Real Name: Sinkovitz (first name unknown)

Identity/Class: Mutated human, technology user

Occupation: Scientist; would-be superhero

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Dupe of Diabolik

Enemies: 3-D Man

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Sub-Zero Man (on the cover of MarvPrem37)

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, circa 1958

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere#37 (August, 1977)





Powers: By using his equipment on himself, Sinkovitz could briefly grant himself superhuman powers related to cold. He could generate intense cold, and could freeze a form of super-heavy ice from ambient moisture in the air. In addition, he somehow gained enhanced human strength. At least some of Sinkovitz's powers were dependent on his costume, though he could not maintain his superhuman powers indefinitely in any case.

History: (Marvel Premiere#37) -Professor Sinkovitz, a rabidly anti-Communist scientist, was approached by Diabolik, a Skrull disguised as then Vice-President Richard Nixon. The Nixon-Skrull gave Sinkovitz technical aid in his work using Skrull science, and convinced Sinkovitz to use his new cryogenic process to become the Cold Warrior, and hunt down the 3-D Man. Sinkovitz, believing the fake Vice-President's claims that the 3-D Man was a communist, agreed readily. The 3-D Man, who was tracking the Skrull's technology, instead found himself confronted by the Cold Warrior. The two battled to a stalemate on the Santa Monica Piers, and the 3-D Man realized that his foe's ice was heavier than water. The 3-D Man then knocked Sinkovitz into the water, where he sank in his own ice. Sinkovitz managed to break free, but his costume was ruined and his powers rapidly faded. He vowed vengeance on the rapidly departing 3-D Man.


Comments: Created by Roy Thomas and Jim Craig

What If? I#9 depicted a tale set in the 50s (Earth-9904), which the Cold Warrior was part of. Originally, it was hinted that this timeline was the main Marvel Earth's, but Avengers Forever#4-5 retconned this away and Immortus wiped out the entire timeline to boot.

Cold Warrior in What if I#9:

(What If? I#9) - The Cold Warrior was one of a number of menaces assembled and mind-controlled by the Yellow Claw as part of his plot to kidnap President Eisenhower. Alongside the Great Video, Skull-Face, and Electro, the Cold Warrior assaulted the president on the White House golf course. Against his will, the Cold Warrior killed the Secret Service agents who gave chase and sealed off the villains' escape tunnel. The Claw's foe, FBI agent Jimmy Woo, assembled the 3-D Man, Marvel Boy, Venus, Gorilla-Man I, and the Human Robot into a team christened "the Avengers." The 50s Avengers clashed with the Claw's agents in the course of rescuing Eisenhower. Though the Cold Warrior managed to freeze Venus and the Human Robot into temporary inaction, he was no match for the Gorilla-Man's strength and was defeated with the rest of the Claw's minions.

For the record, in the now-lost timeline with the 50s Avengers, the Nixon-Skrull would gain the presidency in the 1960 election only to be exposed, prompting Earth's populace to eventually venture into space due to paranoia. As Immortus' mission was to wipe out timelines in which humanity became an interstellar race, he wiped the timeline out in Avengers Forever#5 using the Forever Crystal. Me, I liked the 50s Avengers idea and wish it'd been kept in somewhere.
***Kurt Busiek told me that he wasn't getting rid of the group altogether, he just didn't want them to be called the Avengers. He said they could have still existed under another name, and he suggested the G-Men.--Snood.

Profile by Omar Karindu.

Not to be confused with:

  • Cold Warrior, a soviet cyborg who spent 30 years in stasis, @War Machine#7.
  • Cold War, a costumed criminal who encountered the Captain, possibly part of an hallucination, @Marvel Comics Presents#2
  • The Cold Warriors, a band of superhuman intelligence operatives, @Marvel Comics Presents#10
  • Icemaster, Hostess villain and Masters of Evil @ "The Icemaster Cometh"
  • anyone else with "Cold" in their name.

Marvel Premiere#37 (August, 1977) - Roy Thomas & Don Glut (writers), Jim Craig (pencils), Dave Hunt (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor)

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