Real Name: Vyrra

Identity/Class: Homo mermani (possible human variant)

Occupation: Atlantean geneticist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Byrrah, Clones of Dorma, Delta Nine, Krang, Kyral, Llyron, Mako, Namora, Namorita, Shalak, Thakorr, Thallo
                      (formerly) Llyra, Sub-Mariner

Enemies: Llyra, Sub-Mariner

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Dorma

Base of Operations: Boundary Trench;
    formerly Atlantis

First Appearance: Namor I#19 (October, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: While Vyrra possessed no powers not typical to any Atlantean, he did use biological science to prolong his life span, to clone and accelerate the growth of life-forms, and to transfer his mind into another form.

History: (Namor I#20 (fb) - BTS) - Hundreds of years ago, the Atlantean Kyral developed a cloning process that was used as a food source, and this process eventually became used to create a race of slaves.  After a slave, Delta Nine, led a rebellion seeking freedom for slaves, Thallo, then king of Atlantis, ordered all the slaves to be put to death.  Cloning was then outlawed.

(Namor I#20 (fb)) - In the 1920s, Vyrra was a well-known Atlantean scientist.  When Vyrra began engaging in the forbidden practice of cloning in Atlantis, King Thakorr banished Vyrra from Atlantis, a just sentence since the law demanded Vyrra's death.  As the decades passed, Vyrra's name became legend in Atlantis as mother's would use his name to frighten their children.  Vyrra moved into a cave in the Boundary Trench.

(Marvel: the Lost Generation I#3) - At Byrrah's instruction, Warlord Krang had Vyrra create a new Atlantean warrior genetically.  Vyrra created Mako, who grew in time to fight the surface world in Atlantis' name.

(Namor I#20 (fb)) - Several decades later, Namora happened upon Vyrra's cave, and discerned that fate had led her there.  As a hybrid, Namora was unable to have children and sought Vyrra to place a clone of herself in Namora's womb that she could raise as a child.  Vyrra agreed to do so, and discovered in his tests that Namora held the genes for winged ankles like Namor's, and decided to put these in the clone as well.  He made the necessary adjustments so that Namora's daughter would not be recognized as a clone, then performed the procedure.

(Namor I#19 (fb) - BTS) - Vyrra kept himself alive using some of his scientific advances.  After three more decades, he felt his death pending and longed to be buried in Atlantis.  He excavated the corpse of the Lady Dorma (the deceased wife of Namor) and decided to try to clone it, figuring that Namor would be so pleased to see his wife alive that he would grant Vyrra his wish.  Vyrra reduced Dorma's body to a genetic soup while searching for viable cell tissue with which to generate a clone.  He soon created a clone and artificially aged it to adulthood.  While the clone was a physical replica for Dorma, it possessed none of her personality, leaving the clone basically mindless like an infant.  Vyrra tried eight more times, ending up with nine active and mindless clones around him.

(Namor I#13 - BTS) - Some Atlantean scouts spotted one of the Dorma clones and followed her back to Vyrra's cave, where another clone stood.  They quickly recognized her as Lady Dorma.

(Namor I#14 - BTS) - As some Atlanteans studied the mindless Dorma, they agreed that Namor must be contacted.

(Namor I#15 - BTS) - Namor and Namorita went to Atlantis and viewed the clone.  They determined they must investigate.

(Namor I#19) - Having discovered that Dorma's grave was empty, Namor and Namorita finally went to Vyrra's cave to investigate.  They found Vyrra's scientific equipment there, and Vyrra revealed himself.  Vyrra showed Namor and Namorita to the rest of the clones and explained his motives in making them.  In idle conversation, Vyrra accidentally revealed to Namorita that she was a clone as well.

(Namor I#20 BTS) - Vyrra stayed behind while Namor rushed after Namorita to explain her true origins to her.

(Namor I#54 (fb) - BTS) - Vyrra realized that Namor would likely return to destroy him and the cave, so he transferred his mind into one of Dorma's clones, killing his body in the process.  Vyrra then hid.

(Namor I#21 BTS) - It was reported that Vyrra was found dead, having scribbled a note requesting his burial in Atlantis.  Namor refused, and ordered the corpse be deposited in the trench.  Vyrra's cave was destroyed in a blast, killing all of the Dorma clones.

(Namor I#54 (fb) - BTS) - Vyrra retrieved his dead body and put it in stasis.  He grew furious with Namor for denying his burial request.

(Namor I#52) - Vyrra, in Dorma's form, swam towards Llyra when Llyra arrived at his cave.  Llyra was shocked at seeing Dorma alive since she'd been the one to kill Dorma. 

(Namor I#53) - After Llyra revealed that she was pregnant and wished to genetically accelerate the pregnancy and the child's growth into adulthood, Vyrra revealed himself.

