Type: Divergent Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement (or via time machines)

Dominant Life Form: Atlanteans, gods, humans, robots, Skrulls

Significant Inhabitants: Desi Arnaz, the Avengers (3-D Man, Gorilla Man, Human Robot, Marvel Boy, Venus, Jimmy Woo), Lucille Ball, the Black Dragons, Captain America, the Cold Warrior, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Electro, Matthew Grayson, the Great Video, Hercules, Jann of the Jungle, Nikita Khrushchev, Namora the Sea-Woman, Elvis Presley, Shaw, Skull-Face, Suwan, Fritz von Voltzmann, the Yellow Claw, Zeus

First Appearance: What If? I#9 (June, 1978)

History: (What If? I#9 (fb)) - In 1934, Matthew Grayson escaped Hitler's tyranny into space where his ship was knocked off-course, eventually arriving on the planet Uranus where his son Bob grew up to become the hero Marvel Boy.

 (What If? I#9 (fb)) - A scientist created the Human Robot but needed a regulator to perfect it. Unfortunately, the scientist's manager sabotaged the robot, programming it to kill its creator which it did, along with the manager. Seeking more victims, the Human Robot dove into a river, only to be short-circuited by the water.

 (What If? I#9 (fb)) - The cousin of Hercules and daughter of Zeus, Venus renounced her godly attributes to dwell among mortals who needed her.

 (What If? I#9 (fb)) - While piloting the experimental XF-13 plane, pilot Chuck Chandler was attacked by alien Skrulls, whose flying saucer exploded, causing Chuck to merge with his brother Hal. From that point on, whenever Hal donned a special pair of glasses, he would merge with Chuck's spirit, becoming the 3-D Man.

 (What If? I#9) - As F. B. I. Agent James Woo waited for his contact in San Francisco's Chinatown, he was attacked by members of the Black Dragon motorcycle gang. Luckily, Agent Woo was saved by the 3-D Man, who happened to be vacationing with his parents. Agent Woo thanked 3-D Man for the assist and announced that he now would not have to locate 3-D Man later. A confused 3-D Man asked what Woo meant and Woo explained that he would soon find out just as Marvel Boy arrived for his meeting with Woo. Marvel Boy did his part to help out as well by telepathically reading one of the Black Dragons' minds where he discovered that the Black Dragons were under the mental control of the Yellow Claw. Agent Woo then explained to Marvel Boy that he needed a favor done in Africa while the Yellow Claw watched their actions on his Quartz Crystal. In Africa, Marvel Boy met with Jann of the Jungle to find Ken Hale, the Gorilla-Man. They soon found him being attacked by a group of lions and Jann jumped right into battle to help the Gorilla-Man. As Marvel Boy talked the Gorilla-Man into helping him in America, Agent Woo and the 3-D Man met with Namora the Sea-Woman to find the long-dormant Human Robot. While the 3-D Man and Namora went underwater to retrieve the Human Robot, Agent Woo was startled at the arrival of the goddess Venus. Upon its reactivation, the Human Robot continued its old programming to kill until Venus held it off with her love powers. Once Marvel Boy had re-programmed the Human Robot, Agent Woo explained that he had recently been appointed a personal bodyguard to President Eisenhower and during that time, three attempts had been made on Eisenhower's life, all linked to the Yellow Claw in some way. He then invited the other assembled heroes to help thwart the Yellow Claw's crimes as the Avengers which they all agreed to do. One month later, the Yellow Claw was introduced to his own band of superhumans: Skull-Face, the Great Video, Electro, and the Cold Warrior. With the might of his group beside him, the Yellow Claw chose that time to strike against President Eisenhower by pulling him underground during one of his golf games. Agent Woo managed to slip underground with the villains where he radioed the Avengers for aid. Woo was soon discovered as the Yellow Claw explained his ransom plan to the President and was zapped unconscious by Electro. Just before the Yellow Claw's scientist henchman Fritz Voltzmann could torture Woo, the Human Robot burst through the wall, giving the Avengers an opening into the Claw's headquarters. While the Avengers battled the Yellow Claw's group of villains, the Yellow Claw's niece Suwan freed Agent Woo who followed the escaping Yellow Claw and Voltzmann. Finding the "Yellow Claw," Woo was shielded by the Human Robot when the "Yellow Claw" turned out to be an explosive decoy. Following the battle with the Yellow Claw's villains, the Avengers met with a now-safe President Eisenhower who asked that they disband, fearing that the general public might blame them for the social ills of the time.

 (Avengers Forever#4) - The Earth-616 Wasp and an alternate future counterpart of the Genis-Vell Captain Marvel visited Earth-9904 circa 1959 to investigate a temporal imbalance point during the Destiny War. They gathered from a newspaper that the local California town was throwing a Fourth of July party with fireworks and special guest Richard Nixon. While Wasp and Captain Marvel investigated at the local fairground, they were overheard talking about Nixon by Hal Chandler, one part of the 3-D Man, who radioed Marvel Boy to explain what he had heard. Soon, Captain Marvel's cosmic awareness deduced that the Nixon present at the festival was actually a disguised Skrull. Rushing to expose the Skrull, Captain Marvel was abruptly halted by the Avengers, who thought that the Wasp and Captain Marvel wanted to shanghai "Nixon" to China.

