear through its neck. The dinosaur then threw her off of it, and Bloodstone caught her, after which they used rocks and bullets to drive the creature off.

    Zawadi then helped Bloodstone pick up Grottu's trail again, only to have it end in a collapsed cave deep in the Wakandan mountains. Unable to dig it out, they could only surmise that Grottu had come from underground.


zawadi-wakandan-mu4-greet(Marvel Universe#4 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age Marvel 2004) <1956> - In his guise as the National Security Agency's Jake Curtiss and (aka Michael "Mac" Curry), the Eternal Makkari summoned the supernatural investigators Ulysses Bloodstone, Dr. Anthony Ludgate Druid, and Zawadi of Wakanda to a meeting at the Explorers' Club to discuss a number of recent encounters with monstrous creatures.

(Marvel Universe#4 (fb) - BTS) - While awaiting the arrival of Druid, Zawadi waited in the meeting room with Ulysses Bloodstone and "Curtiss."

(Marvel Universe#4 (fb) - BTS) - Ulysses told Zawadi that Druid was well-traveled.

(Marvel Universe#4) - As Zawadi noted her disappointment that their New York City was disappointing in having so many people living so crowded together, Hathaway brought Druid to the room and then departed. Curtiss then introduced everyone to each other, and Druid complimented Zawadi, telling her she was lovely in name as well as countenance while noting her name to be Swahili for "Precious Gift." She in turn noted that Ulysses had said that he was well traveled.

    After Ulysses related the story of how he had met Zawadi, Druid noted how impressive it was to take on a Tyrannosaur armed only with a spear, and she told him that firearms were rare in Wakanda and that they had had to that they had to develop other skills.


As Druid related his story of his encounter with Gorgilla, Zawadi smelled the breath of Harvey Elder who was spying on them from below a grate. Suddenly opening the grate and lifting Elder into the air, she asked who he was and why he spied on them. After she dropped him to the ground, Druid hypnotized Elder into thinking he had not seen or heard anything of interest, after which Elder departed.

zawadi-wakandan-mu5-hypnospear  zawadi-wakandan-mu5-hypnospear-gorgilla   Curtiss then related his encounter with the Molten Man-Thing, explaining to her the nature of a wind tunnel, and he then noted that his investigations indicated a common source behind all of these monsters (though he did not reveal it at the time, Makkari suspected this to be the Deviant Kro). When Curtiss proposed that they united to investigate the cause, Ulysses readily agreed, and Zawadi noted that if Ulysses was interested, so was she. Zawadi considered that this would be an adventure, although she wondered how far she and Ulysses could trust Druid and Curtiss.

(Marvel Universe#5) - Zawadi was present as Druid painfully sensed Gorgilla's presence (brought there and under Kro's influence via a brain mine); she wondered what type of shaman Druid was. After Curtiss received a call that Gorgilla was in a harbor, Ulysses unlocked his arsenal, and Zawadi told Curtiss that Ulysses was equipped for any threat. Druid then revealed his origins, after which he sensed that Gorgilla was heading to the Bronx, and the group flew to Yankee stadium to intercept him there. Zawadi jumped out of the helicopter and stuck Gorgilla with a hypno-spear containing unspecified drugs. After Gorgilla dropped, Zawadi spotted the brain mine, which Druid removed, unwittingly reviving Gorgilla. 

    Moving at super-speed, "Curtiss" followed Gorgilla, and the others picked up Curtiss in his helicopter. When they demanded an explanation for his super-speed, Curtiss claimed to be the super-fast Adam Clayton. Druid was able to calm Gorgilla and learn how he had been brought from his island, and they resolved to take him back home. Unbeknownst to the group, they were observed by Harvey Elder with a pair of binoculars.

zawadi-wakandan-mu6-knife(Marvel Universe#6) - En route to an airfield, Gorgilla became restless under the tarp under which was hidden, and Druid had Zawadi take the wheel while he climbed to the back and mentally calmed Gorgilla; unbeknownst to them, they were followed by Elder. Meanwhile, Druid shared his suspicions regarding "Curtiss"/"Adam Clayton."

