Membership: Jocko, Number Six, two unnamed. Jack may or may not have been a previous member.

Affiliations: Agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), specifically working as part of Operation: Cold War, under direction of Alexander;

Enemies: of Colossus (Piotr Rasputin) and Bruce, Roxanne, Zackery, and Gramps (family, surname unknown)

Base of Operations: American mid-west, presumably mobile throughout the USA

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#10/4 (early January, 1989); (11-17

HISTORY: Unrevealed. The Cold Warriors are apparently a result of cybernetic implantation, and possibly other mutations, by the United States government. None of their real names or pasts has been revealed. All of them have had numerous cybernetic or organic replacements after injuries in battle. They all apparently volunteered to be mutated in an effort to better themselves, and were drafted to serve as covert paranormal agents for the CIA. The group was named when they were chosen to act as operatives and enforcers for the ultra-secret Operation: Cold War, designed to keep America free of terrorists. The Operation was so secret, in fact, that the CIA eventually no longer knew of its existence. To quote Number Six/Nina, They were "so far out on a limb, the 'tree' forgot they existed.

When first seen, three of the Cold Warriors were torturing and about to kill Jack in the woods of upstate New York. Jack was apparently a former ally of either the Cold Warriors (possibly even a former member) or the CIA or both, who had rebelled against them and their current operation. The Cold Warriors attempted to persuade him to change his mind, but when he refused, they had to kill him. However, a family was having a picnic in a nearby field, and the son, Zack, stumbled onto the scene. Realizing the boy would compromise the security of their mission, the Warriors decided to kill him as well.

Fortunately for Zack, the mutant hero Colossus was vacationing in the same area and arrived in time to save Zack. Colossus took the family and fled, notifying the police. However, they soon realized that they police were also agents of the Operation and escaped back to their house, where they attempted to make a stand. When the Cold Warriors attacked again, they were joined by a fourth, Number Six, who convinced Colossus to knock her out and take her prisoner.

After Colossus had done so and fought off the other Warriors, Number Six told Colossus and the family the truth behind Operation: Cold War. She instructed him on how to defeat the other Warriors, and where to find Alexander. While he did so, Number Six's connection led a swarm of reporters and network cameras to the family's house. Colossus brought Alexander in, and the police rounded up the defeated Warriors, but it was not revealed whether the story saw print or what happened to the Warriors since.

COMMENTS: Created by Ann Nocenti and Rick Leonardi.

The Cold Warriors have no known connection to:

(At first inspection, I thought these two characters were one and the same. However, other than the name and fact that they were both active many years ago, they have completely different backgrounds. Either something is missing from the history, there was some mix-up, or they are definitely separate. Based on this info, I'll classify them as separate until someone proves differently. A storyline could link the two by detailing the events that led the American commie-smasher (I) to become loyal to the Soviet Union (II) between the fifties to the seventies.)

Alexander-elderly man, obsessive compulsive, especially with health. Washed his hands hundreds of time each day. He prefers to wear white on white. He would readily sacrifice innocents for the "greater good." Unnatural fear of the press. Colossus captured him and brought him in, but he was confident that his one phone call would clear him of all charges and prevent the story from being printed. He was served by his loyal personal assistant, Gregory--Marvel Comics Presents I#11(12-17




Jocko-claws, field leader, killed Jack. Bruce shot him in the head--Marvel Comics Presents I#10/4 (11-15, [16,17]

black guy with dreadlocks- After his defeat by Colossus, he requested that Colossus finish him off. He explained that they could replace any of his damaged parts, and he has a baboon's heart, blood transfusion from a hyena, and numerous skin transplants. He could fire concussive eyeblasts. --Marvel Comics Presents I#10/4 (11-15, [16, 17]

white guy-Has energy blaster replacing hand--Marvel Comics Presents I#10/4 (11-15, [16, 17]


Number Six-girl,strong,body laced with metal. Believed Alexander had gone over the line so sought to alert press or the Central Agency, but feared reprisal. She was nicknamed "Nina" by Colossus. While delirious from a punch from Colossus, she mentioned something about killing the family, causing Bruce to clock her and tie her up. She was forced to break free in order to save the family from attack by police loyal to the Operation. After the battle, she was taken away by the police for trial for defecting from a government agency.

If I had to guess why she was Number Six, I'd say that Alexander would be Number One, Jocko could be Number Two, Jack may have been Number Three, and the other two Cold Warriors would be Four and Five. Just a guess--Marvel Comics Presents I#14 (15-17





Jack-renegade member of Operation: Cold War, possibly a former Cold Warrior--Marvel Comics Presents I#10/4(11







Bruce-father of Zackery, husband of Roxanne. He is a viet nam vet and a reactionary. He immendiately distrusted and blamed Colossus as he was a Russian. His large gun collection came in handy while attempting to hold off the Cold Warriors and corrupt police officers from their house. When his wife became hysterical during the attack, he covered her eyes and mouth with gauze.

Roxanne-mother of Zachery, wife of Bruce. She is somewhat delusional and prefers to live in her own happy place, where life is a picnic. She is under psychiatric care, which is an expense her husband does not appreciate. She became hysterical during the attacks and was blindfolded and gagged by Bruce. Following the attack, a talk from Gramps brought her to her senses, and it was she who detailed the events to the Press.

Zack-son of Bruce and Roxanne. He is paranoid over potential threats to personal and national security. He is the one who first discovered the Cold Warriors

Gramps-father of Roxanne, He preferred to dwell in the past rather than face the harsh reality. He covered the interior of his car with memories of better days, and sat in the car during the full assault of the Cold Warriors on their house. After the battle he decided he didn't want to live in this world anymore, and lied down and died.

The entire family was in Marvel Comics Presents I#10/4, 11-17

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Marvel Comics Presents I#10-14 (Early January - Early March, 1989) - Ann Nocenti (writer), Rick Leonardi (pencils), P. Craig Russell (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)
Marvel Comics Presents I#15 (Late March, 1989) - Ann Nocenti (writer), Rick Leonardi (pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)
Marvel Comics Presents I#16-17 (May, 1989) - Ann Nocenti (writer), Rick Leonardi (pencils), Al Milgrom & P. Craig Russell (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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