 (Avengers Forever#5) - The '50s Avengers battled and eventually subdued the Wasp and Captain Marvel. When Marvel Boy mentioned that he would try a telepathic probe to prove to truth behind the Wasp's explanations, she was happy to prove her story about being from the future. As Marvel Boy discovered that the Wasp was truthfully there investigating temporal disturbances and that the "Nixon" present was actually a Skrull, two "F. B. I. Agents" arrived and explained that they knew there was a problem and that they needed to confer with the 1950s Avengers. As Rick Jones of Earth-616 observed Earth-9904 from outside of time, Captain Marvel's cosmic awareness kicked in and he revealed that the F. B. I. Agents were actually Space Phantoms. The '50s Avengers immediately jumped into action against the Space Phantoms while Rick Jones warned Wasp and Captain Marvel that there were temporal disturbances all around them. Soon after the Skrull Nixon finished his speech to the celebrating crowd, he shook hands with what he thought was a visiting Army General. As he shook hands, the Skrull Nixon was outed as a Skrull and the General was revealed to be the Master of Limbo known as Immortus, who was wielding the time-altering Forever Crystal. Immortus then announced that the Skrull's attempt as destroying America's space program would eventually be discovered and that Earth would arm itself against enemies from the stars. Given the future that he saw, Immortus ordered the timeline to be destroyed and he activated the Forever Crystal, effectively erasing Earth-9904 from existence.

Comments: Created by Don Glut, Alan Kupperberg, and Bill Black.

This reality's divergent point would have occurred when the 1950s heroes decided to band together as the Avengers.

For a good while, it was presumed that the 1950s Avengers from Earth-9904 existed on Earth-616. When Kurt Busiek destroyed their reality in Avengers Forever, he stated that they still could have existed on Earth-616, just not using the name of the Avengers. When Agents of Atlas was published, it was explained that the heroes did team up together on Earth-616, only they were called the G-Men and 3-D Man never joined which explained that the What If issue's reality (Earth-9904) was the one that Immortus destroyed.

While the '50s Avengers appeared in Avengers Forever#4-5, Jimmy Woo was not present with them.

I listed every character that was living at the time as behind-the-scenes in Avengers Forever#5 because even if they weren't in that issue, they had to have died when Immortus erased their reality.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-9904 has no known connections to

The Avengers

The Avengers were formed by F. B. I. Agent Jimmy Woo in order to better combat the plans of the Yellow Claw. After saving President Eisenhower, they were asked to disband but instead continued working for the F. B. I. During a political rally in celebration of the Fourth of July, the Avengers met with Earth-616's Wasp and Captain Marvel from an alternate future, from whom they discovered that the Richard Nixon present at the rally was actually a Skrull. Before they had time to halt the Skrull's plans, Immortus arrived and erased Earth-9904 from existence, killing every one of the Avengers.

They were: (from left to right):  Venus, the Human Robot, Marvel Boy, Jimmy Woo, the Gorilla-Man, and the 3-D Man.

--What If? I#9 (Avengers Forever#4, 5d,

The Black Dragons

The Black Dragons were a motorcycle gang who attacked Jimmy Woo in San Francisco just prior to the formation of the Avengers. After they were defeated by the 3-D Man, Marvel Boy telepathically discovered that they were under the mental control of the Yellow Claw. They were eventually destroyed along with their entire reality.

--What If? I#9 (Avengers Forever#5 - BTS(d),

The Cold Warrior

The Cold Warrior was an anti-communist "hero" who used a costume that enabled him to generate intense cold. In order to better combat Jimmy Woo's Avengers, the Yellow Claw mentally enslaved the Cold Warrior to fight on his behalf. While under the control of the Yellow Claw, the Cold Warrior helped kidnapped President Eisenhower and he later battled the Avengers alongside other mental thralls of the Claw. During the battle, he loathed having to use his power to kill but was unable to stop himself due to his mental conditioning. He was defeated alongside with other mental thralls by the Avengers. He was eventually destroyed along with everything else in his reality when Immortus erased his reality.

The Cold Warrior wore a costume that allowed him to generate intense cold.

--What If? I#9 (Avengers Forever#5 - BTS (d),


Electro was a Communist who was mentally enslaved by the Yellow Claw. He aided in the kidnapping of President Eisenhower and was eventually defeated by the Avengers when they rescued the President. He was destroyed when Immortus erased this reality.

Electro could manipulate and control electricity.

--What If? I#9 (Avengers Forever#5 - BTS (d),

Matthew Grayson

Wanting to escape the threat of Hitler in 1934, Matthew Grayson used an atomic-powered spacecraft to fly into space with his son Bob. While travelling, the spacecraft was knocked off-course and it landed on Uranus where Matthew and Bob spent years. He perished along with everyone else in his universe when Immortus erased it out of existence using the Forever Crystal.