(Namor I#54) - Vyrra offered to alter the sex of the boy-child, but Llyra refused.  Vyrra also copied Llyra's mind to place in the child's form.  Vyrra admitted to Llyra that he was doing this in hopes of getting revenge against Namor, and made Llyra promise to bury his form, when it was time, in Atlantis.  Vyrra soon delivered Llyra's son, who was named Llyron,

(Fantastic Four Unlimited I#11/2 (fb) - BTS) - Vyrra secretly copied his own mind into Llyron's form as well.

(Namor I#54) - Vyrra saw Llyron matured to the age of 16 in a manner of minutes.  Vyrra placed the child in a 'biological time-decompression crèche' and they watched as he grew to a 16-year old in a matter of minutes.  Once Llyron was awakened, Llyra broke Vyrra's neck and smashed the container that contained Vyrra's body.

(Namor I#57) - Llyron saw to it that Vyrra's burial in Atlantis took place, constructing a small monument to honor the geneticist.

Comments: Created by John Byrne.

Vyrra's mind lives on in Llyron's form, enmeshed with Llyra's mind and creating a unique persona.  See that profile for more information.

Namora having blue skin when she was younger was ignored in The Order I#6 (September, 2002) page 2 panel 2 where Namora is seen swimming with 14-year-old Namor (both seen with ankle wings which contradicts what was written in her journal about her only having vestige of undeveloped ankle wings in Namor I#20 (November, 1991) page 24 panel 2 and Sub-Mariner I#54 (October, 1972) reprinting Sub-Mariner Comics#39 (April, 1955) "The Sub-Mariner Gets A Lesson In Humility From Namora!" ---which shows her with Caucasian skin contradicting Roy Thomas' claim that reprints showed her with blue skin (reprints also show Fen with Caucasian skin and yet Roy Thomas didn't give her this skin color in "The Saga Of The Sub-Mariner". Sub-Mariner I#50-51 (June-July, 1972) show Byrrah with green skin and yet his skin color isn't recorded as being able to change). Plus Agents of Atlas I#4 (January, 2007) & #6 (March, 2007), the covers of Namora I#1 (August, 1948) - 3 (December, 1948) and the covers of Sub-Mariner Comics#25 (September, 1948) - 29 (December, 1948) show Namora with ankle wings. Namora is seen in her transparent coffin with ankle wings in Sub-Mariner I#51 (July, 1972), page 7, panel 3 (Caucasian skin seen but in Sub-Mariner I#50 (June, 1972) page 9 her skin is blue in her transparent coffin).

Profile by Chadman


Vyrra has no known connections to


(Namor I#15) - Shalak of the house of Ven was sent to retrieve Namor from the surface world to investigate the strange resurrection of the Lady Dorma.  He took an Atlantean craft to Oracle, Inc. and picked up Namor, Carrie Alexander, and Namorita, returning them to Atlantis.

--Namor I#15

Clones of Dorma

(Namor I#19 (fb) - BTS) - The Atlantean geneticist, Vyrra, took Dorma's body from its grave and reduced it to genetic soup, seeking to make a perfect clone of Dorma and hoping to use that clone to gain favor in Namor's eyes.  He made nine separate clones that turned out to be perfect physical matches, but were mindless.

(Namor I#13) - One of the clones wandered from the caves and was seen by some Atlantean scouts.

(Namor I#14) - The clone was studied by the Atlanteans, who determined Namor must be contacted.

(Namor I#15) - Namor and Namorita saw the clone and moved to investigate Dorma's gravesite.

(Namor I#19) - Namor and Namorita found Vyrra's cave, saw the other clones, and learned the clones' origins.

(Namor I#54 (fb)) - Fearing retribution by Namor, Vyrra transported his mind into one of the clone's bodies and hid.

(Namor I#21) - The rest of the clones were destroyed inside Vyrra's cave when the Atlanteans blew it up.

(Namor I#52-54) - Vyrra, in the clone's body, aided Llyra in the creation of Llyron.  Llyra then murdered the clone, killing Vyrra.

--Namor I#13 (19 (fb) - BTS, 13-15, 19, 54 (fb), 21, 52-54


(Namor I#20 (fb) - BTS) - Many hundreds of years ago, the Atlantean scientist, Kyral, developed a cloning science that allowed him to grow creatures out of single cells.  His work was initially used to increase the Atlantean food supply, but in time, this process was used to create a race of slaves.

--Namor I#20 (fb)-BTS

Delta Nine

(Namor I#20 (fb)) - 16th century, as one of hundreds of Atlantean cloned slaves, Delta Nine was one who demanded equal rights for slaves in the Atlantean culture.  He rallied the other slaves around him to fight for freedom, and King Thallo of the Atlanteans ordered all the clones to be put to death.  The clones were all exterminated in a bloody battle.

--Namor I#20 (fb


(Namor I#20 (fb)) - 16th century, King Thallo (Namor's great, great, great grandfather) ordered all the cloned slaves that were warring against his people in the cause of freedom to be put to death, and it was done in a bloody battle.  Thallo ordered that cloning be outlawed forever.

--Namor I#20 (fb

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