Kamuu has the Emperor's SwordKAMUU

Real Name: Kamuu

Identity/Class: Human variant? (Homo mermani), Post-Hyborian era;
    Atlantean citizen

Occupation: Emperor of Atlantis

Group Membership: Atlanteans;
    formerly the Eastern Sea Tribe

Affiliations: Kamuu (pre-Cataclysm), Zartra (pre-Cataclysm)

Enemies: Formerly Elanna, Formerly Shabarr, Orrek

Known Relatives: Zartra (wife), Stegor (father), Orrek (uncle), Harran (son, deceased), Kalen (grandson);
Kamuu of Atlantis pre-Cataclysm (spiritual father)

Aliases: Kamuu of the Eastern Sea Tribe

Base of Operations: Formerly Eastern Sea, Atlantis, @ 6000 B.C.

First Appearance: Sub Mariner I#64/2 (August, 1973)

Powers/Abilities: Kamuu is a normal member of the Homo mermani, granting him enhanced human strength, the ability to see in near total darkness and withstand the great cold and pressures at the ocean's depths. He can breathe underwater, but would suffocate on land. He used the sword in some tournaments.

Kamuu meets ZartraHistory:
(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#1: Atlantis) - Kamuu was named after the last king of pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis.

(Sub Mariner I#64/2) <6, 000 BC> - 12,000 years (see comments) after the Great Cataclysm that sunk Atlantis, Kamuu and the army of his father, Stegor, reached the ruins of Atlantis to battle with the army of the Western Sea led by Tanas, and to conquer Atlantis and its hidden treasures. Kamuu's father was killed in fight by Elanna. Kamuu's uncle, Orrek, sent the boy in a patrolling mission, hoping the boy would be killed, so he could become King of its tribe.

(Sub Mariner I#65/2) - Kamuu swam through the ruins of Atlantis and stumbled intp a hole in the ground. He awoke in a macabre sanctuary and was attacked by Shabarr, the living skeleton of a priest of Bishru. Kamuu tried to resist but his sword was broken by the "demon" and had to run away. He reached the ancient room of the Throne of Atlantis, the Kamuu's Throne, and caught the Sword in the Throne, the sword once wielded by Kamuu Emperor of Atlantis.

(Sub Mariner I#66/2) - When Kamuu wielded the Sword over his head, the demon knelt down and called him "Lord". Immediately after, the boy fell sleeping and he awoke in another place, where he met the ancient Emperor Kamuu and his Empress Zartra. They showed to him his future, the future of Atlantis, his heritage, his duty as leader. Then, Kamuu was again in the room of the Throne.
Kamuu and Zartra    Out of the Royal Palace he swore that his people would never more be nomads, that this place would become their home and that Atlantis would be reborn, and so would its glory... in that moment, Zartra, Tanas and Elanna's daughter, approached him offering her friendship. Kamuu accepted, friendship... and more. 

(Saga of the Sub-Mariner#1(fb) - BTS) - Kamuu restored the glory of Atlantis.

(Namor I#38 (fb) - BTS) - Kamuu died and was succeeded by his son, Harran.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber, Howard Chaykin and Joe Sinnot.

The Empress Zartra said something about a queen for Kamuu, but in these stories they don't marry.

    The Great Cataclysm happened in 18000 B.C. Read it. Learn it. Live it.
    Sub-Mariner I#64/2 states that Kamuu found the sword of his predecessor 5000 years after the Great Cataclysm, which would put it at 13,000 BC.
    In Saga of the Sub-Mariner#1, Namor says that the Homo Mermani appeared about 10000 years after the sunk of Atlantis, which would put it at 8,000 BC.
    In the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#1: Atlantis, the appearance of Homo mermani is dated as ten thousand years ago, or 8,000 B.C. Further, it states that they wandered as nomads for millennia, until 8,000 year ago, or 6,000 BC. It also correctly states this as being 12,000 years since the Great Cataclysm. Kamuu's founding of  the undersea city of Atlantis occurred at this time.
    In this case, we have to go with fact repeated fairly consistently over decades over the original story. Earlier on, the timing of the Great Cataclysm and the founding of undersea Atlantis was less well defined, so I'm going with it being founded @ 6,000 BC.

    Some sources (including the original Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe) have referenced Neptune as having created the Homo mermani, from a group of drowning sailors.  Other sources consider the Homo mermani to be the result of Deviant or Inhuman manipulation, who just came to worship Neptune. The world may never know, but for some reason, I favor the former theory (being created by Neptune). Take a big, fat guess which one Prime Eternal prefers (and which part of it)!!!

Harran's name became canon in Suma-Ket's entry in All-New OHotMU#11.

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StegorStegor before the duel with Tanas

    Stegor was the King of a warrior tribe of sea nomads of the Eastern Sea (in the Atlantic Ocean), and was the father of Kamuu. His people and he wanted the treasures of the ruins of the ancient city of Atlantis, but they had to fight with the people of the Western Sea, before.

For tradition, before the two armies clashed between them, the two kings had to duel. Stegor killed Tanas in duel with the lances.

In the following battle Elanna, Tanas' wife, challenged Stegor and killed him in duel.

--Sub Mariner I#64/2



Orrek waits for Kamuu and OrrekOrrek

    Orrek was Stegor's brother. After his brother's death he became the leader of a defeated army, but not the King of the tribe. He sought to conquer Atlantis and the power over his people. He only had two obstacles: Elanna and the young son of Stegor. So he ordered Rennar to call Kamuu, and ordered to the boy the dangerous mission of patrolling the ruins of Atlantis, where the Elanna's Army was installed.

He had a long scar on the right side of the face.

--Sub Mariner I#64/2




Rennar was a soldier of the Eastern Sea army.

He accompanied Kamuu to his uncle Orrek, and protested when he understood the danger in the patrolling mission for a so young boy.

--Sub Mariner I#64/2



Shabarr defends the Temple of BishruShabarr

    Shabarr was a priest of Bishru and was the guardian of the Temple of Bishru, probably from the sinking of the Temple, in the shape of a living skeleton.

    When Kamuu approached to the Temple of Bishru, Shabarr threatened him, but Kamuu thought he was a demon summoned by the witch Elanna, and the two fought with their swords. Shabarr was stronger. Howling, he pursued Kamuu to the room of the Throne. When Kamuu extracted the Sword in the Throne, Shabarr recognized the Sword and (probably) the resemblance with his ancient Lord Kamuu and begged his forgiveness.

Then he became a bunch of bones and rags (if a curse was on him or whatever else, it was broken or extinguished by Kamuu).

--Sub Mariner I#65/2 (66/2

Sub Mariner I#66/2, page 4, panel 4 (Kamuu)
Sub Mariner I#66/2, page 5, panel 5 (Kamuu - head shot)
Sub Mariner I#66/2, page 5, panel 7 (Kamuu and Zartra)
Sub Mariner I#64/2, page 1, panel 5 (Stegor)
Sub Mariner I#64/2, page 6, panel 1 (Orrek)
Sub Mariner I#64/2, page 6, panel 5 (Rennar)
Sub Mariner I#65/2, page 3, panel 5 (Shabarr)

Other appearances:
Sub Mariner I#65/2 (September, 1973)
Sub Mariner I#66/2
(October, 1973)
Saga of the Sub-Mariner#1 (November, 1988)

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