    They soon departed from Lakehurst Naval Air <Sta>tion, where orders from high-ranking officials had granted them every consideration. As they reached the Pacific ocean, Zawadi kept Gorgilla calm by feeding him a series of melons. When Druid noted that it should be safe to leave Gorgilla alone, Zawadi joined the others for a briefing while the auto-pilot brought them toward Borneo's Midnight Mountain. As Curtiss continued to relate how the monster encounters were all linked to Subterranean origins and to the man who supplied the Russian spies with Gorgilla, they were interrupted as Gorgilla discovered the stowaway Harvey Elder. As he accused them of working against him and foiling his attempts to join the Explorers' Club.

    After Zawadi subdued Elder with a nerve pinch that make him sleep for hours, Ulysses suddenly restrained "Curtiss," and while Zawadi brandished her knife, Druid noted that the real Adam Clayton was dead and demanded to know the truth. The discussion was interrupted by an assault by a Deviant ship that took out a pair of their engines, and Zawadi was shocked as "Curtiss" dove out the window, only returning after using his winged "lifters" to support the damaged engines. "Curtiss" then revealed that he had been the hero known as both Mercury and Hurricane, and that his old enemy, who frequently posed as a demon, was the man behind the monster attacks. After Druid confirmed that he was telling the truth, Zawadi and the others accepted his apologies and reaffirmed their commitment to the mission.

    After they landed at Midnight Mountain and led Gorgilla back home, both Zawadi and Druid sensed a nearby presence seconds before they were confronted by the Lizard-Men. Zawadi dodged a blast that struck Gorgilla instead, but the Lizard-Men accomplished their mission in capturing Hurricane via a Bloodhound missile containment module, and he was taken aboard a ship commanded by Kro. Zawadi was shocked when Ulysses' pursuit of one of the Lizard-Men -- during which he wildly fired his weapon's explosive rounds -- caused both he and his quarry to be buried under large rocks. Druid doubted Ulysses could have survived, but Zawadi insisted that they must dig him out, and Gorgilla swiftly did just that. They were surprised to find Ulysses alive and well and hefting a massive boulder over his head. Seeing the massive gem imbedded in his chest, Zawadi asked Ulysses if he was alright, but he assured her that the Bloodstone had been part of him for a long-time.

    After Druid revealed that his telepathic probes on one of the Lizard-Men had revealed the location of their base, Zawadi and the others prepared to rescue Hurricane and take down his abductor.zawadi-wakandan-mu7-knife-strike

(Marvel Universe#7) - Zawadi departed Midnight Mountain aboard Makkari's jet along with Ulysses and Druid. At Zawadi and Druid's query, Ulysses revealed his origins. Zawadi asked why he hadn't told her before, and he asked if she would have believed him, to which she replied, "Yes." As they set course for Monster Island in the sea of Japan, Ulysses told everyone to hold onto their hats, although he had to explain to Zawadi that this was just an expression.

(Marvel Universe#7 - BTS) - Kro confirmed to Makkari that the monsters had been Deviant mutate creations.

(Marvel Universe#7) - When a recovered Elder attempted to ambush the others with a fire extinguisher, both Zawadi and Druid sensed her approach, and Zawadi struck with her dagger, displaying her accuracy/control as she completely sliced off the right side of his moustache without cutting him. She warned the little pest that next time she would shave off more than that. When he cowered and begged her not to hurt him, Zawadi wondered what they would do with him.

(Marvel Universe#7 - BTS) - Druid put Elder in a parachute and cast him out of the jet; he landed on a dock, but he noted the coordinates of where they were going and vowed to track them down.


(Marvel Universe#7) - As they approached the island, they were confronted by the immense Gigantus, whom Ulysses blinded by shifting the engines to VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) and then landed the jet. They had barely deplaned and made their way into the island than a wave from Gigantus' sinking took away their jet. Ulysses advised Zawadi to stay close to him and assured that he would get them through. When a rock creature attacked, Ulysses blew it up with his artillery, and Zawadi acknowledged his having saved them while Druid sensed and located Hurricane.

