Elanna rules the Seas!ELANNA

Real Name: Elanna

Identity/Class: Human variant? (Homo mermani), Post-Hyborian era, magic user;
    Atlantean citizen

Occupation: Queen of the Western Sea Tribe

Group Membership: Atlanteans;
    formerly the Western Sea Tribe

Affiliations: Kamuu

Enemies: Stegor, Orrek, formerly Kamuu

Known Relatives: Tanas (husband), Zartra (daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Formerly Western Sea, Atlantis, @ 6000 B.C.

First Appearance: Sub Mariner I#64/2 (August, 1973)

Powers/Abilities: Elanna is a member of the Homo mermani, granting her enhanced human strength, the ability to see in near total darkness and withstand the great cold and pressures at the ocean's depths. He can breathe underwater, but would suffocate on land.
    She had the power of precognition (see the future) and various other abilities granted via sorcery. She is also a skilled swordswoman and rides atop a manta.



Elanna orders the attack



History: (Sub Mariner I#64/2) <6, 000 BC> - 12,000 years (see comments) after the Great Cataclysm that sunk Atlantis, Elanna followed the army of his husband Tanas. They reached the ruins of Atlantis to conquer its hidden treasures but had to fight with the army of the tribes of the Eastern Sea led by Stegor. Tanas was killed in duel by Stegor, but Elanna knew the result of the fight before its start. So, she mounted on her manta, took the command of the army and entered in the fight. Saving the Flag, she challenged Stegor and killed him, also this time, she had known the result of the duel before it started. She then led her people to the conquest of the ruins of Atlantis.

(Sub Mariner I#66/2 (fb)- BTS) - She sent her daughter Zartra near the ruins of the ancient Temple of Bishru, knowing that she would meet Kamuu and that their respective people would be reunited.






Comments: Created by Steve Gerber, Howard Chaykin and Joe Sinnot.

    The Great Cataclysm happened in 18000 B.C. Read it. Learn it. Live it.
    Sub-Mariner I#64/2 states that Kamuu found the sword of his predecessor 5000 years after the Great Cataclysm, which would put it at 13,000 BC.
    In Saga of the Sub-Mariner#1, Namor says that the Homo Mermani appeared about 10000 years after the sunk of Atlantis, which would put it at 8,000 BC.
    In the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#1: Atlantis, the appearance of Homo mermani is dated as ten thousand years ago, or 8,000 B.C. Further, it states that they wandered as nomads for millennia, until 8,000 year ago, or 6,000 BC. It also correctly states this as being 12,000 years since the Great Cataclysm. Kamuu's founding of  the undersea city of Atlantis occurred at this time.
    In this case, we have to go with fact repeated fairly consistently over decades over the original story. Earlier on, the timing of the Great Cataclysm and the founding of undersea Atlantis was less well defined, so I'm going with it being founded @ 6,000 BC.

Profile by Spidermay


Elanna has no known connections to

Tanas before the duel with StegorTanas

Tanas was the King of the Tribe of the Western Sea. His people and he arrived at the ruins of the ancient sunken City of Atlantis to conquer its hidden treasures.

But also the Tribes of the Eastern Sea wanted the City of Atlantis, so the war began. But before the fight, the two Kings had to duel. Tanas was killed by Stegor.

--Sub Mariner I#64/2

Sub Mariner I#64/2, page 5, panel 4 (Elanna with the Flag)
Sub Mariner I#64/2, page 3, panel 3 (Elanna - head shot)
Sub Mariner I#64/2, page 1, panel 4 (Tanas)

Other appearances: None

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