--What If? I#9 (fb) (Avengers Forever#5 - BTS (d),

The Great Video

The Great Video was given superhuman vision by a laboratory explosion and he almost immediately set his plans to crime. After being defeated by Marvel Boy, the Great Video's powers were removed until the Yellow Claw restored them and placed the Great Video under his mental thrall. While under the Claw's influence, the Great Video battled the Avengers until he was defeated along with the others controlled by Claw. When Immortus destroyed the universe, the Great Video perished along with it.

The Great Video had superhuman vision, allowing him x-ray vision and the ability to kill with a prolonged stare.

--What If? I#9 (Avengers Forever#5 - BTS (d),


Hercules was the same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until he perished when Immortus destroyed the universe.

Hercules presumably had the same superhuman strength, stamina, resistance, immortality, and durability that his Earth-616 counterpart had.

--What If? I#9 (fb) (Avengers Forever#5 - BTS (d),

Jann of the Jungle

Jann of the Jungle was heroine who fought against atrocities that took place within the African jungles. When Marvel Boy came there searching for the Gorilla-Man, Jann led Marvel Boy to Gorilla-Man and aided Gorilla Man against an attack by lions. Once Marvel Boy had convinced the Gorilla Man to help Jimmy Woo, Jann said her goodbyes, wishing that she could also aid them further. When Immortus destroyed the universe, she presumably perished along with it.

--What If? I#9 (Avengers Forever#5 - BTS (d),

Namora the Sea-Woman

Namora was the same as her Earth-616 counterpart up until she aided the 3-D Man retrieve the Human Robot from a local river. She presumably perished along with her universe when Immortus erased it from existence.

Namora could survive indefinitely underwater, able to extract oxygen from water, see in the murky depths of the ocean, and withstand the intense pressures of the deep. She also had superhuman strength, durability, and flight.

--What If? I#9 (Avengers Forever#5 - BTS (d),


Shaw was a secret service agent guarding President Eisenhower when he was kidnapped by the Yellow Claw's group of villains. When Shaw tried to protect the President, the Cold Warrior uncontrollably froze him to death.

--What If? I#9 (#9d,


Skull-Face was the skeleton of an alleged demon that was brought to life by electricity. He was soon put under the mental control of the Yellow Claw where he served as a member of a group of supervillains opposing the Avengers. During the battle, he was destroyed when Marvel Boy hurled him into the Cold Warrior, scattering his bones.

Skull-Face had superhuman strength but being a skeleton, he fell apart pretty easily.

--What If? I#9 (#9d,


Suwan was the niece of the Yellow Claw and despite her family, was in love with Agent Jimmy Woo. When Woo was captured by the Yellow Claw, he gave Suwan a radio in which to call the Avengers, which she did. The Avengers soon arrived and defeated the Yellow Claw's group of villains but the Yellow Claw escaped with Suwan. She was presumably destroyed along with the rest of the universe when Immortus erased it from existence.

--What If? I#9 (Avengers Forever#5 - BTS (d),

Fritz Voltzmann

Fritz von Voltzmann was a Nazi war criminal specializing in torture who allied himself with the Yellow Claw following World War II. He aided the Claw in his attempt to takeover of the United States but fled with the Claw when the Avengers defeated the Claw's group of supervillains. He presumably perished when Immortus destroyed the universe.

--What If? I#9 (Avengers Forever#5 - BTS (d),

The Yellow Claw

The Yellow Claw was an ancient alchemist and sorcerer who concocted a plan to takeover the United States after three separate attempts on the life of President Eisenhower. After recruiting a group of supervillains to aid him, the Yellow Claw had Eisenhower kidnapped, whom he hoped to ransom for control of the United States. Unfortunately for him, the Avengers showed up and defeated the Claw's henchmen, leaving Claw to flee the scene with his niece Suwan. He presumably perished when Immortus destroyed the universe.

The Yellow Claw had knowledge of sorcery and alchemy.

--What If? I#9 (Avengers Forever#5 - BTS (d),

What If? I#9, front cover (The 1950s Avengers, main pic)
 p6, pan3 (Black Dragons)
 p9, pan3 (Jann of the Jungle)
 p10, pan6 (Namora)
 p16, pan2 (Matthew Grayson)
 p17, pan5 (Hercules)
 p19, pan4 (Avengers)
 p22, pan2 (Yellow Claw, Suwan, & Fritz Voltzmann)
 p22, pan4 (Skull-Face, Great Video, Electro, & Cold Warrior)
 p24, pan2 (Shaw)

Other Appearances:
What If? I#9 (June, 1978) - Don Glut (script), Alan Kupperberg, Bill Black (art)
Avengers Forever#4 (March, 1999) - Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern (writer/plot), Carlos Pacheco (penciler), Jesus Merino (inker)
Avengers Forever#5 (April, 1999) - Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern (writer/plot), Carlos Pacheco (penciler), Jesus Merino (inker)

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