(Marvel Universe#7 - BTS) - Druid made plans with the others to rescue Hurricane.

(Marvel Universe#7) - As Druid generated the illusion of Gorgilla attacking, Zawadi attacked the Lizard-Men with her spear, while Ulysses knocked a monster back into the equipment restraining Makkari, freeing him.

    Summoning the fire-breathing Tricephalous, Kro fled in some craft after setting off his failsafe weapons. As the entire chamber quaked, Makkari pulled the others with him to safety. After Makkari vowed to not keep any more secrets from them, Zawadi and the others agreed to work with him as the Monster Hunters. Makkari then levitated the others and flew them back...presumably to the Explorers' Club.

(Marvel Universe#7 - BTS) - Arriving soon after and destroying his skiff and his glassed in the process, Elder fell into a cave-in and blinded in the Valley of Diamonds...he then resolved to live out his days as a mole man.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#2 (fb) - BTS) - Namora joined the Monster Hunters.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Skrull Velmax, in the guise of FBI agent Jacob Scott, discovered some security breaches at the Long Island factory in which his ship was being held; unbeknownst to Velmax, the breaches were the result of Velmax's former commander, Zuhn, who was seeking to reclaim it.


    "Scott" recruited aid from his associates the Black Fox, Liberty Girl, and the Yankee Clipper to investigate the facility.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#2 (fb) - BTS) <1958> - Simultaneously, Dr. Druid sensed some strange psychic emanations -- that might be associated with a monster -- to a Long Island factory, and Zawadi and the others investigated.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#2) - Outside the facility, Ulysses noted from his perspective on a tree branch that while he couldn't see any monsters, his extrasensory "third eye" picked up some strange auras on the grounds. Zawadi advised Ulysses to come down as he was soaked to the skin.zawadi-wakandan-mlg2-leap

    Zawadi then noted that if the strangeness was within, that that is where they should go. When Druid advised caution and stealth as this was a restricted area, Zawadi cast off her coat and leapt over the high-voltage fence, noting, "Really, there any other way?" Landing gracefully, she rounded the building, but even her enhanced senses failed to detect the approaching Black Fox, who swiftly lifted her into the air as he told her trespassing was not allowed there.

    Considering that this confrontation eliminated the need for stealth, druid apparently tore upon the fence, and Makkari (in the form of Curtiss), rushed in and carried Zawadi away from the Fox while she confirmed she was OK.

    "Scott" came forth and defused the confrontation between the two groups, with Zawadi being surprised that "Curtiss" knew him. Zawadi remained silent during the subsequent discussions until Liberty Girl asked where were the big, bad monsters, at which point a monstrous creature -- actually investigator Dr. Earl Schreiber, mutated by Zhun via the ship's bio-molecularizer -- smashed through the factory's wall; Zawadi simply noted, "There."

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#2) - Schreiber soon reverted to normal, and the others took out Zuhn's agents, Blackjack and Scythe, while Zuhn blasted "Scott" with the bio-moleculizer, destabilizing his form and ultimately allowing Scott to claim he had gained metamorphic powers from the experience and to become the super hero known as Effigy. The group ultimately agreed to stay together as the First Line.

    Zawadi and the others accompanied the hospital, but the doors were closed when Nightingale arrived.

(Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters#1 (fb) - BTS) - As the Monster Hunters kept files on the various creatures they encountered. Apparently in response to such a query, Zawadi sent a hand-written note to Ulysses, noting that she didn't see the need to bother with these trivial recounts of the creatures slain over the years, especially those dispatched by others. Noting specifically that Rorgg, the alleged King of the Spider Men had been killed by a child, she commented that in Wakanda, they stepped on spiders.zawadi-wakandan-note

(Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters#1 (fb) - BTS) - Reviewing Ulysses Bloodstone's article on the Brute that Walks, Zawadi was shocked that Ulysses had not informed Sally Barton (now Sally Avery) of the truth, that her husband (then fiancé), Howard, had been the Brute. Fearing that Howard Avery might become an abusive spouse, she suggested that Howard see a counselor.
    Ulysses left the matter in Zawadi's hands, but how she responded is unrevealed.

(Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters#1 - BTS) - The Monster Hunters started drifting apart, and at some point, Zawadi mysteriously broke contact with everyone.

(Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters#1 - BTS) - Elsa Bloodstone posted in her blog, asking if anyone knew how she could contact Zawadi or learn her fate.

What became of her after the team broke up is unrevealed. Zawadi was reportedly enhanced by consuming the sacred heart-shaped herb of Wakanda, giving her great speed, agility, endurance, etc. and enhanced human strength; the events that led to this are unrevealed. Elsa Bloodstone's research noted that Zawadi broke off all contacts with the Monster Hunters at some unrevealed point, then completely disappeared.


(Spider-Man: Unforgiven#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Zawadi became the owner of the Kilimanjaro Imports store in New York City and moved into the apartment above it. She filled her home with items from her past as a monster hunter.

(Spider-Man: Unforgiven#1) - Zawadi was targeted by the Fallen Salomé, who sought to steal her eyes to be able to see the future again. Salomé broke into Zawadi's apartment, but was followed by Spider-Man, who planned to protect whoever the monstrous being was after. He encountered the elderly Zawadi, who knew that Spider-Man was one of the good guys. Zawadi knew who was after her and told Spider-Man to stay behind.

(Spider-Man: Unforgiven#1 - BTS) - While Spider-Man and the Forgiven fought against Salomé, Zawadi picked up a spear with a tip carved from Nephilim bone and bathed in the radiation of the Hellfire Helix.

(Spider-Man: Unforgiven#1) - Zawadi impaled Salomé through the back with her spear, which was poisonous to Salomé. Inka of the Forgiven recognized Zawadi. Zawadi drew a sign with chalk around Salomé, who was writhing in pain on the ground, spit on her and somehow caused her body to erupt in green flame. Zawadi then collapsed after telling the Forgiven and Spider-Man that Salomé wanted her eyes to see the evil that even she feared. Spider-Man called the emergency services to get Zawadi to a hospital.

(Captain America: Unforgiven#1 (fb) - BTS) - While recovering in a deep sleep Zawadi was shown the evil even Salomé feared by the spirits of her ancestors.

(Captain America: Unforgiven#1) - Zawadi tracked down Captain America and the Forgiven to tell them about Chthon's servant Geiomar, who apparently sought to take Chthon's place. According to her Geiomar needed to perform a blood sacrifice on winter solstice to create his new doctrine and Captain America was sure the sacrifice was Redblood, who had helped him reunite the Forgiven and got kidnapped. Zawadi didn't know Geiomar's modern identity or location, but Inka had learned about a secret hospital ward for vampire babies that had been taken over by a being known as the Leach, who later became Bobby Quench and turned the center into the Quench Center for the Self. They were sure Quench was Geiomar's present identity and armed with this information went after him. Zawadi provided the Forgiven and Captain America with a Wakandan plane.

   When they arrived at the Quench Center Zawadi used the tip of her spear to break the illusion and barrier around the Chthon temple hidden behind it and opened a portal for Captain America and the Forgiven. Zawadi kept it open while the others fought the vampires and Quench and rescued Redblood. After Quench was destroyed the temple turned to dust and the Forgiven, Captain America and the now homeless vampires stepped back through Zawadi's portal.

   Zawadi stayed with the Forgiven and gave the likes of Redblood combat training.

Comments: Created by Roger Stern, Bret Blevins, and Mike Manley.

    It seems likely to me that Makkari would not have known of Zawadi's existence and that Bloodstone had brought her to the USA and invited her to join him when he received his invitation. However, this is unconfirmed. She seemed to be with Ulysses, although there is nothing to indicate that their relationship was anything more than platonic.
    However, it would be cool to meet the son or daughter of Zawadi and Ulysses Bloodstone.

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Profile by Snood. Update by Markus Raymond (Unforgiven).

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